Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 17-20

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Chapter 17 — Awkward

Alice was unembarrassed. She said to Joan Coswell, “Well, if you want to talk about sex that covers a pretty broad spectrum of things. Are you interested in technique, lifestyle, emotions, relationships, variations, types, location, physiology, kinkiness, toys, shows, clubs, or what?”

Joan whispered, “All of it — making love, and what you think about it.”

Alice threw her head back and laughed. The reaction made Joan blush even more. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but we could be here for days if we talked that much about MY favorite subject. Don’t be embarrassed; for us, sex is very normal and something we openly talk about, usually in an unrestrained way.

“Let me reiterate a few things that were said at the party that are more about my philosophy, which is also the philosophy of the circle of friends that I live with. First, in our Circle — basically the cohousing compound and our friends and neighbors — we believe you can love more than one person, and we include all the parts of love and interaction in each relationship, including but not limited to sex.” Alice went on and itemized some of the major tenets about Circle life: non-monogamy, non-exclusivity, couples-only versus multiple partners, safe sex, jealousy-compersion, non-possessiveness, non-ownership, choice, tolerance, forgiveness, spirituality versus adherence to a religious doctrine, mind-body-spirit connection, soul mates — not, boundaries fixed and flexible, equality, age paradigm, and more.

Joan leaned forward and sat enraptured by every word Alice said, simply nodding to encourage her to keep talking and smiling as each piece of some puzzle seemed to snap into place for her. Occasionally, in a low tone, Joan would mutter, “Yes!” Alice’s salad sat untouched, but for that matter so did Joan’s.

Alice finally ran out of steam, and sat back. “Well, it wasn’t all about sex, but in a way it was. We should eat. I think we need to get back to work.”

“Oh, I get it,” Joan said. “I know what you mean. I listened hard. I wished I’d had a recording of what you said, but it’s too late now. Maybe next time. As for work, this was much more important to me.”

Alice chuckled, “I could do it all again, but another day. You have more questions, I can tell.”

Joan thought about how to pose a further and rather blunt question. She finally just blurted it out, “You have sex with multiple men and other women; you pretty much told me that the night of your big party. What’s that like? How do you feel?”

Alice smiled after wolfing down a bite of lunch; “Wonderful. Guilt free. Loved. Loving. Lusted after. Horny. Sated. Compelled. Happy.” She thought a moment and then gave a specific example, “Saturday night we had several guests staying with us. They were women, and mainly wanted Dave, but we had some of the other men in the Circle come by the house, too. I made love with four other men over the course of the night, and so did most of the other women. I also made love or got loved by a few of the other women. I felt all of those emotions with every person.”

“Were you alone having sex?”

“Mostly we were together in our bedroom in the large bed I showed you. Sometimes the women were side-by-side as the men serviced us. We like that, it’s fun, and we get a lot of arousal from doing it plus we can lean to our sides and kiss or touch one another. Later, some of us went for a nude swim and then there were with others on the pool patio on chaises as we made love with.”

“Do you ever get tired of it? The sex?”

“NO!” Alice said firmly and grinned. “I can’t get enough of it. I’d do it all day long but for the men need to rest, and we do need to work and do a few other things to live reasonably in spite of our large polyamorous marriage between everybody. You have to recognize that I’m compensating for having been raised in a highly puritanical way where sex was NEVER discussed, it was a bad part of life, and we were intentionally shielded from it.”

“How’d you ever get to where you are now from that upbringing?”

Alice told her the story about catching her best friend fucking a guy in his car in the company parking lot, and then went on to talk about the challenges Dori had given Dave and her, to get them moving to a more rational posture about sex and life.

Alice added, “As we got comfortable about sex with each other, Dave and I also got comfortable about love and romance with others outside our marriage — neighbors who we loved, and then came to love in a physical way. It was a natural progression. We didn’t just wake up one day, and ‘poof’ we were sexual beings. We phased into it.”

“What would you do if you knew what you wanted your life to be like, including highly sexual, but you were afraid to talk to your husband about it?”

Alice finally realized the whole point of the luncheon. She realized the reason Joan had become almost angry and peevish at the party after learning about the freewheeling relationships bostancı escort between everybody in the Circle. She sat speechless for a few moments, obviously thinking of how to answer the question.

Alice finally posed, “Are you sure he would rebuff your discussion?”

Joan thought, “I’m not sure, but we have been like you and never talked about it. We started hot and heavy when we got married but all that quickly cooled to what we have today. Some days I wonder whether Brian is having an affair, but then I have ways to confirm that he’s just at work all the time with his head down doing his job.”

“You could get a referee to help the discussion get started in the right way for you,” Alice offered.

“Would you do it? Maybe with your husband? We could have you for dinner. We could kind of have the discussion you just told me about the Circle. I know Brian knows some of it, because he said he did the night of your party.”

Alice balked, “Errr, Dave reports to Brian. I’m not sure that would be a good idea. Surely, you could find someone else that’s a mutual friend for you and Brian.”

Joan shook her head, “I like them, but none of them think the way you and Dave do. What I want is what you have and what you do. It’s taken me years to figure that out, and days since I saw your arrangement to understand that it is EXACTLY what I want. I just hope it might be what WE want — Brian and me. He’s an engineer, like Dave, and can be pretty straight and pedantic.”

* * * * *

The scene resembled one of the Circle’s smaller gatherings; only it was in a warehouse set designed to look like a luxurious living room. The furniture was what Mike called ‘Ten Footers,’ meaning it looked good so long as you didn’t get closer than ten feet to parts of it that were torn, stained, or damaged. He’d picked up most of it at estate sales, consignment shops, or junk stores for a fraction of what it cost when new.

On one of the long white sofas in front of a faux marble fireplace with majestic artwork over it, Julie lay nestled between Emily’s legs lapping, munching, and sucking away on the very used pussy of the older woman. Emily had been made up to look like a mature redhead with a tarty look to her eyes and face. She’d had sex with three men all afternoon, experiencing orgasm after climax after cum, each more intense than the last and driving her to heights of pleasure she had not known before with so many partners. She loved the group sex. The fact that several others were filming her while she did it was just icing on the cake. She loved being an exhibitionist.

“Ooooooh fuck,” Emily moaned as another orgasm rolled through her body from Julie’s ministrations. Emily had been sucking on Dave stupendous cock, that was mostly flaccid, but had that freshly used look to it. Emily had discovered that she loved to suck on men’s cocks, too; the more the merrier. This was new to her. For years, she’d rebuffed every attempt Derek, her husband had made to get her to ‘just try it’ for him.

Julie and Dave slowly pulled away from Emily, and the camera panned down her body to the wet pussy on full display. The lovely piece of wet physiology was filmed for a full minute and then Mike loudly announced, “FADE TO BLACK. CUT. FILMING HAS STOPPED. THANK YOU EVERYBODY.”

From behind the set, in several folding chairs, twelve other Circle members applauded and gave catcalls for more, more, more. Emily rose up on her elbows and looked at the group and laughed. “You all are incorrigible! I can barely move, plus I’m still pretty full of you know what.”

Dave leaned down and kissed her, “Anytime, Babe. You were wonderful. Thank you so much for the privilege of being in your film.”

Mike and Dev also came over and expressed their appreciation to her for the raucous and free-spirited sex the quintet had shared. Julie lapped her lips at winked at Emily. She’d even gotten Emily to dine at the ‘Y’ after Dev had fucked her and left a load.

Mike teased Emily, “I bet Derek fucks you inside out when he sees this little film.”

Kat had joined them. She said to Emily, “I’m making this a priority next week. I should have something for you by the weekend better than some clips for tonight. After you’re dressed come see me and I’ll give you my cellphone number so you can check on my progress. I need your number, too.”

Mike said, “After I’m happy with the version we edit, we’ll put it up on the Internet. Kat can give you link address. I think this’ll be one of our best sellers. I haven’t done this large a group to such an extent, although some of the other studios have. Maybe this’ll set a record of some kind.”

Emily shifted to the edge of the bed and stood on wobbly legs. Julie helped her up and then gave the older woman a hug, their breasts pushing together in an erotic display of sapphic love. Emily moaned again, something she’d been doing a lot of all afternoon.

Dev came up to Emily and put his arm around her in a ümraniye escort bayan protective gesture. “You all right, baby? You look a little wasted. Want me to hold you for a while?”

Emily nodded and Dev moved more solidly behind her and surrounded her with his large muscular arms that looked like they belonged on Atlas; his dragon tattoo was very evident amplifying his bad boy image. He cradled her into his warm body and nuzzled her neck. “Em, I loved our time together. I hope you join us. Everyone thinks you’re so nice and friendly. You’re a natural for the Circle.”

Emily ate up the words of encouragement and affection. If this was what the Circle was like, she had no doubts. She just wondered how to deal with her husband. Would Derek ever think of joining something like this? Would his girlfriend Abby? Would the Circle even want them? How soon could she join? Would there be other hurdles to cross? Would she join and then not like all the sex? Would her marriage survive if she did? Could she do both?

Dave came over. “Em, honey, you look like you’re thinking up more unanswered or unanswerable questions by the second. Stop. Just accept what the afternoon was, and accept the love and affection we have for you. Don’t over-analyze your life at this point; it’ll unfold in a very nice way. We’ll all see to that.”

Dev nodded in support.

Dave paused and turned back, “Are you happy? Are you glad you did the filming?”

“Oh, God, yes. It was wonderful and the most fun I’ve ever had. I kind of hated for it to stop, but I know we all tired each other out. I can’t believe that I’ve been fucking for six hours more or less.”

Dave chuckled, “The men have remarkable recovery powers. Saturday night will bode well for you if you can stay over.”

Emily grinned, “I can. Derek went off with Abby for the weekend. They were doing wine tasting somewhere over in the middle of the state and planning on staying over. We used to do stuff like that, but stopped years ago.”

* * * * *

Brian stuck his head in Dave’s office on Wednesday afternoon. “Hi, Dave. Can I interrupt?”

Dave, Nancy, and an engineer named Todd were looking at the extremely complex interconnecting network of medium and high voltage lines in the state.

Dave nodded, “Sure, come on in?”

Brian balked, “Out here in the hall for one minute.”

Dave exited his office and joined Brian.

Brian smiled but it seemed false, “Joan and I wanted to invite you for dinner on Friday evening, but I’m embarrassed that I don’t know how to invite the rest of your family — your wives. Derek and Emily will be there, too; if that makes a difference. Do I invite all four of them, your wives that is, or what?” His smile changed to a frown.

Dave nodded. “No, we wouldn’t put that burden on you. Heather will be off with several of her single college friends that have children, and Julie is acting as arm candy for one of the men in our Circle that has a charity ball that evening. Would it be all right if Alice and Pam came? You’ve met Pam several times, since she consults to parts of the utility from time to time.”

Brian looked relieved, “Yes, the three of you. That’s perfect. Six for seven, if that’s all right.”

Dave said, “I know my wives will ask what they can bring. I’m good for a bottle or two of wine, what else?”

“Oh, some cheese and crackers or something along those lines,” Brian said. “See you then.”

Friday evening, Dave, Alice, and Pam arrived at the Coswell home. Derek and Emily were already there.

Dave knew several things that he was sure would influence the outcome of the evening. Alice had told him about the lunch discussion with Joan Coswell, Brian’s wife, about her desire for a Circle-type environment and set of relationships. Together, they concluded that in a backhanded way she was asking to join the Circle.

Also, Derek had again sought Dave out at work and thanked him for the care and loving that Emily experienced. She had not told Derek about making the film, but had apparently alluded to having intimate relationships with several men other than Dave. Derek admitted to feeling aroused by that information.

In the meeting with Derek, Dave had suggested that Derek and his friend Abby join the Circle on the following Saturday afternoon for a swim and some social time. He confirmed that Abby and Emily being in the same locale wouldn’t be an issue. One thought that Dave and Alice had was to also invite Joan and Brian for the afternoon.

Dave had also learned from Donna that Derek had confessed his love for Abby, and that the feeling was apparently mutual. Derek had emphasized that he still felt the same way about Emily, and that their marriage was still on solid ground. She’d quoted him as saying, “Abby is an ‘and’ not an ‘or’ relative to Emily.”

The cocktail hour before dinner and the early part of dinner was mostly small talk, and some indelicate comments about work, the government, kartal escort and several politicians whose views adversely impacted the utility and the aspiration for an energy-and-oil independent country.

As if the question had been planned and the response executed flawlessly, Joan asked Emily, “You mentioned when I invited you that you’d spent the last couple of weekends with Dave, Alice, Pam, and the rest of their friends. What was that like?”

Both Dave and Alice perked up at the unanticipated question, although they knew the landscape around the Circle would become the focus of discussion at some point.

Emily did a little swoon and genuflected in Dave and Alice’s direction. “I’ve had the most fabulous weekends in my life with them. They and their friends are such good company. They’ve opened their hearts to me in mind, body, and spirit. I feel so loved and cared for with all of them. They call their whole enclave the Circle, as you might recall from their large party.”

Derek stepped into the commentary, too; “My P.A., Donna — you know her — spends almost all her time there now. I think she’s hoping to move into a townhouse there in six months or so.”

Brian asked, “What’s the attraction there? Joan sounded as though she wanted to be there, too, when we put this dinner together. Is it just the proximity to your crazy lifestyle?” His voice sounded in a derogatory tone.

Dave and Alice glanced at each other. Neither one wanted to speak for the women at that point.

Emily said flatly, “I can tell you, that it’s the sex. It is mind blowing in anyway you can think about it.” She was teasing, almost poking a stick in his eye.

Brian looked shocked and glanced at his wife, and then back to Emily. He said, “I kind of imputed what was going on there, but … that’s … something you participate in?” His mouth sneered.

“Oh, yes, with great eagerness. Derek knows.” She continued to tease, but tell the truth.

Derek nodded. “Just so you know, I am not being cuckolded. I have a friend I’ve had for almost ten years. We’ve gone off, with Emily’s blessings, on many weekends including the last couple when she was with Dave, Alice, and Pam’s group. We’re very open about it, so no harm, no foul in any direction.”

Joan stepped in, “Emily, is it all about the sex?”

Emily pfffted, “Oh, Lord, no. There are a million facets about how those twenty-five or thirty people live together that is outrageous by some standards, but something to quest after by anybody — male or female — with a sensible and broad set of values. Alice can describe it much better than I can.”

All the eyes in the room turned to Alice, who immediately blushed. She hadn’t been sure how it would happen, but she was certain that Joan would find some way to get her to repeat the long description she’d given her at lunch a week-and-a-half earlier.

Joan jumped, “Oh, we talked about his. Alice can I record what you say?” She plunked her iPhone down in front of Alice with an open app indicating that it was recording. She’d obviously been expecting the moment to unfold the way it did.

Alice said, “Sure, although I’m not sure what I’m about to say is worth saving once you’ve heard it … and for you, some of this will be repeat.”

Alice, assisted by Dave and Pam, ran through the litany describing the value of the Circle, the emphasis on love and caring, the physical side of things, and then how the values and activities of the Circle contrasted with what passed for ‘normal’ behavior in society, and why they and their friends and neighbors found it wanting.

Joan occasionally prodded Alice with a question to guide the discussion to points she wanted emphasized. The others at the table didn’t speak, yet they paid rapt attention to Alice, and Pam and Dave in supporting roles.

Finally, Alice blushed slightly and said, “Oh, dear. I’ve been talking too much. I didn’t mean to get on my soapbox.”

Joan turned to her husband and asked, “What do you think about all of that? Just for the record, I concur with everything she said. I’d love to live in their Circle and experience all that.”

Brian suddenly looked shocked at what his wife had said.

Derek tried to soften the point, “To tell the truth, I do, too. Emily has shared what she’s been learning on her weekends at the Circle with me.”

Without turning his mouth filter on, Brian turned to Emily and said, “You mean you let her participate in all the sex?”

Derek laughed, “I don’t ‘LET’ her do anything. Emily is her own person, and we love each other. I try to avoid treating her like a possession. We do talk about what things occur in our lives that are important to us. The Circle has become very important to Emily, and thanks to Alice, I can now understand better what she sees in it.”

Dave jumped in, “Brian and Joan, Derek and Emily and a guest will join us next Saturday afternoon through drinks and dinner. You’re more than welcome to also come to our enclave. It’ll be very informal, pool side, and just sit around and talk, but you’ll be able to observe us in our ‘natural’ setting, so to speak.”

Brian was nonplussed. “I don’t know what to say.”

Joan said, “I do. I’ll be there. I hope my husband comes, too.”

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