Loving Aurora Ch. 01

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[This is the start of a new story with new characters (but with some background connections to my previous stories; these may be explored further in later chapters). This is a brother/sister incest romance, also involving some pissing, so don’t read if those are not your thing.

Tags: Brother/Sister Incest, Piss, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


It was a gorgeous day, cloudless and cornflower blue, the warmest of the year so far. The sort of day when nobody was in a hurry, not that anyone ever was in this part of the country. The afternoon sun glittered on the small lakes and millponds dotted among the wheatfields. A light breeze swayed the green canopies of spruce and beech forest that cloaked the hillsides. Picnic blankets were spread out in churchyards, boats drifted sedately on winding rivers, birdwatchers scanned the clear skies. Couples went for walks hand-in-hand, or lounged around in bed together.

Thorfinn drove through the countryside with his windows rolled down, letting the inrush of air ruffle his short blond hair. There weren’t too many other cars on the road, and he could largely go as fast as he liked. Or at least, as fast as the narrow, switchbacking country roads permitted, with their blind corners and bone-shaking cattle grids. It still beat the eternal traffic jams of the city. He was looking very forward to this long weekend, a rare break from urban life and the exhausting overwork of his new job. A chance to see his sleepy old hometown, reconnect with family and old friends. He planned to split his time between his parents’ place and the cottage where his younger sister Aurora lived.

Aurora had insisted he come see her first, for a drink and a months-overdue catch-up, and he didn’t intend to disappoint her. He parked his car outside her cottage, a pretty little red-brick affair on the edge of the village, hidden in a stand of spindly poplars. The house was a rental, mostly paid for by their parents. Aurora was staying there for the time being, while she sorted out her affairs post-graduation. It was a great location, overlooking the rolling farmland and scattered forests, but a bit too isolated for Thorfinn’s liking. The nearest neighbours were a good distance down the road, and the nearest drinking establishment – an ancient fieldstone tavern, their longtime family local – was a twenty-minute walk. He didn’t know how Aurora, always a social butterfly, maintained her sanity living in the middle of nowhere.

She’d left a spare key for him under a cracked flowerpot by the front door. He opened the cottage to take his overnight bag inside, leaving it on the living room sofa. Aurora kept a rather messy house, leaving her clothes strewn all over the place and half-drunk cups of tea on the kitchen counter. But the spare bedroom looked spotless, with the bedspread showing crisp hospital corners. More likely that was their mother’s work.

After re-locking the cottage, Thorfinn began the trek to the tavern on foot. There wasn’t much point taking the car, as he imagined he’d soon be in no state to drive home. And it was a lovely walk, along that familiar winding path bordered by low drystone walls, the fields stretching away green and gold on every side. The noonday heat raised beads of sweat on his brow. Why had he worn dark jeans on a day like this?

The path took him through a mile of farmland, across a shallow forded stream and into a patch of spruce forest that provided some welcome shade. Finally, it opened out into a proper road on a hillside overlooking the village. The weathervane atop the church steeple glinted gold over the slate rooftops in the middle distance. A lone white cloud scudded across the blue horizon.

The tavern stood on the crest of the hill, a low rambling structure thickly covered with dark ivy. A chalkboard menu stating the day’s specials was propped up by the entrance. The main door was original, its ancient oak planks held together with sturdy iron bands. Apart from the satellite dish on the roof and the handful of cars parked in front, the place could have time-travelled straight from the fifteenth century. Thorfinn found it a comforting sight, reassuringly unchanged since his last visit.

He walked inside, ducking his head under the low wooden beams; the tavern’s long-dead builders had clearly never expected to accommodate a man his height. Most of the indoor seating was occupied by families having lunch, but Aurora had already messaged to say she had gotten them a table in the tavern garden. It was definitely the weather for outdoor drinking.

Stooping through another too-small doorway, Thorfinn made his way out back. The garden was a small, slightly overgrown lawn enclosed by a brick wall, much newer than the rest of the tavern. Several sun-bleached wooden picnic benches were arranged on the grass, most of them occupied. A freckled, tired-eyed waitress was carrying a tray of expensive-looking burgers out to a young couple and their two squabbling children. Wasps bostancı escort were buzzing industriously around a spilled drink on one of the benches.

“Finn! Over here!” called a familiar, warm, melodious voice.

Thorfinn turned his head and saw his sister seated on a bench near the rear wall of the garden. A tall trellis of pink climbing roses covered the red brickwork behind her. Some of the petals had fallen onto the benchtop, a scattering of pale curls and twists. Judging by the pint of beer standing almost empty among them, Aurora had already started drinking.

She was leaning her elbows on the bench in that insouciant way of hers, her dark-blonde hair worn in a layered bob that brushed over her shoulders. Her pretty oval face was lit up with a welcoming smile that cutely dimpled her cheeks. Full lips, a neatly upturned nose. Her eyes were a bright, summery blue-green. They were eyes that had broken a lot of hearts, Thorfinn knew.

Aurora was certainly better dressed for the heat. She wore a knot-waisted blue skirt with an intricate floral print, its hem a little above her knee, and a skimpy white linen top that left her shoulders bare. Her long, slender, gently tanned legs were kicked out comfortably underneath the bench. A large, curlicued, abstract tattoo decorated almost the whole length of her right leg, while a chain of Cyrillic characters were inscribed on her other ankle. Her minimalist plaited sandals exposed cute toes with neat, lilac-painted nails.

“Hey, Aura,” Thorfinn said, making his way through the garden towards her. He hadn’t seen her in four months, their longest-ever time apart. In that time, he’d started a new job, she’d finished her masters degree, and they’d both suffered the biggest breakup of their respective lives. Yet Aurora didn’t seem to have changed one bit. Her smile never failed to raise his spirits. She was two years younger than him, but they’d grown up as close as twins.

“Sorry I got started without you. It’s too hot to not drink,” she said, getting up from the bench. She was tallish, standing five-foot-eight in flat sandals, and nicely athletic. Years of weekend tennis and squash had given her a wiry, toned physique, with good definition in her arms and shoulders, and a decidedly slinky midriff. Her breasts were high and firm under the thin fabric of her top. A white-gold necklace decorated her pretty neck, with a small opal pendant dangling just above her cleavage.

“No harm done. I would have done the same.” Thorfinn hugged her tight, letting her kiss his cheek – he was fully six-foot-four, and she had to stand on tiptoes to do it. He felt her nipples press against his torso through the material of his shirt, and realised with a start that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Not particularly unusual for her, but it made him slightly uneasy all the same. “It’s been too long.”

“Way too long. I missed my big brother.”

They sat on the bench facing each other. The hot sun beat down on them as they went through their initial mock-serious catch-up, reassuring one another that they were in good health, still talking to their parents and not in any major trouble with the law. “I came pretty close to murdering Mel the week after we broke up,” Aurora confessed. “But I don’t have your killer instinct.”

Thorfinn snorted. “I was more worried Gen would murder me, towards the end. She’s the one with the killer instinct. I was legitimately ready to call the cops.”

“Here’s to crazy exes,” Aurora said wryly, raising her now-empty pint. “Except you don’t have a drink. Go fetch! High time we got drunk together.”

“Good call.” Thorfinn’s mouth was parched, and the prospect of cold beer was frankly glorious. He rose again, cursing as he knocked his knee against the underside of the bench, and headed for the bar.

“Get me another one too, Finn,” Aurora called after him. “Lager. You know what I like.”

“Say please.”

“Pretty please with foam on top. Get me two.”

“So unladylike,” he scolded her.

While he waited to be served, the other patrons milling around him, Thorfinn looked out of the mottled glass of the tavern windows at the verdant countryside. It really was glorious, this landscape. He and Aurora had been blessed to grow up here. He thought back on sunny childhood afternoons of exploring the shadowed woods with her, skinny-dipping in the pristine rivers, walking the family dogs through the meadows. Maybe he’d been too quick to move to the city.

He brought out their beers, and they clinked glasses. “Mazel tov,” Aurora said sweetly, before taking a generous drink. Thorfinn relished the first cold sip of his own pint; a crisp, mildly hoppy blond lager, blissfully refreshing. He had to hold himself back from downing the whole pint in one go. Sweat prickled his back underneath his shirt. His legs were overheating fast in his jeans, and that wasn’t the only uncomfortable thing. He was a well-endowed man; even the loose fit of these jeans felt too confining around his cock, trapping göztepe escort it against his thigh.

“How’re you finding life here?” he asked. “Good being back home?”

“Boring as fuck,” she said flatly. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it round here. But all my friends with any sense moved away years ago. And Mom is always coming to check on me, like she doesn’t trust me to keep house. She probably thinks I lived the last four years on nothing but alcohol and ready meals.”

“I mean, didn’t you?” Thorfinn teased her. She kicked his shin playfully under the table.

“I can cook better than you can, Mister Pasta-and-Protein-Shakes. Mom just likes to tug on the umbilical. I see her pretty much every day. She’s coming over for breakfast tomorrow, I’ll have to tidy up.”

“Go easy on her, Aura. She’s happy to have her little girl back home.”

“I’m twenty-three!” Aurora said, with pouty, half-serious indignation. “You try spending a few weeks out here in the sticks, being treated like a child. Bet you’d get sick of being her little boy.”

Thorfinn idly turned his pint glass around in his hands, waving away a wasp that hovered too close. “I don’t know, a few weeks out of the city actually sounds good. Work’s busting my balls right now. This is the first leave I’ve taken since I started.”

It had been depressingly hard to even get these few days off. He’d joined a large civil engineering firm as a junior project manager three months ago; the money was good, but the hours were crushing. They were halfway through site preparation on an inner-city utilities project, short-staffed and already behind schedule. It was all hands on deck, all day, every day. The prospect of going back to the grind next week was thoroughly disheartening.

“I’ll come visit you up there next month,” Aurora said. “If that’s okay, I mean? Don’t want to cramp your style.”

“You’re welcome any time. Honestly, I could use the company. The apartment feels pretty empty with Gen gone.”

“Well, if you’re looking for a new roomie, I promise I’m house-broken,” she laughed. She had a very sweet laugh, light and musical. Thorfinn imagined her pretty smile brightening the rooms of his apartment, her laugh echoing from the kitchen as she made dinner. He could certainly think of worse roommates than his little sister.

They drank and chatted in the sunshine as the rose petals fluttered around them. Thorfinn gradually allowed himself to relax, the stress and tension of the past few weeks fading into the background. Although his eyes kept flicking, as if of their own perverted accord, over Aurora’s sleek legs and the swell of her young breasts beneath her top. He hoped she wouldn’t notice.

Eventually, finding he had very much broken the seal, Thorfinn excused himself and wandered to the bathroom. His head felt pleasantly fuzzy, though he was still far from drunk.

As he stood at the steel urinal trough, draining a couple of pints of beer out of his system, he found his thoughts straying to a somewhat uncomfortable topic. Seeing his sister so skimpily dressed had brought back some rather odd memories of their home life together.

Aurora was not a shy girl. Through her various adolescent phases – tomboy, punk, a mercifully brief flirtation with emo – one thing had remained constant. At home, she wore as little as she could get away with. When their parents were in, that would typically be a scandalously short skirt and a top that defiantly bared her toned midriff. When they were out, it was usually just underwear.

Sometimes Aurora wore even less than that. Thorfinn had seen her topless more times than he could count. If it was just the two of them in the house, she would wander around nonchalantly in nothing but her panties. She had good tits, and clearly knew it, because she went bare-breasted as casually as she went barefoot. It was just something that happened. It was almost never remarked on; the few times he had mentioned it, she’d just flippantly told him that she didn’t like bras. Thorfinn was aware that it was weird, that most girls did not expose their breasts to their older brothers, but he and Aurora had always been so comfortable together that he assumed it wasn’t a big deal. There were stranger things out there, after all. Meth-addict families and arcane religious cults and parents who locked their kids in the basement. By that metric, they were pretty normal siblings.

Except there were other things, innocuous things that were maybe not so innocuous when he looked back on them. They had always shared a bathroom – their parents had a separate ensuite – and in the mornings, they often shared it in person. Plenty of times when he was shaving or brushing his teeth, he had seen Aurora saunter in, naked except for her cotton briefs, mumble good morning and then sit for her morning pee. Which was usually more of a morning waterfall; she was a great believer in staying hydrated. Thorfinn had pissed in front of her a few times, too. He always tried his best istanbul escort not to make eye contact, but he had definitely caught her peeking once or twice when he had his cock dangling out.

That might have just been innocent curiosity. The same could not so easily be said about the time she had ogled him after he showered. It had been after his first year at university, when he had begun seriously working out, and had put on some real muscle for the first time. Not just the usual showy biceps, but hard deltoids, defined pectorals and a set of imperfect but passable abs. Aurora had come in to brush her teeth while he was towelling off, and had, for want of a better word, marvelled. “Wow, Finn,” she’d said, with a slightly nervous giggle. “You’re a hunk.”

“Getting there,” he’d grinned back, with actual pride, and it was only when she kept staring that he realised how inappropriate the situation was. To make matters worse, his cock had betrayed him by starting to harden. It was one of those times when being well-hung was not a bonus. She had definitely seen the bulge. He’d hastily turned away, making sure the towel was secure around his hips and trying to think cold-shower thoughts. After that, for almost the first time in their lives, he and Aurora had shared a proper awkward silence. A few days later, he had gone back to university, and the incident had gradually faded from memory.

But it was that incident that came to mind as he walked back out into the sunshine. He saw Aurora tapping at her phone, and looking up to smile as he approached her. Her smile was beautiful, almost too beautiful – it was hard to look away. She looked the same as she always had, so why did she draw his eye so much this afternoon?

He got them a new round of beers, batting away Aurora’s offer to pay. She was a humanities grad, still on the hunt for a steady job, just working the odd temp role here and there. He knew she was pretty hard up for cash right now, and he certainly didn’t begrudge her a few drinks.

Inevitably, as the beers flowed, the conversation moved on to the subject of exes. Thorfinn had split up with Genevieve, his girlfriend of four years, two months before. Aurora and her girlfriend Melinda had ended their relationship around the same time. Thorfinn could see Aurora’s pretty smile gradually fade as she spoke about her breakup. A feeling he knew only too well.

“I still wake up sometimes expecting her to be there,” Aurora sighed, as she started on her latest pint. “I check my phone for her messages. I know it’s stupid, I just can’t stop. I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes. And I dream about her all the time. Fuck, I hate the dreams.”

“Yeah, I get those too,” Thorfinn said grimly.

Thoughts of Genevieve flitted through his mind, images he wished he could forget. The heavenly nights early in their relationship, the two of them making hot delirious love until the sun rose. The way she shuddered when she orgasmed. Soft kisses and sugary coffee in the mornings. Trips to the Mediterranean and southeast Asia; hotel bedrooms left in disarray, drunken sex on the beach. Talking about getting a mortgage together, speculating about what their kids would be like. Then the slow, inexorable decline – arguments, recriminations, sleeping in separate rooms. Months of just barely holding it together, putting on false smiles when they saw their friends. Finally, the one big argument that ended it all, and the sound of her slamming the apartment door shut behind her for the last time.

Thorfinn tried to wave away those bleak memories and focus on what his sister was saying. Genevieve was gone, and dwelling on her was no use.

“It’s so weird. Maybe it’d be easier if she’d just been a pure bitch. I mean, she really was, sometimes,” Aurora said ruefully. “But she could also be so sweet when she wanted to be. Like, when I was under so much stress with my finals I was crying every day, she’d kiss me and play me songs, make me dinner when I had no energy left to cook. That was the Mel I loved.”

“Just got to hold onto the good times, I guess,” Thorfinn said. “Remember the greatest hits.” As if it were that simple, he thought.

“There weren’t that many good times, really. Mel had so many issues, and she kept making them my problem. I should have got out of there sooner.”

“No point blaming yourself, Aura. You were in love.”

“We were, though it was a fucked-up kind of love. She was my first girlfriend, you know? I’d only been with guys before her. And she was so cool, I was just head-over-heels.” She laughed, a little sadly. “Trust me to fall for the punk lesbo, right?”

Thorfinn thought back on the few times he’d seen Aurora and Melinda together. They had been the classic young lesbian couple – Aurora the cute lipstick femme, Mel the tough edgy butch. Though honestly, sleeve tattoos and skater-girl fashion sense aside, Mel hadn’t been all that butch. The two girls actually made a pretty gorgeous pair. Aurora, with her long dirty-blonde hair and beautiful sunny smile, had been nicely complemented by Mel’s dyed pink pixie cut and attractively mischievous face. And, though he couldn’t say it out loud, Thorfinn had to admit they both had great bodies. Aurora was taller and bustier, while Mel was pleasingly curvy and had a superb peachy ass.

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