Lindsey Pees in the Office

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Setting: Lindsey; a tall raven haired beauty has stopped behind at work one night to carry out some overtime. It is only when she needs the toilet that she discovers that she has been locked in and is now stuck on the upper office floor.


Lindsey stood there with her large womanly bum cheeks exposed to the empty office, her hairy black pussy posed just over the lip of the filing cabinet. Staring down at her muff at the top of her long creamy legs, she realized that she was trembling with the thrill of what she was about to do. Desperately she tried to pee, straining to force her golden piss out of her pussy lips and into the filing cabinet. Nothing came. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and tried to relax. This wasn’t easy. Being half nude stood with her pussy aimed into a filing cabinet that she was trying to take a piss into was not helping the situation. Focusing on her breathing Lindsey waited for several seconds before trying again. This time she felt movement in her belly as her bladder responded and a familiar feeling traced its way downwards to her waiting pubic mass.

Quickly she opened her eyes and stared expectedly at her pussy lips nestled at the base of her crotch. Just then it happened. Inside Lindsey’s pussy lips her little pee hole opened up to allow a thin squirt of golden pee to shoot out of her muff and spray over the front of the first manila envelope inside the drawer. She gasped at the sight of her pee playing over the cardboard, witnessing the running stream flowing over the material before falling off and dripping down into the dark confines off the cabinet. The thrill at seeing her piss flowing into the drawer immediately caused her pussy lips to close again.

Desperately Lindsey tried again eager to witness the sight of her pee stream shooting into the cabinet. This time it was easier and within moments Lindsey was sending a thick golden stream of her hot yellow piss straight into the cabinet drawer. As she stood there busily urinating into the drawer that was currently pulled out to her thighs, she played with the force and direction of her pee stream. Twisting her hips and bare bum cheeks to the right she sent a thick squirt of piss spraying over the far side of the first envelope. Still peeing strongly over the edge of the drawer she could see the papers inside the envelope darkening as they absorbed her piss. Slowly she then traced her shooting stream of urine from one side to the other, showering the inside of the drawer with her hot urine. Then she had a new idea. Reaching past the flow of pee emanating from her hairy pussy, Lindsey started to flick the paper contents of the drawer towards her, in the process allowing the arching flow of piss emanating from her pussy to flow over each one in turn.

Lindsey had now been pissing into the cabinet drawer now for several seconds. She still had lots of pee left inside her and the realization that she could be as naughty as possible and get away with it was giving her fresh ideas on how she could finish her pee. Stopping her flowing urine stream, Lindsey took a quick step to the right, yanked open the next drawer just below her waist height; aimed her pussy over the rim and proceeded to send a quick spurt of piss over the edge. Her pussy lips parted to allow her pee hole to squirt forth a quick golden stream of hot pee into the drawer before closing again. Lindsey then repeated this process with each cabinet along the row until she reached the end. Closing the last piss stained drawer Lindsey moved over to the photocopier and then from a standing position started to take a hot maltepe escort piss all over its metal sides. Golden pee splattered over the surface of the machine sending yellow splotches of piss everywhere. After several seconds of peeing, Lindsey closed her pussy lips and stood back to admire her handiwork. A large damp stain was now clearly visible on the photocopier where her piss shower had flowed over the metal. Plus on the carpet now lay a small damp spot where her pee had dripped onto the floor.

This served to excite Lindsey even more. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach as she contemplated all the places she could now piss in over the course of the evening. However for now she still had a bit of pee left in her that needed releasing. Inspiration came quickly and she immediately acted on it. Going back to the nearest cabinet, she reached down and slid open the very bottom drawer. Once open Lindsey turned around and slowly squatted down so that her bum cheeks were positioned directly over the drawer. Now in a more traditional position for a girl about to answer the call of nature, Lindsey started to pee. From between her legs shot the now familiar sight of her flowing pee stream as she emptied herself into the drawer. Under her bare buttocks her golden shower began to patter down over the paper documents inside, staining them yellow as more of her hot pee continued to rain down. Finally after several more seconds of wonderful pissing Lindsey reached the end of her toilet. Standing up from her make sift toilet Lindsey closed the drawer hiding the piss stained contents from view. Walking down the office she went to collect her trousers and cotton thong which she quickly dressed into. Then it was a case of visiting the water dispenser to fill her bladder up ready for her next pee.

Three quarters of an hour later, Lindsey was bursting for another piss. She had been so engrossed with doing some more typing she had forgotten to choose a new location for her next toilet. Looking up from her desk she surveyed the deserted room. The urge in her bladder was intense now and she really needed to pee. Where should she go?

There were so many places a girl could visit and squirt her naughty pee shower that she couldn’t decide. The burning ache inside her was getting so intense that she started to slide off her black trousers and thong getting ready for her toilet. Now she was half nude again, nothing covering her lower body. Between her legs her patch of jet black pussy hairs lay nestled between her thighs whilst the bare skin of her bum cheeks were nestled in the rough fabric of her chair. It was almost involuntarily when Lindsey started to pee. One second she was still surveying the office looking for a good place to have a piss and the next she was actually doing it; urinating out of her pussy from her perch on her own chair. A thick clear stream of piss was now shooting out of her pussy lips and making its way to the carpet between her feet.

‘This is not bad!’ she told herself, still peeing strongly over the floor. It was quite an experience to sit bare cheeked on her work chair whilst pissing all over the floor. In her mind she fantasized about doing this during office hours. What a great thrill it would be simply part her legs before starting to take a pee under her desk. She imagined some of the other girls doing the same, seeing in her minds eye Francis sitting at her desk with her legs parted and a thick stream of golden pee flowing down to the floor. How about her friend Emma? She had a lovely bum and a beautiful shaved pussy and Lindsey thought it would a great experience mamak escort for the two of them to pee side by side at their desks; the floor underneath receiving their twin golden showers whilst they pissed strongly out of their pussies.

Lindsey had seen Emma pee on several occasions in the showers at the gym. At first Lindsey thought that it was only herself that enjoyed taking a piss in her shower cubicle until one day she had stuck her head around the corner of her cubicle to ask Emma a question. She had been rewarded by the view of Emma’s naked back and bum cheeks and the sight of a thick gushing fountain of pee flowing out of Emma’s pussy and down to the tiled floor below. Emma’s pee stream had flowed copiously out of her pussy and mixed with the shower water before vanishing down the drain. Lindsey had watched on, entranced at seeing another girl take a piss standing up. Emma meanwhile had not noticed her watching and had continued to pee, washing her stomach and large breasts at the same time, oblivious to her onlooker. As soon as the last drops of pee had fallen from Emma’s pussy, Lindsey nipped back into her own cubicle. Turning on her own shower Lindsey started to wash before she too started to pee. From her pussy started to flow a similar sized flow of urine to that done by Emma. Lindsey relished every second of her toilet enjoying the freedom pissing in the shower gave her.

Returning to the present and her current pee Lindsey forced herself to stop peeing. Between her legs, the hot fountain of piss pattering down to the damp stain on the carpet began to droop. Moments later she finished her pee. Standing up she dashed over to the water dispenser, her long black hair flowing out behind her as she ran. It only took a moment to lift off the almost empty water bottle that fed the system. Grabbing it with both hands she moved the open neck of the bottle up to her waiting muff. As soon as her pussy lips were safely inside the opening, Lindsey started to pee again. Instantly her little pee hole opened wide to allow her golden gush to resume its release into the outside world. This time, Lindsey’s pee flowed though the opening of the bottle and started to spray over the far interior wall. As she continued pissing, her pussy spray flowed down the bottle wall so that her golden pee started to merge with the drinking water. ‘This was delicious fun,’ Lindsey thought whilst she pissed for all she was worth. The stream of hot pee flowing out of her pussy lips was now a thick gush of shooting urine spraying strongly over the inner plastic wall. Lindsey marveled at the sight of her piss flowing down the wall into the drinking water. As soon as she was done, she had every intention of replacing the bottle so that come Monday morning the entire upper floor staff would be drinking her wee!

As the seconds passed her piss stream began to diminish. Finishing her toilet into the bottle with one long squirt of piss out of her cunt, Lindsey was done. After putting back the bottle, she used her own personal supply of bottled water to fill up her bladder again. The night was drawing on and Lindsey decided she would have one long last piss before trying to get some sleep. After drinking even more water she settled back into her typing. It was barely half an hour before the urge in her bladder started to become acute. Pushing back from her desk she took one long appreciate look at the stain on the floor she had made with her earlier pee before standing up. Once again she pulled down her pants and the small white thong that covered her private parts from view. Now naked from the waist downwards Lindsey ofise gelen escort headed towards the door that lead upstairs to the attic where the company archived its documents.

The door opened onto a short flight of stairs. At the top, two large wooden sections protected the stairwell from the open space of the attic. It was these that Lindsey proposed to use during her next piss. Clambering up onto the near side partition she reached across the sort distance to the far side and rested her ankles on the cold wooden surface. This meant that her bum cheeks were now placed on the one side and the stairs below lay directly beneath her black haired muff and waiting pussy lips. Slowly Lindsey let the pressure build in her bladder holding back on her pee until the last possible moment. When she could not hold back any longer she let loose with her piss. Instantly her pussy lips parted and a thick gush of hot clear pee spurted out of her pussy and immediately started to rain downwards covering both the far wall and the steps below in a flowing shower of hot urine. She squirted even harder seeing the torrent of piss leaving her pussy lips grow even larger. A strong pattering sound rose from the stairwell as her urine shower splashed over the wooden steps. The far wall was now covered in a running sheen of her pee as she continued to squirt her pee out of her pussy. Down below her spent pussy spray was dripping down the steps one by one leaving a large visible trail behind. Lindsey couldn’t care less about the mess she was making. Come the morning, all traces of her naughtiness would have dried up. With this in mind Lindsey returned her focus entirely on enjoying her latest toilet. Between her legs her golden squirting spray was still shooting strongly out of her pussy, arching across the gap to splash over the far partition. It was a great disappointment when Lindsey felt her pee stream diminishing. Under her bum, her golden spray started to droop and began to rain directly downwards over the piss covered steps below. Stopping her pee Lindsey decided she wanted to save her last remaining piss for the rest of the attic. Clambering off her perch she turned to examine the room in front of her.

The attic ran the length of the building, a well lit room with a short sloping ceiling. All around the room were stacked bundles of documents on shelves and in piles on the floor. There was also a considerable amount of computer equipment and office furniture lying around in unwanted heaps. This was such a great opportunity for Lindsey and she set off immediately. First off was an old office chair. Perching on the soft fabric with her knees she aimed her black haired muff at the back support before she started to send a hot flowing stream of her hot urine all over it. After pissing over the chair for only a second or two, Lindsey stopped her pee. Clambering off the chair she immediately squatted down so that her bum cheeks were hovering over an old computer monitor. Within moments she was treating it to a pussy shower; her piss shooting out of her muff and spraying the cream coloured case with a deluge of hot pee.

Stopping her toilet Lindsey stood back up and started to wander down the room stopping every so often to take another quick piss, either over a pile of papers on the floor, into the confines of a cardboard box or even over a shelf of one of the storage racks. By the time she reached the end of the room, Lindsey was empty of pee. Her very last piss had been done into a plastic bag which contained a collection of old rubber stamps. The bag had leaked some of her pee out and a small puddle lay underneath, slowly soaking into the wooden floor. Now it was time to finish off the last of her typing before finding a suitable place to lie down and get some sleep. Come the morning somebody would surely rescue her although part of her wished for a little more private pee time with the office all to herself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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