Long Weekend at the Lake Ch. 01

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It all started a few years ago. I had known Mike over twenty years. We’d gone hunting, fishing, to ball games, all of the normal male buddy things. This particular weekend we had gone to his family’s lake house, (a nice three-bedroom, two bath place) to fish, drink beer, and watch porn videos and sports. A “Guys weekend out” sorta thing, as we were both married and needed to get away from the wives occasionally and relax.


We’d gotten there a couple of hours before dark, had finished unloading everything, and were drinking beer rather rapidly as we set our fishing lines out, down at the edge of the lake. After a while we discovered the fish weren’t biting and wandered back up to the living room where we plugged in one of the movies we’d brought and continued to drink beer, with a bottle of tequila being passed between us on occasion.

The videos were pretty hot and one included a bisexual scene between two men and a woman. We were sitting there on the couch watching this, and I couldn’t help but notice that Mike’s cock was as hard as mine. I could feel my dick ooze as one of the men and the woman shared the pleasure of sucking on the other guys cock and balls. I looked over out of the corner of my eye, and could see that Mike was looking over at my own hard cock, and the wet spot that it was creating on the outside of my shorts. I was pretty drunk by this time, so I thought to myself, “what the hell”, and reached over and laid my hand on his crotch and gently squeezed his hard dick. Mike remained still for a moment then slowly reached over and did the same to me.

We remained like this for a few minutes, each gently squeezing and stroking through each other’s shorts. Then I began to search for and found his zipper, slowly lowering it until it was completely open. I reached inside and fumbled my way through his briefs, and touched another mans hard cock for the first time. After a couple of minutes of fondling the small part of Mike’s cock that I could reach, I slid my hand out and un-buttoned the waist band, sliding his shorts and briefs down as he raised his hips to accommodate me. With his shorts around his knees, his cock lay bare to me. Hard, about 6 inches in length with a nice thickness, and surrounded by a nest of dark blond curls.

I reached over and took it into my hand. Leaning over to get a really close look, I was amazed at how hard it was and at the same time how soft. I leaned closer and noticed a large drop of pre-cum forming on the tip, so I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. I t was my first taste. Opening my mouth, I slid the head of his cock inside and across my tongue, tasting more of his juices. I began to suck gently with my tongue caressing the sensitive underside, slowly taking more in with each slurp. Before long I was slowly sliding the entire length of his dick in and out of my mouth, cupping, licking, and teasing with my tongue. After a few strokes, I’d pause with him buried in my mouth and throat, slowly pull back until just the head was left between my lips, and suck him back in with one long, slow movement.

I reached between his legs and began to fondle his balls while I was sucking him. He let out a moan and I felt his hand on the back of my head, urging me to take him faster & deeper. Mike began to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. I heard his breath quicken and his thrusts were coming faster as he fucked my face. I could taste his pre-cum as it flowed from his dick, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his wad in my mouth. “I’m gonna cum!” he gasped, and grabbed my head with both hands and started to fuck my mouth with short rapid strokes. All at once he stopped completely still, and I could feel his cock throb and pulse as it filled my mouth with his hot load. I grasped his balls and bahçelievler escort bayan squeezed gently as I sucked and swallowed each spurt, with just a few drops missed, dribbling down my chin.

I kept his cock in my mouth as his orgasm subsided, gently sucking and licking it to get every last bit of salty, pungent sperm. After a couple of minutes it was softening and I let it slip from my mouth, licking my lips to get all of it, I grinned up at Mike and he just smiled back, stood and motioned me to come with him into to the bedroom.

I got up and followed him to the bed, removing my tee shirt, as he sat on the edge of the bed and reached out and unbuttoned my shorts. Unzipping me, he pulled my shorts and boxers to the floor, and I stepped out of them. My cock was by this time absolutely throbbing. Mike reached up and took me into his hand, causing a very large drop of pre-cum to issue from the head, without pausing, he plunged his mouth over my cock and sucked it in. A low moan escaped me as he swallowed me to my balls and pulled back again. I felt his hand slide up my thighs and move to cup my ass, his middle finger searching and finding the sweet spot between my cheeks.

As he sucked me slowly in and out of his mouth, Mike teased my asshole with his finger, touching and tickling. Then he paused and tried to insert it into me, but it was too dry. Pulling off my cock, he jumped up and said” be right back” and went into the bathroom, returning after a moment with a tube of “personal lubricant”, grinning he explained he & his wife kept it there for emergencies. He resumed his place on the edge of the bed in front of me, grasped my still hard cock and sucked it back into his mouth. Then taking some of the lube, he reached between my legs again and slid his finger between my cheeks, spreading the slimy lube across my asshole.

As he slowly sucked me, I could feel him find my hole and begin to press his finger into me. I tried to relax my ass as much as I could and felt his finger slide inside. Slowly, timing it with his blowjob, he began to fuck my ass with his finger, sliding it in a little further with each stroke, until it was inside me to his second knuckle. I realized I wanted more, placed a hand on his shoulder and brought my foot up to rest on the bed, opening myself up to Mike’s probing finger. He took the cue and slid his finger in as far as it would go, causing me to moan again, grasp him by the head and start to fuck his mouth with slow, short strokes as he finger-fucked my ass.

After a minute of this, I felt his finger slide out and I stopped, disappointed. My disappointment was short-lived as I felt his finger return accompanied by another. I remained stock-still as he slowly pushed back inside me, stretching my ass slowly, allowing me to get used to it before moving on. Before I knew it he had both of them inside me and I began to move back & forth, fucking his mouth as he finger-fucked my ass. I was really getting into this and had my eyes closed enjoying these new sensations. I opened them to take in this totally hot scene and happened to notice that Mike’s cock had gotten hard again during all of this. I pointed at it and said, “I want that in my ass next”. He looked up at me, grinned, slid my cock from his lips, and slowly removed his fingers from my asshole.

I told him to lay back and let me ride his cock the first time, because I’d never done it before and had read that on top was the best for “virgins” He lay back and I reached for the tube of lube. I moved between his legs, grasped his cock and sucked it briefly to get the bit of precum that had oozed out of it. I spread a generous glob of lube on the head and spread it around, causing his dick to twitch in my hand. Tossing the tube aside, I moved up balgat escort bayan his body, straddling him until I felt his cock at the crack of my ass. Reaching back I grasped his dick, brought it to my asshole, and adjusted myself until I could feel the tip probing at the exact center of my butt. I slowly began to sit back and could feel it start to slide inside me. I began to feel a slight pain as he stretched me, and it turned to real pain as Mike, overeager, pushed up and the head popped inside. I froze immediately, told him to stop and let me do all the fucking for now. After a minute or two I guess I had relaxed or my ass was getting stretched a bit, so I began to slowly move back & forth on his cock, sliding up each time until the head almost popped out and down again, taking a bit more each time until I had his hard cock buried completely in my ass.

I could feel his balls under me as I sat on him, getting used to the new sensations. I could feel it slightly throbbing inside me, and I experimented, trying to squeeze his cock. I suppose I succeeded, because he gasped and grabbed my hips, rotating his hardness in my asshole.

I began to move on his cock, fucking him, sliding side-to-side, back and forth, squeezing as hard as I could each time I took him inside me. After only a minute or two of this intense movement I heard Mike growl. He grabbed my hips even harder as he pushed up into me as far as he could. I reached behind me and grasped his balls, gently squeezing them. He moaned and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he spurted his hot load deep in my asshole. He alternately fucked his cock into me and held himself still, buried in my ass as it continued to spasm through his release. Finally, I fucked his dick several more strokes, slid down onto him completely and he began to calm down. I felt his softening cock begin to slide out of me, and my asshole made a wet noise as it released its grasp on it. I could feel his cum slowly begin to drip from my still gaping sphincter. We were both breathing heavily and sweating as I rolled off of Mike and lay on my back beside him. He looked over at me, said “Wow”, and grinned.

Noticing my now hard as a rock dick, he moved down and began to suck me. Looking up at me, he took my cock from his mouth and said, “your turn”, and grabbed the tube of lube from the floor where it had been tossed. Moving up, he spread some on his ass and my cock, stopping with his hole poised over my now throbbing cock. Placing the head on his asshole, he slid down onto it with one motion, stopping only when he had taken it completely inside. It felt so good!!! Tight, hot, totally different from pussy, (or fucking a female in the ass for that matter), I knew I was hooked! We began to move together, Mike on top of me sliding his hot, tight ass down onto my cock, and then back up again. I began to move under him and fucked up into his asshole as hard as I could. He reached down and began to play with my nipples, gently tweaking and teasing them to hardness. I could feel the pressure building in my balls as we fucked faster and harder, our bodies made slapping sounds with every stroke into his tight asshole. My balls were tingling as I pushed deeply into his ass and started to cum. Mike wriggled down onto me as I grabbed him by the hips, as spurt after spurt of my sperm poured into him. Using slow, short thrusts, I continued to fuck his ass as my orgasm tapered off. We came to a halt, breathing heavily and I could feel my cum running out of Mike’s asshole, and down my cock and balls.

He rolled off of me and started out, saying he was headed downstairs to the shower, so I decided to do the same upstairs. He rolled off of me and started out, saying he was headed downstairs to the shower, so I decided to do the same batıkent escort bayan upstairs.

I showered, put on clean boxers, went back into the den and sat on the couch with a beer. I turned the movie back on and was watching it when Mike came back and sat down with a beer of his own. We sat there watching the movie and were getting worked up again when he reached over and slid his hand down the front of my underwear. My cock was hard again by this time and he immediately started moving his hand up and down my shaft. I raised my ass up off the couch and slid my boxers off when Mike leaned over and engulfed my cock with his mouth and started moving it in and out, pausing every few sucks to lick up and down the shaft.

This whole scene had me so horny that I was becoming insatiable. I’d fantasized about having unfettered man-to-man sex often, but the only times we’d been able to hook up had been rushed affairs. We now had all the time and privacy we needed to try all the fun things we’d been deprived of. I reached down and grabbed his hard again cock, slowly jacking him off as he continued to suck me. He was making me so hot! I told him that I wanted his cock in my ass again, from behind this time. He gave my cock a last suck and sat up. I stood and walked to the bedroom with Mike close behind, where I kneeled on the edge of the bed and resting on my elbows with my ass in the air. I looked over my shoulder and watched him as he positioned himself at my ass and grabbed the tube of lube. He squeezed some directly onto my asshole and slid a finger in to his last knuckle to make sure I had plenty in me. Removing his finger, I felt him move closer and place the tip of his cock at my asshole. I reached back and spread my cheeks as far as I could, and pushed back onto his hard dick until I could feel his pubes against my ass cheeks. I clenched on his cock and milked him with my asshole. I told him to remain still and let me move, as I slowly slid forward until the head of his cock popped out, but remained with just the tip buried in me.

Slowly moving back to him, the head popped back in and I paused before slipping off him until he’d almost slid out of me again. Back and forth, slowly fucking my ass with just the head and first inch or so of Mikes cock was making him crazy. I could hear his breathing start to increase and he would gently grab me by the hips and urge me to take more of his cock. Finally after teasing him for a minute or two, I slid all the way back and wriggled my ass as I took him inside me, squeezing and moaning. Without my urging he began to fuck me with long, steady strokes, a hand on each of my hips, pulling me onto his cock.

We began to move faster and I pushed back against him with each thrust. This caused him to slam into me with enough force to cause our bodies to make a slapping noise as Mike fucked my ass. I rested on my elbows and tried to keep up with him as he grabbed me around the waist and started slamming into me. He began to growl and pulled me to him, burying himself balls deep in my butt. His cock began to pulse and twitch as it emptied his balls into me for a second time that night. I tried my best to milk his cock with my poor battered asshole, but I wasn’t sure he could feel it. Mike withdrew his cock and once again I felt his sperm running down my thigh from my asshole.

He looked down at me as I rolled onto my side and reached out, grasping my dick. He knelt by the bed and sucked me into his mouth, while slipping a finger into my ass and beginning a very erotic prostate massage. He buried my cock in his throat and finger fucked my ass, causing my toes to curl and involuntary thrusts into his mouth. He meant business and was very determined to end our little evening with a bang. The combination of his mouth and finger succeeded in pushing me over the edge as I felt my cock explode in his mouth. I fucked his mouth as his finger flew in and out of my asshole until I lay spent and twitching. Standing, Mike pulled the covers up over me and went to his own room to sleep. The last thing I remember was a feeling of happiness and release as I drifted off to sleep.

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