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She waits for his return.

Her heart beats faster, because she knows he will soon be with her.

She knows he’s just as anxious as she is.

Their bond and love are strong.

She knows he’s just a step away from her now, she smiles and turns knowing exactly the direction he’s coming from.

Her skin cold until he touches her. He leans down and kisses her with such passion and hunger that she melts against him and leaves her breathless after they part.

She grabs his hand and takes him inside. She takes him to her bedroom where she kisses him passionately. She breaks off the kiss to remove her shirt and rips his off of him.

She pulls him to her and kisses him again feeling his skin against hers. She grabs his shoulders, digging her nails into him.

She moves backwards towards the bed, pulling him with her. She turns them around so hes right at the bed. She pushes him onto the bed and waits for him to scoot up. She crawls onto the bed. kisses him from his belt line to his stomach to his chest to his neck to his cheek and then to his mouth. She nibbles his lower lip, running her tongue acrossed it.

She moves from his mouth to his ear, sucking gently then moves to his other ear sucking gently. She moves down to his neck-licking, pendik escort kissing and nipping. She moves down to his nipples, licking one and then the other. Moving downward licking as she goes.

She scoots off the bed, taking off her pants and waits for him to take his off. She gets back on the bed, rubbing him as she moves up him. She straddles him to keep him down, but allows him to touch her. She looks into his eyes, his beautiful eyes.

She wiggles against him and smiles. She moves off of him and onto her back. He gets in between her legs and he starts from her neck down to her thighs. Kissing and licking slowly, driving her insane with need. She can tell she’s getting wetter with his stroke of his tongue. He flicks his tongue on her clit slowly at first than faster and faster and then he thrusts his tongue deep inside her. She moans and arches her back, grabbing his hair and pushing him into her.

She moves against his tongue as he fucks her. She lifts her hips, still pushing him into her. She growls deep in her throat she grabs his arms and pulls him up. She moves her hand between them, grabbing his dick, lifting her hips she moans as she slides him inside her.

She looks up into his eyes, smiling wickedly. She puts her hands on his sides, maltepe escort she moves against him, but digs her nails into his skin to keep him still. She lifts and lowers her hips fast, faster. She finally retracts her nails from his skin to let him move against her. She moans and groans as he pushes deeper inside her all the way and pulls out all the way.

She enjoys his body. Finally, at last they are where they should be. Together, as one. Though, the wait was worth it. She moans his name over and over again as he moves in and out of her. She scratches his back hard as she arches her back.

She matches his pace, her eyes closed as they move hard and fast. She reaches in between them and plays with her clit then slides hand down further to touch him as he moves in and out, in and out. She pulls her hand out and reaches for her toy, her favorite toy, her clit stimulator. She once again moves between them so she can place it on her clit, she turns it on full speed. She smiles, moans, and moves faster.

She grabs his ass, pushing him deep inside her, and holds him still..letting the vibrations do their job. She retracts her claws, she rolls him onto his back with skill so they won’t break apart. She places her hands on the side of the bed to support kartal escort her as she scoots down on his hips, forcing him deeper. She sits up, placing her hands on his stomach and rides him with the vibrations still going. She’s moaning louder and more frequently now. Calling his name after every other moan.

She rides him fast, faster, hard, harder, harder, harder then she switches to hard and slow..harder, harder, slow, slower. Back to fast and hard and repeats this for awhile. She leans down to suck on his ear, then bites his neck, moving back to his ear she moans and purrs in it. She then tells him he feels so good inside her, wanting more and more. She never wants this to end.

She sits back up, riding him as hard and fast as she can…the vibrations are driving her insane as much as him inside her is. She can barely keep control, but somehow she manages it..for now. She’s so wet, so hot, and so, so sensitive that it almost hurts.

She tells him she wants him to cum with her….she’s so close now. She’s moaning and growling deep in her throat. He holds onto her hips, forcing her down as he fucks her. She rotates her hips once, twice, three times as he pumps her. She can’t hold it any longer and cums hard and fast as he fills her.

She waits until she knows he’s done then she moves off of him to lay beside him. She’s breathing hard, fast, and deep. He’s breathing hard and fast.

She smiles knowing he has found his way home to her. She closes her eyes and relaxes…. until the next round..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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