Loving Little Julie Ch. 02

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Jake disengaged himself from Julie’s eager hold. Her blue eyes peered at him as she shyly smiled. Her hair was a mess from their previous night of lovemaking, the memory of which brought a smile to Jake’s face and a healthy portion of heat to his groin.

“I gotta go to the bathroom first honey,” he said in response to her ‘Julie wants’, “and I suspect we both need to clean up a little.”

“Okay,” she said rising to her feet. At her sharp intake of air, and her pause, he glanced anxiously at her. “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Oh. Wow, I’m sore Jake.”

“Really? Where?”

“You know… down there.” She turned red and looked away, but he took her chin in his hand and lifted her face.

“You okay?” His eyes searched her face, noting her swollen lips and her heightened color.

“I guess so,” she said. “Is this normal?”

“Well, you’re pretty small, and I’m a full grown man. I guess I got a little carried away last night.” His brow furrowed as he looked at her. “I’m sorry Julie. I know I hurt you and I didn’t mean to do that. When I thought you had been with a man already, I was very jealous and angry.”

Julie slipped her arms around his waist and laid her cheek on his chest. “It’s okay Jake. I had… well… I had a good time last night. I wanted to do that with you. I love you Jake.”

He melted inside and suppressed a chuckle at her shyness. He had sucked and licked nearly every part of her body; he had explored her cunt with his cock as well as his tongue, and she was right back to the adorable woman / child she’d been before last night. His relief about that was immeasurable; he wanted to preserve her childish demeanor while reaping the rewards of her womanliness as long as possible. He hugged her hard and spoke seriously to her.

“Julie, I love you too. I really love you honey. You’re my sweet little angel and my hungry slut all at the same time. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but I want you forever. I want you to belong to me and no other. I meant what I said last night… there will never be another man in your life. Are you okay with that?” So caught up in the raw emotion he felt for he girl, Jake had no idea how unreasonable and even silly his remarks were.

She stared at him for a moment, such a child again, bewilderment clouding her deep blue eyes. “Why would I ever want another man? I love only you.” The serious tone of her words warmed his heart.

“Okay kiddo. It’s shower time.”

By the time he finished urinating and getting the shower started up, Julie was shivering uncontrollably. Worried, he felt her brow and thought he detected a low-grade fever. Feeling miserable and guilty, he plugged the tub and ran a bath for her instead. She protested as he lifted her and placed her in the warm water. “Jake please, I’m a big girl. I can bathe myself. Really!” She said indignantly as he soaped a sponge and began to cleanse her body.

“Just hush now. Be a good girl and stay still. Besides, whether you like it or not, I intend to get a look at you and make sure I didn’t do any damage. I’ll never forgive myself if I see I’ve really harmed you.” Jake admired the way the soap ran in rivulets down and around her stiffening nipples. He loved the sleek look and feel of her thighs under his hands and he felt supremely powerful that he had such control over her. The strange mix of emotions had his cock in a state of arousal that shortened his breath and sped up his heart. He was nearly in pain from looking at her and touching her, but it was an entirely pleasurable sensation.

Julie squirmed under his ministrations and scoffed at him, suddenly becoming that intriguing blend of woman and little girl. “Don’t be silly. I’m perfectly fine. Don’t let’s waste our day on this silly stuff.”

He shoved her hands away and looked at her seriously. “Please Julie. I mean it now, be still and spread your sexy little legs.”

Seeing there was no stopping him, she sighed and laid still, her legs wide open and his face inches from the water. “Lift out a little if you can so I can see better.” He said and Julie, embarrassed but defeated, did as he asked. When she felt his fingers opening her up, she moaned a little, and held her breath. “Hmm, I think you’re okay honey. A little swollen, and there’s some blood, but that’s to be expected. Now lie back and let Jake take care of you. Still sore?”

His soapy hands were now moving languidly between her thighs. She managed a ragged, “No,” while she pressed down on his fingers, working them gently up and down across her clit. Jake smiled at her, loving her sexuality, her hunger, her pure desire, which seemed to know no bounds. He explored her squeaky-clean pussy a moment longer before reluctantly pulling away and tending the rest of her body.

Julie couldn’t help but suck up all the attention. She relaxed and allowed him to wash her body while regaling him with small talk, planning the rest of their summer in detail and causing him to laugh. When he was done, he pulled the plug, had her stand under the shower, and washed her hair. pendik escort bayan Julie almost swooned with delight as his fingers massaged her scalp. His cock was semi-hard and that fact did not go unnoticed on the girl.

“Now, don’t go getting any ideas little miss. You have a fever and need food and drink. And I still need a shower as well.”

“Oh, can’t I give you a shower? Please?” She begged, her blue eyes sparkling with hope.

“I’d love that, but I really am worried about you. I’m going to put you in my bed, take a shower, then make you some breakfast.”

She pouted, “Aw. That’s not fair.”

“Tough.” He said, “Now, don’t disobey me and get up while I’m in here, or else.”

He rinsed her off, wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and carried her to his bed. Slipping her between the covers, he administered Tylenol and lay with her, making sure she was warm as he suffered intense pangs of desire and overwhelming tenderness. After a few minutes, she giggled and reached out to stroke his chest. Jake knew he’d better get away or something he didn’t want to happen right now would surely occur, she was just too damn eager and he was helpless to resist.

“You look like a drowned rat,” he said affectionately as he made his way back to the bathroom.

She stuck her tongue out at him and snuggled deeper under the covers.

Jake was thoughtful as he showered. The full impact of last night’s activities was only now starting to hit home. Julie was still such a child in many ways, despite her years, and the way she looked at times. He couldn’t help feeling as if he’d taken advantage of her, no matter that she was the one to initiate the whole thing. The fact remained that he was supposed to know better. He was supposed to have control of himself and he most definitely lost it last night, and he was aware that it would not return. More so, he didn’t want control to return. He wanted to be Julie’s lover.

He thought he might be in love with her, but at the same time, he knew he loved his wife. He wanted to keep Julie near him at all times; in fact, imagining his life without her was unbearable, and he struggled to find a way to have her available to him at all times. The possibilities were endless and a thousand provocative scenarios floated lazily through his mind. First, there was that undeniably attractive daughter image. To have one so lovely, and so sensual at his disposal was a dream come true. That he hadn’t been aware of his desire for youth until Julie came along surprised him, but he was prepared to dive in to his new role as lover, mentor, and guide with enthusiasm.

He turned the shower off, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and went to check on his lovely little charge. She was waiting patiently, barely visible under the covers. Jake leaned down to kiss her forehead and was relieved to find her skin cool again.

“How do you feel Julie? The truth now.”

“I feel just fine. Really, really good even.”

Her emphatic reply made him wonder, but he decided to take her word for it.

“Okay. I’ll make you breakfast. Any requests?”

“But what about me? I could cook for you instead. The Sisters taught me well.”

Big blue eyes, wild, slightly damp hair. God, what a sight, her looking at him with such adoration. Once more, he was completely taken by tenderness, desire, and love.

“No way. I’m gonna keep you naked in my bed all day long. There’s no escape sweetheart.”

Julie smiled big and blinked at him. “Okay, French toast please. And fruit.”

Julie had gotten dressed in shorts and a tank top after all and slinked down the stairs to watch him cook, her shiny hair pulled up in a colorful rubber band. He could only look at her benevolently when she sneaked up behind him and hesitantly placed her hand on his cock.

“Do you like it when I touch you Jake?” Then she squeezed.

“Oh yes darlin. You have no idea.”

“Yes I do.” She giggled, stroking the proof of his words firmly through his jeans.

“Back up the stairs little one. Today, we eat in bed.”

Twenty minutes later, they sat together on Jake’s bed, with full bellies, and a tray of empty plates between them. Julie got up and carried the tray away to the table nearby, then returned and stood silently before him.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled her close and held her for a few minutes. Julie was happy and squirmed up against him, her body warm and soft and clean smelling. Of course, Jake had a massive erection and wasn’t at all shy about pressing it up against her tight little body. She giggled a little and presented her face to him for a kiss. He leaned in and slowly licked the last traces of maple syrup from her lips in soft, loving sweeps. Her body was perfectly angled for him to enjoy her sweetness while he sat at eye level in front of her.

“Are you sure you feel okay sweetie?” He asked, meeting her bright blue gaze anxiously.

She answered by placing her hands on his chest and leaning over to nuzzle his neck. “You smell good,” she whispered and maltepe escort tentatively kissed his throat. When he didn’t object, or pull away, she became braver, allowing her lips to travel up to his ear as she kissed him.

Jake pulled her back and held her at arm’s length for a moment, then placed her hand on the crotch of his jeans. He held her there and squeezed down gently.

“See what you do to me honey? Feel how much I want you.”

Her eyes shone with pride, clearly pleased that she had an affect on him. Even young girls want to please the men in their lives. Reaching up with slightly shaking hands, Jake tugged the rubber band free and watched her hair tumble down around her shoulders.

“You have beautiful hair Julie. I like it down though. Wear it down for me unless I say different, okay?”

“Okay,” She said.

“That’s better. Now, let’s get my girl naked so I can enjoy you. We’re going to do a little exploring today.”

He pulled her top up, noting the way she easily lifted her arms to allow him to pull it from her body. Her nipples were already beginning to erect from the air nakedly caressing her and from the stimulation of Jake’s attention. He took a moment to look at her breasts. They were remarkably full. Though small, they were nicely rounded and already showing that gentle weeping quality in the soft swelling of the underside and the slight dip of the topside. But her nipples were glorious. Pinkish brown, the aureole was half dollar sized and perfectly even. Jake slid his index and middle finger into her mouth and instructed her to suck. When they were wet from her saliva, he very slowly used them to caress her right nipple, watching intently as it extended even further from its lovely base.

Lost in what he was doing, Jake was almost startled by her sigh; he shifted his eyes back to her face and gave her a small smile, then returned to his examination. Excitement rose in him each time he thought about the fact that he could do whatever he wanted to this girl and she most likely would not object. He could fulfill every boyhood fantasy he’d ever had about the female form and some of his more naughty adult fantasies as well. His cock began to throb with lust.

Slowly, leisurely, he turned his attention to her left nipple, using the same technique as before to excite her body. She allowed him to do whatever he wanted, standing quietly before him. Her increased breathing turned Jake on, as he knew his attention was staring to get to her. His other hand joined in the fun and he took turns watching first one, then the other as he caressed her naked breasts.

At last, he paused and unbuttoned her shorts. As his fingers brushed the hot skin of her tummy, she shivered, her body beginning to tremble and quiver as it had last night. He drew them down slowly, delighted in the way she became exposed to his lecherous gaze. She was truly exquisite, beautiful in an exotic, yet sweet way. Her dark skin and hair was such a contrast to her brilliant blue eyes that Jake felt like he was far away on some warm south pacific island.

Her panties were next; he disposed of them eagerly and in seconds, the young girl was completely naked. Again he paused to look at her. Morning sunlight filtered in through the drapes and danced patterns upon her naked skin. Her hair was long, thick, and luxurious, draped carelessly across her left shoulder. She had her head tilted slightly to the right and regarded him through those serious blue eyes he loved so much. Jake allowed his eyes to travel down. Down past her narrow waist to the swell of her slender, youthful hips, then down even further, taking in her legs that were somehow long, like a young colt, despite that she was easily a foot or more shorter than his six foot two frame.

“Mm, my little palomino. Come here.” Jake whispered his voice choked with lustful passion.

Spellbound, Julie stepped close to him and stood waiting patiently.

She didn’t have to wait long; it was all Jake could do not to simply toss her atop his bed, insert his cock up into her cunt and fuck her to orgasm, but he was torn between his base need, and the delight of erotic foreplay. Instinctively he knew that these early encounters would set the stage for their future. He wanted her always eager, and he craved her love.

Her nipples still beckoned. Lifting his hands, he explored them tenderly, cupping her breasts and brushing his thumbs across her rose tipped peaks. As though carrying an electric charge, he felt her body jerk almost invisibly each time he connected with her nipples. She was breathing heavily; her seductive murmurs a balm to soothe Jake’s tortured soul and body. Mouth watering, he drew her closer, lowered his head and began to suckle.

Those soft sighs of pleasure she gave forth soon turned to throaty whimpers as Jake increased the pressure he applied. When one nipple swelled to its largest proportion, he simply eased off, let go, and captured the other treat inside his warm mouth. Back and forth, sucking gently, stroking eagerly, kartal escort his mouth and lips givers of pleasure and tools for heightening her desire, he sucked her nipples. Patience was all-important to ready his angel; love was the conductor.

At last, he backed away and looked up. She was still, holding her breath, her eyes closed in dreamy anticipation. A slight shiver ran through her body at the absence of his warmth and she opened her eyes, searching for him. Again, he just looked at her, feeling his cock surge and release a fraction of precum into his pants. Groaning a little, he stood up, unzipped his pants and lowered them. He watched her face as he unclothed himself. Eyes shining with pleasure, she reached for him.

“No honey. Just wait. Okay?”

“Why? I want you. I want to… suck you.”

“First I want to show you a few things.” He answered, tugging Michelle’s full-length mirror over to the side of the bed.

Jake sat back down, adjusted his position and called to Julie. Eagerly, she came to him, her face glowing rosy beneath her tan. He ran his hands up her tummy, then back down her hips, listening for the sigh he’d come to expect from his caresses. She did not disappoint him.

“Turn around sweetie. I want to touch your beautiful ass.”

Beginning to tremble, she did as instructed, presenting her backside to him. What she saw in the mirror made her quiver and blush as she watched Jake explore her body from the slight angle he’d positioned the mirror. He smiled and reached out, grasping her plump, firm cheeks in his hands and squeezing gently. He felt a painful rush of lust rise anew and he wanted to tear her open and make her take his cock up what was sure to be a delightfully tight and exquisitely damp opening, but he calmed himself with the promise of a time in the near future when he would impale her on his cock and fuck her sweet little ass. Jake was a patient man, especially when the rewards were so promising. For now, he settled for fondling, squeezing, and licking as he bent his head and tasted her again.

Julie leaned over, unaware that her need for relief was causing her to open herself even farther. She was reacting to pleasure, lust, and love. Her eyes remained fixed on the mirror, watching him devour her asshole. The nastiness of the scenario drove her mind to places she had always pulled back from in her girlish fantasies, but she was a woman now, and women went willingly to these forbidden plazas.

Firmly, he continued to work his tongue into her asshole; he wanted to taste her completely, feel her thrust back against his tongue and fuck herself on him. Wanting desperately to fuck her mind as well as her body; he wanted her to give herself to him … to submit without hesitation… to allow him entry into every part of her body. God, she was sexy. She was sweet. She was hot and oh so fuckable. And she was his.

Drunk on her lust, he finally felt her body move, just as he heard her break and begin to drown in her pleasure. It was at first a hiss. A rush of hot air expelled almost painfully. She quivered, then held still, not even breathing as he plunged his tongue again and again into her asshole. Then it was a strangled cry; a flow of pent up passion and she moved quickly, thrusting her hips backwards in perfect time with his fucking tongue. She doubled over, reached back, and spread her ass for him fucking back onto his tongue frantically.

“Oh God, yes! Please Jake. Please!”

She wanted relief, needed it, but he knew, even while she did not, that she wouldn’t get it this way. It was what he wanted though, her complete and total acquiescence. Her craving. Moving quickly, he lifted his head and pulled her back until she sat on his lap. Her pussy barely touched his aching cock before the warmth of her thigh covered it. She begged him pitifully, her childish need overcoming everything but what Julie wanted. He reveled in the sensation it caused him to hear her beg for her pleasure. He was the only one who could give it to her.

Holding her tight against his chest, he shushed her, rocking gently. Buried in his neck was the face of a child goddess, and he worshipped her reverently, grateful for her love, hungry for her lust. Carefully, he dislodged her head, and turned her to face the mirror. As she let her gaze settle on the picture they made, her eyes became filled with wonder. Jake felt it too. Naked, they were glorious together. His strong male body, her soft female body, draped against each other, locked together in need.

Hooking his toe around the base of the mirror, he pulled it closer. “Look Julie. See how lovely you are. See how you make me want you. My cock is so hard for you. It’s on fire. For you my darling. It’s never been harder in my life. See?”

She nodded her head and continued to stare, overcome by the eroticism of the moment. Panting softly, she adjusted her position, spreading her legs wide and draping them gracefully outside his thighs. His cock traveled the cleft between her ass cheeks, nearly touching that soft, secret place he so coveted. Jake reached down and spread his hands across her tummy. He stroked her skin slowly up and down, rising high to rub across her nipples, then sinking lower to caress her thighs. She was his playground, his valley of youth and beauty, his eternal little girl.

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