Lust in the Library

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It was eleven-thirty on a hot Monday in the summer when twenty year old, Michael Wright walked into Lovett Memorial Library to get the place ready since the library opened at twelve. This was his year-round job as a library assistant while trying to get his bachelor’s degree in Business. Michael had his college courses on a part-time schedule, so it made it easy to work.

He went back to the work room to find the Adult librarian, Jazmine (everyone all called her Ms. Ward out of respect) along with his fellow assistant, Johnathan and the children’s librarian, Natalie and the building guard, Dan.

“Hey guys, how’s it going this morning?” he asked, grabbing a paper towel to wipe the sweat from his face.

“I can’t speak for these two, but I’m good.” Johnathan answered.

“Boy, nobody wants you speaking for them anyway.” Ms. Ward spoke up, making Michael and Natalie laugh.

“I can’t complain,” Natalie told him.

“We’re all good, Michael. Thanks for asking, but how are you doing with school?” Ms. Ward asked.

“I’m great. Actually I’m better than great because I got the grade back for the exam I took last week and I got an ‘A’.”

“I know that’s right, Michael. Check you out, being a smarty-pants.”

Johnathan shook his head, “I don’t know why you’re stunting on Mike? We all know he’s an undercover nerd, hood on the outside and Steve Urkel inside.”

“Shut up, man. I’m just doing me. I’m on a part-time schedule, but if I play my cards right, I’ll graduate next year.”

“You’d better,” Natalie told him with a smile. “After all the hard work you’ve put in plus working here to pay for some of it. You truly deserve it, Michael.”

“Thanks guys,”

Just then the third library assistant walked into the room and despite themselves, Dan, Johnathan, and Michael couldn’t help, but eye the sexiness that was before them. The third was Alexis Davis and the guys meant no disrespect to Natalie, (because she was beautiful in her on right) but Alexis was bad with a capital and bolded B.

“Damn…just damn.” Michael thought and he thought this damn near every time she came into his field of vision.

She was gorgeous standing at about five foot eight and was obviously a little over two hundred pounds. Almost all of her weight rested in her ass and in her huge double-D cup titties though. She had a smooth caramel skin complexion while her hair was black, styled in long braids while she had an angel’s face with slanted light brown eyes and thick lips. Alexis had a big booty, but it was her tits that held the men’s attention. Nothing she wore could hide them and whatever bra she had on could never keep them bouncing a bit as she walked.

Michael felt his dick jump in his pants and had to slyly adjust himself, calming down. He was twenty while Alexis was eight years older than him. She was damn near thirty, so he knew fucking her was a long shot. Boy, did he want to fuck Alexis. He’d overheard her and Natalie talking one day, where she revealed that she was single. It was crazy that she didn’t have a boyfriend because a chick with a body like hers should’ve had guys all over her. Johnathan and Dan would agree with him on that.

He knew today was going to be hard one because Alexis had the nerve to wear a red, strapless maxi dress that draped down around her like a thin curtain with cute square framed glasses on. Every single dip and curve she had was on display like a work of art. Unconsciously, he licked his lips at her, which Alexis saw, but didn’t call him out due the others being in the room.

“Did I hear you got an ‘A’ on another test, Michael?”

Michael smirked, “Yup, I was saying if I play my cards right, I’ll graduate next year.”

“Good, but what do you want to do with your degree?”

“I’m probably going to be a teacher,” Michael replied, bringing a finger to his temple. “I’ve got a lot of knowledge up here, so I should pass it on, right?”

Alexis nodded, “Yup.”

The clock read in the room read twelve ‘o clock and Deborah left the room a minute than came back.

“Okay, we’ve got patrons outside,” she said, getting everyone’s attention.

“What’s the roll call?” Michael asked.

“You’ve got the front desk with Natalie until your lunch break, Michael. Johnathan, you’re sorting returns and Alexis, you’re shelving.”

At Ms. Ward’s instructions, Johnathan groaned.

“Why’s Alexis always shelving, Ms. Barton?” he asked. “All she does is shelving. I never see her on the front desk.”

Before Ms. Ward or Alexis could speak, Michael spoke for them. “That’s ’cause she man’s the front desk on your lunch break, but personally, I like watching her shelve ’cause she’s real good at it.”

Alexis smiled at Michael’s words as Michael gave him a wink while Johnathan’s upper lip curled. Alexis and Johnathan didn’t like each other for some reason. They used to be cool, but one unknown day the harmony ended between them, so everyone had to play peacekeeper with them sometimes.

“Alright guys, we’ve a twelve to eight kind of day, so let’s get to it.” Deborah pendik escort said walking out the room, followed by Michael.


It was two ‘o clock and the hum of the giant fans all over mixed with patron conversations and the heavy beeps of people signing up to use the computers with their library cards. Natalie was in the basement having her daily summer activity with the children that came in, Johnathan was handling holds, and Michael was still at the front desk. Alexis was still shelving books, but she found her distracted—distracted by the young man at the front desk.

Michael lied to Johnathan earlier about her working the front desk while Johnathan was at lunch. Alexis was a size eighteen and even though she found herself beautiful, she was still self-conscious about her weight in the world’s eye. When she and Natalie went out, most men they encountered shunned a woman with the amount of hips, ass, and stomach she possessed, but there was one guy who loved my body and that Michael. She knew he liked what he saw when he looked at her and feeling was certainly mutual. Alexis kept sneaking peeks at Michael and couldn’t prevent herself from wetting her panties.

“Mmmm, that’s a tender right there.” She mused lustfully.

She was stuck on Michael because Dan was old as dirt and Johnathan—God, she didn’t like Johnathan at all. Unbeknownst to Michael, Ms. Ward, and Dan, Johnathan was such whore. The proper term would be ‘womanizer’, but to Alexis he was a just a whore. When she first found out about Johnathan’s ways, it didn’t bother her because it wasn’t her business.

It became her business one weekend when he went to the club with her and Natalie and the whore had the audacity to leave them there alone (when he was their ride home) for a good three hours without any notice. Natalie and Johnathan had been friends outside of work for a long time, so she forgave him, but Alexis because you don’t treat people like that. She frowned at the memory then her eyes sought something to make her smile.

Alexis peered over toward the front desk, noticing how cute Michael looked today in his simple white Polo t-shirt and jeans. His incredibly ripped body was so tight; she would have been a fool to pass up him as eye candy every day. She knew Natalie never did. Her clit twitched, looking at Michael’s bulky biceps under his t-shirt.

His mocha skin tone was smooth as chocolate, an even tone throughout. His black hair lay neatly in a circular motion around his head, forming waves like on the ocean. By looks alone, he could part any legs he wanted—including hers. Plus the way he’d defend her from Johnathan’s bullshit and would outright flirt with her made her stomach churn with excitement.

The only thing was his age though. He was only a year from being legal, but he couldn’t even go to the club or buy a drink. She hated that a piece of her was shallow about an age gap. The Lord knew she needed some dick bad on a long ass drought that she wouldn’t dare tell a soul the actual length.

“Yeah, he’s young, but he wants it and you need it. So fuck the age difference and get that dick, girl.” Her erotic mind told her.

With her thoughts on Michael’s body, Alexis turned back to the books she still had to shelve. She put the last of the returned books of the shelf at two ‘o clock. Standing up, she stretched some ready for some lunch. She didn’t notice him with her back turned, but Michael was making his way to towards her.

“Hey, Alexis how are doing so far today?” Michael asked, looking at her well-rounded ass.

Alexis turned around, staring at his strong chest a bit before speaking. “I’m fine, Michael.”

“Oh yes, you are, Alexis. That you surely are,” Michael said with a sexy smirk. “Alexis, I’m headed to lunch now and was wondering if you’d like to come with. I’ve seen you shelving with no cease, girl all day.”

“Michael…” Alexis trailed off, panning the place for anyone in earshot of the conversation. “I’m a big girl as you can see. Do you think you can afford it?”

Michael smiled as her sexiness oozed from her like a hot light.

“Alexis, now, if I couldn’t, would I ask?” Michael said jokingly. “But if you don’t want to do lunch then I’ve got other ways of wining and dining you.”

“Oh, really and what might that be?”

“Don’t you worry about that…just know there are other ways.” Michael finished off his statement by licking his lips slowly, hinting at his sexual desires.

“Mmm, really?” Alexis quizzed, looking at his body and couldn’t help, but imagine what climaxes he could bring her to.

“I’d love to show you sometime,” Michael whispered, his words rolling seductively off his tongue.

“Well, that’s going to have to wait ’cause we’ve got lunch to eat, remember?”

“Hmm, so that’s a yes to lunch?”

“Yes, so where are we going?”

“Chick-fil-A, is that cool?”

“That’s better than cool, man.”

“Great, just let me tell Ms. Barton and we’ll be on our way.”

Chick-fil-A was a good fifteen minutes away from the library in Alexis’ maltepe escort car. They ordered two dishes of waffle fries, two chicken sandwiches, and chicken fingers with soda and a side of honey mustard, getting a small table together. Surprisingly the Chick-fil-A wasn’t packed with people. Normally a Chick-fil-A would have crowds of biblical proportions that you’d think they were giving away the food for free. Michael and Alexis sat in silence, eating until Alexis spoke.

“Thanks for having my back with Johnathan earlier,” she said, biting into a waffle fry.

“Don’t mention it, but what’s up with y’all anyway? One day y’all were cool then next it’s War World Three,”

Alexis frowned, “You really want to know?”


“Johnathan’s such a man-whore.”

Michael laughed, finishing his sandwich. “Yeah, but what does that have to do with you, Alexis?”

“One night, it was me, Natalie, Johnathan at the club and the whore had the gall to leave me and Natalie alone to fuck some random bitch then the asshole comes back like everything was good. Natalie may have forgiven him ’cause they’re tight like that, but that night showed me Johnathan’s true colors and you don’t treat people like that. Feel me?”

“Yeah, but that night was Johnathan’s lost, Alexis not yours. I can’t see any man leaving you alone…with how beautiful you are.”

Ugh, there he goes flirting again with his sexy ass. Does he know what he’s doing to me? Alexis thought feeling her love juices trickling from her womanhood a little.

“So, I take it that you’re feeling me, Michael?” she asked aloud, looking at him hoping he’d say yes.

Michael smiled, “Yeah, I am.”

“So my size doesn’t bother you?”

Michael frowned, “Why would it? I like you ’cause you’re strong, beauty, and smart. I could give a damn about your size.”

“Thanks, but really you think I’m attractive?” she asked just to hear him say it again.

Michael laughed, “Alexis, this is an old line, but you’ve got it going on.”

They ate the rest of their lunches and drove back to the library. They got back to Lovett around three ‘o clock and found Johnathan waiting for them. Alexis simply walked pasted him while the men gave each other dap.

“Where have you been, Mike? I’m about to go to lunch and want you to come with.”

“Sorry, I just came from lunch with Alexis, man.”

Johnathan’s upper lip curled, “Okay, so what about tonight? Are you trying to get together later?”

“I can’t, man. I’ve got some homework to finish, so let’s rain check.”

With their hungers sated, the rest of the day seemed to just roll along for Michael and Alexis. Time sped up as three ‘o clock blurred into seven in the evening. Plus all through the pasting four hours, Michael and Alexis kept trading lustful glances.

Michael’s flirtation with Alexis had reached its peak with him firmly stating his attraction to her. Alexis, on the other hand, had nothing, but Michael on her mind since returning to work. Both had the same dilemma though—how to go about getting alone with the other.


It was seven-fifty. There was only ten minutes left in the workday. Patrons were lined up at the front desk, checking out materials on their way out. It was all good as Michael and Deborah checked people out quickly. Michael checked the last patron and the day was over as the clock read; 7:55pm.

Everyone thought the day was over until a woman came into the library, returning two bags of overdue books, movies, and magazines. The woman also paid a thirty dollar fine before leaving as well. At this intrusion, Johnathan implored Ms. Ward to just leave the materials there on the desk and they get them first thing in the morning. However, there was no telling how many returns they could get during the night and leaving the materials would be extra work in the morning, so the materials had to put away.

“Hey,” Michael spoke up. “Why don’t you guys go home while stay and check this stuff in?”

“I hope you don’t mind, Alexis, but since you’re fast at shelving, would you mind staying with me?” he added.

Alexis nodded, “It’s fine by me.”

Ms. Ward smiled, “Thank you. You’re both on overtime right now, so when you get done in here add how long you were in here to your time sheets.”

“I’ll stay with y’all to make sure nothing goes down,” Dan chimed in.

“Dan, you’ve got a wife at home waiting on you…go home,” Michael insisted. “This is a library. Shit never goes down here except for kids not wanting to share.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, we’ve got this. Y’all get home and rest up for tomorrow.”

With that Michael and Alexis watched their co-workers leave then they got to work. It took an half an hour to get everything checked in and shelved. Michael breathed a sigh when they finished, but now he something else to deal with. His dick was bricked up and rock hard at the fact that it was only him and Alexis in the building. She was in the work room taking care of her time sheet, but for some reason it was taking longer kartal escort than normal.

Alexis sat in the work room filling out her time sheet fully since she didn’t have time to earlier. She couldn’t concentrate on the paper work though because she was alone with Michael. Freaky thoughts ran through her mind and her panties began to moisten.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the work room door. Alexis turned her head and looking up, finding Michael standing there looking as fine as ever. Her heart started to beat a little faster and a slight perspiration started to form on her brow.

“Are you going to stay here all night?” Michael asked, entering the room. “‘That time sheet’s taking longer than it should.”

“No. Actually, I’m wrapping it up and headed out the door myself. Mmm, you smell good. What cologne is that?”

Alexis started to reach for her purse, but Michael grabbed it for her. Their bodies were close to touching. Alexis inched back slowly and looked around as if someone other than them were in the building.

“It’s not cologne. I only use oils,” Michael told her. “Did you forget that nobody’s here, but us? So have you thought about what I said at lunch?”

Alexis immediately felt goose bumps appear. She stepped closer. This time her hard nipples rubbed against his chest.

“Michael, what if this is all I want—sex and nothing else? Would you be willing to go with that?”

“Oh, but the question is, are you going to be good with that?” Michael asked with a smirk, reaching for her thighs.

“No, I can do this. What am I doing? You’re just a kid,” Alexis said, slapping his hand away and stepping away.

“So, is that what you really?” Michael asked, flexing his chest muscles. “I know you want it, Alexis. You’re just too scared to come get it.”

He inched a little closer and tried to kiss her. Alexis moved her head slowly, slowly pretending to fight the urge to ram her tongue down his throat. All she could think of was his body rocking on her body. She hadn’t gotten what she needed in quite some time and definitely wanted her frustrations worked out.

Michael saw the hesitation and stepped back, “Look, I don’t mean any disrespect, Alexis, but I can see you haven’t had sex in a minute and you could seriously use some good dick in your life.”

Michael grabbed at his crotch and licked his lips wet. Alexis sucked her teeth and turned around to walk out of the work room and head home to her toys. She didn’t want to acknowledge the truth about how dick hungry she really was. Michael quickly reached for her, turned her around, and his touched hers with as much passion as he could muster up.

Alexis didn’t resist. His hands began to wander up the bottom of her dress, and to no surprise, her panties were wet. Michael peeled the top of her dress down and removed her bra, revealing her chocolate brown nipples. He pushed her breasts together and began manipulating her breasts with his tongue. Alexis tried to be quiet, but the way Michael’s tongue flicked across her nipples drove her wild.

While he sucked on her tits, he pulled the rest of her dress off of her. Michael tore her underwear away, then immediately took advantage. Her pussy was begging to be pleased and he’d happily oblige its cry, going to work on it.

“Ahh…no, we can’t do this.” Alexis mumbled, allowing his tongue to play with her neck and make a wet trail up to her ears.

“No one has to know, baby. Trust me, it’ll be our hot, little secret,” Michael said between his lustful kisses and the swift movement of placing on the work room desk.

He then parted her legs and placed two fingers inside her flesh.

Mmmmm…please…stop,” Alexis tried to refuse, but all her smarts went right out the door.

She couldn’t help that his fingers felt so good. He knew exactly how to work all around her curvaceousness and he was definitely strong.

Michael whispered in her ear, “Do really want me to stop?”

He pushed his fingers in deeper and circled her clit with his thumb, making her moan louder.

“No…no…don’t stop, Michael.” Alexis moaned as her legs started to shake.

She couldn’t believe how good he was and then he went in for the kill. Michael unbuckled his belt with his free hand and let his pants fall to his ankles. Alexis panting became faster, letting him know she was ready for his taking. His manhood was already making its debut through his boxers. He grabbed both her legs and placed them on his right shoulder, then slowly made his entrance into her soft, wet pussy.

“Oh, yes…give it to me, Michael. Take this pussy like you want it. Oh, yeah…fuck me!”

Alexis closed her eyes and happily invited his hard, deep, long thrusts, her moans and shouts echoing loudly through the building. She didn’t hold back, knowing they were only two around.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Michael spoke in a low, sexy tone as he watched her double-Ds bounce up and down.

“Mmhm, just don’t stop.”

Alexis couldn’t hold back on how she felt. She closed her eyes again, knowing that this was the best dick she’d had in ten months. Michael knew all along that she wasn’t getting the coochie rocked and he was rocking it just right for her. His movements became faster and harder, then he slowed it down and watched her cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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