Loving Daniel Ch.10

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Loving Daniel Ch.10 – Ship To Shore

It was mid summer and Daniel and I were on board a private launch floating on the Mediterranean. Daniel had managed to find a break in his hectic schedule and suggested a quick getaway. I had thought he meant to the mountains or something a little more local. Imagine my surprise when he presented me with first class tickets to Greece, where we then were driven by limousine to the marina where our launch awaited.

We’d been on the boat for three days already. Each day was more idyllic than the one before. Daniel and I had never spent that amount of time in each other’s company, and I was quite pleased at how well we were getting along with each other – and how much loving making we were managing to squeeze into each day. Sunday was a hot day, but not too unbearable. The air was dry but cool, while the sun was warm against our skin. We’d spent the afternoon skinny-dipping in the azure sea. The clarity of the water was astounding; the sand on the ocean bed was entirely white making the sea seem like one big luscious swimming pool. There as no one on the boat except the crew – and they were being paid enough to mind their own business whenever Daniel and I chose to indulge in a little mature adult fun.

I was floating on my back, my arms and legs wafting in the water, my face upturned to the sun, my hair drifting like a halo around my head. Daniel swam over to me and I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing my torso to float at an angle to his upright body. My breasts emerged just above the water, like two round islands lapped on all sides by the loving ocean, my puckered nipples warming a little under the kiss of the sun’s rays.

“Let’s get back onboard,” Daniel said to me as he casually trod water.

“Mmm, Daniel. Not yet. Can’t I have a little more sun, please?” I purred, not wanting to give up the glorious feeling of being naked in the water.

“You can swim again tomorrow,” Daniel said, unwrapping my legs from around his waist and pushing them down into the water so that I came immediately upright. He caught me by an outstretched arm, spun me in the water and pushed me towards the ladder at the back of the boat. I surrendered because I knew he probably wanted a fuck, and being fucked by Daniel was far more fun than swimming in any ocean. I grasped the sides of the ladder and hooked my foot on the bottom rung. I decided to make a show of my exit from the water, just to tease Daniel and prolong his growing desire to get his hands on my derriere. I leaned back in a dramatic arch, dipped my hair in the sea then hauled myself up again and paused to let the salt water cascade down my body. Daniel’s eyes devoured my brown back and buttocks. I cheekily pushed my ass out towards him so he could catch a glimpse of my wet pussy lips, glistening in the salt water and sparkling sun, then began to climb the ladder taking each step very slowly, inching my feet out to the sides of the steps as I went. On the top rung, my legs were spread wide. I turned and looked back over my shoulder at Daniel. He was already at the bottom of the ladder, looking directly up at my crack and cunt. I bent forward, giving him a better view, giggling as I did.

“Ouch!” I shouted, when moments later Daniel’s wet palm landed on my backside delivering an intensely sharp smack. I straightened up and stepped over the edge of the boat and onto the shiny wooden deck. Daniel was quick to follow behind me. I made sure I was waiting for him with a fluffy white towel to dry his taut body. I didn’t bother to get a towel for myself – I remained on deck completely naked, dripping wet, goose bumps appearing on my now chilled skin, my nipples standing erect, the areolas contracting in agreement. I handed Daniel his towel; he wrapped it around his waist then took me by the hand and led me below deck to our cabin. He quietly closed the door behind us, then dropped his towel, his penis surprisingly already erect.

“I’ve been thinking about your mouth all day,” Daniel said to me. “Get on your knees.” I demurred momentarily, then bent my knees and placed them on the floor to kneel before him on his discarded towel. Daniel stroked my wet hair and face, then slid his hand gently to the back of my head and held it there. I took my cue from him and leaned forward to collect his cock with my mouth. Daniel pushed his hips forward, I clasped my hands behind my back and slid my lips over the sculpted glans, down the shaft to the base. Daniel drew his hips back slowly, extracting his turgid penis from my mouth, stopping just before the glans slipped from between my lips, and let it rest there a moment.

“That’s good,” he whispered as he gripped ataşehir escort the shaft down low near the base. I knew he was already close to the edge of his passion, but wanted to fully enjoy me in this position of subservience. Daniel began to stroke himself slowly so I shifted on my knees and settled myself for a long session. But I didn’t mind. As much as being on my knees was completely about Daniel’s satisfaction, I knew he would tend to my own pleasure later – he never let me go without.

I increased the pressure of my lips around the head of Daniel’s cock – I didn’t want it to slip out as he stroked. I touched the tip of my tongue to the tiny hole at the top of the head and flicked at it, teasing him, testing to see exactly where he was at. I opened my eyes and looked up at Daniel’s face to discover he was looking directly back at me, his cheeks a little flushed, his eyes hooded, his lips slightly parted as he breathed through his mouth. Daniel smoothed my hair with his left hand, then caressed my cheek tenderly and at once I was filled with adoration for him. I began to suck on his glans a little more vigorously hoping to intensify his pleasure.

Daniel’s strokes increased in pace so I opened my mouth, tilted my head back and fully extended my tongue, maintaining contact with his cock, allowing its under side to rest on my tongue like a feast on a platter. Pre-cum oozed from the end and the friction from Daniel’s stroking inadvertently flicked the clear fluid from my tongue to my face. I closed my mouth around the head again and licked it clean then swallowed. I looked up at Daniel again and saw his eyes were still on my face – I remembered he told me once how seeing me like that excited him no end. I puckered my lips, released the glans a little, then sucked it back within my wet mouth and continued as before.

“Oh God you’re a fucking tease,” Daniel whispered hoarsely, his hand beginning to slid up and down the length of his cock at a much faster rate. His hips were swaying as he stroked and he began to thrust them at me in time with his strokes. A moan escaped my lips as I closed my eyes and continued to suck and lick and suck and lick. It was then that I felt my mouth fill with the warm salty taste of Daniel’s cum, so I paused, his pulsating penis buried in my mouth, I took it all in. I looked up at Daniel again, noting that his eyes were closed, his mouth had dropped open and his smooth, almost hairless chest was covered with a thin layer of perspiration. When Daniel took his hand off the shaft of his penis I judged that he must have been done. I sucked the head of his cock one more time, then let it slip from my mouth and swallowed his cum.

Daniel stroked my head lovingly and gazed down at me, his spent penis now pointing towards the floor.

“You like it when I come in your mouth, don’t you?” Daniel stated and I knew his question was rhetorical – he and I both knew what he was saying was unquestionably true. “Still, I don’t always need you to do that. Sometimes I want us both to watch me come.”

I nodded in acknowledgement then wrapped my arms around Daniel’s hips and clasped his clammy cock to my cheek, pressing my breasts against his knees. His hand still rested on my hair as I paused for a moment to draw in his musky scent. It was not his usual scent – that day it was mixed with salt and sand, signs of the pleasure we had taken in the sea that surrounded us. I released him from my hold and rested my buttocks back on my haunches. Daniel offered me both his hands and I clasped them with my own as his helped me to my feet. He gathered me to his chest and wrapped his arms around me, still gripping my hands in his, bending my arms behind my back. I tilted my chin up towards his face and his lips fell onto mine as I opened my mouth to receive his searching tongue. Daniel’s arms tightened around my body as his kiss became more passionate, more insistent. His cock began to stiffen against my belly so I wriggled one of my hands free to clasp it tight as if it were a handle, directly connected to his soul.

I broke free from Daniel’s kiss and motioned with my eyes towards the polished wooden table in our cabin. It was fastened to the floor against the wall under a porthole with banquettes on either side. I collected a pillow from the bed, approached the table and bent over it, positioning the pillow beneath my hips. I wanted Daniel to fuck me hard but I didn’t wish to sport any bruises when we were spending so much time without clothes.

Daniel stepped up close behind me and nudged my legs apart with his feet. They were spread impossibly wide and I had to rise to my tiptoes to maintain my balance. I heard kadıköy escort bayan a wet squirt behind me then gasped when I felt the cold gel on Daniel’s fingers as he pried my anus open and lubricated me within. I hadn’t planned on being fucked that way, but since we had thrown all caution to the wind on our vacation, I didn’t object to his preparations. I felt the tip of Daniel’s penis nudge at the tight opening of my rear orifice. I wanted to brace myself for the assault, but I knew tensing every muscle in my body would only make the penetration more painful. So I willed myself to relax, pushing my hips towards Daniel in silent offering.

He launched forwards, sliding his hard cock ever so slowly up my passage. I couldn’t help it – I gasped, sucking a sharp snatch of air in between clenched teeth.

“Shhh,” Daniel murmured gently and stroked my right buttock with his hand. I relaxed again as he pushed further, exploring the cavity I so rarely granted him access to. I lay my belly and breasts along the cold surface of the lacquered table top, placing my hands level with my shoulders, turning my face to rest on my left cheek. I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to thrill at the way Daniel’s cock completely filled my ass. The pain was simply exquisite.

“Okay,” I said quietly and Daniel continued to smooth my ass-cheek as he slowly withdrew his rigid penis, which was by then thoroughly coated with the lube he’d applied to my anus. Daniel paused, then pushed forward again and I turned my head towards the table because I didn’t want him to see my face contort in pain.

“Erff,” I grunted when his hips bump against my buttocks. Daniel slid both his hands up the length of my back and slipped them under my torso to clasp my breasts. He leaned along the length of my body, and placed his lips next to my right ear.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered conspiratorially. I shook my head ever so slightly, granting permission for him to continue. He straightened up again, gripped each of my hips in his fists then began to pump on my ass like there was no tomorrow. Every thrust caused white stars to dance before my eyes, my hips banging against the edge of the table, the pillow the only protection between my tender skin and certain damage. My sweaty palms had suctioned to the table and provided me with the only resistance I had against the force of Daniel’s thrusts.

I began to grunt uncontrollably and I lifted my head to look out the porthole, catching a brief glimpse of a deckhand wandering past. My groans were so loud and guttural, I was convinced he had been loitering at the window, enjoying the sounds of our lovemaking, getting a cheap thrill at our expense. The thought turned me on even more and I was suddenly aware of my clit, burning like wildfire between my legs, unattended, with no hope of relief in sight just yet.

Finally Daniel shoved his cock up my ass in one last almighty thrust and cried out as his climax overtook his body and he deposited his spunk deep within my passage. I realised I’d been holding my breath the whole time so I released a long, heavy sigh, a little whimper escaping from my lips as I did. As numb as my anus was from Daniel’s violation, I could still feel the throbbing of his cock as the final waves of his orgasm subsided and his body realised he was fully spent. Daniel stepped back to allow his cock to slide out of my anus.

“Oh, God,” I said without thinking, blinking repeatedly in an effort to clear the stars still dancing before my eyes. “What are you going to do for me now?”

“What do you mean?” Daniel teased. I raised myself from the table and turned to look at him, the movement causing me to scrape my ass against the table edge. I winced in pain and immediately regretted that he saw that look pass across my face. Daniel wandered over to the bed and flopped down on it, resting his head on the pillows, his hand nestled smugly behind his neck. “Come here,” he said quietly and I obeyed. I crawled up the length of the bed and lay down next to him, resting my head on his sun-bronzed chest. “What is it that you want me to do for you?” he questioned.

“Relieve me,” I said plainly.

“How?” Daniel asked, and anger flared in my belly! I didn’t want to tell him what I needed – I expected him to already know. Or better still, anticipate my needs before I was even aware they existed! “Now, shh,” Daniel said soothingly, drawing me closer against him, smiling mischievously. “Little minx, don’t get all flustered. I do know what you want. And I will give it to you,” he said.

With that, Daniel turned on his side, his left arm slipped around my shoulders. He hooked his escort maltepe right leg over mine and drew it between his thighs, causing my nether lips to slide apart. He kissed me on the brow as he stroked what little remaining hair I had on my mons, petting me, soothing me as if I were child needing to be placated. I turned my mouth up towards his face; he pressed his lips lightly against mine, but he didn’t attempt to kiss me. His lips parted slightly and his warm breath floated into my mouth, serving to stoke the fires already burning intensely between my legs.

Daniel’s fingers stole between my swollen pussy lips, and slid down the length of my trench in the abundance of juices lying in wait there.

“You’re so wet,” he whispered to me. “I like that.”

“You make me wet,” I sighed in his arms, attempting to turn my whole body towards him. But his arm held me firm while his fingers continued probing, inspecting, searching my slit. I bent my left leg upwards then turned my knee outwards and down to rest on the bed, fully exposing my sex to Daniel, cold air making contact with the searing pink flesh. He closed three fingers together, and began to paint my sex with my own juices, coating my swollen clitoris, covering each of my labia, spreading a thick veil over my perineum, being careful to stay away from my antagonised anus. Stealthily he slid two thick fingers into my channel and I tilted my hips upwards to receive his attention. Daniel drew his fingers out again then returned them accompanied by a third finger. I whimpered at the way he was demanding my cunt should accommodate his deep exploration. He slid his fingers out again and added a fourth to the equation. I gasped at the pain that flashed through my pelvis, stretched wide by Daniel’s penetration.

“Ahh,” I moaned close to Daniel’s ear. He continued to massage me from within, my body growing accustomed to his demands. And just when I was beginning to relax, Daniel withdrew his fingers again, folded his thumb into his palm and slid his entire hand into my cunt. I began to shriek then, the agony and the ecstasy of the crazy caress causing me to writhe uncontrollably in Daniel’s embrace.

“Good girl,” Daniel whispered close to my ear. “Take it all in.” And I felt myself push back against his hand, the pain elevated to an excruciating level, yet some how becoming intensely pleasurable at the same time. I wasn’t sure why I allowed myself to continue – because Daniel was pleased by my ability to accommodate his entire fist, or because the sensation of being caressed like that was completely mind blowing? I surrendered just a moment longer, but finally I could take no more.

“Daniel,” I gasped, clasping his wrist with my left hand, “it’s hurting.” Daniel eased his fist out of my cunt and suddenly I felt an empty void take its place. I felt thrilled, confused, elated, unsure of what to do next. Daniel took his arm from my shoulders and allowed me to recline against the pillow.

“Don’t move,” he said. He knelt between my legs and stretched his body out along the top of the bed. Daniel’s feet dangled over the edge as he dipped his head to survey my distended vagina and the engorged clitoris still left wanting at its mouth. When his lips finally closed around my begging bud, my body lurched forward and I shamelessly began to fuck Daniel’s face. He indulged me, placing his stiffened tongue against my clit, sucking hard with his lips to hold my clit in place. I lifted and dropped my hips in furious jerking motions, driven by my desperate need for release. Suddenly I was overtaken by my own animal instincts as I worked my body in a frenzy against Daniel’s head. A warm sensation began to build in my nether regions and I sensed the soles of my feet begin to numb in response to the tension my body was retaining. I curled my toes in response and moved my hips faster and faster, undulating against Daniel’s tongue until my climax finally exploded between my legs and washed over my entire being.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, heaving, gasping, struggling for air. “Oh, fuck!” I said again, this time more quietly. My heart was pounding and I was covered in sweat. I felt as if I’d been plastered to the bed. I was quite incapable of moving and for a split second I had forgotten about Daniel completely. But not quite – he returned to the pillow beside me and lay flat on his back, his hands resting behind his head again, his face awash with a look of triumph. Daniel was grinning. Quite suddenly I regained my senses. I looked over at Daniel just as he stole a glance at me. We began to laugh, lightly at first, then heartily, our bodies shaking with mirth in unison on the bed.

Suddenly a thought came to me and I was awestruck. I thought it, but I couldn’t say it. I acknowledged it, but decided to keep it to myself. Lying there like that with Daniel, I realised that I loved him. And that, I admitted to myself, was something I never, ever expected.

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