Little Miss Vanilla Virgin

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When it came to sex, Ebony had always been very traditional in the bedroom. Sex positions were standard; missionary, cow girl and sometimes – if Wade was lucky – doggy style. Having read many romance novels and enjoyed chick flick films, Ebony had always thought sex (or making love) was the man on top and a good ten minutes of penetration. Foreplay had always meant kissing every inch of your partner and vice versa. Imagine her surprise when Wade, her first boyfriend, attempted to explore her nether regions with his tongue.

However, over time, Ebony had come to realise that maybe the romance novels had it wrong. Maybe pornographic films and erotic literature were more realistic than she originally imagined? Though, to learn such skills, she would have to watch or read either – Ebony wouldn’t be caught dead doing either. She was no longer a practicing Catholic but she still agreed with the fundamentals.

Being a student at Clifftop College came with its perks. Her friends for one. From Ava, Ebony’s promiscuous cheerleader friend to Evelyn, the mysterious gorgeous girl with bright green eyes. Ebony had learnt a lot from them since she arrived at CTC. She could still remember the night where she’d let slip that she’d never touched herself before. The uproar from all of her female friends, including Sofia and Eliza who were also her dorm mates. However, even though they’d mocked at first, the girls had encouraged Ebony to learn about her body. The next day in the shower, she had explored every inch of herself.

“How do you expect any man to pleasure you right if you don’t know how to do it to yourself?” Ava had said.

Ebony had taken on board all their advice and tonight, planned to put it into practice.

She and Wade had been dating for little over a year. They hadn’t done much in the bedroom besides from the doggy position occasionally. Ebony could see that although her boyfriend loved her, it was time to mix up their sex life. They were only eighteen after all. They couldn’t be stuck in a rut already. The question was, how to break out of it?

There was only one group of people she could ask. The Girls.

“Just wear a tiny thong and he’ll be putty in your hands,” Sofia winked.

Ebony gave her a blank expression.

“Shut up, that’s a stupid idea,” Ava dismissed her with a wave of her tanned hand “What you’ve got to do Ebony, is tease him. Dominate him. Wade has spent most of his life and no offense, this relationship – being the dominant one,” she took a sip of her wine “What you need to do is switch roles.”

“Ava’s right. Whenever things start getting dull in the bedroom with me and Dexter, we just do a role reversal. Most of the time it involves costumes,” Annie beamed, making the other girls laugh.

Ebony blushed, glancing around them at the busy pub that Friday night. Fortunately, the boys were having a video game marathon night and weren’t around for the discussion. Ebony only needed the girls.

“So dressing up?” she went to note it in her pad when Eliza rested a hand on her arm.

“Honey, what are you doing?” she smirked.

“Noting everything down-,” she wavered off at the end when she noticed her friends’ expressions.

“You can take the virginity out of the girl, but never the girl out of the virginity,” Ava pouted.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Ebony scoffed.

Ava shrugged; she was a girl with few inhibitions. Ebony half admired and half hated that about her friend.

“Listen, Ebony. You’re making this far more complicated than what it actually is,” Evelyn smiled reassuringly “Just get some sex toys and a blindfold and just wing it. Sex is about having fun. Stop taking it so seriously.”

Ebony stared at all of her friends’ faces and watched them nod in agreement. She sighed heavily. Nothing was ever easy when it came to her.


She had it all planned. She couldn’t ‘wing it’ the way Evelyn had said to but instead, she would do it the Ebony way; with organisation.

That Saturday night, her dorm mates would be out in town clubbing and so she had invited Wade over. In preparation, she lit candles and threw petals on the bed as usual. But instead of slipping into a silk night gown, she got dressed into her school uniform. To play on her Catholic school girl background, she made herself as prim and proper, even adding a tartan head band to her loose curly brown hair. She decorated her face with smoky eye make-up and soft pink lips.

After she was dressed, Ebony turned her attention to the brown paper bag sitting by her bedside table. She had tried to hide it from the girls earlier when she’d returned from shopping. However, none of her friends could resist a sex toy or bondage kit.

With her bag of goodies and school girl outfit, Ebony perched on the edge of the bed and waited for Wade. Her heart was racing inside of her chest and there was heat burning in the bottom of her stomach. She hadn’t felt this libidinous for a long time. She wanted Wade. She needed Wade. Ebony wasn’t sure how much longer bostancı escort bayan she’d be able to last.

Not ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Ebony took a deep breath and gathered her senses. This was it. The night she would jump out of her comfort zone and into the unknown.

“Come in!” she called as sexily as she could but instead, ended up croaking and coughing.

Wade poked his head around the door and gave her a strange look. However, as soon as he caught sight of the dorm and her, his quizzical expression changed to mesmerised.

“Ebony-,” he began as he closed the door.

She stayed passive on the bed. With her legs crossed and her pink lips pouted, she rested her hands back on the bed and pushed out her breasts bursting out of the white blouse.

“Wow-,” he stammered, taking in everything about her.

From her feet where she wore black block high heels to her beautiful legs in stockings; he could just about see the suspender belt peeking out from underneath her royal blue pleated skirt. He bit his lip wondering what type of knickers she was wearing. His eyes gazed on; reaching her tight blouse and school tie that followed the curve over her ample breasts. Her brunette glossy hair cascaded in waves over her curvaceous body. Her deep brown eyes enticed him forwards. Wade could hardly contain himself.

“What is all of this?” he questioned, catching his breath as he stood before her.

Ebony shrugged innocently, containing a grin of happiness. His cinnamon coloured eyes were alight with excitement.

“Nothing special,” she ran her tongue along her bottom lip as she stared up at him.

Wade took a deep breath to contain the hunger clawing inside of him.

Ebony stood up, brushing her body against him making Wade shiver with attraction. She giggled girlishly, running her hands up and down his muscular torso. She planted sweet kisses on his collar bone, feeling as his arms and shoulders became tense. She slipped her fingers underneath his vest to feel every ridge of his well-defined stomach. He trembled under her touch.

“Oh Ebony,” he moaned, raising his hands to her hair where he tangled his fingers.

She matched his moan as she tugged at his jeans and twisted him around. To his surprise, she pushed him onto the bed and stood with her hands on her hips.

“Ebony?” he subdued a chuckle.

“Yes?” she raised an eyebrow and fell to her knees between his open legs.

Wade watched as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He was speechless. Ebony was usually such a shy girl, especially when it came to their bedroom antics. He was the one normally undressing them and taking control. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. However, when her lips circled his erection, he completely lost his train of thought and let out a loud moan.

Ebony grinned around his cock and began to suck. Keeping one hand on his bare thigh and the other wrapped around the base of his hard on, she moved her slick lips up and down. Her tongue stroked the underside of his cock. She began to speed up, listening to his moans and feeling as his body quaked with pleasure.

With one hand he supported himself up on the bed, the other found place in her hair. He tugged and yanked with every motion from Ebony’s mouth. He felt as her tongue swirled around the head of his throbbing cock. He listened to her gag and drag in air, only turning him on further. Soon, he was collapsing back on the bed unable to keep himself up right from the pleasure radiating throughout his body. His hips moved up and down to meet her lips, overcome with carnal hunger. Soon, he was fucking her mouth as he would her pussy until he exploded.

Ebony had never had a man cum into her mouth before. Surprisingly, she loved it. She swallowed it with delight and turned her attention to Wade’s body sprawled before her. He breathed deeply as his climax washed over him. She grinned proudly.

She ran her hands down the insides of his thighs, taking his underwear and jeans off all the way. She removed his socks and trainers and crawled on top of him.

Wade stared up at her as if in a daze. He wiped the last of his cum off of her lips and kissed her passionately. He couldn’t thank her with words or tell her how wonderful that had felt. So in that one kiss, he told her everything.

Ebony rested her body on top of his, feeling as his strong arms wrapped around her waist and drew her closer. Soon, they were sitting up with her balanced on his lap. She tugged off his vest quickly and began to ravish his body in kisses. She nibbled and sucked on his skin, making his chest rise faster once again. His hands rubbed in firm circles over her bum until he was bunching up her skirt to feel her smooth skin under his fingertips. They ran across the thin piece of material to the thong she wore, making him grin against her lips.

It was then she pulled back.

Ebony turned her head to one side and smiled sexily making Wade’s heart pound quicker.

“Am ümraniye escort I your good little school girl?” she pouted, slowly beginning to move her hips back and forth across his crotch where he was growing hard once again.

“Uhuh,” was all he could say.

“Do you like it when I suck your cock?” she licked her lips hungrily.

“Uhuh,” he repeated, his focus entirely on her.

Ebony straightened her back allowing her breasts to brush against his chiselled chin. Wade cupped them in his large warm hands and buried his face into the crease between them. She giggled playfully, his hot breath tingling her skin. She rolled back her head and closed her eyes as he hastily unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed hold of her tits again. He licked avidly, slipping his tongue inside her white lace bra to feel her nipples hardening. It drove him wild.

Ebony almost lost track of her plan she was so consumed by Wade’s lustful advances. When she remembered, she pushed him away from her chest much to his dislike.

“Nope. Tonight, I make the rules. I tell you what to do. I control you,” Ebony leaned in close as she ran a finger from his lips to his hips. Wade watched her intensely, shocked at her dominance. Who was she and what had she done with his timid girlfriend?

Ebony slid off of his lap and inched up the bed keeping his attention. When she reached the pillows, she opened up her blouse to reveal more of her bra. With her back to the pillows and her eyes firmly on Wade, she opened her legs.

“Nice,” he whispered to himself at the sight of the white lace thong barely covering her pussy lips.

“You like it when I’m like this?” she said breathlessly, her insecurities catching up with her.

“Uhuh,” he twisted until he was sat cross legged on the bed and facing her.

Ebony bit her bottom lip, half nervously and half with excitement, and took down her thong. She threw it at Wade, who clasped it first to his face then to his chest, his eyes staying on Ebony awaiting her next move.

“Do you like it when I do this?” she asked, licking two of her fingers and running it down her chest; across her breasts barely inside their bra, down her stomach and to her bare thigh. He nodded, his focus following her hand. She grinned smugly to herself finding her confidence again.

Whilst keeping her hand on her thigh, she used her other to lift up her skirt to reveal all of her pussy. Wade took a small intake of breath as her hand crept between her lips and parted.

“Do you like it when I touch myself for you, Wade?” she said, moving her fingers in a circular motion over her silky clit. He nodded again.

“Like this?” she continued rubbing, parting her lips further much to his delight “Or like this,” she moved her fingers down to her wet pink gorge where she delved deeply. She watched closely as Wade’s mouth fell open and his cock grew even harder. Words could not describe the pleasure she was getting from this, let alone Wade’s.

“I quite like both,” he stammered.

He didn’t want to sit and watch anymore. He wanted to be stroking her clit and making her moan. He wanted to be pushing his fingers deep inside of her pussy and making her shiver. But from the look on Ebony’s face, she wasn’t going to let him just yet. His fingers twitched eagerly. His tongue knocked about his mouth with urgency. How much longer would he have to sit through this erotic torture?

“Now, I want you to reach into that bag and find the small pink vibrator,” she commanded.

Wade didn’t hesitate nor did he waste time. He quickly pulled the bag onto the bed and rummaged about her buys until he found the one item she had asked for. He tried not to look at the others. He wanted to be surprised for whatever Ebony had in store for tonight. He was so glad he’d agreed to come over tonight. This was much more appealing than clubbing.

He inspected the small vibrator before handing it over to Ebony. He waited in anticipation as Ebony turned it on. He listened to it buzz in her palm and kept his eyes upon it as she moved it down between her legs. He tried to restrain himself from jumping on her as she pressed the tip of it to her clit.

Her moans were sweet, enchanting and turning his stomach to jelly. He didn’t want her. He needed her! He clutched his face almost in pain. He listened to her giggles and groans of pleasure as her delicate hand worked the vibrator up and down her little wet sensitive clit.

“Why,” he groaned; he both hated and adored being teased. Each time, he forgot how excruciating it was to not be involved.

Ebony ignored his question and threw back her head. He admired every inch of her. From the perspiration on her chest to her perfect soft breasts bursting out of the bra; from her gorgeous curves that rocked with her body to her spread legs before him. Then, there was her pussy. In his eyes, it was perfect; wet, tight and tasty. He licked his lips hungrily.

“Wade?” she said breathlessly.

“Yeah?” he didn’t draw his eyes away from between her escort kartal legs.

“Could you reach into that bag again and find the big pink vibrator?” she looked down her shaking body at him with bright enthralled eyes.

Wade’s eyes widened. This was new. This was fantastic. Having seen it in there before, he pulled it straight out and handed it to her. With that, she beckoned him closer until her legs were resting on his shoulders. Wade’s heart hammered inside of his chest. He went to stroke her thighs when she gave him a stern look.

“You have to ask before you touch,” she said firmly, taking the vibrator and moving it between her legs.

“Please may I stroke your legs?” Wade stuttered, still gobsmacked at his girlfriend’s sudden personality change.

“You may,” she said with authority.

Gently, he ran his fingers up and down the inside of her hot thighs. He watched as she tentatively rubbed the tip of the large vibrator around the outside of her pussy hole. He swallowed deeply, his mind running wild.

“Am I nice and tight down there?” she asked innocently.

“Very,” Wade replied straight away.

“Good,” she whispered, her voice making Wade’s breathing quicker.

Slowly, she began to ease the vibrator inch by inch into her pussy. And with every inch, Wade’s mouth fell open a little further. He watched as it stretched and expanded her pink glistening hole, all the while Ebony continued to rub the smaller vibrator across her clit. Her legs trembled, so he gripped them tightly. Her moans became louder as she moved the bigger sex toy in and out. Wade’s mind was blown. He’d looked down often when they’d had sex to watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy. But this was different and Ebony was in control.

“Is that good?” she questioned between breaths.

“So good, baby,” he said, gradually moving his hands further down her legs.

“Shall I go faster?” she gasped as the vibrator stroked against her g-spot.

“Yes, definitely,” he bit his lip harder, tasting blood.

Ebony began to move the vibrator in deeper and faster until she was fucking herself as fast as Wade would. She closed her eyes and allowed her body to give in to the pleasure. His hands were between her legs, parting her pussy sending her into a frenzy. Her hips gyrated towards him, her body screaming for him to take her. To fuck her senseless. This wasn’t only a tease for him, but for her too.

“Please, please, let me touch you,” Wade groaned; the tease had become too much.

Ebony waited another minute before giving into his request. She eased the vibrator from her aching hole and chucked it aside with the smaller one.

“You may but under my instruction,” although her heart was galloping and her chest was rising and falling rapidly, she kept control. He nodded, digging his fingers eagerly into her skin.

“I want you to run a finger around the outside of my pussy,” she ordered.

Wade did as she asked, feeling relief as soon as his fingertip felt the wetness of her silky hole. He chewed the insides of his cheeks to keep control of himself. He watched as her body shivered under his touch. He noticed the way the vibrator had stretched her tight little pussy, almost preparing herself for him.

“Now, I want you to use your thumb to rub my clit in soft circles,” she stuttered.

Wade had done this countless occasions but tonight, it seemed different. When usually, he held all the power, this time Ebony was giving him small amounts under her instruction. He hoped she would take control more often. He relished being under her control.

Ebony’s eyes clamped shut, the pleasure pulsating throughout her body. She bit down on her bottom lip to contain her screams of ecstasy.

“More!” she moaned.

Her fingers found the curls of his hair. She gripped, hungry to feel his tongue against her luscious pussy. She directed his head down until his face was between her lips. He could almost taste her sweet juices.

“More!” the words burst out of her like an explosion.

Wade didn’t hesitate. He pressed his lips to her clit first, kissing delicately and teasingly. His tongue slid from his mouth and found its place on the rim of her glistening pussy. He groaned in delight, feeling her thighs quake and her breathing quicken. He closed his eyes and indulged himself in Ebony, his tongue gliding in circles around the outside of glossy hole. His thoughts were occupied of the image of his erection sliding deep inside of her. It urged him on.

“Oh Wade, give me more! More!” Ebony’s pleas were driving Wade wild. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could restrain himself.

Just as he was about to bury his tongue into her pussy, Ebony yanked him back. He stared at her with fiery eyes, annoyed she’d pulled him away at the best part. His face softened when he noticed the cheeky grin growing upon her lips.

“Give me more,” she whispered, her lips gently caressing his “But not yet – not just yet.”

She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, kissing him eagerly. Electricity buzzed from their bodies, causing sparks everytime they touched. The two were alive with passion, lust and sexual frustration. Wade was begging for a release, while Ebony continued to tease him, enjoying every second of this game.

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