Looking For The Higher High Ch. 04

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You could see the wheels turning in Ann’s head as she was thinking about my new fantasy.

She squinted up her eyes, “This one is going to take some work. As much as I hate to it might take a couple of weeks to put this together. I will try for next weekend. I will let you know how it’s coming as we go through the week.”

We had slept in so late that it was already 4pm on Sunday afternoon. We just did some work around the house as we had neglected several things with our fantasies.

I had to go outside to work because Ann was in the house wearing nothing but the sequined g-string she had received from The Opera House. It was just to hard “literally” to get anything done with her like that.

I came into the house about 7pm and she was still wearing only the g-string panties and had dinner on the table. She had never been so nonchalant about walking around the house in an almost nude state and she had never sat at the table like that. She had candles at the table and the room lights had been dimmed down slightly. It was a very erotic dinner.

After dinner I was clearing the table and she was at the sink washing the dishes. After all of the dishes were brought in I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her under her arms and cupped her full breasts into my hands. I was massaging them and flicking her nipples with my fingertips.

She said matter of factly, “It is hard to get any work done while you are doing that.”

I whispered into her ear, “Now you know how I felt all day with you running around in those panties.”

I ran my hand down her belly and slid it into her panties. I completely covered her mound with my hand and let my middle finger just play with the thought of inserting it into her. My other hand was now pinching and squeezing one of her nipples.

She stopped washing and leaned back into me and laid her head back on my shoulder. I let my finger slid into her very quickly moistening pussy. As my finger broke into her vagina I could feel the heat and the slickness inside that her juices were causing. I wetted my finger on her juices and slid it to her clit, which was already hard.

I whispered in her ear, “You really enjoyed Sam didn’t you?”

She moaned, “MMMMMMMMM.”

I kissed the back of her neck as I drew little circles around her slick little clit. I changed hands and let my juice covered finger slid up to her other nipple and coated it making it slick. My other hand was now working on her clit. She was moaning and leaning full against me now.

I asked her, “You have been a little tease all day. You want me to fuck your hot little pussy don’t you?”

She simply moaned, “PLEASE.”

I bent her over the sink and pulled my cock from my pants. I slid the g-string over to reveal her pussy. I slid my cock into her hot slick pussy and began slowly thrusting into her. She had her long lithe legs spread wide and I was enjoying the sensations of my cock sliding into her velvety pussy. I grabbed her hips with my hands and started to thrust into her. I could her my groin slapping her ass on each inward thrust and with each thrust she was moaning. I sunk deep inside of her and she was grinding and pushing back into me. I reached beneath her and rubbed her clit with my finger until she started to tremble. She continued pushing into my cock and I played with her clit. She was squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles and trying to milk the cum from my body.

She moaned, “Oh shit Scott I’m CUUMMMING.”

I let out an “AAAAUUUGGGHH” and unloaded into her pussy as she convulsed and contracted on my cock.

She was almost lying in the water in the sink as my softening cock slid from her wet pussy.

She stood up, turned and kissed me. “I need to clean up” as a glob of cum started running down her leg. She caught it with her finger and placed it in her mouth.

She said, “MMMMMMM, Sam is right you do taste great.”

She smiled and left the kitchen. I finished cleaning up the kitchen and went to the bedroom. She was naked and already sound asleep.


The next morning Ann was still asleep as I headed to work. I left her a note that I would call her later.

I called her about 10am and the line was busy. I tried again at around 11am and the line was busy. I called her again around noon and there was no answer. I called her cell and she answered it.

I said, “You have been a busy girl on the phone today.”

She answered, “I told you this fantasy was going to take some planning and work.”

“How is it coming so far?” I asked.

She replied, “So far so good. I might get this pulled together for the weekend.”

“Sounds great to me. I gotta go now I love you.” And I hung up the phone.

I was wondering what she was planning that was going to be so difficult to put together.

Thursday came and I walked in the front door from work. Ann was standing there in a black mostly see thru negligee. She had on a pair of black high-heeled shoes. She looked like she was getting ready for a lingerie picture bostancı escort shoot.

She had a come fuck me look in her eyes. She walked over to me and kissed me letting her tongue part my lips and dance with my tongue. She took my hand and led me to the sofa. She had me sit on the sofa then she got down on her knees and unzipped my slacks and pulled out my cock. She was looking at me to see what my reaction was as she inserted my cock head past her bright red lips. She then took her tongue and swirled it around the head. She put it back into her mouth and impaled her mouth on half of it. She removed her mouth and blew her cool breath onto my cock. It felt like someone had just put an ice cube on it. It caused me to suck for air. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain but mostly pleasure.

I said, “What did you do to cause that sensation?”

She just stuck out her tongue and on the end of it was a piece of peppermint candy.

She pulled her tongue back in and asked, “Do you like that?”

I replied, “Hell yes. It is a very wonderful feeling.”

She then grabbed my cock and put it back into her mouth. She sucked and stroked and again pulled it out and blew cool air across my dick. Every time she blew across it I jerked. Still not sure whether it was pleasure or pain. I do know my cock was rock hard in anticipation of the next cool breeze.

She sucked and stroked my cock and stopped several times to blow on it. I was beginning to feel the cum rising in my balls. She knew I was getting close to cumming so she pulled it out of her mouth and stroked it while blowing air across it.

I let out what was closer to a scream than a moan as I unloaded onto my slacks and Ann’s hand. It was an intense orgasm. She stood up and kissed me and let the candy slid into my mouth. She then lay back onto the floor and pulled her panties off.

She spread her legs and said, “My turn now.”

I stood up and took off my clothes. I got down on the floor and started to lick her pussy. I found her clit and let the candy come out of my mouth and sit on her clit for a moment. I then put the candy back in my mouth and blew cool air across her hard little clit.

Ann jerked and yelled out, “OH FUCK!”

I started licking again and drew little circles around her clit to get it good and wet with a combination of my saliva and the candy. I blew again and she nearly came off of the floor and clamped my head between her thighs. I blew again.

Ann screamed out, “OHHHHHHH MY GOD!”

She arched her back and started to cum. I continued to blow on her pussy and she was writhing on the floor with an intense orgasm. She reached for my head and pulled me to her.

She said, “God please Scott fuck me!”

I stopped at her tits and sucked one of them into my mouth and coated it good. I then blew on it and it immediately puckered up taut and her nipple looked like she was standing outside naked in sub zero weather.

She screamed, “FUCK ME SCOTT NOW!”

I climbed on and put her legs on my shoulders. I leaned forward so that she was nearly bent double and thrust deeply and intensely into her pussy. She was letting out an “OH!” “OH!” “OH!” With each inward thrust of my cock. I pulled out and turned her over and put her on all fours. I slammed into her pussy and reached my hands under her to finger her clit.


It was none to soon as I also lost another load into her sweet pussy.

We collapsed on the floor side by side catching our breath.

I looked over at her and asked, “That was a very nice welcome home. Where did the peppermint idea come from?”

She replied, “Oh just someone I talked to today. I couldn’t wait to try it out.”

She said, “Your fantasy is ready for this weekend. In fact it starts tomorrow night after you get home.” I looked surprised, “You thought it would take longer what happened?”

“It all just kind of fell together today.” She replied.

“Maybe I should call and take a vacation day tomorrow so it can start even sooner?” I quizzed her.

She said, “No because it will not be able to start until tomorrow evening anyway. Unless you just want to take a vacation day?”

I paused, “No I’ll save them for another occasion.”


It was hard for me to stay focused on work Friday anticipating the weekend ahead. The day just drug by and finally at 4pm I told my secretary to have a great weekend I was leaving an hour early. I got in the car and called Ann and told her I was leaving and headed home so we could get going.

I walked in the door and there was my vision of loveliness Ann. She was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit that did little to hide her assets. The top did no more than cover her nipples with two small triangles of cloth. The majority of her tits were hanging out the sides and bottom of it. The bottoms were a triangle of cloth that just barely covered the slit of her pussy. The waistband and the back was nothing more than a string of cloth.

My mouth was ümraniye escort bayan open and all I could say was, “WOW! WOW you look great!”

I walked over to her and spun her around a couple of times then held her magnificent body and kissed her.

She said, “OK, go change we want to get the show on the road.”

I went in to change and we went to the car. It was loaded with grocery bags and a couple of coolers.

“I said, “You have been a busy girl.”

She smiled and said, “It has been a busy week getting this together.”

She had put on a sheer white beach dress over her suit. It did very little to hide the fact that she was nearly naked under it.

We drove for about an hour to a beautiful lake that we had visited in the past.

We pulled into the marina parking lot and walked to the boathouse. We walked into the boathouse and Ann told the guy we had a reservation for tonight and tomorrow night.

He looked at Ann and fumbled with his words, “When or I mean what is the name on the reservation?”

Ann smiled at him realizing he was trying to work but was not able to keep his eyes off of her body.

“Walters.” She said.

He looked in the book and then at her tits as he spoke, “Yes here it is. Follow me.”

He walked us out to a slip and to a really nice houseboat. He gave us the tour and some instructions.

Ann smiled at him real big and batted her eyes, “Do you think some of the guys could load our things on the boat for us?”

He was looking at her body again, “No problem ma’am.”

It’s always amazing how a partially clad woman can get those kinds of things accomplished.

The guys jumped to and loaded our things onto the boat. As a special thank-you to the guys who carried our gear and loaded the boat Ann removed her sheer cover and let the guys see her in the very skimpy suit. She bent over with her ass facing them to untie the boat.

She looked over at them and smiled, “Thanks for your help guys.”

As the boat was leaving the marina she turned and waved and they were still looking and waved back.

No sooner than we hit the main part of the lake and Ann removed what there was to her swim top.

She walked up to me from behind and pressed her tits against my back and said, “Wow, an entire weekend to enjoy the water, sun and to relax and have some fun.”

She pulled out a map of the lake and said, “Here is where we are headed. It is a small island that is privately owned and we have it for the weekend. They have told me starting this late we will not make it there before dark and it would be best to get part way and then stop and go on in the morning.”

I looked at Ann and replied, “Great we will go until almost dark then drop anchor in a cove tonight.”

She sat down next to me as we cruised down the lake. She had her beautiful long legs propped up and the wind was blowing through her long blonde hair. She was absolutely beautiful.

She saw me looking at her and said, “What?”

I smiled, “I was just thinking how beautiful you are and how I have to be the luckiest man alive.”

She stood up and leaned her naked tits on me and squeezed my dick, “I think I’m the lucky one.”

She looked down the lake and said, “I’m going to get something for us to eat. If you find a nice quiet cove pull in and we will stop for the night.”

She left to go below. I started looking for what looked like a good place to stop. I found a nice quiet secluded cove and dropped anchor.

The boat had a gas grill on the front deck so we cooked some burgers and sat down to eat.

It was so serene with the water lightly lapping at the boat. All we could here were the frogs croaking and the katydids chirping. It was a beautiful clear night, the stars were out in full force and the moon was full. Living in the city you forget how many stars there really are.

We finished dinner by candlelight then moved over to the couch on the front deck. We folded it out and it made a queen-size bed. Ann took off the bikini bottom and then reached for me. She started unbuttoning my shirt and kissed my skin after each button. She pulled the shirt off of me then reached for my belt and unfastened it. She unfastened my pants and unzipped them and pulled them to my ankles. I kicked off my flip-flops and stepped out of them. My cock was at full attention.

I reached for her and held her perfect body against me and smelled the aroma of her skin around her neck and shoulders. She lay back onto the folded out bed and pulled me with her. We lay there on our backs for a moment and took in the sky and sounds from the night. She had her head lying on my shoulder snuggled up against me.

Ann then reached for my cock. She played with my balls and stroked my cock. I reached across me and slowly started massaging her tit and nipple. Her nipple jumped to attention from my massage. She bent her head down and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. She then started kissing my body down my flat stomach to my dick. She slid kartal escort her body down to get between my legs and pulled my cock upright and then parted her lips and sucked my cock into her mouth. She knows how erotic I think it is to be able to watch her suck my dick. She held firmly onto the base and slid her lips down to where her hand was grasping it. I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft and head. She pulled off and sucked and licked the sensitive underside of my dick.

I reached for her and pulled her up and laid her next to me on her back. It was now my turn to pleasure her and I had been looking forward to this since I got home from work. I straddled her body and bent down to kiss her face, chin, neck, throat and then to her big heaving tits. She was breathing heavily at this point and I sucked her nipple into my mouth while playing with and pinching the other one. I inhaled the smell of her skin and enjoyed the softness of her breasts. I cupped the sides of her breasts and squeezed them together which put her nipples together and I sucked both of them at once into my mouth. This brought moans from her lips.

I kissed my way down her firm tight body and got between her legs. She pulled them up and spread them for me to have access to her delicious smooth pussy. I reached my hands beneath her to cradle her ass and to give me the best opportunity to enjoy her sweet pussy. I kissed her inner thighs and worked my way to the crease where her legs joined her pussy. I kissed the skin around her pussy and sucked her labia into my mouth. I could already taste her juices as they flowed from her. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and planted a kiss directly on her clit. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and made small circles around it with my tongue.

Ann grabbed my head and said, “God yes eat my pussy and make me cum.”

I inserted a finger into her and found the rough little g spot and massaged it while I tongue massaged her hard little love button.

Ann started to squirm and moan. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her pussy and screamed out, “OH FUCK! GOD YESSSSSSS!” and trembled into and orgasm.

She leaned up to grab me and rolled me onto my back then climbed on top of me and slid my slick pre-cum covered dick into her tight little pussy. She immediately sunk all the way onto it and was grinding our groins together as she rode. She started to lift up and down and was into a slow fuck right now. Her big breasts were moving up and down with each stroke. She rode me like this slow and easy for a while. I grabbed hold of her and pulled her onto all fours and moved behind her. I thrust my cock into her wet pussy and then pulled it all the way out except the head and held it there.

She said, “Scott please fuck me now and fuck me hard I need your cock in my pussy.”

I thrust back into her and she let out an “AAAAUUUUHHHHHH Yes!”

I then was pistoning in and out of her pussy and was slapping her ass with my groin. I was pulling nearly all the way out and then thrusting back into the depths of her pussy.

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls as it was starting to rise. I thrust deep into her and let out an “AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHH.” And shot load after load into her pussy.

We spooned against each other as I reached for a blanket and we fell asleep holding each other under the stars and the moon.

As I woke up the next morning the sun was coming up over the tree line. Ann was already up somewhere. I rose up and looked around. We must have stopped in a popular fishing cove, as there were 6 or 7 fishing boats around us in the cove. I got up and kept the blanket wrapped around me as each boat had 2 or 3 guys in it.

About that time Ann came out and gave me a kiss and a hug. She was topless with only her string bikini bottoms on. Now I knew why there were so many boats around us.

I told Ann, “You have a fan club apparently this morning.”

She smiled, “I know isn’t it great! And they are all so friendly they just keep waving at me.”

I said, “I think it’s time to head out.”

As I fired up the boat and pulled out of the cove Ann was waving at the guys and her big tits were swaying back and forth as she waved.

After we got under way down the lake I reached for my shorts and started to put them back on.

Ann said, “Oh no you don’t.” She threw them overboard.

I looked at her in shock, “I can’t believe you threw my only pair of shorts overboard.”

She smiled and said, “Just drive the boat and don’t worry about it.”

About 45 minutes later we approached the island in the middle of the lake.

Ann pointed to the side that had a boat dock. We pulled around and there were already two boats tied up.

Ann said, “Great they are already here.”

I pulled the boat to the dock and Ann jumped out to tie off the boat. I looked down the dock and here came four nearly naked women. One I recognized it was Sam. The other I thought I recognized and had to think back. It was Sara from The Opera House. The other two I didn’t know.

Ann walked up to them and gave all of them a hug and they chatted for a minute. I was standing behind the wheel of the boat completely naked. The girls waved for me to come on down. I looked for something to wrap around me and found the blanket.

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