Love, Rekindled

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Geoff looked around the room to see if he knew anyone but he was sure that he wouldn’t. Just before taking a chair to hear a talk about malpractice, he heard his name called. He turned to see a woman dressed in a conservative business suit calling to him. As he walked closer, a smile came to his face.

“Angel, what in the world are you doing here? How are you?” he asked excitedly. The woman smiled, taking his hand and leading him to the back corner of the seats.

“I’m doing very well, thank you. I saw your name on the roster and I was hoping it was you. It’s been a long time,” she replied. During the meeting, they caught up on the past several years. Geoff had met her at a friend’s bachelor’s party about six years ago. Angel had been an exotic dancer who had paid her way through college dancing but had had to leave when her father became ill. She had moved back home to a small town outside of Dallas. The only thing she could do to make enough money was dance, but she was too smart to do just that. Seeing a need in the entire east Texas region, she began a company that sent dancers to private parties and had become very successful. Geoff and her had had a brief, but intense affair that lasted nearly a year but, as with most long distance romances, this one ended, too.

After the meeting, Geoff invited Angel to the lounge for a drink or two. She had to help pack the equipment from the talk so Geoff went ahead to get a table. About twenty minutes later, he saw her walking towards him. He smiled as he saw many of the other men turn to watch her walk by. Even in her business suit, she looked just as beautiful and sexy as she had many years ago. The skirt was as short as it could be while still being “conservative”, showing off her firm, shapely legs while the jacket showed a hint of strain to stay buttoned across her breasts. Her suit hinted at the shapely body that was hidden under the clothes.

They ordered drinks and sat for the next hour, catching up on the past several years. Angel’s father had died about two years ago and that was when she had decided to go back to school, law school in fact. She had worked hard and saved her money, even dancing when she usually let the younger girls do it. Even though she was several years older than all of the girls in her company, once word got out that she was dancing again, there were many requests for her. She had just finished her first year of law school and was interning at the firm that sponsored the meeting.

Geoff told her about his marriage to a very young woman for four years but that they had divorced about six months ago. “You had always liked them young, didn’t you Geoff?” Angel said, laughing.

“I like them ANY age,” he replied, smiling. After a while, they decided to have dinner at a little Italian restaurant a few blocks from the hotel. Walking in the warm night air, Angel unbuttoned her jacket, letting it hang open. She wore a silk and spandex top that hugged her body. Low-cut and square-neck, it showed the tops of her firm breasts. Every so often, Geoff would catch a glimpse of her breasts, reminding him of her incredible body that he once knew.

At the restaurant, they talked easily about their past, present and hopes for the future. Whenever Angel would lean forward to talk, Geoff had to keep himself from staring at her breasts hanging above the table. He did notice that the waiter was more attentive to them than to the other tables in his section. Angel couldn’t help but notice that, even after the many years, Geoff was still in very good shape, his body lean yet strong. The Polo shirt hugged his chest while his jeans showed off the curves of his ass. He was older, but he looked better than most of the younger men in her class and office.

Angel told Geoff that she had not dated much during the last couple of years. Her classmates seemed too young, many ten years younger than her, or even more, while the men at the firm where she was interning at looked at her as a gopher or were interested only in having sex with her. Geoff, too, hadn’t been too active the last six months.

“Jane was very highly sexed, and I can’t complain about our sex life,” Geoff laughed. “I mean… uumm… nearly all of my fantasies were fulfilled. It was nice, it really was, but afterwards, there just wasn’t much to say sometimes. We were just from different eras. Sometimes you need more than just raw sex… although that is good, too, sometimes.” They both laughed, nodding their heads. Several hours and several drinks later, they were ready to leave the restaurant. They walked back to the hotel, arm in arm, Angel resting her head on his shoulder. She thought of how good it felt to be held by him again. Just before the last turn to go to the hotel, Geoff stopped, taking Angel into his arms. His hands slid down her arms, holding her by her thin waist. Her breasts, rubbing lightly against his chest, sent waves of electricity through her body.

“Angel, you don’t know how many times I picked up the phone to call you these ataşehir escort last six months. I just wasn’t sure that you wanted to speak to me again,” Geoff said softly, looking into her shimmering eyes. Angel felt her body trembling, unsure as to how far to let the moment go.

“Oh Geoff,” she replied, “John told me about your divorce and I wanted you to call me so badly. I almost called you too, but I wanted to give you time to get past it.” They stood there for a moment, their hearts beating rapidly against their chests. Geoff pulled Angel to him, wrapping his arms around her body. She came willingly, engulfed in his arms. They kissed, tentative at first, then deeply, allowing their passions to overwhelm them. His hands slid under her jacket, caressing her back, holding her firmly to him. Angel opened her mouth slightly, taking his tongue into her wanting mouth, tasting him for the first time in too many years. The kiss seemed to last forever, they were oblivious to the other people walking by. Finally, Geoff broke the kiss, looking deeply into her eyes, wanting to ask her to stay but afraid to ruin the night.

“You said that you live about an hour away and you have to be here tomorrow morning again. Why don’t you just stay the night here,” Geoff asked, hesitantly.

Angel smiled, “I was hoping you would ask me to stay, but not for that reason.” They both laughed at Geoff’s clumsy attempt to ask her to stay.

They walked slowly to his room, not wanting to rush the night. As Geoff slipped the card into the door, Angel leaned against his back, pressing her firm breasts against him, knowing how much he loved the feel of her against him. Geoff closed his eyes, breathed deeply, then pushed the door open.

Angel walked in first, tossed her jacket onto the chair, then turned around, looking hard into his eyes. She felt her breathing deepen, her breasts rising and falling. Geoff stood at the door, his eyes taking her in.

“You are so beautiful, Angel,” Geoff said softly, walking towards her. She looked down, slightly embarrassed.

“I’m not what I was the last time we were together. Not as young nor sexy as I was,” she answered.

“But you are… you are just as beautiful, just as sexy as I remember you. And much more elegant,” Geoff said softly, taking her into his arms. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing together as he pulled her hard against him. Her nipples, rubbing against her top, shot bolts of electricity through her body. Geoff slid his hands over her back, feeling the thin, tight top on his fingertips. Angel pressed her mound against his hips, feeling his hard cock after so many years.

“Ooohhh Gggdddd, Geoff,” she moaned, her breathing deep but hesitant, “I have missed you so badly.” Geoff pulled her hard against him, feeling her firm breasts crushed against his chest. Geoff felt his cock harden from her pressure and his passion, caught between her belly and his. Angel dropped her head back, surrendering her neck to his tongue. Geoff nibbled and bit the nape of her neck, inhaling her perfume. His hands gently caressed her, sliding up and down her sides. Biting her lower lip, Angel felt his hand glide over her breast, cupping her flesh. She could feel the wetness increasing between her legs, her pussy tightening and releasing all by itself.

Geoff’s fingers fumbled at the buttons on her skirt, pressing against her belly. The anticipation was driving Angel wild. She wanted him right now, to feel his hardness inside her once more. Geoff unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. The cold air of the room, blowing across her wet panties, sent shivers through her body. He kissed his way down her neck, sucking on her skin, his hands cupping her large, firm breasts. She dropped her arms, letting him slide the straps off her shoulders before pulling her top off her heaving breasts.

“Ooohhh Gggdddd, Geoff. It has been so long since someone took me like this,” she moaned, holding his head to her breasts. Geoff sucked and bit on her flesh, taking her hard nipple into his mouth. She squealed at the sensation, her body shaking uncontrollably. Geoff slid a hand down her belly, cupping her mound. Her hips bucked against his hand, pressing against his palm. “Touch me, Geoff, touch me please,” she pleaded. Geoff tugged at her wet panties, slipping a finger along her lips. Angel moaned loudly as the first finger other than hers touched her in over a year.

Geoff slid his finger back and forth, just penetrating her folds, brushing against her clit. Angel bit her lower lip harder, her hips thrusting back and forth, wanting to feel his fingers inside her. Geoff rubbed harder against her clit, sending wave after wave of electricity throughout her shaking body. He had to hold her up by her waist, his face buried between her large globes as he plunged two fingers deep inside her. Angel screamed as he thrust his fingers into her quivering pussy, sliding them in and out of her. Geoff felt her body become rigid, her orgasm reaching kadıköy escort bayan its climax.

Angel felt an explosion inside her, a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long, long time. If she hadn’t held tightly onto Geoff, she would have collapsed onto the floor, her legs unable to hold her up. Her whole body was on fire, her juices flooding out of her tunnel, her breasts aching from the attack by Geoff’s mouth. Her body quaked and shuddered, she had no control over her movements. Angel could feel her juices running down her thighs, adding to her passion. Breathing heavily in his arms, Angel held onto Geoff, holding him tight. The hairs on his chest rubbed against her sensitive nipples, adding to her already excited state.

Geoff carried Angel to the bed, sitting her on the edge. She sat there, her body still trembling as she caught her breath. Looking up at him, Angel reached for his pants, undoing then. She slowly slid the zipper down, taking her time. She wanted the moment to last, to feel the anticipation as long as she could. Letting the pants fall to the floor, she stroked him through his shorts, sliding her fingers up and down the long shaft. She felt his cock become thicker in her fingers, wanting to escape its confinement. Geoff closed his eyes, feeling her fingers tugging at his shorts, pulling them off his body.

His cock sprung forth, rubbing against Angel’s face. She looked at the cock, remembering its shape and all the pleasure it had given her in the past. She kissed the tip, then kissed the hard rod up and down its length, inhaling the familiar musky odor. Her mouth hungered for his cock. She wanted to literally engulf it, to take it all the way into her.

“Ooohhhh Gggdddd, Angel,” Geoff moaned, ” I want you so badly.” His cock was throbbing, aching for her mouth. He watched as Angel opened her mouth, sliding his thick manhood betwen her lips. She pursed her lips, tightening her grip on him, sliding her hot mouth back and forth. Geoff could hardly stand it. His cock became harder than it had in a long time, loving the feel of her tongue flicking over the tip as it sank deep into her mouth.

Angel had always enjoyed giving head in her younger days, the feel of a hard cock filling her mouth, but mostly she enjoyed the control she held over her partner. With Geoff, however, she loved the pleasure that she was giving him. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given her. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, rubbing the head over her face and lips. Sliding her tongue down the long, thick shaft, she sucked on the tender underside, driving Geoff wild. She could feel his body shaking. Taking his sac into her hand, she caressing his balls, taking each one, then both into her mouth as she stroked his thick cock.

Geoff could have cum right then but strained to stay in control. Angel was driving him wild with passion. She kissed his mouth, cupping her large tits in her hands, wrapping them around his throbbing cock. Geoff loved the feeling of his cock surrounded by her flesh. He watched as she squeezed her breasts, tightening their grip on his cock. Whenever the head poked through the mass of tissue, Angel flicked her tongue over the tip, her mouth reaching for him. She increased the pressure and pace, fucking his cock hard. Geoff grabbed her hair, his fingers tangled in her long locks, his body shaking. Angel opened her mouth, taking his throbbing cock deep into her mouth, the head rubbing against the roof of her mouth. She deep throated him, wanting to hold him in her as long as she could. Grabbing his ass, she pulled him hard against her, forcing his hard cock even deeper.

Geoff felt as though her were about to explode. He pushed her head back, releasing his cock from the grip of her wonderful mouth. Looking down at her, he smiled, pushing her back onto the bed. Angel looked up at him as he slid onto the bed, crawling towards her slowly, kissing his way up her legs and body. As he kissed her, Angel could feel his cock sliding along her legs and thighs, the tip gently rubbing against the folds of her lips. She felt the weight of his body on her, taking control of her. She gave in willingly, lifting her legs to give Geoff access to her innermost region.

“Oh Geoff, take me… take me now… please,” she pleaded, almost begging. She felt a slight push. The thick head of his cock pressed into her, forcing its way into her tight tunnel. Angel threw her head back, moaning loudly as Geoff rocked his hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. “Ohhhh Gggdddddd, Geoff,” Angel screamed, wrapping her legs tightly around his pounding hips. She kissed his face all over, her hips reaching for his manhood. She squeezed her pussy tight, gripping his thick cock, wanting to hold it inside her aching pussy. Geoff thrust again and again, his hips slamming against her thighs as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her. Angel felt his cock split her open as it slid into her. She closed her eyes, feeling him take her.

Geoff escort maltepe thrust his hips hard, plunging himself fully into Angel. She groaned, pulling him deeper into her with her legs around him. Her breasts rocked back and forth on her chest, her nipples rasping against the hairs on his chest. He sucked on her hard nipples, groping her flesh. He could feel her pussy gripping him, the added friction increasing the sensations. Geoff rolled onto his back, carrying Angel with him, she still holding him inside her. She loved being on top, controlling the pressure against her clit. She rocked forward, her hips bucking hard. Another orgasm was building inside her but she had lost count of how many. Geoff grabbed her waist, lifting her then crashing her down onto him, plunging his hard, thick cock deep into her aching pussy. He slammed her again and again, his thrusting hips slamming against her ass.

“Ooohhhhh ffuuuuccckkk, Geoff!!” she screamed, “Yeesss, yesss… .fuck me hard.” She leaned forward, supporting herself on his chest. Her tits bounced and swayed against her from the pounding she was taking. Geoff leaned up, burying his face in between her firm tits, sucking and biting her flesh a he fucked her tight cunt hard. Angel felt every nerve in her body firing, bolts of electricity racing through her body. She squeezed her cunt tight, clamping around the rocketing shaft. Her body convulsed uncontrollably, opening her flood gates. Her cum spewed out, covering her and Geoff. Angel fell onto Geoff, holding him tightly, rocking her hips again and again, fucking his wonderful, hard cock. Geoff wrapped his arms around her tight body, thrusting his cock up into her hot wet cunt, his cock throbbing, twitching inside her quivering tunnel. “Oooohhh Gggddddddd,” he cried, thrusting once more. The flood of her hot cum on his cock sent Geoff over the edge. His cock jerked and shuddered, letting loose its own flood of hot juices. Angel could feel his cum splatter against the walls of her pounding cunt, filling her with the warmth of his seed. She squeezed her muscles tight, over and over again, milking him, wanting to have every drop of his essence inside her. Their hearts were beating rapidly, pounding against their chests; their bodies covered with the sweat and juices of their passion.

Angel rested her head on him, listening to his heart as she kissed his chest “Oh Geoff, I’ve missed you so much.” She wanted to say more, but was afraid, afraid of the emotions that were whirling in her head. Geoff gently caressed her trembling body, his hand sliding lovingly across her. He kissed her head, the aroma of her perfume and passion filling his nostrils. He wanted to tell her how he felt, how he had thought about her often, but his brain refused to act. All he could say was that he had missed her too but the gentle, loving touch of his hands told more than his words and Angel understood. He was still recovering from his divorce, the pain still tearing at him. She knew that tonight was something special. Maybe more would come of it, but only time would tell. Until then, they would just enjoy their time together.

Angel snuggled up to him, Geoff held her tight, close to his heart. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, comfortable and safe.

Geoff awoke the next morning with Angel spooned behind him, her breasts pressed against his back, her hand lying over his hip, holding his chest. She felt so good there, so natural. His cock began to stir, growing in length. Geoff rocked his hips, allowing the head to brush against Angel’s hand. Her fingers came alive, softly stroking the tip, then sliding down the growing shaft. Geoff moaned, rocking his hips more, rubbing his ass against her pussy. He glanced at the clock, noting that they still had a couple of hours before they had to be downstairs.

Angel kissed the back of his neck, nibbling on his skin. Her long fingers teased and stroked his cock, awakening it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, “what do we have here?” Geoff turned around, taking her into his arms.

“Good morning, hon,” he said, smiling. Angel moaned as he pulled her against him, his cock pressing against her mound. They looked into one another’s eyes, both knowing what the other was thinking. Angel rubbed her mound against him, feeling his hardness. Her breathing deepened, pressing her beasts against his firm chest. Geoff slipped his thigh between her legs, rocking back and forth against her sore pussy. They kissed deeply, as if trying to make up for lost time, their hands wandering over the other’s trembling body.

Without saying a word, Angel slid down him, until she reached the top of his now hard cock. She flicked her tongue over the tip, under the head and down the shaft. The hard rod twitched in response to her touch as Geoff moaned loudly.

“Ooohhhh Angel… that feels soooo good,” he cried, his hips rocking to her waiting mouth. Looking up at him, she opened her mouth, taking him all the way into her hungry mouth. She sucked hard, tightening her lips around the thick shaft. Her head bobbed up and down quickly, foregoing the foreplay. She wanted him badly and she wanted him now. His cock slipped out with a plop. Angel turned around, rubbing her firm ass against the hard cock. It felt so good, pressing between her cheeks.

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