Light of Hellfire: The Series

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To my loyal fans, the new addition Light of Hellfire is now available on amazon! The new version is called Hellsteel, and is twice as long with new characters, new breeds of monsters, a different ending, and a much deeper storyline. And to those of you who haven’t heard, The Man of Sin is also available (they’re printed under different author names). Buy your copy today!

Chapter 1

Raindrops fell like miniscule fists upon the city of New York, washing away the grime and filth that caked the streets and alleys. It was quiet on this late-spring day, with the hammering rain forcing people to stay inside. Even the roads were mostly quiet, while engorged with cars as usual. But while it was a quiet day, it was by no means a peaceful one.

Up at the very top of the Empire State Building, at the very tip of its spire, there was a low red flash in the grey sky. From this flash, a glowing orb came into existence, resembling a crimson light bulb. It was not bright or powerful enough to draw attention from the people below and it was completely masked by torrential rain. The raindrops that passed by this burning flash were turned into hissing steam from just the intense proximity and the unnatural heat being given off by coal-like sphere.

The orb did not fade after the initial flash; instead, it grew in intensity and size while becoming darker in shade. Initially the size of a human fist, it began to expand into an undulating vertical disk as large as a dinner table. There was a second flash and the disk became still, having completed its metamorphosis. It became solid like glass, with shifting hues of red swirling within.

Black mist spewed out from the bottom of the disk, pouring out slowly and streaming down like thick tar. The mist washed over to the spire of the top of the building, causing the metal to rust and deteriorate as if exposed to acid. Echoing from this ominous curtain of red light was a choir of agonizing screams and cries of pain, pouring out from the depths of the blood-red light. Were the weather clear, the people down in the streets would instantly gaze up in horror at the source of this bone-chilling orchestra and cover their ears to try and protect their souls from its ravaging tone. The sound radiating from this dark apparition was one not meant for mortal ears, a sound that was never intended to be set loose upon the earth. Only through the purifying drumming of the rain were the people of New York spared the mind-scarring chorus.

A ripple stretched out from the center of the disk and a shadow came into view from its depths, like a sea beast slowly rising to the surface of the ocean. Slowly, a figure stepped out onto the top of the spire, standing on the tip of the radio tower on one foot. The figure was a tall young man with a lean but muscular build, garbed in brown boots, grey baggy pants, a black sash, and a black hooded shirt with a vest. Wrapped around his wrists were two rosary bead cords and two metal shackles. The man had medium-length dark hair that was slicked back, a gray complexion, piercing blue eyes that could almost glow in the dark, and hidden under his hood were two horns that protruded just past his hair line and reached back across his scalp almost aerodynamically.

As he fully stepped out of the fiery doorway, a burning halo came into view, hovering above his head, as well as four massive wings that grew out of his back. Each was more than twice the size of his body when fully unfolded and stretched, with the lower set of wings resembling bat wings but with scales instead of flesh, and the upper wings like the wings of an eagle, but were whiter than pearls. Protruding from the back of his pelvis was a long black tail with a rope-like length and flexibility and a bladed stinger on the end like a butcher knife, but with a tearing barb. His fingertips were armed with triangular claws that tapered down with razor-sharp edges.

His name was Baltoh, and his arrival was an omen in every sense of the world.

The crimson portal disappeared and Baltoh looked out over the city, standing on the tip of the radio tower and wrapped in his wings. His bright grey eyes scanned the city below, taking in the view. It hadn’t been very long since his last visit to the human world, as he traveled there frequently.

“I’ll find you, just you wait…” he muttered with a voice that was as clear and unwavering as it was deep.

He then opened up his wings and elevated without a single flap, slowly rising higher into the sky. He then pushed off the air with the muscular sails and took off across the sky, invisible to everyone below.

Selene Kurland walked down the sidewalk with her eyes focused on the book of crossword puzzles in her hand. Even with her mind completely focused on figuring out a seven-letter word for “energy spreading”, she skirted through the crowds of daily commuters and the erratic flow of traffic.

Selene was a beautiful woman in her mid twenties with a chocolate/cinnamon-shade complexion, long black hair that was straight yet wavy, and bright green eyes. Matching her beauty was her hourglass figure, with d-cup breasts, a slender waist, an ass and pair of thighs that were toned with muscle, and hips that swung like a clock pendulum with each step. Her figure was a mixture of good genes and a nearly religious devotion to her gym. Not surprisingly, the results came together literally without a flaw.

She was wearing black high-healed shoes that gave a very sexy tap with each step, a black skirt that tightly held to her smooth thighs, and a tan business coat with her purse hanging from her shoulder. Secured in her purse and leaning against her shoulder was an umbrella, deflecting the torrential sheets of rain. Maybe she should have driven today…

Selene loved puzzles, but not because of a specific affinity for the mental exercise. She liked them because they posed a challenge, something that allowed her to push herself to her limits. She was always searching for a challenge, something to break the boring routine of life, it was why she moved to New York in the first place (where unfortunately the only job she could get was a soul-sucking one in a cubicle). In this case, her challenge for today was to get to work without putting down the crossword book or getting run over.

As she walked past the tent-city of Zuccotti Park, she raised her free hand and gave a thumbs-up.

“Occupy!” she called out without looking up from the puzzle.

“Occupy!” several of the protesters cheered in return, glad for the small piece of support.

“Entropy!” she exclaimed with a smile as she finally caught the word she was looking for. Hearing her ringtone sounding off in her purse, she quickly scribbled in the word before pulling out her cell phone.

“Hey Molly, what’s up?” she asked as she waited at the street corner for the chance to cross.

“You had better get your ass over here, because if your desk is vacant when Mr. Reed passes by, you’ll really have to get on your knees and “beg” to keep your job,” her coworker and good friend warned jokingly.

Selene chuckled as she and the crowd of commuters walked across the street with the legion of cars humming just a few feet away. “Don’t we have this same conversation every day?”

“If we didn’t, you would permanently got lost on the path of life,” Molly remarked.

Selene laughed again. “Ok, you’re right on that one. Relax, I’m just one block away, meaning that I’m about to get splashed with the dirtiest puddle any second now. I’ll be there in a minute. By the way, do you know a twelve-letter word for a high school math class?”

She walked past a group of protestors with republican candidate signs, shouting for people to vote out Obama, even with the elections months away.

A Gargoyle sat crouched on the observation deck of a skyscraper, staring down at the city with glowing red eyes. The creature was shorter than an adult human but much more muscular, with long powerful limbs, serrated talons protruding from its fingers and hook-like toes, bony wings with scaly flesh and thin membranes, twisted horns above it’s disfigured jackal face, a swishing whip-like tail, and jet-black skin that was covered in bloody scars. The tar-like saliva that dripped from its jagged teeth burned the stone with the sound of sizzling bacon.

The Gargoyle stood up, while maintaining a slouched-over posture, and opened its wings with an abnormally loud thump, like the beat of an ancient war drum. Leaping off the tower, it plunged towards the ground, completely invisible to all mortal eyes. Reaching the entrance of the building, it held open its wings to their full size and flapped them, catching the air whooshing past. The puddles and falling rain around the front doors almost exploded from the pulsing shockwave as it shot up into the air.

Soaring lazily over the city, the beast tried to control its excitement and thirst for blood. Only lucky handfuls of Gargoyles had ever existed in the world of the living in all of history, and here, there was more food than its deranged mind could comprehend. Looking down, creature spotted its first victim. On the roof of a nearby office building, a man had stepped outside for some much-needed fresh air.

Having just received a call from his wife that she had just had a miscarriage, the balding middle-aged man did not care that it was raining; he just needed to get out of the building. Landing behind him, the Gargoyle gave off a loud splashing sound. The man quickly turned around, having lost the feeling that he was alone. While the unholy beast was completely invisible, the man’s eyes widened with terror as he saw its silhouette in the rain, as each drop that splattered on its body showed its size and shape.

Lashing out, the Gargoyle slashed the man across the chest, ripping open his ribcage and torso cavity. The man released a garbled cry of pain as blood streamed from his mouth and his organs spilled out onto the floor. The man fell dead to the ground and the Gargoyle pounced, feasting on the man while the blood slowly spread across the rain-soaked roof like a spoonful of oil across the surface of a pond. The Gargoyle fed on the carcass with relish, tearing through the body with its claws and chewing on the bloody meat only briefly.

As it slurped up a line of intestines like a spaghetti strand, a bright flash of light flared beside it and the Gargoyle screeched in pain as its severed wing and arm fell to the floor with thick blood trickling from its veins. Baltoh stood behind the creature with a meter-long sword in his hand. The handle had no guard and was a half-foot long, while the single-edged blade had a very narrow shape until the halfway point with razor-sharp serrations. After the halfway point, the size suddenly swelled with an abrupt gut-hook to weigh down the end of the blade for enhanced hacking and slashing. The sword finally tapered off to a stabbing point, essentially making it so that anyone struck by the blade would either be ravaged by eighteen inches of straight-razor serrations, ripped open like a gutted fish by the hook-like edge, cleaved by the wide weighted twelve-inch end, or stabbed by the pointed tip.

“Where is he?” Baltoh demanded as the Gargoyle staggered back with blood sloppily pouring from the stumps if its severed arm and wing.

“You! How did you know we were here?!” the beast hissed.

“That is none of your concern. Where is Abaddon!?”

The Gargoyle began to laugh. “You shall receive nothing from me, traitor. I was born of pain and malice, and there is nothing you can do to make me talk.”

Baltoh’s flaming halo flared up like burning oil and the white feathers of his upper wings stood on end. “Whether it is stubbornness or loyalty to the Devil, your silence will accomplish nothing. I will find him and destroy you all.”

With a dark roar, the Gargoyle lunged forward with black smoke billowing from its claws like fire. With little effort, Baltoh caught the Gargoyle’s wrist before its talons could reach his face, then severed its hand with only his grip.

“You should know that your strength is nothing compared to mine, but it does not surprise me, after all, you are just a lowly Gargoyle.”

The creature staggered back in agony, and before it could retaliate, Baltoh aimed his palm at it. “Angel Art: Holy Burn.”

A flash of light was released from his palm with the brightness of the sun. The light obliterated the hell-spawn creature with a metaphysical impact of holy fire, incinerating its body while shoving it back. While the flash was visible from below, anyone who saw it would merely mistake it for a particularly powerful bolt of lightning.

Baltoh then turned to the butchered remains of the slain man. He snapped his fingers and the ravaged body was incinerated in a surge of white flames, removing every trace and not even leaving ashes behind.

Abaddon stood in the bell tower of the Riverside Church, watching the rain pour ceaselessly. Behind him were several bowed Gargoyles, all with lowered eyes and swishing tails. Abaddon was not a Gargoyle, he was a Demon, and while they were similar in nature, comparing them would be like comparing house cats to lions.

Abaddon’s body was very similar to the Gargoyles’, with bat-like wings, jet-black scaly flesh, a long tail, long talons protruding from the ends of his fingers and toes, and curled horns on the top of his head. However, his body was far more humanoid, with longer limbs and bones, a much straighter posture, more malleable digits, a muscular yet leaner and less bulky physique, a humanoid face, and even spiky hair. Secured to his wrists were two metal shackles and he was wearing a skirt of armor plates around his waist, similar to a gladiator or knight.

The Demon growled as he looked out over the city. “I can’t believe that bastard followed us here. He already killed one of us, and our plan can’t work if we lose another. Not even I can face him in battle the way I am. All of you will lay low and remain hidden, but I need to feed so that I may become strong enough to fight him. If I feed on enough souls, I may be able to at least survive confrontation, but you are all to keep a low profile…”

Selene walked down the street, still working on her book of crossword puzzles. The rain had finally stopped in in unison with the lost the light of the sun, and with the darkness of the city, it was likely that the vast puddles and blanket of water would not dry until the next day. The night was unusually dark. For even though the rain had stopped, the thick clouds remained and they refused to allow the moon to shine. With so much moisture in the city, a thick mist thickened the air, almost making if difficult to breath and wrapping around every lamppost and window like a straightjacket, locking in the light so that all else remained dark.

Selene walked this street twice a day to and from work, so she had no worries. Even in the darkness with no one around, she felt safe enough to walk home. Not to mention the fact that the can of mace she carried in her purse was strong enough to melt the eyes out of anyone who gave her a funny look.

In a stretch of time so small that she couldn’t even think of something to compare it to, Selene’s world was suddenly flipped upside-down as her senses were ripped away, save for the sound of a crackling rattle and the feeling of getting stabbed at every centimeter of flesh in her body with hot irons while battery acid flooded her veins. Her legs buckled under the agony and she felt herself being snatched up by multiple arms with brutal force and dragged into the nearby alley.

“Damn, that Taser worked like a charm. The bitch isn’t even screaming,” a course voice laughed.

Selene’s eyes rolled randomly as she tried to identify whoever had attacked her, but whatever Taser they had used on her, she couldn’t imagine it being a regular model if the affects were this prominent. She couldn’t move or even make a sound; she was completely crippled by the pain of the excruciating shock.

Selene was slammed against a brick wall with one of her captors gripping her by the throat. The impact, while painful, offered some clarity, as she was now able to at least see her attackers. One was facing her, as mentioned before, with his hand around her throat, the second was standing beside the first, and the third was a few feet away, digging through her purse.

“Damn, she’s nice piece of ass. It looks like we’ll get a little more than some cash and credit cards,” the second one laughed.

The words felt like an icy finger being dragged up Selene’s spine as she realized what they were about to do to her.

“No… please…” she gasped with her throat burning. Her plea got her a hard smack to the cheek.

“Unless you’re begging for my cock, you had better shut the fuck up…” the first growled as he drew a knife. “…If you know what’s good for you.”

Looking through the stars of the stinging smack, Selene’s eyes widened as she saw the faint light glinting off the blade. Like his knife, the dim light was reflected off his teeth as he gave a cruel smile. Holding the knife as if he were going to stab her, he slipped the tip of the blade into her collar. For the briefest second, the tip of the blade was touching her skin, and never before had she felt something so stingingly cold. To her relief, the knife was taken off of her skin, but before she could exhale, her attacker yanked the blade downwards, tearing through her coat, shirt, and bra. With tears streaming from her eyes, Selene cried out in pain as blood trickled down her belly from the deep cut left on her breast from the attacker’s malicious and clumsy removal of her clothes.

He then tore through her skirt and panties and the second attacker went to work yanking off the shredded remains. Selene shivered in terror and helplessness as the cool air fanned her bare thighs and firm breasts. Her nipples were now the size of finger joints from the cold air and the fear that filled every fiber of her being.

“Look at those sweet tits of hers, I wonder how much cum has been shot onto them. I imagine a little white would look great on that dark skin,” the third attacker joked as he approached, jamming a handful of cash into his pocket and throwing aside her purse.

They were really going to rape her, and that fact terrified Selene more than anything else in her life. She had to do something, anything that had the slightest chance of sparing her from this fate. Working up all the strength in her exhausted body, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! HEL—”

Her scream was cut short as the attacker’s blade was plunged into the side of her stomach, cutting through her without any effort. The pain that shot through her was so excruciating, she lost all control over her body and mind. The pain inflicted to her with the knife lodged in her flesh was even more horrible than the Taser, something that she thought was impossible. With blood slowly filling her mouth, her body became limp while her attackers just laughed.

‘Is this it? Am I going to die here? Will these monsters raping be the last thing I feel before I slip away? Is this really how it ends for me?’ she thought desperately as blood trickled from her lower lip and dripped on the hand around her throat.

“Let her go,” a voice echoed through the alley. The deep voice was as clear as glass and the very sound of it shook Selene from her dying daze.

She and her three attackers looked to the entrance of the alley, where a lone figure stood, silhouetted against the light of the lampposts in the street.

‘Yes, thank you, someone heard me,’ thought Selene.

“Who the fuck are you?!” the second attacker barked.

“Let her go, this is your final warning,” the man ordered with more authority and power in his voice than any living human could have.

The first attacker pulled his knife out of Selene, making her scream in pain. “Listen asshole, either walk away or I’ll carve off your face, he’ll kick your ass, and he’ll stomp on your nuts.”

The silhouetted figure cricked his neck. “You want to face me? Very well…”

Before he continued, four large wings grew out of his back, with the feathers along the edge of the upper wings flanged like the quills of a porcupine and the lower bat-like wings honed to the sharp shape of a blade. With blood oozing down her chin, Selene gasped in disbelief and the three rapists staggered back, cursing in fear. The man with the knife dropped her and she slumped to the ground with blood pouring from her wound.

“But know this, your hatred is nothing compared to mine! Demon Art: Incineration Flood!”

An eruption of red and black flames surged from Baltoh, shaking the street and causing every puddle in the alley and every piece of trash to rise into the air. The dark flames surged down the alley, slamming into the three rapists like an undammed river and knocking them off their feet. Completely ignored by the blast, Selene watched in horror in amazement as the three suspended attackers were slowly disintegrated by waves of black and red flames washing over them. Their clothes were burned away, their faces melted off their skulls, their flesh was pealed off their bodies, their muscles were shredded as if by a meat grinder, blood streamed from their carcasses as their veins were lacerated at every centimeter, their organs exploded like water balloons once exposed, and after only a few seconds, they were nothing but charred skeletons. As the surge faded, so did Selene’s level on consciousness. Succumbing to blood loss and the pain of her injuries, Selene slumped over and passed out.

Kicking aside the blackened skeletons of the rapists, Baltoh walked over to Selene and crouched down, holding his pale hand over her naked body. “Angel Art: Laying On Of Hands.”

Selene’s whole body began to glow as a plasma-like radiance wafted from Baltoh’s hand and settled on her skin. Her stab wound began to close, her scrapes and bruises disappeared, and her body stopped shaking as the affects of the stun gun were removed. In less than half a minute, she was fully healed. While he restored her health, Baltoh was surprised to find himself analyzing every inch of her naked beauty, moving his eyes slowly up her slim yet curved frame.

While he healed her wounds, Baltoh reached out with his tail and retrieved her purse, proceeding then to search for information. Pulling out a forgotten letter, Baltoh read her name and address, memorizing the location of the apartment building and the exact unit. Hooking the purse to his sash, he moved back over to Selene. With one arm against her back and the other under her knees, Baltoh picked her up, clutching her naked body while being careful not to scratch her with his claws.

Holding the woman in his arms, Baltoh lost all inertia and stood as still as a statue, staring at her face. It had been years since he laid eyes upon something so… beautiful, and never before had it stopped him in his tracks like this. Looking at her, he felt a very blissful sensation in his chest and a happy nervousness, something that he had never before experienced with his cold heart.

Realizing how much time had passed, Baltoh shook himself back to reality and spread his wings. With a single powerful flap, he was catapulted high into the sky. Holding Selene tightly, he stabilized himself in the air and began to fly, mentally repeating the address he had found on the letter as he soared over the city. With her long lustrous hair brushing across her face, Selene was brought out of full unconsciousness, but her mind was still only half-awake. Her eyelids slowly rose, revealing the emerald gems through which she gazed at Baltoh’s face, unsure of if what she was seeing was real or a dream. What she did know was that he was very handsome and she was cold. She gave a soft sigh as she fell back to sleep, crossing her arms to keep warm.

With the chilly damp air kissing her bare skin, the sleeping Selene shivered in Baltoh’s arms. Looking at her, Baltoh felt an overwhelming sense of protectiveness for her, something that was completely foreign to him. For his entire existence, he had never felt anything like the emotions that holding this woman were bringing. Ever since he first came to be, his life had been nothing but anger and the desire to slay Gargoyles and Demons. His own life meant nothing, except that he would not be able to continue fighting if he died. But now… he found himself drawn to this woman.

Unable to understand why he was doing it, Baltoh tightened his embrace, holding her closer while he flew and keeping her warm with his own body heat. He even wrapped his lower wings around her to keep her protected from the cold wind. Clutching her tightly, he tried to fight his building erection, something that further confused him, as he had never felt sexual attraction for anyone or desire for anything.

Finally reaching Selene’s apartment building, he landed on the fire escape by her unit like an eagle reaching its nest. With Selene in his arms, he stepped forward and passed right through the wall as if it were a hologram, entering her bedroom. Stepping down onto the floor with unparalleled silence, he retracted his wings and gently laid Selene in her bed.

Standing up, Baltoh looked around the room for a reason that he did not know. There were no lights on, but he could see clearly in the darkness. The walls were blocked off by bookshelves or sprinkled with pictures of friends and family. With his hand moving against his will, Baltoh picked up a picture of Selene with a young man and stared at it intently. While they had the same complexion, he couldn’t not figure out if he were a boyfriend or brother.

‘Why am I so curious about this woman? Why am I so distracted?’ Baltoh thought to himself, shaking his head from side to side like a wet dog.

As he looked back at the picture, he saw the reflection of two eyes in the glass, right above his shoulder. Spinning around, Baltoh aimed his hand at the creature with his sword materializing in his grip. He came to a stop, sword in hand, staring into the eyes of a white and brown cat, perched on the top of one of the bookshelves. The creature’s eyes were fully dilated to take in all possible light, its tail was swishing from side to side anxiously, and its claws were slowly edging out of its soft paws. But the feline’s posture was relaxed, as if it were both at ease and alert. Staring at the Baltoh, the cat felt more confusion than ever before in its life, sensing a vast torrent of different energies in him, both light and dark.

Baltoh let go of his sword and the weapon disappeared as soon as contact was lost. Turning back to the window to leave, Baltoh was again brought to a statue-like pose, staring at Selene’s naked body. The city lights from outside were cast upon her unclothed beauty like a spider web, illuminating her womanly figure. Her dark skin caught the light beautifully, allowing Baltoh to see her in a way that he had not yet experienced. While her body was rich in voluptuous curves, her lean and well-toned figure was like that of a bronze goddess. Between her long smooth thighs, the lips of her pussy looked so delicate and soft, it was as if they were made of chocolate frosting and lacked even a single hair. Her full breasts gently trembled with each intake and release of air, and her nipples were erect from the softness and ticklish chill of each exhale. Her silky black hair was scattered across her pillow, while only a few strands were draped across her peaceful face. The lipstick on her lips glistened as she breathed, and her eyelashes fluttered with each sleeping tremor in the lids.

“Beautiful,” Baltoh finally gasped, completely mesmerized by her unparalleled visage.

Murmuring the word shook him from his daze, reminding him that he had to leave. He extended his wings and became intangible, about to pass through the wall as if it were made only of light. As he took a step forward, Selene’s eyes slowly opened and Baltoh was caught in the bright green hue.

She reached out for his wings, inadvertently plucking one of his feathers. “Wait.”

Baltoh stopped dead.

“At least answer me this: are you an Angel?”

Baltoh looked away, unsure of how to answer. “Sort of.”

Once again, Selene was sound asleep, completely peaceful, the feather locked tightly in her grip.

Two sounds filled the abandoned subway tunnel; the dark laughs of Abaddon and the agonizing cries of his eighteen-year-old victim. Having spent the evening feeding on homeless people, the black-hearted Demon had now decided to move onto the main course. The young woman before him had long blonde hair and pale skin, dirtied from years of living in the streets and sickly from malnourishment. She was completely naked and covered in long bloody cuts, inflicted by Abaddon’s razor-sharp talons or from whip-like slashes of his tail.

She was bent over awkwardly, leaning on the ramp alongside the tracks, crying and screaming in pain as the Demon forced his near-horse-sized cock into her tiny body with inhuman speed. Beneath her were the butchered remains of her parents, wet with her tears and the blood streaming from between her legs, caused by the bony ridges that encircled the shaft of Abaddon’s phallus.

For over an hour, the young girl had begged the Demon to have mercy and stop, or to at least kill her and end the pain. Even after everything she had saw and experienced in this brutal night, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. The evil force raping her was not human, and while her sense of logic screamed that he had to be, the girl knew that it was no man using her in such a cruel way, no matter how impossible it seemed. Feeding on the agony and gaining strength from her teary cries, Abaddon was not going to show any kindness.

Finally, Abaddon released a lion-like roar as he finally came, squeezing his victim’s hips tightly. The young girl screamed in agony and humiliation as the Demon dug his claws into her flesh and felt his semen flood her body, taking the place of Abaddon’s cock as he yanked it out of her. She released a second and more tearful scream as an indescribable burning feeling coursed through her body. In her vagina, the dark-grey semen was eating away at her flesh, burning through her like acid.

Abaddon stood back and watched with an evil smile as the girl writhed in pain, crying from the dark fluid that was melting her from the inside out. Finally, just before death, Abaddon unhinged his jaw like a hungry boa constrictor, leaned down, and crushed her skull between his teeth as he feasted upon her.

Wiping the blood from his chin, Abaddon stood up and began to chuckle. “Finally, I am at fighting strength.”

Selene bolted awake to the sound of her alarm, reliving the scene from the alley as if were still happening. She looked around wildly, expecting to see her attackers, but only seeing her bedroom. The welcoming sight nearly caused her to collapse, as she almost wept with joy that she hadn’t been raped.

“It was just a dream… It was just a dream… It was just a dream…” she murmured to herself as she clutched her knees, completely shaken by the vividness of her memories.

A small scowl appeared on her face, something didn’t feel right. She looked at her hand, having felt something greasy on her leg. Her palm had a thin coating of grime, and looking over her body, she realized that her hand wasn’t the only thing that was dirty.

‘Did I sleepwalk and lie in a gutter?!’ she thought to herself, wondering how all the grime got on her body. She looked down at her stomach and even saw a large bloodstain.

She looked over to her clock to turn off the beeping alarm and the blood in her veins instantly became as cold as ice. She was looking at her pillow and the white feather on it. The marble-like color was so vibrant that Selene knew that for it to come from a mere bird was impossible. Just the size alone made it being an eagle feather impossible. Selene quickly reached into her dirt-covered purse and found her wallet, empty of cash.

“It really happened. The alley, the muggers, the knife… the man.”

Mentally shaken, Selene called in sick to work, deciding that it would be best if she thought things out before doing anything. After taking a shower and washing away the dirt from the alley and the blood from her injuries, Selene sat in her living room with a cup of coffee, watching the morning news. Purring and meowing, her attention-hungry cat crawled into her lap.

As she petted the feline behind the ears, a new story came on the TV. Selene quickly turned up the volume as the anchorwoman began speaking.

“A brutal scene was discovered this morning by delivery trucks handing newspapers. Describing the smell of burning sulfur, they came across an alley that looked at if it had been the scene of an explosion. The walls of the neighboring buildings were melted and burned, the concrete ground was obliterated as if by earth-moving equipment, and the remains of three bodies were found.

We go to you live at the scene, where the police has allowed us to view the incredible destruction. I warn you, the following footage is quite graphic and viewer discretion is strongly advised…”

The screen went dark for a moment and then the view was returned. Selene spewed coffee across her cat as she saw the alley, sending the irritated feline scurrying away. Selene stared at the TV with a look of horror. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that the alley they were showing was the alley she had been mugged in the night before. The camera zoomed in at several points, showing the damage of the explosion. It was a miracle that the buildings themselves weren’t obliterated!

Next the camera panned over to the victims, and Selene had to fight with all her strength not to throw up at the sight of the twisted black skeletons and the horrible expression of agony on their charred faces. The screen then returned to the anchorwoman, who too looked nauseous from the sight of the gruesome skeletons.

“Police are currently investigating the identities of the three victims and the cause of the explosion. They were willing to remark on the strangeness of the event, as there were no reports of any loud noises, something that would be unmistakable for whatever caused so much destruction. They also told us a very interesting fact: while the examination continues, no chemical residue has been found at the site. They can’t find any evidence of an actual bomb exploding or any traces of acid; all they have uncovered is a large amount of sulfur. “

With shaky hands, Selene turned off the TV and looked down at the feather in her lap. She gently picked it up and pressed it against her chest.
“Who are you?”

Baltoh sat crouched on the corner of an office building with his head in his palm, mulling over the previous night. There was barely a cloud in the sky and the temperature was reaching into the high sixties. Baltoh had made himself invisible so that he didn’t even cast a shadow. He didn’t want any distractions as he pondered his next movie and his previous ones. His wings lay draped around him like blankets and his whip-like barbed tail lazily flicked as he scolded himself.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re on a mission; you have a job to do. You can’t afford to get involved with a human.”

He then stood up and turned around, running his fingers through his hair. He thought back over and over again to the different sensations that filled him when he gazed at Selene in her bedroom. Never before in his entire existence had he felt anything like those emotions, he had never felt anything other than hatred and the desire to slay Demons and Gargoyles. But looking at Selene, holding her naked form tightly… it replaced the fires of anger in his heart with the fires of passion.

“Enough of this,” he finally growled, turning back to the city. He had been pondering something else since he arrived, ever since he had encountered that Gargoyle.

‘To be able to interact and even kill a human being, less than a day after arrival… Even a full-fledged Demon would require at least two weeks to amass enough power for physical interaction, and even then, a lethal wound would be impossible to inflict.’ He looked up at the pale sun and began tapping his foot impatiently. ‘Something has changed. Either they’re getting more powerful or crossing over is having less affect. Whatever is going on, I need to put a stop to it before it’s too late.’

He jerked his head as a small pop flared in the back of his mind. He could sense a surge in Demon energy and it was compressed in a single entity. Without a doubt it was Abaddon.

“Tch, perfect timing.”

Baltoh slowly passed through level upon level upon level of abandoned railway tunnels and sewer lines, moving through solid stone and concrete without even touching it. He finally came to the lowest tunnel, residing deep below the city and having been completely untouched since it was abandoned. Only the eternally gnawing rats had inflicted damage to the concrete structures and formations.

Peeling the muscle off of the severed arm of dead child, Abaddon looked over as Baltoh appeared and quickly jumped to his feet. “How the hell did you find me?!”

“You may be able to hide yourself from the eyes of humans and the light of the sun, but you were careless in trying to hide your power or its toxic influence. All I needed to do was follow the smell of evil on your breath.”

Baltoh looked down at the dead bodies around Abaddon’s feet and the multiple teeth and claw marks. “I’ve let you roam free in this world for too long, now you die,” he growled, forming his sword in his hand.

The Demon began to laugh and held out his hand. Bursting from the flesh of his palm, a line of bones resembling a spinal column reached out and locked together into a meter-long pole. A loud cracking sound echoed through the chamber as the spine began to warp, being crushed by an invisible force and compacted. All without shattering, the spine was compressed into a long sword of a single solid piece of bone, with the spinal ridges acting as huge serrations.

“Don’t underestimate me traitor. Ever since I got here, I’ve been feeding nonstop. The painful cries of these puny humans, they’re so beautiful, the sound of the flesh being torn from their bodies and their blood being splattered across the walls and floor, the sight of the poor girls’ teary faces as I rape them to death, and the taste of this glorious feast of agony… it’s indescribable!

I’ve been tormenting these weaklings since I got here, feasting on their excruciating pain and their bodies. And I must say, living humans taste so much more delectable than the spirits of the damned; they are so… unspoiled. Now I’ve become far stronger than I ever was in Hell, strong enough to even face you!”

Baltoh maintained his cool demeanor and held up his hand in front of his face. “We’ll see about that. Angel Art: Repairing Barrier.”

A bubble of light suddenly appeared around Baltoh’s fist, expanding twenty feet every second. The growing bubble of light consumed him and Abaddon and continued to expand, passing through the walls, floor, and ceiling of the tunnel as if they weren’t even there. After expanding a hundred meters in every direction, the bubble came to a stop and became still. Baltoh turned to a nearby concrete pillar and flicked the air in its direction. The pillar instantly shattered into millions of pieces and crumbled to the ground, but before the dust could even begin to settle, the pillar was reformed, with every shard and pebble of concrete joining together into a giant single piece and repairing itself completely.

“I’m not very skilled in maintaining this barrier, let’s keep this small, shall we?” Baltoh sighed before being consumed by a roaring torrent of black and white energy. Darkness was streaming from his black bat-like wings and light was streaming from his pearly eagle-like wings.

Abaddon gave a booming laugh and pointed his sword at Baltoh as black flames surged up from the ground around him. “Very well, but I wonder just how long you can last before you have to resort to unleashing your full power.”

The two enemies crouched down with their arms held back and pounced on each other. In midair, they both swung their swords and collided in deafening crash. Instantly, every piece of solid stone and concrete shattered like fragment grenade, filling the air with dust and shrapnel.

Chapter 2

Selene bolted up as the feather on her coffee table began to spin wildly, with a glowing vapor wafting up from the silky strands. Breathing heavily, she crouched down beside the table and stared at the feather as it came to a sudden stop and the crystalline aurora became more focused and pressured, instantly being pushed away from the tip of the feather as if it were in a wind tunnel. It actually looked like passing comet, wrapped up in its tail. The feather began to twitch, with the tip changing direction by only a millimeter of so with each shift.

Bringing her face down low to the table, she looked in the direction that the feather was pointing. Even without having ever seen something like this, Selene knew that there was a definite purpose for what was going on. In her gut, she knew that feather was actually pointing to something, and whatever it was, she knew it would have the answers she was looking for.

Quickly getting dressed, she grabbed the feather and ran out the door, determined to follow it, wherever it led her.

Baltoh and Abaddon crashed through a wall of stone, entering an ancient cave system deep below the city of New York. Moving so fast that they were reduced to blurs, they locked blades over an over in an endless dance that had been going on for hours. With each collision, a vast cascade of sparks would fill the air, as well dust and shrapnel from every rock and piece of stone shattering from the created shockwaves. Only thanks to Baltoh’s barrier was all the damage instantly repaired and the affects of the battle kept from being noticed by the outside world.

‘Damn it, why is this battle still going on? It is true that he is far stronger than any normal Demon, but I would normally end a battle like this in less than a minute, but I feel so… dull. I can’t focus my mind or my energy. I feel like I’m bleeding to death,’ Baltoh thought to himself, trying to force all distractions out of his mind.

Disengaging from Baltoh’s sword, Abaddon flew backwards and pointed his clawed finger at his mortal enemy, as if he were pretending to fire a gun.

“Demon Art: Dark Pulse!” he thundered.

Instantly a colossal beam of dark energy erupted from the tip of his claw like a comic book villain’s giant death ray.

“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven!” Baltoh countered, planting his sword in the ground.

Shaking the whole tunnel, an ornate gateway of solid gold burst from the tunnel in front of Baltoh. Glowing like a huge neon sign, the gate shielded Baltoh from the blast, with the shadow energy unable to even pass between the bars.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Baltoh then cast.

Beneath Abaddon, a trampoline-sized portal to Hell opened and a massive skeleton hand reached up, grabbing the Demon with its crushing embrace like a man grabbing an action figure and ending the Dark Pulse blast. With the beam halted, Baltoh released the Gates of Heaven spell and pounced on Abaddon with his sword held low for an uppercut slash.

With a monstrous roar, Abaddon swung his tail and struck the hand, shattering all of the bones and freeing himself. Abaddon retrieved his sword, having just enough time to block Baltoh’s upward slash. The two blades met and the Demon was instantly thrown straight up by the sheer power behind the slash, crashing through level upon level of cave systems.

Eventually gaining control of his momentum, Abaddon became intangible and slowed himself down, passing up into an empty subway platform. The chamber had two subway tracks with a twin lines of pillars on the platform between them, a long staircase leading up to the street on one side of the chamber but was blocked off due to repairs needing to be made to the platform, and a wall with a dozen payphones stood on the opposite wall. The platform was on the very fringes of Baltoh’s original barrier, meaning that if they moved any higher, they would no longer be undetectable.

After solidifying and stepping down onto the floor, Abaddon quickly stepped back as Baltoh shot up from below with his sword straight up. Having missed Abaddon, Baltoh became the victim of his own inertia and plunged his sword into ceiling, sending a spider web of cracks through the concrete and causing rubble to rain down. Before Baltoh could readjust his sense of direction and find Abaddon, the Demon appeared behind him, spun around for momentum, and delivered an earth-shaking kick. Baltoh was sent careening like a skipping stone and crashed straight through one of the rows of pillars like a wrecking ball through Styrofoam.

Coming to a stop, Baltoh quickly raised his sword to block an execution-style slash from Abaddon. The two enemies stared each other down, each pushing against the sword of the other. As the screeching sound of the straight-razor-sized blades on Abaddon’s sword grinding against the glassy serrations of Baltoh’s, the latter gave a smile. With more than twice as much strength as Abaddon, Baltoh released one hand from his sword, while the Demon was left still desperately pushing with all the strength in both of his arms.

Helpless to defend himself, Abaddon howled in pain as Baltoh slashed him across the chest with his talons, tearing open his chest cavity and nearly snapping the ribs. He then delivered an organ-rupturing punch, sending the Demon skidding back fifty feet. Abaddon struggled to stay on his feet with inky blood dribbling from his wound, giving Baltoh the opportunity of a lifetime.

Baltoh reached out with his long tail and wrapped the tendril around Abaddon’s throat, strangling the Demon. He then turned around, swinging Abaddon like the head of a sledgehammer, and planted him in the floor with enough force to create a thirty-foot crater. He released the Demon’s throat, and as the beaten wretch slowly tried to get to his feet, Baltoh delivered a devastating kick to the face, sending Abaddon flying through the air and crashing into the wall with so much force that even the pay phones he didn’t crush were destroyed by the shockwave and the whole terminal nearly caved in.

Baltoh pointed his sword at the Demon, about to deliver the final move. Dredging up his power levels for the attack that would obliterate his foe, he was suddenly interrupted by the sound of someone coming down the stairs.

‘What the Hell? This subway platform is closed, who is coming down here?’ he thought to himself, turning around.

His eyes widened and he released a deep gasp as Selene came into view. The beautiful woman instantly stared at Baltoh, completely mesmerized by the sight of him and the undisputable proof that the events of the night before had really happened. She slowly walked towards him, clutching his feather and focusing on every detail of his body, from his tail to his burning halo.

“It’s you, it really is you,” she gasped with a shaky breath.

Baltoh turned to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Selene, what are you doing here? How did you find me?”

“The feather you left me, it began to glow and pointed in your direction. I knew I would find you if I followed it. Who… who are you?! What are you?!”

“I’ll explain all of those later, I have to finish this battle now. Just please stand back and—”

“Look out!” she interrupted, drawing his attention back to Abaddon. The Demon was heavily wounded, but he was on his feet and had his finger pointed at them.

“Die traitor! Demon Art: Dark Pulse!” He roared.

All the rubble on the floor was thrown aside like scraps of paper by an activated fan as a jet-black blast of shadow energy surged from his finger like an erupting volcano, focused into a dense beam with a ten-foot diameter and carrying enough power to cut down half of the city with ease.

Shielding Selene with his wings, Baltoh turned around and acted on instinct. Roaring at the top of his lungs, he swung his sword and deflected it with the edge, defying all laws of physics and accidently launching it upwards. Going straight up, the blast burned a hole through the street and shot into the sky. Everyone in the street screamed in terror as it continued to rise like a geyser of oil, flying high above the tallest buildings in less than a second.

With the blast saturating the atmosphere with shadow energy, dark storm clouds began swirling around the black pillar. Down on the subway platform, Baltoh was pushing against the blast with his sword, desperately trying to stop it from firing upwards. If he tried shifting the angle of his sword and direct it in a different direction, the blast would slam down onto the city like a cleaver. In the blink of an eye it would take to change the direction of the blast, a huge scar could be carved straight through several miles of the city, possibly killing hundreds of people. This beam was far more powerful than a normal Demon’s!

After rising so high that no one could see it, the blast finally faded, growing thinner and thinner until it split off into just a few wispy beads of power. Baltoh blinked several times to readjust his sight and cursed when he saw that Abaddon had disappeared. He looked up at the hole burned in the street and the disappearing clouds.
“This won’t end well…”

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am for costing you the fight. If I hadn’t shown up, you could have beaten him,” Selene said, placing a cup of coffee on the island table for Baltoh.

He was leaning against the table with his wings retracted back into his body, in order to keep from accidently knocking things over. However, they were the only aspects of his appearance that he could change. His claws, tail, and burning halo could not be removed or hidden. Upon Selene’s commitment to finding answers, Baltoh had finally agreed to talk to her in her apartment, though he had to make himself invisible in order to get there without being noticed. Outside, the city of New York was like an overturned anthill as everyone who had seen or heard of the blast tried to figure out what it was. There were already dozens of news vans around the area of the eruption, held back by a line of police officers while anti-terrorism agents and forensic investigators studied the scene. Outside of the ring of crowds, Christian fundamentalists were already preaching that it was the end of the world and the blast was a signal that Judgment Day was at hand. However, after what had happened, no one could quite blame them.

“It’s alright, it was my fault. I should have killed him without any difficulty, but for some reason, I just couldn’t put my full effort into it. I gave him the opportunity to escape when I didn’t just skip the fight and finish him off. But it will take time for him to recover, and hopefully by the time he is strong enough to actually do anything, I’ll be able to track him down and finish the job,” he said coldly, ignoring the mug before him.

Selene leaned against the table, staring at Baltoh intently, trying to glean information from just his appearance. “Who are you?”

“My name is Baltoh, which is the Enochian word for ‘righteousness’.”

“But what are you? Are you an Angel…?” she began, looking at his white-feathered wings.

“Or a monster?” she asked, moving her eyes down to the black scaly wings.

“I’m both; half Demon, half Archangel, more powerful than the two of them combined.”

Selene’s eyes widened at the very concept of such a reality. “How… how does that even…?”

“How does something like me even come to exist? That takes some explaining. In the entirety of existence, there are three realms; Heaven, this universe, and Hell. In Heaven there are the Angels and Archangels, on Earth there are humans, and in Hell there Gargoyles and Demons. Angels are deceased spirits that have sworn their allegiance to Jehovah to fight on his behalf against the forces of darkness, and Archangels are created by Jehovah himself or are the sum of multiple Angels bonded by their unquestionable desire to do good and fusing together into a superior being devoted to slaying evil.

In Hell, Gargoyles are malicious dark spirits that are born in the Lake of Fire through the anger and hatred of people on Earth. While they are completely devoid of actual souls, they are the shadow equivalence to Angels, but when an Angel falls from the grace of Heaven, it can become a Gargoyle with a soul. During events like wars or genocides, there is always a massive upsurge in the number of Gargoyles spawned from those negative feelings. However, in places on Earth with an unnaturally high level of pain and hatred in its history, very weak Gargoyles can form, while still being far more powerful than even the cruelest human spirit. Most often, when you think of demonic possession and demonic haunting, it is really just mere Gargoyles that are to blame.

Demons are on a whole other level of power from Gargoyles, with the difference being equal to the difference between Angels and Archangels. When souls are in Hell for a long enough period of time, they begin to… decompose, as you might say. Their bodies and minds crumble into ash and they basically cease to exist as sentient beings. There are entire plains in Hell of black sand from the ashen remains of the bones of broken souls.

However, there is a special form of ash in that mixture, a part of the human soul that is… heavier. It is the traces of evil that lie within every soul, the darkness that drives people to sin and commit crimes. Some have more evil in them than others and you know the results they bring. But like hydrogen gas coming together to form a star, the crushing weight of all the evil deeds and their weight will draw the heaviest particles of ash together and form a Demon, spawned completely from the malice of evil souls and lacking even a single human characteristic other than the desire to torment and destroy.” Baltoh explained with a haunting tone. Selene shuddered as she tried to fathom such an unholy creature and the darkness it would set loose.

“The other kind of Demon is a fallen Archangel, which means that its powers of light are converted into the powers of darkness and they become servants of the Devil. You can tell which Demons were originally Archangels created by Jehovah because they are much more calm and tempered, being of a single mind instead of a toxic mixture of hundreds of spirits.”

“So how do you fit into the picture?” Selene asked, resting her chin on her tented fingers.

“Demons are basically fallen Archangels, right? Well instead of being an Archangel that has fallen, I am a Demon that has risen,” Baltoh answered with more weight to his words than the declaration of a new world order.

“You mean you were originally a Demon?”

Even after all of the things she had seen Baltoh do, after hearing what a Demon truly was, she felt a great amount of fear towards the hybrid and took a step back.

“Originally, yes. I was born through a very different and unique mixtures of souls, specifically the souls of people who committed murder in the name of justice; police officers, Templar Knights, executioners, patriots, or even simple men killing the bastards that raped their wives or daughters. Jehovah doesn’t condone killing between humans, even if it is to slay evil.”

He was leaning against the table with his eyes downcast and hands balled so tightly into fists that blood oozed from his claws digging into his palms. Selene felt a deep chill in her heart as she heard the pain in Baltoh’s voice.

“I was once a legion of millions of people, tortured for eons by the minions of the Devil for bringing justice to the world through violence. We were heroes, yet we were cast aside and punished for our acts. Finally, when the amount of ash from crumbled heroes was so great that it dwarfed any other Demon’s genesis, I began to form from their hatred. But unlike Demons that form from the hatred of life and light, my hatred was directed towards evil itself. That desire to slay and kill the forces of darkness was so powerful that I was able to come alive from the pain and hatred of the discarded heroes. As far as I know, no Demon has ever been born from nearly as many souls as I have, meaning that my power was already unnaturally high.

I remember my birth clearly: opening my eyes for the first time deep below the ground of the ashen fields, coughing on the dark soil that filled my mouth and lungs, groaning against the crushing pressure on all sides. I remember climbing up through layer upon layer of decaying skeletons, becoming accustomed to my humanoid body and the Demon characteristics. I continued to tunnel through the ground, and just when I thought I would never escape my earthen tomb, my clawed hand broke through the surface and I managed to pull myself out.

Coughing and gagging, I climbed out onto the black fields of ash, breathing heavily for the first time. I looked up, seeing the flaming sky of Hell and the shifting dunes of the ash desert. I then looked at my hands and finally realized that I was a Demon. The second after the realization came, so did the passion and desires of all the human souls that made up my consciousness. The desire to destroy evil was so powerful, I felt like I was growing to throw up if I didn’t behead a beast of Hell right then and there, but there I was, a living Demon; the very symbol of darkness and evil. I was what I despised most.”

“So what happened next?”

Baltoh finally cracked a small smile and turned away from her. “I took my own life. Sitting in that black sand, filled with so much self-loathing that I could barely breath, I decided to end my existence right then and there. At least in my death, I could destroy evil and remove one threat from existence. Raising my hand, I straightened my fingers and plunged my claws into my own heart, ending my life.

Selene, never in the history of existence has a Demon ever committed suicide. By nature, they are too vain and too desperate to make others suffer to ever end their own life. Even while being tortured or cursed with ceaseless agony, they refuse to die in the hope that they can cause misery. But here I was, trying to eliminate my own existence to that I could at least destroy one piece of evil, even if it was myself. The fact that I was going against nature to such extremes is what allowed me to become what I am.

It was that act that did it; I remember it so clearly that it was as if it happened this morning. As my punctured heart came to a stop and the last flickers of undeath went out in my brain, there was a flash in my soul, brighter than a million suns. Through sin, I had achieved virtue, the same level of virtue that Angels needed to achieve to become Archangels.

Just as Christ was resurrected three days after his death, I was resurrected after mine. Holy energy flooded my body with the desire to destroy evil acting as the bridge between darkness and light, allowing for a synergistic balance that kept me from being destroyed by the transformation. With the power of both Heaven and Hell pulsing through my veins, I slowly got to my feet, transforming every second. I shed my scaly Demon skin for a humanoid body and flesh, grew the wings of an Angel above my Demon wings, and gained a halo of Hellfire, all while keeping my claws, tail, Demon wings, and the power of shadow energy.

I stood up with my new body, completely enlightened and worlds apart from Demons and Archangels in terms of strength and raw power. As I flexed my fingers, a Demon landed behind me, having come to investigate the bright light caused by my resurrection. Upon seeing me, the creature attacked… poor beast. Completely driven by instinct and using less energy than to snap my fingers, I beheaded the Demon with the edge of my hand, moving so fast that he never even saw me.

From that point on, my war against the spawn of Hell began, and I spent the last several decades solely in the Demon and Gargoyle nurseries, slaughtering the unholy beasts the second they were spawned and fighting for every second of my life, appeasing my desire to slay evil and decimating the Devil’s armies.”

Selene was completely at awe at what she had just heard and struggled to think of something to ask or say. He she was, talking to the ultimate proof of faith.

“So if you’re half Demon and half Archangel, can you combine your powers?”

“No, I can only use them at the same time. I can mix them so that the two energies are blended to the point that they look almost like the hide of a zebra, but they forever remain separate forces, just like oil and water. It is impossible for Demon energy and Angel energy to bond, they are too opposite of each other.”

“So why are you here now?”

Baltoh turned back to her. “On the morning of the day I saved you, a Demon and several Gargoyles crossed over into this realm without being summoned. This is supposed to be impossible, as only the forces of Heaven have the ability to enter and exit all three plains of existence at will. I’m here to find out how they were able to do it, what they are doing here, and to slaughter them.”

“What do you mean ‘summoned’?” She asked.

“Gargoyles and Demons can only cross into this world from Hell if they are summoned through some act of human necromancy, like a bunch of goth kids performing a Satanic ritual. The process is actually very painful for any apparition that gets caught in it; it’s like bungee jumping from a satellite through the shaft of a volcano. I should know, I was actually caught in them a few times and pulled here against my will. The result is an apparition with significantly lowered power levels, so low that the only actions they can take are paranormal events like haunting the places where they were summoned. Given time, they become more and more powerful, eventually becoming strong enough to hurt humans and even leave the place they were summed to.

Every decade or so, the ones who perform such a ritual are skilled enough to actually summon a real Demon, and that’s when things get bad. A Gargoyle can possess and even kill people in an area, but Demons are able to create natural disasters and even plagues, like erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.”

“So then does that mean exorcisms really work?” Selene asked, tilting her head to one side as she walked around the table towards the den. Baltoh followed her and they both sat on the couch.

“Yes, but not in the way you believe. The ritual of exorcism does not call the power of Jehovah to banish a Demon back to Hell, it is more like a summoning ritual for Angels, except that it only has to draw their attention, as Angels have the ability to pass through dimensional barriers. Consider yourself lucky that demonic entities are incapable of having that ability. When an exorcism is performed, it is a SOS to the forces in Heaven that you need help destroying a demonic entity or evil soul. Making their bodies invisible so that they can’t be seen, the Angels and even Archangels will arrive and battle the entity that is being exorcized, eventually destroying it once and for all.

Often times these battles can get extremely violent and destructive, so Angels answering the call of exorcisms always arrive in groups. One or more fights the entity or evil spirit, others cast a barrier that instantly repairs anything destroyed in the fight and hiding the events from outside viewers, and another to protect the ones performing the exorcism and anyone else in the area, always having to heal their wounds and alter their memories. Entire city blocks can be annihilated in one of these battles and people can be so badly wounded that they are brought to the brink of death. When that happens, the Angels will do everything in their power to avoid acknowledgement by the general public. They will wipe memories, rebuild anything destroyed, and even manipulate the media and Internet to destroy all reports or pictures of the incident.

When it comes to Demons vs. Archangels, the battles are waged using ancient spells and incantations that focus the respective energies of the two fighters. Being a hybrid, I can use both Heaven and Hell spells.”

“But why do the Angels make themselves invisible? Why not show themselves? And why do they have to alter people’s memories?”

“After the death of Christ, Jehovah decreed that Angels and Archangels were to halt all visible actions in the World of the Living. Any actions taken had to be while disguised as humans and without exposing themselves or done while completely invisible. The forces of Heaven barely ever come to Earth anymore for anything other than answering the calls of exorcism.

Demons and Gargoyles also stay invisible almost constantly, but for a different reason. Whenever a demonic entity visually reveals itself, it becomes exposed to the light of this world. They can handle revealing themselves indoors and outside at night without too much pain or trouble, but becoming visible in broad daylight is like being set on fire.”

“Do you know why God made that law?”

“To be honest, Jehovah wanted to promote the lack of faith which was born at the turn of the century. After almost two thousand years of war and suffering caused by Christianity alone, he decided that the world would be better off in the hands of atheists, as there is no extremism when there is no faith. A world without religion is a far more peaceful world than one where people fight over the deity they believe in.”

Selene was silent for several moments as she tried to think of another question. “If hunting these Demons and Gargoyles is giving you so much trouble, why don’t you just ask the Angels for help?”

Baltoh sighed. “The Angels hate me just as much as the Demons do. I may be half Archangel, but I was also born a Demon and am still half of one, not to mention the fact that I am an abomination. Even though I have slain entire armies of Demons in my life, they see me as a huge threat that must be destroyed. I have come to Earth thousands of times before (as I previously mentioned, a few of them were due to being caught in summoning rituals), and every time I arrive, they try to destroy me because I am that much of a danger to the balance of the three universes.

The fact that I am talking to you right now and didn’t bother to cover that blast better will certainly come back to bite me when they show up, but frankly, I don’t give a damn what Jehovah decreed. I am the sum of millions of people who have been sent to Hell for killing in the name of justice. If anything, I blame him for my very existence and consider him my enemy.”

More than a minute passed by, in which neither Selene nor Baltoh spoke or even made eye contact. Looking at Selene in the corner of his eye, Baltoh was trying to understand what it was about this human that had piqued his curiosity, while Selene was trying to process everything she had seen, heard, and experienced in the last twenty-four hours.

“Thank you,” Selene finally said.

Baltoh looked up.

“Thank you for saving me last night. If hadn’t come, I would have been raped and probably killed.”

“I was born out of the desire to slay evil, how could I have allowed such a crime to happen?”

“What you said back there, ‘your hatred is nothing compared to mine’, is that really how you measure your power? Is there anything other than hatred within you?” she asked with the slightest hint of sadness.

“It is what I was born from, it is what I am made of. Hatred is who I am, it is everything that I am,” he responded, with a similar touch of sadness to his voice.

“So you can really do nothing more than hate?”

“I can’t imagine being anything else.”

Selene then gained the smallest of smiles, so light that it was barely visible, but not so subtle that Baltoh didn’t immediately see it. “You care. You didn’t just kill those rapists in the alley, you healed my wounds and brought me back to my home. Today in the subway, you spoke kindly to me when I interrupted your battle instead of just knocking me aside, and you even shielded me with your wings.”

Baltoh maintained his melancholic face.

“Listen, the fact that you haven’t caught these monsters yet means that it will probably take time. During that time, if you ever want to take a break or talk to someone, just come find me.”

Baltoh gave a small nod and stood up. “You still have that feather, right?”

“Of course,” Selene answered, almost excitedly.

“Keep it with you, and if you are ever in danger, I will sense it and be able to find you,” he said before becoming intangible and walking through the wall, leaving Selene resting her chin on her hand with a dreamy expression on her face.

“So did you see that black line in the sky yesterday?” Molly asked, causing Selene to perk up like a cat at the sound of a passing mouse.

She was in the break room of her office building, looking in low cabinets for any coffee cans so that she could make a fresh pot. The break room was like any other in the world, with a line of high cabinets and low cabinets against the wall, a small fridge, dingy lighting, a table and a few chairs, a “stainless” steel sink, and a bullshit motivational poster that served only to add some color to the beige wall.

Molly was sitting up on the counter like a little kid, curling her long blond hair around her finger. She was both the equal and opposite to Selene, with golden hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin, but she had a fit build with voluptuous curves, the perfect combination of good genes and countless hours at the gym. She and Selene had been best friends since they were first interns and were closer than sisters.

“Uh… no… I spent the day in bed. I got that bad 24 hour flu that has been going around.” she replied, avoiding eye contact while she set up the coffee maker.

“Jeez, that’s a real shame. Everyone’s talking about it but there isn’t a single picture of it anywhere, not on the news, in the papers, or even online. Normally if someone falls off their motorcycle, people have their phones ready to upload it to Youtube before he even hits the ground. And it was almost right in the middle of the city where everyone saw it,” her friend muttered while trying to break a jumbled knot of a few strands of her hair.

The words of her friend gave Selene a flashback of what Baltoh had said about Angels removing all traces of incidents and even manipulating the media.

“I’m sure it will be online by the end of the day, someone had to have recorded it,” she shrugged as the coffee pot was slowly filled with the hot black brew.

“I hope so, I really want you to see it,” Molly said as he held out her empty mug.

While the coffee was poured, a balding man with glasses and a large handlebar mustache stepped into the break room. “Ladies, less talking, more typing,” he nagged.

“Just a minute Mr. Reed,” Molly said with a smile that was as fake as a politician’s promises.

The manager left and Molly turned back to Selene with a look of disgust. “I cannot stand that bastard. I just want to grab that mustache of his and swing him around before throwing him out a window.”

“Just be careful, because if he hears you, you’ll be the one on your knees “begging” for your job.”

Coffee cup in hand, Selene returned to her cubicle and sat behind her desk. Typing away on her computer, she tried to keep her mind focused on her work, but her thoughts kept drifting back to Baltoh and her purse, which had his feather stitched into the side, something which Molly had joked about being so out of style that she might as well just call her purse a satchel.

After everything she had seen and heard, it was natural for her to question her current life. After learning that Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, and even the God and Devil existed, was it really unusual to think she had seen too much to just go back to her boring job? Now she wanted to get involved, she wanted to know more, she wanted to take part in Baltoh’s battle against the Demons and just do something that would let her know that she had a place in the bigger world.

Putting her purse on her desk so that she could at least keep her eyes on the feather, she eventually managed to get some actual work done.

Baltoh stood on the roof of a skyscraper, completely invisible as he gazed out at the city and tried to sense the energy signatures of Abaddon or any of the Gargoyles. Unlike in Hell, the dark spirits were keeping their powers hidden to avoid detection, making it next to impossible for Baltoh to pick them up. As he scanned the concrete jungle below, a bright pillar of light shown down from the sky like a beam of sunlight piercing a layer of thick clouds.

Floating down from the sky, a man appeared with pearly eagle-like wings stretching from his back and landed behind Baltoh, invisible to all but the hybrid.

“Salvis Michael, egonst eratum admiratchas cumorsque votbac utinsames postendaccre usquortdes,” Baltoh dryly said as he stood up and turned around.

The words of the statement carried a weight and ominous tone that no other language held, as it was the language of the Underworld; Hellscript, a dialect of Latin and a form of speaking that was very dangerous to humans. If spoken in the general public, every mortal within earshot would be brought to their knees by crippling sickness. Speaking entire phrases like Baltoh had just done would cause them to throw up and begin bleeding from their mouth, nose, and even ears and eyes.

In English, it translated to, ‘Hello Michael, I was wondering when you would show up.’

The Archangel’s clothes greatly resembled Baltoh’s, as he wore boots, baggy pants, a sash, and a vest over their long-sleeve shirts. The only differences were that his clothes were as white as his feathers, he didn’t have a hood, and he didn’t have a pair of shackles on his wrists, though his did have the rosary bead chains. His complexion was much tanner than Baltoh’s grey skin tone, and he lacked claws, a tail, and of course, a pair of Demon wings. His ears were pointed and he had a single line of red wavy hair going across his head like a Mohawk.

“Nanpaeel itpamis gotho ols oliog noshtoah oxvecvfa oasdriax gie coailg, babalons hamil! Osd nanpaeel gotho fabotan toiad exharsp lits maed mashorela Hellscript,” Michael scolded in Enochian, the language of Heaven.

Translated, it meant, ‘Do not speak to me as if we are friends, evil creature! And do not poison the air with your dark Hellscript.’

“English then,” Baltoh sighed. Michael scowled but nodded.

“You should consider yourself lucky that I decided to be charitable and not attack the second I entered this realm.”

“Even if you attacked me Michael, it would do you no good. You know as well as I do that my power is worlds apart from yours. Unlike you, I walk between both worlds of light and darkness, making me far stronger than you could ever hope to be. Know your place, Archangel.”

“Your arrogance is truly that of a Demon, proof that you are and will always be a Hell-spawned abomination. Not to mention the fact that you have the same habit of getting involved with people as the dark beasts that feed on misery. You have caused catastrophic damage to the city without even eliminating all traces of your existence and have even socialized and murdered humans. This is a crime of the highest order!” Michael thundered, swinging his arm.

“The laws of Jehovah mean nothing to me. Your king is a apathetic fool, at least I do good in this world. He doesn’t even try to punish me for these “crimes” of mine, so either he truly doesn’t care about Earth or he is afraid of my power.”

“Blasphemy!” Michael hissed as he held out his hand.

There was a bright flash of light from his palm and a broadsword materialized in his grip. The handle was of twisted gold wire with a ruby pommel, the bronze guard was shaped and engraved to look like a pair of Angel wings, and the blade was sterling silver but stronger than steel.

“Say one more word, and I will cut you down here and now! The Demon and Gargoyles can wait, but your death is long overdue!”

At the mention of Abaddon and his minions, Baltoh condescendingly clicked his tongue and turned around. “Go back to your cloud kingdom, Michael. The situation is the business of Hell inhabitants only. If you want to get involved, do it on your own time when I don’t have to be called up.”

“The situation is truly serious, you know that better than anyone. This time, Heaven cannot afford to stay out of the mess,” Michael argued, lowering his sword and softening his tone.

“I grow tired of this conversation Archangel. Leave me in peace and don’t come back.”

“And if I don’t?” Michael growled, bringing his sword back up.

Baltoh turned Michael and pointed down at the city, with a marble-sized sphere of dark energy crackling at the tip of the claw of his index finger. “Then I’ll fire a Dark Pulse straight into the city and obliterate the next three miles of buildings.”

Michael paled at the threat. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“I’m half Demon, remember? You never know what I’ll do,” Baltoh said with a small smile.

Michael glared at Baltoh for several seconds before turning around. “The next time I see you, I will not hesitate to cut you down,” he warned before spreading his wings and flying away.

Abaddon was sitting on a boulder in a cavern deep below the city with his remaining Gargoyles around him like loyal hounds. Whimpering in fear and pain was a girl at his feet, eighteen years old with auburn hair and pale skin. She had her hands wrapped around her ankles, trying to stop the bleeding from her severed Achilles tendons. Abaddon had cut them to cripple her and keep her from running, and he had threatened to cut off her hands if she tried to crawl away.

The sadistic beast had recovered from his battle with Baltoh but was still severely weakened, even after raping and devouring some homeless people. In front of him, a small flash of red light popped about two meters above the ground and held its form as a burning sphere.

The sphere trembled as a claw-like point protruded from the side. The sphere slowly expanded, allowing for another bony point to reveal itself. The two claws pushed against the sides of the sphere in opposite directions, slowly stretching it into a two-dimensional curtain, less than a foot long, and slowly showing more of their actual size. As the blob-like curtain was expanded, more hook-like claws were reaching out of the fiery depths of the small manifestation, latching themselves onto the edges of reality and pushing it, basically clamping onto the torn border between Earth and Hell itself.

At a meter in diameter, the interior of the fiery curtain seemingly fell away, revealing a burning tunnel with black fog pouring out. The claws that were hooked around the edges of the portal were the size of tree logs, and with each open space that formed by stretching the portal, another claw would reach out and latch onto the edge, helping to widen the doorway.

Finally, when the portal was about seven feet in diameter, a Demon leapt out, landing the floor and gasping for breath. The Demon looked remarkably similar to Abaddon, with the same humanoid-Gargoyle body and characteristics, only he didn’t have hair and his twisted horns were more like the horns of a bull than a goat like Abaddon. Like the Demon, he wore a medieval-style skirt of armor plates and had a metal shackle on each wrist.

“Damn you, you could have at least helped me. That was barely better than being summoned,” the Demon snarled at Abaddon as he tried to get on his feet.

“I received no help, Rimmon. I don’t see why I should help you.”

“Or was it that you were just too weak to actually do anything? I heard that you got into a fight with Baltoh, I’m surprised he actually let you live.”

Abaddon stood up with a growl. “Now you listen to me, your job is to keep that traitor off my back. I have a job to do and I can’t do it if he’ll swoop in out of nowhere and slice off my head.”

Rimmon clicked his forked tongue at Abaddon’s tone. “So helpless. I know what my orders are; you don’t have to remind me. But in order to do that, I need to know that you are following your orders as well. Why in the Dark Lord’s name have you and the Gargoyles not taken a human host yet?!”

“I’ve been waiting for us to all get our strength back after crossing over. The Gargoyles and I need to be in pique condition before we take action, just in case an Angel or Baltoh shows up. I’m still recovering from my battle, so it will still take time to regain my full strength,” Abaddon defended before sitting back down on the boulder.

“Well have you at least picked your targets?”

“I’ve only seen a few humans that would serve as proficient hosts for our plans, but we don’t need too many important people. Once we move forward, we’ll just pick whoever will be appealing and then move forward with our plans.”

“Tch, I have to go feed,” Rimmon smirked as he walked off.

“Hold on, I don’t want us to start this mission on the wrong foot,” Abaddon said with a smile as he picked up the girl on the ground by the back of her shirt and threw her like a discarded coat. Rimmon caught her by the wrist and grinned, taking great pleasure in the way she cried as he dug his claws into her soft flesh.

“These living humans are so much more pure and intolerant to pain than the prisoners in Hell, their screams of agony and humiliation are like music. Torturing this one girl will give you as much energy as eating five. She’s a little gift to help you regain some strength.”

Rimmon laughed as well, dropping the girl to the ground and then kicking her.

“I’m going to go look for some more food, you have fun with your new toy,” Abaddon lazily waved as he got up and left.

Chuckling sadistically, Rimmon kicked the girl again, knocking her across the cavern floor. The scared sobbing victim desperately tried to crawl away with her tears practically pouring onto the floor, but was stopped and gave a agonizing screech as Rimmon slashed her across the back with his claws, licking the blood off the bladed talons as her shredded shirt and bra fell away.

“Please don’t kill me, please!” she begged of the Demon.

Rimmon gave a cruel laugh and crouched down over her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. “You will die, but when I’m through with you, you’ll be begging for death,” he hissed in her ear before licking the tears off her face with his long forked tongue.

The girl gave another painful scream as he slashed her across the ass, literally carving off her skirt and panties. Her lily-white rear was now wet with blood from five deep gashes. Wrapping his tail around her waist, Rimmon lifted the girl up onto her hands and knees as he removed his cock, which was inhumanly large and ridged like a cactus without quills.

“Please no, please no no no!” the girl begged, pulling on the ground to try and get away.

“I hope you’re a virgin, because that’s like the cherry on top!”

Rimmon positioned himself behind her with the barbed head of his spiny cock pressed against the untouched lips of her pussy. Grabbing her by the hips and digging into her flesh with his claws, Rimmon forced his member all the way into her in a single cruel shove.

As the serrated phallus tore through the girl’s virgin cunt and completely shredded her hymen, she screamed so loud in pain and humiliation that the Gargoyles in the cave growled in annoyance instead of pleasure. Rimmon groaned in evil bliss as he let his cock become accustomed to the softness of the woman’s cunt. Blood was trickling in a steady stream, but it wasn’t just from her hymen. Hung like a horse, barbed like a harpoon, and ridged like a human spine, Rimmon’s dick had ripped apart her insides, opening up multiple lacerations. Add in the fact that an object of that size moving through such a small and tight opening is like using a jackhammer for a surgical incision, and she had basically just experienced giving birth to a near full-grown lobster, but reversed. Also, add in just the mental strain of what was passing through the girl’s mind as that happened and of the situation, and it’s hard to decide whether the mental pain was the greatest or physical pain.

Licking his lips, the Demon pulled out of his victim, forcing her to cry out just as loud and tearfully as when he deflowered her, due to the barb at the head and ridges scraping against the bleeding cuts. The trickle of blood turned into a gushing pour as Rimmon pulled out, to which he caught a palm-full of it with his cupped hand and drank it like it was elixir of eternal youth. With his grip on his torture slave tightened, Rimmon forced his cock back into her brutalized pussy. This time, the girl did not shriek in agony or humiliation, as she was too busy vomiting from them. The pain and mental scarring was so intense that her stomach actually purged itself of its contents.

Now that the girl’s snatch was nice and loose (or ripped open like an old shoe), Rimmon began moving back and forth, pumping her with his bulging phallus. The girl was facedown in the puddle of her vomit, sobbing uncontrollably at the unfathomable anguish that was burning inside her from the waist. The only way she could describe the feeling was that it was like getting probed by a chainsaw, and in her mind, the tormenting thoughts of her slain family, her stolen virginity, her defiled purity, her tainted self-esteem, and her subjugated naked bleeding body played like a horror movie that she could not look away from.

The torture victim’s only relief came from the fact that she would soon be dead, that the incredible blood loss was making her delirious, and that her entire lower body had been so heavily damaged that her nerves were only half functioning.

After twenty minutes of the savage torture, Rimmon finally pulled out of his young victim, who was nearly catatonic. The woman’s pussy was far beyond gaping, as the rape had been so brutal and hard that it had broken her pelvis, ripped her open, and shredded the flesh inside like grass under a weed whacker. Her pussy looked like a grenade had just detonated inside of it. Not to mention the fact that she would never walk again even if she lived. She lied there like a limp ragdoll, her mouth open, her eyes glazed over, and her mind almost completely shut down.

Sensing life still in her, Rimmon pulled her by her hair over to him and forced his cock into her soft mouth. As if woken up from a bad dream, the girl suddenly became wild and tried to push the Demon away, but could not free herself or remove the phallus that was completely filling her throat. She gagged and screamed as the pain from her injuries came back, prompting her to throw up with Rimmon’s dick still in her mouth and throat.

Rimmon gripped her head and looked up, snarling like an angry lion as he finally came, launching almost half a pint of semen into the girl’s esophagus. The brutalized girl gave one final scream as the acidic slime began to burn through her vocal cords, but quickly became silent as her arteries and spinal cord were the next to go. With her head being severed from her body, Rimmon dismounted her face and wiped the vomit off his cock, chuckling to himself as he tried to think back to the last time he had such a great fuck. Redressing in the Roman soldier-like skirt of armor plates that all Demons wore, he turned around as Abaddon returned, dragging some dead people and a few living ones.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself,” he said a grin. Instead of speaking, Rimmon just mirrored the facial expression.

“Good, then let’s eat up, because we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

Chapter 3

The day was warm and sunny as usual, with the sun retaining its power and prestige even as rush over was brought through its daily birth. On Wall Street, Occupy protestors were waving signs and shouting to end the greed that had bankrupted the country. Their cries doubled in volume and effort as the stockbrokers CEOs rolled by in the backs of their limousines, tired from a long day of treasure hunting.

No one paid any attention to the silent man shuffling into the crowd with a bottle in his hand. What people didn’t see was the rag sticking out of the nozzle. The man stepped up to the picket line set up by police, gazing at the cars passing by. The Gargoyle possessing the man’s soul growled as it saw the perfect target.

Holding up the bottle and a lighter, the Gargoyle set the rag ablaze. Instantly, the people around the possessed man saw the fire and began to panic, setting off a ripple in the crowd. Just as the realization of what was going on passed through the protestors, a CEO rolled past. Sitting in the back of his limo, the fat balding man was trying to light the cigar held between his teeth. He cursed as the empty nickel-plated Zippo refused to give off more than a few sparks.

Giving up on being able to light his cigar, he closed the Zippo, just as the Molotov Cocktail crashed against his window, throwing a blanket of liquid flames across the surface of the car. The window had held back the explosion, but the man’s death was not necessary. The street was already erupting into pure pandemonium as protestors screamed and fled and police began beating people at random.

A possessed wealthy businessman stepped out of a diner, straightening his tie with an erratic facial twitch as the Gargoyle inside tried to get accustomed to the human body. With his suitcase in hand, the man walked down the street with one of the waitresses pointing at him from inside and yelling while the cook tried to calm her down. Clutched tightly in her hand was the bill for his lunch. No tip had been left behind, only a note saying that servants should learn to bring food faster.

It was a small move, one that really cause any damage. But already, pictures of the note were being spread across the Internet and igniting massive infernos of anger and resentment. Similar notes were being left across the city as the hatred grew like thorny vines.

The damp night was filled with the sound of spray paint as possessed men and women scrawled huge messages on public surfaces in crimson. The shade of the red and the way it dripped down made it look like each one had been painted with a blood splatter. The messages were things like ‘GOD HATES FAGS’, ‘PRAISE ALLAH’, ‘THE BIBLE IS OUR CONSTITUTION’, ‘IT’S THE WHITE HOUSE, NOT THE NIGGER HOUSE’, and there were even more than a few swastikas.

Outrage boiled in the city with the rising sun as people would walk to their cars and find that their tires had been slashed and the sides had been scratched. Every car with a political bumper sticker had been the target of this vandalism, both democrats and republicans. As people struggled to get to work, the vast cascade of offensive messages that had been spread across New York were in the process of being washed away by desperate street cleaners, trying to erase them before the hatred spread.

Selene came to a stop in the hallway of her office, having caught the sound of a fearful conversation in the break room. With her hand on the doorframe, she leaned back slightly and peered into the room while two women talked in hushed voices by the fridge.

“It’s absolutely horrible, I throw up every time I imagine it,” one woman in her early fifties tearfully said, wiping her eyes with a tissue.

“And it just happened today?!” her friend exclaimed with her hand on her chest as if she couldn’t breathe.

“I just heard it now on the radio. Police were called over the sounds of screaming coming from the daycare center, and when they arrived, half of the children were dead and the other half were missing!”

Selene’s blood felt like cold mercury in her veins.

“Blood covered the walls and almost all of the children showed they had been raped before they were killed! The police are tearing the city apart to find the children that were taken! I can’t even imagine what they’ve been forced to endure, those poor kids!”

A candlelight vigil was held in every religious building throughout the city, as well as in front of City Hall, with people praying for the safety of the taken children and mourning their horrible deaths. And that was just the city, the situation was already getting international attention. Completely unaware of the forces at work, the people prayed while the Demons and Gargoyles worked.

Baltoh landed on the top of a dumpster with enough strength to crumple it like an empty beer can. Sword in hand, he growled in anger at the two Gargoyles feasting on some of the disemboweled corpses of the kidnapped children. Already a large puddle of blood was forming in the empty parking lot from the butchered bodies. The Gargoyles both turned to Baltoh and gave shrieks of terror, quickly opening their wings to try and escape.

“Angel Art: Ultimate Penitence!”

Upon being spoken, the spell materialized two large wooden crosses on the Gargoyle’s backs, each more than twice as large as the Gargoyle’s body. The Hell-spawn beasts were instantly slammed into the ground with enough force to shatter the pavement, and even though the giant crosses were only laying on them like fallen trees, they could not lift so much as a finger, as the gravity acting on their bodies had been multiplied to the point where their unholy bones were about to snap.

“Fight against it all you want, but you cannot overcome the weight of your sins,” Baltoh said coldly as he raised his sword.

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, sat at his desk with bloodshot eyes. It was almost midnight and he was trying to figure out what was going on in his city. Everything seemed to be falling apart and he didn’t know why. It had all started with that black geyser that shot up into the sky. Still not a single picture or video of it could be found, which was as mysterious as the geyser itself.

A knock on the door drew his attention and one of his aides stepped in, trying to help sort the mess out. “Mr. Mayor, you’re going to want to come see this.”

Gabriel followed the young man outside, where several employees of the City Hall that were working through the night, as well as anyone out on the streets and even a few police officers, were standing around a van-sized pile of sheets of fabric, sitting in the street right in front of the building.

“What is it?” the mayor asked, stepping outside.

Once of the police officers picked one of the sheets and held it to the light of a nearby lamppost, trying to get a good look at it. “It’s an American flag…”

“My god, they’re all American flags,” another officer said, shining his flashlight on the pile.

Standing on the steps of City Hall, completely undetectable by the humans, Abaddon gave a deep laugh as he held out his hand. With a snap of his fingers, the entire pile was consumed by fire, forcing everyone to jump back out of fear, watching as the flags burned.

One by one, the pillars of human civility were being knocked over, slowly causing the entire foundation of society to collapse.

Selene was lying in bed, enjoying the feeling of the late-morning sunlight on her half-naked body and the chance to sleep in. Her cat was curled up next to her, but without warning, it bolted up and jumped onto her back, refusing to lay or sit down.

“Ugh… Jake…” she groaned as the cat’s tiny paws pressed down on her like jabbing fingers.

A shadow shifted across her face, causing her to open her eyes and gasp. Baltoh was crouching in her window with his wings extended outside and his tail curling and swishing behind him. “Good morning,” he said with no expression.

“Baltoh,” she said softly as she sat up, prompting her cat to dash to the foot of the bed with wide eyes, neither hissing nor purring.

“I wanted to check in on you. I haven’t been so preoccupied with my hunt that I haven’t noticed that this city is being turned upside down, and I wanted to make sure you weren’t in danger or anything.”

Even without any emotion in his voice, Selene blushed at his worry. “You’re right, it’s like the people of this city instantly turned into rabid animals,” she said as she stood up out of bed.

Selene was wearing nothing but a black thong and a matching bra that was struggling to hold in her full breasts. Even after seeing and even holding her naked body, Baltoh could feel a very strong sense of arousal as he gazed at her slender yet voluptuous figure. As usual, the strength of these feelings of attraction welling up within him was rivaled only by the strength of his curiosity of why he was even feeling this way. Sensing his arousal, Selene blushed again as she walked over to her dresser. Deciding to tease him, she bent down at a near 90º angle to pull a pair of jeans out of the lower drawer, granting the Demon-Archangel hybrid a jaw-dropping view of her perfectly sculpted rear.

Baltoh’s breathing became shallow as he stared at her smooth-as-glass thighs and her full yet well-taut ass, which would put a Brazilian stripper to shame and could bounce a quarter across the room. Her black lace thong was nestled between the two cheeks like a length of wire and was clinging to her almost as if desperate. Feeling the hybrid’s eyes travel across every inch of her cinnamon-shade skin, Selene smiled and bit her lip as she slipped her feet into a pair of slim-fit jeans. She slowly pulled up the jeans with the waistband being dragged tightly against the back of her legs, the way a clay sculptor would drag a string across her creation in progress to make it perfectly smooth and shaped. Selene stood up straight, pulling her jeans tightly against the back of her thighs with her ass resting on the waistband, almost being lifted by it. Baltoh struggled not to lick his lips and keep his composure as his rushing blood began to enlarge his cock.

“You aren’t very modest, are you?” he finally asked as she brought up her jeans all the way and buttoned him.

Selene was momentarily flooded with embarrassment, but quickly brushed it aside. With a tank top in hand, she turned back to him. “Well you’ve already seen me naked, so there is no reason to be discrete,” she defended while raising her arms to slip on the top.

Baltoh instantly felt his cock stir as her breasts seemed to expand with the parallel elevation of her arms. “So has your doctor, but I doubt you get dressed with him watching.”

The white tank top came down over her breasts, restoring his self-control. Selene swung her head from side to side, straightening out her long hair. “Happy?” she asked with a wry smile.

Baltoh did not reply. With a small giggle, she turned and walked to the doorway. “Come on in before someone calls the police about a man with a tail and four wings watching people from their fire escape.”

While it wasn’t a smile, Baltoh’s expression lightened and he stepped into the room, first retracting his wings back into his body and wrapping his long tail around his waist. As he stepped through the doorway of her bedroom, Selene watched him, specifically his halo.

“What?” he asked, noticing her gaze.

“I’m just making sure that your halo doesn’t burn down my apartment.”

“Don’t worry, the halo is mostly just a symbolic illusion of my Archangel status. If I want it to, I can make it interact with the world around me, but otherwise, it’s basically made solely of light, see?”

He raised his hand and moved it back and forth through the ring of fire, not disturbing the flames in the slightest.

“So tell me, do you have any memories of the people that you once were? You seem to understand cultural references just fine,” she asked while setting up the coffee maker.

Baltoh lazily wandered around her apartment and looked at everything on the walls and shelves. “I do, but not as many as you think. By the time souls in Hell crumble to dust, they’ve already undergone so much torture that they’ve been driven insane and don’t even know who they are. Most of the memories I get are of people’s patterns in their daily lives, like their understandings and views of their culture. While I don’t remember ever meeting a doctor or driving a car, I understand what both of them are and what they are for. However, much of my understanding of this world comes from first-hand experience. I’ve come to Earth tens of thousands of times to escape from Hell when I am overpowered and death is almost guaranteed. Contrary to what you might believe, I am far from being the top of the food chain.”

“Well what personal memories do you have?” she asked, taking two mugs out of one of her kitchen cabinets while the coffee pot slowly began to fill.

“I remember fighting the Greeks that sought to raze the city of Troy and enslave its people, I remember serving as an executioner in 16th century France and beheading criminals, and I remember serving as a sheriff in the old west, among other things.”

“That’s incredible!”

Baltoh just shrugged and sat down at the island table.

“So wait, how old are you? If one of the people that you were created from was a Nazi-hunter, that means you can’t be more than a few decades old.” She inquired.

“Time in Hell moves at a much faster pace than in the human world, a single day here is an entire year there. It’s hard to tell just how old I am as Hell has no seasons or yearly changes, but due to the date here, I would say that I’m over 40,000 Hell-years old.”

“Say, what is Hell like? I get a vague idea, but I’m curious. Coffee?” she asked, holding up the pot.

“No thanks, I don’t eat or drink. Demons and Gargoyles can eat human flesh in order to regain their strength, but Angels and Archangels do not require sustenance. In fact, we never have to “relieve ourselves” because nothing ever passes through our systems.

Hell is actually rather small. The universe of it is just as large as this one but the name ‘Hell’ denotes both the entire realm and the one region that is actually occupied by human and demonic spirits is a single planet in empty space. 95% of the planet Hell covered by a sea of fire that burns for all eternity, but there is a place known as the Isle of the Damned. It’s the only landmass in all of Hell so it’s the only place with only residents, and it serves as the entrance the planet, where most of the stuff goes on.

The planet is composed of zones, which each zone corresponding to a different kind of prisoner and different kind of punishment. The zones are divided up not only by the Seven Deadly Sins, but by other factors and geographical factors. Humans that are sent there generally lose the ability to be killed. They will suffer mind-numbing tortures and excruciating deaths, but until they finally crumble into ash, there is nothing that can free them of their pain. I consider myself lucky that my enemies don’t have that trait. Even in Hell, beings with Angel or Demon energy are mortal, meaning that I’m not just killing the same opponent over and over again.”

“So I imagine it’s full of criminals?”

“Generally, but there are also the victims of circumstance and those who meant to do good. Suicide victims, heroes that have committed murder to bring justice, and even people who committed crimes completely by accident. Unfortunately, the majority of the people in Hell are there only because of small infractions that never hurt anyone and caused any harm, but were still considered sins.”

“You know, there is something that people have been wondering for a long time in this country; do you go to Hell if you get an abortion? They say its murder.”

Baltoh scowled. “Of course not! What dumbass told you abortion was murder?”

Selene gave a lighthearted giggle. “Thank you for coming to check up on me. I was wondering when I would see you again.”

A small smile briefly appeared on Baltoh’s face before disappearing. “I had to, with how dangerous this city is becoming and the fact that you are aware of me, I knew you were at risk.”

Selene lost her smile. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I do know that my enemies are causing it. I’ve been investigating the scenes of these disturbances and I always find the faint scent of evil. Abaddon and his henchmen are taking over humans and using them to raise tensions and cause chaos, though it has already gained momentum and no longer requires their involvement.

You’ll probably see this on the news, but a woman just threw a flaming bottle of gasoline into a mosque while it was full of people. I got there moments after it was thrown and caught her. She wasn’t possessed; she was just a hate-filled killer. I hold no remorse in taking her life. It’s being seen everywhere: religious fanatics are on the streets, cursing everything and everyone that doesn’t follow their strict and prejudiced views (I’ll probably kill them later), new protest groups are starting and they are patrolling the city with political signs, and I’ve already found three dead bodies.”

Selene stirred uncomfortably at the mention of murder. “Are you really willing to kill that easily?”

Sensing her unease, Baltoh looked at her in the corner of his eye and stood up. “I’m not a serial murderer that takes the lives of innocent people. My name means “righteousness” in the language of Heaven and I was born from the hatred of evil of millions of heroes. I was born of hatred, just like my victims, but unlike them, my hatred is of their hatred. They use their hatred to cause harm and make others suffer, I use my hatred to end the torment they inflict and bring the justice that must rule. Hatred is like fire, in that it can destroy all in its path, but my hatred is like Hellfire, in that it incinerates the unjust.”

Selene regained her smile and her eyes were filled with admiration, sparkling like gems so beautifully that Baltoh could not look away from them.

“To be honest, I have no clue what the Demons are up to. I don’t know if they’re causing this pandemonium because it is their nature, or if they are just using it to hide their movements while they bring some plan to fruition. I can’t track them when they possess humans, so unless they actually use their powers with enough energy for me to sense or their human hosts are caught within the rites of an exorcism, I can’t find them.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I have to wait, wait for one of them to reveal themselves or wait until I can identify a possible pattern and predict where they will strike so that I can capture them.”

He then walked back over to the island table and leaned over it, looking in Selene’s eyes. “Listen, I have a feeling that things are going to continue to escalate. These acts of violence and vandalism are now occurring without the Demons’ influence, and this fire is just going to keep growing unless I can stop them. If I can’t find them soon and things go from bad to worse, I want you to leave New York until I can get the situation under control.”

Selene smiled. “There is no way I’m leaving you or this city. I’ve always wanted to be somewhere of interest, somewhere where there is something amazing and complicated that I can get involved in. I moved here because of how interesting New York is. Right now, you are the most interesting thing in the world, so I’m not leaving unless you leave.”

Baltoh gained a rare smile at her stubbornness. “Have you always been so defiant?”

“Always. Like most kids, I disobeyed my parents constantly, but not because I was a little brat. I was always trying to push myself to my limits and do what I shouldn’t. They were always saying to me “don’t climb that tree, you’ll fall”, “I don’t care if your brother did it, don’t eat that bug”, “don’t run so fast or you’ll trip”. I was a well-behaved child, I just didn’t like not being challenged. I even loved schoolwork because it was one giant mind challenge.”

“So I imagine you did a lot of sports?” Baltoh asked, sitting back down.

Selene laughed. “My parents still keep my old bedroom full of my trophies, not to mention awards from other school groups. They always worried about me, worried that I was pushing myself too hard, trying to balance homework, sports, school clubs, and a social life. It never got to me, because the more I was pushed and the harder I worked, the stronger and better I became. I was like a knife; no matter how much you grind me against a whetstone, I just get sharper.”

“I imagine you considered dating as just another weight to add to the dumbbells of your life?” Baltoh asked, becoming more and more comfortable and lighthearted.

Selene’s smile grew smaller, but did not disappear. “I could never find a guy who challenged me enough, someone interesting enough. I’ve had couple boyfriends in my life, but as you can see, they didn’t last. I was always looking for something more in them, something that set them apart from everyone else, something that I could spend my life trying to climb like a cliff face or translate like a book written in Latin.”

She then leaned over the table with her chin resting on her hands. “I wish I could return these questions. You’ve spent your whole life fighting in the pits of Hell which means you haven’t lived like a regular person, and I don’t want to ask about the lives that make you up, because then I don’t feel like I’m really asking about you, and who you really are. You’re so strange,” she huffed, while maintaining her small smile.

Baltoh rested his chin on his hands the same way, looking into her eyes. “What I was or what made she who I am should not matter, only who I am now should matter. You don’t need a past to have a future, you only need a present from which that future can grow.”

“What lies in your future?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Maybe instead of fighting, there is a person in your future.”


Selene gave a soft giggle. “You’re half-Archangel, right? Well then have some faith.”

After the words passed her lips, the human and the hybrid both became silent, staring into each other’s eyes. Slowly, they began to move forward, in increments of measurement so small that they were barely visible. As their faces approached, their lips parted, and on cue, the cat Jake leapt up onto the table, landing between them.

Selene and Baltoh jerked back and immediately felt the squeeze of awkwardness around their chests.

“I should go, I have to find those Demons before things get out of hand,” Baltoh nervously said, turning around and extending his wings.

As he turned around, about to become intangible and pass through the wall, Selene spoke. “Baltoh, take your time. You’ve piqued my interest, so don’t think you’re leaving any time soon.”

Baltoh mirrored the smile on his own lips.

“Maybe I will, after all, you humans are turning out to be interesting as well,” he said before departing.

As Baltoh passed through the walls and levels of the building and took to the sky, flying invisibly, Abaddon materialized on the fire escape of the building across the street. His arms were crossed and he had a dark grin.

“Well now, isn’t this a curious twist?” he said to himself before disappearing once again.

Selene and Molly were sitting on a bench in the park, enjoying the late-spring sunlight. Deep in the background, the sounds of chanting protestors and honking cars could be heard in the city, but the park itself was almost completely tranquil. The island in the pavement sea was bustling with people, all trying to enjoy the nice weather before it rose into the unbearable summer temperatures.

“I had the kinkiest dream last night…” Molly hummed as both women leaned back in the bench with their eyes closed, trying to soak up as much sun as possible like a pair of dozing cats.

“Ok, I’m interested,” Selene chuckled.

“It was about that office Christmas party two years ago,” Molly said coyly, raising one eyelid and glancing at Selene. Without opening her eyes, Selene scowled.

“Molly, we agreed never to talk about that night, remember?” she hissed.

“Hey, you seemed more than willing and happy at the time.”

“Yeah, because we were both drunk. Remember what happened afterwards? How we couldn’t speak to each other for three months and I almost quit my job because it was just too awkward to be in the same building.”

“Oh come on, I know you enjoyed it, and if you didn’t, then why is it that you were so interested in my sex dream just a minute ago? The idea that I’m doing something kinky turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Listen, I don’t want to talk about it. It took me months to get over what we did and I’m still ashamed of myself,” Selene angrily replied, about to get up and leave.

“Then why are you blushing?”

Selene glared at her with invisible daggers shooting from her eyes, but no matter how hard she fought, talking about that night was bringing up a very erotic montage of memories in her mind, and those memories were beginning to make her aroused. Already she could feel her pussy moistening and her body temperature rising. It didn’t take long for her resolve to finally break and a flashback to flood her mind…

December 24th, 2009, 10:00 pm:

Selene wandered through the cubicle maze with a half-full plastic cup and a prominent stagger. This was the last time they would allow liquor, and for good reason. The office party had quickly fallen apart as the blood-alcohol level rose with the lateness of the evening and Selene had probably the highest. Bored and more than drunk to decide to start photocopying her ass, Selene was looking for Molly, as there certainly wasn’t anyone interesting to talk to. She had already wandered around most of the building, but there was one place she had not checked.

Selene pressed her ear against Mr. Reed’s office door, hoping she wouldn’t hear her friend getting a mustache ride from their ugly boss. She did not hear the moans or flesh clapping of two people having sex, but she heard an undulating buzzing sound and the shrill but soft whines of Molly. Curious, Selene opened the door and peered inside. Molly was sitting in her boss’ chair, her blouse open with her arms across her bare breasts, her thong and skirt on the floor, and a vibrator being worked between her legs (but do to the desk blocking her from the waist down, this couldn’t really be confirmed).

“Molly, what are you doing?” Selene asked in lazy interest. The busty blond nearly jumped out of the chair.

“Selene, close the door!”

Selene stepped inside and locked the door behind her. “Ok, I’m going to need an explanation…”

Molly turned in the chair and pulled out the pink dildo, holding it like a cigarette without even turning it off. “I was bored as Hell, my vibrator was in my purse, and this is the most comfortable chair. Reed is already gone, and I figured doing this might get me sober enough to drive. I hit the sauce pretty hard.”

Selene was completely unaffected by the sight of her friend’s lily-white D-cup breasts, landing strip-flat belly, smooth thighs, and wet shaved pussy, and Molly seemed literally open to showing her everything. Without alcohol in the equation, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening, but with them practically burping ethanol, neither were exactly “thinking clearly”.

“Normally it takes a while to get me off when I’m buzzed, but this is ridiculous. I’ve been fucking myself with this thing for half an hour and I’ve almost drained the batteries, not to mention my arms are exhausted.”

Selene was silent, letting her eyes wander around the office before inevitably coming back to her empty cup.

“Hey, could you help me out?” Molly finally asked.

“Why? What are you doing?” Selene asked, having completely forgotten what they were talking about.

“Just sit on the floor.”

“Okey-dokey,” her friend replied with a girlish giggle.

Crossing her legs, Selene sat down on the floor like a kindergartener at story time. Molly spread her legs and only now did Selene seem a smidgen skittish at the sight of her pussy, sopping wet and pink as gum.

“I’m really not sure I like this.”

Molly handed her the vibrator. “I just need you to work this in me, just like a fuck machine. You don’t need to do anything else. It’s just a simple favor, like helping me paint my kitchen. Just help me get off, it’s not like I’ll tell anybody about this. Come on, you would help me paint my kitchen, wouldn’t you?”

Squeamish but willing, Selene held the end of the wet vibrator with her index finger and thumb. She looked back and forth at the toy and the spread lips of her friend’s pussy, hungry for pleasure. A part of her was saying that this was going a little too far, but the rest was saying ‘eh, why not’. Deciding that this was just a favor for a friend, she slowly inserted the buzzing vibrator into Molly. The blonde drunk instinctively moaned as it entered her, shaking the silky flesh of her moist interior. The sound of the sexual call made Selene excited and anxious, but she proceeded to move the toy back and forth in her friend.

As she moved the toy like a piston in Molly, the sweet juices of her snatch ran down the dildo and soaked Selene’s fingers. While she was immediately touched with the desire to wash her hands, she could feel herself beginning to enjoy the act as well. The contorted expression of pleasure on Molly’s beautiful face, the shifting and jiggling of her breasts as her body trembled and she pinched her nipples, her flat stomach rippling as if she were belly dancing, and her legs openly spread, carelessly putting her oiled vagina on display.

Something about this act was very arousing to Selene, and the sweet smell of her friend’s pussy was making her body tremble with heat and excitement. True, she had never felt any sort of attraction to women, at least no more than a slight curiosity like everyone else had, but she had always felt a tinge or arousal when Molly bent over to pick something up or was showing a particularly ample amount of cleavage. Selene often found her gaze wandering when Molly was around, stirring her natural curiosity. And she had to admit that the symphony of Molly’s moans and the buzzing of the vibrator was making her own pussy wet as well. After just a couple minutes, she held the vibrator tightly with her full hand and was working it in her friend with rapid speed, making Molly holler and whine, quickly bringing her to climax.

“Thanks Selene,” said Molly, gasping for air as she took the vibrator and turned it off.

Trembling from the arousal that had been instilled by pleasuring Molly, Selene was just about to get back on her feet, but froze in shock as her friend ran her tongue up the sex toy as if it were a Popsicle.

“Oh my god, you actually lick your own juices?”

“Of course, I am delicious!”

She then leaned forward in the chair and put her hand on Selene’s shoulder as she licked the toy again. “Here, try it.”

Selene’s whole body became rigid as the phallic toy was forced into her mouth against the back of her throat, nearly making her puke from the sinfulness of her friend’s flavor. She tried to pull away, but Molly was holding her shoulder and making her to suck it. Molly truly was a dominating drunk, but even with tears rolling down her face from the punishment of her throat, Selene was too drunk to feel anything but joy at the delectable oil from Molly’s pussy.

Molly finally pulled it out, leaving Selene panting from the forced-feeding.

“Want some more?”

Selene nodded, feeling her sexual desires gaining inertia. With a smile, Molly got down on her knees and began working the dildo in her cunt, slathering it in her juices. She pulled it back out and held it up, licking one side while Selene licked the other, both of them taking great pleasure in tasting the blonde’s essence. Molly pleasured herself again with it, covering it in another layer of fluid, then held it up and the two women began licking it. As they moved up to the top of the dildo, their tongues began to meet. At first it was the slightest accidental touches, then strings of saliva could be seen stretched between their lips, and eventually, they were kissing each other over and over again with the dildo no longer between them. At this point, Selene no longer cared what happened. She just wanted the hot vibrations of pleasure between her legs to continue.

The gorgeous blonde and the ebony goddess continued to kiss, their mouths salivating from the horniness they were feeling. With a smile, Molly put the dildo aside and pulled off her blouse and unclasped bra. With her hands on Selene’s shoulders, she laid her friend back on the floor and held herself over her, wearing nothing but her high heels.

“Hmm, this reminds me of my college sorority,” Molly purred as her long blonde hair hung down on Selene’s face, contrasting against her dark skin.

She leaned down and pressed her lips against Selene’s, slipping her tongue into her friend’s mouth and letting their saliva mix. With their rosy lipstick shades blending together, Molly grasped Selene’s hand and held it limply against her pussy. Barely thinking through the alcohol, Selene got the message and inserted her fingers into the wet opening, tickling Molly’s slit and restarting her like an engine.

Supporting herself with one hand, Molly pulled off Selene’s skirt and panties with the other, revealing her own pussy, already sopping wet. Molly reached down and pushed her fingers into Selene, making her moan in pleasure through their endless kiss. Both women began moving as mirror images, fingering each other while their tongues basically formed a double helix. After a minute of kissing, Molly sat up and undid Selene’s blouse and bra, humming in arousal as Selene’s melon-sized jugs burst free from their fabric prison. Molly moved up past Selene’s head and turned around so that they were almost in the 69-position, but with each other’s breasts in line with their faces.

“Come on, suck on them,” Molly said coyly as her erect nipples hung just inches above Selene’s face.

Curious, submissive, and horny as Hell, Selene reached up and wrapped her lips around Molly’s nipples, sucking on them hungrily and making Molly coo not just in physical bliss, but in the knowledge that she had bent Selene to her will, and now it was time for her to reap the benefits. Molly lowered her head and painted Selene’s areolas with her tongue, taking incredible satisfaction in the taste and feel of her soft flesh.

For several minutes, the two women sucked on each other’s tits like leaches, practically leaving hickeys on their pointing nipples. With a coy smile, Molly finally moved down into the 69-position, holding her perfect ass above Selene’s face.

“I’ve wanted to lick your honey pot ever since we met. Come on baby, you can’t say that you haven’t wanted to do the same,” She whispered, shaking her ass from side to side. Selene did not reply, as she was too horny to even speak.

First pulling her long blonde hair out of the way, Molly lowered her face and slid her tongue through the sloppy entrance to her slit, making Selene moan softly in euphoria. Taking the initiative, Selene raised her head and buried her face in Molly’s perfect ass. Having never done such a thing before, Selene didn’t quite have any experience on this, so she tried to mimic what old boyfriends had done to please her as Molly’s smooth ass cheeks were clenched against the sides of her face. Molly gave the same moan and continued to go down on Selene, essentially turning the two women into a living yin yang symbol.

Gorging herself on Selene’s wet pussy, Molly purred and hummed from the taste alone as she sucked up every delicious drop of the woman’s fluid as if she were drawing the poison from a snake bite. Beneath her, Selene was becoming more and more accustomed and practiced at pleasuring Molly, moving her tongue inside her friend the same way that Molly was moving her tongue in hers. She too was taking vast amounts of pleasure in not just the flavor of the hot wet cunt resting on her face, but the kinky excitement making her whole body buzz at the softness of those delicious pussy lips and the knowledge that she was completely gorging herself on her sexy friend.

With a smile, Molly retrieved her vibrator and inserted it into Selene, making her groan through Molly’s ass. She turned on the toy, making it shake and rumble in Selene and using it to draw forth more pussy juice to drink up. The office was filled with the sounds of the women’s moans of pleasure and buzzing of the sex toy, glistening with Selene’s oils. Licking her smiling lips, Molly got up and shifted her weight, sitting directly on Selene’s face so that she was almost completely hidden between her friend’s curvaceous ass cheeks. Molly broadened her control on the vibrator, jacking it back and forth in Selene and making her spread her legs wide, pointing her high heels at the ceiling.

“That’s right, honey. Lick my cunt,” Molly purred as she ran her tongue up Selene’s smooth leg and continued to fuck her wildly with the vibrator.

Beneath her, Selene was desperately trying to catch her breath between slurps, but Molly’s naked flesh was covering her face every second. Molly finally moved, letting Selene finally get a lungful of fresh air, but instead of moving away, she left the vibrator wiggling in her snatch and moved up onto a crabwalk, putting Selene’s face back between her toned ass.

“Fuck yourself and lick my asshole, do it,” she ordered, grinding her cheeks against Selene’s face.

Selene obeyed with horny excitement, pushing her tongue as far into Molly’s asshole as possible while grabbing the vibrator and pushing it in and out of her gate of paradise. Molly gripped her breasts until the pale skin turned pink, moaning and crying out in euphoria as Selene’s soft wet tongue burrowed into her anus, tickling the tender moist flesh. Drunk as she was, Selene couldn’t really taste anything, though her mind and her hormones were screaming that it was addictively delicious and her massaged pussy lips wanted the pleasure to never end, not to mention that Molly’s soft smooth ass felt amazing on the sides of her face. Her dedicated efforts were driving Molly insane in ecstasy, making her abandon her breasts and instead rub her pussy frantically, soaking her fingers in her juices before sucking on them.

After almost five minutes, Molly finally got off of Selene and quickly bent down, licking her face clean like a dog licking a dirty plate. Selene had a drunken smile on her face as Molly’s tongue ran up her face.

“Ok, it’s my turn. Now I sit on YOUR face while YOU get fucked!”

Molly grinned in arousal and lied back on the floor, desperate for a second course of delicious twat. Selene moved up over Molly’s face, but in the reverse direction when their roles had been different. She lowered herself onto Molly, pinning her down and making her lick her pussy. The second Molly started, Selene was moaning in euphoria, feeling a much greater pressure on her tender lips as Molly’s tongue worked inside her tirelessly. Almost feeling numb from the waist down from the incredible pleasure being given to her, Selene looked back and began fondling Molly’s breasts, playing with them like an ADD kid playing with a small desktop feng shui sand garden. She was completely infatuated with the full softness, squeezing and fondling them like a cat with a bag of catnip.

While she gorged on herself on Selene’s essence, Molly retrieved her vibrator and put it right where it belonged, right between her legs. Upon its insertion, Molly nearly arched her back in ecstasy, for the feeling of the toy shaking every single centimeter of moist flesh in her cunt and the soft deliciousness of Selene was almost more than she could handle. Before long, Selene craved more from Molly; she wanted to experience what her friend had experienced. She changed her position, getting on all fours with her nipples pointing at the ceiling. Molly took the message and practically dove into Selene’s tight asshole, flirting her tongue in and out of her anus while relishing the softness of Selene’s firm rear.

“Oh, that feels so good. Keep licking, keep licking it,” Selene growled as she rubbed her pussy and hungrily licked up the juices, while trying not to fall off balance.

She pressed down harder, grinding her ass against Molly’s face while the blond nymphomaniac practically slobbered on her asshole. Before long, Selene’s thighs were burning like furnaces and she had to dismount Molly’s jiggling tongue. Like Molly had done, Selene bent down and licked her friend’s face like an ice cream cone.

“Ok baby, now I want to show you something that I used to do in college. Rub my pussy with yours,” Molly instructed with a coy grin.

Still intoxicated, Selene did not understand what she was supposed to do, so Molly took the initiative. Nearly scraping Selene with her high heels in her excitement, Molly interlocked the two women’s legs. Very gently, the smooth lips of their pussies kissed, making the women purr in kinky pleasure.

“Now grind against me, the harder the better,” Molly said before leaning forward and giving Selene a soft kiss.

Smiling and licking their lips, the two beauties began rubbing against each other, letting their pussy lips aggressively kiss and smother each other over and over again. Their moans reached new levels of volume and tone as the softness they felt surpassed everything else from that night. Ripples traversed their glassy smooth bodies as their thighs clapped against each other over and over again and their lips seemingly fused together with each sensual kiss. As their bodies moved in rhythm, they each reached out and massaged each other’s breasts, rubbing their palms against each other’s nipples.

The two beauties continued like this for several minutes until sharing a simultaneous orgasm. Their pussies were as soaked as dish sponges, covering each other and exchanging their succulent juices, without ever breaking their wet kiss. The two women lied back, panting like dogs in the summer from their exertion. Their bodies were both covered in a glistening film of sweat, saliva, and vaginal juices, catching the light and illuminating their voluptuous curves.

Catching her breath first, Molly sat up and swathed her hand in the wet mixture between their pussies and licked it off as if it were water from the Fountain of Youth. She then leaned forward, kissing Selene’s belly and tickling her naval with her tongue. She continued to move up, licking the sweat off Selene’s luscious breasts, kissing her neck, and finally locking lips with her and licking the inside of her mouth. The sensual kiss revived Selene, and she could finally feel the effects of the alcohol wearing off. She looked around, once again thinking clearly and now aware of what she had just done. She looked at the smiling Molly and at her own naked body, suddenly filled with a mix of shame and confusing.

“Uh… I think it’s time for me to go,” Selene said, hurriedly pulling on her clothes and rushing out of the office, leaving Molly smiling and licking her dildo clean.

“Admit it, you just had one big flashback,” Molly teased.

Selene didn’t reply, only blushed in annoyance and tried not to rub her legs together. It hadn’t taken her long after the party to remember everything she had done, every… single… detail. As she had said, things had been incredibly awkward for them afterwards, at least for Selene. Molly felt no regret and occasionally tried to talk Selene into another sexy fling, and while Selene always said no, she could not ignore that thinking back to that night made her horny in a way that she had never before experienced. Whenever she lied in bed, working her fingers between her legs, Selene often found that her best orgasms when memories of eating out Molly slipped into her fantasies. If she were completely honest, she would say that being with a woman was one of the greatest new experiences in her life, one of her personal favorite “challenges”.

This undeniable pleasure was probably why Selene forgave Molly for seemingly taking advantage of her and why they still remained best friends. As much as she denied it, in her subconscious, the only reason why she never took Molly up on her sexual offers was because she didn’t want to complicate their friendship any further. Though as the memories flashed through her mind, Selene suddenly felt the desire to get some space from Molly so that she could clear her mind.

Trying to keep her clit from shivering in arousal with greater intensity, Selene stood up and walked off.

Abaddon and Rimmon stood in front of the daycare center from which they had killed half of the children and taken the rest to be tortured and devoured later. The sidewalk was blanketed in lit candles, notes, and photos of the dead and missing children, while the street was covered in trash and flyers from the protestors who had stood by and chanted their outrage at how such a travesty could take place and what kind of world their children were living on. The street was completely empty, and while the sun was shining brightly down upon the Demons, they had made their bodies invisible to keep the light from affecting them.

Abaddon held out his hand as if he were a mime and licked his lips. “Yes, it’s so beautiful. The air here is so rich in suffering and rage that each breath is euphoric. Attacking the children was a wise move, as now the humans of this city are close to rioting from fear for themselves and their loved ones and anger that this was allowed to happen. I don’t know which is more delectable, the flesh and blood of those children or the reaction it caused.”

“So can you do it?” Rimmon asked anxiously.

“If it can be done, then this is where it will happen. Something like this has never been accomplished, let alone tried in the human world. However, with my power at its maximum level and this city acting as the perfect breeding ground of malice and suffering, the only way the variables could be better aligned is if we were performing this on a cursed burial ground while torturing a few delicious humans,” he replied with an evil smile, wetting his shark-like teeth over and over with his forked tongue.

“Baltoh will undoubtedly sense your power during the ritual. I’ll keep him off your back while it happens, just make sure you don’t stop and you work as fast as possible.”

“I know, I know. I’m not some lowly Gargoyle that is less intelligent than these pitiful humans. Do what you need to do and I will do what I need to do.”

Regaining his smile, Abaddon crouched down and held out a tiny severed hand. “The blood of a child, for a little extra luck,” he chuckled, squeezing the remaining fluid out of the hand and forming a small red puddle on the ground.

“Demon Art: Horror Obelisk Summoning!” he called, slamming his clawed hand down on the puddle.

Baltoh’s head perked up as a dark sense of foreboding passed through his mind. “So, you finally make your move, huh?”

Spreading his wings, he leapt off the roof of the skyscraper and flew away, mentally tracking the source of the dark power levels he was sensing.

A howling wind blew through the street, forming a tornado around Rimmon and Abaddon and picking up all the trash in the street as well as the memorial pieces set on the sidewalk. The puddle of blood that Abaddon had set out was slowly expanding and growing brighter, turning into a fiery membrane about ten feet in diameter with the two Demons at the very edge. Black lightning crackled above the membrane and a large shadow could be seen underneath the burning glassy surface.

Rimmon quickly turned around as Baltoh landed a hundred feet away, sword in hand.

“Great, another one,” the hybrid muttered.

On the other end of the street, Michael and ten Angels appeared. The men and women were dressed in white monk robes and looked to be in their early thirties.

“Two and a half Demons, it’s my lucky day,” the Archangel said as his broadsword appeared in his hand. Rimmon began to laugh.

“I’m not sure if my luck just increased or decreased. Either way, this will prove to be an interesting fight.” He cackled, holding out his arms to his sides. A sickening sliding sound emanated from his wrists as two blades of black steel burst out of the backs of his hands, parallel with his arms and each protruding more than a foot past his fingertips.

“Well then, let’s get this melee started,” Baltoh said.

With a swing of his sword, he signaled the beginning of the fight and he and Michael both shot down the street towards Rimmon. Behind Michael, the two Angels were combining their power to summon a repairing barrier around the area. Normally it would encompass only about a hundred feet, but in this case, the illusionary dome had a radius of a full kilometer.

Baltoh reached Rimmon first, but the Demon blocked his attack with one of his blades and aimed his free hand at Michael. “Demon Art: Dark Pulse!”

A colossal focused beam of Demon energy erupted from the tip of the blade reaching past his hand, shaking the surrounding buildings as it flew with an ear-thumping hum. With a battle cry, Michael raised his sword and used it to cut through the blast. The defense brought him to a dead stop, but with his blade, he was able to split the beam and half and deflect them.

The buildings along the street were instantly obliterated by the scattering blast, but with the Angels working to maintain the barrier, they were instantly repaired. With Michael struggling to push through the blast, Rimmon turned to Baltoh just as the hybrid delivered a devastating kick to the Demon’s gut, knocking him through the air like a stone being skipped across water. He flew over the fiery membrane that Abaddon was crouched by and crashed through a building, bringing the structure crumbling down like a house of cards.

Before Baltoh could attack Abaddon and stop the ritual, Michael zoomed over to him and tried to deliver a lethal stab. Baltoh deflected the sword with one of his claws and was about to counter with a stab from his stinger-like tail, but the clash was interrupted as Rimmon unleashed his power in a devastating spell.

“Daemost Arsolt: Incinterandato Dilunious!” he roared, casting the Incinerating Flood but announcing it in Hellscript to increase its power.

Before Baltoh’s attack could connect, he and Michael were run over by a deluge of black flames, slamming into them with more power than a mudslide and sending them both crashing through a line of buildings. Thick clouds of dust and smoke billowed from the buildings that had been destroyed by the attack and were currently burning with the black flames.

With a powerful flap of his wings, Rimmon zoomed across the path of destruction and into the dust cloud, sensing Baltoh and Michael and stabbing at both of them with his blades. An invisible shockwave suddenly cleared the dust cloud, revealing Baltoh and Michael, blocking the Demon’s blades with their swords.

The moment of unity between the Archangel and hybrid was quickly broken as Baltoh turned and punched Michael in the jaw, sending him staggering back. He then wrapped his tail around Rimmon, gripping him with bone-crushing force, and pointed his finger at him. “Angel Art: Divinity Ray!”

The entire street was lit up as a wide but focused golden laser surged from the tip of his claw, consuming the Demon as the equal and opposite of the Dark Pulse spell. But just as the spell began, Baltoh’s attention was drawn to Michael. The Archangel jabbed forward with his sword, but Baltoh blocked the attack with his Demon wing. Sparks flickered off the surface of the steel-like membrane from the strike of the sword, leaving Baltoh unharmed.

Before the hybrid could retaliate, Michael placed his hand on his foe’s wing and shouted a spell. “Gastagen Nantsa: Ne Cortaxo Inor!” ‘Angel Art: Holy Thunder Roar!’

In a blinding flash, Baltoh was thrown into the air by an explosion on par with that of a stinger missile. Wrapped in smoke and disoriented, Baltoh slammed into the corner of the building next door, breaking through it as if it were made of Styrofoam as he was tossed into the sky. Before Michael could deliver another attack, Rimmon opened up his protective wing cocoon and lashed out, delivering a slash across Michael’s chest and sending a splatter of blood across the wreckage of the buildings around them.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Baltoh roared, swooping straight down and plunging his sword into the ground between the Archangel and Demon.

In a split second, the entire city block was riddled with bright glowing cracks before suddenly being thrown upwards in a golden explosion, so powerful that it shook the city of New York and formed a mushroom cloud. At the edge of the explosion, Abaddon struggled to keep his focus on the summoning ritual while the ten Angels that Michael had brought were gasping in air and drenched in sweat from trying to keep the barrier from shattering under the combined power of the three fighters.

Selene stared at the glowing feather sowed onto the front of her purse, knowing that it signaled Baltoh’s rising power levels. Whatever was going on, he was fighting and he was fighting hard. Every fiber of her being wanted to go find him, but she knew that she could never forgive herself if she got in his way again and cost him a fight. She just had to wait and have faith. At least now her mind was taken off Molly.

“Gastagan Nantsa: Conselha Natea!” ‘Angel Art: Circle Edge/Halo Discus!’ Michael called as he raised his hand.

Looping his finger around his halo, he pulled his arm down with a dozen copies of the ring of golden light, all intertwined with a lightning-like cord. With a roar, he swung his arm and sent the halos flying towards Baltoh and Rimmon with the lightning thread no longer binding them. Spinning like tops, the rings of light swooped down across the sky like falcons towards the Demon and hybrid.

“Daemost Arsolt: Ferroust Flagellox!” ‘Demon Art: Iron Whip!’ Rimmon called.

Stretching like rubber, his tail extended to several times its own length and gained a metallic durability while retaining its flexibility. Swinging his tail wildly, Rimmon deflected the halos, sending them down into the city. The rings of light sliced through everything they touched, leaving laser-cut holes in buildings and even downing a few street posts.

The fight had now moved, and the hybrid, Archangel, and Demon were now battling around the Chrysler Building. The Angels that Michael had brought with him had been forced to move the barrier to keep the battle from destroying the city, and had even called in reinforcements to protect, heal, evacuate, and remove the memories of people in the battlefield and repair the damage. Already, the Angels had removed half of the people in the area, and none of them would remember a thing. Not in a hundred years had so many Angels been called from Heaven to suppress such a high level of destruction.

Before Michael could launch another attack, Baltoh pounced on him from above with a downward cleave of his sword. With his superior power, Baltoh pushed Michael right out of the sky, sending him plummeting towards the ground with the edges of their swords screaming from the friction. Keeping Michael down with one hand, Baltoh looked back at Rimmon and pointed his finger at him. “Angel Art: Blessed Lightning!”

A deep crack boxed everyone’s ears as a channeled bolt of golden energy was launched from his finger, surging towards Rimmon erratically while maintaining a straight direction. It was not true electric lightning, but it had similar speed and power.

“Daemost Arsolt: Cipparche Sputus!” ‘Demon Art: Tombstone Shield!’ Rimmon cackled as he clapped his hands together.

A bright flash of black light flared before him as a table-sized tombstone materialized, covered in engravings of skulls and Hellscript symbols. The bolt of lightning struck the tombstone like a javelin and instantly shattered it. But unlike the Divinity Ray, its penetrability came at the cost of its timing, and before the bolt of lightning could strike Rimmon, it was ended. Baltoh looked back down at Michael, still with their swords locked, and cursed when the Archangel spread his wings.

“Angel Art: Enlightenment Flash!”

In a blinding display of radiance, every feather on Michael’s wings lit up like a miniature star, shining so brightly that anyone who looked at it would be temporarily blinded. Knowing what was going to happen, Baltoh wrapped himself in his wings, shielding his eyes and protecting himself from Michael’s expected stab. Just like before, the blade bounced off the surface of his wings with little more than a transient shower of sparks.

Baltoh opened his wings once the light faded and grabbed Michael by the throat. With how far they had fallen, Michael had no time to react before Baltoh slammed him down into the middle of the now empty street. In a jarring pulse equal to that of an earthquake, the street opened up like a blossoming flower into a deep crater and every window in the area was reduced to glass powder, filling the air like dust. Michael’s eyes rolled back into his head and he lost consciousness from the pain of the impact, but such a blow would only knock him out for a very brief time.

Baltoh raised his eyes as Rimmon swooped down with his blades held out, desperate to make a lethal strike. Without any effort, he swung his sword and knocked the blades aside the instant the Demon came in his range, then in a single fluid motion, he jumped into the air and delivered a powerful kick to the Demon’s jaw, sending him skipping across the street with a small crater forming every time he touched the ground.

Moving so fast that he was practically invisible, Baltoh caught up with the skidding Demon and grabbed him by the face, slamming him down into the pavement and dragging him along while carving a trench in the street like a plow through a field. Ignoring the pain of being used as a garden hoe, Rimmon reached up and tried to stab Baltoh, but the superior entity tilted his head to the side and dodged the attack. Not done, Rimmon reached around and tried to stab Baltoh with his tail like a scorpion.

Baltoh was forced to let go of the Demon and retreat to avoid the attack, letting Rimmon finally come to a stop a hundred meters away. On instinct, Baltoh turned around and caught the sword of Michael, stopping the Archangel’s slash with his bare hand. Like the rope of a noose instantly becoming taut, Baltoh’s tail snapped around Michael’s ankle, and with supernatural strength, he flung the Archangel towards the side. Michael crashed into the front of the Chrysler Building and drilled a hole straight through it with his body before finally bursting out near the top of the back of the tower. Regaining balance in the air, Michael pointed his wings down at Baltoh through the hole blasted through the building.

“Gastagen Nantas: Vparah Nal!” ‘Angel Art: Wing Arrows!’ he shouted in frustration.

Like a pair of rapid-fire shotguns full of birdshot, his wings began launching hundreds of feathers each second, with each one glowing with a white aura and packing more power than a .50 armor-piercing slug. With a calm expression on his face, Baltoh began swinging his sword with impossible speed, moving his arm so fast that his movements were invisible, even to the nearby Rimmon. A wide deluge of sparks flashed in front of Baltoh as he deflected every single feather that would have struck him. The rest of the arrows peppered the ground around and behind him, pocking the pavement and soil with head-sized craters and kicking up clouds of dust and smoke.

Getting to his feet, Rimmon raised his hand and bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Demon Art: Monster Slash!”

Bringing down his hand diagonally like the blade of a guillotine, Rimmon launched five blades of energy from his claws, razor thin and faster than lightning. In a single moment, five lines appeared on everything within the two-dimensional plane of his slash. Cut by the Demon’s attack, everything began to fall apart, including the Chrysler building. As if cut by a giant laser, the entire top-third of the building slid cleanly off the diagonal cut mark, with Baltoh right in its path.

Sensing the perfect opportunity, Michael quickly cast a spell. “Angel Art: Crusading Canter!”

Moving so fast that he was invisible, Michael flew down to the street at super speed, seemingly teleporting down to the ground, a hundred meters from Baltoh with Rimmon on the other end. The Demon and Archangel both pointed their index fingers at Baltoh, and with top of the Chrysler Building dropping towards him with the tip of the tower careening straight towards his position, they shouted their spells.

“Demon Art: Dark Pulse!” Rimmon snarled, launching a horizontal geyser of condensed shadow energy.

“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” Michael roared, launching a horizontal geyser of condensed holy energy.

Even with the two beams zooming towards him and the tip of the Chrysler Building tower plummeting towards his head like a spear from God, Baltoh was completely calm. “Tch, please,” he scoffed.

Balling his hands into fists, Baltoh held his arms out to his sides and released an animalistic bellow that was louder than a jet engine. Carried by his voice, an expanding bubble of white and black power rushed from every inch of his body, annihilating everything it touched like the first microseconds of a nuclear explosion. Both blasts splashed off the rapidly growing dome like water on rock, while the Chrysler Building was instantly vaporized upon contact with the surface, as well as every building in the surrounding area.

Michael was forced to flee for his life as the bubble-explosion continued to grow, reaching a mile in radius alone before finally bursting into a mushroom cloud. Rimmon wasn’t as lucky and the explosion slammed into him like a flaming avalanche, peeling away his flesh and consuming him.

The Angels manning the repairing and illusionary barrier were brought to their knees trying to keep the explosion contained and unnoticed to the outside world, but even they couldn’t cover up the shockwave it released. Wind flooded the entire city of New York with unparalleled strength, shattering thousands of windows, knocking people off their feet and nearly sending them flying, ripping power lines to shreds, setting off every car alarm, and causing buildings throughout the city to shake violently and even tilt.

Baltoh hovered in the air with a mile-deep crater sitting beneath him as if by a meteor and the clouds above parted as if a nuclear bomb had been set off in the atmosphere. Already, the hundreds of Angels that had arrived to the city, as well as hundreds more arriving from Heaven at that very moment, were using their powers to recreate the area as it had been before the fight, basically turning back time so that no one would ever know.

With inhuman speed, they put back all of the evacuated people in the exact same positions that they had been in before, each one unconscious and unharmed, removed any memories of the scene, and woke them up, leaving no one to suspect a thing.

Baltoh cricked his neck from side to side. “Finally got one. It’s hard staying focused in this human world.”

As the words were spoken, a familiar sense of dread shot through his mind like an electric current. He looked to the east, sensing Abaddon’s power, as well as the power of something else, something just as dark and malevolent.

“But my mission is not complete,” he cursed before spreading his wings and flying east towards the source of the ominous presence.

Abaddon cursed as he sensed Baltoh’s unfathomable power snuff out Rimmon’s existence, killing him or at least wounding him so badly that he was now on death’s door. “Damn it, that cocky bastard went and got himself killed, and with Baltoh and the Angels still around, I’ll really need to work to get some reinforcements.”

He then smiled and licked his razor teeth as the glassy puddle before him shattered like a window, letting the flames of Hell burn without suppression. “It worked, summoning really can be performed in the world of the living. This Horror Obelisk shall beckon the end of the world.”

From the semi permeable portal to hell, a dark object rose up in the street like the hand of a zombie bursting up from the grassy soil of its grave. The object was a tower, ten feet in diameter and forty feet in height, made of chalky obsidian and covered in blood-red symbols. The base of the tower was adorned with carvings of human skulls, set up row by row, with a basket-style woven layer of different bones and limbs. Near the top, a large snarling Gargoyle face was carved in each side, all with the exact same expression. The top of the tower consisted of five long talons, all converging on one point, above the very center of the obelisk.

An undeniable chanting sound began to emanate from the obelisk, with multiple deep voices murmuring curses in Hellscript. The obelisk began to shimmer with a dark-violet glow and the chanting grew in volume. Above the city, dark storm clouds formed and stirred, blocking out the sun with the inky vapors. Throughout the city, everything began to shimmer in appearance, with their colors and shapes and seemingly bending and stretching ever so slightly, as if the existence of the obelisk was sending ripples through reality itself. While the people of New York did not see the affects of this ominous oppression, people throughout the city began to feel sick to their stomachs and lightheaded, as the dark malevolence of the artifact poisoned their minds like a toxic miasma.

“Even if Baltoh destroys this obelisk, it does not matter, the fact that it can exist in this world is all that I need. Soon our plans will come to fruition, and the end of days will be at hand,” he said with a dark laugh before becoming intangible and sinking into the ground.

Baltoh stood before the obelisk with his teeth bared and his hands balled into fists so tightly that blood trickled from his cut palms. Even though he was half-Archangel, the affect of obelisks was nearly overpowering to his Demon side, making it difficult to suppress his violent urges. He despised these artifacts for their unnaturally powerful influence, not to mention he found their mindless evil highly disturbing.

“How the hell was one of these summoned to the world of the living? Only Archangels should have to ability to use their spells in different realms.”

“Baltoh,” a soft voice gasped. The hybrid turned around, spotting Selene.

She was leaning against a lamppost, gasping for air with cold sweat running down her paling face.

“Selene!” Baltoh called, running over to her and catching her before she fell to her knees.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to get in your way again. It took everything I had to wait until you were done fighting before I finally came to find you, I wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt or anything. I guess I shouldn’t have come at all,” she said with her voice weak and her eyes closed.

Being so close to the obelisk was taking a heavy toll on her body, so much so that she could barely stay on her feet. Baltoh gained one of his rare smiles. “No, it’s ok. You couldn’t have known. I appreciate the care,” he said, crouching down with Selene in his arms. After brushing aside a lock of her hair, he held his clawed hand over her face. “Angel Art: Laying On Of Hands. Angel Art: Blessed Protection.”

As if liquid light were running through her veins, Selene’s body began to glow as the first spell repaired the affects of the obelisk’s metaphysical miasma and the second spell wrapped her in a thin layer of holy energy, protecting her from any further affects. Selene’s eyes opened and she took a deep shuddering breath.

“There, you should be fine now and you won’t be affected by the obelisk,” he said, helping her back to her feet.

“What is that thing?” Selene asked as she rubbed the side of her head, trying to remove the last traces of grogginess.

Baltoh looked back at the obelisk and growled like a dog sensing a stranger at the door. “It is an artifact of the darkest order, summoned straight from Hell.”

Selene’s breathing became quick and shallow as she listened to Baltoh and stared at the ominous tower.

“What is it for?”

Before answering, Baltoh walked towards the obelisk, and ignoring her fear, Selene followed him. “Demons will occasionally use these in battle, as it provides a considerable strength boost, not to mention it energizes the evil intentions of all the spirits around it. Often when they are used, it is to dredge up the strength of an army of Gargoyles and set them loose upon me, or strengthen the black hearts of the truly evil human residents of Hell to help them join together to form a Demon-level creature without ever crumbling into ash. I’ve never heard of something like this being summoned in the human world, but just being here could drive the people of this city so wild with rage and malice that they could rip New York apart like a pack of rabid wolves.”

All her life, Selene had craved challenges, craved the feeling of fear at trying something new and exciting; bungee jumping, sky-diving, mountain climbing, that sort of thing. But being so close to this cursed tower, the fear that she was experiencing was darker and colder than her wildest imagination, and even while protected by Baltoh’s spell, she felt like at any second, something terrible was about to happen, or that the obelisk was alive and staring straight at her, like a serial killer before he makes his move. This crippling sense of dread and terror sent shivers up her spine and made her feel like she was sinking into quicksand. Seeking relief, she reached out and grasped Baltoh’s hand, clutching it tightly. The contact brushed aside the influence of the obelisk for both of them, and even Baltoh had to admit that holding Selene’s hand filled him with ease.

“Can you destroy it?”

“I can, but it is difficult and more often just breaks. Even if I reduce it to dust, it will still have heavily negative affects, just like radioactive waste. I can blast it with pure holy energy and try to obliterate it, but there will always be remains. No, there is a simpler and better way…”

Snapping his fingers, Baltoh opened up a portal to Hell right beneath the tower. Instantly, the obelisk fell through the portal as if it had been set on a frozen lake and the ice had broken under its weight. With another snap of his fingers, he closed his fingers, sealing the cursed artifact in the fiery depths.

“Unlike Demons and Gargoyles, Angels and Archangels have the ability to enter and leave the three realms at any time, even Hell.”

“Do you have any idea why they brought that thing?” she asked, glad that it was now gone.

“No, it just doesn’t make sense. If they wanted to use it to increase their power when they fought me, then that other Demon wouldn’t have allowed the battle to move so far away, and if they had some other reason for it, such as to strengthen their Gargoyles or cause more havoc in this city, then I don’t understand why they would just abandon it or not hide it in a place where I might not be able to sense their activities. They knew I would find it, why would they go through all that effort to summon it if I would just get rid of it? It’s like they summoned that obelisk for no reason other than the act itself.”

“Well maybe it was just practice. Is there anything else they can summon?”

“There are different kinds of artifacts, but I don’t know what they would achieve. After all, I—”

He was cut off as a quick glint of light caught the corner of his eye. Turning around, Baltoh saw Rimmon’s tail flying towards them like a harpoon, extending in length as it moved. But it wasn’t aimed for Baltoh; it was aimed for Selene. Realizing the Demon’s target, Baltoh gave a furious roar and got in the way, catching Rimmon’s barbed tail before it could strike Selene. Growling like an animal, Baltoh glared at Rimmon, who was standing in an alley after having just barely survived the blast that ended the battle. Almost every inch of outer flesh had been burned off his body, leaving only singed bare muscle and cauterized veins, not to mention that his wings had been almost completely destroyed.

“You dare harm her? You dare attack this woman?! You will repent for your Demon sins, and you will suffer the most painful death that your wretched kind can experience! Angel Art: Final Crucifixion!”

Rimmon raised his hand, about to sever his own tail so that he could escape, but before the act could be performed, a large white crucifix burst out of the ground behind him, measuring twenty feet in height and eight feet wide at the crossbeam. Rimmon released a roar of terror as whips with pieces of jagged metal braided into the strands wrapped around his limbs and torso and slammed him against the cross, tearing through countless muscles in his skinless body. Unable to move, Rimmon could do little more than howl as a three large nails materialized, the first two driving through his palms and the third piercing his ankles and securing them to the side of the main beam. The final restraint came in the form of a crown of thorns, which acted like a shackle around the Demon’s head, tying him to the vertical beam of the cross with blood running down his face. At least, a spear blade appeared before him and was plunged into the Demon’s chest, piercing his black heart.

“Angel Art: Holy Burn!” Baltoh called, clapping his hands together.

In roaring flash, a bonfire of golden flames flared up at the base of the cross, reaching up and curling around the suffering Demon. Already bleeding to death with a ruptured heart and no skin to cover his lacerated muscles, Rimmon gave one last howl of agony as the holy inferno ate away at his body, burning his flesh as if he had been coated in thermite. In less than half a minute, Rimmon was reduced to nothing but ash, and the crucifixion setup all disappeared. Baltoh was breathing heavily as his hatred finally left his body like blood from a fatal injury, and Selene was staring at him with wide eyes.

“Are you always so furious when you slay your opponents?” she asked softly.

“No, I’m usually much more calm and collected. I don’t know what happened.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t because of me?”

Baltoh turned to her and instantly shivered as Selene placed her soft hand on his cheek. The gentle touch and tender care that Baltoh could feel flowing into him from her hand calmed his body and removed the last traces of strain from battle. But while this sweet touch sent waves of bliss through his body, Baltoh felt a pool of fear and nervousness forming in his heart.

“I have to go. I have to find Abaddon and figure out what he’s planning before it’s too late.”

He stepped away and broke the connection between them. Selene watched with sadness in her eyes as he flapped his wings and flew away, fleeing from her and his own emotions.

Chapter 4

The night was an unusually noisy one from sirens blaring in the background as cops sped throughout the city to answer vandalism and assault calls. Every night, it seemed like the city was becoming more and more chaotic and the people were becoming more extreme with their views, taking it upon themselves to do what they saw needed to be done, even violently. Already, pillars of smoke were wafting from two burning buildings. One was a Planned Parenthood that had been set ablaze by some crazed pro-lifers, and the other was a community center where an anti-Obama right-wing rally was being held, before some young democrats through in some fireworks and… it got out of hand.

Baltoh sat on the roof of a van in a dark street, devoid of lights or people. On the ground nearby lay the ashen remains of the slain Gargoyle. He was digging his clawed thumb into his hand, cursing through barred teeth as he tried to use the pain to clear his mind of his confusing thoughts and feelings for Selene and stay focused on the mission at hand.

‘Why? Why am I feeling this way about her? Never in my life have I ever felt anything but hatred, anything but the resolve to fight and slay evil, so why is it that being here in this city and being around her muzzles my will and leaves me unable to fight at my prime? I should have been able to kill Abaddon and that other Demon with a snap of my fingers, Michael should have been nothing more than an annoying fly, and even with their powers hidden, tracking down my prey should have only taken one or two or three days at most. Why? Why am I so distracted? I was born of hatred, but why does every thought of her extinguish the flames in my soul?’

He held out his hand, letting the blood trickle from the wound in his palm and drip on the street. Unhindered by the pain in his hand, the thoughts of Selene continued to swirl through his mind, leaving him just as confused as before. Baltoh suddenly perked his head up as a strange sensation zipped through his mind. It wasn’t an upsurge in Demon energy or the power of an Angel… it was something else…

It was Selene; he could sense something through the feather he had given her. It was meant to tell him if she was in danger so that he could find her and help her, but in all honesty, that had just been a guess, as he had never used one of his feathers that way. But he was sensing something now, heavy physical activity and a cascade of thoughts running through her mind. If she had been attacked again, then the strain on her body and mind would easily mimic this, and after how Rimmon had tried to kill her, there was an undeniable chance that something was wrong.

Spreading his wings, Baltoh jumped into the air and began to fly, dismounting with so much strength and creating such a powerful shockwave that all of the cars in the street began beeping wildly. Soaring across the sky, he mentally honed in on her position, tracking his own energy signature in the feather he had given her. Whatever was going on, it was happening in her apartment. Had Abaddon or the Gargoyles attacked her at her home? Was someone breaking into her apartment?

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!”

In a low flash, he disappeared as his speed instantly increased to the point where he was invisible.

Baltoh landed on Selene’s fire escape and became intangible, passing through the window. Completely undetectable to any human, he stepped into her bedroom without the slightest physical disturbance. Baltoh looked around and instantly felt all the blood rush from his body and pool in his cock.

Lying in her bed was Selene, completely naked and far from being asleep. Her right had was busy stroking the noticeably-wet lips of her pussy while she was using her left hand to squeeze and massage her breasts, which bounced and rolled with every euphoric gasp she gave. He purse was on the pillow next to her and she was brushing her face against the feather sown on the front like a cat against a furniture corner. With each trace of the moist lips that she made with her fingers, Selene would give a soft coo of arousal and stretched.

“Baltoh… Baltoh…” she murmured.

He stood like a statue, completely transfixed and hypnotized by the scene being forever printed in his memory. Watching Selene pleasure herself while rubbing the feather against her face left Baltoh more confused and aroused than ever before in his life. Just the first five seconds of looking at her had given him an erection that would put a human to shame.

Selene’s soft coos turned into a gentle moan as she moved from just stroking the lips of her pussy to full insertion of her fingers. Moving her fingers in and out of her snatch, Selene writhed and stretched with her whole body trembling in arousal. With her left hand, she began squeezing her breasts more aggressively and pinching her nipples, which were already erect from her horniness.

Suddenly, she began to work her fingers faster and with more energy, sending ripples through her well toned frame as she fucked herself with greater speed. Her moans quickly began to increase in shrillness and volume and she even moved her left hand from her soft breasts to the edge of the bed, holding on for dear life. Finally, Selene bit down on her pillow and moaned in ecstatic glee as she climaxed, soaking her hand in her orgasmic juices. She arched her back, fingering herself wildly as the throes of euphoria flooded her ebony body. Baltoh’s breathing was heavy as he watched her finally become calm and relaxed, while his rock-hard cock remained stronger than ever before.

Just as he thought she was going to fall asleep, Selene did something that made the hybrid’s jaw drop. With a tired smile on her face, she removed her fingers from wet pussy and held them over her face. Reaching up with her tongue, she wrapped her lips around her fingers, sucking away the oils from her body. Baltoh could not stop a grunt from escaping as he felt pre-cum ooze from the head of his cock.

While Selene licked her fingers clean of her succulent juices, she reached into her bedside table and pulled out a red dildo, almost the size of a cucumber, but not as large as Baltoh’s throbbing erection. Rolling over onto her stomach, she got on her hands and knees and supported herself with one arm while she gently prodded the lips of her slit with the dildo.

Watching Selene tease herself while she brushed her lips sensually against the feather sown onto her purse, Baltoh lost control and pulled out his cock. Due to him being originally born as a Demon (a primal creature driven by animalistic instinct along with the malice of the past lives that made it), he was quite well-endowed but without any of the cactus-like ridges of a Demon, due to his Archangel body. Being careful not to knick himself with his claws, he began stroking his erect phallus and rubbing away the strain that had built up in his body. It was a good thing that he was undetectable to mortals, as every movement of his hand made him grunt in relief.

‘Damn that feels good; it’s no wonder why humans do it.’

Selene gave a gasping moan as she spread her legs and pushed the dildo into her swollen cunt, biting her lip as it filled her. Slowly moving her hand back and forth, she probed her insides with the sex toy over and over again, moaning softly and panting as she prodded each hot wet corner. Baltoh was biting down on his tongue as he furiously stroked his cock to the sight of Selene penetrating herself with the dildo.

“Come on baby, fuck me harder,” Selene murmured to herself as she picked up speed, ramming the dildo into her cunt with renewed vigor.

She moved her hand faster and faster, wildly fucking herself while she had her face pressed against her purse like a pillow, kissing the feather that Baltoh had given her. He walked over to the foot of the bed, still stroking his cock as he gazed at Selene’s flawless ass and the dildo being plunged into her cunt. He could barely contain himself, all of his confusion had been pushed aside, and now there was only sexual desire.

Suddenly, she removed the dildo and put it in her mouth, sucking on it with relish as she savored the taste of her own essence. Putting the dildo down, she reached under her bed and retrieved several pillows, as well as a silk scarf from her bedside table. Anxious to get back to pleasuring herself, she stacked all the pillows against the headboard of the bed and wrapped the middle of the scarf around the dildo. Working quickly, she set the dildo against the pillow at the front of the pile, while tying both ends of the scarf to the sides of the headboard tightly, so that the stack of pillows was secure and the protruding dildo would not come free.

Using the stack of pillows to create room for her legs between her and the headboard, she turned around and leaned back, inserting the dildo back into her cunt. With the toy now stationary, she got back on her hands and knees and began leaning back and forth quickly, forcing the dildo deep into her body.

“Oh yes, baby, just like that,” she groaned as she rammed her ass against the dildo over and over again.

Watching Selene’s bountiful breasts swing and bounce each time she forced the toy into her swollen pussy, Baltoh could feel an orgasm welling in his cock, the first in his life. Picking up speed, he stroked his cock as fast as he could while Selene threw herself against the dildo again and again, fucking herself wildly like a nymphomaniac.

Finally, Selene gave a loud moan as she had her final orgasm of the night and Baltoh nearly fell over as stream after stream of semen sprayed from the head of his cock and soaked the foot of her bed. With the two of them breathing heavily, Baltoh stepped back and Selene dismounted the dildo. Turning around, she took apart the makeshift apparatus and put the toy and silk scarf back in her bedside table and the extra pillows under her bed. To Baltoh’s relief, she didn’t touch any of the semen that had landed on the foot of her bed, and just lied down underneath the covers and closed her eyes.

Dizzy from his first ejaculation, Baltoh leaned back with his head in his hands. She had done all that for him, that erotic display had all been to the thought of him, and he had basically mirrored it to the thought of her.

‘What is happening to me?’

Abaddon crouched over an Ouija Board in the bell tower of the Riverside Church, made from the skin from a woman’s back with the numbers and letters written in blood, and the disk for communication had been carved from the cranium of her unborn child. Both had been a very delicious snack. The Demon held his hand over the medium and black lightning began to stream from his palm.

“Lord Tenebrous, I bring updates on our mission. Rimmon proved ineffective against Baltoh and my strength is no better. The test summon was a success, though as mentioned, Rimmon met his end. I cannot proceed to the next stage with Baltoh around, as he will hunt me down and kill me before any action can be completed. I seek new orders.”

Moving in erratic and spastic jerks, the disk began to shift across the Ouija Board, spelling out the reply.

“Initiate Gargoyle spawning initiative and use them as decoys while more Demons are summoned. We can only open up one more doorway before you are cut off permanently, make it count,” the disk spelled out.

“Another thing, Baltoh seems to be involved with a human woman, as he has been seen making frequent stops to the dwelling of one Selene Kurland. His powers are unfocused and he appears distracted. Do you have any orders or suggestions?”

Again the disk began to move. “Continue to monitor her, but do not try to attack her. She is keeping him confused, so killing her would do nothing but focus his mind back on you, not to mention it would trigger his rage.”

“Yes My Lord, and I already know how to create some Gargoyle reinforcements…”

Baltoh hung upside down like a monkey from the fire escape of an office building. As usual, his mind was completely focused on Selene, but this time, the thoughts and emotions he was feeling were at their strongest. Every time he blinked, the entire scene of that beautiful woman pleasuring herself with his feather pressed against flashed before his eyes. He already had a throbbing erection as he thought back to it, and in the deep confines of his mind, he felt heavy regret for not revealing himself that night, for not being open about his presence while he watched Selene, and letting the events of the night roll on their own accord.

“Why am I feeling this way? How is this even possible? I was born of hatred, but these emotions… How can it be that I am feeling them?” he whispered to himself, desperately trying to understand this mental metamorphosis.

The way he saw it, he had two choices: he could either confront Selene and his confusing feelings, or he could stay away from her, finish the mission, and never speak to her again. But as much as he wished for this confusion to end and the very thought of speaking to her about this made him sick with nervousness, he knew that there was no way he could just leave her, not physically or emotionally. He had to figure this out, or it would haunt him for the rest of eternity.

As he reached out with his mind to try and find the feather he had given Selene, a loud commotion began to build in the background, drawing his attention.

Selene and Molly were sitting out in the sun at table in front of a cafe restaurant. Both were drinking iced coffees, and while Molly was having a plain salad, Selene had decided to go with the mushroom soup for the first time. They often came here for lunch, and the conversation they were having was of the usual subjects, but it suddenly took a turn that shook Selene with surprise.

“Has something been wrong? You seem so distracted and aloof lately. You appear to be daydreaming more than an ADD kid in math class,” her friend remarked.

Selene smiled and blushed. “Do you ever get those schoolgirl crushes that you used to have when you were a kid?”

“All the time. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve stopped writing love letters that I never mail and now just put fresh batteries in my vibrator,” she said casually, making Selene choke on her soup.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you said that!” she exclaimed, laughing so hard that she could barely breathe.

“Well talking about being a kid brought out my inner child, and my inner child wanted to see if I could get you to shoot soup out our nose like milk. Right now, my inner child and I are high-fiving in success,” Molly bragged as she skewered several lettuce leaves with her fork and dipped them in a puddle of salad dressing. “So what’s this guy’s name?”

Selene hesitated before answering, knowing that this could be dangerous. She would never betray Baltoh’s trust in her and spill his secret, but there was just something about him that she had to tell someone.


“Oh, foreign!” Molly remarked with growing interest.

“You could say that…” Selene shrugged, realizing that she would have to choose her words carefully.

“So what’s he like?”

“Well he… he’s kind of… How can I explain this? He has a very narrow emotional range but I think he’s starting to grow and warm up, and he’s incredibly intelligent,” Selene described, trying to summarize her understanding of the hybrid.

“So what, does he have Asperger’s or something?”

“No, he just kind of grew up in a troubled home. But he is really handsome and without a doubt, he’s the most amazing and interesting guy you’ll ever meet.”

“What’s so interesting about him?”

“Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that, it’s not my place to say.”

“Then why did you bring him up if you weren’t going to answer all of my questions?! Do you have any idea how desperate I am to find out now?!”

“Sorry, I just wanted to tell somebody about him. I just don’t know what to do, because I’m not sure how long he’ll stay here and I don’t really know how to talk to him about this.”

Before Molly could give her advice, a chorus of shouts coming from the next street cut her off. Everyone on the sidewalk turned in the direction of the sound, which had slowly been growing over time but was now impossible to ignore, especially with the police sirens blaring.

“What the hell is going on?” Molly asked to no one specifically.

“I have no idea, but I’m rather curious,” Selene said as she picked up her purse and rushed across the street.

“Selene, wait! I can’t move quickly in heels!” Molly called, chasing after her friend.

Cutting through an alley, the two women crossed over to the next street, where a full-on battle between the police and a horde of Occupy protestors was being waged. Tear gas filled the air and nothing could be heard but the endless shouts of fury and the sounds of protest signs striking riot shields. Already, the anarchist rioters that naturally orbited around any and every protest group were robbing the buildings along the street as well as just in the area, using the excitement as a cover for their crimes. Every second that passed brought more riot cops and even more protestors.

With transparent riot shields and black Kevlar suits, the officers were more than safe against the protestors; but it was the numbers that were forming a problem. The line of cops was three-men-deep, but the protestors numbered over a hundred, all pushing and shoving each other in one direction. Those at the front of the swarm beat their signs and fists against the officers’ shields, desperately trying to break through and last as long as they could before being forced to retreat, due to the pain of being maced and the injuries inflicted by the officer’s clubs. With bleeding faces and broken fingers, those that were unable to fight any longer tried to squeeze between the two tectonic plates that were the cops and protestors, all the while getting beaten and soaked with pepper spray. Many never made it out, and were forced to the ground where they fought to not get crushed to death. Every few minutes, a cop behind the barrier would hurl a teargas canister into the crowd, while bricks and garbage were hurled in reply.

Selene and Molly stood in the alley, neither one courageous enough to jump into the fray and get the shit beaten out of them. This was a full-blown riot, and it wouldn’t be long until Molotov Cocktails would start flying. Pondering what to do, the women were shocked as a young man, barely 19, was thrown from the mob of protestors and into the alley with a bleeding head wound.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” Selene said with worry, crouching down beside him with tissues from her purse and helping wipe the blood off his unshaven face. The man did not respond, only shook his head from side to side dizzily.

“What happened?” Molly asked.

“Some kids… were sitting on a bench when some asshole… with a badge walked up to them,” he began, constantly swallowing to clear his throat and regain his mental bearings. “They were just sitting there, waiting for the bus, and he accused them of illegal protest. The fat fuck pulled out his mace can… and nearly emptied the whole thing into these teenagers’ faces! One girl was scream… screaming in pain, and when her boyfriend jumped up to punch the cop, he got tased for almost half a minute, and that bastard laughed while he did it.

Nobody wanted to get involved because they were scared… but when he threw the kids down onto the street and dislocated one kid’s shoulders while handcuffing him, that’s when the fight started, and it’s all been growing ever since…”

“Get out of here, go to the hospital.” Selene said sadly, pulling the man to his feet. He nodded his head and staggered off, leaving the two women alone on the sidelines of the battle.

“Geez, I’ve seen it get pretty crazy, but I’ve never seen it like this.” Molly gasped with worry.

Selene looked at the battle going on not twelve feet away and clutched herself tightly. ‘Baltoh, you had better get here soon, because I have a bad feeling about this…’

Perched on a nearby street lamp like an eagle, inaudible and invisible to human eyes, Abaddon watched Selene and licked his lips. He wished he had been given orders to attack her, because he knew that she would be a fantastic fuck, not to mention a delicious meal. Alas, he was ordered to monitor only, so fantasies would have to suffice, until he could sample her properly.

Looking down at the protestors slamming themselves against the shields of the riot police like Persians against Greeks, he breathed in the tear gas like it was the smell of a sweet flower and basked in his self-gratification. He had been the one possessing the cop that started the riot, and the results were better than he dared dream.

“Now for the last ingredient of the recipe…” he said gleefully to himself as he pressed his palms together.

Taking a deep breath, he expanded his lungs to their maximum size and volume, saturating it with his malevolent energy, while making sure that Baltoh would not be able to sense the activity. Once the air in his lungs was evil enough, he exhaled, releasing a black cloud into the horde of people, with them completely unaware and unable to see it. Abaddon watched with a grin as the black fumes rolled wildly above the crowd, shaken not by movements in the air, but by the anger and rage that every person was practically hemorrhaging in the fray.
“Demon Art: Gargoyle Epidemic,” he cast, praying that the spell would work quickly enough.

Baltoh was already on route, having picked up Abaddon’s power levels the second he raised them to utter the spell. Flying about the city, he watched in amazement as it seemed like everyone out in the streets began swarming in one direction, like ants all racing to their queen.

“Abaddon, what the hell are you doing?!” he muttered as he doubled his speed.

There were well over two hundred people now fighting in this street alone, granting Abaddon enough anger and pain to spawn at least fifteen Gargoyles. The protestors, the police, and the rioters continued to battle, completely ignorant of what was happening right above their heads. Catching the negative energy billowing like smoke from a tire fire, the black mist that Abaddon had released was grouping into separate clouds and condensing. In each bowling ball-sized cloud, indistinguishable flesh could be seen taking form and growing, like the development of the unborn Antichrist but fast-forwarded.

Suspended in the air and having reached the size of human infants, the hovering Gargoyles snarled and jerked wildly as their fangs, claws, and wings began to grow. Standing in the alley, Selene felt a very cold shiver crawl up her spine, as if someone was breathing on the back of her neck while touching her bare skin with an ice cube. She wrapped arms around her stomach, suddenly nauseous and filled with dread. She did not know what was going on, but whatever it was, it was evil, it was powerful, and it was close.

“Selene, is something wrong?” Molly asked, seeing that Selene looked like she was about to faint.

“Yes, something is wrong, something is very wrong…” she whispered under her breath, which was actually fogging as it passed her lips.

“Damn it, it seems that is as large as they are going to get. If I wait any longer, that traitor will butcher them,” Abaddon cursed, looking at the child-sized Gargoyles with one eye and spotting the approaching Baltoh with the other.

Stretching his tail like a spider creating a line of silk, Abaddon reached out with the barbed tendril and wrapped it around each puny Gargoyle. With his eyes locked on the Demon and his creations, Baltoh shot down like an eagle towards a fish just below the surface of a river.

“Demon Art: Shade Shimmer!” Abaddon desperately called, having less than a second before Baltoh reached him.

Moving so fast that not even Baltoh’s eyes could follow him, Abaddon disappeared, pulling the Gargoyles with him. The frustrated hybrid only had enough time to deliver a body-splitting kick to the Gargoyle at the very end, ripping it in half and splattering Gargoyle blood in all directions. In the time it took for Baltoh to realize that Abaddon had escaped, stop himself after delivering the kick, and try to figure out the direction in which the Demon was flying, Abaddon had already gone far enough with momentum alone to reach the edge of the city and had ended the spell to keep his power hidden.

With his whole body shaking, Baltoh looked up and released a demonic roar like that of lion, howling in frustration. That beastly call was so great in volume that almost every window within a half-kilometer radius shattered from the shockwave, though not a single living creature could even hear it. Baltoh hadn’t been this furious since Rimmon tried to attack Selene, and the fact that Abaddon had achieved his goal of gaining reinforcements and got away with it was the source of his rage. He was used to Demons running away before he finished them off, they quickly realized to flee for their lives once the vast difference in strength became apparent. In Hell, well over half of every Demon fight resulted in his prey managing to escape, but this time was different, as for every day that Abaddon and his comrades roamed free in the human world, lives were being lost.

“Damn it! Every time I almost have him, and every time he escapes before I dig my claws into his heart! How could I let him get away?! I’LL FIND YOU ABADDON! I’LL FIND YOU!” he thundered, causing his energy to flood outwards like a spent fuel rod accidently coming out of its cooling tank.

All the people below him were knocked off their feet by the hurricane winds that the surge of power was creating and the sky above him was instantly clogged with storm clouds. Clinging to the side of the building next to her, Selene tried to fight the unstoppable winds pummeling everyone in the street.

“Baltoh…” she murmured softly while Molly tried to keep her skirt from flying up.

“Enough of this madness! You are causing just as much destruction as they are, and you must be destroyed!” Michael shouted as he swooped down towards Baltoh with his broadsword raised, having finally reached the scene.

Baltoh looked up at the intruder and released an animalistic snarl, barring his fangs. Holding his hand down low, he materialized his sword and delivered an uppercut slash as Michael brought his executioner’s cleave. The two swords clashed with a rainbow of sparks, but with ease, Baltoh’s sword cut through Michael’s like a table saw through cardboard. Baltoh slashed Michael upwards across the chest, inflicting a wound that would be fatal to any human, and launching the Archangel like a golf ball with blood pouring from his mouth.

With Michael incapacitated and no other interruptions, Baltoh finally calmed down, allowing the hurricane wind his energy was causing to cease. Below him, people were running away, fed up with getting maced, beaten, tear gassed, peppered with broken glass from Baltoh’s roar, and knocked off their feet by the sudden and unexplainable gale that swept through the street on an otherwise still day. Even the riot cops were retreating after what had just happened.

Picking up a familiar scent on the air, Baltoh turned and gazed down at Selene in the alley. The beautiful woman was looking around desperately, straining her eyes to try and find Baltoh. He had to speak with her, but later, when they would have privacy and time.

Abaddon stood over a litter of Demons, all grouped together and feasting on a pile of freshly slain corpses in the living room of a house on the outskirts of the city. All the furniture had been smashed to pieces, the windows covered, and the doors locked, giving the beasts the solitude they needed while they grew and matured. With each bite they took, their muscles grew in size and strength, and their monstrous facial characteristics became sharper and more distinguishable.

“That’s right my children, feed, feed and become strong. I need you to be as mighty as possible if you are to act as the martyrs for the end of days.”

He then turned around to face a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl with long blond hair. She was in the corner, sobbing in terror as she watched the beasts feed without making themselves invisible.

“Now for MY meal…”

Baltoh sat in an easy chair in Selene’s apartment with his fingers tented, waiting in the dark for Selene to come home. While his body was still, his mind was buzzing as he tried to pick the words he would use when he spoke to her. Never in his life had he been so confused and so nervous, and all at the thought and presence of a mere human.

The clicking of a key being inserted into the door sent Baltoh’s heart beating wildly in anticipation, working so hard that it felt like it was slamming his chest as the door opened. Selene tiredly stepped inside, not even seeing Baltoh as she took off her coat and dropped her purse on the nearby kitchen counter. With a deep sigh, she leaned against the island table with her head in her hands, breathing deeply.


The calling of her name spun Selene around with wide eyes and she stared at Baltoh, trying to catch her breath at the sight of him.

“Baltoh…” she gasped.

The hybrid got up and retracted his wings into his body as he walked over to her. “Is now a bad time? I need to talk to you but I won’t do it if you’re worried about something else, I don’t want to weigh you down with my issues,” he mumbled as he stood next to her, leaning against the island table. She almost seemed taken back by the question.

“No, of course not! I just… I was just trying to process what happened today in the street between the cops and the protestors, it’s all over the news as the biggest clash in the Occupy history.” She then smiled and gave a soft laugh. “But I bet you already know about that. I’m pretty sure you were there when it happened.”

Baltoh’s lips twisted as he tried to smile. “Selene, what I need to talk to you about, it’s not about my mission, Demons, Angels, or anything like that… it’s about you, and what you’ve done to me since I got here.” He said. Selene paled as she tried not to imagine the worst-case scenario of what he would say. Baltoh leaned against the table, unable to meet her gaze.

“Selene, I was born of hatred. I first came into existence as a Demon that was born from the rage and pain of heroes that suffered for eons in Hell, and I have lived my entire life for the single purpose of fighting and slaying evil. But you… whenever I look at you or think about you… it’s like stepping out of a raging inferno and into a waterfall. I feel all my anger melt away and I lose the will to fight for anything other than you.”

Selene gasped at his words and tried to think up a response.

“Not in my entire existence have I ever been so confused as I am now; I cannot fight, I cannot hunt, and I cannot think, because you occupy every thought that enters my mind. Ever since I saved you and found you, trying to keep my mind focused on anything but you has been like trying to swim out of a maelstrom. If I am to ever complete my mission and perhaps ever find solace, I need to solve this confusion once and for all, and I need the answer to this question; even if I cannot properly describe how I feel about you, do you feel the same way about me?”

Selene licked her lips first with a look of uncertainty, then with a small smile.

“Yes, I know how you feel, and I feel the same way about you.”

The spoken words struck Baltoh like a cold breath of air and he stared at her almost in awe.

With her smile small but tender, Selene wrapped her hands around Baltoh’s. “I don’t know how to explain it either. I’ve known you for only a week and I’ve spoken to you only a few times, but my heart and my body ache for you. I haven’t developed feelings like this for someone this quickly since I was a little girl, but I have never met a man who completed me as much as you do. We are like two halves of a Swiss watch, so many specific gears and mechanism that we can only be built with all of our own pieces and no one else’s. True individuality is impossible in this world, but I know with my heart and soul that you are the only one who can possibly complete me.”

They both stood up straight and faced each other with Selene’s hands on Baltoh’s chest and his arms wrapped around her waist.

“I’ve always searched for the amazing and the interesting things in the world, and you are practically divine in your uniqueness. Being with you is like looking into the very heart of the universe. My feelings for you are only equaled by my lust, as I know that you can satisfy every need I’ll ever have. I want to be with you, I want to know the mystery that is you, and I want to help you with all of the hatred in your heart.”

“Selene, you are the one person who has made me love instead of hate, and I now know what I want as well. I don’t understand how it’s possible for me to feel this way, but I do understand that I want to be with you forever.” He said, holding her close. Selene reached up and gently brushed her soft fingers against his cheek, making the hybrid shiver.

“While you may have been born of rage, I think there is one thing that you hate just as much as you hate evil, and that is the thought of being alone.”

Moving slowly, they both leaned forward and pressed their lips together, kissing for several seconds. As the embrace continued, Selene slipped her tongue between Baltoh’s limps, nearly making him jerk in surprise but also hum in joy at the softness and taste of her tongue in his mouth. Deciding to mirror her action, he sent his own tongue into Selene’s mouth, shocking her and making her end the kiss, leaving his long forked tongue hanging in the air like a snake in mid-strike.

“What?” Baltoh asked, retracting the body part left over from his Demon birth.

Selene giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I just can’t wait for you to put that tongue to work,” she said tenderly before resuming the kiss.

After almost a minute of their lips joining like two waves and separating, the kiss was ended, and Selene took Baltoh’s hand and led him into her dark bedroom. Inside, the only source of illumination was Baltoh’s burning halo, casting dancing shadows upon every surface. Lying back on the bed, Selene looked up with a coy smile as Baltoh stood over her and pulled off his clothes, revealing the numerous scars that pocked his muscles and the two horns hidden beneath his hood. Pulling off his pants, he caught Selene gazing at his semi-hard phallus with a mix of fear and awe. Right now, Selene was wondering if it would hurt and if this was one challenge that would beat her. With his tail flicking like that of a cat on the hunt, he held himself over her, kissing her passionately. With their lips locked, he reached up to undo the buttons of her white blouse.

“Be careful with those claws,” Selene whispered as he kissed her neck.

Baltoh smiled and slowly brought his hand up, cutting through the button threads on her blouse with the claw on his index finger, exposing her firm breasts, barely held in by her lace bra. Selene grasped the piece of lingerie before Baltoh could take a claw to it, letting her tits spring free like airbags.

“Beautiful,” said Baltoh, in the greatest mood of his life.

Selene laid her head back and purred in sexual exhilaration as she felt Baltoh squeeze and massage the melon-sized mounds of flesh, physically inspecting every centimeter of soft skin, while of course being careful not to accidently knick them with his razor-sharp talons.

“Oh yes baby, just like that,” she moaned as she felt Baltoh’s forked tongue trace her areolas and his lips wrap around her erect nipples.

He moved back and forth between her bountiful tits, wrapping his long tongue around them like a boa constrictor, licking every spot of exposed skin. Sucking on her nipples like a finger-trap around a digit, he pulled on her breasts, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings to the point that Selene was nearly chewing off her lower lip in jubilation.

“Oh god, you’re driving me crazy!” she groaned with her hand stroking the lips of her wet snatch.

Remembering back to his human past lives in terms of the moves of intimacy, Baltoh decided to move on. Lowering his head, he dragged his forked tongue down her flat belly, tickling her as he licked her naval. Knowing what was coming next and absolutely desperate for it, Selene stopped him to remove her skirt and moist thong. With her knees on his shoulders, Baltoh held his head just above the soft wet lips of her pussy, which carried the faint scent of the soap from her last shower.

“Please do it, I’m begging you,” Selene gasped as she squeezed her breasts.

Baltoh smiled and held out his tongue, giving a quick lick that nearly made Selene jerk. He licked again, plugging his long snake-long tongue in between the lips like an appliance cord into a wall socket, sampling the sweet slightly-fruity taste of her juicy insides. He pressed his lips against the gate of paradise, slurping on Selene’s pussy like he was trapped in a peach and could only use his mouth to escape.

Selene could not contain her moans as she felt Baltoh get the hang of orally pleasuring her, making her entire lower body shake from the bliss. Her calls doubled in volume as he fully inserted his tongue into her pussy, licking her farthest depths of her soft interior and mixing his saliva with her juices. Selene basically had to bite down on her pillow to keep from screaming in sexual hysteria as Baltoh’s long wet tongue quivered and probed better than any vibrator and his lips massaged and tickled the opening. She had her hand on the back of his head, pushing his face deeper into her sweet cunt and holding onto his horns like handlebars, while he savored the indescribable taste and slurped up her juices like a marathon-runner desperately trying to get every last drop out of his water bottle.

“Oh Baltoh, I’m cumming!” she howled as she arched her back like a gymnast.

Baltoh immediately felt an upsurge in the amount and taste of the juices that flooded her cunt hungrily lapped it all up, feasting on the taste of her orgasm. The climax lasted for almost half a minute, finishing with Selene as limp as a ragdoll on the bed with her breathing heavy and her eyes rolling around as if she was delirious.

“Best orgasm of my life…” She was only able to mutter.

Baltoh smiled and held himself over her, kissing her passionately until she was fully revitalized.

“Try not to split me in half,” she teased, kissing him back.

Baltoh did not respond, only smiled and gave the quick exhale of a laugh. Using his clawed hands very carefully, he grasped the shaft of his cock and slowly guided it to her gates of paradise, pressing the head against the moist, soft lips. Wrapping his tail around the bed in tense anticipation, Baltoh slowly pushed his erect dick into Selene, instantly causing her to dig her nails into his back and cry out.

“Oh god!” she hollered as he slowly pushed it in, centimeter by centimeter, stretching her until she thought that he was actually going to split her in half.

Baltoh gritted his teeth at the incredible tightness of her pussy, but after more than two minutes for slowly forcing it in like a Hummer into a tight parking spot, it was finally all the way in. Upon its full insertion, Baltoh looked back and realized that his wings had released themselves and were draped over he and Selene. Beneath him, she actually felt like she couldn’t breath, as she could have sworn the head of Baltoh’s cock was prodding the bottom of her heart.

“Not quite as romantic as I had hoped,” Baltoh said sheepishly, seeing the expression on her face.

“No… it’s ok. I’ve just never had anyone that big, and it will take a bit of time to get used to it. But remember when I said that I knew that you would be able to satisfy my every need? You just further proved it.”

“I’ll try to be gentle.”

Moving as slowly as possible, he slowly pulled out of her, with Selene trembling at the sudden mass removal. Leaving only the head inside, he gave her a minute to brace herself for the next insertion. Trying not to harm her, Baltoh slowly pushed himself back into her wet pussy, using her juices as lubricant. Selene groaned at the confusing mix of unpleasant stretching of her snatch and the blissful and literal sensation of sexual filling. Having buried his cock all the way, Baltoh again pulled it out, causing Selene to purr in pleasure.

Taking a risk, he pushed his dick into her swollen cunt in a single stroke, making her moan at the top of her lungs from the deep penetration. It was obvious she had become accustomed to the size, so Baltoh decided that it was finally time to really move. Taking the right position above her, he began working the shaft in and out of her in long, steady strokes, making her moan and cry in bliss.

Now that he could finally move at a fair speed, Baltoh let his body continue on autopilot while he mentally processed the different feelings that his cock was experiencing, from the soaking wetness to the indescribable softness of each bump, ridge, and fold in her pussy. Finally used to his cock completely stuffing her, Selene no longer felt any pain and was now moaning like an opera singer as he plunged into her over and over and continued to dig her fingers into his back.

As Baltoh’s speed increased, he held himself higher above her as if in mid-pushup, silencing her moans as he kissed her and relishing the feeling of her pointing nipples moving against his chest like figure skaters on ice.

Changing position, he sat up on his heels and grabbed Selene’s thighs, using them to hang onto her as he doubled his speed. With each powerful thrust into his lover, Baltoh licked and chewed on his lips as he watched her tits bounce and roll wildly. No longer able to claw at Baltoh’s back in ecstasy, Selene was now holding onto her headboard as if an earthquake of biblical proportions was rocking the building, and her moans of euphoria were replaced with a deep gasping call as the head of his cock slammed her insides like the tip of a jackhammer.

Behind him, Baltoh’s wings were stretching and waving like flags and his tail was writhing like a beheaded snake on the floor, almost to point that Jake the cat was waging a mental war on whether to stay on the bookshelf or pounce on the jerking tail and play with it.

“Baltoh… darling… I think… I think I’m going to…” Selene desperately panted, trying to speak through the mind-jarring penetrations.

She didn’t need to finish speaking, as the subconscious movement of her hands to her breasts told Baltoh everything he needed to know. The longer that he was working, the more he could feel his Demon side being energized. Specifically, it was his Demon sex-drive that was now set to maximum, and he was desperate to go further. Reaching out and leaning forward, he grasped her hands and crossed them against the headboard above her head, pinning her there with his face just inches from hers, all the while continuing to fuck her like a machine. Selene suddenly gained a very ravenous and excited look on her face as she felt the change in Baltoh’s personality, sensing his dominant side taking control and gaining the desire to both fight it and submit to it. She raised her head and started kissing him almost angrily, tugging on his lower lip with her teeth with a feline-like growl of pleasure.

“Come on baby, I’m so close to cumming, fuck me harder!”

“Yes my love,” he said before giving one last sweep of her soft mouth with his tongue.

Moving his hands to her hips, Baltoh picked her up and rolled her over onto all fours, all without pulling out of her. Sitting up on his knees, he tightened his hold on her slender waist and began hammering her at practically inhuman speeds, slamming her cunt so hard and so fast that it was almost brutal. Trying to stay up with her arms straight, Selene felt like she was being hammered with such raw power that she was going to vomit. She could have sworn a sex machine was fucking her with a forearm at the end.

“Oh yes darling, just like that, you’re so good!” she hollered in rapture as he took her like a stallion.

Behind her, Baltoh was gazing at the ripples passing through her toned body and listening to the orgasmic clapping sound of her perfectly-sculpted ass and firm thighs slapping against his legs and the base of his cock. The noise was so deep and satisfying, it itself was worthy of being masturbated to. Anyone who heard that sound would instantly know what was going on and how well it was going. Watching her round ass bounce and ripple while basically skewered on his dick, Baltoh wished he could also get an underside view and gaze upon her breasts, which were swinging like the round punching bags that boxers practiced on.

Selene was so close to having an orgasm that it was driving her crazier than a hundred mosquito bites, and Baltoh as well could feel the ultimate climax welling inside him. Finally, the two lovers each experienced bone-shaking vibrations pulsing through their bodies as their orgasms overcame them. Selene released a jubilated shriek that could shatter glass as her pussy became flooded with juices and Baltoh looked up and gave lion-like roar as he shot jet after jet of semen into Selene, filling her up to the point that streams of slime were spilling out past his cock.

Completely limp and exhausted, Selene collapsed onto her stomach, with her vagina as a gaping semen-filled crater. Baltoh was in the same state. Even after fighting in battles that lasted for months without pause, having sex for just an hour had completely wiped him out. He lied down beside Selene, desperately trying to catch his breath. Holding her close, he wrapped his arm and wings around her while kissing her neck.

“Without a doubt, that was the greatest sex of my life,” she purred tiredly.

“Being that was my first time, I can in all honesty say the same,” Baltoh replied, relishing the very scent of her hair as pressed his lips against the back of her ear. “Is this what love feels like?”

Selene rolled over and smiled. “Yes, it is,” she whispered before giving him a single kiss.

There lips slowly parted and they closed their eyes, wrapped in Baltoh’s wings like a blanket. Little did they realize, that outside, New York was a torched warzone.

Chapter 5

Baltoh slowly stirred, being drawn from his deep sleep by a warm wet feeling around his cock. With a yawn and a tired hum, he opened his eyes and looked down, smiling as he watched Selene’s beautiful head bob up and down. She had a coy look in her eyes as she sucked hungrily on his semi-erect phallus. He gave a tired stretch and his grin grew wider as her soft tongue slathered the shaft with her lips wrapped securely around the head. She then released the head and spat on the tip, using it as lube was she stroked him to a full erection with her hand.

Baltoh reached down and brushed back a lock of her hair, careful not to scratch her face with his sharp claw. Selene smiled and reinserted his manhood into her soft mouth, pressing the tip of her tongue into the slit on the head while she stroked the shaft. Baltoh gave another tired groan and his smile widened as she began deep-throating him, taking half of his cock in her soft mouth with the head going past her uvula.

After sucking him off for several seconds, Selene took his cock out of her mouth and began stroking it furiously against her bountiful tits. The soft skin felt absolutely incredible against his bulging dick, almost like a dry blowjob.

“Cum for me, baby, cum hard,” she purred, spitting again on the head and using it as lube as she stroked him.

Granting her wish, Baltoh grunted hard as he shot a thick ropey stream of semen across her breasts. With a coy smile, she smeared his cock against her chest like a soapy sponge, coating her breasts in his cum. Holding the giant fleshy water balloons, she leaned down and licked off the semen, slurping Baltoh’s jizz off her pointing nipples with relish.

“So delicious,” she whispered before he sat up and kissed her on the forehead.

“Good morning,” he said, wrapping his arms around her.

“Good morning. How did you sleep?” she asked, kissing him on the forehead in return.

“Since I rarely sleep, it was absolutely amazing. In Hell, I always have to sleep with one eye open if I can even find a safe place.”

“With how hard you rode me, I slept like a rock. You know, that was actually the first blowjob I ever gave.”

“Really? I must say I’m that skeptical with the skill you used,” he teased.

“Well I’ve always practiced on bananas for when I would find the right guy. Plus my best friend Molly is a master in the art of satisfying men and she is always giving me pointers. I’ll be honest, I think I enjoyed it just as much as you did.”

At her words, Baltoh leaned forward to kiss her, but suddenly stopped. He could sense something was wrong, something that he had been unable to notice before, but was now as clear as it was pungent, like the smell of a rotting carcass in an enclosed space. He could sense energy in the air, both Archangel and Demon and vast amounts of them.

“Wait, something happened. I need to get outside, now.”

Baltoh stood on the roof of Selene’s apartment building while she sat in her living room, watching the news for anything important being reported. The hybrid was taking several deep breaths, sampling the vast cascade of light and dark energy in the air. As far as he could tell, New York was completely undisturbed and there weren’t any signs of battle or destruction, but the thick energy that sat in his lungs like smoke said otherwise.

“It’s the weirdest thing, there are hundreds of missing cases being reported and nobody knows anything.” Selene said, walking up behind him.

Baltoh bit his lip in anger, causing blood to trickle down his chin. “Damn it, just as I thought.”

“What is it?” Selene asked with worry, leaning against him with her hands on his shoulders.

“There was a battle last night, a big one. Whenever large numbers people go missing at once, it means that the forces of Heaven and Hell faced each other and there were civilian casualties, a lot of them. There aren’t any destroyed buildings or craters in the city from last night, which means that the Angels have been hard at work, repairing the damage and erasing memories so that no one would ever know. However, what they cannot repair is the death toll. Last night, hundreds of people were killed in the crossfire, and no one remembering anything of the battle, they are being reported as missing.

I should have sensed it; I should have sensed the fighting going on as if I were watching it from front row seats. Of all the times for this battle to be waged, it was when I was the most distracted and focused on other things.” He cursed, thinking back to the night of passion. With her eyes filled with sadness, Selene took her hands off Baltoh’s shoulders and stepped back, praying that he wasn’t blaming her for what happened.

“Baltoh!” an angry voice announced.

Without turning away from the city, Baltoh’s eyes swerved up as an Archangel descended from the sky, landing beside him with the balance of an acrobat. He was dressed just like Michael with the same white eagle wings, but his facial characteristics were much difference. While his hair was blond and cut short, he had several piercings through his pointed ears, his eyebrows, one through his lower lip, and three through the bridge of his nose. The Archangel and Selene paid no attention to each other, as he was completely invisible and inaudible to her.

“There is no point in hiding yourself, Gabriel. She knows about me and everything else. You might as well show yourself,” Baltoh muttered, drawing Selene’s confused attention.

With a swear, the Archangel became visible, causing Selene to jump back out of shock and grip Baltoh’s arm. She stared at warrior from Heaven with utter amazement, now having someone to compare Baltoh too other than that brief sight of Abaddon and Rimmon.

“It’s been a while, Gabriel,” Baltoh dryly said without looking at him.

He and Gabriel were in no way allies, but neither were they enemies, only in that they didn’t try to kill each other. Gabriel saw Baltoh as a somewhat positive force in the universe, one that he refused to work with or side with, but did not get in the way of. Baltoh saw Gabriel as probably the closest thing he had to a friend, even though they never saw eye to eye and did little more than argue.

“Damn it, Baltoh! Where the Hell were you? You come here from Hell to hunt these bastards down, and just when we finally need your help for the first time, you disappear on us! This is why the other Archangels want you dead, because you never make it very clear which side you are on.

And her, what the Hell are you doing with a human?! Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken?! I shouldn’t even be letting her see me but you’ve made that pointless now!”

“The laws of your master mean nothing to me. I do what I want and the forces of Heaven had better accept that they can do nothing about it and should just be glad that I at least keep myself hidden when I show up here. She is of no concern to you, so you better not say another word about her. I was busy last night, so tell me what happened.” Baltoh argued, holding out his arm between Gabriel and Selene. Selene gripped his arm, almost afraid of Gabriel.

The Archangel looked at Baltoh and Selene, switching his gaze between them as the truth became apparent. “You bastard, I don’t know if you really are this stupid or this selfish. A physical relationship with a human woman?! You always make trouble when you come to Earth, but this is unacceptable! Do you have any idea what sort of abomination would be spawned if you were to impregnate her?!”

“Silence!” Baltoh roared, infusing so much power with his voice that Gabriel was forced to his knees by the oppressive weight of that single word.

“I warned you not to say another word about her. You would be wise to remember who you are talking to and just what I am capable of. Now what the Hell happened last night?” he ordered, taking the invisible weight off Gabriel.

The Archangel grudgingly stood up. “Gargoyles, super-charged by Demon power and feasting on innocent people. They were far stronger than Angels and they were fast, causing vast amounts of destruction to the city while completely exposing themselves to the public.”

“What was their purpose? Abaddon has already set the people of this city against each other, such a broad attack would only create fear and unify everyone.”

“It was a distraction, one that Abaddon was able to take full advantage of…”

12 Hours Earlier:

Abaddon faced his small squadron of Gargoyles in a massive abandoned warehouse, all fully-grown and far larger than their natural sizes. Having spent the last few hours eating and torturing live humans, they had feasted upon more than enough agony and fear to bring them almost halfway to Demon-level power. True, their minds still remained barely developed enough to speak and follow orders, meaning that they were not sophisticated enough to mold their energy into Demon Art, but they could unleash their power in raw unfocused explosions, easily capable of destroying buildings.

“Your mission is simple; buy me enough time to summon more Demons from Hell. To do this, I need you to release as much power as possible so that I my own won’t stand out while performing the ritual. Reign terror, slaughter everyone, destroy to your heart’s content, and have all the fun you desire. Just keep moving and keep the Angels off my tail. Go!”

All but two Gargoyles released gleeful shrieks of bloodlust and took to the air to wreck havoc. The two that stayed would be guarding Abaddon in case any Angels or Archangels discovered their location.

Michael and Gabriel stood on the edge of a skyscraper roof, looking out over the city. New York seemed particularly calm this night… or as calm as New York could be without a blackout. Michael had recovered from his injury and it was as if he had never received it.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen this world, I never realized how much it has changed,” Gabriel hummed.

“Neither did I. The Earth is constantly moving forward, while it seems like Heaven and Hell are always frozen in time.”

The two friends paid no attention to the third Archangel that appeared beside them. He was dressed in the same white uniform, but he had a darker complexion like that of a Native American, his brown hair hung down past his shoulders, and on his face were numerous tattoos; a pair of wings on his cheeks and a cross on his forehead that stretched down the bridge of his nose just to name a few.

“Everything is quiet to the north, all Angels are reporting silence,” he said.

“I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I know the Gargoyles wouldn’t act so broadly with us here, but I’m starting to think that it’s just a little too quiet. What do you think, Raphael?” Michael asked the tattooed man.

“I don’t know; it’s impossible to predict the actions of Demons and their ilk.”

He turned and looked out at the city, just as his friends were doing. They stood like three sentient statues, all in the exact same positions with the exact same expressions. Minutes went by, and not a word was spoken.

A building in the distance suddenly exploded in a geyser of black flames, throwing debris is all directions and sending up a mushroom cloud. Before the Archangels could even move in response, several more buildings were destroyed in other areas, quickly turning into domino lines of destruction. Down in the streets, people were panicking as they heard the explosions and saw the smoke rising, even in the dark night. Was it a terrorist attack? A huge riot? An earthquake? Whatever it was, it was sending ripples of fear throughout the city.

“Gabriel, summon a memory barrier around the city! Raphael, call forth the Angels to begin evacuations! I’ll go investigate!” Michael instructed as he spread his wings and brought forth his sword from nonexistence.

As Michael took off towards the nearest explosion, Gabriel and Raphael both cast a spell, with the former raising his hand and the latter pressing his hands down on the ground.

“Angel Art: Fading Dream Realm!” Gabriel called.

From his palms, an invisible beam of light up into the sky, eventually stopping high above the city and spreading outwards into a vast dome, encompassing all of New York. From this point, all humans that resided in its space would forget anything that happened within the barrier. What Gabriel didn’t know was that while she was currently being intimate with Baltoh, Selene was immune to the spell, due to her proximity to the supernatural figure.

“Angel Art: Saint Beckon!” Raphael chanted. A ripple of light pulsed from his hands, making every Angel in the area able to hear him. “All Angels report! Begin the evacuation of humans within the danger zone! I’m calling for reinforcements!”

“Demon Art: Horror Obelisk Summon!” Abaddon called, slamming his down on the ground.

Moving as slow as a slug, a Horror Obelisk slowly began to rise from the ground. Having practiced with that first Obelisk, Abaddon was now familiar with the energy manipulation required to bring forth non-sentient objects into the human world from Hell, though it was still like pulling teeth and incredibly slow. The obelisk was the fourth of a group scattered across the city, just as a little power-boost for the Gargoyles. With all their new power, they would be strong enough to even hold their own against Archangels.

Once the Obelisk was summoned, he and his two Gargoyle guards took flight, heading east towards the edge of the city. Like all Demons and Gargoyles, Abaddon and his guards were unable to stray too far from their area of origin where they had crossed over from Hell. Even though they had crossed over through nonconventional means and not summoned, their supernatural jetlag was only lessened, meaning that they could move at far greater distances. The farther they could get from the forces of Heaven, the better their chances were of being unnoticed. Moving with ungodly speed, they flew to the absolute limit of their roaming reach.

Believing that he canlı bahis was standing in the best possible spot to ensure his safety, Abaddon smiled and cracked his fingers. This was the real test, summoning Horror Obelisks was one thing, but this was a whole other league. Abaddon slammed his hand onto the ground, having dredged up his power to its maximum level. “Demon Art: Conjuring Necropolis Summoning!”

Michael soared across New York City with his claymore in hand, zeroing in on the nearest line of explosions. The energy he could sense from the one causing the destruction was incredibly large, almost large enough to be a Demon. In his heart, Michael prayed that it really was a Demon, because if something as common as a Gargoyle could reach this level of power, than the situation was far worse than he imagined.

The building next to Michael was suddenly blown to smithereens in a twisting maw of black fire, granting him only enough time to become intangible before rubble rained down on the surrounding area, crushing everything without cover. Looking through the storm of debris, Michael spotted the Gargoyle, shooting down the street and firing a miniature Dark Pulse from between its jaws, the signature move of its kind.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!”

Moving faster than a bullet, he zipped over to the Gargoyle with his sword raised, about to deliver an instant kill. With supernatural reaction speed, the creature turned around and blocked Michael’s sword with its claws, channeling its energy to the bony razors to protect them from the sword’s holy steel. The Gargoyle opened its jaws and black whirlpool of energy could be seen charging in the back of its throat. With an ear-jarring hum, the narrow blast was released, nearly striking Michael pointblank if he hadn’t caught the narrow beam with his hand.

Shadow energy streamed out from between Michael’s fingers as he pushed against the blast. Normally something like this would be child’s play, but the Gargoyle’s power levels were off the chart! With a deep battle cry, Michael forced the black back into the Gargoyle’s mouth, causing the Hell-spawn to explode like a water melon under the blow of a hammer from the pressure of it’s own energy.

A loud roar suddenly drew Michael’s attention up to the sky, where a house-sized Gargoyle hung suspended below the moon. The soulless beast opened its jaws and raised its head, charging a Dark Pulse between its jaws. Michael paled as he felt the energy being condensed into the sphere of darkness in the creature’s mouth, as it was more powerful than a fire-bombing drop by a fleet of planes.

“Angel Art: Rosary Restraints!” Raphael called, coming to join the battle.

From his outstretched hand, several chains of rosary beads were launched from underneath his wristband, as if coming out of his own flesh like a Demon weapon. The chains shot through the air like a frog’s tongue and wrapped around the colossal Gargoyle with more power than piano wire, restricting its movement and ending the Dark Pulse before it could be launched.

“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” Michael called, pointing at the restrained Gargoyle and charging a golden sphere of light just past his fingertip.

“Michael Look out!” Raphael shouted, a split second before the barbed tail of a regular-sized Gargoyle stabbed him through the gut.

The tail was quickly ripped back out before Michael could deliver a counterattack, leaving him helpless as a second Gargoyle slashed Raphael’s wings and then severed the Rosary Restraints with shadow energy streaming from it’s claws. The two injured Angels fell out of the sky, both desperately trying to heal their injuries. Casting the Laying On Of Hands technique on the bloody hole in his stomach, Michael looked up fast enough to see the Gargoyles fleeing with supernatural speed, shooting off across the city while suppressing their energy to disappear in the night.

“Damn it, they’re fast, strong, and coordinated. They are definitely getting more powerful, and if we don’t stop them soon, they might even surpass Demon levels,” Michael swore with blood trickling from his mouth.

Both Archangels were finally free of their injuries and regained their balance in the air, shooing back up into the sky.

“The Angels are reporting that most people in the chaos areas have been evacuated, but the Gargoyles keep moving and keep spreading destruction.”

“We need to kill these bastards now, and we can’t do it fast enough the way we are. As much as it hurts our pride, we need to power up.”

Raphael nodded and raised his hand. “Angel Art: Hope Beacon Summoning!”

Up above the Empire State Building, there was a bright flash of light as a huge crucifix materialized out of thin air. The structure was ten feet in diameter and forty feet in height, made of a single piece of rosewood and decorated with rosary beads. Dangling from the ends of the crossbeam were two smoking incense lanterns and adorned around the top of the vertical beam was a crown of thorns. In the upper corners of the cross, two large Angel wings of light appeared without any physical shape, like holograms.

A pulse of light boomed from the hovering cross, illuminating the city. Throughout the streets, every Angel gained a blinding aura of power, as well as the two Archangels speeding towards the Gargoyles on their destructive rampage. Following the lines of mushroom clouds as building after building was blown to smithereens, they increased their speed to levels normally achievable only through the Crusading Canter spell.

The two Archangels split up, chasing after different groups of Gargoyles. Michael chased after a group consisting of four house-sized Gargoyles, swollen by the amount of power they had absorbed before the attack and the pain they were inflicting. With a wordless slash of his sword, Michael launched a crescent blade of light energy that carved one of the Demons in half like a chainsaw through a rotten melon and set the two halves ablaze with white flames.

The three other Gargoyles all looked up and all released their most powerful Dark Pulses at Michael, shooting enough focused energy to power the city around them for a week.

“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven!” the Archangel bellowed, summoning forth the ornate gateway of solid gold. The three blasts joined together and slammed into the barrier like a tidal wave, but with his power enhanced by the cross above the city, Michael was fully protected by the blast.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” he then called, pulling back his fist and punching the air.

The combined trinity of shadow blasts was suddenly dismantled as an invisible shockwaves pulsed through it like a gas explosion through a sewer system. The Gargoyle directly in the path of the blast was instantly ripped apart into millions of bloody pieces as a wall of wind, worlds apart in terms of power from a hurricane, slammed into it like the shockwave of a landmine.

“Angel Art: Feather Arrows!” Michael cast, pointing his wings at the two remaining Gargoyles and launching thousands of super-charged arrows.

The bolts rained down on the street, each carrying as much power as meteor and shaking the entire city upon impact with the ground. The surrounding buildings were thrown off their foundations and crumpled just by the shockwave as pool-sized craters were torn into the ground by the strike of each individual arrow. Suffice to say, the Gargoyles didn’t stand a change.

“Angel Art: Final Penitence!” Raphael announced, pointing his hand at the fleeing group of Gargoyles.

From the sky, half a dozen crosses that dwarfed cell phone towers fell down like bombs and managed to slam down on at least four of the Demons with machine-like accuracy. Each cross weighed about as much as the Chrysler Building, and upon impact, every car in the street was thrown into the air like pebbles, the windows in the buildings shattered, the buildings themselves nearly fell apart, and the street looked less like a paved road and more like a dry riverbed. The Demons underneath were crushed to a bloody soup and pillars of dust and smoke rose up from the meteor-like impacts.

The remaining Gargoyles all looked back and launched their dark pulses, trying to shoot him out of the sky. Dodging the blasts with ease, Raphael cast the Crusading Canter spell and caught up to them faster than they could even process, ending their abominable lives with sword slashes that broke the sound barrier.

Throughout the city, the remaining Gargoyles were hunted down, all while the Angels worked tirelessly to repair the damage and tend to the wounded. Hundreds of people had been killed in the crossfire, millions needed their memories wiped, and New York was practically in ruins. But the Gargoyles had been stopped and victory was theirs, or so they thought.

Abaddon gave a dark and booming laugh as his spell finally reached its completion. He was facing a summoning gateway to Hell, larger than the warehouse that it had just swallowed. The process had taken vast amounts of time and energy, but now, the finished creation was ready.

Slowly coming up like a sunken ship filled with airbags, a large building rose up from the portal with an ominous presence. The building was a cathedral, but not like any cathedral seen on Earth. The building looked like it was carved from obsidian, with millions of symbols painted across the walls. Instead of depicting Angels and saints, the colored windows on the sides showed brutal scenes from the pits of Hell, giving a detailed picture of the different forms of torture being experienced by the prisoners. The door was guarded by two statues of demonic jackals and secured with six heavy chains, all with barbed links. Up above the door was a pond-sized rose window, with each narrow petal-like pane showing a picture of a human stretched out with their flesh peeled off and blood spurting from the muscle underneath. Like normal cathedrals, the roof was adorned with statues of Gargoyles, but this took it to the extreme. Instead of just crouched Gargoyles depicted only from the waist up, these were life-sized and fully carved, each in the process of devouring or raping their human victim. The bell tower of the cathedral was also decorated with statues, but these were of Demons, all armed and posed like Zeus about to throw a lightning bolt. The bells themselves were ribbed like human chests and gongs within were shaped like human skulls. At the very top of the tower, a statue of a jackal with bat wings and goat horns crouched with the fires of Hell burning in its eyes.

The front doors began to open, breaking the six chains. Instead of a view of the interior, doors opened up to reveal a portal to Hell. Normally, a Conjuring Necropolis was used in Hell as a means of a teleportation device to bring forth an army of Gargoyles to whoever cast the spell. While it could not serve as a regular portal between the universes, with was being used in combination with the jerry-rigged inter-dimensional gateway in Hell in order to bring forth multiple Demons at once, but that was all they had the energy for.

Stepping out of the portal appeared ten Demons, each with different facial features. The first had two goat horns with one broken, the second had a head of spiky hair but he had multiple small horns hanging down on his face and resembling a beard, the third was bald and his horns were both broken, the fourth had his horns coming out of the corners of his mouth like boar tusks, the fifth had two long horns that protruded from his forehead and curled over his scalp, the sixth had three cone-shaped horns on his forehead, the seventh (and only female) had two hooked horns hanging down over here eyes and long black hair, matted with blood, the eighth had two goat horns like Abaddon but stood out with a large steel ring going through his lower jaw, the ninth had horns going around his head like a crown, and the tenth had two bull-like horns and his face was decorated with countless intricate patterns carved into his skin. Aside from their faces, all the Demons essentially looked the same, down to the shackles on their wrists and the armor-plated skirts. Naming them in order of appearance, Abaddon spoke,

“Amon, Bile, Shama, Pan, Dagon, Ishtar, Lilith, Mantus, Midgard and Nergal, I welcome you all to the human world,” he said with a dark laugh as he held out his arms to his sides.

“Damn it. Do you have any clue what they were trying to accomplish with it?” Baltoh asked.

“None. But one thing we are sure of is that Abaddon was not among them, meaning that the attack was most likely a distraction while he proceeded with some ulterior motive.”

“Damn it, that bastard sure knows how to hide his tracks. I just wish we could get some clue as to what they’re planning so that we could actually fight back instead of just cleaning up their messes. This thing will never be solved if we can’t make a preemptive strike,” Baltoh cursed, chewing on one of his claws.

“Another thing, after the battle, the people of New York began to go wild and psychotic. We thought that maybe our original memory wipe had failed and that they were still panicking from the destruction, but that theory was crushed by the amount of violence we saw. It seemed that Abaddon had managed to summon multiple Horror Obelisks across the city to make his Gargoyles so powerful that they had almost reached Demon levels.”

“Multiple Obelisks?! He should have barely been able to summon one, and you should have been able to find him long before he succeeded!”

“It seems that there is some trick to summoning on Earth that he figured out, something that made it easier than before.”

“Has something like this ever happened before? A catastrophe on this grand a scale?” Selene asked.

“There have been similar disasters and outbreaks, but they are incredibly rare and never incorporated any sort of planning. This is different; they have a mission,” Baltoh answered.

“They might be trying to build up their Gargoyles on Earth, Michael told me that Abaddon was able to spawn them from the anger of a riot. But that doesn’t explain his growing skill with the Obelisks.”

“Is it possible that maybe the barrier between Hell and Earth is weakening?” Selene asked, drawing the attention of the two supernatural beings.

“You two understand the laws of the universe far better than I do, I can’t even begin to act like I understand Heaven and Hell like you two. But I did study theoretical physics and I was a big fantasy reader when I was young. I know this sounds stupid, but is it possible that they are trying to weaken the barrier between Earth and Hell?”

“As far as I know, such a thing has never happened. The barriers have always been absolute. But if there was such a way, they would need an anchor, something they could use to tug on this world and pull it closer to Hell for the barrier to weaken,” Gabriel answered, sighing in disbelief that he was discussing such matters with a mere human.

“What about hatred?” she asked, slowly wrapping her fingers around Baltoh’s hand.

He turned to her, his breathing shallow.

“I honestly don’t think there has been more hatred in the world than now, especially in this city. We have an election coming up with political rhetoric that is as toxic as battery acid, Occupy protestors are waging a war against the police because the rich CEOs and corrupt bankers sent America into a recession, we’ve been trapped in an unwanted war for a decade that causes only misery, and every day, people are becoming crazier and more extreme. What if that’s the anchor you’re talking about? What if Earth, or America, or even this city, is generating so much hatred and negative energy that it is dragging us down closer to Hell?”

“This is all purely theoretical, there is no way we can prove any of this,” Gabriel sighed, scratching his head.

“Plus it doesn’t explain how Abaddon and his Gargoyles were able to cross over so easily. One of them was able to kill a human the same day it arrived, that’s impossible with regular summoning,” Baltoh responded, rubbing his temples.

“How many times have you been to Earth? You said it was in the tens of thousands, right?” Selene asked with a very serious tone. Baltoh lowered his hand and looked at her with wide eyes.

“Yeah, when I was trying to escape from the most powerful Demons in the entirety of Hell. Wait… do you really think…”

“That they are somehow able to harness Baltoh’s Archangel powers?” Gabriel interrupted with fear in his voice.

“I can only theorize, philosophy is as far as we can get in this case. Baltoh, you always said that you were born from pure hatred and that you are an anomaly. You came into existence as a Demon filled with hatred, then gained Archangel powers. Could it be that the power of your hatred is reacting with the hatred in New York, being drawn towards each other like magnets, and your ability to pass between dimensions is basically poking holes in the barrier between them?”

Baltoh’s breathing was heavy as he considered such a possibility.

“I got to say, I’m actually starting to like this girl,” Gabriel said.

“Could I really be to blame? Could this really all be because of me?”

“If they are harnessing some sort of energy that you leave behind when you cross over, then I doubt that their access is anything but very finite. If they are doing anything like that, they might have started only recently or were only aware of a fraction of your jumps. We can’t be sure how much of your energy they’ve scavenged, If they had more, then they would have summoned the entire forces of Hell, albeit slowly,” Gabriel remarked.

“I think that is what they are doing…”

Selene gazed at Baltoh and tightened her grip on his hand.

“I don’t think they are just trying to weaken the barrier, I think they are trying to tear a doorway through it, a permanent one that will link Earth and Hell completely, and even drag this entire universe into the fiery depths.”

Selene sat at her desk, trying to type away at her computer. Baltoh had asked her to just go to work as if nothing was wrong while he and the forces of Heaven continued their search, but she was finding it basically impossible to focus on monthly reports when less than an hour ago, she had heard that the Earth could very well come to an end. It was late in the morning, as she had originally planned on staying home and spending a romantic and relaxing day with Baltoh, but that had all changed when he and Gabriel figured out the true seriousness of the situation. Normally, coming into work so late would risk sending her straight to the unemployment line, but with how many people were “missing”, her boss was just happy to have as many people as he could.

Deciding she couldn’t focus with the fate of the world on her mind, she frustratingly got up and walked towards the lounge. Coffee, coffee would fix everything.

“Oh ho, get back in here,” a familiar voice said.

With a smile, Selene walked back a few steps to Molly’s cubicle. The blonde was chewing on the end of a pen with a coy smile on her face.

“Yes? Is there something you wish to tell me?” Selene asked, very poorly trying to suppress a grin.

“Oh don’t play dumb. You think I couldn’t see you walking bowlegged from a mile away? You’re wincing so much with each step that it’s like you sprained both your ankles. You and Baltoh totally…”

“Not here!” Selene hissed, grabbing Molly’s hand and dragging her to the break room, where they would get some privacy.

Alone in the break room, Molly turned to Selene with an ecstatic grin. “Details girl! I need details!”

Selene tried not to blush, but just like before, she failed miserably. “Best of my life,” she said, looking up at the ceiling as the secret burst out.

“How was he like exactly? How was he…?”

“Like a stallion, and I really mean an actual stallion. I don’t know if I was in my bedroom or a racetrack stable with a award-winner horse on meth,” she groaned, fanning herself as memories of the night brought waves of hot arousal.

“Holy shit! No wonder you can barely walk without cringing! Was he cunning with the cunnilingus?”

“His tongue was like an eel.” Selene purred, already feeling her panties moisten.

“I think I’ve fallen in love with this guy.”

Selene gained a sweet smile. “I know I have.”

Both women were suddenly knocked to the ground as earthquake-level tremors rocked the building down to its foundations. Molly screamed in shock as the cabinets exploded and ceiling panels rained down, but after everything she had seen, Selene was calm and already knew what was the cause. Following the mind-jarring shaking, Baltoh came crashing through the wall and slammed into the fridge.

“Son of a bitch,” he muttered as he stood up and cricked his neck.

“Baltoh, are you alright?!” Selene asked, rushing over to him.

“Yes and no. I’m not hurt, but it turns out that ten more Demons have managed to cross over. This day just keeps getting worse and worse.”

Molly looked at them in complete and utter disbelief. “He’s Baltoh?! He’s the guy you were fucking last night?!”

Baltoh turned to Selene with a very dry expression.

“I told her that you were a foreign guy, nothing else, I swear!”

“Damn it, Selene!”

“I’m sorry. Trust me, she knows absolutely nothing… at least she did before you came crashing through the wall.”

“Are you really like a stallion?” Molly then asked, unable to think properly as she looked at the four-winged figure.

“DAMN IT SELENE!” shouted Baltoh as he looked up.

Selene just winced, waiting for him to calm down. After several seconds of deep breathing, he finally became relaxed. “Well it’s not like I did too much to hide my existence, plus I can always wipe her memories.”

He looked out the hole blasted through the building and listened to the sounds of battle.

“I have to go before more people start dying. You get everyone out of the building.”

Baltoh held out his hand and his sword materialized in his palm.

“Baltoh, wait,” said Selene, grasping his collar.

“Remember when you said you were so confused about how you felt about me and how I felt about you that you could barely fight?”

Before Baltoh could even respond, she leaned forward and French kissed him, almost filling his mouth with her soft wet tongue.

“Are you still confused?” she asked when their lips parted.

Baltoh just gained a confident smile and chuckled.

“I didn’t think so, now go out there and win.”

Baltoh returned the kiss for a few seconds, then pulled away and ran through the hole blasted through the building, rejoining the battle.

“Say, would you two maybe be interested in a threesome?” Molly asked.

“Jeez, something must have hit you on the head pretty damn hard. Come on you little slut, let’s get out of here,” Selene laughed as she pulled her friend to her feet.

Baltoh flew outside, where he was facing the one female Demon, Lilith. Four others were fighting against the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and a female Archangel with a literally Angelic face and long scarlet hair. While her beauty would immediately down a lesser man, her ferocity in battle was like that of a rabid lioness. What stood out was her appearance, as she looked like she was in her mid teens, yet she was as old as Selene and invulnerable to time. The other five Demons were nowhere to be seen, and Abaddon had never appeared within the fight.

“It’s strange that now YOU’RE the one recovering from OUR attacks. I don’t know what it is, but you seem particularly weak in this human world,” Lilith barked, swinging a skull-shaped flail over her head that was connected to a lone chain that came out of her wrist. Baltoh smiled.

“Well the ten of you ambushing me isn’t very fair, sorry if I was caught by surprise. But don’t worry, I’m back to full strength.”

“We’ll see!” he heard as the five missing Demons burst out of the building behind him, all with their weapons ready.

The hybrid was completely calm as they attacked, blocking all of their strikes with his tail and his four wings without even turning his head.

‘Damn it, he wasn’t kidding, he really is at full strength!’ Lilith thought to herself in horror.

The Demons pushed against Baltoh’s wings with all their strength, trying to at least draw blood, all while the Demon Amon bellow them tried to free himself from Baltoh’s tail, which was wrapped around him like a straight jacket. Very calmly, Baltoh tightened his tail, instantly crushing the Demon in his grip as if his body were a banana and sending blood and bits of bone in all directions.

Baltoh then turned and folded his left Demon wing, giving him a clear view of the enemy to his lower left. Moving faster than an armor-piercing bullet, Baltoh swung his sword at the Demon’s face and cut a diagonal incision through his skull. The wound was actually cauterized by the speed and friction of the attack as Ishtar’s skull fell down into the street.

The other three Demons quickly retreated in fear and Lilith launched her mace at him, the skull-shaped weight bristling with jagged blades. Baltoh lazily reached up and blocked the attack with the back of his hand as if it were little more than the dot of a laser pointer. Shocking Lilith, he then grabbed the chain and yanked hard on it, pulling the Demon towards him. Reaching out like a cold machine, he stabbed Lilith through the chest with his claws, sending his hand bursting out of her back with her shattered spine and shredded heart in his grip and blood spraying out like a fountain. As she vomited blood, he chopped her head off.

Baltoh tossed the slain Demon aside and was instantly set on by Mantus, wielding a giant battleaxe as large as a man. The bladed behemoth was swung with terrifying strength, but Baltoh blocked the attack with his sword as if he were killed a moth with a flyswatter. In a fluid motion, he spun around and kicked Mantus, knocking him out of the sky and sending him crashing down into the street.

“Demon Art: Wrath Of Hell!” Baltoh cast.

Rising up from a portal to Hell, a house-sized black skull appeared behind Mantus, covered in incantations and ablaze with the flames from the dark abyss. The skull opened its mouth and outstretched its black forked tongue, secured on which was a medieval rack, coated in blood with shackles in the corners. The shackles were secured to the rack with bladed chains and the interiors were lined with barbed nails.

Like the tongues of frogs, the shackles reached out from the corners of the rack and grabbed Mantus’ limbs, making him howl in pain as the nails dug into his flesh and sent blood flowing freely. The shackles yanked him back, slamming him against the bloody rack and holding him in place. Ghostly hands reached out from around the rack, holding the ends of barbed wires that were covered on every centimeter by razor-sharp serrations. The hands moved back and forth, covering him in layer upon layer of barbed wires and even threading them through his flesh like a sowing machine, all while Mantus howled in agony.

Finally, the barbed wires all began to tighten against him, and the shackles began to pull back into the corners, tugging on his limbs. Mantus gave one final scream of excruciating pain before the shackles ripped his limbs from their sockets and the web of barbed wire cut through his body like the blades of a meat grinder, spraying blood, broken bones, and liquefied flesh sprayed in all directions like lava from an erupting volcano.

The inside of the black skulls mouth was suddenly filled with compressed flames and the tongue was brought back in, bringing the shredded carcass of Mantus in to be cremated by Hellfire.

“Retreat!” one of the Demons, known as Pan, shouted out.

All of the Demons turned to flee, but before Pan could follow his own words, Baltoh aimed his hand at him. “Demon Art: Claw Bullets!”

Firing from the tips of his fingers like slugs from five machine gun turrets, Baltoh’s claws shot through the air towards Pan, instantly being regenerated at his fingertips and launched. The hundreds of sharp bullets washed over Pan, filling him with more holes than a dish sponge and ripping the life from him.

“Five Demons killed in less than five minutes, I’m still too slow…”

“You dumb sons of bitches, do you have any idea how much you just endangered our entire plan?!” Abaddon shouted at the loudest volume possible, scolding the Demons as if they were young children.

“FIVE! Five of you got your asses massacred by Baltoh! If you hadn’t gotten out of there, he might have gotten bored and just decided to beat you to death with his balls!”

“Don’t get snippy with us asshole! You’re the dumbass that didn’t cover his tracks and let that traitor follow him to Earth!” Bile defended, drawing a bone scimitar from his thigh and pointing it at Abaddon.

“I don’t even know if this is possible know with the five of you! This is all theoretical, and you raped the chances of success! We can’t even summon any more Demons, we used the last of the energy left behind by Baltoh getting you bastards here! Unless he jumps back and forth between Earth an Hell a few hundred times, there is no way to call for reinforcements!

Our chances were slim and you retards knocked it down to screwed! If we fail at this, it’s coming down on my ass, and if it comes down on my ass, I’ll make sure that it comes down on all of your asses ten fold!”

“So what the Hell are we supposed to do now?” Nergal asked.

Abaddon sighed as he rubbed his temples. “We are going to lay low and make every preparation we can. No more going out and picking fights and killing people, you all lost that privilege. At least we’ll have the time to make sure that everything that can be done will done. We just have to hope that the ritual can be done with the five of you. But we are facing so many odds right now, both Baltoh and the forces of Heaven, that I think we’ll have to bring out trump card before this is all over.”

It wasn’t long before Baltoh accepted the fact that while he was born of pure hatred and his body was the same as when he was born, his mind and personality had certainly grown and he was a much more complex person than he had thought himself to be. But while their was unparalleled happiness between them, the world around them was not nearly as peaceful.

Even without the Demons’ further intervention, New York and the world beyond were crumbling like sand. Through their actions, the forces of Hell had awoken the most extreme desires and prejudices in society. Out in the streets, protesters were battling cops, Christians were attacking and killing Muslims in the streets, and right-wing psychos were bombing everything from Planned Parenthoods to gay bars. It wasn’t just in the city either, the social war waging in New York was triggering similar destabilizations across the country and even across the globe, setting the world on fire and letting it burn in its own hatred.

Baltoh was sitting back on Selene’s bed, holding her lap loosely with her back to him as she bounced up and down on his muscular phallus as if it were an exercise ball. Her tits were bouncing beautifully with each elevation and drop, so beautifully that Baltoh wished he could see her from another angle. With Selene on top of him, Baltoh was able to delve far deeper into her hot wet pussy than the first time, probing new folds and corners and driving her wild with lust.

The sun was slowly sinking on the horizon outside, New York was already full repaired from the battle, and Molly was unconscious in her apartment, having had her memory wiped of the day’s events. But none of that mattered now, all that mattered was the deep erotic clapping of Selene’s bare ass and firm thighs against Baltoh’s lap, her euphoric moans, and the shadow of her bouncing titties against the far wall, cast by the light of the setting sun and watched almost obsessively by Baltoh.

“Oh god, I can’t do it anymore. My legs are on fire and I’m so tired,” she groaned, due to the fact that they had already been at it for two hours, something that no regular human male would be able to do.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Carefully holding her hips, he lifted her up as if she were as light as a blowup doll and suddenly rammed her bruised snatch, forcing his entire cock up into her body and making her scream in shock and joy at the unfathomable penetration. Keeping her elevated so that he had room to maneuver, Baltoh began driving his throbbing penis up into her with the speed and power of a jackhammer, completely taking away all feeling in her legs and making her wonder how she would ever be able to walk ever again after such a hard fucking. Baltoh’s scrotum and phallus were basically a blur as he moved with the speed of a machine, and both lovers half-expected smoke to begin wafting from Selene’s pussy from the speed and friction.

Regardless of the unparalleled pounding, her dripping wet snatch took his cock like a champion, being stretched pummeled to its limits but staying just as soft and wet as always. Now that Baltoh was holding her up and she didn’t need to maintain her balance, the busty beauty was moaning in bliss and rubbing the swollen lips of her pussy, barely able to tell when he was in or out of her due to the great size and the incredible speed.

After almost twenty minutes, Baltoh slowed down before coming to a halt, stopping to catch his breath. Still not satisfied, Selene turned around and leaned over with a smile, kissing Baltoh on the lips while she slowly and gently rocked back and forth on his dick, bending it as it flexed in and out of her pussy. After the kiss, she raised her body and he began sucking on her breasts with gusto, savoring the taste and feel of her soft flesh and the swollen shape of her nipples in his mouth. As she moved back and forth on his cock, he had his hands on her perfect ass cheeks, squeezing them, smacking them, and rubbing them together against the shaft.

This continued on for several minutes until Selene finally dismounted him.

“Come on honey, finish me off with that sweet tongue of yours,” she purred, turning around and hovering her ass just above his face.

Any flaccidity in Baltoh’s cock due to tiredness was instantly replaced with renewed vigor as he stared at the flawless curves of her ass, the toned shapely cheeks, her hairless stretched pussy, and of course her untouched anus. Wrapping his arms around her body (which was beautiful enough to be considered the female equivalence to the statue of David and the human superior to every Greek goddess statue ever carved), he buried his face in her pussy like a dog in a peanut butter jar, slurping on her juices with relish and massaging her bruised insides with his tongue. While he pleasured her, her head was bobbing up and down rapidly as she gave him the best blowjob possible, stroking the shaft with one hand when it wasn’t in her mouth and using her other hand to massage his balls. On the floor below, his tail was twitching anxiously with each exhilarating touch of her tongue, lips, and cheeks.

Gently slithering through Selene’s pussy with his tongue, Baltoh was able to stimulate her in ways that pounding way at her with his dick never could. With the smallest poke or tremble of the forked appendage, he could make her whole body jerk in ecstasy and created a flood of her delectable pussy juices. It didn’t take much to drive her over the edge. After just a few minutes of eating her out, he could hear that signature orgasmic moan beginning rise, while suppressed of course by his cock filling her mouth.

Sensing his own orgasm coming, Baltoh began to shake, giving Selene all the heads up she needed. Both lovers doubled their efforts, Baltoh groaning as Selene tickled the head of his cock ceaselessly with her tongue and Selene moaning as she felt his soft wet tongue soothing her aching cunt like a big bowl of ice cream after a jalapeño pepper.

Finally, Baltoh’s face was soaked in the climactic fluids of Selene’s gates of paradise, drinking it all in like a man in the desert about to die of thirst. On the other end, Selene had pushed Baltoh’s cock as far down her throat as possible without throwing up and was quickly stroking the saliva-soaked shaft, finally prompting him to literally erupt into a volcano of semen, flooding her throat to the point that she couldn’t breathe and felt like she was drowning. She pulled his deflating cock out like an awakened coma patient pulling out a feeding tube and raised her head, swallowing Baltoh’s seed. Her mouth was devoid of semen but her stomach was so full of it that she felt like she had just eaten a big dinner.

With a coy smile, she turned back around and lay beside him, kissing him tenderly as their naked bodies cooled.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, your body will never fail to amaze and arouse me,”

“Let’s just say that you’ve ruined me for all other men,” she purred humorously.

Baltoh sighed. “I’m sorry, but I have to go. I would love to be able to fall asleep holding you again, but after last night, I can’t afford to let my guard down for so long.”

“It’s ok. I know that your mission takes priority; after all, you’re saving the world. Just remember that I’m here, and if you ever want to rest for a few hours, I’m always ready to cuddle,” she said sweetly, giving him another kiss before he got dressed.

He was about to leave, but something entered Selene’s mind that wanted to be spoken so badly that she could barely keep her mouth shut. “Baltoh, is it possible to restore memories that you or another Angel has erased?”

With his foot on her windowsill, Baltoh turned to her in curiosity. “Sure, but it isn’t always pretty, especially when time passes. Why?”

Selene had to bite down on her tongue to keep from speaking without her mind’s permission. This thought had been digging in her mind all day, festering like a bug bite that she could not stop scratching. Was she really going to ask this? Was she really going to bring herself back there? Was she really going to dig up the past?

“That woman who knew your name back at the office, she’s my friend, Molly. I was wondering if you… would be interested in a threesome?”

Baltoh needed to lean against the window, trying to regain his mental bearings from the question. “I don’t think so. I don’t know her and I don’t trust her. I gave my heart to you, Selene, a heart that I can’t believe I even have.”

Selene stood up and walked over to him, letting the fading light illuminate her naked body. “I don’t want you to love her, I’m not asking you to have feelings for her. But making love to you and having sex with her would make me happy, plus I think a little fun and pleasure would help you with all that hatred in your heart. I’m trying to get you to unwind a little, just enough so that you can know what it’s like to be happy without beheading a monster. You are unique and that is why I love you. I don’t want to change you, I just want to give you the option of being at peace, and this is one thing that I think we would both enjoy,” she whispered with her hand on his chest.

Baltoh sighed again. “I will think out it.”

Chapter 6

Nergal was crouched over an empty alley, scribbling incantations on the ground in human blood that he was reading off a sheet of the flesh from a man’s back. He was mumbling curses as he tried to keep count of the symbols and remember their specific order. There were thousands of different symbols, all drawn around a ring that was a hundred feet in diameter and even stretched into the third dimension on the walls of the buildings on either side of the alley.

Abaddon landed beside him, coming to check in on his progress.

“Damn it, why the Hell am I doing this useless shit? I hate this spell stuff,” he complained.

“These symbols will save you valuable time and probably your life. When I first summoned a Horror Obelisk to this realm, I memorized the energy equation needed to compensate for the different dimensional factor and altered it for this situation. These symbols are the equation in a written form. Using this arrangement of incantations, the spell will take a fraction of the time and energy it would normally require without experience.

You should be thanking me, I had to memorize thousands of symbols, flawlessly alter the equation, and then write it down for you newbies. Keep working and do it right, or else we’re all screwed.”

“You know, I am ordered to try and kill you if I see you.” The red-haired Archangel said, looking out over the city from the roof of an office building. Of all the Archangels in New York, she was the youngest, being just over half a century old with the body of a teenage girl.

“But never have you truly attempted it…” Baltoh mused, standing ten feet away with his arms cross.

“What do you want, Baltoh? I could get in big trouble for talking to you.”

“That’s just what I want Rosemary, to talk to you,” he said, walking over to her.

She finally turned to him, studying his face with her bright blue eyes.

“What do you think I am, not just as a person, but as an entity?”

“Are you asking because I am the only Archangel aside from Gabriel that sought a truce with you?”

“It was never a truce you sought, you wanted to be with me. Gabriel sees me as a positive force in the universe, but you wanted to do more than fight by my side, you wanted to live by my side as well.”

A gentle breeze blew between them, making Rosemary’s long red hair flutter and Baltoh’s burning halo shimmer. Baltoh then leaned against the short wall lining the roof with Rosemary, but she turned around.

“Do you remember those years we spent in Hell together?”

“Yes, I do. You were just a newbie Archangel, a bright-eyed rookie with dreams of changing the world.”

Rosemary laughed as she thought back to it. “I wanted to help lessen the Gargoyle population, and I thought that if I went straight to the source, then I would be able to cut down their numbers. Of course it wasn’t that easy and I was brought close to death more times than I could count. I remember it so clearly, falling to the ground, beaten and battered after having been ambushed and overpowered by a group of Demons. As I listened to them talk about how they planned to rape and kill me, I tried to work a single spark of energy so that I could teleport out of Hell. Then, when all hope seemed lost, you appeared and slaughtered them all with a single swing of your sword.

You healed my wounds, helped me regain my strength, and taught me about Hell. I stayed with you for that month because you amazed me and I was thankful to you for saving my life. I could have left any time, but I wanted to be with you. Three days, that was how long I had before they would notice my disappearance in Heaven, but in Hell, it was three wonderful years. I was desperate to find out everything I could about you, but you never told me even a single fact about yourself. But even without knowing anything about you, I had fallen in love before I knew it. Is that why you’re asking me?”

“I’m asking you, because in order for you to have ever felt that way about me, you had to have studied me and watched me closely. You had to have analyzed me, and because of that, you know me better than most others.” He said softly.

“But I didn’t know you well enough. You rejected me, remember? You said that you were incapable to sharing my feelings. I was denied even a single kiss.”
“I thought I was, but it turns out I’ve fallen in love.”

“With a human, I know. I saw you two kiss in that building. Why are you coming to me now? After all, it seems like you two are just fine on your own,” Rosemary asked coldly as she looked into the breeze.

“She asked me for something that most men pray to receive and ask for instead. I say that because while I know little but wrath, I know that it is a women’s heart and mind that must be unlocked in a relationship, while the man is always willing. That’s basically the status quo of all relationships.”

“So what was your original question?”

“What do you think I am, as both a person and an entity?” He asked, shifting his stance and looking into the breeze the way she had done.

She raised her hand and gently brushed her soft fingers against the side of his face. “That’s the thing Baltoh, no one knows what you are aside from an anomaly. Maybe Jehovah does, but we certainly don’t. As for what you are as a person, well… as I said before, you rejected me, remember? I can’t answer that question, because you won’t let me in to see who you really are.”

“I’m just trying to find out how much I am going to change if I stay with her, and why I love her in the first place.”

Rosemary was silent for several moments.

“I think you love her because of what she is. You are both an Archangel and a Demon, a combination of the two ultimate supernatural beings, but that woman is neither, she is just a powerless human. You were brought to life through death and anger of millions of killers who slew evil in the name of justice and sought that justice through murder. She on the other hand is a vibrant and caring woman, who I imagine is full of love and energy. She’s your exact opposite in every way.

I think the reason why you are with her is because you are trying to find peace and balance. Just like how you have somehow found balance between the light of Archangel powers and the darkness of Demon powers, your heart is trying to find balance between the hatred that has kept you going and fighting and the feeling of love and happiness that has shaken you to your core.”

Baltoh shifted his gaze, letting her words sink in.

“Time in Heaven does not pass as quickly as it does in Hell, every day here on Earth is a day in Heaven and a year in Hell. You are the oldest of us and undoubtedly the strongest. You’ve lived for eons with your soul filled with nothing but anger and a thirst for battle, don’t you think it’s time to forgive the universe and try to let some of that anger go? Don’t you think it’s time for you to be happy?”

Baltoh looked back up at her, staring into her eyes.

“If you truly want my advice, then here it is: give this woman what she wants. If she is truly willing to be open when no other woman would, then I think she is trying to tell you to be that open as well. For once Baltoh, close your wings and open your heart.”

“Thank you,” he replied, standing up and turning away.

“Wait,” Rosemary said, drawing his attention back to her. “My advice comes with a cost.

“What do you want?”

“What I always wanted from you, ever since we met. Just one kiss,” she said with a small smile as she walked over to him.

“Rosemary, I can’t. I—”

She placed her finger on his lips and silenced him. “Just a single kiss, nothing more. Please, just let me know what it’s like; let me know what it feels like to be her.”

Baltoh gave only a deep breath in reply. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Rosemary stood up on her toes and kissed him, forming an airtight seal with their lips. For several seconds, their lips joined and parted over and over again before they finally separated. Rosemary stepped back with a smile on her face.

“It’s as beautiful as I imagined it would be. I envy her, I truly do. Thank you, Baltoh, that meant a lot to me,” She said gratefully.

Baltoh slowly gained one of his rare smiles and nodded before taking off, feeling much better than he had before.

Molly was sitting at Selene’s island table with her mouth hanging open and her eyes rolled back. Baltoh had his glowing hand wrapped around her head, using his powers to restore the memories that he had originally erased. Molly had no idea what was going on; Selene had just invited her to her apartment for an evening of movies. She never even saw Baltoh or felt him place his fingers on her scalp; he just moved towards her invisibly and took her like a kidnapper with a chloroform rag.

It had taken a while for Selene and Baltoh to work up the courage to invite her and attempt to retrieve her memories for a threesome, but after Selene ended the call, she could feel her libido beginning to shimmer as memories came rushing back like the juices of an orgasm and mixing with the arising fantasies. She truly wanted this, and as she became more and more excited, she began recounting the story of her first fling with Molly to Baltoh.

At first he was skeptical and withdrawn at the idea of intimacy with this stranger, intimacy itself still a quagmire to him, but as Selene described that night on the office floor with particularly vivid detail, he could feel his own sex drive growing in strength and desire. Standing beside this woman, restoring her memories, Baltoh let his gaze wander up and down her curved frame. He liked what he saw, and was beginning to look forward to this.

“Tell me, Selene, what is the real reason why you want this?” Baltoh asked, eyeing Molly’s bountiful bosom.

“What do you mean?”

Baltoh smiled and gave a small laugh. “We haven’t known each other long, but I can see right through you.”

Selene gave a lazy smile and let her eyes drift up Molly’s figure, the figure that she was intimately familiar with. “Some friendly vengeance I guess. Alcohol doesn’t give people different personalities; it shows a small part of who they really are. Molly and I were both drunk off our asses and our true colors were played out and it seems some part of me enjoys being with women and some part of Molly wants to dominate me. Curled up with our faces between each other’s legs was one of the most pleasurable times of my life, but regardless, Molly did take advantage of me. I want to punish her, but I hold no grudge against her and feel nothing but the care of our friendship, so I want to punish her in a way we can all enjoy. Now I have you, my Hell-stallion.

I want to see her get fucked, fucked hard. I want to be the one to use her this time, I want to be the one in control, I want her to obey my orders and take it as hard as I want her to. But she is my friend and I love her, so I want us all to be happy. Now I have the man I love who is very “well equipped” to do that, the man who has changed my life and shown me a world that I never knew existed.”

Baltoh smiled, feeling happy at the sight and sound of her happiness. ‘It’s just as Rosemary said: she is being this open so that I will be as well. She wants me included in her life, in her fantasies, in her plans of the future. She wants me to be a part of every deep dark secret she has, because that’s how much she loves me,’ Baltoh thought to himself, feeling a joyous warmth fill his heart as he gazed into Selene’s adoring eyes.

“It’s done,” Baltoh said, releasing Molly and stepping back while becoming invisible.

Without even seeing Baltoh behind her, Molly bolted to her feet and looked around wildly, more disoriented than the night she discovered peach schnapps. She looked at Selene, gripping the sides of the table as if an earthquake was shaking the building. The memory of Baltoh crashing through the office building and Selene revealing his identity was flashing in her mind like a strobe light. Selene’s bright green eyes kept flickering up and down, holding Molly’s pretty blues and then breaking the gaze.

“Selene…. I… who was…” she stammered, trying to remember every detail of the winged man, standing behind her without her even aware.

With each second that passed by, Molly became more wild and confused, eventually coming to the point that Selene feared that she was going to have a complete mental breakdown. Looking past Molly at the invisible Baltoh, Selene nodded with a stony expression. Molly suddenly yelped as Baltoh wrapped his long tail around her like a boa constrictor to restrain her, taking the initial pleasure of feeling her body. He became visible and stepped forward, standing right behind Molly and gently breathing on her neck. The beautiful blonde was completely terrified and looked straight ahead at Selene.

“Shhh, relax,” he whispered in her ear, making Molly shiver.

“Molly, you remember that guy I told you about? This is Baltoh, a Demon-Archangel hybrid.”

On cue, Baltoh brought his vast wings into her peripheral vision as if they were closing in on her from all sides and placed his hands on her bare arms, gently dragging his claws against her silky flesh and giving her goose bumps. He leaned his head past her shoulder and she nervously turned, looking upon his face and the calm/curious expression he was wearing. She noted the grayish skin, the silvery eyes, the burning halo above his head, and the overall handsomeness of his appearance, something which strangely calmed her.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe.”

She shivered at his words, but not out of fear.

From there, Selene summarized most of what Baltoh had told her and about what was happening. She recounted who he was, that he was from Hell, how he was born as a Demon and gained Archangel powers, his war with the forces of darkness and his bloody feud with the forces of Heaven, what he was doing on Earth, and how they met. Essentially, she told Molly just enough to keep her from asking further questions. As she spoke, Baltoh’s breath was gently blowing on Molly’s neck and bare shoulders as he sampled her sweet perfume and the smell of her soft flesh.

He was starting to like this girl; he could feel his sexual desire for her growing in power. It was not as focused and emotionally complex as his desire for Selene; it was purely instinctual. As the minutes passed, Molly became less fearful and more anxious. The feeling of Baltoh’s ropey but powerful tail squeezing and rubbing against her body was replacing her original terror with sexual excitement.

“Molly, do you remember what I said when we were at the office? What I described?” Selene said, walking around the island table and leaning against it.

Molly bit her lip and nodded.

“Before I helped you up, you asked me if we could have a threesome, do you remember?” Selene asked, stepping towards her.

Molly nodded again.

“Do you still want one?” Selene softly ask, her face inches from Molly’s.

The aroused blonde nodded a third time, now with a coy smile. In reply, Selene leaned forward and kissed Molly, letting their lips join and separate over and over again. Watching them intently, Baltoh could feel his erection reaching its full size and pressed it against Molly’s rear, making her squirm in desire and lust as she felt the size.

Selene finally ended the kiss with Molly and turned to Baltoh. She leaned forward with her hand on his cheek and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced around each other while their lips met like crashing waves, all while Molly hungrily watched them. After only half a minute, Baltoh pulled away from her and turned to Molly. His long forked tongue slowly reached out like a charmed snake, making Molly’s eyes widen. He flitted his tongue between her rosy lips and slid it in, tasting the inside of her mouth and relishing her succulent flavor. Their lips touched and they began making out with Molly deep-throating Baltoh’s tongue.

Suddenly, Molly jerked and emitted a moan of pleasure. Selene had just reached into her skirt, under her moist thong, and was rubbing her vanilla slit, all while squeezing her own breasts.

“Let’s move this to the bedroom,” Selene purred, feeling the unique sexual urges from the night of the Christmas party returning.

Molly suddenly yelped as Baltoh picked her up off her feet and carried her with only his tail. Retracting his wings into his back, he followed Selene into the bedroom and lowered Molly onto the bed, who was filled with both terror at the Demon-Archangel hybrid and sexual excitement as the host of the ménage à trois stripped down, standing completely naked and licking her lips.

Baltoh took a step back as Selene climbed up onto the bed, slithering behind Molly like a serpent. Molly looked up and locked lips with Selene, the two of them kissing gently while the latter helped the former undress, taking off all her clothes so that the two naked woman were pressed against each other. Without clothes in the way, Selene slid her hand down Molly’s flat belly and began working her fingers between her legs, getting the soft pale lips as wet as possible while she fondled and massaged Molly’s breasts.

Watching Selene and Molly’s tongues rub against each other in an oiled dance between their lips, Baltoh could no longer contain his throbbing sex drive. He pulled off his own clothes, instantly catching a hungry look from Molly as she laid eyes on his muscular erection. His tail swishing and jumping behind him in excitement, Baltoh moved up onto the bed and crouched down before Molly. She spread her legs wide to invite him and Selene moved her hand, granting him access to the blonde beauty’s gate of paradise.

Baltoh looked up at Selene, seeking confirmation one last time that she wanted this. Selene ended her kiss and nodded to him, causing Molly to look down and gaze in astonishment as Baltoh extended his long forked tongue and tickled the very exterior of her vagina. Molly’s breathing became fast and heavy and she bit her lip as the two tips of his tongue gently touched her soft flesh, taking an initial taste of her juices. Baltoh licked her a second time, poking and prodding the labia and making her hum and shiver in the teasing euphoria of the jiggling appendage touching her so intimately.

Baltoh finally inserted his tongue into her, making give a shrill whine of pleasure as he orally entered her. He began swishing his tongue around and side to side in her velvet sleeve while he worked his lips against the entrance, stimulating her clitoris in ways that she had never before experienced. Molly moaned in ecstasy, unable to comprehend the pleasure that he was giving her. At her moans, Selene got up on her knees with Molly’s head resting on her stomach and hefted her firm breasts in her face. Molly hungrily took them with her lips, sucking on her left nipple and swirling her tongue around the areola as if her life depended on it. Feeling her friend excite the nerve endings with such dedication, Selene hummed softly and rolled her head back, letting the warm jubilation roll over while she flexed her fingers in her cunt, taking them out after every other minute to lick off the succulent fluid.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to cum! Oh please don’t stop!” Molly begged, releasing Selene’s wet nipple.

With his face buried between Molly’s legs, Baltoh looked up at Selene through his burning halo. Selene winked at him and he winked in return, retracting his tongue and pulling away from her, regrettably so, as her juices were addictively delicious.

“Why did you stop? That would have been the best orgasm of my life!” Molly exclaimed, already glistening with sweat from the energetic euphoria that she had been about to experience.

“You don’t get to cum until I say you can,” Selene whispered with her lips pressed against Molly’s lips.

Baltoh sat up on his legs and lifted his cock, pointing it right at Molly’s face.

“Go on, suck it,” Selene aggressively purred.

Molly licked her lips and got on her hands and knees with her neck bent. She tentatively wrapped her hand around his phallus, unable to even touch her fingers to her thumb. She moved her hand back and forth, stroking out any flaccidity with the head just inches from her face. She slowly took the head in her mouth, trying to fit as much as she could. Baltoh groaned as he felt her tongue tickling and feeling every centimeter of the hot skin, flitting and wiggling it in the slit at the top and working it under the ridge above the beginning of the shaft. Molly began bobbing her head back and forth, trying to see how much of Baltoh’s cock she could take with the tip prodding the back of her throat and almost making her gag.

A sudden convulsion came out of shock from Selene’s actions. With most of the bed taken by Baltoh and Molly, Selene was forced to lay sideways across her pillow. She had a coy smile on her face, having just inserted her finger into Molly’s asshole. She was wiggling it around in the tight orifice, taking great pleasure in watching Molly squirm. She then removed her finger and wrapped her lips around it, sucking it clean. Taking the initiative, she spread Molly’s ass cheeks and pressed her lips against her anus while inserting her tongue. Molly groaned and hummed as she blew Baltoh, loving the feeling of Selene’s tongue stirring her asshole and the wetness of her mouth mixing with the wetness of her tight anus.

While she gorged herself on Molly’s asshole, Selene worked her fingers in her cunt, often stopping to work the pussy juice into Molly’s anus. When she did this, she would remove her lips and work her fingers into the ring, mixing the two fluids together. Then she would spread her anus with her fingers and make Molly shiver as she spat into the orifice, leaving a white glob of saliva nestled right the sensitive folds of her rectum before continuing to eat her out.

On the other end, Molly would often take Baltoh’s cock out of her mouth, just so that she could spit on the head and then rub her saliva across the shaft. She would smear his cock across her face, coating herself in her spit and Baltoh’s pre-cum like makeup, and put it back in her mouth, where her head would bob back and forth as she would take as much as she could without throwing up.

After a few minutes, Selene got up and lied beside Molly, who relinquished Baltoh’s cock. Selene hungrily took it, licking the shaft and head slurping off Molly’s saliva as if it were the most delicious Popsicle on Earth. With a warm smile, Baltoh reached down and brushed her hair, making her look at him with love and happiness in her eyes. She took his cock out of her mouth and gave it back to Molly, who took great joy in licking off Selene’s spit.

Selene then turned around and lied on her back with her legs spread. Molly reluctantly moved aside and Baltoh crouched over her, giving her a long and passionate kiss to show that his feelings for her were in no way affected by Molly’s presence, and Selene returned the kiss to answer the message. With a smile, he sat on his heels and put it cock right where it belonged. Selene cried out in a mix of euphoric pleasure and pain as the muscular phallus penetrated her like a fist, making her arch her back and grip the side of the bed to keep from being forced against the headboard.

With his cock lodged all the way in her, Baltoh held her by the hips and began driving deep into her with long powerful thrusts, very slowly bringing up his speed as he stretched her pussy to the required point. Beside them, Molly was fingering herself and pulling on her nipples, staring at Selene with envy and impatience as the desire to be fucked by Baltoh overcame her. Deciding to get involved in the action, she swung her leg over Selene’s head and began straddling her face in the same way Selene had rode hers during the Christmas party. Selene grabbed Molly’s glorious ass and gorged herself on her pussy, making the blonde have to lean over on all fours from the paralyzing waves of joy Selene was sending through her body.

Reaching his full speed, Baltoh began hammering Selene’s cunt like a machine, making the bed creak like a room full of rocking chairs and Selene’s tits bounce and roll like two water balloons. He leaned forward over Selene and she wrapped her legs around him while he sucked on her breasts, all the while fucking her with powerful swings of his pelvis. His knife-like barbed tail was jerking and whipping the floor from his excitement.

Baltoh raised his head, looking at Molly’s round ass less than half a foot from his face. He leaned forward and inserted his tongue into her anus the way Selene had done and pressed his lips against the ring, anally pleasuring her with his mouth. From the incredible stimulation in her cunt and asshole, Molly was moaning in delight, gyrating her hips while Selene feasted on her delicious pussy and Baltoh licked every corner of her asshole with the cheeks rubbing against his face, loving the void taste.

“Oh god!” Molly cried out, having an orgasm that shook her to the point that she thought that she would fall apart like a house of cards.

Selene and Baltoh orally hung onto her, refusing to stop licking as she experienced an anatomical earthquake of sensual gratification. As the orgasm came to an end, Molly dismounted Selene as if her face was a bicycle and she had just ridden in the Tour De France. She rolled on her back against the headboard, rubbing the lips of her pussy. Selene sat up, her face and hair wet with Molly’s juices, and kissed Baltoh, the two of them exchanging the flavors that filled their mouths.

“Oh please fuck me! I want to be fucked!” Molly begged.

Without looking at Molly, Selene smiled and pressed her cheek against Baltoh’s. “Give it to her, hard,” she purred.

Baltoh nodded with an aroused smile and lied back on the bed, his cock pulsing slightly with each beat of his heart. Reaching out with his tail, he picked up Molly as if she were as light as air and lowered her onto his lap facing him. Shaky with excitement, Molly grasped his cock and guided it to her pussy, fearful at having never taken one so large and wondering how it would even fit. She had to lift herself up off her knees just to get on top of it.

Molly pressed the head against her lips and tried to guide it in, wincing at the already uncomfortable size. Gripping her by the hips, Baltoh slowly pulled her down, driving up into her and making her scream as if she had just been stabbed. Molly was completely paralyzed as she tried to process the huge shape inside her; it felt like a python was trying to turn her into its den. Moving like a stalking lioness on the hunt, Selene crawled over to Baltoh while looking at Molly with a coy look her face, finally getting back at her for the party.

Selene bent down and gave Baltoh a tender kiss, then proceeded to swing her leg over him and settle down on his face. She immediately began to coo and hum as Baltoh went to work, probing her cunt with his tongue and working his lips against the entrance. With her whole body shaking, Molly began shifting back and forth to the sides, whimpering from the uncomfortable size on the cock inside her but slowly gaining some satisfaction out of it.

Selene leaned forward, comforting her friend with a long and gentle kiss. Their tongues passed their lips and began to swirl and wrap around each other, forming glistening threads of wetness between their mouths. Together they formed a pyramid of pleasure, and the longer they were in this position, the more energetic Molly was while being fucked by Baltoh. Soon she was straddling him with more enthusiasm and even managing to tolerate a few inches of bouncing.

Seeing that Molly was now getting used to it, Selene wanted to take it to the next level. She got off Baltoh and crouched down, licking her juices off his face. “Make her scream,” she whispered in his ear before kissing him.

Baltoh nodded and turned Molly around on his cock so that her back was to him, making her cringe at the unexpected movement. Baltoh lifted her up as if she were weightless and slammed her down, making her scream in pain like the first time. He lifted her up with ease, surprised by the fact that there was no blood, and pulled Molly back down onto his cock. She screamed again, this time with some pleasure in her voice. He lifted her up a third time and slammed her back down, her scream now a high-pitched moan. With a smile, he began moving her like a giant fleshlight, bouncing her on his cock with little effort. It took her a while, but in time, she began to take immeasurable pleasure in the penetration. With Baltoh holding her body and lifting her up and down, Molly was rubbing her pussy in bliss, which was stretched to its absolute maximum.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Oh FUCK!” she cried out while Selene crawled over to her and began licking the sweat off her naked body.

Holding her stationary, Baltoh began moving his own body, jabbing up into her like a piston so quickly that his ball sack was an indistinguishable blur. Molly’s screams and moans were silenced and replaced with a deep gagging sound. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her body became limp as she tried to process the intense sensations blasting through her veins. Baltoh’s cock was being driven so far into her so quickly, she could barely breath and her legs were completely numb. This was worlds beyond any fucking she had ever received with a human, and her body could barely cope with the dynamic pounding that Baltoh’s bulging manhood was inflicting on her. The rough slamming of her cunt brought about orgasm after orgasm until Baltoh finally had to stop to catch his breath. He lowered Molly down and laid her on her stomach, knocked out.

Concerned, Selene crawled over to her. “Molly, are you ok?”

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. I kept a close eye on her physical and mental state to make sure I didn’t endanger her or inflict any actual harm. Her brain has just been completely overwhelmed by the sensations she felt while I fucked her and all the orgasms she experienced. It’s basically a sexually induced seizure. It’s completely harmless, her brain is just rebooting itself,” Baltoh said, panting like a dog.

Relieved by the explanation, Selene licked her lips and crawled over to Baltoh, where she licked her friend’s essence off his cock. After slurping up every drop of pussy juice, she climbed onto his lap and penetrated herself, bouncing on and riding his manhood as if it were a coin-operated ride. She moaned softly as his cock stirred her pussy like a whisk and leaned forward, kissing Baltoh tenderly while he squeezed her shapely rear.

After ten minutes, Molly began to stir, waking back up. Hearing her hums of exhaustion, Selene dismounted Baltoh’s dick and lied down on top of Molly, rubbing her breasts against her friend’s back. Getting behind them, Baltoh fully revived Molly as he re-entered her, making her whimper in pleasure and her eyes bolt open.

As Baltoh moved back and forth inside Molly, Selene kissed her neck and rubbed their naked bodies together like two mating snakes.

“Oh yes, fuck my pussy. Oh my god, it’s so big,” Molly moaned as Baltoh brought her to orgasm.

He pulled out her pussy didn’t pull away. Instead he used the lubrication of her juices to slide his cock between her firm ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun, biting his lip at the kinky feeling of her soft flesh as he diverted the head back into Selene’s pussy. Still lying on top of Molly, Selene purred as her cunt was stretched like a rubber band and her oily juices dripped into Molly’s spread ass. Baltoh began moving back and forth, fucking Selene shallowly so that he could keep grinding his cock in between Molly’s smooth ass cheeks.

Before long, he proceeded to the main event and fully-entered Selene, forcing his entire cock into her hungry pussy. As she was mounted like a dog and fucked with fast powerful strokes, Selene couldn’t stop herself from moaning in ecstasy. With Selene moaning right in her ear and her taut naked body rubbing and jiggling against hers, Molly was nearly brought to orgasm without any vaginal stimulation.

“That’s right baby, fuck me!” Selene groaned as her horniness made her bold and excited.

After a few minutes of fucking her, Baltoh moved back down to Molly, pushing his glistening cock into her deliciously soft pussy, using the wetness from Selene as lubricant.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” Molly whined as he began thumping her, slowly moving up to full speed while Selene kissed her neck.

For half an hour, Baltoh switched back and forth between the spooning women, fucking one for several minutes before moving to the other. As they took turns being fucked, Selene and Molly were running their hands and touching themselves, though with Molly having her back to Selene, she had to mostly satisfy herself with rubbing her own pussy or fingering her lover’s asshole.

“Please, let me suck it. I really want to suck it,” Molly pleaded as Baltoh brought Selene to her umpteenth orgasm.

Wet and glistening, Baltoh pulled his cock out of Selene as she got off her friend. Desperate as a crack whore, Molly turned and tried to lick Baltoh’s shaft, but Selene stopped her.

“Please, I want to taste it,” Molly whined.

Selene smiled and pressed her lips against the tip, leaving a large glob of spit. Molly desperately began sucking Baltoh off, slurping up her friend’s spit and vaginal fluids as if her life depended on it. While Molly blew Baltoh, Selene was on all fours by the headboard, spitting onto her hand and them wiping it on her asshole.

“Baltoh, baby, I want you all the way inside of me. You’re the only man I love and trust enough to let do this,” She gasped, pointing her ass at Baltoh.

The hybrid bit his lip in nervousness as the meaning hit him like a slap from a wet hand, unsure of if it was even anatomically possible to fit his cock in her. But while he was filled with uncertainty and the last thing he wanted to do was cause the woman he loved any physical discomfort, her words did give him an easing warmth. He had said before that he could see right through her, and what she had told him held no lies, neither to him or herself. She truly did trust him and love him.

Molly sat back, a look of astonishment on her face as she realized that now was her time to provide the two lovers with some space. With Selene on all fours, Baltoh leaned over and left a line of kisses up her back and along her shoulder and neck, making her purr at his touch. “Are you sure you want this? There is no way I can do it without it hurting,” he whispered in her ear.

“It is the ultimate challenge, and you know how much I love challenges. Any pain I will feel will be my trial in showing you my love.”

He replied with a kiss to the back of the ear and then sat up.

“Wait, let me help,” Molly said softly, kissing Baltoh on the shoulder and moving over to Selene.

Molly gently spread Selene’s ebony ass cheeks and stretched her asshole with her middle fingers. Convulsing her cheeks, Molly dribbled a mouthful of saliva straight into Selene’s anus, filling it up and making it overflow so that a small stream flowed down in between the moist lips of her pussy. Taking a deep breath, Baltoh pressed the head of his cock against her oiled asshole and slowly tried to push it in. Immediately, he grunted from the tightness of her asshole. He couldn’t even fit the head in; it was like trying to fuck a rubber band for a lobster claw. He continued to push, slowly stretching her anus and making Selene whimper and cringe. Beside her, Molly was spitting every glob of saliva she could gather onto the head of Baltoh’s penis, lubricating him.

Baltoh gnashed his teeth and carved a long crack in the floor with his tail as he finally managed to pop the head of his cock into her anus like pulling on a shirt that was far to small. Selene had her face rested against the headboard and was chewing on her pillow like a teething dog, whimpering in pain but not complaining and not signaling him to stop or slow down.

Now that he had worked the head in, the hardest part was over. Grateful for all the spit that Selene and Molly had used to lubricate her anus, Baltoh began to slowly push forward, millimeter by millimeter, biting his lip as he tried to withstand the tightness while Molly supportably spread Selene’s ass cheeks. She also tried to comfort Selene, stroking her hair, kissing her naked flesh, and even working her fingers between Selene’s legs.

Time passed, the minutes on the Selene’s bedside alarm rolling with each inch, but eventually, Baltoh had worked his penis halfway into Selene, who was breathing heavily and trying not to move. It was obvious that it was the limit that he could penetrate her.

“Are you alright?” he asked, brushing his hand against her cheek as if checking for a fever.

“I’m fine, just be gentle,” she whispered, as if suffering from a bad sore throat.

Baltoh nodded and kissed her lower back, giving Selene a minute to get accustomed to the great mass stretching her anus. With her giving the OK, he slowly began to pull out of her, moving again millimeter by millimeter, and making her tremble and wince. Keeping his head inside, he came to a stop and began pushing it back in. Selene brought her head up and gripped the sides of the headboard, panting heavily as her rectum was repacked. Continuing to move slowly, Baltoh could finally take note of how good her anus felt. While her pussy had not nearly been as tight and devoid of lubrication, the slit-shape had been a strange fit around his cock. Now, her perfectly round asshole was squeezing it from all sides equally, and while it was clenching with incredible force, it was a much more natural fit.

Burying it almost up to the hilt, Baltoh gave Selene a minute before retracting his penis, this time pulling it back in a single stroke. Selene did not wince or whimper, instead, she bit her lip in pleasure and softly hummed. Molly once again spat on Baltoh’s cock, lubing him up before he pushed all the way into her and pulled out.

“Oh yes, that feels so good. Just like that baby, just like that,” she purred, laying her head down on the pillow with her ass sticking up into the air.

Baltoh replied with a soft kiss on her back and stood up, unable to fuck her on his knees due to the angle of her ass. He reinserted his cock and proceeded to take up a slow and steady rhythm, moving up and down and letting her anus become accustomed to the bulk of his manhood. Standing up over her, he was almost jumping as he plunged down into her like a yoyo. He moved in long slow strokes, turning her hums into moans of bliss that were slowly growing in volume as he grew in speed. While he rocked her world, Molly was behind her with her face buried in Selene’s exposed cunt, taking the opportunity to begin going down on her.

Before long, Baltoh was moving at a fast pace and the apartment was filled with the sounds of Selene’s ass slapping against his thighs and her glorious moans of pleasure, both from the anal penetration and her best friend gorging herself on her hot, wet snatch. The bed was creaking like an old house as it struggled to handle the downward slams of Baltoh plunging into Selene’s asshole. Eventually, Baltoh reached his top speed and was slamming her asshole with such speed and power that it would forever be as loose as a pair of sweatpants. Selene was giving a ceaseless scream of mind-numbing euphoria, having lost all feeling from the waist down except the sensation of incredible pleasure.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” she hollered, her body convulsing as endless sensations shot through every fiber of her being.

After ten seconds, she became as limp as rag and collapsed on her side, panting heavily and trying not to pass out. Slowly, Baltoh removed his cock from her anus, which was gaping open and refused to return to its original size. He pointed it downwards and Molly hungrily took it in her mouth, deep throating it and humming in joy as she sucked off the flavoring of Selene’s ass. She eventually spat it out, leaving it with a thick coating of saliva.

“Ok, now it’s my turn. I want you to fuck my ass just like you fucked hers,” Molly said.

“Selene?” Baltoh asked.

“Go ahead, I just need a minute to rest. She deserves to feel as good as I did.”

Molly moved to the foot of the bed and got on all fours, spitting into her hand and smearing her saliva in her anus. She even spread her ass cheeks and pulled the ring open so that Baltoh could spit into it, due that he couldn’t do it because of his claws.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as with Selene. I’ve taken it up the ass before, and it’s my favorite,” She said with a sexy wink.

Baltoh gave a tired smile and got back on his knees, moving over to her and pressing the head of his dick against her asshole. Gritting his teeth against the tightness, he slowly began working himself in with Molly hollering in ecstasy. While she was still incredibly tight, she had been right when she said that she was easier than Selene, as it was obvious that she had experience in anal sex. However, Baltoh’s size was completely new to her, as her hollers were mixed with screams of pain.

Baltoh was able to get all the way inside her in just two minutes, much faster than with Selene. Gripping Molly’s hips, he began slowly pumping her, forcing her voice to increase in volume while his speed slowly rose. Before long, her ass was smacking against his thighs with the same glorious clapping sound as he fucked her like a dog, making her scream at the top of her lungs in pleasure and pain.

Just he was about to kick it up to his maximum speed. Selene appeared beside Baltoh. He looked at her and was at awe by her beauty, the sweet smile on her face, and the unparalleled love in her eyes. She leaned forward and began kissing him, both passionately and tenderly. Without ending the kiss, Baltoh went up to his top speed, fucking Molly’s asshole so hard and so fast that the sound she was making almost sounded inhuman and the shaft of his cock could barely be discerned in the rapid movements, all while Selene gently ran her hand across his bare chest.

Before long, Molly gave out a particularly loud cry as Baltoh gave her a thunderous orgasm. Baltoh slowed down and came to a halt, finally pulling out of her and leaving her anus as a deep gaping crater. Molly collapsed, gasping for air, and Baltoh sat against the wall with Selene beside him.

“I can’t hold out much longer. My stamina has run out and I’m close to reaching my climax,” he panted.

“Funny, you’ve been fighting nonstop for thousands of years, but a couple women from Earth can leave you completely drained,” Selene mused, kissing Baltoh on the cheek. She then looked at her friend. “Molly, how about we finish him the same way we finish each other?”

Tired but more than willing, Molly sat up with a smile. “I’d love to.”

With Molly to his right and Selene to his left, Baltoh sat against the wall while the two women moved closer to each other, interlocking their legs and getting into the scissoring position with Baltoh’s cock between their pussies. Gyrating their hips, the two women began grinding the lips of their cunts against the shaft, and Baltoh’s breathing became heavy as the soft skin rubbed against his dick in a way similar to a hand job. Just the mental feeling and the image were as good as the physical experience, both for him and his lover and sexual acquaintance. Selene and Molly were groaning softly in pleasure as they grinded his cock against their swollen pussies, loving the feeling the hot member against the lips, their smooth thighs rubbing against each other, and the act of reaching out and squeezing each other’s breasts.

Finally, Baltoh grunted as several thick streams of semen shot out and up from the head, far more than any regular human amount. The white fountain covered Selene and Molly’s laps, basically glazing their pussies in sperm. Staying pressed together, Selene and Molly slowly scraped the semen off his cock and resettled on his legs, scissoring to the point of orgasm as they both savored the feeling of Baltoh’s seed sliding between their smooth wet pussies and the softness of each other’s lips.

Having climaxed, the two women separated and got into the 69-position, feasting on the sperm that covered and filled their pussies as if it were chocolate syrup. After every glob was licked up, they both settled against Baltoh, curled up at his sides like affectionate cats.

“That truly was most enjoyable,” he sighed with his eyes closed and his erection finally deflating.

The two women just hummed in tired agreement with their faces buried his chest. With a smile, Baltoh sat up for a moment to let his wings extend from his body, them wrapped them around the women’s naked bodies and sealed them in a cocoon of warmth.

“I’m so glad we did this. We have got to do it more often,” Selene purred, barely able to keep her eyes open.

“Invite me over whenever you want, I’m always ready and hungry for cock,” Molly replied, giving a small stretch and rubbing her nipples against Baltoh’s bare chest.

“Oh, we’ll definitely invite you,” Baltoh said as Selene wrapped her fingers around his flaccid cock and gently stroked it, unable to tear herself away from it.

“Actually, don’t invite me too often,” Molly then said.

Selene opened her eyes and looked at Molly. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I would love to get fucked by you two every day. But I know you two are in love, and I don’t want to get in the way. You two should be together most of the time, and this isn’t a relationship for three. Consider me a once-a-week special.”

Selene smiled and leaned forward, kissing the blonde beauty and licking Baltoh’s semen out of every corner of her mouth. “I know you’re mostly saying that because your entire lower body is completely numb and you don’t think you could survive getting fucked that hard every day of the week, but I also know that you truly mean that, and I thank you,” said Selene after she pulled away her lips, wet with Molly’s saliva.

Baltoh leaned down with a smile, kissing Molly on the forehead and then Selene on the lips. Kept warm by his body heat from their naked bodies pressed together and the blanket-like wings, Selene and Molly slowly drifted to sleep with their legs wrapped around his thighs and faces buried in his chest. With a smile on his face, Baltoh rested his cheek against the top of Selene’s head and drifted to sleep.

As planned, Baltoh woke up a few hours later in the middle of the night, fully rejuvenated. Selene and Molly were still pressed against him in the same position, their naked bodies feeling incredible against his. He smiled, wondering how he would get up without waking them. As it turned out, his fears were not needed, as they were so deeply asleep that they didn’t stir in the slightest when he got out from under them. Once on his feet, he picked them both up and set them straight in the bed with the blanket over them. Their arms were wrapped around each other’s naked bodies, their nipples were touching, and their foreheads were pressed together.

Baltoh stood up and got dressed, smiling from the endorphins still rushing through his body. He turned around and looked back at the sleeping women. They both looked so peaceful, so beautiful, and so sexy. He desperately wished he could climb under the covers with them and fall asleep with their naked bodies pressed against his, but after the first night he spent with Selene, he could not risk it; he could not risk isolating himself from New York City when there were now six Demons that could strike at any time. Even with the Archangels around, the death toll would still be massive.

Baltoh sat down on the bed and gently brushed the hair out of their faces, smiling as he admired their beauty. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed them each on the temple, as if they were not his sex partners, but his own daughters.

“I will be back,” he whispered with his face pressed against both of theirs.

A month had passed since Baltoh and Selene first made love, and to Baltoh, it was the greatest month of his life, as well as the most enlightening. Every day, often multiple times, he and Selene would get together and reenact that sweet passionate bond. Baltoh could not get enough of Selene’s flawless body, he we practically idolized and worshipped her for her divine beauty, and loved her for her sweet soul and tender heart. Selene was very similar in that regard, in that nothing could ever appease her desire to ride and suck Baltoh’s muscular cock. Sure, she had always enjoyed sex, but never before had she desired it so powerfully and for so long. Being intimate with Baltoh was turning her into a wild vixen, as if her proximity to the half-Demon was turning her into a Demon in the sack. She just couldn’t function without either walking bowlegged after being ridden like a wild mare or was about to be.

Every minute that they were apart, they each day-dreamed about joining their bodies together in that loving physical bond, though that wasn’t all they did when they were together. They spent as much time as they could talking, with Baltoh asking everything he could about Selene’s past and trying to learn as much as he could about the woman he loved, and Selene probing his subconscious to learn as much as she could about the way his mind worked. Since he didn’t have much of a past to speak of, she instead asked him about things like philosophy, history, psychology, and everything else that would let her see how the gears in his mind turned. She also asked him questions about the universe and Hell, not specifically what Hell itself was like as she had before, but instead about the people he had met, the battles he had fought, the adventures he had experienced, and his memories from life in the inferno. There were also questions about his activity on Earth, as when Selene discovered just how much collected time he had spent in the world of the living since his birth, she found that they had a lot more to talk about than she thought.

He also got to spend time with Molly, who treated him the same way she treated Selene. His relationship with her was the first of its kind, caring but platonic. With Selene, he had learned to be a lover. With Rosemary, he had learned to be a teacher, and with Molly, she had learned to be a friend. He enjoyed talking to her, coming to understand what it meant to socialize. Then of course there was the sex. Molly often joined the two lovers for threesomes, her hunger for Baltoh’s cock and Selene’s pussy bringing her to the apartment a few times a week. Baltoh certainly didn’t mind, as he enjoyed fucking her like a machine, and Selene showed absolutely no displeasure or protectiveness. If anything, she seemed happiest when she had both Baltoh and Molly with her, as if her world was complete.

The six Demons all stood around a small campfire of human bones from their last meal, deep below the city. All eyes were on Abaddon, the Demon first appointed to be in charge of this project. Only he could make the decision for the next step to be made, and once it was implemented, there would be no going back and nowhere safe to run. They would succeed or they would all die.
“Alright, let’s do it.”

Baltoh raced across the city, returning from a Gargoyle disturbance out on the outskirts. He had slain the lone beast while it fed on a drug addict passed out in an alley, only to have his attention drawn back to Selene’s apartment through the feather he had given her. Through the link between he and Selene, he could sense great fear and pain, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was being attacked. Just hours ago, he had been in another threesome with her and Molly, and now both women were in danger.

He was flying through the city faster than an armor-piercing bullet, creating a pulsing shockwave that pushed aside the air as he flew and then created a vacuum behind him, stronger than the void of space. Behind him, the air was being pushed and pulled with so much power that every window in the buildings lining the streets was reduced to powder and all the cars were yanked into the air like fallen leaves, essentially turning the space behind him into a blizzard of glass and rubble.

Baltoh’s face was contorted into a furious scowl as he honed in on Selene’s apartment, his sword in hand and his teeth and claws sharpening in his rage. Whoever it was that dared attack Selene, he would make them suffer the tortures of Hell a thousand times over. He finally reached the apartment, slowing down and becoming intangible before passing through the wall.

Everyone in the apartment building had been brutally murdered and Selene’s unit was in ruins, with all the furniture smashed to pieces and the walls shredded with claw marks. Selene was gone and in the middle of the apartment lay Molly, the life torn from her tortured body. The island table had been ripped free of the kitchen floor and moved into the center of the den, with the slain beauty sprawled out on it as if it were a medieval torture rack, her wrists and ankles nailed to the corners.

Baltoh slowly walked over to Molly’s lifeless corpse, his eyes wide and his breathing shallow. He had witnessed and experienced the worst tortures of Hell, but seeing her, the woman he considered his dear friend and had been physically intimate with, lying there on that table was more than he could stomach. Her entire pelvic region had been completely destroyed, having been raped anally and vaginally to the point where her pelvis was crushed into splinters and her legs were barely clinging to her body. Her thighs as ass cheeks were riddled with bite marks and had chunks ripped out of them from when the Demons decided to sample her soft flesh. Her breasts had been reduced to thick bloody strips, having been carved and cut up in pointless torture to make her suffer. Her fingers were broken and her arms were covered in lacerations, as if they had been whipped with barbed wire. Her head was barely connected to her body, her throat having been nearly melted off from being forced to swallow Demon sperm. Her cheeks had been ripped open, most likely by accident when the Demons took turns raping her mouth. Her eyelids had been cut off so that she could not blink and the eyes themselves had been carved out. Her ears had been ripped off and she teeth marks along her throat. Last but certainly not least, her face was badly burned and disfigured, having been chemically melted by Demon sperm being ejaculated straight onto her face.

His hands shaking, Baltoh removed the nails and lifted Molly’s lifeless body, holding it tightly. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen to you. I never wanted you to be harmed. I will avenge you, sweet soul,” he murmured with his cheek pressed against his forehead.

In his heart, the feelings he had developed for her were now like poison in his veins as he mourned her passing. However they did it, the Demons had tortured Molly far longer than the signal of Selene’s danger had been felt. Most likely, they had taken Molly and did this to her while Selene was still asleep, probably kept from waking up through a Demon spell. Everyone in the apartment building had been killed so that the police wouldn’t be called when she started screaming. They wouldn’t have been able to stop the Demons, but they would have been an annoyance and an interruption. After all the eons he had spent being tortured in Hell as a legion of human souls, he could well imagine the pain she had experienced and the agony in her screams.

Baltoh’s attention was suddenly pulled from Molly by a ringing sound. Situated on one of the stools form the island table, Selene’s phone sat two meters away, ringing as if nothing had happened. Baltoh already knew who it was; he could sense the cruelty through the line without even holding the phone. Trying to keep his temper in check, he walked over and picked it up.

“What a marvelous piece of technology that these humans have invented. The ability to talk to anyone anywhere at any time…” Abaddon’s voice remarked on the other end.

“You’ve already signed your death warrant. For dragging Selene into this, I will make you suffer more agony than all the prisoners of Hell across all of history. I will inflict more pain on you than your worst nightmares for what you have done to her. And that’s not even counting what I’ll do to you for the pain that Molly went through. I will show no mercy for what you did to her,” he said, his voice icier than a Siberian winter.

“Oh, don’t worry, we haven’t touched Selene. That blonde girl was just a bit of fun and entertainment, not to mention she served as a good example. But damn, she sure could take a cock and she screamed so beautifully as I carved her breasts open like rotten melons. Hmmm, delicious. But the best part was how she screamed your name.”

“Every word you speak will be another million thoughts that race through your mind in which you pray for death.”

“I would watch the threats if I were you. We haven’t touched Selene yet, but if you push us, we will. I have her here with me, I’m keeping her tied up with my tail so that I can feel that body of hers, and boy, it sure is beautiful. I’m looking forward to mounting her and licking the tears off her face as I rip her ass into bleeding shreds.”

Baltoh took a deep breath. “What do you want?”

“Your help. Once the sun comes up in a few hours, we shall make our move. Not only will you stay out of our way, but you will also keep us safe from the forces of Heaven. While we are working, you will keep every Angel and Archangel out of our affairs. If any of us sees so much as a single feather while we are working, I assure you that my associates and I will spend every second of our lives tormenting this little bitch in ways learned straight from the Masters of Torture themselves. She will suffer more than any human, living or dead, has ever endured, and it will all be because of you. You had better keep the Angels busy, because if you fail, Selene will consider being gang-raped to be a massage compared to what we have in store for her.”

The sun slowly rose with a bright rosy red shade, giving Abaddon a maniacal grin as he thought about the blood soon to be spilled. He was standing in the geographical center of New York City, invisible to everyone wandering the streets. Hidden in a nearby alley, Selene was tied up with the tail of Abaddon’s last remaining Gargoyle, shivering as the breeze kissed her naked flesh the same way Baltoh had as well as Molly, who’s dead body she had stumbled across in her destroyed apartment. Her face was streaked with tears at the horrible sight of Molly’s bloody butchered carcass and the feeling of fearful helplessness that flowed through her veins like ice water.
She had woken up, her bed empty, and Molly’s clothes still on the floor. She got up to look for her friend, wanting to go back to sleep clutching Molly’s warn naked form against hers, lusting for the feeling of her soft skin against her own. She walked into the kitchen, hoping to find Molly and maybe eat little late-night snack off her breasts, and instead found her best friend and lesbian lover nailed to her island table, getting her entrails ripped out and eaten by four Demons while the fifth raped her mouth.
Selene rushed back into her bedroom, reaching for her purse on her bedside table and just managing to touch the feather and alert Baltoh before Abaddon appeared behind her and grabbed her by the throat. “There you are, my sexy little jezebel,” he said, lifting her off her feet and drinking in the fear in her eyes.

Now she was here, dangling naked with a Gargoyle keeping her tied up with its tail, silently crying over the death of her friend and praying for the man she loved to come save her. She wanted to scream, to call out for someone to help her, but Abaddon had warned her that if she made so much as a sound, he would cut off her tits, eat one, and then force-feed her the other.

Out in the street, Abaddon took a deep breath and stretched. The time had finally come. Dredging up his power, he crouched down and slammed his hand on the ground, casting a spell and sending out an energy signal his comrades to do the same. “Demon Art: Horror Obelisk Summoning!”

Chapter 7

Upon sensing Abaddon’s raised energy levels, the four stationed-Archangels took flight, rushing to the scene. Flying in formation, they zoomed towards the site but were suddenly stopped as Baltoh appeared before them with a stony expression on his face and sword in hand.

Raphael drew his claymore and pointed it at him. “What the Hell are you doing Baltoh?”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot let you pass,” he said softly, raising his arm and holding his sword to his side.

Growling, Michael materialized his sword as well. “You bastard! I knew that you were no better than they were! You’ve been on the Demons’ side since the beginning!”

Baltoh bit his lip and looked at Rosemary, who had a very tense and guarded look on her face but curiosity in her eyes. “No, I am not on the Demons’ side. They are holding the woman I love, and in return for her safe return, I must keep you from interfering. Do not hold it against me, for I am doing this only to get her back.”

“One human is not worth the whole world!” Michael yelled, shooting towards Baltoh with his sword raised. He swung his sword diagonally, aiming for his neck, but Baltoh calmly reached out and caught it with his bare hand as if Michael were just a child swinging his teacher’s meter ruler.

“She is to me,” he said softly before he emotionlessly drew back his sword and plunged it into Michael’s chest, right below the heart.

The sword burst out his back and Michael vomited a huge splatter of blood. The other Archangels stared in shock at the merciless wound and then gasped as Baltoh ripped his blade free, tearing out strips of Michael’s flesh that were stuck on the serrations and gut-hook. For the second time, Michael was thrown back, critically wounded with blood streaming from his mouth.

“That should show you how dedicated I am to saving Selene,” he said darkly, swinging his sword to splatter off the blood.

Across the city, in five key points where the symbols had been drawn, Bile, Shama, Dagon, Midgard, and Nergal all slammed their hands on the ground, having sensed the signal from Abaddon.
“Demon Art: Inferno Abyss Summoning!”

“Angel Art: Saint Beckon! All Angels close in on the six Demon locations, stop their spells at all cost!” Gabriel cast, using the spell to contact all the Angels in New York while Raphael caught Michael and began healing his wound.
“Angel Art: Crusaders Cathedral Summoning,” Baltoh said, snapping his fingers.
Down below them, a nearby building shattered as a new structure was built in its place, a massive cathedral built solely out of a single piece of marble. The windows of the grand church were all colored and ornately arranged to form collages of saints, made with inhuman skill and glistening brighter and more brilliantly than a rainbow made of gems. Above the great oak doors was a rose window, made of glass mixed with gold and silver to form a sun surrounded by stars. The roof of the cathedral was adorned with statues of Angels, all in poses of prayer or charity, and the bell tower was decorated with statues of Archangels, all standing resolute with their swords in hand but resting with the tips on the ground, as if they were waiting for battle. At the very top of the tower was a clay dove, holding an olive branch in its beak.
Not even seeing the cathedral, the people in the street and nearby buildings fled at the original structure’s collapse. Slowly, the doors opened and Angels streamed out, confused at the sudden change of scenery. The Crusading Cathedral worked on Angels in the same way the Conjuring Necropolis worked on Gargoyles, teleporting them from across one plain of existence to help whoever had summoned the cathedral. In this case, all the Angels that were on their way to try and stop the Demons had now been teleported to the scene of the battle.

Baltoh calmly pointed his hand at them. “Angel Art: Rosary Restraints.” Countless chains of rosary beads were shot down at the Angels, tying them all up so that they could not leave and attack the Demons. “I’m sorry, but I cannot let any of you pass. I must do everything I can to keep Selene safe, even if that means taking part in the end of world.”

“You bastard!” Gabriel yelled, creating his sword and about to charge.

“Wait,” Rosemary said, putting her hand on Gabriel’s shoulder to stop him. “Baltoh, you understand that we cannot just sit idly by while the Demons try to destroy the earth, and I understand that you can’t just sit by while the woman you love is killed because we interfered. Neither you nor us can be convinced to abandon the duty beset upon us, so let’s stop arguing and fight as we are meant to, each trying to protect what we hold dear, with each cause equal in worthiness!” she said with painful resolve in her voice. Holding out her hand, Rosemary brought forth her broadsword into existence. “From this point on, there is no more judgment. You will hold nothing against us and we will hold nothing against you. We fight with honor, using only our swords, not our words.”

“Thank you,” Baltoh whispered, preparing for their attack.

Both Archangels flew towards him and brought their swords down towards his head, but he blocked them with his own with little effort. His tail suddenly jerked, reaching out and knocking aside Raphael who had tried a sneak attack from behind. With his face downcast, Baltoh easily pushed Gabriel and Rosemary back, then delivered a deep slash across their stomachs and sent them tumbling down out of the air.

Hitting the ground, Rosemary quickly cast a healing spell on herself. While her flesh and clothes stitched themselves back together, she looked back up at Baltoh, who’s eyes were still hidden by his hood, even as he turned and smacked aside a divinity ray from Michael with his sword.

‘Why do you not meet our gaze? Are you afraid to look upon us, or afraid of us looking upon you?’ Rosemary thought to herself as she took to the air. “Angel Art: Halo Discus!” she called, pulling a chain of halos from the one above her head and throwing them at him.

“Demon Art: Tombstone Shield,” Baltoh said in little more than a whisper.

A table-sized grave marker appeared before him, acting as a barrier and catching all the thrown halos. Baltoh then turned around, lazily blocking a frenzy of stabs and slashes from Gabriel as if he were moving in slow motion.

“Demon Art: Dark Shackles.” From the metal band around his wrist, several bladed chains shot forth like a thrown net and wrapped around Gabriel, sending him plummeting back to the street.

‘Why do you fight us now with so much shame when you have shown no hesitation in striking down an Archangel before? Why do you overpower us so easily, but fight like you haven’t slept in three days?’ Rosemary pondered as Michael got back up and fired a barrage of Feather Arrows at him.

Baltoh wrapped himself in his wings, completely unaffected by the attack. Rosemary shot forward with white flames streaming up her sword, increasing the cutting power. Baltoh opened up his defenses to block her attack, deflecting the strike with a lazy swing of his sword, still keeping his face cast in shadow. Moving silently, Raphael attacked from behind. Like Rosemary, his sword was burning with white flames, increasing the penetrating power so that it could break even Baltoh’s skin.

He plunged the sword into the hybrid’s back, lodging the tip in the solid muscle but unable to go in past the ribs. Baltoh shook only from the impact but showed no response to it, as if he hadn’t even felt the blade pierce his flesh. Instead, he pointed his finger at Rosemary with a black sphere of energy charging at the tip of his claw. “Demon Art: Dark Pulse.” He murmured, blasting her pointblank with a dense eruption of shadow energy that was so large in diameter that it completely consumed her.

She was thrown out of the sky, her flesh badly burned and smoke billowing from the singed fabric of the remains of her outfit. ‘Why do you show remorse, but not pain? Why do you finally let us strike you, but act more like you wanted it? Are you trying to block our attacks or punish yourself? Do you even know?’

Baltoh quickly turned around towards Raphael, pulling the sword from his hand with his own sword raised. He brought the jagged blade down, cutting a vertical line down that sliced off his wing, his arm, and his leg. Hollowing in pain and unable to maintain his elevation, Raphael landed in the street in a pool of his own blood.

Baltoh looked to the side, spotting Michael trying to sneak away to go stop Abaddon. With his hand limp and clammy, he pointed his fingers at him. “Demon Art: Claw Bullets,” he cast, launching his talons like rounds from mini guns at Michael.

The claws ripped apart the street like mortar shells as he corrected his aim, bringing up the five streams of razor bullets and finally riddling Michael with holes, sending him crashing down into the street like a WWII plane.

“Angel Art: Ultimate Penitence!” Gabriel cast, finally breaking free of his straightjacket of Hell chains.

Upon the name of the spell, a car-sized wooden cross fell out of the sky, straight towards Baltoh. But just as it was about to land square on the top of his head, it touched his halo and was instantly reduced to ash.

Near where Gabriel lay, Rosemary slowly got to her feet, having healed her burns and repaired her clothes. ‘You used to be so calm and tempered, your burning hatred under control and compacted like a star. Now it seems like the heat and power is still there, but the flames have died out, leaving only burns. Where is your hatred now directed? How can you live with so much anger in your heart, so much hatred?’

With roars of determination, she and Gabriel shot towards Baltoh with their swords burning with white flames, desperate to deliver any injury. Gabriel attacked directly with his sword above his head to try and deliver a killing strike and Rosemary went towards the side, planning on quickly shifting to the back while Gabriel drew his attention. Baltoh swung his sword to block Gabriel’s attack, but before Rosemary could strike, he reached out and stabbed him through the right lung with his hand, sending his clawed fingers bursting out of a gaping hole in Gabriel’s back. Without even looking at her, Baltoh then reached back with his tail and stabbed Rosemary through the stomach, running her through as if she were made of paper and then dropping her.

“Or is that that what you hate most of all is yourself?” Rosemary whispered as the air whistled past her.

Rosemary and Gabriel fell down into the street, where Michael and Raphael limped over to help them with their injuries as well as continue treating their own. Once they were all healed, the Archangels decided to go at it all together. Dredging up their power levels one last time, they took to the air and encircled Baltoh, keeping their distance while they channeled all their energy into their swords. In their hearts, none of them believed that it would truly work, but they had to do everything they could to try and beat him.

Roaring in both frustration and determination, they all lunged towards Baltoh with their swords held back, ready to stab.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter,” he murmured, swinging his sword.

Instantly, the four Archangels all stopped in midflight as fountains of blood filled the air. They all cursed and gagged in pain as they looked down. In a single nanosecond, Baltoh had slashed them all across the stomach, cutting so deep that he had been just a few inches away from completely severing their lower bodies. Their torsos cut open and unable to walk, the Archangels once again fell out of the air and landed in the street, defeated and on death’s door. Unable to break free of the rosary chains that held them like piano wire, the crowd of Angels could do nothing but watch in horror and dread as their leaders crawled across the ground like worms, beaten and exhausted. The four fighters grouped together, desperate to come up with some kind of strategy.

“Is it possible? Has he always been this much stronger than us? Has every fight we ever had just been a game to him? Have we always been this weak and helpless compared to him?!” Michael cursed, spitting up blood from all of his entrails being cut right through.

“If we attack from the front, he gets us with his sword. Attack from the sides, he blocks with his wings. Attack from behind, he lashes out with that damned tail. We can’t even beat him with spells because he turns it back on us ten fold.” Raphael muttered, holding his glowing hand between the two halves of his body and slowly pulling himself back together.

“I’ve never seen him fight like this, fight so heartlessly. He rarely got so many injuries on us, so I always assumed our power levels were actually close. But now, he’s going for blood. He’s never truly gone after our lives,” Gabriel panted, his chin streaked with blood and his lungs struggling to function.

Rosemary slowly got to her feet, having healed herself just enough so that she could stand up, but was still using her hands to keep her organs from spilling out. “No, if he wanted us dead, we wouldn’t have even been able to draw our swords. He just wants to keep us down and out of the way. He’s not being heartless; no, it’s just the opposite. He is finally showing his heart and fighting for the woman he loves, the one woman who can truly take away his hatred.”

Upon healing his wounds, Michael stood up without turning to his friends. “I’ll hold him off, you three hunt that Demon down and stop his plans. There is only one way I can even have a chance of matching his strength, just make sure it doesn’t go to waste,” he said solemnly as he took to the air, flying slowly up to the same altitude as Baltoh.

“Michael, no! You know what will happen if you use that technique! There is another way!” Gabriel shouted, having almost finished healing his wounds.

Up in the sky, Michael turned to face Baltoh without his sword. “You’re stronger than us, Baltoh; it’s impossible for me to deny that any longer. But even if you’re stronger, that doesn’t mean I’ll let you win!” he challenged, bringing his right hand towards his left wrist.

“Angel Art: Final Crucifixion! Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Baltoh called, clapping his hands together.

Two crosses rose up behind Gabriel and Raphael, making their faces pale in fear. But even though the crosses were summoned, the spell did not fully activate due to Baltoh’s control. A huge skeletal hand then burst and grabbed Rosemary, holding her in its grip.

“If you so much as think about breaking one of your rosary chains, I swear on everything between Heaven and Hell that I will kill them. Move your hand an inch and I will initiate the crucifixion for your brothers and their deaths will be on your conscience. I have nothing against the girl, so I will spare her,” Baltoh threatened, glaring at Michael.

“Goddamn you,” the Archangel hissed as he lowered his hand.
“He already did.”

The stalemate was suddenly broken as Baltoh and the Archangels all sensed the Demons complete their spells. Across New York, the five Demons that Abaddon had stationed grinned as their summoned artifacts rose up from the semi-permeable portal to Hell. The objects they had summoned were house-sized cauldrons, adorned with engravings of humans being cooked and eaten and filled with liquid flames. The mouths of the cauldrons were actually portals, leading straight to the Lake of Fire in the center of Hell. They were normally used as an environmental advantage, where the caster would pull their enemies into it and incinerate them in the inferno. However, they would all serve different purposes on this day.

In the center of New York, Abaddon was laughing at the top of his lungs and his Horror Obelisk began to glow and sent out a wave of dark energy like an EMP. The wave stretched out in all directions like the beginnings of a tsunami, having no affect on the city itself but supercharging the Inferno Abysses. Upon receiving the strengthening transmission, the five cauldrons all shot geysers of Hellfire straight up into the sky. Immediately, the sky became as red as blood with black clouds and the sun became dark as if there was a solar eclipse as the cauldrons changed their purpose, no longer pulling things into Hell but instead sending them out.

Fences of red light and Hellfire shot out from each cauldron, linking them to each other with the red light forming a pentagram around all of New York City with the Horror Obelisk in the center and the Hellfire encircling it all in a massive ring. Upon the pattern’s completion, there was a deafening crash heard throughout the world as the ring of Hellfire tore through the dimensional barrier between Earth and Hell like a cookie cutter. Across the globe, people were panicking as they tried to understand what was going on and what had happened to the sky, while anyone trying to get in or out of New York was instantly incinerated in the wall of Hellfire. Even the water flowing in an out of the city was vaporized on contact with the burning perimeter.

Fearful of what he had allowed to happen, Baltoh shot off towards the center of New York to fight Abaddon and retrieve Selene. The Archangels quickly followed suit, praying that they would be able to reverse whatever had happened. Baltoh was the first to arrive at the Horror Obelisk, followed by the Archangels. Abaddon was there, already surrounded by his fellow Demons. With the sun no longer shining and the sky as dark as twilight, the Demons were no longer invisible, scaring off any people who were in the street. Beside Abaddon, his pet Gargoyle stood with Selene tied up in its tail, looking around wildly. Baltoh tried to ignore the tightness in his chest as he looked at her, searching for any sign of trauma or injury.

“What the Hell have you done?!” Raphael demanded.

“Hell, Hell is the keyword. By harnessing all the hatred and anger in this city, we were able to weaken the barrier between universes and open the portal to Hell. As we speak, this city is slowly sinking, weighed down by its own darkness. Soon it will sink in between the dimensions, and once it gets right between them, it shall be obliterated and the true doorway will be opened. While they cannot yet leave the perimeter, Gargoyles are streaming into the city from Hell. You should say goodbye to New York, because it will be a part of Earth for only another two weeks, and in a month it will be obliterated and a true inter-dimensional doorway will be opened in its place. This city is essentially a hot ember on a sheet of paper, burning through and creating a hole that cannot be fixed.

If you want someone to thank, turn to Baltoh. Only by retrieving bits and pieces of his energy from jumping between dimensions were we able to create a portal stable enough for a few of us to pass through. You have no idea how many eons we had to wait in Hell to gather enough of his energy.”

Baltoh had his eyes downcast and was staring at the ground with blood dripping from his clenched fists.

True to Abaddon’s words, the city was shaking violently as Gargoyles began bursting out of the ground by the thousands, popping up like weeds and streaming into the air in packs so dense that they looked like pillars of smoke. They immediately tried to fly out of the city, but were unable to pass the burning ring around the pentagram, even if they flew a mile above the wall of Hellfire. Until the portal was truly opened, the forces of Hell could get into New York, but they could not leave and neither could humans get in. Following the mindless pawns, Demons began to appear by the dozens, laughing at their imminent freedom as they began feasting on the people of New York.

“Even if you destroy this Obelisk or the Inferno Abysses, you will not stop the process. The doorway has already been carved, now we just need to wait for this city to sink between universes and open it up. There is no way you can stop it.” Abaddon laughed.

“Selene, give me Selene,” Baltoh growled, his face downcast. Abaddon just smirked.

“I did what you want, I followed your instructions. You promised me you would return Selene safely,” he cursed, looking up at them with his halo burning like a bonfire.

“Very well, she is free to go. Take back your weakness.”

Upon the command of Abaddon, the Gargoyle lowered Selene down onto her feet and released her. Nearly falling to the ground, Selene stared at Baltoh with wide eyes as she slowly walked towards him. Baltoh was in the same state, moving as if he were sleepwalking towards her. They met in the middle of the street and wrapped their arms around each other, holding each other tightly as they each breathed in sweet relief.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t get there in time. I’m sorry I let this happen to you and Molly,” Baltoh murmured, clutching her naked body.

“No, I’m just glad I’m with you again. I thought I would never see you again,” she replied, burying her face in the side of his neck.

Baltoh turned as he felt a hand on his shoulder and was face to face with Michael, who had a much softer expression his face. “This is a side of you that I have never seen, this woman has truly revealed what separates you from the Demons. Even after how hard we just fought, I think I can finally trust you in your resolve to face these Demons. Don’t get me wrong; I hate you, I think you’re an abomination, and we still have a score to settle after this, but I think it’s time for us to finally work on the same side.” Michael then walked past Baltoh with his sword slung over his shoulder and one of his rare smiles on his face. “So, if my info is correct, you are the one known as Abaddon. I must say, you’ve been giving us a lot of trouble, but I would be lying if I didn’t say if I’ve never been this impressed by a Demon. However, you made one fatal flaw in your plan.” He said.

“What was that?” Abaddon growled.

“You’ve been working so hard getting reinforcements, that you forgot about ours,” he said, knocking his heal on the ground.

Instantly, all the Demons and Gargoyles New York shielded their eyes as blinding rays of golden light shone down from the red sky, completely illuminating the city. Descending from the center of the light were thousands of Angels and dozens of Archangels, entering the null-space of New York and ready for battle. The armies of Heaven landed on the roofs of buildings and in the streets, staring at the Abaddon and his group.

“I hope you realize that this means war.” Michael said confidently. Abaddon cracked a smile.

“What am I worried about? War is what I was born for,” he said, drawing his spinal sword. Bile, Shama, Dagon, Midgard, and Nergal all brought forth their weapons, as well as all the Demons situated behind them and in the sky.

“Selene, I have to get you to safety,” Baltoh whispered in her ear while everyone’s attention was diverted.
“Alright, just promise me you’ll make it back,” she whispered, pressing her lips against his once again.

Even surrounded by Demons and Angels, Baltoh allowed himself to enjoy the kiss, but suddenly, Selene jerked and Baltoh felt something stab him in the stomach. He stepped back and looked down, feeling the breath being ripped from his lungs. Selene had just been pierced right below the rib cage by a javelin, resembling the skeleton of a snake and burning with black flames.

Somehow, the massive battle that was imminent just a few moments ago was now stopped as every Angel, Gargoyle, Archangel, and Demon stared at the two lovers. With wide eyes, Abaddon looked up at a Demon standing on a nearby building. The beast was laughing as it drew another javelin from the back of its neck, cursing Baltoh as a traitor.

But while the Demon was bragging about his kill, Abaddon was filled with dread. “Oh no,” he whispered, turning back to the two lovers.

“Baltoh…” Selene gasped as blood began to pour from the wound.

Baltoh was paralyzed, his mind unable to process the sight of her wound. Her whole body shaking, Selene tried to put her hands on the javelin, but before she could do anything, the sleeve of black flames flared up and began to consume her. Selene shrieked in pain as the fire ate away at her with incredible speed. Baltoh caught her as she fell and began healing her, but no matter how much power her put into the spell, her weak human body was the perfect fuel for the Demonic flames and she was being destroyed faster than he could restore her. He clutched her tightly as the black fire moved out in all directions, reducing her body to ash in seconds. Not only was it destroying her body, but her soul as well, meaning that she would cease to exist in all forms.

“Baltoh, I love you,” Selene tearfully murmured as the flames moved up her chest, practically erasing her from existence.

Baltoh tried to speak but his vocal cords failed to work, leaving him mute. He just looked at her, his mouth hanging open as he desperately tried to talk. Even though he couldn’t say anything, Selene smiled as if he did and kissed him, gently pressing her lips against his before the black flames fully consumed her and reduced her to ash. Baltoh’s arms closed around himself as she disappeared, leaving him with his whole body shaking and air refusing to enter or leave his lungs. All the Angels and Archangels were silent, while the Gargoyles and Demons laughed at the death and Baltoh’s pain.

The traumatized hybrid lowered his shaking hands, scooping up the ashes that had once been the woman he loved. He stared at the black powder in his palms, shifting and splashing as his tears slowly dripped into them, the first tears that he had ever experienced. The ash fell away between his fingers and two streaks of tears ran down his face like rivers. Looking up at the sky, Baltoh took a deep breath and released a howl of anguish.

While the cry had a normal volume, it was carried by Baltoh’s energy and spread across the globe. Everywhere, people turned their attention away from the hellish sky and their prayers as the howl reached their ears, so saturated with Baltoh’s pain that they struggled to not be brought to their knees by its weight. The sound was so heavy, so mournful, and so painful, that everyone who heard it could literally feel Baltoh’s pain in their own hearts, and even began to weep without even knowing why.

In New York, all the humans were unable to stand as the sadness in the Baltoh’s howl hit them the hardest due to their proximity to him, and all the Archangels fought with all their might not to drop their swords as Baltoh’s pain assailed them like an electric shock. Even the Demons and Gargoyles were silenced, not through any sort of sympathy, but because the emotions and pain transmitted through the sound were agonizing and weighing down on them like lead weights.

Finally, the howl came to a stop, and the whole world fell silent. Everyone watched as Baltoh sat on the ground, waiting to see what would happen. Everyone ducked as broken glass suddenly filled the air, brought on by every window in the city simultaneously shattering into powder. Looking around, all eyes were turned on Baltoh as cracks began to appear in the ground around him. In a great crash, a pool-sized crater instantly formed underneath him, lowering him into the ground as if he had suddenly become as heavy as a mountain.

‘Oh no, it’s as I feared. That blasted fool has doomed us all!’ Abaddon thought to himself.

A miniature tornado wrapped around Baltoh, picking up Selene’s ashes and spinning them around him as he slowly got to his feet, his face downcast and hidden by his hood. As he stood up, everyone was forced down by the invisible weight of his energy. The Gargoyles and Angels fell out of the sky like birds passing through a cloud of toxic gas and everyone on the ground gritted their teeth as they tried not to be flattened. Without moving his wings, Baltoh slowly rose up in the air and hovered back onto the level ground, facing Abaddon and the Horror Obelisk.

“You underestimated me. You underestimated my love, my power, and my hatred,” he hissed, his face hidden in shadow but his eyes glowing like coals.
Slowly, Baltoh’s burning halo began to elevate, floating five feet above him. As he raised his wings and pointed them at the halo, a tremor ran through both Rosemary and Abaddon.

“No, he wouldn’t dare…” Abaddon muttered.

“Baltoh, are you insane?!” Rosemary shouted.

“What is he doing?” Dagon asked.

Slowly, Baltoh brought the halo down, having it hover in front of him vertically with his four wings outstretched around it, holding it in place like four fingers around a coin.

“It’s a spell unlike any other, his most powerful technique. I saw him use it once when I was a rookie Archangel trying to lessen the Gargoyle population in Hell. I was there for just a day but I saw it once and it still haunts me from the God-like power it unleashed,” Rosemary said, answering the same question as asked by Raphael.

“It’s a spell so powerful that it has no name and originates from neither light nor darkness. It is strong enough to obliterate the Masters of Torture and Titans. Even the Hell Princes are wary of its power!” Abaddon explained in terror as Baltoh’s halo began to spin like a gyroscope between the tips of his wings

“Every time he uses it, he risks destroying Hell itself in the process. It is a jet of pure energy straight from his soul, the collective hatred of every spirit that he was born from, all joined together into one deluge of power that puts Archangel and Demon spells to shame. If he uses that spell here, he could annihilate the entire planet,” Rosemary gasped, shocking everyone in earshot.

As his spinning halo increased in speed, Baltoh released an animalistic roar of anger and frustration with tears streaming from his space. Finally, the halo was spinning so fast that it had blurred into a sphere of light with energy streaming forth in ambient waves.

“Damn it Baltoh, you’ll destroy the world if you use that!” Rosemary shouted.


With an earth-shaking pulse, he released the neon blast at Abaddon and his group. It was so bright that no one could look directly at it and the recoil threw every Angel and Archangel behind Baltoh back. Its diameter instantly expanded upon launch, becoming over a hundred feet wide before it reached the Horror Obelisk. Using the Shade Shimmer spell, Abaddon was just barely able to get to safety as the blast obliterated the other five Demons, the Obelisk, and everything else in its path. The blast continued expanding and flying, vaporizing buildings, Gargoyles, Demons, and everything else that was caught in its path.

Carving a massive scar across New York City, the blast soared past the fence of Hellfire and west out across the landscape, growing larger and more powerful as it consumed all the matter in front of it. Lucky for the Earth, the planetary curve took affect, meaning that it was rising higher and higher instead of staying parallel to the ground. By the time it had cleared Earth’s atmosphere, its diameter had stabilized to a dense few miles and was shooting through space as a compact laser.

“Impossible!” Gabriel gasped as everyone got to his or her feet, in awe at the destruction that had been brought forth.

Baltoh turned to Abaddon and released another roar of anger, charging a blast to maximum power in just a couple seconds. Abaddon cursed and again used super-speed to dodge just a nanosecond before the blast was fired, this time at a slightly lower angle to the northeast. Just like the first, the second neon blast instantly expanded in diameter with phenomenal speed, growing to be a hundred meters wide before even leaving Manhattan.

The blast carved another massive scar across New York, destroying everything before it whether living or nonliving. Because of the slightly lower angle, the blast basically dove into the ocean, forcing all the water aside. It surged through the northern Atlantic like a colossal torpedo, sending gargantuan tidal waves in all directions as it tore straight through the Isle of Newfoundland, Iceland, and Svalbard, practically carving the land masses in half, destroying the surrounding coastlines with towering tsunamis, and leaving a devastating scar on the Earth’s crust before shooting up into space.

Charging even faster than the first time, Baltoh fired his third blast immediately, swinging it up to catch Abaddon in midair. The attack finally got him, annihilating the Demon once and for all. However, while he raised the blast, he inadvertently whip-lashed it across the moon, still slightly visible in the mid-morning. For a fraction of a second, it seemed like nothing would happen, then everyone gasped as a line of bubbling mushroom clouds appeared across the surface, visible from Earth. To everyone’s horror, the moon itself was split in twain, having been carved in half by the blast with the two halves jettisoned by the resulting explosion. Every body of water on the planet suddenly exploded into a massive eruption as the splitting of the moon caused a catastrophic gravitational imbalance, resulting in all the water either being pulled up towards the sun or down towards the planet’s core. Already, tsunamis were sweeping across vast stretches of land, snatching up everything and then dragging it all into the sea.

“You’re insane!” Michael shouted as he and every other Angel and Archangel combined their power and cast a repairing barrier on the moon, trying to put the two halves back together before the damage to the Earth became permanent.

Ignoring them, Baltoh turned to the armies of Gargoyles and Demons hovering in the sky and fired upon them without hesitation. The bright streak engulfed countless buildings as it grew, and while most of the Demons were able to dodge the blast, several remaining ones and all the Gargoyles were unable to get out of the way. The blast washed over them like a flood, converting their very atoms into pure energy as they were dematerialized by the raw power.

He began charging his fifth blast, not caring what would happen, not knowing what would happen, and in so much pain that he wanted to keep blasting until he died or the universe was destroyed. This blast would be the most destructive, fired at ground-level in 360º. It would vaporize New York, everyone within it, and the surrounding landscape, but Baltoh didn’t care, he just wanted the pain to go away.

Just as he was about to fire, he stopped, his whole body as still as a statue from the feeling of soft hands pressed against his cheeks. A pair of glowing white Angel wings were wrapped around him like a blanket and the owner was behind him, leaning against his back. Moving without his will, his burning halo stopped spinning and moved back above his head and his wings fell slack. His whole body shaking, Baltoh slowly turned around and looked at Selene’s face, completely mesmerized by her peaceful smile and all the love in her eyes. She was wearing a white dress and hovering over her head was a golden halo.

“S… Selene…”

“Yes, my dear sweet Baltoh, it’s me. I wish I could have come back sooner, but it took time to become an Angel. God stepped in just in time to save my soul before it was destroyed,” she murmured sweetly before giving him the softest of kisses.

As their lips separated, a stinging pain stabbed his brain as he realized the unfathomable amount of destruction he had just brought forth for no reason. Gripping his head, Baltoh shouted in self-loathing and fell to his knees with tears falling from his eyes as he considered all the innocent people he had just killed. Selene crouched down and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tightly.

“I’m sorry, Selene, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were still alive and I gave into my anger. I killed all those people because I couldn’t think clearly!”
“Shhh, it’s ok, I forgive you. God allowed us to be Angels and sent us here to help you,” Selene said before pulling back and kissing him.

When their lips separated, she smiled and inclined her head. Baltoh looked in the direction she was motioning to and spotted Molly, leaning against a lamppost with a smile on her face and a halo above her head. Miraculously, the little vixen had gotten into Heaven.

“It was just a mistake that anyone would have made. You are not a monster, just a man who was blinded by his pain and his love. Besides, you have the chance to save as many lives as you have taken,” Selene whispered, pressing her forehead against his.

“I’m so sorry, Selene, I just love you so much.”
“I forgive you and I love you too.”

The rejoined lovers suddenly jerked as all of New York City began to shake, experiencing a massive drop in elevation. Descending an inch every second, the metropolis began to sink into the planet. Rising up from the perimeter of Hellfire that had carved an inter-dimensional hole in the Earth, a dome of black smoke formed above New York, separating New York from the planet physically and visibly while it sank deeper and deeper, descending five feet below sea level in a single minute.

With Selene helping him, Baltoh slowly got to his feet, completely drained of energy but full of happiness and relief.

“Are you alright?” She asked, clinging to his arm.

“Yeah…” Baltoh said tiredly, looking around.

All the Demons and Gargoyles were gone, disappearing either into the city or going back to Hell to plan for the next attack, and the forces of Heaven were still trying to repair the moon. Baltoh looked back as Selene wrapped her fingers around his hand.

“I’m alright, just tired. Come on, we have work to do.”

“Ok, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we have never faced a situation like this before. This is basically the definition of Armageddon,” Michael sighed, leaning against a table in the office of the mayor.

The mayor had already been debriefed as to the situation, and no longer were the Angels or Archangels hiding their existence. The room was willed with people, including the new mayor (the last one had been killed when the doorway first opened), the chief of police, all the Archangels, Baltoh, Selene, several Angels, and multiple human representatives for the people of the city.

It had been twenty-four hours since the doorway had been established, and a state of emergency had been declared and New York was at its breaking point. The city had sunk so far into the Earth that it was surrounded on all sides by walls of stone in a shaft going down more than a mile beneath the surface of the planet. It was like sitting at the bottom of the giant well, but with the city painted red by the light for the Hellfire that still burned around the perimeter.

Outside New York, every government was trying to figure out what had happened to the sky, and no matter how hard the American government worked to keep it a secret, the knowledge that New York was obviously at the center of it all spread. Currently, US forces were surrounding the impenetrable black dome of condensed smoke around the city while the top scientists in the country tried to figure out a way in. Anything they used to try and pass through was instantly destroyed, either incinerated by the fence of Hellfire on the ground or disintegrated when it touched the dome. Nothing could get through, not even sound, light, or radio frequencies.

Separated from the outside world, power and running water were lost, and generators were responsible for any lights still on. Even the rivers had run dry upon the raising of the Hellfire fences. The air was filled with fear and desperation, people outside were siphoning fuel, stockpiling food and water, and saying their prayers. Police were working without rest or reprieve as the breakdown of reality brought out the looters and rioters, desperate for carnage.

The order had already been given out for everyone in New York to get weapons if they could or join together with people who had weapons. This was going to be a real war, and everyone would have to fight. The last twenty-four hours had been spent tending to the wounded, trying to repair the damage inside and outside of the city, and blessing every weapon and bullet that could be found. While the holy objects would not be strong enough to take out a Demon, a blessed shotgun shell would be enough to blast a hole in a Gargoyle’s chest and kill it.

Finally, the opportunity to come together and begin planning had arrived, and the forces of Heaven, Baltoh, and the people of New York were trying to figure out some way they would survive. The legions of darkness had not yet made their move after seeing what they were up against, but there was no way in Hell that there wouldn’t be a lot of fighting soon.

“Unfortunately,” said Rosemary, “even though we can pass through dimensions and that dome, we cannot bring any humans with us. We can make people intangible though contact, but we cannot transfer that kind of power to them. Abaddon said that the city is like the final obstacle in the doorway being formed, when really, that dome and the sides of the shaft are what are keeping the two universes separated. Any Gargoyle could fly up to the surface of Earth through this shaft, but without Angel powers, they can never penetrate the sides or that dome, meaning that they can’t get out. That fence of Hellfire around the city is only about ten stories high, but this stone shaft is like an inter-dimensional pocket, a bubble cutting New York off from the world. Angels can pass through it, but human and demonic forces cannot. As we sink deeper and deeper into the planet, this will be a blessing, as it will keep this city from being incinerated by the earth’s core.

Long story short, evacuation is not and option, we can’t contact the outside world, and supplies can’t be brought in. Everyone in the city is stuck in here.”

“Well then what are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to do with all the civilians and the people who want to fight but can’t?” Mayor Bloomberg asked desperately.

“We have filled the city with Angels to act as guards to the people,” Raphael said. “If any Gargoyles try to attack your people, the Angels will stop them. As for the Demons, we will handle them. However, their numbers are most likely greater than ours, but we have Baltoh as our trump card.”

“What we haven’t addressed is how we are supposed to end this conflict,” Baltoh said. “Whether we can fight off the hordes of Demons and Gargoyles means nothing if the opening of the gateway will obliterate the city. Abaddon said that we have about a week before New York separates from Earth completely and a month before the gateway opens in its place. We have to figure out a way to reverse the process before then.”

“Most likely the source of this problem is in Hell. We have to go down there and destroy whatever it is that is causing this,” Selene said, clutching Baltoh’s arm.

“No, that wouldn’t work,” Michael cursed. “The forces of Hell outnumber us a thousand to one in terms of fighters. If someone is a particularly avid reprobate, then Hell will become their home instead of their prison, and they will join the legions of dungeon masters that torture the other residents. They are known as the Sinners, and these are the real hardcore bastards: the life-in-prison guys, the death-penalty guys, crime-lords, warlords, war-crime committers, serial killers, serial rapists, and all around sadists. These are the ones that survive Hell and don’t just crumble into ash and later become a part of a conglomerate that forms a Demon. These guys are evil enough to become Gargoyles, essentially semi-Demons.
Add in the fact that Gargoyles are spawned from just the raw hatred and malice of humans and you have a never-ending deluge of foot soldiers, not to mention that there are far more Demons than Archangels. The odds are stacked against us.”

“Even I wouldn’t be able to face the entirety of Hell, their population is as dense as a dying star. If I were to take on all of Hell, they would just wash over me like a tidal wave. Not even I’m strong enough to face them all.”

“That means that we have to try and find another way to reverse the process,” Raphael said. “The Demons were able to open up a doorway with only human emotions and spells, so hopefully we can close it in a similar way. We just need time to come up with an equally powerful ritual. We already destroyed the five Inferno Abyss cauldrons in the five corners of the city, so we might be able to reverse the process with a Hope Beacon in the center of New York where the Horror Obelisk was placed and five Heaven Lanterns where the original cauldrons were.”

“I’m not sure it’s that simple. The Demons were only able to do this because this city was a colossal hub of anger and negative energy, basically it was a giant weight on the fabric of space and time. We would have to create an equal and opposite affect in order to even have a chance, and even then, it would probably only serve as a plug in sealing the gateway to Hell and not actually saving the city.”

“Maybe we could get enough positive energy if we combined our powers or one of us broke a rosary chain,” Rosemary suggested.

“The forces of Hell would flood the city with their bodies before letting us foil their plan. We have all of Hell beneath us with the pain and hatred of its residents wafting up like smoke through a chimney. Even if we got every Angel and Archangel down here to lend his or her strength, there is no way we could overcome the malevolent miasma of Hell. As powerful as it is, even breaking a rosary chain would just be like fighting a forest fire with a garden hose.”

“So again, what are we supposed to do?” the deputy mayor asked, at his wit’s end and trying to keep from just blowing his brains out now.

“Yes, how are we supposed to deal with this? The humans, I mean,” the chief of police asked.

“As said before, we just fight them off and bide our time until we can come up with a way to reverse all this. As for the people, they’ll just have to cope and accept what is going on. When it comes to fighting, just make sure that you get your weapons blessed and you don’t end up facing a Demon,” Baltoh said before he turned around, walking out of the room with Selene following him like an apostle.

“What was that about breaking a rosary chain?” Selene asked as they walked through the dark halls.

“It is a forbidden technique of the Archangels. You have noticed the rosary chains that the others and I wear around our wrists, right? Well if an Archangel breaks them, they gain an insurmountable boost of power, one that is very brief but brings them up to my level of might. The Demons have a similar move where they can break their shackles, however, both moves result in death.

A few Demons in history that broke their shackles, but only because they did not know what the cost was. As I said before, Demons absolutely never commit suicide, as it goes against their nature of vanity. I actually faced one of those Demons, and for a total of five minutes, we were on a completely even playing field. For Archangels, it’s just as complicated. Upon the creation of Archangels, God puts a seal on their mind, which forbids them from committing that sin of suicide. He did it after Lucifer’s rebellion. Michael threatened to break a rosary when we fought, but I’m not sure he was even capable of doing it.”

Once outside, Baltoh looked around the barren city, already resembling a post-apocalyptic battlefield. Thick pillars of smoke were rising in the sky from the buildings set on fire and would burn to the ground, since the fire fighters couldn’t afford to waste any water. The black lines were barely visible against the rock walls of the shaft New York had sank through, cast with a red light from the fence of Hellfire. It was only a matter of time until that solid rock would be replaced with churning magma, wrapping around the sealed-off city but unable to affect it.

Was it possible for the people to survive? To pull together and fight this threat?

“Hey, are you ok?” Selene asked, shaking Baltoh from his thoughts.

“Yeah, just trying to process everything.”

“You’ve been working nonstop since the battle, you haven’t allowed yourself to rest or regain your strength,” she said, wrapping her fingers around his hand.

“That’s because I have a lot of damage to make up for. I made a huge mistake that took a lot of lives and caused a lot of destruction, and I have to repent for my sins,” he said tiredly. He then turned to her. “How are you doing? We haven’t had a chance to talk really about what happened. Are you ok? Have you come to terms with the fact that you’ve died?”
“Well, I’ve mostly accepted it. It’s weird to think that I am dead, especially when I think about how distraught my family will be. Molly is a wreck though. Becoming an Angel helped heal her mind of the damage caused by what she suffered, but just the memories alone is enough to nearly drive her insane. I would give anything to be able to help her. I just have to hope we can survive this battle and live in peace. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“Just be careful. Even though you have died once, you will be gone forever if you are killed. Please, be cautious. I don’t think I could bear to lose you again,” he said, lifting her chin and kissing her. As their lips separated after the tender kiss, Selene gained a warm smile.

“Here, follow me. I know a way to relieve some of your stress,” she said, opening her wings and taking to the air with him right behind her.

Flying alongside Selene, Baltoh was completely overjoyed by the smile on her face. Even during the end of the world, Selene was laughing and happy as she soared over the city like a listing dove. Her childish giggles and ecstatic grin made Baltoh forget all of his troubles and cares, replacing them instead with love and joy at the sight of her happiness.

“I’ll never get used to this, I can’t believe I’m flying!”

Wrapping his tail around her waist, Baltoh pulled her over to him and they shared a passionate kiss while they flew over New York. After a few minutes of soaring, they settled down in one of the city’s hotels, passing through the balcony windows like ghosts. As expected, the room was vacant and showed no signs of habitation. With a coy smile, Selene locked the door and turned back to Baltoh.

“I have special surprise for you,” she said, walking over to Baltoh and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“What?” he asked with a smile as he kissed her.

“When I became an Angel, I was completely reborn and gained something that I thought was gone forever. Baltoh, I’m a virgin once again, and I want to give my virginity you, just like I wish I could have done when I was alive. Will you take me?”

Baltoh smiled and cupped her cheek, admiring her unparalleled beauty. “It would be an honor.”

With a grin, Selene stepped back to the foot of the bed and lowered the straps of her dress down her shoulders, exciting Baltoh with the anticipation. She tried to pull the dress down her hourglass figure, but it was caught and refused to move. Unable to suppress his laugh, Baltoh suggested she retract her folded wings.

“I’m still not used to these things,” she said sheepishly as the Angel wings were pulled into her body as if melting away.

With the wings gone, she fully removed the dress and undergarments, letting Baltoh look upon the gorgeous ebony form that drove him wild. Her breasts were still like melons and were as firm and perky as ever, with her quarter-sized areolas and nipples that stood out like pencil erasers. Her belly was still as flat as paper and faintly lined with the toned muscles packed underneath. Her hips had their usual fullness, with her thighs as smooth as glass and as soft as the ears of puppies, and her ass so taut and shapely that it could bounce a quarter across the room while still rippling after a nice smack and would put a Brazilian stripper to shame. Between her smooth thighs, the lips of her pussy were shaven as if by a laser, and looked untouched in every way possible.

Baltoh gazed upon her body as if experiencing a religious awakening, completely stunned by her divine beauty and her unequalled sexiness. Wearing a wry smile, Selene slipped off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, crawling up to the pillow on all fours and granting Baltoh a view of her pussy and anus that deserved to be recorded and posted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Selene laid down with her head on the pillow and her wings re-extended, spread out and stretched to the point that the ends were curled up against the walls. “What do you think? Do I look like an Angel?”

“You always looked like an Angel,” he replied before undressing.

With his wings re-extended, he climbed onto the bed and very slowly began moving up her lovely body. He started first gently kissing her feet, then ran his lips against the back of her shins, then took his time in licking her smooth thighs with his long forked tongue, taking in the delicious taste of her soft skin. All the while, Selene shivered and purred in bliss from his teasing touch, driving herself wild in anticipation.

Baltoh lied down on his stomach with Selene’s legs on his shoulders and his face just inches from her Barbie-smooth vagina. He breathed in the sweet flowery aroma and his forked tongue slithered out and began tickling the entrance to her gate of paradise. Selene gave a soft coo of arousal as Baltoh provided vast amounts of stimulation and sensations through the smallest and lightest of touches, almost like the healing affects of acupuncture.

Moving forward, Baltoh pressed his lips against the entrance, kissing it passionately as if he were kissing her mouth and saturating his sense of taste with her delicious juices, licking up her essence like a dog with an empty peanut butter jar. Selene gave a shrill hum at his touch and ran his fingers through his hair, squirming in joy with each flick of his tongue inside her. Baltoh quickly found her hymen with his tongue, checking to make sure it really was there. After his surprise was gone, he returned to pleasuring her like a champion, using his tongue to tickle and stimulate every sensitive nub and flap in her body, bringing her to her first orgasm in record time and making her call out to the heavens in euphoria.

With his job momentarily done, Baltoh continued on his oral tour of Selene’s body, spending a few seconds to cover her soft smooth belly in kisses before moving up to her chest. Careful not to scratch her with his claws, he squeezed and massaged her breasts as if they were stress-relievers, making Selene coo and purr of the excitement in the tender nerve endings. Baltoh wrapped his lips around her right nipple, sucking on it like a vacuum cleaner and tugging on it, almost making Selene yelp in pleasure.

He then moved to the left nipple, painting it with his tongue with the same energy as an artist who had just been woken up in the middle of the night by inspiration. The taste of her nipple was almost as succulent as her pussy, but lacked that key wetness. Regardless, just the shape and consistency of that erect nub drove him wild with lust, and no matter how hard he sucked and licked, he could just not get enough of it.

Finally, when he risked leaving a hickey right on her nipple, he moved past her breasts and began kissing her collarbone and her soft throat, making her look up and purr like a cat getting rubbed behind the ears. He then kissed her several times on the cheek, once on the ear, several times on the forehead, once on the nose, and then on the lips, where they maintained that link with an undying passion, separating and rejoining over and over again while their tongues swirled around each other in a deliciously wet dance.

“Come on baby, rock my world,” she whispered with a stretch.

“This will hurt, no matter how I do it.”

“Don’t worry, this Angel body is different than my human body. From the man I love, I can feel no pain. There is nothing you can give me but endless bliss. Put it in me, one big thrust, don’t stop.”

Baltoh smiled and kissed her while guiding his cock to the lips of her waiting pussy without his hand. As he slowly pushed the head into the entrance, he could feel it loosening, almost parting to let him in. He slowly inserted himself, her pussy as soft and wet as her mouth and with that perfect tightness: loose enough so that he wasn’t stopped, but tight enough so that it hugged him beautifully. Baltoh obeyed her request, shoving his entire cock into her in a single thrust and completely pulverizing her hymen. Selene released a shaking moan at the top of her lungs, lacking a single tinge of pain and radiating with euphoric joy.

“Oh my god, that was so incredible… I can’t even describe how good that felt. Baltoh… I… I… I…” she stammered before Baltoh silenced her with a kiss.

“I know. I could feel it as though we were the same person,” he said as he pulled out his cock, which was glistening red from her blood.

Making sure his hands weren’t on her wings, he elevated himself as if he were doing pushups and began swinging into her like a trebuchet. The bed was rocking back and forth as if one leg was longer than the others, nearly jumping off the floor and cracking the drywall behind the headboard with each of Baltoh’s inhumanly powerful thrusts.
“Oh yes! Oh Baltoh, yes! I can’t take it, I’m going to go crazy!” she howled as he slammed the deepest corners of her pussy with the power of a sledgehammer.

Selene spread her legs and lifted her hips and Baltoh crouched over her on his knees, driving diagonally down into her and making her cry out in bliss every time his muscular member was plunged into her inviting cunt, stretching it to its maximum and leaving it gaping when he pulled back. Baltoh lowered his head and kissed her, licking the corners of her mouth while his ball sack slapped her ass. The kiss was interrupted by a high-pitched holler from Selene as she had her second orgasm in her new Angel body and Baltoh could taste the delicious hormonal rush on her breath.

He slowed down and was about to dismount her, thinking that she had reached her limit. Moving quickly, Selene pushed him off and he fell on his back, shocked as she reinserted his dick into her while crouched over him in a crabwalk. Thrusting her body back and forth, Selene rode him at an angle with her breasts jiggling with each rock and her breathing heavy from the strain on her arms and legs. Baltoh just smiled and laid his head back, basking in the amusement of how desperate she was to get fucked by him and the deep hums she gave as she basically swung herself down onto him.

After the countless hours she had spent in the gym working her human body, Selene was able to keep the position going for another twenty minutes, not to say that Baltoh didn’t help her out and cradle her with his tail. With the wall broken, her third orgasm was achieved effortlessly and she collapsed on top of him limbo style.

After several minutes of catching her breath, she sat up on his lap, still with his cock inside on her. They were still for a brief span of time, both with tender smiles on their faces as he ran his fingers through her hair and she massaged his chest. Licking her lips, she got up and removed his cock, sighing in relief at the mass being removed from her body. She then began moving back and forth very slightly, rubbing it between her firm ass cheeks, clenched between them tightly and moving the skin as if she were instead giving him a handjob.

“Do you want to fuck my ass?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never met an Angel that liked anal before,” he said teasingly, bringing him a playful smack from his giggling lover.

Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she pressed the bulging head against the ring of her anus and slowly leaned back on it, pushing it inside her. Like her formerly virgin pussy, her anus immediately loosened as Baltoh entered her, almost like the sides of her sphincter were opening up like a throat taking a deep breath.

“Oh god yes, I love that big cock in my ass,” she purred, chewing on her lip.

“And I love hearing you talk dirty,” he replied as he lifted himself up, fully packing himself in her perfect ass.

Selene began to grind against Baltoh’s lap, swinging forward and backward as she fucked herself with the hybrid’s cock stationary. Baltoh just laid there, watching her face twist in the awkward pleasure and listening to her hum and moan as he probed every corner of her asshole, sending shivers throughout her body as if he were poking her spinal cord with the head of his dick.

“Baby, I think I’m going to cum soon,” he grunted, feeling that familiar tightness in his pelvic region.

“Then fill me up, but don’t spray it all, because I have a special surprise for you,” she cooed as she worked her ass in circles, getting his cock to rub hard against the inside of her ass at every angle.

Careful as always, Baltoh grasped her firm ass cheeks and elevated her, then began driving up into her at top speed, making Selene cry out from the rectal punishment. He was moving so fast that his balls ached from being slingshot up and down, but Selene’s screams of ecstasy made it all worth it as his thighs slapped her ass so hard that it sent ripples through her body.

Finally, Baltoh grunted as a white geyser of semen spurted from the tip of his penis like a fire extinguisher, filling up Selene’s asshole with so much pressure that they almost jerked from the balloon-like expansion.

“Oh yes, I love your hot cum inside me,” she purred as she moved up off his dick, which was struggling to stay erect.

“I made sure I held back half of it. What’s that special surprise you mentioned?”

“Here, sit at the edge of the bed,” she instructed, getting down onto the floor.

With his dick slowly returning to its prime, Baltoh sat at the edge of the bed with Selene at his feet. Leaning forward, the beautiful Angel took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head, slurping up the mixture of semen and ass juice that coated it as if it were chocolate syrup. Baltoh rolled his head back and grunted from the wet softness of her mouth as she worked her tongue and cheeks against the tender skin of the head, teasing and exciting all the nerve endings.

“Ready baby?” she asked, taking out his cock and smearing it lovingly across her face. Baltoh just gave an exhausted smile and nodded.

Sitting up, Selene held her natural D-cup breasts together and dropped a mouthful of spit between them, using it as lubricant as she rubbed the two inflated mounds of flesh together with Baltoh watching in horny awe. Her breasts glistening with spit, she pressed them together with Baltoh’s dick between them, nearly making him blow his entire load from not just the feeling, but the image and mental realization.

With her breasts held tightly together, Selene began jacking Baltoh off with an indescribable titty-fuck. As the fleshy water balloons moved up and down the shaft, she had her face down and was licking the tip with her tongue, tickling the slit as she spat on it over and over again, just adding more lubricant to the sexual extravaganza. In less than a minute, she was moving frantically, bouncing up and down as if on a pogo stick and holding her breasts against his cock so tightly that they almost had two hand-shaped bruises.

Finally, Baltoh groaned as a several ropey streams of hot jizz blasted from his cock, spraying into Selene’s mouth, across her face, and bathing her breasts in a puddle of white slime. Baltoh laid back, panting heavily with his erection gone, while Selene hungrily licked up every drop of sperm on her face and chest.

“Forget Angel, you’re a nymph.”

Selene smiled and stood up, climbing on top of him. “Trust me, I was never this wild with the boys, never. Everything we’ve done aside from missionary and doggy-style, that was all brand new for me. I guess we both have a little Demon inside of us, and you sure know how to bring mine out,” She said sweetly, leaning down and kissing him on the nose and then crawling over to the headboard. “Come here, get some sleep. You need it,” she said, patting the pillow invitingly.

Baltoh sighed. “I can’t, I need to stay awake and keep patrolling the city for when the forces of Hell make their move. Besides, I’ve gone entire years without sleeping, I’m fine.”

“Honey, don’t even think that you can fool me. Come here, I’ll keep watch for you while you get your rest.”

Yawning, Baltoh finally gave into his tiredness and crawled over, retracting his wings as he moved under the covers. Selene did the same and curled up beside him, kissing his chest.

“Do you promise you won’t fall asleep? I can’t allow anyone else to die because I was taking a nap.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll stay awake. And if I get bored, I can always just invite Molly and the two of us will use the other side of the bed,” she said coyly, leaning her head on his shoulder and stretching her arm across his chest.

With Selene curled up against him and his body drained of both energy and semen, Baltoh had no trouble falling asleep.

Chapter 8

The sky was filled with thousands of Gargoyles, all bursting from the ground and gathering above the city like a cloud of toxic gas in the first battle of New York. Working together to counter the army of darkness, all the Angels grouped together and attacked like a tidal wave of light, slamming into the Gargoyle swarm and slaughtering hundreds of beasts every minute with their combined power. Selene was not among them, as Baltoh wanted her close by at all times when the fighting began. Regardless of Baltoh’s worrying, she refused to stay out of the battle and fought with everything she had against the Gargoyles.

Like all Angels, she had no sword or spells with which to fight, so she instead fought hand-to-hand and a nameless radiance that allowed her to shock and burn unholy creatures on contact. Even without having ever been in a real fight or even a martial arts lesson, she was able to take on the Gargoyles with miraculous skill, having been reborn faster, stronger, and smarter as an Angel. With holy energy wrapped around her like a shroud, she would obliterate Gargoyles with individual punches and kicks that would burn right through their flesh. Whenever she was wounded, she would retreat to heal her injuries and then return to battle.

Baltoh flew like a dizzy housefly through the cloud of Gargoyles, swinging his sword wildly and hacking the beasts to pieces like blades of grass under a lawnmower. Moving faster than a high-caliber bullet, he zoomed through the crowd, carving dozens of Gargoyles in half every second with his sword glistening with their blood. Now with greater numbers of enemies all around him, his death count was reaching its usual numbers. Unlike before when he was basically trying to kill moths with darts, now it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

A booming laugh drew his attention and his instinctively looked over to Selene who was flying though the air as fast as possible with a Demon with two elephantine tusks protruding from his jaw chasing after her. Zooming over, Baltoh appeared in front of the Demon and grabbed him with his tail like a fly landing in a spider’s web. With a powerful jerk of his tail, Baltoh crushed the Demon in his grip, slicing it to pieces as if a dozen guillotines had besieged the body. He then whiplashed his tail, discarding the body and splattering off the blood.

Down in the street below and in the buildings, humans with blessed weapons were trying to fight the Gargoyles that were crawling out from underground. Everything that could be used against them had been blessed by Angels, meaning that anyone who could fight and had the guts to fight were facing the forces of Hell with blessed crowbars, nail-bats, butcher knives, and firearms. While the sky was filled with howls and wing beats of Gargoyles, the streets were filled with the clapping of guns and screams of the injured in dying. Holy bullets flew like hornets, slaying Gargoyles in the same way that they would bears. However, the battle was far from in the human’s favor. The Gargoyles were resilient, able to keep fighting after multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, not to mention that they too had a long-range attack in the form of their mini Dark Pulses. The streets ran red with blood as people were tackled and torn to shreds by the gleeful Gargoyles, feasting upon the living flesh with gusto.

In one office building, a man with a blessed shotgun had been forced out of hiding and was being chased by a group of Gargoyles, running on all fours like a pack of cheetahs sprinting after a fleeing gazelle. With sweat and tears running down his face, the man ran as fast as he could towards the window. As he ran, one of the cubicles he was passing by was ripped apart by a pouncing Gargoyle. The airborne creature managed to leave five deep gashes across his shoulder and back as he flew over the man. The desperate mortal quickly jumped to his feet as the recovering Gargoyle reached out to grab him. Taking aim with his shotgun, he blasted the monster in the face with a load of holy buckshot, ripping off the top of its skull and leaving its flesh badly burned.

He turned around, firing two rounds at a pair of the chasing Gargoyles, slowing down the pack while he ran backwards. Slamming against the window, the man jerked and looked around, realizing his back was to the wall and there was no way out. With the Gargoyles slowly approaching, weaving through the maze of cubicles, the man discharged his last empty shell casing and hurriedly began to reloading, trying to keep his hands as steady as possible while sweat dripped from his nose. He looked up as one of the Gargoyles turned a corner through the cubicle aisle, slowly approaching on all fours like a stalking lion. Raising his weapon with trembling hands, the man loaded the first shell and fired, blasting the beast in the shoulder and wounded it. A second Gargoyle leapt from the side, snarling with bloodlust. With a scream passing his lips, the man discharged the empty casing with a yank of the fore-end and fired, blowing a hole in the creature’s chest and sending it tumbling to the floor, struggling to stay alive.

As one, all the Gargoyles attacked, thundering towards him and knocking everything aside. Working feverishly, he fired four rounds, cocking his shotgun almost before he had even pulled the trigger. One Gargoyle was sprinting towards him head-on with its long forked tongue swinging from side to side. Discharging the empty shell, he took aim and fired, only to hear a soft click instead of a loud bang. Before he could even swear, the Gargoyle tackled him, knocking them both through the window as it sank its teeth into his neck.

Down the street in an alley, a 19-year-old girl was screaming and crying as a Gargoyle raped her, thrusting its spiny cock into her frail body with brutal power. A puddle of blood was forming beneath her, her pussy was an indistinguishable mess of shredded flesh, and her pelvis was already broken. As the Gargoyle grunted and snarled while tearing her apart like a chainsaw, the screaming girl was desperately reaching for a gun she had taken from a disemboweled police officer. Sitting in a puddle of filthy water, the pistol was almost mocking her, laughing as she was violated. With one final scream and stretch, she reached out grasped the end of the barrel, pulling it towards her and grabbing it. Turning around, she pointed the gun at her rapist and fired five rounds straight into its skull, shredding its brain and killing it.

As the Gargoyle fell dead to the side, its cock was removed with one final painful tear. With her lower body almost ripped apart and tears streaking her face, the whimpering girl looked around, praying that someone would help her. She looked and gave a silent cry as she saw a lone Gargoyle, clinging to the wall with a devilish smile and a throbbing erection. Releasing its claws from the wall, the beast dropped down towards the girl. There was only one bullet left, and the Gargoyle was too powerful to be taken down in a single shot. With tears streaming down her face, she whispered a soft apology to her family, put the gun in her mouth, and pulled the trigger.

In the distance in the central plaza of the city, the pavement opened up into a burning pit and eight Gargoyles streamed out, pulling a chariot of twisted black steel with flaming wheels and rotting carcasses nailed to the sides. Being dragged behind it were four long bladed chains, secured to the rusted collars of slaves from Hell, each with rags for clothing, rail-thin bodies, bound arms, and iron masks. Riding in the chariot was a Demon with black armor, a whip of pure fire, and a serrated broadsword. He began shouting out in Hellscript, making every human and Angel cringe as the unholy words ravaged their minds like bullet ants chewing on their eardrums.

“Contorst eortus ostit, lacortata eortus carnois, ots biberto eortus sanguotos! Ens mulierti voluntax clamaxos unst noxi xtrupris eos! Uns filiixeray voluntax clamocta unst noxi dezorabi eos! Ent hominequsi voluntax ortsa enost mortist unst noxi servator eos! Fiazt eos scirst cruziator, fiazen eos scirsh timoshos, ext fiazt eos scirst infernusami!” ‘Crush their bones, rip their flesh, and drink their blood! The women will scream as we rape them! The children will cry as we devour them! The men will beg for death as we enslave them! Let them know pain, let them know fear, and let them know Hell!’

“Demon Art: Graveyard Of The Damned!” the Demon then called as he cracked his whip.

Upon the announcement of the spell, the street was ripped apart as hundreds of tombstones of all sizes and shapes burst out like groundhogs, destroying the roar and coming up with enough power to flip cars. With a dull roar, skeletal hands with greenish-black color reached out of the ground as the Sinners of Hell entered New York, each grave spitting them out like snakes from a pit. Swords of black steel in hand, the skeletons laughed and cheered at the chance to finally bring carnage to a real human city after so many years and Hell. Being truly evil souls, they had lost their flesh and blood in tandem with what little mercy they had when they were living, becoming the malicious undead and the foot soldiers of Hell.

Police cars and SWAT vans skidded to a halt at the end of the street as the skeletons marched down the road with a deep clacking rhythm. Wasting no time in ordering the undead criminals to halt, the officers formed a thick barrier with their cars and all opened fire with pistols, shotguns, and machineguns, raining holy lead down upon the skeletons. While they were weaker than Demons in terms of power and they were made of only bones, they proved to be quite resilient to the bullets. The skeletons were made of a far stronger material than just calcium-rich cells, and unlike the Gargoyles that required organs to live, the Sinners could only be stopped through dismembering or obliteration of the skull.

Shouting swears and praising the Devil, the skeletons broke rank and charged towards the line of police officers, swinging their swords above their heads while they ran. The closer they got, the more damage they received from the officer’s bullets, fracturing skulls, breaking off limbs, and snapping spines. But while they were falling like dominos in the fray, their momentum was only being slowed. Inevitably, they reached the barrier of cars and immediately went to work, stabbing, slashing, and butchering the police while screaming in sadistic enjoyment.

Landing on the roof of one of the SWAT vans, an elderly Archangel clapped his hands together. “Angel Art: Heaven Lantern Summoning!”

Behind him, a fifty-foot tall statue of a nude female Angel materialized, carved from marble and holding out a solid gold lantern. A bright flash sparked within the confines of the lantern, and in a vibrant display, the light of Heaven shone down from the sides and onto the army of the Sinners. The skeletons howled in agony and tried to shield themselves as the light set them ablaze like ants under a magnifying glass.

The Demon commanding them shielded his eyes as smoke billowed from his flesh, hissing from the burning pain. With a roar of frustration, the Demon cracked his fiery whip, causing it to grow in length and dart forward like a tentacle. The flaming tether wrapped around the statue, and with a furious snarl, the Demon yanked on the handle, tightening the whip’s hold and shattering the marble Angel, sending huge pieces of marble tumbling to the ground with the lantern now dark.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!”

He looked up, spotting the Archangel flying straight down towards him with his sword in hand. With a bellow of confidence, the Archangel brought down his sword with the weight of a 747, pulverizing the Demon’s chariot, reducing the Demon and his Gargoyles to bloody paste, and causing every building in the four surrounding city blocks to simultaneously explode into clouds of dust and twisted metal.

Off in the distance, a deafening screech cut through the air, following several ominous crashes. Great pillars of smoke and dust were rising into the air as buildings collapsed, due to the forces of Hell coming up from right beneath them. These were a new threat, great skeletons that towered at over two hundred feet in height. These dark-green bone behemoths were known as Bleaks, and they were the result of hundreds of Sinners joining together into one entity, similar to how Demons are born.

However, their size and bodies were due to the fact that the hatred of the individual spirits that made them up was not purely concentrated. Unlike Demons, which were born from the pure hatred of prisoners joining together from the purest ashes, all the emotions and memories from the Sinners were included, resulting in an inflated creature that was not dense enough in its evil to gain a compacted Demon body. However, while they were not quite as durable as Demons and they lacked the ability to use spells, their full-sized Dark Pulses and colossal bodies allowed them to cause vast amounts of destruction.

With their red eyes gleaming, the three Bleaks opened their jaws and each released a devastatingly powerful Dark Pulse, launching the dense black lasers into the city. The blasts whiplashed across the sea of buildings, blooming into massive explosions that illuminated and shook the city and sent rubble flying in all directions.

Raphael zoomed towards the Bleaks as fast as his wings could carry him, charging his power in preparation to destroy the unholy abominations. Spotting his approach, one of the Bleaks roared in fury and swung its arm like he was a fly, missing the Archangel but ripping away the roof of a tall apartment building and sending bricks and twisted metal raining down into the street.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Raphael shouted, reached the Bleak’s face and delivering a powerful kick.

Upon contact, the giant skeleton’s skull turned into a claymore mine, spraying shrapnel in one direction from the power of Raphael’s kick and essentially beheading the beast.

“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven!” he cast with his back turned to a Bleak charging a Dark Pulse. The black beam surged out from between the skeleton’s jaws and was deflected by the golden gate behind Raphael, protecting him from harm.

“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” he called once the blast was ended, turning around and firing an equally powerful beam of holy energy at the skeleton and obliterating its skull.

The third Bleak reached out towards him, trying to swat him out of the air with its palm. With little effort, Raphael brought his sword down onto its wrist and sliced off its hand. The Bleak roared in pain and shouted curses at Raphael while charging a Dark Pulse. Before the blast could be launched, Raphael shot up and then swooped down with his sword raised, bringing the blade down onto the undead beast’s forehead. He carved his way down through the Bleak’s skull and split its body in half, slicing it all the way through its chest and spine as if his sword was fifty feet long. Upon breaking through the pelvis, Raphael looked up as the split parts of the skeleton began to separate, detonating the half-charged Dark Pulse and shattering the entire body in the explosion.

Raphael looked back across the smoldering city at Baltoh, who was working together with the Archangels to fight the flood of Gargoyles coming up from Hell. The area they were rising from was just a massive gaping pit, with Gargoyles swarming up in the millions. All the Archangels were firing Divinity Rays into the black geyser of beasts while Baltoh was using both the Feather Arrow and Claw Bullet spells, essentially turning his body into almost three-dozen Gatling guns.

Do to the effects of his spells, blood and butchered body parts fell like waterfalls from the deluge of Gargoyles and smoke filled the sky from the burning bodies that were incinerated by the sweeping Divinity Rays of the Archangels. Every second that passed by, tens of thousands are Gargoyles met their grisly end, stifling the black geyser into a low-pressure fountain. But as powerful as the forces of Heaven were, the legions of Hell outnumbered them in horrifying magnitudes, not just with Gargoyles and Sinners, but also with Demons. Every few minutes, one of the Archangels would have to leave and go face a Demon that had snuck through and was blowing up the city.

On the roof of a nearby building, Selene was battling individual Gargoyles that had managed to get past Baltoh and the Archangels. She was surrounded on all sides but her confidence in her newly acquired fighting skills were high. Roaring on how it planned on raping her to death, one of the Gargoyles pounced with its claws barred.

Selene turned around, wrapped in holy energy, and delivered her strongest punch to the Gargoyle’s face, destroying its skull like a watermelon under the blow of a hammer. She quickly looked back as a Gargoyle behind he attacked and ended its life with a lethal kick, slicing its head off its shoulders with the white aura wrapped around her foot.

Two Gargoyles pounced on her from the left and right side, giving her no chance to deliver counterattacks. Instead, she jumped forward and rolled, letting the two Gargoyles collide in midair like cartoon characters. The crowd of Gargoyles around her reached down to end her life, but with her feathers glowing with blessed power, she spun around with her wings full expended and carved them all down like the blades of a helicopter.

Standing at the edge of the roof with a large crowd of Gargoyles slowly inching towards her, Selene didn’t have a single drop of fear in her heart and was barely out of breath. Even in the midst of battle, she had a wide grin on her face from the physical exertion and the feeling of the sweat on her face. This fighting was resonating with her; the true life or death challenge and the chance to be pushed to her limits, it was practically euphoric. She could barely contain her happiness at pressure she could feel and energy within her that was pushing back against this pressure.

“Die, little bitch!” one of the Gargoyles howled as it leapt towards her.

With a swing of her arm, Selene sliced the creature in half right down the middle and sent the two parts flying past her and down into the street. Now it was her turn to strike. Stretching her wings, she gave a mighty push against the air and threw herself forward, straight into the Gargoyle midst. The Hell beasts did not see this coming and were caught of guard, giving Selene the opportunity of a lifetime to begin hacking and slashing at them as if her hands had been replaced by two machetes.

As she spun around like a ballerina and carved down the black creatures with her glowing wings, one of them managed to land five large cuts across her shoulder. While the pain stopped her momentum, the shivers it sent through her only made her smile grow in savageness.

“Perfect, it’s no fun without a little something to compensate for.” She purred with blood trickling down her arm.

The Gargoyle that had slashed her licked her blood of its claws in relish and then lashed out with its tail, trying to skewer her. She caught its tail and yanked on it with all her strength, pulling the beast off its feet and swinging it around like a giant flail. As she knocked down the surrounding Gargoyles like bowling pins, her wounded arm ached from the strain, but the endorphin rush it had triggered and the effort being used to combat the pain made Selene’s heart race in enjoyment. It was not a sadistic pleasure, but an energetic one, like a hyperactive child desperate to get out of school and just run around freely.

The Gargoyle’s tail finally snapped from the strain, sending the creature hurtling off the building and taking away all of Selene’s balance. She continued to spin, desperately trying to slow herself down and get a hold of herself. So dizzy she could barely think, Selene fell back into the arms of Baltoh, who caught her as if they were dancing the Tango. Looking at each other, they both smiled and shared a long kiss while the battle around them raged,

“Baltoh, get back up here! We need a way to stop his flood of Gargoyles! They’re taking up all of our attention!” Rosemary shouted over the nearly-deafening chorus of screams.

Baltoh chuckled and stood Selene back up, then turned back to the beastly deluge and clapped his hands together. “Angel Art: Roaring Clouds Of Heaven!”

Deep in the Gargoyle deluge, a great eruption of white clouds surged outwards like a gas explosion, spinning in a dense vortex with holy energy crackling through the folds of vapor like lightning. The storm consumed the unholy spawn while it grew and reduced them to ash, but not before killing them like a poison gas cloud. The cloud lowered itself, forming a seal over the massive chasm and killing any Gargoyles that tried to use it to enter New York.

“Good, now we can focus on other areas. Come on Baltoh, Baltoh?” Rosemary panted, looking around. Her gaze shifted upwards and she became pale as she spotted him, hovering up above the cloud barrier. His four wings were pointed downwards and his halo was spinning wildly between the tips.
“Are you crazy?! You’ll destroy all of Hell and take us down with it!”

“Relax, I’m just using a fraction of its true power. Everyone hang on! This is really going to shake the city!” He hollered. Hearing his warning, all of the Archangels fled as fast as they could, just moments before he released the unfathomable blast.

The neon beam exploded from his halo, shooting straight down like a colossal waterfall and snuffing out the cloud barrier blocking the Gargoyles. Baltoh’s calculations had been correct in the intensity of the blast, as its diameter was just shy of the diameter of the pit, essentially filling it up like a pipe with acid. The beam shot down into the sea of Gargoyles that had risen up from Hell to try and get to New York, basically carving through their horde like a jet of hot water through ice. Several million Gargoyles were just killed by the blast alone.

The blast zoomed down between the inter-dimensional void, finally striking Hell and detonated. In a blast that shook New York to the point of near city-wide destruction, an explosion was set off in Hell, equal to more than ten thousand hydrogen bombs. An ocean of fire surged up in the space between New York and Hell, engulfing every entity that had been trying to reach the city and killing them like insects under the fury of a flamethrower, sending their death toll to the range near ten digits. From every opening carved into the city, a pillar of fire shot upwards like a geyser, incinerating just about anyone close by and blinding whoever looked directly at it.

The city became dead-silent as every entity tried to regain their mental bearings and figure out what they were supposed to do. Everyone was looking at Baltoh in shock and awe as an ash cloud rose up from the bit below him.

“Let’s take care of the survivors and then repair the damage,” he called out as his halo returned to the top of his head.

Baltoh stood in the hallway of one of New York’s hospitals, tending to a wounded man who was struggling to stay alive with a torn windpipe and jugular vein. His hands were glowing with green energy, repairing the damaged faster than modern medicine ever could. To the sound of the generator humming in the basement, doctors and nurses struggled to keep people alive with dim lighting and disappearing resources. Every hallway and room was stuffed with beds, the floor was wet with blood from poorly-bandaged wounds, and those who had only minor injuries would basically have to deal with it themselves or hope they could find an Angel to help them. This was just one hospital, and that was only counting the people who had actually been brought in. The city was blanketed with the dead and wounded, with those needing immediate care basically being brought in by the truckload.

As the dying and injured cried out in pain and need of help, the medical staff worked feverishly not to waste time or attention by asking the Angels questions while they helped tend to the wounded. For every doctor and nurse, there was one Angel using his or her power to heal someone, and the need to ask them about the afterlife or, the secrets of the universe, or even personal questions was overpowering. Here they were, the answers to the greatest questions on Earth, but just as they would open their mouths to speak, a cry of pain from their patient or a sudden spray of blood would drag their attention back to the matters at hand, forcing them to hold in their curiosity.

The Angels had a similar nervousness around Baltoh, though they were filled with more curiosity than fear. That had been told that Baltoh was one of the greatest threats to Heaven, a berserker that had defeated Archangels as if they were nothing. Even though he had never killed any of the forces of Heaven, his Demon half and his unstoppable strength in battle made him a terror, while his Archangel half and his drive to slay evil made him almost an idol.

Once the wound in the man’s neck closed, Baltoh sighed and looked out the nearby window. Well over a hundred Angels were arriving to assist in the healing process, meaning that he could finally take a break. Even after firing a rage blast to end the battle and not resting after having healed almost three hundred people, his energy levels were still fairly high, but his mind was weary. He was used to blood and chaos, but not seeing actual living humans lose their lives in such horrific ways and on such a grotesque scale.

Becoming intangible, he floated up to the roof of the hospital to clear his mind for a few minutes. Stepping onto the roof, he leaned against the side of the exit with his hand over his face as he rubbed his temples.

“Baltoh…” a woman’s voice said softly. He looked over and his eyes widened as they focused on Molly, who had a nervous look on her face.

“Molly, hey,” he replied, unsure of what else to say.

“Can I talk to you about something, or is now a bad time?”

“No, it’s fine.”

She stepped over to him and leaned against the wall, hesitating before speaking. “Normally I would talk to Selene, but I can’t find her anywhere and she is probably just as busy as you are. To be honest, I have no one else really to talk to. You’re the only other non-human that I know, and I just don’t think a living person would understand me.

Oh god, this is so stupid. You already have so much to deal with and yet…” she cursed, turning away from him.

“Molly,” he said softly and kindly, but with such authority that she stopped in her tracks. “I know what you’re going to say. You think that with everything that’s going on, your problems don’t matter and you don’t want give anyone else the added burden. But we are friends and I want to help you. I want to make you happy. Any weight you have to carry, I’ll carry with you.”

Molly turned to him with a sad smile on her face. “Thank you,” she said before retaking her place beside him and looking down at the floor, taking a deep breath. “The problem is… I was too scared to fight. I ran away when the battle started. Everyone else fought against those monsters, but I was petrified. Even Selene jumped into the fray without hesitation, but when I thought back to what those Demons did to me, I just froze up. I don’t even know why I was made an Angel in the first place, I don’t even know how I even went to Heaven.”

“Molly, there is nothing wrong with being scared, especially for someone in your position. If Selene had endured what you endured, then she would have froze as well. Not only is it ridiculous to just expect you to be a fighter, but to do so after what those bastards did to you… you have nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for. I’m the one who should be apologizing; I got you involved in this mess in the first place.”

Baltoh gently brushed back a lock of her golden hair, and as his finger grazed her cheek, she burst into tears and sat down on the floor, wrapped in her wings. Baltoh crouched down and put his arm around her, holding her tightly as she cried. He tried to think of something to say, something to make her feel better, but he had no experience in which to draw on. He didn’t know how to comfort people when all he himself had known was pain.

“Every time I close my eyes, I see all the Demons standing over me, laughing. Every time my mind wanders, I remember the pain I endured. They raped me, they tortured me, they took my life from me!” she sobbed.

Very slowly, he reached out and cupped her cheek, ending her gasps.

In the corner of the roof, Rosemary landed while cloaked to be undetectable, as she was hoping to just get Baltoh and not get swept up in the calamity of the hospital. She was originally there to tell him that there was a meeting going on, but now, she didn’t want to interrupt. With a look of warm pride on her face, she stood back to let Baltoh help Molly.

“Shhhh, it’s ok. They’re dead now, I killed them all for you and for what they did to you. All that happened to your old human body, but you’ve been reborn into a new body. I’m not saying that you should just act like it never happened, but you have no scars in which to carry. Your body is completely untouched; nothing has been taken from you. The only traces of your pain lie in your own memories. All you have to do is look forward to the future and bury the past like your old body. What happened to you happened, we can’t change that, but you can come to terms with it and with what has happened since then. You aren’t their victim, you are an Angel, and you have the greatest chance in the world to change everything and start from scratch.”

Molly gained a small smile of peace on her face as they both got to their feet.

“Baltoh, it seems that Selene really was just what you needed…” Rosemary silently whispered, feeling her heart swell as she listened to him.

“Listen, take all the time you need, do whatever you need to do to be at peace. If you ever want to fight, you’re more than welcome, but if you feel like you can’t do it, then no one will judge you. You have all the time in the world to sort things out and you’ll always have the support of Selene and I. I love Selene, but you and I share a bond as well.”

Molly was silent, but Baltoh knew that she wanted to say something. He held up his hand and lifted her chin, looking into her blue eyes and trying to get her to speak. “What is it? Tell me.”

“There is one thing that I need, one thing that only you can do to make me feel better. Make love to me, Baltoh, just like you do with Selene.”

Baltoh was troubled by her response and Rosemary was shocked as well. “Are you sure? Oh all things, you want that after what happened to you?”

“What they did to me was an act of cruelty, I want an act of kindness. Please, I just want to be taken care of. I want to forget everything that happened to me. I want to paint over that nightmare with a beautiful dream,” she whispered before leaning forward and kissing him.

‘She can’t be serious! She knows he’s with Selene! How can he—‘ Rosemary thought before Baltoh and Molly began making out.

Rosemary’s jaw dropped as she watched their tongues dance and their hands run across each other’s bodies. Baltoh was gentle at first, waiting to feel Molly’s arousal reach its peak before showing any kind of aggression. When he was certain that her lust was fully energized, he shoved her against the wall of the exit and pulled his lips away from hers, instead kissing her neck and making her purr in pleasure. Rosemary watched them with her whole body shaking and her breathing quick and shallow. This was the first time she had seen something so… passionate, so… arousing.

Picking Molly up and holding her against the wall, Baltoh continued to kiss her neck and collarbone, while she purred in happiness from the touch of his lips and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Yes, just like that. Just like you would with her,” she murmured, pushing his hood back and running her fingers through his hair.

Looking up, Baltoh slipped his long tongue between Molly’s lips, licking the inside of her mouth while she lovingly sucked on it. While they kissed, Baltoh reached up with his tail and carefully cut the lacy straps of her dress and bra. Holding her up with one hand on her shapely rear, he used his other hand to pull down on her dress, letting her melon-sized jugs pop out like airbags. Molly’s breathing was heavy as the fresh air kissed her tits, followed by Baltoh. Running his lips across the plump soft balloons, he stimulated every nerve with artistic skill, bringing her to her maximum level of arousal.

As Rosemary watched Baltoh suck on Molly’s nipples and leave them wet and erect, she listened to Molly’s coos of pleasure and felt them resonating with her body. Watching the two of them made her breasts tingle with the desire to tasted and stimulated and listening to Molly and seeing the look of euphoria on her face was sending ripples of warmth through her body from between her legs. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was finding herself turned on. But she was also feeling envious, as her breasts were nothing compared to the squishy bowling balls that stood out on Molly’s chest.

“Baltoh, tell me you love me,” Molly whispered as he cut away her dress, exposing her wet panties. Her voice was high pitched and desperate, almost a whimper.


“You don’t have to mean it. I don’t care if you lie. Please, before you take my virginity, I just want to hear it,”

Baltoh hesitated but proceeded. “Molly, I love you.”

All of the energy he had burned with just a second before became calm, as he leaned forward and gave her a long kiss, gentle and tender.

“Thank you,” she panted with her breath thick with hormones and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

He cut away her panties, revealing her smooth wet slit, begging to be penetrated. Undoing his sash and pants with one hand, Baltoh pulled out his cock, which was already fully erect and trembling with his pulse. Instead of entering Molly, he continued to kiss her and grinded the shaft against her awaiting pussy, driving her wild with anticipation. Without him even inserting the head, he had Molly giving soft moans of bliss as his muscular cock rubbed against her soft delicate lips. It felt so hot and powerful that she was almost at the point of begging to feel it inside her.

From where she was standing Rosemary was unable to see Baltoh’s manhood, but in the back of her mind, she desperately wanted to, not only due to her feelings and desires for him, but also out of the mere curiosity of whether he had the endowment of a Demon or not.

“Are you sure you want this?” Baltoh growled in her ear as he kissed her neck.

“I’m sure, just please say it again,” she said softly, holding onto him for dear life while his cock rubbed against her pussy and got soaked in her juices as it widened her lips in preparation.

“I love you Molly.”

“Thank you, Baltoh, thank you. Now please, let me feel you,” she murmured with her face buried in the side of his neck.

Holding her up even higher, Baltoh positioned his cock against the spread lips of her pussy. The two of them were both shaking in preparation for the sexual bliss. Working his cock into the entrance, Baltoh immediately felt Molly’s interior open up and widen to accept him, while she gave a high-pitched moan of pleasure that jumped in volume each second. In the background, Rosemary was watching them with her eyes wide and her breathing heavy, as she was suddenly overwhelmed with jealousy for Molly, desperately wishing to experience what she was.

Feeling her hymen, Baltoh came to a stop and pressed himself against Molly, holding her against the wall with his body. He then grasped her hands with both of his and held them against the wall with their fingers intertwined above their heads. With Molly’s hands spread and their palms pressed together, Baltoh dug his claws into the wall, giving him a handhold for when he would take his usual rhythm. Sensing what was about to happen, Molly readjusted her legs around his waist, waiting for the final push.

Finally, in one great thrust, Baltoh forced his entire cock into her virgin slit, rupturing her hymen like a grape under a sledgehammer and making Molly moan so shrilly and loudly that it echoed across New York. Rosemary shivered as she listened to Molly moan like an opera singer, wishing that she could feel the same penetration. Baltoh slowly pulled his cock out of her, revealing the blood of her hymen coating his member.

With her hymen ruptured, Baltoh began working his cock back into her in long, deep thrusts. Each time he re-entered her, he would increase the power and speed of his penetration, while holding onto the wall with his claws. Her breasts bouncing with each powerful thrust, Molly gave a continuous moan of sexual ecstasy as Baltoh pummeled her insides with his muscular organ, growing in speed in speed every second. In less than a minute, he was fucking her like a machine with her body pinned against the wall and her fingers wrapped around his as he worked to keep his powerful pace. Her breasts were jiggling nonstop and she was moaning at the top of her lungs, unable to describe the feeling of her body being stuffed and stretched by Baltoh’s powerful manhood.

In the background, Rosemary was flushed with the overwhelming desire to touch herself, her skin crawling and itching as if she were covered in bug bites. Listening to Molly begging for Baltoh to fuck her harder, faster, and deeper was driving her wild with lust and envy, but no matter how great the desire became, she refused to indulge in the sinful desires. She had to stay resolute and do whatever she could to keep from committing the act of self-gratification. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not look away from the sensual passionate scene.

“Baltoh, I think I’m going to cum,” Molly whined after five minutes.

Deciding that there was no reason to prolong it, Baltoh lowered his own mental barriers of self-control and increased his speed and power, fucking her as hard and fast as physically possible, making Molly cry out in happiness as his cock plunged deep into her soft warm pussy, slamming into every sensitive spot and driving her wild.

Baltoh had his orgasm just a few seconds before Molly did, but with a jet of semen spraying her insides with what felt like the pressure of a fire hose, she honestly couldn’t tell that he had stopped thrusting. His seed filled her to the point where it sprayed out of her pussy from the pressure of the overflow, heightening her own orgasm and rocking her world as she screamed in jubilation and squeezed Baltoh’s hands as tightly as she could.

“OH BALTOH!” she hollered as her whole body shook from the earth-shaking orgasm.

Both of them breathing hard, Baltoh pulled out of Molly and slowly lowered her to the floor, but with how badly her legs were shaking, she was unable to stand. As if broken from a trance, Rosemary shook her head from side to side and felt her arousal dying down… mostly. Quickly becoming intangible, she passed through the roof of the hospital into the top floor and then made her way through the building to the staircase leading back up. She had to seem like she had just gotten there or they would suspect her.

Reaching the stairwell, she became physical once again and lowered her cloaking spells. Taking one last deep breath to calm her nerves, she walked up the staircase, opened the door, and came out onto the roof. She turned around to Baltoh and almost jumped at the sight before her. Molly was on her knees, her head bobbing back and forth as she sucked Baltoh off with incredible skill, draining every last drop of semen. Baltoh grunted as he had his second orgasm and Molly leaned her head back with her mouth open, letting semen spray her face and fill her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed before blowing him again, sucking up every remained glob and licking him clean. Even while flaccid, Rosemary was unable to deny that Baltoh’s manhood was beyond impressive, but with a scowl, she let go of the door and allowed it to close, creating a loud bang that made Baltoh and Molly jump in surprise.

“There is a meeting about to happen in City Hall, follow me,” she said dryly before opening the door and walking back inside.

As Baltoh refastened his pants, Molly stood up and kissed him lovingly on the cheek. “Thank you Baltoh, I really needed that.” She said softly.

Baltoh turned to her with a small smile and leaned forward, kissing the one spot on her face that wasn’t coated in semen. “Of course, it was my pleasure.”

He then chased after Rosemary and stepped into the dark staircase where she was waiting. Not even bothering to wait for him to close the door, she turned around and began walking down the stairs, stomping loudly as her temper leaked out.

“If they’re all in City Hall, then why are we going downstairs?” Baltoh asked as they turned a corner.

“So that I could do this,” Rosemary said before turning around and smacking him across the face as hard as she could. The blow didn’t send Baltoh back a single step, but he clutched his cheek and growled.

“What the Hell was that for?”

“I always knew you could be mean, but never cruel. I thought you were in love with Selene!”

“I am!”

“Then what are you doing fucking that whore?! After everything that happened, how can you just cheat on her?!”

“I wasn’t cheating on Selene; Molly is part of our relationship. Remember when I asked for your advice and told you that Selene wanted something that would normally be the desire of the man? Well it was a threesome with her friend. We had just had one on the night Selene was captured and Molly was killed. Including Molly was all Selene’s idea. She is now part of the group. I did nothing wrong.”

While his words crushed Rosemary’s accusations, there was still so much anger in her eyes.

“You can be a real bastard, Baltoh, you know that?” she muttered before turning away.

Before she could storm off, Baltoh grabbed her hand and spun her back around. “If you’re going to be angry with me, then at least have the guts to say the reason. Don’t be a passive-aggressive bitch about it.”

Rosemary looked away from him as a tear ran down her cheek. “You were supposed to love me! I knew you first, I knew you the longest, and I knew you better than anyone! If you were supposed to fall in love with someone, it should have been me! Instead you just mounted the first human you saw and started fucking any piece of ass that walked by without care or emotion! If it was so easy for you to be intimate with someone, why couldn’t you be intimate with me?!”

“I’m sorry, but I changed. I’m not the same person you met in Hell twenty-three years ago,” he said softly.

“Don’t give me that shit, nothing in Hell ever changes!”

Scowling, Baltoh grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her against the wall, leaving her stunned. “I said we met in Hell twenty-three years ago, that was twenty-three years for you, but for me, it was over eight thousand years. Things change Rosemary, things always change, including people, and while you may not believe it, you’re the reason why I changed so much,” he said with their faces just inches apart.

She turned away from him, tears streaming from her eyes. “It’s not fair. If you changed so much, then why couldn’t you be with me?! Why couldn’t I be the one who affected you so much?!”

She jerked as Baltoh picked her up as if she was weightless and pinned her against the wall with their fingers intertwined and his claws digging into the concrete, letting him hold on while he had his body pressed against hers. Rosemary shivered as she felt his erection between her legs, the two of them separated only by the fabric of their pants. Even while covered, it felt so warm and powerful to her, she desperately wished she could see it and touch it.

‘So this is what it feels like…’ she thought to herself as she was forced to hold onto him by clinging to his waist with her legs.

“Is this what you wanted?” Baltoh whispered, the two of them in the same position that he had been in with Molly just a few minutes ago.

“Yes,” Rosemary said softly with her eyes closed.

Baltoh leaned forward and kissed her, causing her eyes to bolt open as their lips joined and separated and their tongues danced. Rosemary began to hum and purr as Baltoh proceeded to begin thrusting his body forward, rubbing his clothed cock between her legs, with her panties becoming moister and moister.

“Is this what you wanted?” he whispered again.


Instead of kissing her and continuing, Baltoh lowered her to the floor. “Then in time, perhaps you shall have it. Things are changing, Rosemary, they’re changing faster than ever before. I have a feeling that my truce with Heaven won’t last too long after this all ends and the lines of division will be redrawn. When that happens, you are going to have to pick a side, just make sure that it is the correct one.”

He stood up and walked away, leaving her sitting in the stairwell, struggling to think properly while her hormonal rush refused to die down.

“That attack definitely bought us some time. Even in Hell, it will take a while for enough troops to be found to march on us again,” Raphael said. Again, the leaders of the defensive force were all standing in the mayor’s office, planning their next move. Selene was there but Rosemary was late to arrive.

“But at what cost. Baltoh, do you have any idea how much damage you may have just inflicted to Hell? If that realm became too damaged, it might just collapse in on itself and then we would really be in trouble. Forget a hole between dimensions, that dimension would destroy itself and drag the other two with it,” Gabriel warned.

“I know, that’s why I kept the power usage low. That blast caused a lot less destruction than you think, as most of the energy was expelled through the upwards burst of the explosion.”

“How are the people of the city?” Selene asked. Michael shook his head with his eyes bloodshot from stress.

“We lost well over a hundred thousand people and more than a million were wounded. Even with Angels flooding the city, there were just too many enemy forces to keep the humans safe. And that’s not even counting the number of Angels we lost,” he sighed, brushing back his Mohawk.

“I expected nothing less. I can’t imagine any of the residents of this city surviving this war. Most likely, whether we win or lose, everyone will probably dead and the gutters will be overflowing with blood,” Baltoh ominously muttered.

“Have you guys figured out how to reverse all this yet?” the mayor asked impatiently.

“We have our best minds in Heaven running simulation after simulation and studying this anomaly from every angle,” Raphael sighed. “However, it is not nearly as simple as we thought it was. It seems that bastard Abaddon and his friends wasn’t just lounging and eating people between their appearances. We’ve found signs of symbols scribbled across the city in human blood, and I don’t just mean at the sites where those Inferno Abysses were summoned. This city is literally blanketed with symbols. As you can imagine, it is Hellscript, and it obviously serves some purpose.”

“So? What the Hell does all this mean?!” the chief of police yelled, already on edge from the battle, the deaths, and the finger he had lost in the fighting.

“It means that the ritual they used was much more complex than just six summons and human negativity,” Gabriel cursed. “They basically wrote all of the information in the Library of Congress out of binary code, that’s how complex it was. We’re trying to figure out the exact sequence of symbols required, but it’s longer than your DNA and finding even most of them and what order they went in is impossible. We’re basically trying to figure out the blueprints of a castle after finding just half a brick wall. The fact that I need THIS many metaphors should tell you what kind of quagmire we’re dealing with. If we were to try and create a reversing formula from scratch, it would take thousands, if not tens of thousands of years…”

“Which the demons have had thanks to the day-to-year time ratio of Hell,” Baltoh interrupted.

“So the situation is really that grim?” Selene asked worriedly.

“Even more so. Unless the geniuses in Heaven just draw out the correct sequence at random like a bunch of monkeys on typewriters printing out the works of Shakespeare, then we have no way to reverse the affects of this ritual,” Michael swore with his tone as cold as space.

“Can’t you guys just call on God to help us?” the mayor asked.

The room was silent.

“Jehovah stopped caring about the goings on of the world a long time ago,” Baltoh muttered.

“What if we snuck into Hell?” Selene suggested. “I know you said that we cannot face them head on, but if we were to get in their discreetly and tried to destroy whatever it is that’s allowing this ritual to continue?”

“No, Tenebrous would just sense us immediately and kill us,” Baltoh sighed, sitting down in a nearby chair.

“Tenebrous?” the mayor asked.
“The true Devil. I’m sure you think that the Devil is actually Satan, who was originally the fallen Archangel Lucifer. That is incorrect. Satan and Lucifer are princes of Hell. You know how they say that Satan is the prince of darkness? Well Tenebrous is the king, the first demonic entity born through neither human coalition or the falling of an Archangel.”

“And not even you can stop him?” Selene whispered.

Baltoh took a deep breath. “No, his powers are worlds apart from mine. I can’t even defeat the Hell Princes. I’m a powerful fighter and I can cause planetary devastation. However, Tenebrous is a true god and his powers lie on a universal scale. I’m just a mosquito to him. He’s personally come after me several hundred times, and each time, I escape by the skin of my teeth. Every time I’ve come to Earth, it was to escape Tenebrous or the Hell Princes that were on my tail.”
“So we’re right back where we started: facing the end of the world and with no way to stop or reverse it,” said Rosemary.

Everyone was silent and time slowly passed by. One minute, two minutes, three. Baltoh had his chin resting on his tented fingers, deep in thought. “Deus Ex Machina,” he finally said under his breath.

Everyone turned to him, the Archangels with an especially anxious look on their faces.

“What?” Selene asked.

“There might be a way to reverse the process. Deus Ex Machina, ‘god out of the machine’.”

“Blasphemy! Speaking such words is sacrilege!” Michael hissed. Baltoh repeated the phrase in Hellscript, speaking in an abnormally deep voice and making everyone in the room cringe from the vileness of the dialect.

“What is Deus Ex Machina?” Selene asked with a very serious tone.

“It is a theory dreamt up in Hell by pagan philosophers, one that insults everything we stand for!” Michael boomed.

“It is only insulting to a small mind like yours, one that has not lived for as long as I have lived and seen as much as I have seen. As I said, it means ‘god out of the machine’, and it originally referred to Horace’s Ars Poetica, in which he warned poets to never solve the plots of their stories through the abrupt interference of a god. Machina refers to the cranes used in plays to lower the actors playing these gods dramatically onto the stage. However, it has a different yet similar meaning.

Deus Ex Machina is the theory that it was not Jehovah in Heaven that created this universe and Hell, but Heaven and Hell splitting off from this universe upon its birth, in which you humans call the “Big Bang”. Basically, if Heaven and Hell are opposite weights on a scale, then this universe is the scale itself. In this idea, this universe is known as Cinereo, which is Latin for ‘gray’, or essentially the combination of darkness and light.

The second part of the idea of Deus Ex Machina is that Jehovah and Tenebrous were not always divine, but at one point were lesser beings, no greater than you or I. The belief is that there are three Thrones, each serving as the beating heart and matrix of a realm. Whether these are real thrones or symbolic ones, nobody is sure. But they say that whoever is able to take a Throne becomes a god of that universe. Tenebrous occupies the Throne of Hell, Jehovah occupies the Throne of Heaven, and the Throne of Cinereo is vacant and always has been. In this case, ‘god out of the machine’ refers to the Thrones creating the gods.”

“So you’re saying that if we can take control of the Throne of Cinereo, then we can reverse all this?” Selene asked desperately.

“Whoever takes a Throne becomes a god, those are the rules. And if you ask me, I think having a god on our side is our best bet.”

“Listen Baltoh, I said we would work together from now on, but that doesn’t mean we’re friends so you don’t get to pull these practical jokes!” Michael barked.

“The only reason why you are so against it is because it disagrees with the lies you’ve been told. With the theory of Deus Ex Machina, life originated in this universe instead of being created by God, meaning that evolution is true and you and your fellow Archangels were created after the arrival of humans, being created by God, who was inspired by the design of humans on Earth.” Baltoh said as he turned to him.

“Heresy!” Michael shouted.

Rosemary on the other hand had her scowl focused instead on Michael.

“Hold on, when I learned about Deus Ex Machina, there wasn’t nearly as much detail or information. The explanation I received was nothing like this,” she growled, pointing her arm out at Baltoh.

“It doesn’t matter what version you heard, every version is wrong. Don’t you hear this? Don’t you hear the insult to everything we believe and follow? The insult to the truth of the world?!”

“What is the truth, Michael?! What is the truth that we believe and follow? Think about it, Jehovah hasn’t once explained the truth to any of us, none of us. He hasn’t even spoken to us for over a thousand years. We’re his Archangels, his messengers, and yet I can’t remember the last time I saw him or heard him. We know nothing about Jehovah, only what we have told each other. And here he is, the oldest and strongest of us, the only Demon-Archangel hybrid to ever exist, the greatest anomaly in the universe, and he knows the origin of the universe with more clarity than we do!”

Michael stood close to her, their faces inches apart. “He is NOT one of us.”

“You’re right, I’m not one of you.” Baltoh said dryly, drawing back the Archangels’ attention. “I’m better. Now you listen to me, you’re going to tell half Angels and Archangels in Heaven to stop their impossible mission to find a reversing spell and instead tell them to start looking for the Throne of Cinereo.”

“Are you ordering me?” Michael snarled, stepping over to Baltoh.

“No, I’m threatening. Because if you don’t do as I say, the next time I fire one of my blasts down into Hell, it will be at full power. I don’t care if it inadvertently destroys Hell and we go down with it, it’s one of our only considerable options. Find the Throne or blow up Hell, it’s your call.” Baltoh said with a deep rumbling voice.

“Damn it, will you just do it already! I don’t care what it takes, just save my city!” the mayor shouted.

“Fine, but if this all fails, it’s on you,” Michael cursed before storming out.

“Arrogant prick,” Baltoh muttered.

“Baltoh, you said it yourself that you don’t know if the Thrones are actual thrones or if it’s a symbolic name. How can we find something without knowing what it is and what it looks like?” Gabriel asked.

“Not to mention that looking for it means searching the entire universe,” Raphael added.

“I know that, that’s why we need to look at it from a philosophical point of view.”

Gabriel sighed. “I’ll get our brightest minds on it. At least we have something to go on.” He said before disappearing in a flash of light as she returned to Heaven.

“I digress, there is nothing we can do now but wait,” Baltoh finished before turning around and leaving with Selene trailing after him.

Chapter 9

As the middle of the night approached (though there was no way to tell time in the subterranean city) Baltoh was sitting against the headboard of the hotel bed with Selene straddling his left thigh and Molly straddling his right. The two women were rubbing their slippery pussies against his legs like a pair of dolphins scratching an itch and were each stroking Baltoh’s towering cock, all while the trio were all kissing each other with their tongues forming the long-fabled triple-helix. While they grinded against his thighs, he was rubbing their round asses with his hands.

Enwrapped in their pleasure, the three of them, even Baltoh, were unaware of Rosemary standing in the corner, completely undetectable to all senses. She had arrived ask him more about Deus Ex Machina, but again found herself hypnotized by the ménage à trois before her. Upon discovering them, she was flushed with a mixture of different emotions and stood like a statue, completely fixed on the sensual dance while her mind raged,

After coming so close to being intimate with Baltoh in the stairwell, only to be romantically rejected again and finding him in the throes of intimacy with his lover and blond concubine at the same time, Rosemary felt bitter resentment and anger towards him for his hypocrisy. But before long, that anger turned to envy, envy of Selene and Molly for being able to have him in the way she had always wanted.

There was also a very strange curiosity welling up inside her as she watched Molly and Selene, specifically the way they treated each other in this complicated love triangle. She hadn’t seen it before when Baltoh fucked Molly on the hospital roof, but now it was clearly evident. Seeing them bound together so sensually, all while Baltoh’s heart belonged to Selene and Selene’s to Baltoh… it was very perplexing. The results were a confusing knot of social dynamics that she found incredibly… interesting, so interesting that she was compelled to study it from every angle like a scientist categorizing a new species.

Watching the two women kiss each other with Baltoh’s tongue between their soft wet lips and their hands gently stroke and tickle each other’s naked bodies, Rosemary could feel strong lust and desire burning within her. She wanted to be touched in that same sensual way, and not just by Baltoh. There was a certain softness, a certain sweetly pure eroticism to the touching between the two women, a unique geniality that did not exist between a man and a women. This strange bonding was so tantalizing that Rosemary desperately wished she could describe it to herself, just to have a definition for it.

In her life, the only sexual thoughts she had experienced were for Baltoh, and those were controlled by her pride as an Archangel. But now, lust and sexual hunger were flooding her body like a blood transfusion, stirring her thoughts into different fantasies, bahis siteleri each involving Baltoh or the women. She had jumped from having strong feelings for only Baltoh to sexual curiosity and desires for these two women, and all in the course of just a few minutes.

“Baltoh, baby, fuck me,” Selene groaned as she pulled her lips away from his and Molly’s. Baltoh smiled and placed a kiss on the center of her chest while Molly pouted that Selene got the first turn.

Molly moved aside and Selene settled on Baltoh’s lap, inserting his cock into her glistening slit. She gave a soft whimper of pleasure as it entered her, filling every nook and cranny of her velvet interior. Leaning back with her chest heaving and her breasts jiggling like water balloons, Selene began bouncing on his cock like it was a trampoline, purring in bliss and rubbing her stretched pussy with her hand after licking her fingers. While Selene rode Baltoh, he lied down flat and Molly began riding his face, whining from the intense sensations of his tongue flicking her sopping wet cunt while she ran her tongue across Selene’s swinging titties.

In the corner, Rosemary’s breathing was heavy as she watched them. With her eyes running up Selene’s and Molly’s beautiful bodies, slightly glistening from a thin film of sweat, and listening to the sounds of Selene’s wet pussy lips hungrily sucking Baltoh’s cock while her smooth thighs clapped against his, Rosemary felt like her whole body was being tickled. Her skin longed to be touched and she longed to feel herself. She wanted to feel her hands against her own naked body for the first real time in her life. Even while inaudible, invisible, and intangible, she was afraid to move for fear of being noticed, but this self-instated restriction and the fact that she knew masturbation was a sin just made that desire so much stronger. Her breathing became rapid, she began licking and chewing on her lips, and she had her arms tightly pressed against her sides, rubbing her fingers against her thighs, wishing that she could rip away her baggy pants and touch herself.

Back on the bed, Molly’s coos were turning into loud whines as Baltoh’s persistent tongue brought her closer and closer to her first climax as an Angel. He was gorging himself on her delectable pussy, slurping up every drop of her fluids that he could and mentally diving into the delicious taste and feeling of Molly’s essence. Desperate for further stimulation, the blonde beauty shifted her weight, using one hand to squeeze her huge boobs almost brutally and finger her tight asshole with the other. Her whines grew in volume and she stopped licking Selene’s bouncing tits, contending herself with just holding her tongue out against her friend’s chest.

As she got exponentially closer and closer to having her first orgasm, she worked her middle finger in her anus faster and faster, sending shivers up her body from the unusual sensation. Finally, she pulled her finger out and sucked on it hungrily, licking off the tasteless oil of her rectum and gaining a euphoric mental tremble from the mere kinkiness of the act. She resumed fingering herself, using her saliva as lubricant in her asshole. Once she had it covered in another wet layer, she pulled her finger out, wiped it on Selene’s nipples, and then held it up to her friend’s face. Selene’s wrapped her lips around Molly’s finger, sucking on it as if she was giving it a blowjob and savoring the nonexistent flavor, all while Molly sucked on her nipples.

Finally, Molly gave a particularly loud high-pitched moan as she had her first orgasm, flooding her insides with jubilant fluids that Baltoh hungrily licked up. Her whole body shaking, Molly moved aside and lied down on the bed like an exhausted cat, panting heavily.

“Wow Molly, I can’t believe how much that took out of you,” Selene laughed as she got off Baltoh.

“This new body just wasn’t used to it. Don’t worry, I’m ready for more,” she replied, taking Selene’s place.

As Molly set herself to accept Baltoh’s powerful erection, Selene was crouched behind her and wrapped her arms around Molly’s naked body, holding it against hers while she lovingly kissed her neck. Rosemary licked her lips with her mouth dry, desperately wishing for be touched so tenderly and sensually by someone, specifically, one of the three before her. Her body ached to feel the naked body of Selene or Molly pressed against her own, to feel one of them kissing her skin in that same sexual loving way and to feel that same sweetness.

Molly finally managed to work the head of Baltoh’s cock into the entrance of her body and gave a loud crying gasp as she lowered herself onto it, feeling her vagina stretch to take in the mass. Selene tightened her hold on her lesbian lover with her hand between Molly’s legs, giving a hum of her own as she felt Molly’s pelvic region bulge as Baltoh’s cock stuffed her to the point of bursting, the ecstasy was almost telepathically passing onto her.

While there was no pain in the penetration, Molly screamed as Baltoh entered her completely. Her whole body was trembling as she tried to become reacquainted with Baltoh’s member inside of her and she was giving a soft whimper with each movement she made. After ten seconds, she gained a coy smile and lifted herself up, revealing Baltoh’s hard cock, quivering with each heartbeat and glistening with her vaginal juices. With Baltoh’s tail wrapped around her waist to hold her, Molly lowered herself back down and began her steady rhythm, springing on his cock while crying out in ecstasy every time the head punched the deepest corner of her pussy like a boneless fist. As she picked up speed, she relied more and more on Baltoh’s powerful tail to pump her up and down as if she were a piston while the sound of her thighs clapping against Baltoh’s drowned out her screams of joy. Behind her, Selene was curled up against Baltoh and the two lovers were passionately making out with his arms wrapped around her hourglass figure.

In the corner, Rosemary was staring in awe at Molly’s heaving body, her breasts jumping like two indestructible water balloons attached to the handles of a pogo stick. Even without lights on, Molly’s body was glistening with a thin layer of sweat, allowing every muscle under her skin to display itself with each jubilant tremor. Watching as Molly bounced wildly on Baltoh’s cock and was fucked like a blow-up doll, Rosemary was filled with so much lust that she couldn’t take it any more. She wanted to run her tongue along this stranger’s body as if she were a giant lollipop.

The sound of Molly’s thighs clapping against Baltoh’s and her moans of sexual happiness was like music to Rosemary’s ears, her vibrant body looked downright delectable, the smell of her pussy juices was like perfume, and just the sight of the three sexual partners was captivating. All these factors were driving Rosemary up the wall and she could no longer contain herself. Trembling from head to toe, she began touching her breasts tentatively with one hand and working her fingers in her panties with the other. This was the first time she had ever touched herself in such away, and each gentle brush of her fingers sent shivers of bliss through her trembling body.

Rosemary suddenly looked up from her own body as Molly released a shaking scream of happiness from her orgasm. She collapsed at the foot of the bed, rubbing her gaping pussy and then licking her fingers.

“Don’t stop, put in my ass,” she begged, spreading her legs and pulling the firm cheeks apart.

Baltoh turned to Selene with a smile. “Well darling, what do you think? Would you be willing to be a little more patient?”

She gained the same tender smile and cupped his cheek. “Oh course, baby. You know I love to watch.”

Baltoh pressed his lips against hers and then moved over to Molly. Leaning down, he began kissing her smooth inner thighs before running his lips against her sweet peach ass cheeks. Feeling Baltoh’s lips against her smooth sultry rear, Molly purred and stretched like a cat, all while Selene laid back and touched herself and Rosemary watched from the corner and did the same. Molly finally reached back and spread her ass cheeks, letting Baltoh lick his lips in desire before he began kissing her soap-white anus.

With Baltoh’s face buried in her ass and his tongue and lips working her like a neck massager, Molly cooed and shook from the pleasure he was giving her. Selene was working her fingers between her legs frantically, being both aroused by the desire to be pleasured like Molly and the sight and sound of Molly being pleasured. Rosemary was in the same position, her shirt removed and her modest B-cup breasts exposed as she rubbed her soft skin, wishing that Baltoh would lick her in such a way, but also becoming more and more envious of Baltoh for being able to lick Molly.

After exploring the depths of her asshole with his long forked tongue, Baltoh finally moved up, running kisses up her back and shoulders. After kissing her neck and ears, he sat up and grasped his cock, rubbing it between her cheeks.

“Please, put it in my ass. I want to get fucked in the ass,” she begged like a whore.

‘Really? She can’t honestly mean that! How could she possibly enjoy or want that?!’ Rosemary thought in disbelief.

Molly again spread her ass cheeks as Baltoh pressed the head against her anus. Before he entered her, Selene moved up beside Molly and spat between her ass cheeks, lubing it up for the penetration. Baltoh finally pushed his penis into her, making Molly holler as the fleshy missile inflated her rectum. Like with Selene, Molly’s asshole instantly loosened and opened upon the penetration, welcoming Baltoh’s manhood.

With the passageway open, Baltoh plunged his cock into her asshole, making Molly scream like a banshee from the painless yet indescribable and awkward feeling of getting skewered by the meaty rod. Rosemary gasped as he watched Baltoh bury his entire cock in Molly’s anus, wondering how the blonde beauty could possibly be moaning in ecstasy with her anus stretched nearly to the point of tearing.

With long, slow strokes, Baltoh began to fuck Molly’s ass with great skill, making her moan and purr in happiness with her arm underneath her while she worked her fingers in her pussy. After becoming re-accustomed to Molly’s loosening anus, Baltoh picked up speed, driving down into her body like an automatic hammer. Molly’s moans became a ceaseless high-pitched scream as the amount of joy flooding her body nearly brought her to tears.

Beside her, Selene was arching her back and moaning as her tireless fingers brought her to orgasm. Back on her end, Rosemary was now completely naked and shamelessly fingering herself, having learned how by watching Selene. Just a minute ago, she had been horrified by the idea of Baltoh ramming her ass with his bulging dick, but watching and hearing Molly was turning that disgust into powerful envy, envy so great that she was almost about to start fingering her anus.

Rosemary’s body was different from Selene and Molly’s, in that they had a certain well-toned maturity, but she had more of an adolescent look. As an Archangel not created by God, her body was the result of a large group of Angels fusing together into a single spirit, ending up with a figure dictated by the majority of her “ingredients”. As expected, all the souls that made hers were women, almost all of them quite young. But while her body wasn’t as developed as Selene and Molly’s, she was the same age as them, and she had a very rare trait that they didn’t: she was a very “moist” lover. Already, her thighs were glistening with the clear fluid that her arousal was drawing forth as the preview of a very wet orgasm.

Without any warning, Baltoh suddenly tripled his speed, making Molly give a particularly loud scream. He was driving down into her so quickly that no human would ever be able to match his speed. His whole body could barely be discerned as anything other than a giant blur as he fucked her like a machine. The bed was creaking and rocking to the point where it was at risk of falling apart and Molly’s anus was being pummeled so hard and so deeply that only someone with an Angel’s endurance and stamina could keep from getting ripped open like a tomato and crippled.

“Oh god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming so hard!” she screamed with the volume of a murder victim.

Baltoh continued pummeling her asshole while her pussy became soaked with a fresh layer of fluid, fucking her through her orgasm. Finally, after almost a minute-long climax, Molly’s body became calm and Baltoh pulled out of her, leaving her asshole gaping like a mineshaft. She was gasping for air and her whole body was limp, and like her, Baltoh was laid back against the headboard while he tried to catch his breath. With Baltoh’s cock still standing at full attention, Selene crawled over to him with a coy grin and took it in her mouth, hungrily licking off the ass oil from her friend as if were butter on a corn cob.

‘Disgusting! How can she possibly do that?! I mean, Molly is just an Angel, but still…’ Rosemary pondered in one part of her mind while the rest of her mind wished she could taste it.

Once the meaty pole was licked clean, Selene got on top of Baltoh with her feet on his bent knees and her hands on his shoulders. With his hands on her hips, Baltoh lifted her up onto the top of his cock, working it into her anus. With the strength and endowment of a horse, Baltoh thrust upwards into her anus, stretching the ring to its limit and making Selene give a deep moan. Baltoh waited for a few seconds, making sure that his position was correct before slowly pulling out.

With her anus hugging the head of his cock, he forced himself back up into her, making her give another moan. As Baltoh retook his usual fast-paced rhythm, Molly held her head between his legs and licked Selene’s snatch, giving Selene a separate rush of pleasure. Watching Selene, never before had Rosemary felt so much envy. To get anally fucked and eaten out at the same time… the sheer lust and longing she was feeling was making her particularly wet.

For several minutes, this went on, before Baltoh suddenly pulled out of Selene’s asshole and into her pussy. Being an Angel, disease and infection was impossible for Selene, and even if it was, her asshole was as clean as a bleach bottle since she no longer needed to eat, meaning going from ass to pussy would absolutely have no repercussions for her. All three women knew this, but the dirtiness of the act all made their hearts skip a beat, before the realization hit them and their shock turned into heightened arousal. Selene had a hysteric grin on her face as Baltoh drove up into her pussy several times, then pulled back out and rammed himself into her asshole, all in single fluid movement and without even using his hands.

This repeated over and over again, with Baltoh switching from her asshole to her pussy, soaking both orifices with a frothy mixture of each other’s natural lubricants. When he fucked Selene’s asshole, Molly would be licking her pussy, and when he fucked Selene’s asshole, Molly would lick the appearing and disappearing shaft of his cock.

After twenty minutes, Baltoh had to relinquish the position from the vast amount of energy and stamina it required, even for him. As Selene got off him, Molly greedily began sucking him off, sampling the taste of Selene’s ass and pussy on his cock. Once she had licked him clean, Baltoh sat up on his knees and moved back up to Selene, who was on all fours with a coy smile. With Molly manually guiding him, Baltoh passed between the swollen lips of her snatch.

Without hesitation, Baltoh took his natural jackhammer rhythm, instantly turning Selene into a jittery wreck with her mouth hanging open as she gave a low moan of unparalleled happiness. For the first few minutes, Molly sat up on her knees next to Baltoh, licking the inside of his mouth while he licked hers in a long passionate kiss. However, it wasn’t long before she desired more stimulation and moved in front of Selene, lying on her back with her legs spread and her rosy lips curled into a smile.

Lowering herself from her hands onto her elbows, Selene excitedly buried her face in Molly’s pussy, licking her velvet lips with her long silky black hair scattered across her friend’s belly. Molly’s usual loud moans were replaced with a soft hum as she gently moved her hands against her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples while she let her body rest.

In her corner, Rosemary was chewing on her hair like it was a gag as she had her first ever orgasm. The waves of heat and mind-jarring tremors pulsing through her body with unfathomable speed were making it difficult to stand, let alone keep from hollering like an opera singer. As she fingered herself wildly, a clear liquid sprayed from her pussy as if it was a water gun as she achieved a female ejaculation. Soaking the floor beneath her feet and covering her smooth legs in a glistening sheen, she fingered herself as jet after jet of the colorless fluid sprayed from between the tight lips.

After soaking Baltoh’s cock with her orgasmic juices, Selene moved to the side to recover from her climax but Baltoh didn’t waste a second in grabbing Molly and pulling the grinning nymphomaniac over to him. Molly had one leg between Baltoh’s and the other up across his chest, with Baltoh kissing her ankle and foot as he started fucking her cunt for almost ten minutes. Having caught her breath, Selene swung her leg over Molly and sat on her face, letting Molly gorge herself on her loose, tender snatch while she leaned forward and lovingly kissed Baltoh’s chest.
All three grunting and moaning from the jubilation they were experiencing, Baltoh, Selene, and Molly maintained this position for another ten minutes with Rosemary continuing to watch them and touch herself. The position was broken only briefly so that Molly could straighten herself and wrap her legs around Baltoh’ waist, with Baltoh picking her up and forcing his cock into her asshole. Selene too shifted position, sitting on her heels and grinding her smooth ebony ass cheeks against Molly’s face, purring at the feeling of dominating her friend.

This went on for the rest of the night, with Baltoh switching back and forth between the two women. Collective hours were spent with his cock in different assholes, pussies, and mouths, with much the time spent with a woman’s tongue in his throat or his tongue in one of their bodies.

“Ladies, I’ve just about reached my limit,” Baltoh finally grunted.

Hearing his warning, Molly and Selene separated and both began sucking him off, each slurping up her friend’s saliva lovingly. Once they both had gotten their fill, Selene pressed her cheek against Molly’s, both women sticking out their tongues with their mouths wide open.

Baltoh gripped his cock and began stroking it like a madman, finally allowing the mental and physical barriers he had set up in his body to tumble down and let everything flow. With his eyes rolling back into his head, he released a thick gooey jet of his seed into the two women’s faces, completely spraying them and filling up their mouths. After swallowing, the two women sat up and began licking each other’s faces like a pair of cats, cleaning each other from the sperm while Baltoh lied back on the bed, his whole body feeling like it was pinned down with lead weights.

Once the two women had licked up every drop of semen, they both curled up beside Baltoh with blissful smiles. His panting having slowed and his body as limber as a rubber band, Baltoh too smiled and extended all four wings, wrapping them around Selene and Molly like blankets.

“Damn, that was nice,” Selene purred with her face pressed against Baltoh’s left pectoral like a pillow.

“Nice? That was fucking perfect,” Molly tiredly whispered with her face pressed against his right. Baltoh just gave a soft laugh as the three sex partners closed their eyes and became silent.

On the other side of the room, Rosemary was hurriedly getting dressed, now flushed with shame from what she had done and felt, having watched Baltoh, Selene, and Molly have sex, masturbate to the sight, and feel sexual attraction to the two women. For hours she had played with herself, watching the three engage in the essence of sin. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her in so short of time. Barely maintaining her intangibility, she passed through the window and frantically flew away.

Baltoh opened one eye. “Selene, Rosemary just left.”

“Hmm? What?” Selene asked, having been just about to fall asleep.

“Rosemary, she was in the room watching us the whole time. She just left.”

Selene bolted up in shock. “What? She was watching us?! How did you know? I didn’t sense her!”

“Her focus on her concealment spells briefly wavered every time she had an orgasm. It seems that she was pretty busy while she watched us,” He replied with a smile.

Selene gained a coy look on her face. “Well then, how about we invite her to our next session?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Are you sure? I mean, I can understand why you originally invited Molly, but you barely even know Rosemary at all. Have you two even talked to each other? I find it hard to believe that you are this willing to share me.”

“Oh, I’m sure. And as I said before, I love to watch. Besides, after everything you’ve told me about her, I know she cares about you and I know you care about her. I want you to make each other happy, I want all four of us to be happy. How about after the next battle, when all the Angels are tending to the wounded, you go see her and “invite” her?”

“Uh… sure… whatever you want, honey.” He shrugged. They were both silent, just staring into each other’s eyes. “You know that I love you, right? You know that you are the only woman that I truly want to be with, right?”

“Yes, I know. I also know that you really enjoy these little sex parties. I see that they make you happy, and they certainly make me happy. Listen, I know when we do this, you’re always afraid that someone is going to get jealous and their feelings will get hurt, but I know you, I know us, and I know the love we share. Besides, I know I’ll always be your


“I know, but I just don’t want this to complicate things. Molly loves you and Rosemary loves me. I just want to make sure we don’t end up crossing a line and we’re unable to ever go back to the way we were. I don’t want to be without you Selene, I would rather lose my powers and be cast back into Hell to be tortured for all eternity than be without you.”

Selene’s smile then gained a loving tenderness that was so beautiful that it brushed aside Baltoh’s worries like dust against a broom. “You will never lose me. My body, mind, and soul, they all belong to you, I’m yours now and forever. No matter what happens or how complicated things become, all that we need is to love each other, because that love will bind us together forever,” she murmured, placing her hand on his cheek.

“I love you, Selene. You are the only being that I adore, that I worship, that I obey, and that I live for. You are the only one who can tell me what to do, the only one who I will always follow. Everyone has something that makes them subservient, something that puts their life in others hands like a leash if it is found. Everyone tries so hard to hide his or her leash, to keep from being vulnerable. Selene, I give my leash to you, because you will forever have my love and my loyalty. You are the only one that can make this creature retract his claws,” he said before leaning forward and kissing her.

“I could say the same thing to you, because I will always obey, follow, and love you. I would do anything in this world for you, anything accept leave you. I lost my life because I refused to leave you, and I would do it all again, just to show you my loyalty,” she whispered, returning the kiss.

“You’re an Angel, you know that?”

“Screw that, I’m a goddess,” she mused, making him chuckle.

“I love you,” they both said simultaneously before kissing again.

“Jeez, would you two get a room already? I’m trying to sleep,” Molly tiredly mumbled with her eyes closed.

“Said the girl that is curled up naked against me after I fucked her in the ass…” Baltoh began.

“And I straddled her face, IN OUR HOTEL ROOM,” Selene finished.

The three all gave a small laugh and then closed their eyes, drifting to sleep.

A blinding light woke Baltoh up in the middle of the night, shining in through the window with the intensity of a stage light. Cursing, Baltoh shielded his eyes and looked through the balcony window. The stone shaft around the city had now been replaced with a swirling sea of molten rock, as if New York had been plopped right into the middle of a lava lamp. The city had literally burned through the Earth’s crust and was passing through the mantle. The only thing that kept New York from being instantly burned to a crisp was the fact that it was already technically separated from the physical universe of Cinereo.

“Time is running out…” Baltoh muttered before laying his head back down on the pillow.

With Selene and Molly’s naked bodies held tightly in his embrace, Baltoh quickly rolled to the side and flipped the bed as a stray blast struck the hotel room balcony and sent rubble and broken glass flying through the air. Outside, a battle had just started and the forces of Hell were once again advancing on New York.

“Girls, are you hurt?” Baltoh asked, pushing the mattress off them with his tail. They both shook their heads, jittery from the sudden shock.

“Good, then let’s get dressed. It is time to fight once again,” he said as he stood up, still clutching them against his bare chest.

After getting dressed, the hybrid and two Angels flew out of the destroyed hotel room and looked out over the city. Already, Archangels and Demons were zooming between the buildings while their blades and spells clashed, massive torrents of Gargoyles were bursting out of the ground like geysers of oil, and Bleaks and Sinners were marching through the city, battling the residents of New York. Baltoh quickly shot off towards the nearest deluge of Gargoyles with Selene and Molly following him.

“Angel Art: Wings of the Crusader! Demon Art: Blades of Darkness!” he called, stretching his wings to their maximum length.

Extending almost ten feet, two tempered auras of white light radiated from his Angel wings while two steel-like fins of dark energy stretched from his Demon Wings. Spinning like a top, Baltoh dove into the Gargoyle horde and instantly began carving a massive gap in their numbers. With his powered wings, he sliced the forces of Hell to pieces as if they were pieces of meat dropped into a food processor. Misty clouds of blood sprayed out from the rising pillar of Gargoyles and shredded body parts blanketed the surrounding area like sleet.

The sound of gunfire pulled Selene and Molly’s attention away from me and drew it downwards, where a van was speeding down the street with the driver desperately running over the Sinners and Gargoyles on foot. With how the vehicle was able to shatter the skeletons of the Sinners and rip apart the Gargoyles like pieces of fruit, it was obvious that the entire vehicle had been blessed, as well as the bullets being fired out the window from all the passengers.

As the van plowed through the dark forces that filled the street, glass rained down from the office building to their right as Sinners leapt from the windows, howling curses with their rusty swords in hand.

“Molly, try and hold them off!” Selene yelled as she swooped down to protect the van.

“Leave it to me!” her friend countered with fire in her heart, having developed a natural affinity for combat, just like Selene.

Pointing her hand at the raining skeletons, Molly launched the only long-range attack of the Angels: a narrow Divinity Ray, just like how Gargoyles could launch miniature Dark Pulses. The blast whiplashed across the building, not powerful enough to slice it in half like a full-sized Divinity Ray, but packing more than enough strength to obliterate the Sinners.

With broken and charred bones falling like hail but more Sinners continuing to land on and around the van, Selene took drastic action. Standing on the roof of the vehicle, she spun around like a ballerina while crouched with her wings extended, almost making the van look like a helicopter with its rotor spinning. Any skeletons that tried to land on the van instead collided with Selene’s wings, which were glowing with holy energy. On contact, the skeletons were shattered like glass vases and their bones were charred as if sprayed with blowtorches.

Just beneath her, the passengers inside the van were firing their guns at the Gargoyles and Sinners that were chasing the van like lions after an elephant. Blessed by Angels, their bullets were more than affective against the dark legions, shattering the Sinners’ skeletons and blasting gory holes straight through the Gargoyles like deer slugs through wild boars.

Up ahead, Molly landed on the roof of a city bus which had an interior caked with blood and aimed her hands at the hordes of Sinners and Gargoyles chasing after the van. With a roar of fury, she launched two beams of golden energy from her palms, sending them streaking past the van and carving through the dark forces. With each she one cut down, five more would take its place, drawn by the commotion of battle. But no matter how many showed up, she refused to allow her supply of energy to run out.

While she had told Baltoh and Selene that she had accepted and moved on from her death, it was not 100% true. The thrill of battle and sight of the Gargoyles and Sinners were bringing back memories of the pain and humiliation she suffered at the hands of the Demons. That pain was turning into rage and determination, and the steely resolve to avenge her own death and fight back against the unholy spawn that had raped and tortured her. Every flash of a memory from her death made her blood burn in her veins like molten metal and caused angry tears to stream down her face, but it also caused the twin beams of light shooting from her hands to increase in size and power, almost turning into actual Divinity Rays.

With a loud shriek, she doubled her output, making the ground shake and the windows of the bus shatter into pieces. The beams of light obliterated the Sinners and Demons, finally allowing the passengers in the van to get some semblance of safety.

“Get to Yankee Stadium, that’s where everyone is being guarded,” Selene said to the driver as the van came to a momentary stop.

Once the van left, Selene flew over to Molly, who was wiping away her tears. “Hey, are you ok?” she asked softly, brushing back a lock of Molly’s golden hair.

“Yeah, fighting is just helping me get over some issues,” she replied, taking a deep breath. With a tender smile, Selene leaned forward and kissed her.

Their consolation was cut short as the building behind them exploded into a tidal wave of rubble from a Bleak clawing its way up from Hell and into New York. Selene and Molly quickly raised their hands and each fired a beam of holy energy at the evil conglomerate, managing to singe its body but only inflicting as much damage as a pair of magnifying glasses on a tree trunk. The beast snarled and shielded its face from the lasers, causing two narrow pillars of smoke to rise up from its hand. Reaching down, the Bleak grabbed Selene and Molly and held them up, squeezing them in its powerful grip.

Crying out in the pain of the vice-like strength of the Bleak’s skeletal hands, Selene and Molly both aimed their hands at the creature’s face and fired a beam of light into its eyes, blinding the creature and causing smoke to pour forth from its eye sockets. The beast reared back and howled in agony, tightening its grip on Selene and Molly to the point where they both coughed up blood. With its vision blurry, the Bleak opened its jaws and began charging a Dark Pulse.

A kilometer away, Baltoh was facing five Demons with their powers enhanced by eating human flesh and they were proving to be a bit of a challenge to him. Looking over, he spotted his lover and his friend in the hands of the Bleak.

“Selene! Molly!” he shouted, just before one of the Demons managed a lucky shot and plunged her bone katana into his chest and pierced his heart.

Ignoring the injury, Baltoh threw his sword at the colossal Bleak, striking it in the temple and ripping off the upper portion of its face and much of its cranium. The Bleak staggered back and tried to stay alive and on its feet, allowing Selene and Molly to slip free of its grip. Before Baltoh could breathe a sigh of relief, one of the Demons attacked from behind him and managed to stab him the neck with a pickaxe made of leg and arm bones.

“You’re pissing me off!” Baltoh roared, showing weakness, even while bleeding profusely.

Breaking the katana and shoving the pickaxe aside, he lunged towards the five Demons with a furious snarl. First reaching the she-beast that had stabbed him, he pulled his hand back and plunged it straight into the center of her ribcage, piercing her chest with his claws and ripping out bloody strips of her heart and left lung. The Demon vomited blood and tried to draw another katana from the back of her neck, but Baltoh stabbed her with his hand again, this time striking just above the heart and tearing out all the major arteries, as well as a portion of her spinal column.

The other four Demons attacked at once with their weapons burning with black flames to inflict more damage. Materializing his sword, Baltoh blocked the pickaxe strike of the second Demon, used his right wings to block the skull-headed hammer impact of the third Demon, used his left wings to block the serrated jousting lance of the fourth Demon, and used his tail to strike back against the fifth Demon, who was wielding a giant cleaver sword. Baltoh cringed at the pain of the hammer breaking the bones in his right wings and the lance piercing his left wings, but he was able to detour the attacks of the second and fifth and his wounds from the previous altercation were already healing.

Spinning around, Baltoh struck down the second Demon with his tail and the third and fourth with his sword, carving all three in half. He looked down, about to slay the fifth, but the Demon had escaped and was flying towards Selene and Molly, who were on a nearby roof, tending to each others injuries with a nameless healing power. The Demon raised his cleaver sword above his head and laughed maniacally as he approached,

“Damn it!” Baltoh cursed, chasing after him.

“You will not hurt them!” Rosemary shouted, appearing next to Selene and Molly with her hand aimed at the oncoming Demon. “Angel Art: Spear Of Destiny!”

From her palm, a golden voulge blade shot forth, made solely of light and as large as a car, but also being as thin as paper and moving as fast as lightning. The giant spear completely slipped through the Demon’s sense of detection and struck it without it even knowing what was coming. The blade struck the Demon head on, slicing it in half right down the middle. With the beast defeated, Rosemary turned to Selene and Molly, without actually facing them. After watching them pleasure each other and Baltoh, she was too confused and embarrassed to look right at them.

“Are you two alright?” she asked, keeping them just out of her peripheral vision.

“Don’t worry, as long as you’re watching over us, we’re fine,” Selene said with a lazy smile.

Rosemary’s eyes widened in shock and she glanced at Selene. Did she know?! “Uh, good. Once you’re healed, you are to return to fighting. This battle isn’t over yet,” Rosemary ordered before flying off.

Hovering in the sky with his health restored, Baltoh watched them with an aroused grin. Selene was right; this was going to be interesting.

Rosemary kneeled before the giant crucifix in one of the churches of New York City. The battle was over, and as usual, every church in the city was packed with people, praying for God to save them or mourning over those who had lost their lives in the fighting. The room was blood-red from the light of the Hellfire fence around the city passing through the windows, combining with everyone’s gaunt faces to make the church seem like the scene of a brutal massacre by Demons. Mixed in with the sound of priest’s dry dull and desperate voice were the unappeasable sobs and sniffs of crying people, either crying for people they had lost, crying or themselves and their hopeless situation, or just crying.

Rosemary had made herself invisible so that she could pray in privacy, not wanting to be flooded by distraught citizens that would beg her to bless them or their families, ask why God was not putting a stop to this, or to thank her for what she was doing. She did not want to be bothered, especially for the latter, since she considered every death that happened to be a personal failure. Almost every Angel and Archangel that wasn’t busy healing the wounded and repairing the destroyed city had taken a similar form of solitude.

This time, she was praying for clarity for the feelings she was experiencing for Baltoh, Selene, and Molly. It was forbidden for Archangels to be in romantic relationships, and here she was, lusting after the most forbidden man of them all, as well as two women. She was disgusted with herself for these powerful sexual needs and desires, but the taboo of it only made them stronger and more arousing.

Behind her, the priest continued his sermon. “…And so we must never lose faith in the Lord, for by his love, we shall be delivered to safety. We must continue to fight and continue to pray, so that we may show our devotion and he will save us.”

Suddenly, the doors swung open, causing everyone standing around them to become more tightly packed. In stepped Baltoh, shocking everyone that had looked to the door. Word had spread throughout the city of this mysterious figure, many had seen him fighting the Gargoyles, Demons, and Sinners that were rising up from Hell and occasionally he could be found healing the wounded. The only information that could be gleaned of him was from the Angels who chose into interact with the humans, and their answers and depictions of Baltoh were heavily biased in either direction.

After all of the battles that had taken place in the city, he had become a legend. Many people revered him as the savior that would rescue the city and the world from the brink of destruction, due to his power and the fact that he walked between the worlds of light and darkness, while others feared him, due to his half-Demon existence and his questionable history.

“It is not your God that will save you,” he announced with a voice so deep and commanding that it made everyone shake.

Rosemary’s eyes opened and she gasped at the sound of his voice. Baltoh began to walk forward and everyone in the aisle backed away from him.

“Excuse me?” the priest asked shakily.

“Jehovah will not save you, he abandoned this world long ago. Right now, only humans and Angels can stop the darkness. If you’re going to pray, pray to us.” He then rolled his eyes to the click of a gun pointed at the back of his head.

“You’re no Angel, you’re a monster!” the man holding it hissed.

“I am Baltoh. I am half-Demon and half-Archangel, and stronger than both,” he corrected, spreading his wings to their maximum length.

The room was filled with hushed muttering of shock from everyone as they stared at the two feathered marble-shade wings and the two black leathery bat wings.

“I suggest you put your gun down, I wouldn’t want to destroy it. This place will do none of you any good. This church will not protect you from the forces of Hell, it will not get your aloof deity to reach down and save you, and it will not get you entrance into Heaven. The only thing that will protect you now is your own resolve.

Go, all of you. Don’t waste your time praying in this house of lies, instead try and help those around you. There is much work that needs to be done in this city, people to help and problems that must be solved. If you truly want to get into Heaven, then I suggest you stop needing someone to hold your hand and get to work helping those around you instead of praying for your own soul.”

Whether it was fear or obedience, the people left the church, streaming by Baltoh and muttering to each other. Everyone kept their distance from the stony hybrid, but they did as he said and left to get back to work. The doors of the church closed, leaving it silent with only Baltoh and Rosemary inside. At the end of the church, near the crucifix, Rosemary revealed herself and stood up.

“It’s strange that you tell these people to work instead of wasting time, when you yourself could being doing a lot to help.”

“I just healed over a thousand people who were injured in the battle and I repaired fifteen city blocks. I’m now on break,” he said, walking down the aisle towards her and stepping around the podium.

“Why do you bother trying to crush their beliefs when you of all people know how true it is?” she asked without turning to him, instead keeping her eyes on the crucifix.

“Because I know more about Jehovah and the universe than they ever could. Jehovah has done nothing for this world in two thousand years. Why do you still worship and follow him and he does not care about what happens to the people of this world or even his servants?”

“And what about you? Don’t even try and tell me that you care about this world,” she replied bitterly, finally turning to him.

“I care about slaying evil. I care about destroying the darkness so that it cannot harm others. I was born from the hatred of evil, and I use that hatred to protect all that evil wishes to harm. I do not love this world, but I have done more for it and its people than Jehovah ever has. So tell me, why do you still follow and idolize him?”

“Because he made me, that’s why,” she answered defensively.

“He did not make you; he made Michael and the others. You on the other hand are one of the many Archangels born through the collaboration of virtuous human souls, all wishing to fight evil, just like I do. You are a fusion of the souls of people that were made on Earth by this universe, not Jehovah. You owe him nothing.”

Rosemary took a deep breath. “Why did you come here, Baltoh?” she asked impatiently as her wings retracted.

Baltoh took another step towards her, standing right behind her. With him so close, Rosemary had a hard time not shaking in excitement.

“I wanted to thank you for saving Selene and Molly,” he said with his breath flicking Rosemary hair and causing her to shiver from the sensation.

“It was nothing, it was my job,” she shrugged, clutching herself.

Baltoh leaned forward, his lips just an inch from her ear. Rosemary’s breath was shaky from his proximity.

“No, it was more than that. I can’t imagine how awkward it was after seeing us together like that,” he whispered in her ear, making Rosemary’s lungs stop working and her whole body become like a statue.

“Oh my god…” she gasped in humiliation.

“Don’t worry, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You just need to work on staying focused on your cloaking spell while having an orgasm,” he whispered, brushing his lips against the side of her neck.

She held her face in her hands. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” She repeated with her face in her hands.

Baltoh wrapped his tail around her body and felt the curves hidden beneath her baggy Archangel outfit. The gentle squeeze made her whimper in embarrassed arousal.

“Noastmi olt feitharsi (Be at peace). “I know what you want. I know what you desire. Say it.”

“I want you, I always wanted you, ever since we first met in Hell.” she finally murmured, taking a deep breath.

“And…?” He flicked his tongue against her ear and sent a powerful tremor through her body.

“I want them, Selene and Molly. I want to be treated just like you treat them and they treat each other. I want to feel the pleasure.”

With a smile, Baltoh began running his hands across her body, feeling her beautiful form through her clothes and making her squirm in arousal, kissing her neck and pressing her against him. “Then I will give it to you. I will give you what you desire. All you have to do is open yourself up to me, give yourself to me, and we will show you more bliss than you thought possible.”

Rosemary shook her head from side to side as if waking up from a trance. “No, this is wrong. I’m not supposed to be with you or them, and you’re supposed to be with Selene, not me,” she said, desperately searching her mind for something she could say to fight her own sexual hunger.

“This was her idea. I told her about you watching us and she suggested I invite you to join. I admit, at first I was skeptical about it, but the taste of your flesh is really changing my mind.”

“Do you really do everything she tells you?” Rosemary asked, trying to keep her mind clear.

“She tells me what to do and I am her herald, I tell her what to do and she is my apostle. We both obey and love each other; that is our bond. And now, we both want you.”

He grabbed the collar of her vest and the shirt underneath and tearing them away, revealing her perky breasts.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whined, more confused than ever in her life.

He rubbed her breasts with his palms, making her writhe in pleasure from the tickling feeling. “But you want it, right? You want me inside you, you want to feel Selene and Molly’s tongues against your body, you want to feel orgasm after orgasm rush through you. This is what you always wanted.”

“Yes, oh yes I want it so bad,” she groaned, having another change of heart.

“Then give yourself to me, and I shall grant you everything.”

Wearing a look of confused innocence and lust on her face, Rosemary glanced back at Baltoh and he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately and sending his undulating tongue into her soft wet mouth. Rosemary purred at the intrusion and mirrored the act, exploring his mouth with her tongue while carefully avoiding his sharp teeth. While the flavor was long since gone, Rosemary could almost taste the juices of Selene and Molly in his mouth and they drove her wild in kinky thirst.

With their lips locked and Baltoh’s tongue filling her mouth, Rosemary did not feel him tear away her pants with his claws, but she shivered at the feeling of the air against her bare legs. Baltoh worked his tail between her legs, catching the waistband of her panties with the sharp tip and cutting the garment away without nicking her. With her wings retracted into her body and her clothes gone, the only thing separating Rosemary from Baltoh’s powerful erection pressing against her was the fabric of his pants.

Wearing nothing but her rosary bead chains around her wrists and feeling Baltoh’s cock standing at attention against her ass like the nudging of an elephant, Rosemary trembled at the feeling of powerlessness that filled her. She felt so vulnerable, helpless, like she wasn’t obeying her own will but submissively bending to his. She had felt fear in battle before, but this was a new fear, one that she was actually enjoying. She felt like a mouse at the mercy of a powerful lion and the sensation was sexually exhilarating. This feeling of being so overpowered by the man that she felt so much longing for was indescribable, the fear and the bliss that came with it made her tremble in excitement. She wanted to feel him; she wanted to be overwhelmed by him; she wanted to be crushed by his will and his manhood; she wanted to submit to him and be dominated, though that word was not the one in her mind.

As if reading her mind telepathically, Baltoh could sense this new confusing form of arousal within her. He felt like he was holding a wild animal, and while he knew what she wanted, she almost felt unpredictable, like her mind was still trying to decide what to do and what it expected. Deciding to experiment, Baltoh rubbed his tail against the smooth lips of her snatch like a slithering snake. Rosemary purred at the sensual touch, and when she reached down to feel her moistening clit, he grabbed her hands and held them together, restricting her movement. Rosemary shook in his embrace and grinded against him like an affectionate cat, humming in bliss at the feeling of being overpowered.

“Oh yes, hold me,” she gasped, the words passing between their locked lips.

‘I had a feeling she would be like this. In battle she is as fierce as all of the other Archangels, but when sexually open and vulnerable, she is completely submissive, almost masochistic. This just keeps getting more and more interesting,’ Baltoh thought to himself, feeling his demonic sense of sexual dominance beginning to reveal itself.

“What do you want?” Baltoh asked, ending the kiss.

Rosemary just gave a whining hum.

“What do you want?” he asked again, holding her off the ground by her wrists as if she were in a dungeon.

“I want your cock,” she whimpered, rubbing her legs together tightly as the feeling of helplessness made her hot and wet.

“What do you want?” he asked a third time, holding her out and dragging one of his claws up her smooth rear and along her spine, gently enough to only make the skin rise and not actually draw blood.

“Please, I want your cock!” she begged as she felt the bite of the razor-sharp talon against her bare flesh.

Baltoh grinned at the complete personality change. “I’ll give it to you, but only if you submit to me. Do you promise to do what I say and obey me as your new master? Do you want to be used like my little fuck-slave?” he whispered, blowing in her ear.
“Yes, please fuck me!”

Baltoh dropped her and she landed on all fours. “Get on your knees,” he ordered, taking great enjoyment in fulfilling her submissive desires.

“Yes Master,” she whispered, turning around to face him.

With a small smile, Baltoh undressed and hefted his erect cock, which was pulsing with each beat of his heart. On her knees, Rosemary stared at it with awe and fear, similar to Selene when she first looked upon it in this situation. However, being a virgin with a less developed body, Rosemary’s bright eyes and freckled face were radiant with innocence. Even though she was in her twenties, her virgin innocence and young body made her look so young.

“Start playing with yourself.”

Nervously licking her lips, Rosemary leaned back and began working her fingers between her legs. Her breathing became quick and shallow with soft flutters of her voice and her hand became damp with her juices. The more she worked, the more her pussy began to open up and reveal itself, letting Baltoh look down at the pink interior and the wet flower petal-like folds within. Rosemary was scarlet from how much she was blushing as she pleasured herself, putting her young naked body on display with Baltoh looking straight at her with his cock in his hand. She could feel his eyes on him, his gaze as hot as the summer sun, making her want to hide away.

“Keep going. Harder, faster. Don’t stop until you cum.”

“Yes Master,” she whimpered, rubbing her pussy frantically and fingering herself.

She lied on her back, working her hand as fast as she could and pinching her nipples for added stimulation. Sprawled out on the floor, she kept her eyes screwed shut so that she would not see the crucifix above them or the rest of the church, for she could not bear the shame. But the shame turned her on.

“On your hands and knees.”

Rosemary did as she was told, getting on all fours with her ass pointed up at Baltoh. Burying her face in the crook of her arm, Rosemary continued to finger herself with her whole body shaking with each pleasurable stir of her hand, all with her anus and glistening cunt in view of Baltoh. For a few minutes, Baltoh stood like a statue and watched her as she pleasured herself, desperately trying to achieve an orgasm. Finally, he decided to give her some help in a way he knew would work best for her. Like the snake slithering towards Eve in the Garden of Eden, Baltoh moved his tail over to the Rosemary. Gently, he wrapped his tail around her throat and gave a light squeeze. It wasn’t enough to restrict her breathing or cut off blood flow, but it filled Rosemary with a euphoric terror. It would have been so easy for him to kill her at that moment, to snuff out her life like she was nothing but a small animal. With Baltoh’s tail wrapped around her soft throat like a boa constrictor, reminding her of his supremacy over her, Rosemary crossed the threshold into a squirting orgasm. She writhed and moaned as jets pussy juice sprayed out from between her fingers wildly, pooling beneath her. Her hand became a blur as she rubbed herself with new speed, crying out in happiness from her climax.

After almost a minute, collapsed and rolled onto her back, gasping for air with her chest heaving and her tits jiggling with each breath.

“Now lick it off your fingers.”

With her whole body trembling, Rosemary held up her hand to her face, looking at her oiled fingers, glistening with her juices. Revulsion filled her as she considered such an act and she wondered if she really had it in her to do something so sinful. Baltoh’s tail tightened around her throat, replacing her disgust and nervousness with submissive arousal. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and began sucking her fingers clean, humming from the delicious taste of the wetness.

Once she had licked her fingers clean, Baltoh pulled her up with his tail as if it were a leash. He set her on her knees with his cock just inches from her face. “Kiss it,” he said with a small grin.

“Yes Master,” she panted.
Leaning forwards, Rosemary kissed the head of Baltoh’s cock, shivering as the warm member touched her lips like a steaming sausage.

“Now open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”

Rosemary nodded and did as she was told, opening her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out like a landing strip. With a bit of pre-cum dribbling from the end, Baltoh rubbed the head of his cock against her tongue, teasing her and himself. He pulled away his cock and she pulled back her tongue, rolling the pre-cum around in her mouth.

“Do you want this cock?” Baltoh asked, loving the dynamics of this situation.

“Yes, please Master. I want to suck your cock,” she begged, having completely transformed from a noble and virtuous warrior of Heaven into his submissive sex slave, betrayed by her feelings.

With his hand on the back of her head, Baltoh forced his cock into her mouth, making her gag from the size as he pushed it all the way to the back of her throat. Rosemary tried to pull away as his cock plowed past her gag reflex, but Baltoh’s tail around her throat kept her still. She could no nothing but gag and retch on the mass stuffing her throat with tears streaming down her face. Just when she thought she was going to suffocate, Baltoh pulled his cock out, letting Rosemary gasp for air and puke on the floor.

Once she had caught her breath, Baltoh wrapped his fingers around Rosemary’s hair and smeared his slime-covered cock across her face, mixing her saliva and other bodily fluids with her tears. He pushed his cock back into her throat, forcing it all the way in and making Rosemary have full-body convulsions. After a few seconds, he again pulled it out, leaving Rosemary as shaky as a leaf and with slime dripping from her mouth and nose from retching. As filthy and pitiful as she looked, she was overwhelmingly happy. None of her fantasies had ever been like this, but it was better than all of them. She was loving the treatment, she was loving being dominated and brutally used. It was fulfilling some deep desire that she had never even known existed.

Once she wiped her face clean, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of Baltoh’s cock and began stroking it, manually becoming used to the size and shape while she caught her breath. Finally ready, she began blowing Baltoh the way she had seen Selene and Molly do it, bobbing her head back and forth and stroking him with her hand while she sucked him. As usual, Baltoh just groaned and let his head roll back as he felt the softness of her mouth against his manhood and listened to the wonderful squishy sound of it moving back and forth inside her.

Deciding he wanted more, he wrapped his entire tail around her body and picked her up, holding her upside-down with his cock staying in her mouth. With Rosemary upside-down with Baltoh’s head between her legs, he buried his face in her snatch, going down on her with far more aggression than he would with Selene or Molly. Having never experienced the feeling of someone’s lips and tongue on and in her pussy, Rosemary moaned in bliss and continued to suck him off. As he feasted upon her hot wet cunt and licked up every drop of her delicious juices, Baltoh wrapped his fingers in her hair to hold her head stationary and began thrusting forward with his pelvis, fucking her throat with non-caring brutality, causing Rosemary to retch with each powerful punch to her throat and making tears run from her eyes.

After a few minutes, Baltoh decided it was finally time to fuck Rosemary like the little whore she was. He dropped the exhausted Archangel onto the puddle of filth on the floor and stood ever her, watching the ruined girl try to regain her strength. Once his patience was at its limit, he grabbed her by the ankles and picked her up.

“Ready to get fucked by your Master? Ready to get your pussy shredded by my dick? Beg for it like the little slut you are,” he demanded licking his lips with an evil smile.

“Please fuck me, Master! I want you to take my virginity with your big cock!” she begged, holding herself up off the floor with her arms shaking.

With his tail around her waist, Baltoh used his free hand to press the head of his cock against her waiting virgin slit. Hanging upside-down, Rosemary was begging and pleading for him to put it in, to fuck her so hard that she would scream and cry. She was completely in the palm of his hand. Securing the head in the glistening lips of her cunt, Baltoh returned his hand to her hip and took a deep breath. With a single powerful shove, he forced his entire cock into her slender body, not caring how loud she screamed.

Even with her Archangel body opening up to accept him in a way that no human virgin could and the pain almost nonexistent, she sobbed from the harsh sting from the brutal penetration and the huge mass inside her. The sensation of his monstrous manhood stuffing her to the point where she felt like she was going to be ripped open mocked her wildest fantasies and nightmares. The idea of experiencing this as a human terrified and confounded Rosemary as she struggled to breathe and stay calm.

Baltoh slowly lowered her, pulling his missile out of her bruised snatch. Upon its near removal, blood from her pulverized hymen trickled out from between the spread lips, running down her smooth belly, between her hanging breasts, up her throat, and reddened her mouth like lipstick. Baltoh reinserted his cock back into his sexy servant, taking great amusement in her masochistic scream.

Having never used this position before, it took Baltoh a few thrusts to get used to the mechanics of fucking her, but with the help of this tail to hold her still, he was fucking her like a machine in seconds. Rosemary was no longer holding herself up like a human wheelbarrow; instead, she just had her face buried in the crook of her arm against the floor while Baltoh slamming her lower body against his cock. The dominating hybrid had a smile on his face and was licking his lips as he listened to Rosemary’s tearful moans of happiness and watched as his powerful thrusts sent ripples through her pale naked body. Wanting to see more, he smacked her across the rear with the back of his hand, jiggling the soft flesh and making Rosemary cry out as a large red welt formed. He smacked her again, loving the sound of his hand against the soft bare flesh of her tight ass.

Still, he wanted more. Her cries of painful euphoria were like music to his ears, satisfying one of his Demonic sexual desires. Holding her up with his tail, he reached out and grabbed her wrists, holding her arms back as if she was handcuffed. He held her up horizontally, using his grip on her wrists and his tail around her throat. With Rosemary’s legs wrapped around his torso and her tearful gags and cries of happiness cheering him on, Baltoh continued to fuck her like she was third-world teenage hooker. He had her arms held back and had his tail wrapped around her neck with the perfect level of tightness, meaning that she was basically held in a sex swing and completely at his mercy.
“Oh god!” she suddenly cried out, approaching her next orgasm.
“Do you want me to make you cum? Beg for it.”
“Please make me cum, Master! Please make me cum!” she begged, lusting for his cock deep inside her.

Moving like a machine, Baltoh fucked her at top speed, making her whole suspended body shake wildly as he rammed her to the point that it was a miracle that she didn’t start bleeding. Rosemary’s eyes were screwed shut and she was screaming at the top of her longs with her angelic voice bouncing off the walls of the church.

“OH MASTER!” she finally shrieked as she had another particularly wet orgasm, spraying the floor and Baltoh’s legs with her juices.

Without hesitation, Baltoh set her down on her feet and then pushed her over to the podium. With Rosemary bent over the podium, Baltoh stood behind her, rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. He tightened his tail around her throat and pulled it up while he kissed her neck. “You ready to get your ass fucked and shredded?”

Rosemary just gave a pitiful whimper and nodded her head, desperate to get her anus slammed like Selene and Molly’s. Spreading her legs and forcing her head down against the bible on the podium, Baltoh readied the head of his cock against her anus, instantly feeling the ring expand and open up as it awaited the penetration. With Rosemary’s scream echoing through the church, Baltoh worked his cock into her tight little asshole with a single shove of brutal strength. Ignoring her painful cries and focusing solely on her beautiful masochistic tone and the wonderful feeling of her tight rectum clenching every square centimeter of his cock with the tender wet skin, Baltoh took his natural pace, pumping into her with long, deep strokes and slowly building his speed.

Before long, Baltoh was swinging back and forth like a woodpecker, rocking the podium wildly with Rosemary clinging to it for dear life and moaning as she looked around the church. The colored glass windows of the saints and Angels and the rows of pews for people who attended the house of God all seemed to be closing in on her, as if they were living beings glaring at her in disgust and judgment as Baltoh anally punished her and she begged for it.

She was overwhelmed with shame and self-loathing at what her lust for Baltoh had reduced her to. One part of her mind hated herself for willingly turning herself into Baltoh’s little cock-hungry concubine, but the rest of her mind was excited and aroused by her shame. When it came to being submissive to Baltoh, her degradation was pleasurable in and of itself. She enjoyed being at his mercy, being on his leash, being subservient to his wants and desires at the fulfillment of her own. Having developed a love of bondage, she now belonged to him.

Relishing the feeling of his member stuffing her asshole so quickly and powerfully that it risked tearing her, Rosemary raised her head and released a deep moan of ecstasy, with her voice shaking with her body from the rapid pounding of his cock. Baltoh pulled her back with his tail around her neck, exposing her jiggling breasts so that he could smack them hard with his palm, making her purr from the sting of the sensitive mounds. He also kissed her, licking the blood of her hymen off her lips.

He then pushed her head back down and pulled out of her asshole. She groaned as he entered his pussy, just like he had with Selene and Molly, but in this case, it felt much more wonderfully degrading. He continued his thrusts, violating her womanhood as he kept her face pressed against the Holy Bible, both to humiliate her and spit in the face of God as he bent the beautiful Archangel to his will.

Finally, the podium fell out from under Rosemary and she collapsed to her knees with Baltoh never coming out of her. Instead, he just mounted her like a dog, fucking her with Rosemary on all fours and his hands around her throat, making her moan in happiness as he pounded her like a giant jackhammer. For several minutes, they continued in his fashion with Rosemary riding Cloud 9 and Baltoh riding Rosemary. Over and over again, he switched from her ass to her pussy, painting the two orifices with her juices. However, as time passed, Baltoh could eventually feel his own stamina beginning to fall.

Suddenly pulling out of Rosemary and leaving her asshole gaping open, Baltoh stood up and walked away, while keeping his tail around her throat. Disappointed, Rosemary began shaking her ass at him and rubbing her swollen clit. “Please keep fucking me, Master. I want your cock inside of me.”

“Crawl over here, I have something you’ll like.”

Moving on all fours like his pet, Rosemary obediently did as she was told and crawled over to Baltoh, who was crouched down with his cock in his hand. Grabbing her hair, he smeared the oil of her ass across her face with his cock as if it were a paintbrush and then forced her to suck on it. As she gluttonously gobbled his cock, Baltoh began to manipulate his tail behind her, causing two sections to bend back over each other and twist into a pair of double helixes.

With perfect aim and unstoppable strength, he forced the two twisted portions of his tail into her ass and pussy, fucking all three of her orifices at once as if she were the victim of a hentai tentacle monster. With Baltoh’s cock grinding against the back of her throat and his tail pummeling her vagina and anus like a fair of fuck machines, Rosemary’s eyes rolled back into her head and she nearly became limp, giving into the indescribable pleasure flooding every fiber of her being as she was violated like a whore at a frat party.

Baltoh finally released a demonic roar as an eruption of semen sprayed from the head of his cock, coursing down her throat, filling her belly, and overflowing from her mouth. He completely disengaged from Rosemary, pulling his cock out of her mouth and his tail out of her pussy and asshole. Rosemary collapsed on the floor, facedown in a puddle of semen.

“So, was that everything you wanted?”

“And more,” she panted, happier and more exhausted than ever in her life.

“Than I have your heart and your loyalty?”

“Yes Master,” she purred.

“Good, then I’ll give you some time to recover before I let Selene and Molly have a turn with you.”

Then, in contrast to the brutal BDSM fucking he had just given her, he lifted her chin and gave her a gentle and loving kiss.

Chapter 10

“Well, Rosemary is on board,” Baltoh said.
He and Selene were lying in the bed of their new favorite hotel room (after Baltoh repaired it with a quick spell), both naked after having made love just a short while ago. Just minutes before, Selene had returned to the room, having left New York to go up to Earth in order to bathe, as was customary after sex or battle.

“Oh, really? I’m going to need details,” she purred, kissing his chest.

“It turns out she is a seriously kinky slut and a completely submissive masochist. She was literally begging to be fucked and calling me her master. Plus she is really into you and Molly. Not to mention she is a serious squirter, she sprays like a water fountain.”

Selene perked up with amazement and amusement. “Really? Well after my first little taste of domination with Molly, I have to admit that I am more excited than before.”

“I figured as much. I told her I would let you and Molly have a turn with her after I gave her time to heal. I really think that—” Baltoh was suddenly cut off as a massive pulse of energy rocked the city to its core, shaking every building and bringing everyone to their knees.

The air was thick and heavy with ominous power and it felt like gravity itself was being magnified. Baltoh’s eyes widened and he bolted to his feet, rushing over to the balcony. This power was equal to his own, possibly even greater. There were only a handful of sources for such an oppressive aura, and none of them were good.

“Angel Art: Hope Beacon Summoning! Angel Art: Rose Window Shield Summoning!” he called, clapping his hands together.

Four Hope Beacons began to rise from the ground, each at the very edge of the city. It was the maximum number of the crosses that could be summoned in any given place and time. Up above the very center of the city, a pond-sized rose window of yellow and violet glass appeared, casting an image of itself down upon the city with the light passing through it. With the help of the four crosses, its diameter was expanded to cover all of New York and its power was great enough so that not even an army of Gargoyles could break through, but it would only buy them time.

“Baltoh, what’s going on?” Selene asked desperately as she rushed over to him.

“Our proximity to Hell, we’ve finally gotten so close that the most powerful Demons can slip through. These are the true monsters of the shadowy depths, the foes that have brought me nearly to the brink of death,” he cursed as the potency of the suffocating curtain of energy increased in weight.

“Wait, you mean they’re all coming here?! All at once?!”

“No, only two of them: the rider and his mount. Their power levels are equal, but you are only sensing one of them because it is completely eclipsing the other. We need to get dressed, we only have minutes before they arrive and we need to get organized.”

“What the Hell is going on?!” Raphael shouted as Baltoh met up with the other Archangels on the roof of a building. There were twenty other Archangels in total, as well as a few Angels, including Selene.

“One of the Masters of Torture has arrived and he’s not alone. There is also a Titan with him.” Everyone paled and cursed at the severity of the situation.

“What are Masters of Torture and Titans?” Selene asked, gripping his arm.

“They are the next level of Demons, well beyond Archangels,” Michael admitted, being forced to swallow his pride.

“How is that possible? I’ve never heard of these things!” one of the other Angels asked.

Baltoh took a deep breath. “As you know Demons have been summoned to Earth in the past—as it is the only way for them to cross between dimensions and can only be done by humans—and while they are normally defeated before they become too much of a threat, they have been known to reach full strength and cause natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and plagues. Masters of Torture and Titans are far too powerful to be summoned, the mass of their energy is too great and heavy to be actually lifted and pulled through the inter-dimensional barrier.

Essentially, the difference between Masters of Torture and Titans and Demons is how they are born. Titans are born through large numbers of Demons managing to fuse together into one massive beast, just like Sinners join together to transform into Bleaks. Depending on how well the process goes, they can retain their intelligence and continue to use Demon Art, or lose their minds and become raging beasts, often used as steeds for the Masters of Torture. Masters of Torture are born more similarly to regular Demons; however, instead of being born from the hatred of Hell residents that have crumbled into ash, they are instead born from the remains of slain Demons.

Just like with the prisoners that eventually crumble away to ash, the remains of killed Demons stay and fester, becoming more and more concentrated and focused. After a while, all the hatred and evil that made up the Demon’s existence is compacted and processed to its purest form, like the coal remains of ancient decayed organisms. This dark poison eventually joins up with others and forms a Master of Torture. Even I have to fight for my life when I encounter them.”

The description of two foes that they about to fought reinforced the severity of the situation, with dread crushing everyone with the same weight as the dark energy that filled the air. Before the conversation could continue, there was a deafening crash and the whole city shook violently, causing several buildings to crumble and fall apart like houses of cards. Red cracks flitted through the rose window hologram cast upon the city as the forces of darkness below crashed against it like a wild bull against the gate of its pen.

“We don’t have long, have all the people been evacuated to the outskirts?”

“Yes, we got them all out of the city. Most likely, our enemy will come up through the center of New York, so we hopefully won’t lose any people,” Raphael answered, just before another crash that sent more cracks through the barrier.

“Ok, I’ll face the Master of Torture, and the rest of you fight the Titan. Selene, I want you and all the other Angels to stay out of this fight and guard the humans in case any Gargoyles or Demons attempt something.”

Everyone nodded and the third crash rang out as the shield broke. In the center of the city, twelve city blocks suddenly sank into the ground and the four Hope Beacons in the corners shattered like vases. A deluge of Hellfire roared up through the massive fissure with a colossal beast hidden within, visible only from its shadow. Hovering above the city, the beast released a deafening roar and the geyser of Hellfire died down, allowing everyone to look upon the creature.

The beast was a winged two-headed dog with a ten tails, larger than its body when joined to together and each one far longer, and an iron collar on each neck. Its black scraggly hair was matted with blood, its red eyes glowed like hazard lights, both heads had rhino-like horns on the bridges of their noses, two pairs of bull-like horns protruded from behind its ears, its long jagged fangs poked out past its jowls and glistened with acidic saliva, its claws looked more like talons and appeared almost too large for its paws, and its dark-grey wings were webbed with spindly bones and were missing most of the surface membrane, but the creature was still able to fly. If it curled up its body, it would still dwarf the world’s largest sports stadium.

Standing on the Titan’s back, holding a chain that led to its iron collars, was a Demon. The entity was garbed in black armor with a pair of large batwings that almost looked like they were carved from onyx, a pair of gazelle-like horns made entirely of shadow fire, a tail lined with spikes, a pair of large gauntlets on his arms instead of shackles, and a helm that looked like the face of a goblin.

The Master Of Torture held out his hand and a guard-less broadsword appeared in his hand, made of Hellsteel instead of the traditional Demon bone, just like Baltoh’s. Giving a low sigh, the Demon pointed the sword straight at Baltoh, challenging him.

“All of you go, this is my fight,” Baltoh said as he stretched his arm in preparation and summoned his sword.

As the Archangels departed to face the Titan once the battle started, Selene gave him a kiss laced with worry but also filled with tender love. “Don’t let him get to you, he’s nothing. Besides, you aren’t distracted anymore, remember?” She whispered, gaining a small smile.

Baltoh mirrored the expression and kissed her back. “I remember.”

“Good, now go show him how dangerous you are in your prime,” she said once last time before leaving.

Baltoh turned to the Master of Torture as he spread his wings, preparing to pounce. With a wide smile on his face, Baltoh widened his stance and got into a fighter’s position, brimming with confidence and excitement for the battle. Moving faster than a speeding bullet, the Demon leapt from his mount and zipped over to Baltoh, bringing down his sword with devastating power. Baltoh blocked the strike and the building under him instantly shattered from the power transference. It took all of Baltoh’s power to push back against the Demon’s sword, but his grin did not diminish.

“Well, well, well, it seems that we finally get to meet. I am Amon, leader of forty infernal legions under Prince Baal.”

“Baltoh, leader of the forces of Heaven under nobody,” the hybrid countered, pushing the Demon back with the ear-stinging scrape of the broadsword blade grinding against the serrations of Baltoh’s edge.

“Then I guess it is time to see which is greater; darkness or light!” Amon gleefully roared before spinning around and delivering a powerful kick to Baltoh’s gut.

Baltoh staggered back through the air but regained his balance, brandishing his sword as Amon charged towards him. “I already wield the power of both worlds. This is not a question of light vs. dark; it is a question of whether your hatred is greater than mine! Now we fight with our lives on the line to prove who has the greater resolve!” Baltoh thundered, blocking Amon’s slash.

Upon the collision of their swords, every window within a square mile shattered from the invisible shockwave released upon impact. Before Amon could deliver another spinning kick, Baltoh reached behind him and grabbed the Demon by the throat with his tail. With a powerful whiplash, he threw the demon straight down into the ground with enough strength to create a pool-sized crater in the wreckage of the building that had been destroyed.

Sword in hand, Baltoh swooped down while casting the Divine Smite spell. Amon rolled to the side, barely dodging Baltoh as he plunged his sword into the ground with enough power to reduce nine square blocks of the city into a colossal crater filled with the rubble of the buildings that had originally stood in its space.

“Demon Art: Dark Pulse!” Amon thundered, pointing his clawed finger at the hybrid and launching a condensed jet of shadow energy, as large as a bus.

Baltoh was thrown into the air by the attack, wrapped in smoke with half of his vest and shirt burned away. “Angel Art: Feather Arrows!” he called, pointing his wings at Amon and launching a volley of feathers, burning with white fire.

Wrapping himself in his wings, Amon tried to roll away but the bolts made their mark, puncturing his wings over and over again. He gritted through the stinging pain and got to his feet, ripping the feathers out of his wings and then taking to the air. Flying towards Baltoh so fast that mortal eyes could not catch him, Amon swung his sword in a diagonal uppercut slash, but the hybrid blocked the attack, beginning a lightning flurry of exchanging attacks and blocks. The air around them was practically set ablaze from all the sparks being released by the colliding swords.

Spotting and opening, Amon lunged forward and pierced Baltoh through the heart with his sword. Baltoh coughed up a mouthful of blood but managed to retaliate by sharpening his two Demon wings into nail-sharp spikes and plunging them into Amon’s chest, piercing his armor and skewering his lungs. With blood dripping from Amon’s helm, the two foes separated before instantly attacking each other once again, ignoring their injuries and instead just swinging their swords wildly at lightning speed, attacking and blocking each other a hundred times every second.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Amon called, swerving back to cast the spell.

Surging up from the ground, a dozen huge skeletal hands reached out of portals to Hell towards Baltoh, almost like a crowd of miniature Bleaks all clambering for the same target.

“Angel Art: Final Penitence!” Baltoh countered.

Falling like mortar shells, huge wooden crossed appeared out of the sky and landed on all of the hands like the nails of a crucifixion, shattering the bones and pinning them to the ground.

“Angel Art: Enlightenment Flash!”

A blinding ray of light shined from Baltoh’s feathers, temporarily crippling Amon’s ability to see. With the Demon distracted, Baltoh shot forward and slashed him from shoulder to hip, tearing away his armor and shredding his flesh with the gut hook near the end of the blade and the serrations that lined the edge.

With blood spraying from the fissure carved across his chest, Amon snarled and clapped his hands together with his sword between his palms. “Demon Art: Incinerating Inferno!”

Baltoh was thrown back, nearly howling in pain as a sudden bonfire of Hell flames engulfed him. The black pyre burned away what was left of his shirt and left his skin badly charred, but he was alive.

“Demon Art: Undead Rejuvenation!” they both called, flying towards each other.

The two fighters were both wrapped in black auras as their numerous wounds were healed, repairing their bodies in time to lock swards. The second their blades collided, Baltoh spun around and kicked Amon in the side, sending the Demon plummeting out of the sky like a meteor and crashing through almost a kilometer of buildings as if they were made of stacks of tin cans.

“Demon Art: Monster Slash!” Amon thundered, getting to his feet and carving an X through the air with both hands.

Baltoh instinctively raised his sword, blocking an invisible cross of ten razor-thin energy blades. Baltoh was pushed back through the air by the joined blasts breaking over his sword, and before he could mentally recover, his eyes were pulled up by the sudden appearance of a shadow. Amon had appeared above him with an entire building in his grip. With a roar, Amon swung the building down onto Baltoh like a sledgehammer, with the hybrid having less than a second to become intangible and pass through it unscathed.

As Baltoh came up through the building, Amon slammed into him with shadow energy streaming from his arm, allowing him to interact with the untouchable Baltoh. Amon shot straight down, slamming Baltoh into the ground as the thrown building shattered. Upon impact, all the rubble of the building was thrown upwards into a vast mushroom cloud of dust from the two fighters hitting the ground.

In the bottom of a smoky crater, Amon had Baltoh pinned to the ground and was punching him in the face over and over again with his arms moving as blurs. With his face bloody and his desperation mounting, Baltoh stabbed Amon through the shoulder with his tail and flung him horizontally, sending him crashing through another line of buildings like an indestructible missile.

“Angel Art: Spear of Destiny!” Baltoh roared, jumping to his feet and clapping his hands together.

From between his hands, a paper-thin beam of golden light shot forth, taking the shape of a huge blade that sliced through everything in its path. Slamming his sword into the ground, Amon brought himself to a stop as the blade approached, slicing straight through the buildings that he had just smashed through.

“Demon Art: Tombstone Shield!” he bellowed, slamming both hands onto the pommel of his sword.

A car-sized tombstone burst from the ground in front of him, acting as a barrier against the blade. The massive voulge of light smashed into the tombstone, one of the few forces it could not break. Flying out from behind the shield, Baltoh burst out and swung his sword towards Amon’s neck, hoping to decapitate him. The Demon managed to lean back enough to avoid a fatal strike, but Baltoh still managed to slash his throat, causing a fountain of inky blood to spray forth.

Baltoh quickly spun around and kicked Amon in the gut, once again sending him shooting like a bullet through building after building. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, Baltoh chased after Amon, reaching him in less than a second. Flying over a blood-splattered parking lot, the two foes pointed their clawed index fingers at each other, the sharp talons just inches apart.

“Demon Art: Dark Pulse!” they both shouted.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!” Gabriel called, using his sudden speed boost to avoid the colossal black fireballs being launched from the twin heads of the Titan.

“Angel Art: Halo Discuss!” Rosemary shouted, attacking the creature from behind while its attention was focused on Gabriel.

Pulling at her halo, she drew a long chain of identical rings of golden light and threw them at the beast. The rings struck the Titan like hailstones, doing little more than bouncing off its powerful hide. With an annoyed snarl, the Titan turned to her and swatted her out of the sky with one of his tails, sending her crashing into a city bus with enough strength to cleave it in half. Lying at the end of a long crater in the street, Rosemary cursed and slowly got to her feet, just as she was encompassed by a massive shadow. Flapping her wings desperately, she took flight and fled as the Titan tried to stomp on her with one of its colossal paws.

“Angel Art: Final Penitence!” Raphael called from behind the beast.

At his command, half a dozen large wooden crosses fell out of the sky like missiles and slammed into the creature’s back and momentarily threatened to throw it off balance. Furious, the goliath turned to him with one of its head and launched a house-sized black fireball. The blast struck Raphael head on, sending him plummeting out of the sky while wreathed in flames.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” an Archangel with short blond hair called, rocketing down towards the Titan with her sword raised.

Sensing her approach, the Titan raised its two heads and opened one of its jaws, unleashing a massive Dark Pulse. The Archangel blocked the attack with her sword, cutting through the beam of energy and struggling to keep moving forward, even with her strength increased. The blast finally ended and the woman’s sword was knocked to the side by the final bead of energy, but just as she was about to reattempt her attack, the Titan reached up with its other head with lightning speed and stabbed her right in the gut with the horn on the bridge of its nose. The force of the impact and the size of the horn ripped her to pieces and ended her life.

“Amelia, no!” another Archangel by the name of Remiel yelled through his long braided beard, mourning the loss of his comrade. The Archangel turned to the Titan and clapped his hands together, spreading his wings to their maximum length. “Angel Art: Incense Suffocation Seal!”

On his command, four pillars of stacked incense lanterns burst from the ground, forming a fence of white lightning around he Titan. Once completed, the four pillars each began spewing thick clouds of incense smoke, filling the space within the prison but going no further. In seconds, the Titan was invisible, hidden within a cloud of smoke. Over the sound of the dense vapor spraying out like water jets, everyone would hear the beast coughing and hacking on the fumes as it burned its flesh like gaseous acid and pressed on its body from all sides as if it were at the bottom of the ocean.

“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” all the Archangels called, pointing their fingers at the Titan and firing beams of golden light as large as Hummers. The beams struck the Titan, causing it to snarl in pain and illuminating the smoke cloud.

“Keep shooting! We have to kill this thing!” Michael ordered, pumping all of his energy into his blast.

All of the Archangels were thrown back as the Titan released an earthshaking roar and was wrapped in shadow fire. The black explosions shattered the four pillars and pushed aside the Divinity Rays as if they were mere beams of light. Furious at the harm they had caused it, the creature reached out with its two heads and snapped up a pair of Archangels, than knocked the rest back like a group of flies with its tails.

“Damn it, how is it possible that this thing is so powerful?!” Raphael cursed as he pushed aside the wall of a broken building that had fallen on top of him.

“Michael, we need Baltoh, he’s the only one who can face something like this!” Rosemary barked.

“No! We don’t need him every time something goes wrong! We are Archangels of Heaven, we do not need help destroying this rabid mutt!” Michael yelled angrily, trying to nurse his bruised ego and his bleeding scalp.

“Besides, Baltoh is held up fighting that Master of Torture. He can’t help us,” Gabriel said as he popped his dislocated shoulder back into position.

“So then we need a plan.”

“I think we should try and get this creature back together with is rider,” Rosemary insisted, “then have Baltoh use one of his hyper blasts on them both. I believe I heard that Demon Abaddon remark that it was the spell he would use to destroy them when he encountered them in Hell. Instead of separating them and beating them individually, we should get them together and take them both out with one big attack. Michael, we can’t do this without Baltoh.”

“Damn it, have we really fallen this far?!” H

“Wake up Michael, we haven’t fallen. Everything else just rose above us,” Gabriel said.

Michael closed his eyes and mulled over the decision, muttering curses to himself from his bruised ego. “Very well. You lead the way Rosemary.”

The beautiful redhead stood up. “We need to hit this thing with every sealing spell we have. Hopefully we can stop it or slow it down enough for Baltoh to lure that Master of Torture over here.”

“Ok, I’ll get us started. Angel Art: Hope Beacon Summoning!” Raphael shouted.

Four buildings around the Titan shattered as a group of Hope Beacons appeared in their place, giving all the Archangels four power boosts.

“Angel Art: Final Crucifixion!” Rosemary called, feeling her strength return.

Shaking the entire city, a massive cross burst from the ground, towering above the skyscrapers and casting a shadow over the Titan. Dozens of whips, adorned with thorns and bits of twisted metal, reached out and wrapped around the Titan, pulling it up and slamming it against the cross while tearing at its flesh. The beast howled in pain as its canine bones snapped and its muscles tore so that its limbs could be secured to the cross by the three train-sized nails. Wrapping around the necks of the Titan, a crown of thorns formed and acted as another bind to the cross. Finally, a building-sized spear blade appeared in the air and plunged itself into the monster’s chest.

“Angel Art: Rosary Restraints!” all the Archangels called as the Titan roared in pain and frustration.

From their beaded bracelets, countless red chains shot forth and wrapped around the beast, further securing it to the cross while burning its flesh like hot wire. Pulling on the chains with all their strength, the Archangels pulled the cross out of the ground and sent it falling back like a chopped tree before shaking New York with its landing.

“Angel Art: Final Penitence!” Gabriel shouted.

Half a dozen towering crosses began to fall from the sky like bombs, slamming down into the Titan each with the weight of a mountain. Throughout New York, buildings were thrown from their foundations by each devastating impact and clouds of dust completely filled the air. The massive crosses had skewered the beast like harpoons, weighing it down and keeping it pinned.

“Angel Art: Incense Suffocation Seal!” Michael announced, slamming his hands on the ground.

As per the spell, four familiar towers of stacked incense lanterns burst from the ground around the beast and began spewing forth their smoke, which crushed the Titan like the weight of the ocean and literally burned its lungs. As everyone stopped to catch their breath, the massive creature unleashed a roar as low and deep as the beating of war drums and its body began to burn with black fire, slowly eating away at all of the seals. Even with their power enhanced with four Hope Beacons, the Archangels still could not keep the beast or its gargantuan energy restrained.

“Quick! Start hitting it with everything you’ve got before it overpowers the spells! Rosemary, go get Baltoh!” Gabriel shouted as he began launching bolts of Blessed Lightning at the awakening beast.

Baltoh and Amon stood in the middle of a barren wasteland, their feet buried under the powdered rubble of the buildings that had originally stood. Almost a third of New York had been reduced to dust and ash from their dynamic battle, much of the destruction being the result of them both smashing each other over the head with entire buildings like a pair of cartoon characters. Both fighters were caked with blood and panting heavily, having each received countless injuries that would have meant the death of any regular Demon or Archangel. It was not the fighting that had drained them both of their energy, but the injuries, both fighting through and healing them. In the battle, Amon had lost his helm and Baltoh his hood.

His lungs aching and begging for air, Baltoh lunged forward and punched Amon in the face, sending the Master of Torture staggering back. Baltoh didn’t let up, he chased after the Demon and continued punching him with all of his strength. Struggling to stay on his feet, Amon could do nothing as his face was pummeled again and again by Baltoh’s callused fists, bloodying his nose and cracking different areas of his skull.

As Baltoh took one step forward, the ground beneath him crumbled and he lost his footing, forcing him to shift his attention away from Amon and to instead fix his balance. This gave Amon the opportunity of a lifetime, and he took it by stabbing Baltoh through the gut with his tail and then spinning around, delivering a powerful kick to the center of his chest. Baltoh was thrown off the Demon’s tail with all of his ribs broken and blood streaming from his mouth and gut. Barely landing on his feet, Baltoh materialized his sword and tried to ignore the severity of injuries while they mended themselves.

‘Damn it, this is why I make sure never to fight these guys for extended close-range combat. We’re too evenly matched and we’re just wearing each other down. At this rate, we’ll just kill each other or reach a stalemate in which neither of us can move and the fate of the battle and perhaps the world will lie on whether or not Michael and the others can slay that Titan,’ he thought to himself, blinking hard to straighten his blurred vision.

Forming his sword from black flames, albeit at a much slower pace than before, Amon charged towards Baltoh with the last of his strength.

“Ok, this is the deciding clash, I know it. Whoever outlives and outlasts the other in this final battle will be the victor,” Baltoh said under his breath as he widened his stance and leveled his sword.

Amon raised his sword above his head and brought it down towards Baltoh’s right side, aiming for the veins between his shoulder and neck. Baltoh blocked the attack with an uppercut swing, and while Amon tried to pull his blade back for another attempt, Baltoh delivered a devastating cut from shoulder to hip, sending the blood spraying across the ground with a deep satisfying splat. Fueled by adrenalin and rage pumping through his veins like his inky blood, Amon pulled his sword back and countered with a stab to the left side of Baltoh’s chest, puncturing his lung and sabotaging his breathing.

Both struggling to stay awake and on their feet, the two fighters locked swords once, twice, three times, with each collision sending showers of sparks as if the blades were red-hot. On the fourth clash, Baltoh was able to maneuver his sword past Amon’s and deliver a deep cut across the shoulder, then twist the blade and send it sheering across his throat. Gurgling on his own blood, Amon roared and swung his sword wildly, slashing Baltoh diagonally across the face.

With his streaming blood blinding his left eye, Baltoh staggered back and snarled in pain. Amon lunged at the opportunity, swinging his sword from the side and cutting Baltoh’s stomach open and leaving his entrails dangling. With a demonic roar of anger, Baltoh raised his sword high above his head and struck Amon’s left shoulder with a cleaving angle. Pulling down on the sword, Baltoh carved through the Demon’s flesh with the serrations and gut hook, ripping him open like a chainsaw. Amon’s shoulder and ribs were shattered by the brutal strike, the muscles were all severed, the nerves cut, and the veins spraying blood like fountains. Amon stepped back with his whole left side from the waist up barely clinging to the rest of his body. It was almost as if someone had tried to cut him in half with a saw but started at the wrong spot and were stopped at the waist.

The two rivals stepped back, each physically trying to hold their bodies together and keep from falling apart.

“Master!” Rosemary shouted, flying towards them at top speed.

‘Rosemary?! What is she doing here? The Titan is still alive!’

Baltoh switched his attention back to Amon as the Master of Torture pointed his clawed finger at the oncoming Archangel and launched a Dark Pulse that was ten times larger and more powerful than a regular Demon or Bleak’s. Even in the condition he was in, Amon was easily able to bring forth the energy required to kill Rosemary like she was a fly. With the speed and diameter of the blast, it was obvious that Rosemary would not be able to dodge.

“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven! Demon Art: Tombstone Shield!” Baltoh called, clapping his hands together.

The gargantuan Dark Pulse was suddenly stopped as a gate of solid gold appeared before Rosemary with a pair of car-sized tombstones behind it, reinforcing the bars. The blast struck the barrier like an enraged moose against a tree, stopping in its tracks but making the barrier crack and warp under the pressure. Rosemary was pushed back by the collision of the unstoppable force and the unmovable object, while down below, Baltoh struggled to keep the spell strong so that she would not be killed. With Baltoh distracted, Amon ended the blast and pounced on him like a mountain lion, digging his claws into Baltoh’s body and biting him wildly.

“Angel Art: Final Crucifixion!” Rosemary desperately shouted, aiming her hand at Amon.

The marble-white cross burst from the ground behind Baltoh and the rabid Demon was yanked off his back and slammed against it by grabbing serrated whips. While the crucifixion ritual took place, Rosemary kept the spells going, desperate to restrain the wounded but deadly Master of Torture.

“Angel Art: Rosary Restraints! Angel Art: Feather Arrow! Angel Art: Halo Shackles! Angel Art: Incense Suffocation Seal!” she bellowed, landing on the ground beside Baltoh with her hands aimed at Amon.

In tandem, red beaded chains launched from her rosary wristbands and tied Amon to the cross like a straightjacket, eight-inch long feathers shot from her wings and lodged themselves in Amon’s flesh, further nailing him, and rings of golden light appeared around his ankles, wrists, and head, acting as one last bond to the wooden structure. Last but not least, four pillars of incense lanterns rose up around the cross and filled the space between them with dense smoke, crushing Amon like water and burning his lungs with blessed energy. In his vapor coffin, Amon could not be seen, heard, or smelled, and neither could he discern what was going on outside.

“Master, are you ok?” Rosemary asked worriedly, helping Baltoh sit up. The hybrid cracked a smile at the given honorific. Even while out of the bedroom, it appeared that she was still subservient and loyal to him.

“I’ll live, but there isn’t much I can do. I don’t have the strength to kill him or that Titan and time is running out. Even in his current state, Amon won’t be held back every long by those spells. We only have five or ten minutes before he breaks free and comes back, probably stronger than when he was sealed.”

“So you don’t have the strength to use any of your rage blasts?” Rosemary asked desperately.

“If I heal my wounds and rest for a few minutes, I might have enough power for at least one shot, but it would take too long to charge and fire. Unless I can fully rejuvenate, this battle is not going to end well,” he said, trying to get to his feet but falling back down.

Rosemary hesitated before speaking. “Master, I’ll take care of you. Just lie back and I’ll heal your wounds and rejuvenate you,” she said, whispering the last part with a seductive purr.

Baltoh smiled as he understood and lied back. “That will definitely help. And don’t worry, I doubt I’ll last long.”

“Angel Art: Laying On of Hands,” Rosemary whispered, holding one delicate hand over Baltoh’s bare chest with green healing energy streaming from her palm. With her other hand, she unfastened his sash and pulled down his pants, revealing his half-erect cock, quickly growing in size and strength at the attention.

With a coy look on her face, Rosemary took Baltoh’s cock in her mouth, sucking off the sweat from battle while she healed his wounds with both hands. Their time was running out and Amon would soon break free of his prison, so Baltoh just relaxed and allowed himself to be rejuvenated. On the other end, Rosemary was working Baltoh’s cock lovingly with every soft wet corner of her mouth, trying to coax a climax as fast as possible. She squeezed the shaft with her tongue and cheeks, worked the head with her lips, and completely slathered it with every drop of saliva she could muster. While her head bobbed up and down, her mouth made the sound of gum being chewed as the large member was massaged with great sexual dedication. As she pleasured Baltoh, Rosemary flooded his body with healing energy from her hands, mending his injuries and restoring his strength.

Finally, Baltoh groaned as he had his fastest orgasm, spraying almost a pint of semen into Rosemary’s mouth and throat, every drop of which she hungrily swallowed before licking his deflating cock clean and sucking out every last glob of his seed. His strength restored and his body as limber and relaxed as a line of surgical tubing, Baltoh pulled his pants back up and secured his sash before jumping to his feet with a happy yawn.

“Alright, I’m ready. Thank you, Rosemary,” he said as he aimed his hand at Amon.

The Demon had made a lot of progress in his escape, as already the rosary restraints were snapping like thread, the crucifix was fractured in multiple places, the feather arrows had already been incinerated, the Halo bonds had shattered, and the incense smoke in the prison was thinning, allowing for his silhouette to be visible. The seals would only hold for another minute at most.

“Angel Art: Rosary Restraints! Demon Art: Dark Shackles!” he shouted with a confident smile.

Launching from the metal bands and beaded cords around his wrist, two dozen black bladed chains and rosary binds shot forth and wrapped around Amon’s prison in entirety before tightening on the four incense pillars and crushing Amon’s prison like a house of cards. The chains and rosary bonds continued to wrap around Amon and the seals that restrained him, each glowing with Baltoh’s energy and forming a nearly impenetrable SUV-sized cocoon around him.

With Rosemary following, Baltoh took to the air while pulling the trapped Amon with him and raced over to where the rest of the Archangels were still fighting the Titan. The original sealing spells had long since been destroyed, so now the forces of Heaven were desperately recasting them and attacking the beast with everything they had, tried to keep it subdued. The creature was basically sitting in the middle of a gold and black bonfire, caused by their energy striking against its own and unraveling into raw flames.

With a roar of courage, Baltoh swung the lariat of Hell chains and rosary bonds with Amon at the end like the head of a battle flail, bringing it down onto the Titan with enough strength to shake all of New York wildly and temporarily incapacitate the creature from the shear pain of the impact. Snapping the cords with his tail, Baltoh clapped his hands together to name the next spell. “Demon Art: Mausoleum Prison!” he cast, harnessing the power of the nearby Hope Beacons to increase the size of the spell.

Covered in symbols of Hellscript and adorned with carvings of human skulls, a mausoleum of such size that it could be seen from space rose up around the Titan and the Master of Torture, locking them away like money in a bank vault.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Baltoh then called with his smile growing.

At his command, almost a hundred massive skeletal hands burst up from the ground and grabbed onto the mausoleum. With one great heave, they all combined their strength and threw the mausoleum, sending it flying straight upwards. Flying directly under it, Baltoh held his body level and his wings out in front of him with his burning halo between the tips. He had to measure this carefully, as he did not want any more lives to be lost. His halo began to spin, increasing in speed every second up to the point where it looked like a sphere of light.

High up above New York, the mausoleum shattered, revealing the Titan with Amon on its back, holding its reins with his sword in hand. Both Demons released roars of frustration and bloodlust, ready to return to battle.

“You shall all suffer!” Amon howled.

“Well it won’t be by your hand!” Baltoh shouted, finally releasing his blast at full strength.

Everyone watching the scene turned away, shielding his or her eyes from the nuclear-level brightness of the beam fired. Upon its launched, the blast instantly began to expand at terrifying magnitudes, but with Baltoh’s calculations and placement, it would not touch either sides of the pit around New York. By the time it reached Amon and his steed, the blast was already a third as large as the city and far too powerful to stop or dodge.

They were splattered against the blast like mosquitoes against the windshield of a freeway semi and did not slow it down in the least as the blast continued to rise upwards. Up on the surface of Earth, where the American government had set up a command center around New York, sensors and instruments of all kinds were shattering as an earthquake well above 10.0 on the Richter Scale rocked the area. Finally, with a diameter as large as New York itself, the blast shot upwards from the shaft and passed right through the dome of black smoke due to the Angel energy within it. All the scientists watched in awe as the beam of light shot into the sky with as much energy as a solar flare. Many even found themselves falling to their knees and bowing down. As the beam shot up into space, the atmosphere was temporarily illuminated, casting aside the hellish red hue that had plagued the sky since the doorway ritual was initiated.

The blast faded into the last few beads of energy and Baltoh began to fall, drained of energy and with a smile of victory on his face. Swerving down like an eagle, Selene zoomed over and caught him in midair, lowering him down to the ground with her face glowing with tender love and pride.

Baltoh and Selene were in a vacant hotel room up on Earth, as after a fight with a Master of Torture, Baltoh refused to do anything or talk to anyone until he had taken a shower and Selene wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass her by. As he checked the locks on the door to make sure that they wouldn’t be disturbed, she stood naked in the shower, waiting for the water to warm up.

“Are you sure it’s ok for us to both be away from the city?” Selene hollered over the hum of the shower.

“Don’t worry, after that fight with the Master of Torture, the forces of Hell will probably wait and bide their time before they attack again, if they attack at all,” Baltoh replied as he walked back into the bathroom.

Standing in the doorway, he came to a dead stop and smiled. His eyes were fixed on Selene glistening with a sexy shine as the water ran down her naked body. Each drop on her delectable chocolate-shade skin glistened like a jewel, illuminating every sensual curve of her body. He could see her muscles relaxing under the heat of the water, her chest expanding with each deep breath, and the shivers of relief that passed through her flawless figure as the hot waves washed her body.

Noticing Baltoh watching her, she smiled and opened up the sliding door. “Come on in,” she purred.

“Actually, I think I might like to watch for a little while.”

“Alright, then enjoy the show.”

Selene looked up into the spray with her mouth open, as if the showerhead were his cock and he was ejaculating onto her face. The water streamed across her face and through her long silky hair, and as she rolled her head from side to side as if receiving a massage, her breathing became heavy. As he undressed, Baltoh tried to keep his eyes fixed on Selene as she ran her hands across her body, touching herself gently. With each pass of her hands across her beautiful figure, Baltoh’s cock began to inflate and he licked his lips in desire, wishing that he could be the water itself.

Opening up a box of hotel soap, Selene dropped the small block into her hands and lathered her palms with it, leaving a sudsy layer. Purring at her own touch, she began squeezing and rubbing her large breasts, making them slippery with a coating of foam running across the soft skin. As she massaged her breasts and traced the bar of soap around her nipples, Baltoh began stroking his fully erect cock with a wide grin on his face.

Selene then stepped behind the glass screen and pressed her tits against the glass. Baltoh’s breathing became heavy as he watched her rub her breasts against the glass like she was cleaning it, her nipples leaving marks through the sheen of soap. While she teased Baltoh squeegeed the glass with her bountiful titties, she soaped her hands back up and began washing her body. Stepping out from behind the glass, she ran the soap across her curved body, lathering her ebony skin with a layer of thin white foam. As her hands moved down her flat belly, she shifted her hips from side to side, almost dancing for Baltoh while he watched her.

Looking back over her shoulder, Selene turned around so her back was to Baltoh, slowly shaking her ass. The two of them smiling and Baltoh licking his lips, Selene spread her legs and bent over, exposing her pussy and asshole while she soaped up her long smooth legs. Baltoh had his eyes fixated on her firm curvaceous ass, shaking in excitement as he stroked his cock. Moving her soapy hands up her legs, Selene began lathering her ass cheeks, spreading them and squeezing them, proud of their sexual power and wishing to feel Baltoh’s cock between them.

Selene then turned back into the shower, letting the layer of soap wash away. While the sudsy water streamed off, Selene sensually rubbed her body with her hands moving closer and closer to her pussy. At first she only ran her palms across her inner thighs, then she pulled her middle finger between the soft plump lips, tickling the bright pink interior. After that first touch, she began working her fingers against the entrance, using the soapy water as lubricant. As her petting became faster and more aggressive, she leaned back against the wall and began giving a soft whine.

Baltoh stepped forward, leaning against the bathroom sink with his cock standing at full attention as Selene inserted her fingers into her pussy, stirring them while moaning from the feeling of the gentle penetration. With the skill that only someone could have after years of pleasuring her own body, Selene got herself riled up faster than even Baltoh could. With her fingers working frantically between her legs, Selene grasped one of her breasts, squeezing it while she looked up and switched from whining to moaning. This continued on for several minutes, with Selene desperately trying to bring herself to climax, but unable to cross that final threshold.

Her whole body shaking in the desire to have an orgasm, Selene lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the nipple of her left tit, instantly making Baltoh jerk from a mini-ejaculation as he watched her suck on her own breast as if it were Molly’s. Swirling her tongue around her erect nipple with the hot water running down her hourglass body, Selene finally achieved her first orgasm and signaled it with a loud moan of jubilation.

As Selene caught her breath, Baltoh grinned and stepped into the shower, letting the grime from battle run off his body. With a tired smile on her face, Selene removed her glistening fingers from her slit and held them up. Baltoh reached out with his long tongue and wrapped it around her fingers like a snake, licking up her delicious essence. The two points of the forked tendril pointed out to Selene and she lovingly wrapped her lips around it, letting his tongue dance with her own.

Baltoh unraveled his tongue from around her fingers will slipping it deeper into Selene’s mouth, relishing the delicious taste. As their lips touched, Selene wrapped her arms around Baltoh’s neck and Baltoh began running his palms across her body, wishing that he could use his fingers and better feel her. For ten minutes they continued to kiss, wordlessly speaking their love while the shower sprayed their entwined bodies with hot water.

Baltoh finally broke their embrace and began moving down, kissing her neck and collarbone while she purred at the touch of his lips against her exposed body. Continuing down, he spent a handful of minutes just massaging, licking, and sucking on her firm breasts, unable to ever be satisfied. When his desires changed, he once again began to move, running his lips and tongue across her belly before reaching the smooth lips of her slit, already open and awaiting further pleasure.

Raising her leg and squeezing her breasts, Selene looked up and began moaning as Baltoh entered her with his tongue, stimulating her clit with a master’s skill. Baltoh had his eyes looking upward, staring at her breasts that jiggled with each gasping breath Selene took and the water that poured off her pointing nipples and ran down her smooth stomach. Shifting his arms, he moved Selene’s legs up onto his shoulders so that he could get full access to her addictively delectable pussy. Holding onto his horns for dear life, Selene continued to moan at the top of her lungs while Baltoh’s forked tongue prodded and rubbed against every sweet spot in her pussy, driving her crazy with pre-orgasmic bliss.

Deciding to help her once again cross that threshold, Baltoh bent his tail back over itself and began twisting it, basically turning it into a giant double-helix dildo. Reaching up, he inserted the top of his bend tail into her asshole, needing a lot of force to work the wide head of the biological sex toy into the tight ring. Selene released a shriek of pure sexual euphoria as the twisted section of its tail worked itself into her anus, stuffing her to the point that she thought while she was going to burst, only to retract and then force itself back in. With Baltoh playing her cunt like a musical instrument and fucking her asshole wildly with his tail, Selene was brought to her second orgasm in record time.

As he lowered her down, Baltoh pulled his tail from his asshole and let Selene lick it like a spoon covered in cake batter.

“That was a neat trick,” she purred.
“Yeah, but it always clamps down on the blood vessels and leaves my tail really sore,” he remarked while he spun the tendril around the shower, wearing out the aches.

“Well, you’ve warmed up, so how about we get down to business,” she said in between kisses while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“I thought you would never ask.”

He held her hands up against the wall above their heads with their palms touching and his fingers dug into the tiles, providing him a good hold like when he fucked Molly on the hospital roof. Without using his hands (but needing a little help from his tail), he pressed the head of his manhood against her wet pussy and forced it in, making Selene scream in happiness from the huge mass driving up into her gates of paradise and stuffing her slender body. Bucking his hips, Baltoh began swinging up into her like a trebuchet, fucking her like a madman and making Selene moan from his cock slamming the farthest corners of her cunt. With her wet tits jiggling against his bare chest, the two lovers made out under the hot spray of the shower. As the minutes went by, Baltoh’s speed only increased, with his ball sack throwing water with each thrust like a sling.

“Honey, my hands are falling asleep,” Selene said after twenty minutes.

“Yeah, my arms are completely numb,” Baltoh replied with a small smile, making her laugh.

Holding onto her with his tail so that she wouldn’t be dropped, Baltoh pulled his claws out of the walls and released their hands. Once their hands regained feeling aside from a cold prickling sensation, Baltoh lowered Selene back onto her feet and she turned into the flow of hot water, looking over her shoulder at him with a coy look and shaking her ass. Smiling, Baltoh lifted her leg with his tail and worked his cock back into her slit. With her leg raised and his hands on her hips, he began pumping her cunt with fast, deep strokes, bringing Selene back to her original level of ecstasy.

With her mouth open and her eyes closed, Selene turned into the shower spray and let the hot water run down her face while Baltoh fucked her like a machine, ran kisses across her neck and shoulders, and fondled her breasts.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” she whined as his cock finally reached that perfect spot in the depths of her slit, that place that his tongue just couldn’t work up another raw force to properly stimulate.

“You’re telling me, I just can’t get enough of this sweet body of yours. Your pussy feels absolutely amazing. I would fuck you for all eternity if I could, just to always feel it. I got to say, anal is good, but you really can’t beat the good old fashioned way,” Baltoh growled in her ear.

“Who says you can’t fuck me for all eternity? After all, I’ll never stop loving you.”
“I could say the same to you,” he said, leaning forward to kiss her.

Just as their lips touched, their shifting weight caused them both to slip on the wet shower floor, the two of them falling forward and unable to regain their footing. Selene gave a loud yelp of fear just before Baltoh wrapped his arm around her chest to catch her and grabbed onto the wall below the shower head, tearing through the tiles with ease and stopping them, and all without pulling out of her.

“Are you ok?” he asked as he lowered the two of them down onto the floor and swept aside the pieces of tile.

“Well my heart feels like it’s going to break my ribs and I have some plaster and ceramics in my hair, but other than that, I’m fine.”

“Good, because I don’t think we should stand anymore.”

“Well I’m still in the mood and you’re still inside me, can you work without standing?” she purred while on her hands and knees.

Baltoh smiled and leaned forward, flicking his tongue against the back of her ear. “I’m sure I’ll find a way.”

Leaning back and fixing his position, Baltoh moved his hands to her hips and slowly pulled out of Selene leaving only the head in her. In a single shove, he forced his cock back into her with so much power that Selene gave a silent scream. Keeping his hold on her, Baltoh began moving back and forth like the head of a woodpecker, fucking Selene with all his strength and reaching the farthest points of her body with his manhood. With Selene feeling too good to even make a sound, the noise calling out over the hiss of the shower was her ass clapping against Baltoh’s lap every time he shoved, making her round rear end jiggle and shake. Baltoh had a grin on his face and was licking his lips as he watched the ripples travel through Selene’s chocolate-shade ass cheeks and her breasts swing every time he forced his cock into her.

“OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!” Selene shrieked after fifteen minutes of the inhuman pounding. In the aftermath of her orgasm, Selene barely felt Baltoh pull his cock out of her gaping pussy.

Panting heavily, he sat back against the wall of the shower. “Wow, I am completely drained. I don’t know which requires more energy, fighting Masters of Torture or trying to satisfy your nymphomaniac appetite.”

Selene turned around and smiled as she moved over to him, wrapping her hand around his manhood, which refused to go limp. “Well it’s not fair that you didn’t get to cum. See, your dick still has plenty of strength left. Don’t worry, baby; I’ll take care of you. You said anal can’t beat the good old fashioned sex? Let’s see if we can change your mind…”

She raised her hips and guided his cock to her anus. Baltoh grunted as he entered the tight ring and Selene whimpered in delight at the feeling of the penetration. She slowly lowered herself down, working his entire cock in between her firm ass cheeks. Gripping his shoulders, she began raising her lower body and then slamming herself back down, bouncing on his manhood while moaning as she tried to handle the huge mass. Baltoh put his hands on her shapely rear end, helping her ride him like a pogo stick. With his hands on her ass, he was able to feel every glorious ripple and jiggle of her sultry rear when she drove his manhood back into her body, and he relished the feeling, just as he did the feeling of the soft wet interior of her asshole around his cock.

Selene tirelessly rode Baltoh for more than ten minutes before Baltoh began to grunt as he approached the bursting point. At that, she stopped bouncing on his cock and instead straddled it, gyrating her hips and swirling it around in her body so that it felt every corner. Finally, Baltoh gave a Demonic growl as a geyser of hot cum was released, flooding Selene’s insides to the point where she felt like she was going to start coughing it up. The pressure was so impressive that Selene’s body began to shake as it tried to handle it all.

Dismounting him, Selene turned around and began lovingly licking Baltoh’s deflating cock, sucking up the semen and delectable taste of her ass while his seed poured out of her back door. Baltoh was struggling to keep his eyes open, he was so tired and the hot water and the feeling of Selene hungrily siphoning every drop of sperm from his cock wasn’t exactly helping him stay awake. He finally was brought back to full alertness as he felt a sudden flare of energy nearby; an Archangel had just entered the bedroom.

“Master?” he heard Rosemary call.

“In here,” he said as he struggled to get back on his feet and Selene turned off the water.

Rosemary entered the bathroom just as Baltoh and Selene stepped out of the shower, and a hungry expression immediately filled her eyes and lined her pretty face. Shaking her head from side to side, she got down on one knee and bowed.

“I… hope I’m not interrupting.”

“No, we had just finished. What’s going on?” Baltoh casually asked as he grabbed a nearby towel and began drying himself off.

Rosemary’s eyes met Selene’s, who was leaning against the door of the shower with a very coy smile on her face, one that instantly made Rosemary wet.

“Rosemary,” Baltoh said, snapping her back to attention.

“Something is happening down in New York, it’s not a battle, it’s something else. You really need to come see.”

“Damn it, there is no way the city could have reached Hell already!” Baltoh fearfully cursed as he rushed past her into the bedroom to retrieve his clothes. Rosemary turned and watched him, but nearly jumped when Selene walked up to her, still with a coy smile. They were silent for a couple seconds, just staring at each other with Rosemary unable to keep her eyes from wandering up Selene’s naked body.

“Like what you see?” Selene asked with a teasing grin.

Rosemary jerked at the question and was unable to respond. Selene leaned forward, her lips just an inch from Rosemary’s. “I’ll take that as a yes. Don’t worry baby, you’ll get a much more… intimate… look later,” she whispered seductively while running her hand across Rosemary’s cheek and walking past her, leaving the Archangel sputtering from her rush of arousal.

As Selene walked into the bedroom to get dressed, Rosemary watched her closely, specifically her perfect ass, which was swinging from side to side with each step like a clock pendulum.

Baltoh, Selene, and Rosemary materialized in the center of New York, where all of the Archangels were gathered and combining their powers to cast a repairing barrier around the city. New York itself was shaking wildly and a blackish-blue light was passing between the buildings like a flood. The island of stone was rumbling so violently that streets and buildings and crumbling as fast as the barrier repaired them with huge fissures shooting through the city and opening up great fissures that swallowed everything nearby.

“What the Hell is going on?” Selene shouted over the roar of the shattering city as cracks ran between her feet.

Baltoh looked around at the dark-blue light replacing the blood-red hue on the sides of the buildings. His eyes came to a stop when he saw the lowest building between him and the horizon, seeing that the stone shaft that the city had carved into the planet had reached its end, but the city was still sinking. The churning sea of magma around the city was being replaced by empty space with swirling dark-blue lights like the Aurora Borealis. As the end of the tunnel rose up over the fence of Hellfire and continued to elevate above the city, everyone realized what had happened.

New York had reached the core of the planet, but instead of sitting in a molten moon of iron, it had finally punched through the dimensional barrier and entered the Null Void between universes. They had reached the halfway point between Earth and Hell, having finally left the realm of Cinereo. The fence of Hellfire continued to burn around the city, signaling that it was still being pulled down towards Hell, boring through reality itself like burning thermite.

As the bottom of the shaft finally rose up over the tallest skyscrapers, a cloud of dim blue lights swirled over the city and then disappeared, replacing the shaft with a clear dark sky, fully severing New York from Earth like water flooding an undersea fissure. Drifting down past the city like flecks of ash, human souls could be seen, wearing their clothes from their death and wrapped in a pale aura, all of them being pulled down with the inhabitants of New York towards the Inferno.

“Alright everyone, we’ve reached the halfway point. Next stop: Hell.”

“We are in serious, serious trouble,” Baltoh said with a sigh. As usual after a battle, he was gathered with the Archangels, the chief of police, the mayor, and several other human and Angel representatives in City Hall. “I don’t know if it was Tenebrous himself that sent that Master of Torture and Titan or if he was merely acting on his own and decided to bring his steed with him. Whatever the reason, we were nearly defeated and that was with just a pair of them. We have just about reached the midpoint between the world of the living and Hell, any day now the shaft of stone around the city from the Earth’s mantle will disappear and this city will hover in the null void between dimensions. Until the opening of the gateway finally annihilates this city, there is nothing to stop Tenebrous from sending every Master of Torture and Titan at us. He doesn’t even have to give the order; they may just attack on their own.”

“I’m not sure we have to worry about Tenebrous,” Gabriel said. “He’ll throw every Demon, Gargoyle, and Sinner at us, but after what happened to the last Master of Torture and Titan, I doubt he will be willing to send anymore of his most valuable forces. Baltoh, you’re the key to stopping them, that blast of yours is the one thing we have that can stop them. Unless they can somehow create some indestructible barrier that not even you can break, he won’t risk throwing his most powerful followers against that beam.”

“It’s strange though, that an entity such as yourself, who has equal stamina and power as a Master of Torture, is able to summon a blast so mighty that not even they can block it. How is it that you fight at their level and nearly die when facing them in hand-to-hand combat, but you can suddenly wipe them out with energy to spare? Baltoh, we need to know more about this technique of yours,” Michael said, leaning against the wall.

Baltoh gave another sigh. “The blast has no name because it uses neither Archangel nor Demon energy. It is powered solely by the rage and anger within my heart, and I unleash that anger in a raw burst of power. Its power is dictated by the intensity of my emotions, not by the actual energy within my body, which is why the power of the blast and my own power are so far apart. I use my wings to channel my rage to my halo, which I use as a release point. Other than that, there is nothing else to it.”

“Drawing energy from nonexistence…” Michael whispered under his breath.

“But enough about that, tell me about the progress being made in Heaven. What information has been found about the Throne of Cinereo?”

“Nothing, not a single mentioning of it has been found. As I told you before, it is nothing but a blasphemous urban legend dreamt by heretics.” Michael scoffed.

“You mean a single mentioning hasn’t been found YET. I know that all the information in Heaven hasn’t been searched, keep looking,” Baltoh ordered, drawing a growl of frustration from Michael.

“You’re not the boss of me Baltoh, no matter how much you think you are,” he muttered before storming out of the room.

As he walked off, Baltoh locked eyes with Rosemary and shifted his gaze to the door, giving her a nonverbal command. Rosemary gave a small nod of obedience and followed Michael, leaving everyone else to continue discussing the logistics and obstacles in their path. In the dark hallway on the powerless City Hall, Rosemary confronted Michael.

“Why did you ask him about his technique?” she inquired, causing Michael to stop in his tracks.

“What is it to you?”

“You’ve seen that blast fired five times over the last two weeks, and yet only now do you decide to ask him about it. What changed?”

Michael hesitated and did not turn to her. “I lied to him back there, when I said that nothing had been found about the Throne of Cinereo. We found a mention of it in a book from before the death of Christ.”

“What did you find?”

“It talked about how the energy of this universe split into two different frequencies and forms after its birth: the light of Heaven and the darkness of Hell. It said that the only way to recreate the energy of Cinereo is to combine the forces of shadow and light, just as it created them by splitting apart.”

“So why did you lie to him?” Rosemary asked, causing Michael to finally turn to her.

“I lied because of who and what he is. He’s a hybrid, Rosemary, the first in existence. I know this Throne of Cinereo doesn’t exist and that it is all just a load of bullshit, but if there is the tiniest chance that it Is real, then Baltoh has the greatest chance of achieving it. I know we’re working with him, but he is one of the absolute last people I would want to have the powers of a god. He said that the blast he uses is neither darkness nor light and instead is powered solely by his hatred, but I think he’s wrong. I think his emotions allow him to bond light and darkness together to create that neon eruption. That’s why its power is separate from his; its not fueled by either halves of his energy, but of those two halves fusing together into a whole new form of raw power!

He’s already on his way to achieving the Throne of Cinereo if it exists and I cannot allow someone like him to get power like that.”

“So you’re afraid of him?” Rosemary hissed. Michael was silent.

“I’m more afraid of him than anything else in the universe, solely because of what he is and what he might become,” he said before walking away.

Standing alone in the hallway, Rosemary nearly jumped when Baltoh’s tail wrapped around her like a snake and he began kissing her neck.

“That’s my girl, my perfect little spy,” he whispered in her ear, making her purr in arousal.

“You heard it all, Master?” she asked, grinding against him.

“Of course. And let’s just say that Michael has a right to be afraid of me. You did well in getting him to tell the truth. As a reward, come up to the bedroom tomorrow night, you’ll know when.”

Chapter 11

As expected, the realization that the city was halfway to Hell did not raise morale; on the contrary, the fact that they were completely separated from Earth made everyone feel more hopeless and close to the end. Even while locked in a volcanic shaft, the citizens of New York could at least tell themselves that they still had planet Earth around them, but now, that comfort was gone. True, they could still receive help and reinforcements from Heaven, but from this point forward, they were completely on their own and away from home, like a space shuttle that could no longer see or contact Earth.

Baltoh was lying in bed, Molly pressed against his left side and Selene against his right. All three were naked, with Baltoh’s lips bound to Selene’s as their tongues danced around each other. While they made out, Molly kissed his chest and stroked his erection. After half a minute, Selene and Molly switched roles, with Baltoh kissing Molly and Selene stroking his dick. A soft tap on the door soon interrupted the swirling of their lips.

“What the fuck? Who could that be?” Molly swore, angry at her lips being pulled from Baltoh’s. Selene just had a coy smile.

The hybrid merely smiled and stood up, walking to the door with his long whip-like tail swishing from side to side. While Baltoh answered the door, Selene and Molly began to French kiss, with their naked bodies intertwined like the yin yang symbol. At the sound of the creaking door, both women turned and smiled.

Displaying her newly acquired love of bondage and submission, Rosemary, the proud and powerful Archangel, came crawling in on all fours without any clothes on. Her panties had been tied around her face as a gag and Baltoh was beside her with his tail wrapped her neck like she was a dog on a leash. In her mind, Rosemary was happier than almost any other time in her life, and her pussy was already wet from anticipation. She wanted this so badly that she couldn’t stop licking her smiling lips through her gag in arousal. Just the feeling of being at Baltoh’s will and the readiness to be used like a sex toy by the two gorgeous women on the bed was almost orgasmic in and of itself.

“Rosemary, you are to do anything and everything they tell you to do. You are their sex slave and they are your Mistresses, so obey their every command,” he said, making Rosemary tremble in arousal at the mental bliss of being ordered and subjected. He then looked up at Selene and Molly, who were both smiling and shivering in excitement at being able to play with her like a new toy. “You girls have fun, I’m going to watch for a little while,” he said, releasing his tail from her throat and taking a seat in a chair by the bed.

“Up on the bed.” Selene said experimentally.

Staying on all fours, she climbed up onto the bed and crouched like she was a subject of a dog show and one of the judges was inspecting her. Selene and Molly coyly sat up on either side of Rosemary and began exploring her naked body with their hands, teasingly rubbing her soft skin with their palms and fingers. Rosemary purred and shivered at the ticklish massage, gnashing on her panties between her teeth. Selene and Molly leaned back and smiled, watching Rosemary’s hands ball into fists from sexual frustration and anticipation. She was an inch away from begging them to keep touching her.

Leaning forward, Selene ran her tongue across Rosemary’s soft lips while Molly began rubbing her hand against her pussy with her thumb pressed down on her anus. The Archangel purred at the sensual touching, even leaning back to try and get Molly to enter her. Finally, her prayers were answered as Molly began working her thumb in her asshole like a small dildo and spitting on the ring, using her saliva as lubricant in Rosemary’s tight anus. As Molly teased her, Selene removed Rosemary’s panties from her mouth, first sucking on them thirstily before putting them aside. She then lied back against the headboard with her legs spread, putting her wet pussy on display to the cunt-hungry masochist.

“Do you want to lick my pussy?” she whispered, touching the pink interior lips and then holding out her index and finger in front of Rosemary’s face, glistening with her oils. Before responding, Rosemary shivered in ecstasy as Molly doubled her efforts with her thumb, as well as fingering her snatch and peppering her lower back and smooth rear end with lustful kisses.

“Yes Mistress,” she purred before leaning forward and delicately flitting her tongue between Selene’s fingers, as if practicing to explore the lips between her legs. The second the tasteless fluid touched her tongue, a tremor of bliss ran through her body from the sexual realization and symbolism of the taboo act.

“What do you want?” Selene teasingly asked.

“I want to lick your pussy. Please let me, Mistress,” she said softly with her rosary bead wristbands ticking as she bent her wrists to ease the building soreness.

Selene just smiled and splayed her hands, inviting Rosemary experience the art of cunnilingus. With Molly now working her thumb in Rosemary’s pussy while she licked her anus, the Archangel leaned down and kissed the lips of Selene’s pussy like a religious artifact. Selene gave a soft release of breath in pleasure, enjoying a strange and new sense of control over her superior.

“That’s right, lick it good,” she said, almost with a primal growl as she laid her hand on the top of Rosemary’s head and gently pushed down.

Five feet away, Baltoh was watching with a smile and an erection hard and strong enough to hit a baseball. The scene before him was driving him wild with sexual hunger and excitement: the rolling of Selene’s tongue across her lips as she shifted her head from side to side in bliss, the whimpers of pleasure being given off my Rosemary as she feasted on another woman’s slit for the first time in her life, and the image of Molly’s head buried between Rosemary’s cute ass cheeks as she worked her tongue back and forth in her anus.

Rolling over, Molly lied down on her back and moved her head between Rosemary’s legs. Raising her head, she flicked her tongue around velvet opening of Rosemary’s cunt, sending shivers of happiness through her pale naked body. While touching herself, Molly began enthusiastically licking Rosemary’s pussy and working her fingers in her anus. Often, she would pull out her fingers and lick them succulently before reinserting them.

“Come up here and give me a kiss,” Selene purred as she tweaked her nipples.

“Yes Mistress,” she replied with a hungry smile. Before making her way up to Selene’s lips, Rosemary began kissing her body first.

Deciding to exercise the dominant role that Baltoh had bestowed on her, Selene pulled on her hair and raised her head. “Did I say you could touch me?”

In the background, Molly’s failed attempts at trying not to giggle were obvious and well audible. Selene was the same, desperately suppressing a grin as she realized how wonderfully hilarious this was.

“No Mistress,” she panted, feeling a euphoric tightness in her chest at being scolded.

“Am I going to have to punish you?”

“Yes Mistress, please punish me.”

Molly and Selene switched places with Rosemary staying on her hands and knees. Molly against the headboard with an evil smile on her face and Selene sat behind Rosemary, running her hand across the woman’s soft rear end. In his chair, Baltoh squirmed and chewed on one of his claws in anticipation. Swinging her hand, Selene smacked Rosemary’s ass.

“Oh yes! Punish me, Mistress!” she yelped as a faint red welt appeared on her adolescent rear end.

Molly’s thighs shook as she resisted the urge to clamp her legs together against the warm ticklish shiver at the sound of Rosemary’s happy cry. The contorted look of pleasure and pain in her sweet face was driving her wild with naughty desires. Selene ran her tongue across her palm and fingers as if licking off a delicious taste, and then with her hand wet, she smacked Rosemary’s other ass cheek, leaving a similar welt and drawing another masochistic cry of joy from the Archangel.

For a few minutes, Baltoh and Molly watched intently as Selene punished Molly, spanking her over and over again while the subservient sex-slave moaned in pleasure. By the time she was done, Rosemary’s ass was red and she was panting heavily as liquid arousal trickled down her legs, drop by drop.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Selene asked, swinging her hand to ease the aching sting in the nerve endings. Rosemary just whimpered and nodded. With a sweet smile, Selene ran her hand across Rosemary’s ass, up her back, and then lifted Rosemary’s chin so that she was looking up at the ebony goddess with an innocent look on her face.

“Aw, sweet baby. Here, let mama make everything better,” Selene said tenderly before leaning down and placing a kiss on the swollen left cheek. The soft sweet touch was like ice cream after a spicy dinner to Rosemary, and she licked her lips from the sensual taste it put in her mouth.

“There’s a good girl. Now, show me what you learned and start kissing Molly.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you.”

Molly smiled and licked her lips with her legs spread and a hungry ‘come hither’ look in her eyes. Making sure not to touch her, Rosemary crawled over to Molly, holding herself over her while the golden-haired Angel ran her fingertips lightly across her smooth belly and firm breasts. Lowering her face, Rosemary gently brushed her lips against Molly’s, relishing the experimental touch and feeling of another woman.

“Try using your tongue,” Molly whispered as she blew on Rosemary’s lips.

Rosemary nodded and kissed her again, this time swishing her tongue between Molly’s soft lips. Molly answered this experimental probing by slipping her own tongue into the Archangel’s wet mouth, licking every corner and inviting Rosemary deeper into the kiss. In a matter of seconds, they were French kissing like a pair of porn stars on ecstasy. Their tongues were wrapped around each other and every drop of saliva in their mouths was swapped over and over again. Behind them, Selene was fingering herself and massaging her breasts as she watched them.

After a minute of gazing upon their make-out session, Selene lied down beside Molly and joined in, with all three women holding their faces against each other as their lips and tongues flirted in a wet sensual hug. While they kissed, Molly and Selene began fingering each other while Rosemary worked her fingers between her own legs. Watching them, Baltoh was chewing on his lower lip as he felt pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip of his pulsating cock.

“Do you want to lick my pussy?” Molly whispered with a smile.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then let me see that ass.”

Rosemary nodded and turned around on top of Molly, getting into the 69-position. As Rosemary began going down on Molly, Molly smiled and playfully smacked her ass, listening to the sweet clapping sound and watching as the ripples traveled through her body. Molly then looked at Selene and inclined her head, inviting her to sample Rosemary’s snatch. Selene smiled and kissed her friend, then positioned over her so that she could begin licking Rosemary’s pussy and asshole, succulently working her tongue in the delectable orifices. While Rosemary ate out Molly and Selene ate out Rosemary, Molly contended herself with just laying her head back and relishing the bliss, while she reached out massaged Selene’s asshole with her middle finger, often taking it out and sucking on it hungrily.

Baltoh cracked a wide grin as Rosemary’s hums and soft moans of pleasure began to take a higher and louder tone. Selene and Molly were about to get a very… wet… surprise. Chewing on his nail, Baltoh’s smile grew wider and wider as Rosemary’s moans signaled the climax like the beeping timer of a bomb about to go off. Finally, she gave a muffled scream of bliss into Molly’s cunt, as from her own, a huge splash of clear orgasmic fluid sprayed across the faces and chests of Selene and Molly. They both jerked back, eyes wide with a look on their faces like a pair of cats playing with a water balloon and causing it to burst.

“Sorry,” Rosemary whispered.

With a smile, Selene leaned down and began licking the fluid off of Molly’s breasts, hungrily sucking on Molly’s nipples and making her lover purr. “Delicious,” she hummed, letting Molly do the same to her.

Desperate for more, Selene began working her fingers quickly in Rosemary’s loosened pussy, trying to reignite the orgasm before it faded. The woman screamed as she had her second, completely soaking Selene and Molly in another spray of her orgasmic juices.

“It’s just like milking a cow,” Selene laughed as she rubbed the juices into her skin like sunscreen.

“Then lets see how much we can get. Rosemary, roll over.”

Rosemary did as she was told and Molly sat up, lifting her and holding her upside down with her neck bent and her butt in the air. Selene moved over to Rosemary and settled herself on her face, the Archangel loving the feeling of Selene’s full firm ass cheeks smothering her. Her hungry scream increased in volume as Molly and Selene both began orally pleasuring her pussy and asshole.

With their persistence and skill, the two Angels brought Rosemary to a third orgasm in record time. Selene leaned back as the orgasmic geyser sprayed forth from between Rosemary’s lips, letting the fluid soak the two of them. Rosemary held her mouth open with her tongue out, drinking in the fluid that sprayed her face, chest and stomach. Selene leaned back and groaned in kinky happiness as the spray soaked her like a shower, oiling her body in the woman’s orgasmic juices. Selene then leaned down and began sucking on Rosemary’s small breasts, slurping up the membrane of fluid and soaking her nipples with saliva.

As the jet ceased, Molly rubbed Rosemary’s pussy with her hand, almost cupping the juices before rubbing them on her own body and giving her silky flesh as glorious shine. With their naked bodies slippery and oiled, the three women began rubbing against each other like seals while kissing, fingering, and groping each other in wild lust. Molly and Rosemary were lying on either side of Selene, each with one of her nipples in their sucking lips while they each worked their fingers in her welcoming snatch. Watching them, Baltoh could not stop pre-cum from trickling down the shaft of his cock. He could no longer take it; he needed to feel them.

With his cock standing erect like a child’s forearm, he got to his feet and walked over to the bed. All three women were smiling at him coyly, glistening like three bronze statues with their naked bodies wet with the new girl’s juices like body oil. Rosemary and Molly each used their fingers to spread Selene’s pussy lips and invite him, with all three women lying at the edge of the bed. Standing above them, Baltoh leaned down and locked lips with Selene, kissing her and letting her know that she was the only woman there to him while he entered her. Her pussy was so open and willing for the penetration, his manhood slid in as if he were putting on a condom.

Selene’s loud gasp escaped through their joined lips and he began swinging down into her, fucking her with deep strokes. While Selene was fucked, Molly and Rosemary continued lustfully sucking on her nipples and slathering her melon breasts with their tongues, while they reached across her flat belly and began fingering each other. As he picked up speed, Selene was unable to maintain their kiss and laid her head back as she panted and moaned. For the next several minutes, he fucked her with powerful shoves and ran his lips up and down her neck, lovingly kissing her soft kin.

Before too long, Molly decided that she desperately wanted a turn and she moved up on top of Selene, burying her friend’s face with her bountiful breasts and shaking her ass at Baltoh. He smiled and pulled out of Selene, moving up onto the bed and entering Molly in a single confident drive. Mounting her like a dog, he began fucking her with machine-like strength, sending ripples through her hourglass body and shapely ass. Listening to the clapping sounds of her ass cheeks against Baltoh’s thighs and grunting as his cock stuffed her with such power that she could not breathe, Molly shook as she held herself up, giggling and panting as Selene motor boated her tits like nymphomaniac.

She then looked up and smiled as Rosemary set herself behind Selene with her legs spread and her eyes filled with desire, yearning to again feel a woman’s tongue between the lips of her pussy. Molly hungrily obliged, burying her face between Rosemary’s slim thighs and drinking in her juices as if dying from dehydration. While he fucked her, Baltoh smacked Molly’s ass and fucked Selene with his tail, just like how he had done when he first violated Rosemary in that church.

When he finally decided to pull out of Molly, Rosemary was quick to crawl over to him and begin sucking him off, eager to exploit any opportunity to both taste the blonde beauty’s juices and have his cock in her mouth. Once she had licked him clean, Baltoh laid back and ordered her to start riding him, while pulling her over with his tail around her throat. Rosemary gave a soft whine of happiness at the mental feeling of his authority weighing down on her. The power in his voice and the tightness of his tail around her soft throat was so oppressive, she even felt fear towards him, and that fear drove her wild with arousal. Moving onto his lap, Rosemary gave the smallest of moans as she lowered her petite body onto his cock.

Her young frame shaking, she began bouncing on his meaty missile while he kept his tail around her throat like a leash. She was leaned back, lifting only her lower body as she fucked him. Helping her ride his cock, he wrapped his tail around her chest and shoulders like a harness, using his muscles in the tentacle-like appendage to raise her and drop her onto it, impaling her with his cock. While she rode him, Selene and Molly kneeled beside her, each sucking on her modest yet perky breasts.

With his powerful rhythm, he quickly drew another spray from ‘Old Faithful’, soaking himself in the wetness of her pleasure. Blinking to clear his eyes of the fluid, Baltoh smiled as Selene and Molly crouched down beside him and greedily licked it off his chest. Picking her up with his tail, Baltoh moved Rosemary onto his face, sucking on her soft wet insides while Selene mounted him. With her back to him on all fours, Selene kissed Molly as she helped her by guiding Baltoh’s cock into her ass.

Lifting her body, Selene rocked up and down on Baltoh’s cock as if she were riding a mechanical bull, glad she had spent all that time doing Pilates. With her breasts bouncing like round punching bags, Selene’s deep grunts from the pulverization of her asshole by Baltoh’s cock were mixed with blissful moans as Molly began licking the chocolate-shade lips of her pussy. The third form of pleasure came from Rosemary. With Selene leaning back, Rosemary was lovingly kissing her neck and shoulders, worshipping her flawless body while Baltoh drank her juices.

Selene soon reached her first orgasm and dismounted Baltoh so that she could lick the oil from her ass off his cock. As Selene gluttonously sucked his dick, Baltoh released Rosemary from his tail, wordlessly telling her to pleasure Selene. Rosemary quickly moved off his now wet face, eager to appease her Master and satisfy her Mistress. No longer pinned down by Selene and Rosemary, Baltoh got up and faced Molly, who was already on all fours with her brown eye pointed straight at him and a coy, hungry expression on her face. Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand and hefting with manhood with the other, Baltoh slowly penetrated her asshole.

“Oh yes, put it in nice and deep,” she said coyly as he buried his entire cock in her shapely ass.

With her anus loosening every second to accommodate his bulging dick, Baltoh began moving at increasing speed, fucking her without pause. Molly’s whole body shook with each deep thrust and she was giving an unintentional gurgling grunt as he slammed the farthest corners of her sphincter. Hammering Molly like a fuck-machine, Baltoh looked over to his side and smiled. While Molly was getting her ass fucked, Selene was teaching Rosemary the art of scissoring. The two women were grinding their pussies together and moaning at the kinky touch of their soft lips making out like a pair of lovers.

With all the movement the four orgy members were causing, the bed was once again rocking to the point of collapse. Throughout the frame, screws and nails were becoming exposed and the wooden pieces were separating. As the group continued moving harder and faster, the whole frame became as loose and rocking as an old pick-up truck going off-road.

When Baltoh finally pulled out of Molly, all three women turned to him like cats hearing the opening of a can of food, and like cats hearing the opening of a can of food, they all wanted to fill their mouths. Molly was the fastest, quickly turning around and claiming his cock with her lips and tongue. But in all fairness, she deserved it.

Once Molly was finished sucking him off, Baltoh lied down beside Rosemary, spooning with her. He wrapped his tail around her ankle and lifted her leg, granting him access to her anus. While the position made it difficult, he was able to enter her and begin taking a slow yet steady rate of penetration and retraction. It only took Baltoh a few seconds to get used to the position before he took his usual machinegun rhythm, hammering her ass with almost brutal speed. Rosemary’s moans where barely audible as Molly crouched over her with their lips locked and tongues dancing. At the end of the chain, Selene was working her fingers in Molly’s asshole, increasing the number as the minutes ticked by.

“Oh yes, put your whole hand in my ass,” Molly groaned as Selene managed to work four fingers in up to the knuckles.

Selene smiled and first retracted her glistening fingers, licking them clean of Molly’s wetness while her asshole sat gaping and inviting. She then reinserted her fingers, adding her thumb. Molly’s breathing became heavy and she groaned as she tried to accept her lover’s hand. Not slowing down, Selene worked her entire hand into Molly’s anus and smiled as the indescribably wet softness for her interior. She slowly retracted her hand and again licked it clean. Contracting her cheeks, she spat out a large glob of saliva into her fingers and then smeared around the entrance the interior, making Molly hum in kinky euphoria. Selene reinserted her hand, this time closing it into a fist and pushing it deeper into Molly’s ass, making her cry out from the size and the joy.

Even while fucking Rosemary’s ass, Baltoh couldn’t help but watch in astonishment as Selene fisted her friend, working her hand in halfway up to the forearm as she slowly punched the deepest corners of Molly’s asshole, with Molly on her hands and knees and yelping in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Master, I’m about to cum again!” Rosemary whined, regaining Baltoh’s attention and giving him an absolutely filthy idea.

“Do it in Molly’s ass, do it,” he instructed, pulling out of her.

Molly smiled and lowered her head down so that her asshole was pointing straight up, gaping like a well. With her whole body shaking from the oncoming orgasm and the anal pounding, Rosemary stood up on the bed and moved over to Molly. Standing over her, she began awkwardly scissoring Molly in her bent-over position, grinding her quickly-moistening pussy against Molly’s gaping asshole. Selene was lying with her head between Molly’s thighs with her mouth open, waiting to catch any drops that came her way. Her ebony body shook with each powerful thrust Baltoh made into her pussy, fucking her with all his strength and loving the feeling of her warm soft interior. Rosemary was biting her lip and giving a shrill whine as she fingered her slit furiously, trying to satisfy everyone and bring forth another spray.

The group’s patience was rewarded once Rosemary had her orgasm, pairing it with a childish scream of happiness as a splash of climactic juices sprayed from between the petal lips of her snatch like the popping of a water balloon. Selene laughed as countless drops landed on her face and in her mouth and Molly was speechless from the indescribably kinky euphoria of the act as her ass overflowed from her pussy juice-enema.

“Oh my god, I think that is the sexiest thing that has ever happened to me,” Molly whispered, trying to keep from spilling any.

“Just wait,” Baltoh said as he stood up and then plunged his cock into her gaping ass in a single shove, forcing the fluids deep into her body and sending it splashing out from the pressure.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass!” she groaned as he began driving into her, using the liquid from Rosemary as lubricant to move through her easily.

As Baltoh began diving down into her like a buoy on the rough seas, Rosemary stood beside him, running her hand across his chest and fingering herself while they French kissed. Down below, Selene was hungrily licking Molly’s snatch and drinking the juices that were trickling from her asshole. To the wonderful music of her orgasms, Baltoh fucked Molly for ten straight minutes without slowing down or stopping to catch his breath. Once he pulled out of her, Rosemary was quick to lick her asshole clean and Selene took his cock in her mouth, sucking on it with gusto. As Rosemary licked Molly, she continued to finger herself, igniting another orgasm and spraying Selene at pointblank, to which she licked her lips with a smile on her face and rubbed it into her skin.

Grasping Baltoh’s hand, Selene pulled him down onto the bed where she hopped onto his lap, grinding her pussy against the shaft of his cock while she chewed on her lip in anticipation and gripped his shoulders. She then rose up, letting Baltoh enter the soft wet lips and get in nice and deep. With Baltoh’s cock right where it belonged, Selene began gyrating her hips, swinging her lower body so that her lover’s cock swept the inside of her pussy like a rolling pin. Oiled and shining like a polished mahogany table, Selene’s round ass clapped and jiggled against Baltoh’s thighs with each movement of her slender body. Beside them, Molly and Rosemary were interlocked and were sharing a very wet and enthusiastic kiss.

Holding Selene in his arms, Baltoh sat up with her body perpendicular to his, her legs wrapped around his torso and her hands looking for something to cling to. Holding her only with his arms, he began moving her whole body like a doorknocker, slamming her firm ass against his lap and fucking her nice and deep, drawing forth moans of pleasure with her angelic voice as he brought her so close to having another climax that just the excitement and anticipation was driving her more wild than an actual one.

After a quarter of an hour, he sensed that it was once again time to switch places. Gently lowering her down, he laid out the panting Selene on the bed and turned to Molly and Rosemary, who had already separated and were almost fighting each other over who’s turn it was to get fucked. Baltoh picked Molly first, holding himself above her in a push-up fashion with her legs around his waist and her pussy elevated.

Entering her with perfect aim, he began moving his body in a wave, sending a pendulous ripple through his legs and spine to pull out and then diving back into her on the return. After a few minutes, he switched to Rosemary, and while the two of them fucked, Molly moved over to her lesbian lover and began kissing Selene’s body, idolizing her beautiful form. Selene just smiled and hummed, relishing the feeling of Molly’s lips against her bare skin. This continued on for another quarter of an hour before Baltoh again decided that it was time to change places.

He rolled off of Rosemary and Molly quickly pounced on him, mounting his cock in the reverse-cowgirl position. Molly’s body shook as Baltoh’s cock stuffed her pussy to its maximum capacity and prepared herself as he lifted her up with his hands on her hips so that he would have room to maneuver. Driving up like a piston, Baltoh instantly began plowing Molly as his top speed, making her shriek in surprise and happiness as he moved faster than any human could. With her body stationary, Selene and Rosemary crawled up and each began sucking on her nipples, pulling on them with their lips and bathing them with their tongues. After five minutes, he lifted her up and pulled out of her, then reinserted his cock into her anus. Molly’s moans took a much lower and deeper hum as he began fucking her asshole with almost brutal speed, driving straight up into her shapely body without pause or hesitation.

After he gave Molly her umpteenth orgasm, Baltoh pulled out and rolled on his side, where he was instantly besieged by the cock-whore Rosemary, desperate for another anal pounding. Like before, Baltoh lifted her leg with his tail while spooning and began fucking her with a steady but powerful pace. Molly had her neck bent between Rosemary’s spread legs and was licking the corner of her pussy with Baltoh’s moving shaft rubbing against the tip. Selene was kneeling over Baltoh, running her hands across his body while he sucked on her breasts.

Once he regained his familiarity with the position, he was able to fuck Rosemary at full speed, but in order to keep this beat going, he had to turn his attention away from Selene. While Baltoh focused on fucking Rosemary, Selene lied down behind him, holding her body against his with her forehead pressed against the back of his neck. She had momentarily lost the desire for fucking, and now wanted nothing more than to feel Baltoh against her in a loving embrace.

As Rosemary soaked the bed with her orgasm, Baltoh pulled out of her, feeling her rectal muscles trying to expel his cock. Upon its removal, Rosemary got up and turned around, taking his cock in her mouth. While Rosemary diligently cleaned him off with her tongue and lips, Baltoh became aware of Selene holding onto him for dear life. Through their touch, he could sense her emotions, her loving desperation. The sexual momentum he had built up had slowed, the fire extinguished. As if Rosemary wasn’t even there, he pulled is cock from her soft mouth and turned to Selene, holding himself over her.

Gently, lovingly, he kissed her on the lips, making them both smile. “Hey, don’t think I forgot about you,” he whispered, brushing the back of his hand against her smooth cheek.

“I knew you didn’t,” she replied, returning the kiss.

“And I never will.”

He gently entered her and Selene began panting and moaning softly as Baltoh took a strong but slow pace. She was clawing at his back, unable to leave a mark on his steely skin as he touched all the right places at the perfect speed and in flawless succession in a way that only a true lover could. Watching them, Molly had a warm smile on her face from her envy of their relationship. She knew that the world they were in was all there own, and she should let them replenish their romantic privacy for a little bit. She then looked at Rosemary and giggled at the look of rejection of hunger for attention on her face.

Wrapping her arms around Rosemary, he pulled her aside to leave half of the bed to the two lovers. “Come here sweetheart, let me show you why 69 is my favorite number.”

Three hours and dozens of orgasms later, Baltoh, Selene, Rosemary, and Molly were scattered across the bed with the sheets tangled. The bed itself was now on the floor since the frame had been completely shattered. All four were soaked in the orgasmic juices of the three women, most of which came from Rosemary. Semen was EVERYWHERE. The walls had been painted, the ceiling splattered, and the women drenched. Baltoh was too exhausted to move and the pussies and asses of the three women were too bruised and beaten for them to even feel anything from the waist down.

“I think we’re going to need a new hotel room,” Baltoh said, half awake.

“And a long shower,” Selene added as she raised her semen-caked face off his chest.

“And some crutches,” Molly said, carefully touching her gaping anus and wincing from the swelling, bruises, and friction burns.

“And a confession,” Rosemary finished as she tried to free her hands from the handcuffs made from her panties.

“So, any luck in finding information on the Throne of Cinereo?” Gabriel asked, standing on an office building rooftop with Michael.

“No, and I hope we don’t find anything. The fewer lies and delusions we find on that blasphemous insult, the better.”

“Damn it, will you just get over this feud you have with him already!”

“I’ll never trust him. As long as Demon blood runs through his veins, he is the greatest threat to us and could easily be our downfall.”

“And what if he somehow finds the Throne of Cinereo before we do, what then?”

Michael sighed. “Then things will get REALLY complicated, even more so than they already are.”

“You mean with how people are looking at him now?”

Michael gave another sigh. “He’s no god, prophet, or messiah, yet I hear mutterings about him being worshipped wherever I go. He’s quickly becoming the subject of a cult following and there is no way to stop it. We are long past the use of memory wipes, the curtain has been lifted on the world. Now, it is not Jehovah the people are seeing behind that curtain, but an unpredictable vigilante without loyalties.”

The next night…

“Master, what are you doing?” Rosemary asked.

She and Baltoh were hovering beneath the city of New York, looking down into the fiery chasm that looked down into Hell. While on the surface, the space above and around the city was darkness with dim swirling lights like a faint aurora, underneath the city, the flames of Hell rising up through the Null Void between dimensions was like hovering next to the sun and getting blasted by a ceaseless solar flare. Above them, deluges of fire and heat were pounding the rocky island that the city was sitting on without pause like the choppy sea on a beach cliff. It was a miracle that the city hadn’t just been incinerated.

“I’m keeping watch for Titans and Masters of Torture. I know we would normally have Angels acting as lookouts, but we can’t afford letting one of those things get to the surface, not for a single second. If one of them comes, I’ll scare them off with one of my blasts,” he said without taking his eyes off of the burning storm below them.

Before Rosemary could respond, a chorus of roars as loud as the Krakatoa eruption reached them, making both Baltoh and Rosemary have to cover their ears. “Speak of the Devil, here they come!” he shouted, preparing to fire one of his blasts.

As his halo began spinning between the tips of his four wings, his enemies came into view in the inferno. They were five Titans, all swarming towards New York with blood lust. The first was a colossal millipede with the diameter of the Empire State building and a body well over two miles long. It had one great black eye and a mouth filled with scimitar-like fangs. The second resembled a moth but with large powerful legs, jagged wings spraying poison gas, a mat of quills instead of fur, and horns in place of its antennae. The third looked like a triceratops but with much longer and more flexible limbs, long claws and carnivorous fangs, and a pair of wings. The fourth looked like an eagle with its face hidden by a bone helmet and every wing as sharp and hard as a steel razor. The fifth had the appearance of a Gargoyle, but with wings burning with black flames and was just as large and powerful as any Titan.

With a roar of determination, Baltoh fired a warning shot down at the oncoming behemoths, using only as much power as a hydrogen bomb, a mere fraction of its full power. The Titans all dodged the blast with ease and came to a stop, realizing Baltoh was there.

“I’m only going to say this once: turn back. If you come near this city, I swear I will unleash every drop of energy I have in a single blast!”

“You can’t kill all of us!” The centipede Titan hissed.

“No, but whoever makes the first move will face oblivion! A couple of you might be able to dodge, but the others will die! Which of you is willing to make that sacrifice?” he roared with a demonic growl in his throat.

The Titans all shied away at his threat, giving one last spiteful roar before turning back and returning to the Lake of Fire.

Selene was lying in the bed of their repaired hotel room, moaning as she scissored Molly. Originally she had been waiting for Baltoh to return from guard duty, but when her friend and lesbian lover showed up with nothing to do and bored out of her mind, it didn’t take much to trigger a quick fling. With their soft wet pussies grinding and kissing each other, both women cried out in happiness as they had their final orgasm and fell backwards, their bodies trembling and their breasts heaving.

Panting heavily, Molly disengaged from Selene and lied down beside her, the two of them spooning while Molly kissed Selene’s neck, making her purr and hum from the soft touch.

“My, you sure are affectionate today,” Selene mused.

Molly stopped kissing her and became silent. “Selene, you know that I love you right? I truly do love you.”

With a small smile, Selene rolled over and gently brushed her lips against Molly’s. “I’ve always known, and I love you too. What’s wrong?”

Her friend and lesbian lover hesitated before speaking. “I know that you will always be the one that he cares about the most, his favorite, but I don’t care. I think I’ve fallen in love with Baltoh,” she said softly, unsure of what Selene’s reaction would be.

Selene just gained a wide warm smile and cupped Molly’s cheek. “That’s wonderful, when did this start?”

“Right after that first battle, I asked Baltoh to make love to me, I even asked him to say he loved me. I told him he didn’t have to mean it but…”

“Let me guess, it felt better than you thought it would, you’ve developed strong feelings for him ever since, and you want to hear him say it again.”

“Well we’ve been talking a lot since our first threesome so I’ve gotten to know him, not to mention he is the absolute greatest lover I’ve ever had. Listen, I know that you’ll always be the one that he cares about the most, but I just wish I could have what you have and be loved by him. I don’t want this to be a competition between us, I just want us all to be happy together.”

Selene leaned forward and kissed her. “Tell you what, if Baltoh has similar feelings for you, then you and I will be equals in this relationship. Besides, even if he doesn’t, we’re sure as Hell not going to stop inviting you to join us. We may even get Rosemary to join our little family, I’m sure starting to like her.”

“I love you.” Molly said with a sigh filled with relief.

“I love you too.”

The two women then leaned forward and kissed, letting their lips join over and over again in a wet synergistic bond while they ran their hands across each other’s naked bodies and their erect nipples brushed against each other over and over again. A sudden whoosh of air drew their attention and they looked over to the balcony as Baltoh landed and folded up his wings.

“Hey, how are my girls?” he asked with a smile as he stepped inside.

“Molly has something she needs to say,” Selene announced, putting her friend in the spotlight.

Nervous but encouraged by Selene and Baltoh’s words, Molly got to her feet, standing before Baltoh while completely naked. He already had a throbbing erection as he looked at her beautiful luscious body and Selene lying on the bed behind her.

“Baltoh…” Molly began, drawing his attention back to her. He looked deep into her eyes, noting the nervousness on her face. It was just like that time on the roof of the hospital. “Baltoh… I love you. I love you just as Selene loves you, and I’m hoping, praying, and wishing that you can love me just as you and I love her. I don’t care if you love her more than me. I don’t care if she is your favorite. I just want you to love me too.”

Baltoh held his breath and looked at Selene, who had only a warm smile on her face. Baltoh took a deep breath and looked back at Molly with uncertainty on his face. “I’m sorry, but I can’t love you the way I love Selene.”

Selene’s smile faded and Molly looked like she was about to burst into tears.
“But…” he began as he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes with a small but warm smile, “that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, in a completely unique way and in the bond that only you and I could share.”

Molly lit up like a Christmas tree and with Selene watching them with the same smile she would have while watching the happy ending of a love story, she and Baltoh wrapped their arms around each other and held a long passionate kiss.

“Welcome to the relationship,” Baltoh whispered as their lips finally separated it.
“Now, how about we consummate it. Come on, I’m horny!” Selene laughed.

With a similar girlish giggle, Molly climbed back up onto the bed, settling her naked body next to Selene’s. Giving a warm grin, Baltoh undressed and followed suit.

For the next two weeks, battles raged endlessly between the legions of Heaven and Hell in the streets of New York. As Gabriel had predicted, no more Masters of Torture attacked the city, obeying Tenebrous’ cautious will. However, they were not protected from rogue Titans attacking on their own. A total of six great behemoths attacked the city over the course of the siege, each time needing to be obliterated by one of Baltoh’s rage blasts. The defenders were lucky that Tenebrous had the loyalty and obedience of the bulk of the Titans, because if they all decided to attack at once, there would be no stopping them.

With every clash, the human and Angel population would take a heavy toll. More and more people were being recruited to fight the demonic threat as bodies were burned and slain friends and loved ones were mourned. In the concrete jungle of New York, it was impossible for bodies to be buried, and were instead cremated with holy flames until not even ash remained. The city streets were sticky with dried blood and reeked from the smell of buttered carcasses, and just keeping some sense of sanitation was requiring as much effort as healing and repairing. If the decreasing numbers had a silver lining it was that there were at least less mouths to feed.

After the battle against the Master of Torture and his Titan mount, the people viewed Baltoh in a new light and his message of prayer was taken literally among a large population of the human and Angel inhabitants. In the established shelters scattered throughout the city, countless small clusters of people could be found grouped together, all praying not to God or the Angels, but to Baltoh himself, as their new savior. Many revered him as the returning messiah and the savior of the world in the chaotic times.

To Baltoh, this meant nothing. He did not care if people worshipped him or not, for all that mattered to him was keeping them safe from the armies of darkness and fighting evil. In between battles, when he wasn’t healing the injured and repairing buildings, he was spending time and making love with Selene or Molly, together as often as separately. Rosemary was often included in their threesomes, though much of the time, the two of them were intimate without Selene and Molly, allowing Baltoh to cultivate his growing feelings and desires for her.

In a life that originally consisted solely of fighting and killing, Baltoh’s massive change in so short of time could easily be considered a miracle.

The oppressive aura of a Titan-level Demon woke Baltoh up from his restless slumber. Her glassy-smooth body pressed against his, Selene’s eyes bolted open as the malevolent presence weighed down on her like a two-hundred-pound straightjacket. Jumping from their bed, the two lovers quickly got dressed and leapt off the hotel room balcony, taking flight. Soaring across the city, Baltoh’s heart seemingly became still in his chest as he sensed multiple entities approaching Hell, all Masters of Torture and Titans. Was it possible that Tenebrous had given the order for them all to attack? Was he or one of the Princes of Hell leading them? Was everybody about to die?

New York suddenly began to shake as great fissure cracks opened up in the dry riverbed nearby with tongues of crimson fire leaping out. Falling into the abyss, large sections of the riverbed began to crumble, opening up a hole between the city and Hell. With a soul-crushing presence, over a dozen black dragons rose up from the fire, each as large as the two-headed wolf that had attacked New York before. Their scales looked like they were carved from obsidian glass and were just as sharp, their claws were an eerie and sickening shade of white similar to the face of a corpse, their red eyes glowed like bonfires, liquid shadow flames dripped from their colossal fangs instead of saliva, and their expansive wings were devoid of membranes, yet allowed them to hover. Riding on the backs of each dragon Titan like a flee on a dog stood a Master of Torture, each identical in appearance and power.

‘We can’t win; this is impossible. Even if I were to use one of my blasts, there is no way I would be able to kill more than a couple before the rest learned how to dodge,’ Baltoh thought to himself with the feeling of cold mercury running through his veins.

“Baltoh, what do we do?” Selene asked with her voice thick with fear.

Baltoh turned to her, working with every fiber of his being to suppress his own terror. He had to be strong, he had to brave, and he had to keep fighting for her, no matter what. “We’re going to win,” he said with all the confidence he could muster.

Baltoh and Selene met with all the Archangels at the bank of the river, already having summoned four Hope Beacons and prepared for battle. Among them were Molly and all of the Angels, knowing that their strength would be needed. However, instead of beginning their siege on the city, the Masters of Torture just hovered in place on their mounts, as if just waiting for something.

A minute passed before Baltoh had the courage to speak up. “Are you here to fight or not?!” he demanded with his halo between his wings, already gyrating to the point where it had turned into a sphere of light.

“No, we are just here for the show,” one of them hollered as he cleaned his talons without a care in the world.

“What show?” Selene asked.

“I’m guessing you don’t know the date. I shouldn’t be surprised, being down here in the darkness. Do you know what happened exactly one month ago?”

Everyone paled, realizing that the end time had come. The search for the Throne of Cinereo had drowned in the ocean of violence, and everyone had been too preoccupied with just staying alive to figure out a way to end the madness.

“The fireworks should start in three… two… one.”

Upon his countdown, the fence of Hellfire around New York flared upwards like a gas explosion, illuminating the city and shooting upwards as it began to shake wildly. Back on Earth, the dome of black smoke around where New York had been, the last barrier keeping the forces of Hell back, began to open up while the Hell flames surged up the shaft carved into the planet like a chimney fire. A hole opened up in the very top of the dome, and like a vacuum, the air and Hellfire was dragged out with an ear-splitting hiss, almost like a giant steam jet. A curtain of burning clouds began to expand outwards from above the state of New York, encompassing the globe with black lightning crackling and writhing like enraged snakes.

Watching the sky, everyone on Earth simultaneously fell to their knees, tears streaming down their faces as they realized that the end had come. No one disappeared and teleported to Heaven, for this was not the Day of Judgment prophesized in the Book of Revelations. This was merely the end of the world, brought on by the forces of darkness. In every country across the globe, people began praying desperately to every deity they could think of to save their souls as the wall between Earth and Hell opened up.

As the dome up on Earth opened up like a blossoming flower, the city of New York began to crumble away into oblivion as it entered the universe of Hell, being burned away like a meteor passing through Earth’s atmosphere. Out in the outskirts, buildings and city blocks were falling away into Hell with tidal waves of bloody fire surging upwards in their place. The city itself was being consumed by the inferno as the gateway was permanently carved out.

Michael and all the other Archangels fell to their knees, cursing themselves and fate. “We failed, the forces of Hell have bested us and brought about the end of the world. We were supposed to protect the universe and all life on every planet, but we couldn’t even protect one city. This is the end for us all, there is no stopping it or reversing it,” he said with bitter tears streaming down his face.

His whole body numb, Baltoh looked over to Selene, who was crying with her face in her hands. Molly was holding her tightly, and she too had tears running down her face. The sound of Selene’s tearful sobs pierced his heart like a rusty blade, hurting him more than any physical injury could. He stepped over to her and Molly moved aside, letting him kiss Selene on the forehead, causing her so slowly look at him with two glistening streaks on her cheeks.

“Always remember that everything I did was out of love for you. I love you Selene, you gave me a heart, and even though I was already half-Archangel, it was you that turned me to the light.”

“What are you going to do?”

Baltoh turned around and walked away, spreading his wings and widening his stance. Everyone looked up at him. “I’m going to gamble everything and challenge fate,” he said, placing his hands on the iron shackles and rosary chains around his wrists.

“Are you mad?! You know that will kill you!” Raphael shouted.

“I know! But the power boost may be just enough to let me change the situation! If I can’t seal the portal, I can at least try to slow it down and take as many Demons as I can with me!”

He hooked his fingers underneath the beaded cords and metal bonds, and as he gently pulled on them, the air became heavy with energy and drew the attention of the Masters of Torture. Realizing what he was about to do, they drew their swords and leapt from their mounts, terrified of what would happen.

“Stop him! He must not break those bonds!” one of them shouted.

“Whether I live or die, I will never allow evil to win!” Baltoh shouted.

“Baltoh, no!” Selene tearfully cried as he ripped the bonds off like paper bracelets.

The second they broke, everyone was tossed through the air like ragdolls as a geyser of black and gold light surged up around Baltoh from his broken bonds. A wave of power surged out from his body like a supernova, washing over all of New York and halting its annihilation. Clinging to the ground for dear life, Selene and the Archangels looked up at Baltoh, who could barely be seen in the howling tornado of power. Over the sound of wave after wave of energy surging out from him, everyone could hear Baltoh roaring at the top of his lungs as power swept through every fiber of his being.
In the air, all the Masters of Torture were being held in the clutches of their Titan mounts, having been caught when the surge in energy sent them flying back. They were all watching the growing tornado of power, filled with terror as the light and dark energy of the maelstrom fused together into a neon-silver torrent, expanding like a twisting gas explosion.

“That energy, it’s not possible! He fused Archangel and Demon powers together into a whole new force!” Michael shouted.

“What do you mean?” Raphael cried out, clinging to a street post so as not to be blown away.

The surging power interrupted their conversation, but Rosemary was able to answer the question in her mind. ‘The breaking of the shackles and rosary chains, they are releasing so much power in his body that they are being forced to bond together, like gas being compacted to the point of becoming a liquid! It’s not possible; his body should have been ripped apart instantly from the sheer pressure and mass of the energy building up inside of him! By breaking both his shackles and his rosary beads, it’s like they are canceling out each other’s negative affects and leaving him unharmed! His powers aren’t just being added together; they are being multiplied by each other! He figured out how to do it! He figured out how to transcend past his—‘

Even her inner thoughts were silenced as the tornado of neo-silver surged outwards, encompassing all of New York with blinding intensity and completely consuming it. The great fiery deluge of power continued to grow, surging upwards through the Void between dimensions and crashing against the barrier between the world of the living and Hell. Like the Hellfire before it, the neo-silver energy coursed down the doorway carved into the Earth, moving through the shaft in the mantle and crust like a geyser. Topside, everyone was in the process of evacuating the area formerly around New York to escape the spraying Hell flames, but they were stopped dead in their tracks as the remnants of the dome of black smoke shattered like glass and a brilliant gale of power surged out like an atomic explosion.

Moving at hundreds of miles per second, the twisting torrent of energy consumed the landscape, leaving it undamaged as it grew. Up in space, astronauts observing the planet from orbiting satellites watched in awe as the metaphysical typhoon of light wrapped around the state of New York, New England, the eastern coast, all of America, and the entire western hemisphere, all while increasing in height as well and reaching up into space. In less than a minute, the Earth and the gyrating power eruption looked like a boulder with a full-sized oak tree growing out of the side.

Across Earth, tectonic plates grinded against each other wildly and disfigured the outer layers of the planet, the sea formed undulating tidal waves across its surface, and the clouds became great spinning typhoons. Fueled by the energy being given off, stars across the universe shined with greater brilliance than ever before in their existence and black holes became like pearls as they were bombarded by more energy they could absorb. Around the globe, the flaming clouds of black lightning were swept aside and extinguished by pulsing auroras of light and power surging out from the towering deluge like the burning shockwaves of a nuclear explosion. People continued praying but at new speed and with fresh passion, believing this to be the work of a god. For the first time, they were right.

Her eyes screwed shut to block out the blinding light, Selene held onto the ground for dear life as wave after wave of power swept over her like a tsunami. She felt so close to Baltoh, like his face was and inch from hers and their lips were just above to touch. Tears streaked her face, but she did not know why, as something in her soul told her that everything was going to be ok. “Do it, my love,” she whispered.

In the very heart of the storm, Baltoh continued his shout of exertion as he tried to process everything that was happening to him. The strength and power he felt flooding his body and mind were unlike anything he had ever experienced, comparing his original hybrid powers to this would be like comparing the energy of a lit candle to the gamma ray burst of the death of a star. While unlimited power entered his body, knowledge and understanding flooded his mind, bringing forth omnipotence and unparalleled wisdom, allowing him to fully understand what was happening and the transformation that was taking place.

In Heaven and Hell, Jehovah and Tenebrous looked up in shock, sensing what they originally thought was impossible. Against all odds, a new entity had joined their league, one with equal if not greater power than their own. They were witnessing the birth of a new omega deity, one who would change the status quo in a way that the three universes had never before experienced, filling them both with wonder and dread.

Finally, the neon-silver supernova receded and calmed, collapsing in on itself and being reabsorbed into Baltoh. With their whole bodies shaking, everyone got to their feet blinked repeatedly to mend their eyesight and looked around wildly. Finally spotting Baltoh, all the Archangels fell to their knees, with many proceeding to bow down.

Baltoh’s body had completely changed, having undergone a physical transformation with the process. His clothes had gone from dark grey to a deep blue, his dark hair had become blond, and his pale complexion had become a healthy tan. His claws were gone, having been replaced with small metal plates that protruded from his flesh and covered his knuckles and backs of his fingers and hands like tiles. His tail was also missing. Instead of horns or a halo, he had a miniature galaxy rotating above his head. His four wings had fused together into a hooded trench coat, made of no fabric ever known and carrying the shimmering appearance of the cosmos, with the stars, nebulae, and bright clouds of dust and gas shifting and rotating as if it were instead a window looking at space itself. Last but not least, his eyes had changed as well, with his sclera turning into a rippling cascade of neon-silver rings, all stretching out from his golden irises.

“Baltoh? Is that really you?” Selene asked with her voice trembling and her body refusing to move.

With the most warm and peaceful expression to ever cross her face, he turned to her and smiled, freeing her body from the mental paralysis her worry had inflicted and filling her with relief and happiness. He then began to walk over to her, with every step he took causing the ground around him to shiver and for a soft deep hum to be heard, like the sound of a submarine at the risk of being crushed by the ocean. Crouching down before Selene, he leaned forward and gently kissed her. Selene’s eyes widened as her brain was overpowered by the joy of a thousand simultaneous orgasms, while a projection of the birth of the universe and all of its history was played for her mind’s eye, all in a single second.

“Does that answer your question?” he whispered when her lips finally parted.

Selene darted forward, kissing him wildly in refusal to let the pleasure end. Baltoh just smiled and held her in his arms with their lips dancing against each other.

“Is it possible? Can that really be you Baltoh?” Michael asked as he slowly walked over with his voice weak.

With his grin widening, Baltoh separated from Selene and stood up. His lover instantly began to tremble at the end of her kiss, as if going through a substance withdrawal. “It is really me; in the flesh.”

“I’ll be the decider of that!” one of the Masters of Torture snarled as he appeared above Baltoh with his sword in hand.

With a monstrous roar, he brought down the guard-less broadsword down towards Baltoh’s head, but before it even made contact, the Demon was thrown back with his body dematerializing, as if every molecule in his existence was simultaneously snapped. Everyone watched in shock in awe as an invisible force cast the Master of Torture aside with his body vaporizing. Baltoh had slain the almighty warrior without even acknowledging his existence. It was as if by universal law, beings not of Baltoh’s level of divinity were forbidden to touch him without his allowance, and the almighty Master of Torture had just realized the punishment for breaking that law.

“Now, does anyone require more proof?”

“Retreat!” one of the Masters of Torture howled before leaping onto the back of his shadow dragon and steering it back into Hell, followed by all his comrades desperately wanting to get away.

“Master, what happened to you?” Rosemary asked.

“A miracle. Not once did I think that breaking the bonds would allow me to attain the Throne of Cinereo; I was fully prepared to die just then. By combining the powers of shadow and light together into a single almighty force, it seems I was able to transcend into a higher being and achieve the mantle of a god. Here, let me show you.”

He snapped his fingers and everyone fell to their knees as New York was suddenly jerked straight up, flying through the Void at breakneck speeds. Without any transition, the empty space and pale swirling lights were replaced with the stone shaft that the city had carved when it sank through the Earth. As it rose, the shaft below it closed like a wound and the city was fully repaired. Approaching the surface, the city slowed down and was gently elevated to the top of the shaft, sitting back where it used to with the blue clear sky overhead.

Throughout the city, everyone crawled out of their shelters and looked at the sky and the white clouds, listened to the sound of the river filling back up, and smelled the fresh air. As one, every human and Angel raised their hands and cheered in the joy of victory. They had won; they had been saved from destruction.

“Baltoh… you did it! You repaired the barrier!” Selene exclaimed, looking up at the sun.

“Yes, the precipice between Cinereo and Hell is once again solid and absolute. I even strengthened it, so that no Devil or Gargoyle may ever cross over, even if summoned by humans. Never again shall the legions of Hell be any threat to this universe or its life forms. The barrier between this universe and Heaven has also been reinforced, so that not even the forces of Heaven or Jehovah may enter this realm or Hell without my permission. As the Celestial Avatar, their powers cannot override my laws.”

“So… is it over? Is everything done?” Raphael asked, unable to believe that not only was the battle over, but that the need for Angels and Archangels was now completely obsolete.

“No, it is not over. There is still one thing I must do,” Baltoh said, turning away from everyone.

“What could you possibly still need to do?” Gabriel asked.

“I must go down to Hell and return it to the way it is supposed to be. The purpose of Hell is to punish the wicked in the name of justice, not serve as the torture dungeon of existence and house and raise the forces of evil. Tenebrous and his demonic legions have corrupted Hell with their dark ambitions and must be taken care of once and for all. I was born from hatred and the desire to exterminate evil, and now I finally have the power to do it and bring justice to the whole of existence.”

“Then I’m coming with you,” Selene said with equal determination.

Baltoh regained his smile and gave her a soft kiss. “Even as a god, I know that I cannot stop you.”

“If Selene is going, then I’m going. Besides, I love you too,” Molly said, walking over and kissing her and Baltoh.

Rosemary took a deep breath and pulled off the crucifix around her neck. “I’m coming as well. You have my heart, my loyalty, and my allegiance. From this point forward, I am not an Archangel of Jehovah, but a servant of the Celestial Avatar,” she said, drawing harsh glares and gasps disbelief from her former coworkers. She then walked over and kissed Baltoh, standing by his side.

Gabriel cracked a grin. “There is no way I’ll abandon Jehovah and I’m certainly not going to kiss you, but I will join you for this final quest. Count me in.” He said, walking over to him and shaking his hand.

“If there is a place where I am needed, then that is where I shall go. I shall fight by your side in Hell,” Raphael said as he joined the group and shook Baltoh’s hand.

All the other Archangels gave similar calls of agreement as they walked over and stood beside Baltoh. Before long, only Michael was separate from the group, staring at them all with indecisiveness.

“Michael, this may be the last time you draw you’re sword. Don’t you want it to happen while fighting side by side with your friends?” Baltoh asked with a smile, holding out his hand. Several seconds passed by, with only the wind and the river audible.

Finally, Michael walked over and shook Baltoh’s hand. “Alright, onward to Hell.”

Chapter 12

Baltoh and the others were hovering in the sky above the coast of the Isle of the Damned, a continent about the size of England and surrounded by a flat sea of Hellfire, burning for eternity and stretching forth without borders. Above them was a sky filled solely with crimson clouds and black lightning, forever stirring in a windless hurricane. Down below on the barren landscape of the Isle of the Damned lay burning fields, lakes of bubbling magma, forests of undead trees, and millions of people getting raped and tortured by the Gargoyles and Sinners of Hell, all in the most brutal and cruel ways possible. But no matter how much the people suffered, they would not die or even lose consciousness. Their bodies would continue to regenerate instantly so that they could continue to suffer.

Among the people being tortured and used like slaves, there were those who were desperately fighting against the Gargoyles and Sinners. With rusty swords and guns cast from Hellsteel, they fought for their freedom against their tormenters, running across the apocalyptic landscape in fear and terror while desperately trying to escape from pain, if only for a short time.

“Oh my god, this is horrible,” Selene gasped, clutching Baltoh’s hand and trying not to vomit or cry.

“These are the Burning Pastures of the Isle of the Damned, the first zone of Hell. This is where new prisoners appear and where escaped prisoners flee to in the hopes of some form of safety. It is a battlefield, with the deceased souls fighting in and endless and hopeless war in order to escape their torment and punishment. Considering how this is always a battlefield, it’s not surprising that it is also part of the Circle of Wrath. It is here that we shall begin.”

“What are we doing?” Raphael asked.

“We are going to free the unjustly punished. There are far too many prisoners here, innocent souls cursed for all eternity for minor infractions and sins. I may have been born from hatred, but I am still far more merciful and driven by justice than your God.

Celestial Art: Crusading Legions Summoning!” he called with his voice carrying across the Isle of the Damned.

Down on the shores of the Isle of the Damned, hundreds of thousands of suits of armor began to materialize, made of glistening blue metal and indestructible silver that glowed like the stars. Protruding from their backs were large wings that seemed to be made out of mercury while in their hands were bladed weapons that were as long as cars and consisted of a long crescent blade—almost like an arch—with a handle stretching between the two points, parallel to the spine of the blade. The weapon was designed to be held with both hands far apart, for a powerful offense and defense.

“What are those? I’ve never seen a spell like that performed,” Rosemary asked in wonder.

“They are my Crusaders, summoned with a spell that I myself invented from the power of the cosmos. Cinereo is the universe from which Heaven and Hell budded off from and its energy was both the architect and materials from which Archangel and Demon spells were formed. Having acquired the Throne of Cinereo, I now have the power to create new celestial spells.”

Without anyone inside of them, the suits of armor marched across the burning fields in formation. Echoing throughout the Isle of the Damned, their synchronized footfalls shook the ground and echoed through Hell. As they came upon the sadistic Gargoyles, they slew them like machines without mercy, swinging their massive blades and carving through bone and flesh with ease. They trekked through the pastures of fire, slashing and cleaving every Gargoyle in their way. Every time they came upon a human soul, they would scan the soul to identify whatever it was that had banished that person to Hell, and if the person received their sentence through a serious crime like rape, theft, adultery, or unjust murder, then they were left behind. But if they were only guilty of small harmless sins, then the suits of armor would open up like blossoming flowers and envelope the prisoner. Fused with the suit of armor, the condemned soul would be given great strength and power, even beyond Archangels. With this new strength, the prisoners became the new Crusaders.

A great shadow filled the crimson sky as an army of Demons appeared, bringing forth Conjuring Necropolises and Graveyards of the Damned to instantly summon thousands of Gargoyles and Sinners to recapture the prisoners of Hell. With this new challenge, the Crusaders began to pick of speed. Half of them took flight while the rest charged towards the Gargoyles.

A loud roar echoed from deep within the Isle of the Damned as well as across the burning sea as Titans and Bleaks began to arise. They were of all types, creeds, and forms, ranging from black dragons, demonic birds, nightmarish insects, colossal Gargoyles, towering four-legged beasts with monstrous physical characteristics, and countless other animals that were large enough to trample a city and were adorned with horrifyingly demonic appearances.

With a snap of his fingers, Baltoh summoned suits of armor for all of the Archangels, as well as Selene and Molly. Without even knowing what was going on, everyone was swallowed by their suit of armor as it wrapped around them like Venus flytraps. Unlike the freed prisoners below, their helms looked like a mix of a welding mask and a futuristic motorcycle helmet, with their halos burning in the center of a large golden fireball that hovered above their heads, something that the others did not have.

Their armor also had a much sleeker and more form-fitting design, with gold lining every plate and an emblazoned cross on the chest plate. On top of liquid metal chassis, each piece and plate fit together like reptilian scales but with full solid protection like regular armor plating. For the men, their armor had a certain bulkiness, while the women’s armor was more slender and flexible, while still consisting of large solid plates. Hanging sheathed from their belts were their swords, each remade with greater durability and cutting power.

For Molly, Rosemary, and Selene, there armor was even more unique. Instead of being consumed by a golden fireball, their halos had been completely replaced with miniature solar systems, quite similar to the entire miniature galaxy above Baltoh’s, and each with a real egg-sized star and ten planets orbiting around it, five going around in one direction and five going in the other. While retaining their gold lining, the plates of their armor had changed in color, switching from pearly white to a very deep and dark blue and decorated with patterns of small diamonds that looked like stars. Instead of a cross like the others, their chest plates had been adorned with Baltoh’s own personal crest: two infinity symbols overlapping at the center perpendicularly with a sun within each loop. Last but not least, their wings themselves had gained a new form, gaining a mercury membrane in place of their feathers.

Obeying their will, everyone’s helmet opened up and folded back as they looked at their armor in amazement, feeling their power levels skyrocket. Selene, Molly, and Rosemary were the most shocked at their new transformation.

“That armor has just increased your speed, strength, and power up beyond my former level. Consider it a gift, and they appear and disappear whenever you want them to. Selene, Molly, and Rosemary, you three have just been turned over from the realm of Angels to become my Celestial Valkyries. You three now have the ability to harness the powers of the universe and elements as your spells, and knowledge of how to use them will come naturally. With these enhancements, I believe I can leave these Titans to you while I take on the guy approaching our position.”

“Who?” Gabriel asked as he flexed his fingers, more than satisfied with the maneuverability. Before Baltoh answered, a huge flaming mushroom cloud formed deep in land, as if the world’s most powerful atomic bomb had just been detonated. Everyone watched in horror and gagged as they felt a dark and heavy sense of dread as a malicious energy weighed down upon them.

“Satan, the first Hell Prince and caster of judgment upon the new arrivals. Oh look, here he comes now. Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick, just make sure you take tare of those Titans,” Baltoh said calmly, as if bored. As he spoke, the crushing presence of the approaching Hell Prince was swept aside, freeing everyone of their dread and returning their excitement and enthusiasm.

Reassured by Baltoh’s words, everyone nodded and split up, giddy and desperate to try their new strength.

As a building-sized Gargoyle began to charge a Dark Pulse, a Crusader charged towards it. She had been locked in hell for three hundred years and was glad to have the power to fight back. The beast released the blast, tearing apart the infertile ground and barely missing the armored fighter. The Crusader jumped into the air and imbedded one of the two ends of her weapon into the top of its skull and making sure not to lose any momentum or to pull the blade out of its cranium, she pole-vaulted over it, using her blade to cut its head in half down the middle. As she ran down its back, her blade cut down its neck, into the chest, and carved right through its black heart. The beast fell over dead with its brains and blood spilling out onto the arid soil.

A Demon flew towards a Crusader like a striking eagle, skimming just over the ground with a spear in her hand. She reached out to stab the Crusader, but he blocked with his weapon, granted more than enough strength by his armor to face the sentient conglomerate. Using his newly-gained power, the Crusader reached out and grabbed the Demon by the throat and slammed her down into the ground with devastating power, making her cough blood from all the shredded channels and veins in his throat. The Crusader stood up and lifted his bow-shaped sword and swung it down onto the Demon, cutting her in half down the middle.

A Crusader flew through the air around a colossal Gargoyle that was sending down waves of shadow fire into Baltoh’s armies. The creature noticed the freed prisoner, but acted like it was a mere fly. Taking the initiative, the Crusader flew by its wing and cut right through the membrane of leathery flesh that allowed it to keep flight. The Gargoyle roared in pain and began to plummet out of the sky with the soldier standing on its back. The Gargoyle reached up with its tail to try and smash the Crusader, but he dodged with ease before he raised his weapon and slashed the beast across the back of the neck.

The Gargoyle roared in pain but still had control of its body. It struggled to flap its wounded wing, but it could not take flight. Just before it crashed into the ground, the Crusader imbedded his weapon in the gash in the back of the Gargoyle’s neck. The dark behemoth landed in a burning field, tossing soil and stone into the air, and the impact drove the soldier’s weapon into its neck, cutting off its head.

All of Hell began to shake as fissures opened up in the ground. Fire poured out of the gaps in the earth and huge skeletal hands reached out. Slowly, thirteen Bleaks crawled out and stood towering over the army of Crusaders. The Bleaks opened their jaws and released several Dark Pulses into the landscape, destroying the weaker Gargoyles and the Crusaders without any distinction.

“Come on, Molly! Let’s take care of them!” Selene said as she flapped her liquid metal wings and shot towards the giant skeletons.

“Don’t start without me!” Molly laughed as she held out her hand and materialized her own huge cleaver.

With their long hair hanging out of the back of their helmets and whipping around a they flew, the two women zoomed over to the Bleaks, desperate for battle. Molly was the first to reach the group and instinctively attacked the skeleton closest to her. With a roar of determination, she spun around in the air and swung the arch blade with all of her strength, imbedding the edge in the corner of the Bleak’s left eye socket. Instantly, cracks formed across its skull like a spider web and its whole cranium shattered in a bright explosion, as if the blade had been lined with claymore mines.

“You stupid whore!” one of the Bleaks howled as it opened its jaws and began charging a Dark Pulse.

Moving faster than a speeding bullet, Selene shot up along beside the Bleak and delivered a devastating kick right to its spine between its ribcage and its pelvis, crippling it with ease. The gargantuan monster roared in agony as it fell and looked up, inadvertently releasing its Dark Pulse into the sky. But before it could hit the ground, Selene zoomed straight up and shot right through its skull like a living bullet, ending the Bleak’s life.

Hovering in the air, Selene swerved to the side as several Bleaks reached out to grab her, followed by Molly who came along and cut off all their hands with her cleaver. Falling back to plan her next movie, Selene gasped as she felt a ripple of knowledge flow through her mind. Instructions for a spell were entering her subconscious as if it wanted to be cast. Memorizing the instructions, she began to dredge up her energy, feeling it naturally direct and organize itself.

Driven by unstoppable instincts, she pointed her hand and called out, “Celestial Art: Lighting Obliteration!”

Answering her call, a crackling bolt of pure electricity erupted from her palm, as strong if not stronger than a Divinity Ray. Unlike the Blessed Lightning spell used by Archangels, this was true elemental electric power, not an imitation made of holy energy. Moving almost at the speed of light, the massive surge struck a Bleak in the center of its chest, shattering its ribs and severing its spine. As the dying monstrosity began to buckle, she fired again, this time blasting off the top of its skull.

“Celestial Art: Tornado Scythe!” Molly hollered.

Glowing like neon gas, silver wind wrapped around her bow-shaped sword and howled as she raised it above her head. With a roar of confidence, she threw the weapon at cluster of Bleaks and it was instantly wrapped in a flashing tornado. The pillar of glowing wind charged into the trio of skeletons and knocked them back like a charging bull. As they fell to their ground, every bone in their body split into dozens of flawlessly-cut sections, as if they had all been hit with a net of laser beams. The blade returned to Molly like a boomerang and she gained a wide smile underneath the tinted glass visor of her helm. She finally had the true strength to avenge her own death.

Selene smiled as well, sensing Molly beginning to gain a certain competitiveness with her. Not wanting to be outdone, she pointed her palms at two Bleaks that were lumbering towards her. “Celestial Art: Cosmic Crush!”

As the Bleaks opened their jaws to launch a barrage of Dark Pulses, their bodies began to shake violently. In an ear-splitting crash, they were suddenly yanked down as if by a weighted leash and crashed into the ground, shattering on impact. Selene had increased the force of gravity on their bodies, multiplying their own weight by more than ten fold and crushing them with it.

“Celestial Art: Star Birth!” she then called, pointing at one of the Bleaks that Molly had dismembered.

Firing from the tip of her finger, a sphere of red light shot across the open space and hit its mark on the Bleak’s forehead, passing harmlessly through the bone and entering its skull. Selene cracked a smile and the Bleak spontaneously erupted into a flaming mushroom cloud, originating from inside its head. The spell she had just used mimicked the fiery fusion process that takes place in stars, causing a small-scale nuclear explosion inside the beast. It was basically a firecracker compared to the nuclear explosions caused by atomic bombs, being only strong enough to annihilate a city block. She pointed at two more Bleaks and killed them in the same way, obliterating them form the inside out with small nuclear explosions.

“Celestial Art: Meteor Obliteration!” Molly cast, holding out her hands.

From the ground, a volcanic boulder was pulled free and flew up to Molly. She pressed her hands against it and the boulder instantly disappeared, moving at almost 70 km/sec, about the same speed as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The boulder hit one of the Bleaks in the center of its chest, creating a sonic boom in the air that instantly reduced its entire body to dust. The meteor shot off across the Isle of the Damned, barely being pulled by the planet’s gravitational pull. By the time it left the continent, it had finally fallen enough to touch the planet, and it would only have one chance before shooting off into the completely empty space. For a split second, it skimmed across the burning sea, but that light touch was more than enough to rocket a tidal wave of fire out of orbit. The flaming cloud was almost as large as the planet itself and Hell shook wildly from the light yet sudden impact.

She called forth another boulder and launched it at another Bleak. The giant managed to sidestep to avoid physical contact, but even without touching the flying boulder, the sonic boom of its momentum created a shockwave in the air that shattered the entire right side of its body in a fraction of a second. As the slain beast crumbled like demolished building, Molly looked over to Selene, who had just killed her sixth Bleak with another bolt of lightning.

The two friends looked at each other and then to the final Bleak, too stubborn to run away. Moving at hyper speed, they both charged towards the skeleton, both wanting to beat the other in Demon-killing and have the higher score. The Bleak was just about to launch a Dark Pulse at the two women when they appeared in front of it, pulled back their arms, and simultaneously punched it in the face with enough power to destroy its head.

With the Bleaks taken care of, the women both gave the mental command to retract their helmets and their armor obeyed, opening up the protective gear like the opening of a puzzle box. With warm smiles on their faces, Selene and Molly leaned forward and kissed.

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Michael thundered as he flew towards the millipede Titan that Baltoh had encountered earlier.

The gargantuan creature had its body raised out of the burning sea and was launching a stream of acid from its fanged mouth. With a roar, Michael punched the Titan in the middle of its body with all of his strength, sending a catastrophic shockwave through its body. The mass of Demon spirits howled in pain as every blood vessel in its long body ruptured and its eye popped like a paint balloon. Had Michael tried to do that to a Titan before, even while casting the spell, he would have probably just been laughed at and then devoured.

Blind and in agony but still very much alive, the Titan hissed and launched a Dark Pulse powerful enough to obliterate a mountain range. With golden flames automatically burning along the blade, Michael swung his sword and cut through the blast, protecting himself from its destructive power like Moses parting the Red Sea. Once the blast finally trickled to a stop, Michael raised his sword and gripped it with both hands. With blinding intensity, the golden flames around the blade surged upwards, multiplying in size over a hundred times every second.

Even without its eye and swimming in a sea of fire, the Titan was filled with dread as it sensed the colossal energy within the golden flames. At its pique, the sword was the route of a golden burning tornado, larger than any tornado on Earth. Filled with confidence, Michael swung his sword like an executioner, launching it in a crescent blade at the Demon.

“Angel Art: Burning Moon Slice!” he bellowed as the blast slammed into the Titan, ripping its head and the upper half of its body in half.

“Angel Art: Spear of Destiny,” Gabriel said, holding his hand out to the helmeted eagle launching boat-sized steely feathers at him.

Upon his command, over a hundred rays of light began firing from his hand, each bending and straightening out with the golden voulge blade at the ends leading them. The blades of energy and the giant wings collided with each other like bullets in the air. Such a feat was impossible without the armor that Gabriel had been granted.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter.”

Moving so fast that his speed was second only to teleportation, he appeared behind the Titan without ending his original spell. The eagle looked back and saw Gabriel a nanosecond before hundreds of massive energy blades bombarded it all at once, knocking out of the sky like a Frisbee hit with ten loads of buckshot. It plummeted towards the burning sea with the endless stream of blades striking it with unstoppable power and literally chopping it to pieces. It was dead long before it landed in the flames.

“Angel Art: Enlightenment Flash!” Raphael called, giving off a radiant flare that was brighter than the sun.

The mountain-sized Gargoyle recoiled at the bright light and shielded its eyes, giving Raphael the perfect opportunity to swing his sword and lop off one of its hands in a single slash. The Titan howled in agony and clutched the bleeding stump as the severed hand fell into the burning sea with a massive splash. Spinning around, the Titan swung his tail in an attempt to knock the pesky fly back so that he could recover, but Raphael stopped the massive attack with one hand as he were swatting aside a moth, proceeding then to slice it off with only one movement of his sword.

“Demon Art: Monster Slash!” the Titan roared, raising its one good hand and then bringing it down with all of its strength, launching five invisible edges that were each powerful enough to cut through a tectonic plate.

“Angel Art: Gates of Heaven,” Raphael calmly hummed, holding out his sword.

Before the slashes could reach him, a golden gate, as large as the front of Mt. Rushmore, materialized before him and blocked the attack. With the holy energy that the gate was radiating with, the invisible blades couldn’t even slip between the bars.

“Angel Art: Ultimate Penitence.”

Before the Titan could even realize what has happened to it, a wooden cross that was twice as large as the Empire State Building fell out the sky and struck it in the back, piercing it through with its intense weight and blasting its black heart right through its chest.

“Celestial Art: Crushing Sea!” Rosemary shouted as she dodged the Dark Pulse of a tiger Titan with a mat of quills on its back.

Above her, a building-sized sphere of water appeared in the air and suddenly began to spray out into a thunderous waterfall, as if it were and inter-dimensional drain that lead to the bottom of an ocean. The deluge splashed down onto the Burning Pastures, extinguishing the flames and slamming into the Titan as a powerful tidal wave. Vast clouds of steam rose up into the sky as the water poured across the barren countryside and put out all the flames before reaching the coast of the burning sea. Flapping their wings, the Crusaders all took to the air to dodge the devastating tsunami as it snatched up the Gargoyles and Sinners and pulverized them.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” the tiger snarled as it tried to hold its footing against the ceaseless flood. The surging surface of the water was further disrupted as dozens of huge skeletal hands reached out like leaping sharks, stretching like rubber to grab Rosemary.

“Celestial Art: Stone Jaws!” she called with her heart burning with confidence and power.

Intercepting the bony hands, great daggers of earth burst from the ground in the midst of the growing arms, crushing them like twigs in the claws of lobsters.

“Celestial Art: Lightning Obliteration!” she called, launching a devastating bolt of electricity down into the water.

The Titan howled and snarled in agony as it was electrocuted with enough energy to power an entire state. Bridges of electricity arched between its quills, its flesh peeled and melted off its body, and smoke wafted from his mouth as its insides burned. It fell to its knees, letting the endless tidal wave wash over it, but Rosemary was not done yet.

“Celestial Art: Crystal Ice Ray!” she shouted, swinging her arm in rotation and drawing a large ring in the air with her own energy.

Once the ring was completed, the air within it glowed brightly with a blue shade and shined like the stars. With a roar, the tiger Titan burst from the surface of her sea, claws barred and black fire burning between its jaws. With a roar of determination, Rosemary slammed her palm against the middle of the ring, launching a blast of sapphire-shaded energy that was six feet in diameter. The blast struck the Titan in the chest, instantly freezing it and the entire forming sea.

With the beast and the flood now a giant ice carving, Rosemary shot towards it with her fist pulled back. Reaching the frozen Titan, she reached out and punched it on the nose with all of her strength. Simultaneously, the entire frozen structure exploded into icy powder, killing all the Demons and Gargoyles trapped inside.

The battle suddenly became silent as a deafening roar shook the Isle of the Damned, forcing everyone but Baltoh to cover their ears to try and block the crippling noise. In the distance, a flaming comet could be seen approaching, flying like a mortar shell before crashing into the ground in front of everyone and burning away all the ice and debris with a wave of fire. Standing in the flames arose a gargantuan creature, large enough to snap up a Titan in its jaws and kick aside a mountain like an exercise ball. It was Satan, the first Hell Prince and the Mascot of Wrath.

The son of Tenebrous had the legs of a goat with huge stomping hooves, red fur that was matted with blood, huge powerful arms lined with blades, serrated claws that were twice as long as his fingers, massive wings that could obscure the sky, curled bull-like horns, and a face that seemed like a mix of a jackal’s and a Gargoyle’s. Everyone stared in horror at the colossal monstrosity, towering over everything they had come to know and fear.

“So the vigilante returns. Normally you would flee to the world of the living at the smallest sign of my approach. It seems that you have gained some new powers, but it does not matter, you always were and always will be nothing compared to me.” Satan laughed.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I have transcended to the level of the gods and gone far past your puny world. You, the Hell Prince of Wrath, is no more of a threat to me than a dying maggot,” Baltoh calmly taunted, with his coat billowing in the arid breeze.

“We’ll see about that! Demon Art: Apocalypse Eruption!” Satan roared as he opened his jaws and began charging a scarlet blast so powerful that only beings of the position of Hell Prince and higher could use it.

Everyone was brought to their knees by the crushing weight of the energy it was giving bahis şirketleri off, energy so dark and powerful that it could kill a city of people just through its ambient existence. The blast itself was so powerful that if launched from the sun during a full alignment, it would obliterate every planet in the solar system. Even after everything she had seen, Selene was filled with dread and fear for Baltoh as the radiance of the blast made her feel like she was going to die.

“Baltoh, move!” she shrieked before Satan released the beam.

With its launch initiated by a full-on nuclear explosion going off between his jaws, Satan fired the colossal beam of blood-red energy with almost ten times the strength as Baltoh’s old rage blast. The energy washed over the Celestial Avatar like a flood of magma and surged out over the ocean of fire, sending burning tidal waves in all directions that could consume entire countries. Flying out from the planet due to its curvature, the beam shot deep into the empty space, soaring for several seconds before detonating in an explosion that looked like a supernova.

“Funny that you call me a dying maggot, when you’re the one who is dead!” Satan cackled as the smoke cleared.

“I was wrong,” Baltoh’s voice echoed.
Satan’s eyes widened in terror and everyone gasped, unable to believe that someone, even Baltoh, could take a blast like that head-on and survive. The smoke and dust cleared, revealing that he was completely unharmed.

“If that’s the best you can do, then you are even lower than a dying maggot compared to me.”


“A god,” Baltoh answered as he snapped his fingers.

Satan suddenly released a bone-chilling screech as his body went from fearfully trembling to violently jerking. Baltoh was allowing his energy to finally release itself like body heat and was focusing it all on Satan. Now, his entire body was being crushed from every angle as Baltoh’s energy closed in on him like a deflating balloon. The Hell Prince gave an excruciating howl as every bone in his body simultaneously snapped and his body began to collapse in on itself. He raised his power levels as high as they could go, but he was basically trying to hold back a tsunami with a rotting fence. Every open space in his body began to collapse under the strain, his broken bones being reduced to powder, his veins and muscles tearing themselves to shreds. As the execution continued, his body began to shrink as the weight of Baltoh’s energy began compacting his atoms themselves, pushing them so close together that the electrons were grinding against the nuclei and could not orbit.

Finally, Baltoh closed his hand into a fist and Satan’s whole body snapped, being instantly crushed in a pitch-black marble, as dense and heavy as a black hole. The marble floated over to Baltoh and he flicked it with his finger, sending it flying up into space where it exploded in a blinding flash, having been converted into raw energy by its own instability.

Baltoh looked down at everyone, staring at him in awe.

“Let’s keep moving. We have a whole interior of a planet to clear out.” He said.

The face of a Gargoyle had been carved into the Isle of the Damned with the jaws open in a furious roar. A colossal pit served as its throat, leading down into the depths of Hell. The pit was the size of a meteor crater, allowing for entities as large as Satan to pass through, while the sides were lined with countless staircases.

With Baltoh, the Archangels, the Valkyries, and the Crusaders all standing at the edge of the pit, one of the freed spirits cautiously approached him. “Please, who are you?”

“I am Baltoh, the Celestial Avatar. I’m here to liberate the unjustly punished and slay Tenebrous once and for all. When I am done, Hell will no longer be the cradle for evil but its punisher. I will exterminate every last Demon and Gargoyle and take away the power from darkness.” Baltoh replied before leaping over the edge and falling out of sight. Selene, Molly, and Rosemary all jumped after him, followed by the Archangels and the Crusaders.

As they fell, Baltoh held out his hand and a sphere of light appeared in his palm, illuminating the way down. The pit was so massive that if he were to try and fully illuminate it from that sphere, anyone who looked directly at him would be instantly blinded. As far as anyone was concerned, they might as well have just jumped off a cliff at night and there was no other side. Selene and Rosemary watched the passing side of the pit as they fell, noticing that the wall was made entirely out of human skeletons. There had to be a billion different remains in the pit alone.

“We have to be careful once we enter the threshold, as there may be some barriers and restrictions that even I won’t be able to break,” Baltoh hollered.

“How is that possible? You’re a god!” Selene responded, via her mind.

“Yes, and so is Tenebrous. The only difference is that this is his world, his universe. Down here, he makes the rules. I will be able to overcome most of his obstacles and rules, but we are on his turf and he has the home field advantage.”

Baltoh and his group finally reached the bottom of the pit and fell out of the sky into a whole new world. In the distance, a city of blood-red sandstone, bones, and undead trees woven into wicker structures stood against the burning background. The buildings ranged from small huts to entire jagged skyscrapers and each shook with the agonizing screams of the people inside being tortured by Sinners. The city itself was larger than New York and held a much larger population.

Just like with the Burning Pastures above, the land around the city was completely barren and lifeless. Even though they were technically underground, a sky of sickly vomit-shaded clouds swirled above their heads. The sky of Hell was different from the sky of Earth; it was… bigger. It was like the clouds were much higher in the sky with a larger atmosphere, providing an overwhelming feeling of exposure, like a mouse caught in the open with a hawk flying overhead.

Baltoh and the others finally landed on the summit of a mountain of reeking brimstone, cracked and burning with a putrid odor as flames streamed out from the fractures. The mountain had a dull tempered summit, almost like the tip of a pyramid, and was set at the very bottom of the pit as a sort of agonizing landing for damned souls dragged across the Burning Pastures and cast down into the pit to fall down to the city. This idea was proven by the thousands of damned souls that blanketed the mountain, naked and moaning in pain from their shattered skeletons and their normally lethal injuries. Scanning their minds with his own, Baltoh analyzed the sins of everyone on the mountain, and for the people he deemed innocent and/or justified, he healed their wounds and bonded them with one of his suits of armor, recruiting them into his armies while the criminals and guilty souls were ignored. As the raining Crusaders organized themselves on the mountainside, it was obvious that the inhabitance of the city were doing the same.

“Behold the City of Wrath, where people who have sworn their allegiance to Tenebrous get their sentence annulled and are employed to torture everyone else. They are the Sinners. However, because they have sworn their allegiance to the Devil, the spell that resurrects them over and over again is broken like a contract, and they become mortal like the rest of the demonic forces. While this is only a fraction of the Sinner population, this city is their largest hive. This and the Burning Pastures were originally Satan’s domain

As he spoke, Selene and Molly were looking up at the writhing sky with curiosity. “I don’t get it, how can there be a sky if we are underground? We didn’t even fall that far,” Molly pondered.

“It’s true, we are in the planet of Hell. However, this is a world that does not obey the natural laws. This is a realm of mysticism and phantasms, not science and reason. The interior of the planet is a whole other world of it’s own, see?”

He pointed his finger up at the exit of the pit they had just fallen through, protruding from the swirling clouds like a towering dagger of stone from a cascading maelstrom. He fired a bolt of lightning from his finger, aiming just outside the lip of the pit. The slithering serpent of electricity dove into the clouds beside the pit, but there was not a crash, an explosion, or falling rubble. It was as if the pit was reaching through a hole in reality itself like a pipe. In the city, the skeletal followers of Tenebrous looked up at the mountain in terror, having watched the bolt of lightning shoot up like a signal flare.

“So are we going to take the city?” Gabriel asked.

“Yes, I want to take away the power from the Sinners once and for all. They were sent here to be punished for their crimes, not become the masters of the dungeon.” He replied with a steely tone as he snapped his fingers. Beside every suit of armor and crusader, a winged stallion appeared, covered in golden armor.

“Now we shall bring down the walls of this city and continue our siege on Hell! Let these Sinners know that their evil ambitions and wretched souls stand no chance against the power of light! Decimate this bastion of darkness and put these monstrous spirits back in their place! Everyone, attack!” Baltoh roared as every Crusader climbed onto one of the horses.

With everyone giving a roar of confidence and dedication, the Crusaders answered the call and began their charge. Half of the winged stallions took to the air while the other half galloped down the side of the mountain with their massive cleavers in hand and their armor shining like mirrors. Every follower of Tenebrous looked up to the side of the mountain and gasped as the Crusaders flew and galloped towards the City of Wrath. Leaving their torture victims behind, the Sinners gathered at the edge of the city in the tens of millions and prepared their defense. As wave after wave of glistening fighters surged down past him, Selene walked over with her helmet retracted and watched Baltoh, noticing a smile on his face.

“What?” he asked, seeing a curious grin on her lips.

“You’re smiling. You seemed so preoccupied and focused ever since you gained the Throne of Cinereo that I was worried that you had lost your emotions.”

“I’m happy, I’m finally able to do what I was born to do. I finally have the power to slay evil once and for all. Back when I was just a hybrid, I would never have dared of going up against the Hell Princes and trying to wage a war like this, but now I finally have the strength and ability to make my dreams come true. And with you by my side, there is no way I can fail.”

Selene smiled and pressed her lips against his, while drawing her blade with her free hand. “Let’s go.”

As the flood of warriors approached, arrows and bullets were launched from the city by the millions as the Sinners fought with weapons from all across time. Projectiles rained down upon Baltoh’s armies, but could do no harm to the horses or their riders, as their armor was far too powerful to be damaged by such puny attacks. Sprinting down the steep mountain, the mystical stallions panted heavily with each step but felt no fatigue or loss of strength. Their powerful muscles shook and warped as their hooves struck the ground, shattering the brimstone like frozen dew.

Holding their car-sized cleavers above their heads like blocks of Styrofoam, the Crusaders shouted out their resolve to slay their tormenters, with their armor going from shining to glowing as their confidence and dedication grew in strength. By the time they were halfway down the mountain, each Crusader was glowing like the moon, joining together into a radiant ray that blinded the Sinners below.

In one great crash, the ground troops slammed into the line of Sinners like a mudslide, knocking them down like dominos. The Crusaders used the size of their arched blades to reach out and stab and cleave the Sinners as their winged steeds galloped over them and trampled them with their hooves, shattering their bones like twigs. Dead or fatally wounded Sinners turned to ash as the last traces of their existence withered away. Even while outnumbered five to one, the Crusaders pierced the horde of Sinners like a tank and drove deep into the city.

Gargoyles and demons filled the sky but were quickly overpowered by the flying warriors. Moving as fast as lightning, the winged horses flew through the air, maneuvering between each Demon as the Crusader would reach out and slash them with their weapon. Gargoyles were knocked out of the sky by beams of light, shot from the wings of the horses like the Feather Arrow spell. The light energy burned their flesh like acid, causing them to plummet down into the streets in smoldering husks.

Baltoh walked through the city streets as his warriors flooded the city, slaughtering any Sinner that approached without even acknowledging their existence. As he remembered, the buildings of the city were make with a wicker-like weave of sticks from undead trees, but they served a purpose other than building material. The walls, floors, and roofs also served as prisons for damned souls with their bodies packed inside past the point of being crushed to death or suffocation. Every body had been pierced dozens of times by steel rods that served as reinforcements for the buildings like the 2x4s of a house. The bodies were pressed against side sides of their wicker cages like nets of piano wire with blood streaming from the cuts that each branch had worn into their skin. They continuously moaned in pain from their suffering and begged Baltoh to help.

He answered their pleas, reading the mind of each soul to identify their sins. To those he deemed innocent or undeserving of such punishment, he freed them with his mind and created a suit of armor for them to bond to so that they could join his ranks. As raining beams of energy brought down the dagger-like skyscrapers, Baltoh peered into the buildings and felt sick to his stomach. The people they were saving were locked in torture devices and undergoing abuse that darkened his mind with painful memories from before his birth as the hybrid. The Sinners had preformed everything from rape to forced cannibalism.

As Baltoh stepped out into the street, a round from a tank shot through the air and detonated five feet from him, unable to come any closer. He turned to the mechanical monstrosity, made from Hellsteel and decorated with human bones. The Sinners inside loaded another round and fired, but just like the first, it exploded before it could touch him and the flames and shrapnel were deflected.

Raising his arm, Baltoh closed his hand into a fist and instantly caused the tank to flip into the air and dematerialize, taking the passengers with it to the realm of nonexistence. A chorus of commotion reached his ears and he turned with a small smile of amusement as a crowd of Sinners came sprinting down the street with several Crusaders on horseback chasing them. The Sinners’ bony feet clacked on the cobblestone ground as they ran desperately, unable to escape the Crusaders. With powerful swings, the men and women hacked away at the Sinners, shattering their skeletons like rotting sticks. As they rode past Baltoh, they all gave loyal bows of their heads.

“Celestial Art: Carving Sandstorm!” Molly shouted as she flew overhead.

Aiming her hands at a group of Demons, she released a powerful jet of sand that seemed to form out of the air itself. The blast was just as large as a Divinity Ray and it washed over the Demons with each grain striking with the power of a high-caliber bullet. The Demons howled in pain as their bodies were pealed away layer-by-layer, sending misty blood and sleety flesh streaming behind them.

She was suddenly knocked down to the clouds by a deafening roar that shook the burning sky. A great Titan lowered itself from the clouds with a body that looked like a mix between a vulture and a dragon, with jagged feathers, a long neck, a fanged beak, and serpent eyes. It released a bone-chilling shriek and a Dark Pulse appeared between its jaws, strong enough to take out the whole city. Before it could release the blast, Baltoh snapped his fingers and chains of light reached out of the sky and ground. They wrapped around the Titan, strangling it until the sphere of energy in its beak disappeared. He snapped his fingers once more and the chains constricted until they ripped the beast apart.

Within minutes, a growing cheer echoed across the city as the last dying screams were extinguished. The city had been taken faster than any city on Earth in all of its history.

The Sea of Envy was in their sights and hearing range. Shrieks, as high as whistles and as low as dying animals’ could be heard, sending shivers crawling up everyone’s spine. Only Baltoh was immune to the psychological affect, due both his experience in Hell and his powers. Standing on the shore of the inky black ocean, they watched as waves crashed on the beach and revealed the people hidden beneath the spray. They were chained to the ocean floor, staring aimlessly with glassy eyes and pale faces. Many were chained to the beachside cliffs, forced to endure wave after frigid wave slamming into them and the demonic birds and crustaceans of Hell picking and feeding on their bodies, with every wound instantly regenerating so that they could continue to feel pain. Even as they looked upon Baltoh and the others and their casted light shined on them, they showed no emotions.

“Damn it, I hated this place the most when I came here,” Rosemary cursed.

“This is the Sea of Envy, the place where those who let jealousy run their lives are damned and punished. Just as Satan, Prince of Wrath, ran the Burning Pastures and the City of Wrath, Leviathan, Prince of Envy, is in control of this ocean. Here, the oily water poisons their bodies like battery acid to symbolize how envy poisons the mind and it weighs down on them with crushing power, just like how their feelings of inadequacy crushed them and made them jealous of others. And that isn’t even counting all the Demons and Gargoyles underneath the surface, torturing them without pause. Now the only things they envy are those that no longer exist. This place is tricky, as it has the greatest number of Titans and it is difficult to tell who exactly is guilty and who deserves to be freed.” He explained.

Baltoh then searched the minds of all the spirits in the immediate area to figure out which ones were guilty, and which ones were innocent. Those that were driven to commit crimes and caused harm because of their envy were left to stew, while those who were only the victims of human nature had their chains broken so that they could rise to the surface. But even though they were still aware and sentient, they floated on their stomachs and did not move.

Baltoh summoned another army of winged suits of armor on flying horses to recruit the freed souls and slay the monstrous inhabitants. They galloped across the shifting water, immune to the affects of gravity as they reached down into the water with their two-handle blades, slaughtering the Gargoyles and creatures of darkness just below the surface. Any suits that weren’t fighting bonded themselves to freed prisoners, granting them their power. The light energy that flowed through the armor healed their ravaged minds and gave them the resolve to fight.

The Gargoyles and Demons swam deeper below the surface to escape the massacre, thinking they would be safe. The evil beasts were filled with terror as the Crusaders and their horses dove below the surface, galloping on the water as if they were running downhill. Swimming with incredible speed, they followed the beasts deeper and deeper into the water, slaughtering the slowest of them as the gap between the groups grew smaller and smaller.

A kilometer from the beach, the ocean floor dropped into a step continental slope, that seemed to delve into the darkest depths of Hell. As the Crusaders chased down the wretched creatures, their weapons and the wings of their steeds glowed brightly, illuminating their way.

Deep in the shadows, a great eye opened.

From the shifting waves of the ocean, a colossal whale burst from the ocean. Its mouth was open and full of jagged teeth, its back was covered in spikes, and it was large enough to snap up an aircraft carrier in its jaws. It dove back into the water, swallowing several hundred Crusaders in the process. Cricking his neck from side to side, Baltoh fired a lightning bolt from the air above him, able to draw forth and release the energy without even using his body or a source. The beam of light expanded as it passed between its jaws and burst out of the back of its head, destroying half of its skull and all of its brains. The dead beast sank below the surface as the bottom-feeder creatures immediately began feeding on its carcass.

Another great splash tore apart the surface as a massive set of pincers reached out and tried to snatch up the flying Crusaders. They managed to avoid the massive claws as the Titan rose to the surface. It was a gargantuan lobster with four sets of pincers and a tail like that of a scorpion. A Dark Pulse began to charge at the end of its stinger and it was aimed for Baltoh. With a twitch of his eye, a spinning disk of energy appeared above his head and shot towards the Titan, expanding to the creature’s size. The disk collided with the Titan’s face and vertically sliced it in half. Once the blade reached its stinger, the charging Dark Pulse exploded and ripped the dead body apart.

Shaking the entire ocean, a vast legion of Titans began to appear from the darkest depths of the sea, each resembling a creature from Earth. There were sharks that just had circular pits of teeth instead of heads and jaws, squid with tentacles lined with blades of bone, crabs that had mountains blanketed with castles on their shells, sword fish with serrated barbs that could fire Dark Pulses from the tip of the blade, and millions of demonic piranhas that were individual cells of a single Titan.

As the legions formed, one final entity rose up from the depths. The creature was as large as Satan with slimy green skin, an apish body, webbed fingers with sharp claws, outstretched wings that looked like the skin of frogs, and a head that looked like an octopus with almost a hundred long swinging tentacles.

“Is that Leviathan?” Selene asked as she clutched my hand.

“Yes, the Prince of Envy. Though he is also known as Cthulhu. I’ll take him on, the rest of you kill those Titans.”

Rosemary stepped forward from behind him with her helmet open and a smile on her face. “Actually Master, how about we face Leviathan and you kill the Titans? I wouldn’t mind testing my strength against a Hell Prince. Besides, there are so many of us here and we can always ask you for help.”

Selene gained the same smile. “I like this idea. What about you, Baltoh? Do you want to try it?”

Baltoh mirrored the smile held by the three of them. “Sure, you girls have fun,” he said before teleporting and reappearing behind Leviathan.

The Hell Prince turned around and was about to swing at him with one of his clawed hands, but an explosion rocked against his head and drew his attention back to the beach.

“Your fight is with us!” Selene hollered with smoke wafting from her palm.

“YOUR SKELETONS WILL LIE AT THE BOTTOM OF MY OCEAN FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!” Leviathan thundered as his tentacles stretched like rubber and shot towards them.

The Valkyries and Archangels split up to dodge the attack and each got read to counter.

“Angel Art: Feather Arrows!” Michael shouted as he pointed his wings at Leviathan and launched a volley of burning javelins.

“Angel Art: Divinity Ray!” Raphael shouted, firing a beam from each hand, both the size of office buildings.

“Angel Art: Spear of Destiny!” Gabriel shouted as he launched a flashing torrent of blades of golden light with each beam bending in the air and honing in on the target.

“Celestial Art: Lightning Obliteration!” Selene called, launching a crackling eruption of electricity from her palm.

“Celestial Art: Crystal Ice Ray!” Rosemary cast, drawing a lens in the air and then launching the sapphire beam.

“Celestial Art: Tongue Of White Flames!” Molly yelled, raising her arms above her head and releasing a bending and twisting geyser of pearly flames and surged towards Leviathan with enough heat to burn diamond.

Combined with the attacks of the other Archangels, the vast cascade of techniques slammed into Leviathan like a dozen riot slugs, knocking him back and drawing forth a howl of pain, but causing no visible damage to his body. Stepping out of the cloud of smoke, he only roared in fury and lunged with the tentacles hanging from his face like a swarm of frog tongues. As they shot forward, fanged mouths opened up at the end of each tentacle, snapping in hunger for their prey.

“It seems this won’t be as easy as we thought,” Raphael said, grinning under his helmet.

“Well it wouldn’t be fun if it was,” Gabriel said, he too with a grin.

“Come on boys, there is no way we’ll beat him from a distance. We’re going to have to get up close and deliver some real damage,” Rosemary said as she materialized her arch blade.

“Let’s hurry up before Baltoh has to save our asses! He’ll never let us live it down!” Selene laughed as she spread her wings and flew towards Leviathan with her blade in hand. Chuckling to themselves, everyone chased after her and dove into the maw of biting tentacles.

“Now allow me to show you the true benefit of being god, the one thing that only someone in my league can achieve. Celestial Art: Animal Kingdom Siege!” Baltoh called as he clapped his hands together.

Up above the sea, a miraculous thing began to take place. Matter was forming from pure energy and rearranging itself into specific compounds and molecules. These molecules bonded together and formed enzymes and amino acids, and they in turn joined together to create cells. Jehovah could make Archangels, Tenebrous could create Demons and Gargoyles, but only Baltoh and Cinereo itself could create life.

Announcing their arrival, eagles, hawks, and falcons, all larger than Titans and each with greater ferocity and strength, swooped down to begin their battle. Every feather on their bodies was glowing faintly, showing the protective energy sealed within. Showing no fear, the birds of prey obeyed the will of their creator and attacked the Titans, snatching them right out of the water with their long talons. The omega Demons desperately attacked the birds with Dark Pulses and other spells, but their techniques had no affect on the birds whatsoever, as their feathers were acting as energy transmitters that cloaked them in a protective aura, and the energy they were receiving came straight from Baltoh himself.

With their claws tearing through flesh and bone with ease, the birds threw their prey into the air and finished the almighty Titans off with their wings, cutting through the Demons’ bodies with their feathers harder and sharper than katanas. Blood and butchered body parts rained down as the Titans were chopped to pieces, completely helpless against the superior creatures.

With his hands still pressed together, Baltoh reactivated the spell, creating more creatures in which to kill the Titans with. Sea serpents, miles long with bodies so large that they approached Leviathan’s size, rose up from the depths with booming roars. Each serpent had glassy black bodies, decorated with patterns of glowing yellow lines. The backs of their heads were guarded with mats of bone spikes their eyes glowed with power. With furious roars, the serpents dove down into sea, gobbling up every Titan that came close to their jaws. With powerful chomps, they crushed the bodies of the Demons like peanut shells and swallowed them whole, carving down their numbers like a natural disaster.

Sensing the amassing danger, dozens of the Titans all turned to Baltoh and released their Dark Pulses at once, trying to take him out in the hope that his creations would die with him. The blasts washed over Baltoh like a flood but were unable to even touch him, being deflected by an invisible egg-shaped shield that stood whether he willed it or not. As the blasts shrank and split into their last flickering beads of darkness, Baltoh once again pressed his hands together, this time with his fingers interlocked. “Celestial Art: Almighty Forest Assault.”

Like the sea serpents only minutes prior, massive wooden tendrils wrapped around the Titans like the tentacles of the squids that filled their ranks. The tendrils grew in size, forking out into leafy branches as they formed towering trees, dwarfing the human-made skyscrapers back on Earth. Trapped in the wood like animals caught in hardened concrete, the Titans snarled and roared as they tried to break free of their wooden prisons, but even with all the strength in their bodies, the wood held strong and carried a deadly ability. Not only were the trees infused with vast amounts of light energy to counteract the toxic presence of the undead creatures in their grip, but they were also draining them of their power. It was as if the trees were digesting them as the ocean floor was colonized.

With town-sized birds attacking from above, sea serpents almost as large as mountain ranges attacking from below, and grabbing trees bursting from the ground like spikes from a booby trap, the Titans had no way to escape their massacre.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and the rest of the Archangels sprinted across Leviathan’s shifting tentacles with their flaming swords drawn. With each biting tendril that came close, they would jump into the air and chop them up into sushi with a lightning-fast flurry of slashes. Butchered pieces of flesh were sent flying as the sewer line-sized tentacles were torn to shreds by their swords. They all had confident smiles on their faces, unable to believe that they were actually battling a Hell Prince, and dare they say even winning.

With a shout of determination, Selene spun through the air like a top nearby, delivering a dynamic bombardment of punches and kicks to the snapping jaws of the tentacles, smashing them like a baseball bat to a line of sausages. Even without using any sort of speed-enhancing spell, she was moving faster than the human eye could catch. The tentacles were seemingly exploding without her even touching them due to her speed.

Down below, Molly was launching blades of wind from her cleaver, chopping down the tentacles like trees being hit with the shockwave of an atomic explosion. Without even noticing it, one of the tentacles attacked from behind and grabbed her, swallowing her whole. As she fell down its throat, the tentacle suddenly froze, literally into solid ice. With a smile, Molly released a raw burst of power from every inch of her body, causing the frozen tentacle to shatter into pieces. Having been rescued, Molly looked down at Rosemary, who had a lens of ice energy hovering in front of her. Smiling under her helm, Molly blew a kiss to her lesbian concubine and Rosemary responded by forming a V with her index and middle finger in front of her face.

Their flirting was cut short as another swarm of tentacles lunged towards them both. Pointing her hands at the gnashing teeth, Rosemary cast her spell. “Celestial Art: Nuclear Flash!”

A blinding ray of light flared from her palms, carrying with it both devastating heat and lethal amounts of radiation. The tentacles were all brought to a sudden stop as the outer layers of their flesh were reduced to ash, every cell having been simultaneously incinerated by the atomic burst of energy. Materializing her cleaver, Rosemary threw the weapon with all of her strength, sending it flying through the air like a boomerang and causing the burned tentacles to explode into dust.

Several loud howls echoed from behind her as a group of tentacles tried a surprise attack. Clapping her hands together, Rosemary cast her next spell. “Celestial Art: Bladed Comet!”

With fire streaming from the edge and forming a hypnotic tail, her spinning cleaver returned and shot past her head, carving down the approaching forest of tentacles in a single flaming strike.

“Rosemary, come on!” Selene shouted, having just about reaching Leviathan’s face.

Rosemary caught up to the group as they busied themselves with dodging the Hell Prince’s huge swinging arms. Bleeding profusely with almost all of his tentacles severed, Leviathan sought only their death and was done playing. Raising his octopus head, he revealed a fanged mouth underneath the webbed mat of severed tentacles. “Demon Art: Apocalypse Eruption!” he roared, casting the same spell that Satan had and charging it between his jaws.

“Everyone move!” Michael shouted as Leviathan took aim.

Selene, Molly, Rosemary, and the Archangels desperately tried to escape from the blast but many were caught within it when the beam was finally unleashed. Shaking all of Hell, the crimson beam of energy was launched with an atomic explosion detonating between Leviathan’s jaws as the initial flash and the Archangels caught within the beam were instantly dematerialized as every atom in their bodies was converted to pure energy. The beam shot off across Hell, narrowly avoiding obliterating the taken city of Wrath and shooting up into the stirring sky.

“Damn it, how the Hell can we possibly compete with that?” Raphael cursed as he got to his feet, having been knocked to the ground.

“Celestial Art: Woodland Imprisonment,” they heard Baltoh announce.

Rising up from the sea floor, trees that could knock aside the tallest skyscrapers reached out and grabbed Leviathan. The trees formed a vertical ring around him with massive branches grabbing his limbs, pulling them out and making Leviathan resemble Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch. A horizontal ring then formed from the vertical ring, making it resemble a gyroscope with a wooden bar reaching out from the front of the horizontal ring and wrapping around his waist while a branch from the back grabbed his tail.

“You bastard! No prison can hold me!” Leviathan roared as he began charging another Apocalypse Eruption.

“This isn’t a real prison, consider it more as a cradle for my next creation. Celestial Art: Forest Bloom!” Baltoh called, finally raising his voice as he clapped his hands together.

As the sphere of crimson energy charged between his jaws, a leafy branch burst from the back of Leviathan’s throat and pierced it like a balloon, disrupting it and ending the spell. Gagging on the branch, the Hell Prince screamed in pain as more branches began to burst out of his flesh, forming massive trees in a matter of seconds. Throughout his body, unstoppable branches were shredding his muscles, crushing his veins, and tearing through his organs as they looked for the perfect places to spread out and drain him of his energy. Desperate to avoid his approaching death, Leviathan cast a nameless healing spell and reached out with a fresh flood of biting tentacles, but before they could even come near Baltoh, they stopped dead and were blanketed with flowers.

The forest continued to grow and thrive, devouring Leviathan’s body and stealing his energy. By the time the spell was complete, his wings had been replaced with two hanging lawns of grass, his bones were serving as the handles for countless massive trees, almost every muscle and organ had been torn to pieces and absorbed, and only his skeleton remained intact. The Prince of Envy had been killed, and in his death he had brought forth life.

With a smile, Baltoh turned to his lover and friends. “Sorry, it looks like you needed my help.”

Selene smiled. “Ah damn it, there is no way that he is going to let us live this down…”

After crossing the ocean and recruiting tens of millions of new Crusaders while searching the sea floor, they reached the shoreline on the other side and reached the next area of Hell; a desert of black sands.

“These are the Ash Fields,” Baltoh announced as he and his group stood at the edge of the expansive desert.

Selene’s eyes widened. “This is the place where you were born? Where you first came into existence as a Demon?”

Baltoh nodded. “Yes, I was born under these jet-black dunes, and after I became a hybrid, I spent almost my entire life here slaying Demons upon their birth. This barren landscape is also known as the Desert of the Proud. It is the domain of the Hell Prince Lucifer, the first Demon that was originally a fallen Archangel, having been cast out of Heaven when he staged a coup against Jehovah. Here, the souls guilty of the sin of Pride are subjugated and humiliated. They are used as the slaves of the Demons, serving as a work force for building monuments and also as concubines. This desert serves a very unique purpose beyond just being a circle in Hell for which to punish the damned, as it also serves as the birthplace and nursery for Hell’s Demons. This is where they all come into existence, born from the darkness of human souls that can no longer endure the punishment and cease to exist.”

“So is it the same job as with the others?” Molly asked.

Baltoh cracked a smile. “Free the innocent and slaughter the Demons, the perfect way to spend and afternoon.”

A never-ending army of towers and monuments stood among the black dunes like tombstones in a graveyard, each made from an obsidian-like stone formed from the ashes of crumbled skeletons compacted together. They almost looked like the remains of a forest that endured the strike of a nuclear bomb. In the background, a vast lake of swirling fire stirred in an eternal whirlpool, and every second, Gargoyles were crawling out and shaking themselves off like wet dogs, having been created by the anger and malice humans on Earth.

Underneath the burning sky, huge blocks of this stone were quarried from mountains and under the sands by the slaves of Hell; men, women, and children, all with rags for clothes, emaciated bodies, and iron masks that were clamped around their heads. Moaning in pain as they worked, the slaves moved the van-sized blocks of stone to the monuments being built, all while their Demon masters barked orders in Hellscript and cracked their flaming whips.

Whenever one of the slaves would keel over from exhaustion, the Demons or Gargoyles would gang up on them like vultures on a fresh carcass. Men and boys would be eaten alive, too tired to scream as the flesh was pealed from their bones. Women and girls were raped to death and then their shredded bodies were devoured. After a few minutes, the butchered remains of the slave would regenerate and the damned soul would come back to life, only to be put to work once again. From the millions upon millions of meaningless statues, pyramids, and temples standing in the sands, it was obvious that this had been going on since just about the dawn of man. But now, it was going to change. Having crossed several hundred miles of desert and fought through the creatures of Hell, the followers of Baltoh had come to the final stretch of the Desert of Pride.

In the shadow of a half-finished pyramid, a Demon sitting in a onyx throne on a wooden sled ordered for her slaves to pull faster, shouting in Hellscript and cracking her whip. The Demon’s roar jumped in volume as the sled came to a sudden stop and did not move, no matter how hard she whipped them. Looking up, the she-beast grew pale as she laid eyes on Selene, blocking the way. With a roar, the Demon cracked her flaming whip and sent it straight towards Selene, but before the coil could even snap back, the Demon’s arm and head were sliced off by surprise attack by Molly, who delivered the lethal blow with a powerful swing of her arch blade. The monster only had enough time to give a single dying scream before the top of her skull was sliced off.

Hearing the call of their sister, all the Demons and Gargoyles raised their heads in alertness and cursed as the Crusaders came into view, flying through the sky or galloping across the ground. With their whips in one hand and weapons in the other, the Demons leapt into action with a tidal wave of Gargoyles rising behind them. While the Crusaders, Archangels, and Valkyries slaughtered the Demons by the thousands, Baltoh calmly walked in between the statues and monuments, creating more suits of armor and freeing those he deemed innocent or undeserving of torment. So calm that he might as well have been taking a stroll through the part, he annihilated every Demon that came close without the slightest movement or thought.

Above his head, Selene and the others were decimating the forces of darkness with spell after spell, obliterating the Demons and Gargoyles as fast as they arrived. However, the enemy force was continuously getting reinforcements in the form of new Demons and Gargoyles, always being born. The Gargoyles would crawl out of the Lake of Fire, hungry for carnage, and the newborn Demons would claw their way up from underground, already super intelligent and incredibly deadly.

Barely an hour had passed since the battle began when the signaling roars were heard, letting everyone know that Lucifer had arrived. It seemed that the Hell Prince of Pride wasn’t just going to sit around while his kingdom was destroyed… The Demons and Gargoyles quickly retreated at the sound of his approach, laughing in the confidence that victory was about to be theirs. The battlefield became quiet, save for the roar that had not ended. Yet there were more roars radiating from the background, thick with power and malice.

“Baltoh, what’s going on? Is it another Hell Prince?” Selene asked, landing beside him.

“Not only that, but all of the Masters of Torture. It seems that Tenebrous is throwing everything he has at us.”

‘Stay calm; after everything you have seen, you know he can handle it,’ Selene thought to herself, fighting the sudden instinctive flare up of terror as she remembered the power of the Master of Torture that Baltoh had fought and was nearly killed by. Even Baltoh suddenly showed a look of surprise.

“I don’t believe it, there couldn’t be that many. It seems the Masters of Torture are not as rare and few in number as I thought. There are at least a hundred of them approaching with Lucifer, each with their own Titan steed. He must have created them himself or used his powers to forcefully bond the essences of Demons to form them. All together, I must say that their power is quite amazing.” Baltoh pondered, rubbing his chin with the metal plates on the backs of his fingers and hand catching the light.

“How powerful are they?” Selene gasped, barely able to suppress her fear. Baltoh inclined his head as he tried to read their approaching power levels.

“If they all combined their power into a single explosion, it would be the size of a solar system.”

Selene’s panting was heavy as she struggled to comprehend such a colossal amount of energy, but her mind was just unable to fathom the size of such an explosion.

“Tell everyone to fall back to the edge of the desert; you’ll be out of harm’s way but you should be able to watch what is going on,” Baltoh said with a hint of seriousness in his voice. He slowly began to levitate, rising up into the air before Selene stopped him, grasping his hand with her helmet open and a look of great worry and fear on her face.

“Baltoh, is it possible for even someone like you to withstand such and attack? Can you win this battle?” She asked desperately, knowing that the upcoming clash was beyond her comprehension.

With a smile, Baltoh lowered himself down without actually touching the ground. He lifted her chin and kissed her, brushing her fears aside.

“Selene, I made you a Valkyrie because that I know that you have more faith in me than anyone else in existence. What does your faith tell you?”

“That you will win,” she sighed, having regained her confidence.

“Good. Now don’t worry about me, just kick back and watch the show. I think its time I finally got some exercise,” he said, placing one last kiss on her forehead before shooting up into the sky.

“Everyone retreat! Go back to the ocean!” Selene shouted with a smile on her face.

“Selene, what’s going on?” Molly hollered, wiping the Demon blood off her cleaver.

“Baltoh is going to take care of everything. He just wants us out of the way so that he can finally let loose!”

Molly gained a wide smile of excitement, eager to see what power Baltoh would unleash.

“Everyone go back to the ocean! We have to get out of here! Master Baltoh is going to fight!” Rosemary shouted, having overheard them.

While almost everyone wanted to stay and see the clash, Baltoh’s orders were obeyed and a full retreat was set in motion, with everyone fleeing as fast as they could so that the battle would begin soon. With the help of spells from the Valkyries and Archangels, all the Crusaders zipped across almost half of a thousand miles of desert in a second and appeared at the edge of the inky Sea of Envy.

“Angel Art: Heavenly View,” Michael cast, holding up his hands. Like a massive movie screen, a canvas made of pure light appeared in the sky above the crowd of millions with a real-time view of Baltoh at the battlefield. He was hovering in the sky, watching the black clouds stir in the distance.

Everyone covered their ears as a deafening roar rang out, far louder than the one that had been sent out before, even with the distance that had been traveled. Covering their ears, everyone looked up at the screen as the Masters of Torture arrived, riding on the backs of Titans as they escorted the Hell Prince of Pride. Like Satan and Leviathan, Lucifer towered above all else, able to easily kill a Titan with a single swat of his hand and destroy a mountain with a sweep of his tail.

Lucifer was built differently from the other Hell Princes so far encountered, as his body had more of a reptilian-draconic build and form to it, and instead of one head, he had seven. The seven humanoid heads each stood at the end of a long powerful neck, with each head lacking eyes or a nose but instead having pointed ears and shark-like teeth. Six of the heads each had a horn protruding from the top of their head with a crown looped around it like a ring, but the seventh head had four of each. Lucifer’s whole body had a much more revolting appearance the other Hell Princes’, for instead of scales or hair, his flesh consisted entirely of exposed necrotic muscle, grotesque and dark like a burn wound that had completely pealed away the flesh and singed the muscles underneath.

His long bladed tail swishing from side to side with excitement and his wings keeping him aloft without a single flap, Lucifer looked at Baltoh without any eyes and began to laugh.

“So the terrorist returns. You, you have always been a thorn in my side and the hindrance in the growth of my armies. I have been hunting you ever since you were born, but always would you jump to Earth before I could end you once and for all. But now, it seems like you are finally ready to die,” he boomed, grinning with each lipless head.

“It seems that you do not know about Satan and Leviathan,” Baltoh sighed with his arms crossed.

Lucifer just gave another laugh. “Oh, I know alright. You put those weaklings in their place and ended their pathetic lives once and for all. Don’t think that scares me, I could have killed them with all seven heads cut off. I, I am the strongest of the Hell Princes! It is why I am the own who commands the Ash Fields and rules over the Demons and the Masters of Torture! In the rank of Hell, only the almighty Lord Tenebrous has greater power than myself! And even if you kill me, then he will just create more Hell Princes with a snap of his fingers! You’re in our world traitor, there is no way you can win!”

“For someone who is so confident and sure of himself, you sure brought a lot of minions.” Baltoh remarked, looking around as the Masters of Torture and Titans around and behind Lucifer. This only drew another laugh from the Hell Prince.

“After I was cast out of Heaven, I learned to be cautious and became wiser. I won’t make the same obvious mistake that the others made.”

Six of the seven heads then looked in opposite directions, each spitting out a Horror Obelisk like a missile and lodging them at the edges of the battlefield. The seventh head looked straight up and opened its jaws, and six triangular daggers reached out of the back of its throat and opened up like a blossoming flower with a sphere of darkness hovering in the center.

“FORCES OF HELL, LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH!” he bellowed as the six Horror Obelisks all caused the power of Lucifer and his minions to skyrocket.

Raising their swords, all the Masters of Torture began channeling their energy straight towards the sphere of darkness above his seventh head, while channeling the power of their Titan mounts through their own bodies. With the power of a hundred Masters of Torture and Titans pumping through his veins, all with their strength multiplied by the Horror Obelisks, Lucifer’s energy levels more than doubled past what Baltoh had expected. The Celestial Avatar gained a look of surprise as he felt the Hell Prince’s power levels skyrocket without any sign of stopping. If it weren’t for the fact that Tenebrous already possessed it, Lucifer could very well acquire the Throne of Hell through such a powerful combination.

At the beach of the Sea of Envy, everyone struggled to breath and stay on their feet as Lucifer’s power levels weighed down upon them like an entire ocean. Finally, a great eye opened in the center of Lucifer’s chest, jet-black with a bright red ten-pointed star for a pupil. “I see you…” he said, staring at Baltoh.

While Baltoh was surprised, he was far from alarmed. In fact, he was already bored. “Are you going to attack or not, because I don’t want all of that stretching I did to have been for nothing.”

With a roar in reply, Lucifer opened the jaws of one of his heads and launched an Apocalypse Eruption, several times more powerful than Satan and Leviathan’s. This time, the natural force field that stood around Baltoh was not strong enough to keep the blast at bay. Raising it to eye-level, he blocked the ray with the back of his hand, hovering in that same spot with the beam being deflected and washing over him like a vacuum behind a moving vehicle. Lurching forward, Lucifer strengthened the blast, making Baltoh grit his teeth from the sudden shove. This certainly was surprising; not only was the power truly worlds apart from Satan and Leviathan, but the fact that he was able to launch so much power with just one of his heads was a bad omen, as Baltoh originally figured that he would need all seven heads together to form and manipulate the energy.

The blast ended and Baltoh’s eyes widened as Lucifer’s throat met his view, the Hell Prince having pounced while Baltoh was blinded by the blast. Teleporting, Baltoh reappeared at a seemingly safe distance but was forced to teleport again as one of Lucifer’s heads reached out and tried to grab him. Keeping his distance, Baltoh reappeared at the edge of the battlefield and flicked the air with his finger, releasing a concentrated shockwave that was as powerful as a meteor impact. Lucifer was thrown back with ripples traveling through his body but didn’t seem to be suffering from a single popped vein or broken bone.

‘That hit should have ripped off all his heads and splattered him like a paint balloon. It seems that his power isn’t the only thing that has been enhanced…’

“Demon Art: Mutilation Mutation!”

Opening the jaws of one of his heads, Lucifer shot out his tongue like a frog, sending the tendril flying towards Baltoh faster than a high-caliber bullet. Warping in the air, the tongue mutated and changed in shape, covering itself in blades of bone. With a switch of his eye, Baltoh fired an invisible blade of vertical energy, slicing the appendage in half down the middle. Undeterred by the injury, the two halves of the tongue went in opposite directions and then converged on him.

With another twitch of his eye, Baltoh launched a horizontal blade, slicing off the split portions of the tongue. Lucifer showed no signs of feeling any pain, and with a whiplash, four new tendrils grew out of the bleeding tip of the severed tongue. Baltoh teleported as the four bladed tendrils tried to grab him and reappeared to the side, launching another blade and severing the tongue. To the sound of Lucifer’s booming laugh, eight new quivering tentacles burst out the bleeding stump.

“Just as I thought, a Hydra affect. Tch, what a nuisance,” Baltoh scoffed as he raised his hand. “Celestial Art: Star Birth.”

A small sphere of red light shot from the tip of his finger, flying over to Lucifer and entering his bothersome head. In a deafening roar and a blinding flash, the head was ripped apart by a miniature nuclear explosion. Lucifer roared in agony from the destruction of his head, but within seconds, the singed flesh could be seen quivering and regenerated as the head was slowly formed.

“Celestial Art: Woodland Prison,” Baltoh cast, clasping his hands together.

On a scale never before seen in the history of the universe, a colossal tree burst out of the ground beside Lucifer and began growing at a phenomenal rate, forming a ring around the Hell Prince while branches grew out from the interior and grabbed his limbs, wings, and heads. The tree was so large that it had more than three times the flora biomass as the Amazon jungle.

With a roar, Lucifer opened up his next head and vomited up a waterfall of black sludge, pouring from between his jaws slowly like hot tar. The sludge poured down onto his restraints, instantly causing the wood to turn grey with death and deteriorate as if through hastened decomposition. Baltoh sighed in annoyance and Lucifer opened the jaws of his fourth head.

“Demon Art: Extinction Tombstone Summoning!” he bellowed, launching totems from his throat like a machine gun.

These totems were different from the Horror Obelisks and Inferno Abysses, with an Egyptian-style obelisk that towered at thirty feet in height, surrounded on all four sides by human skeletons frozen in a look of desperation as they reached for the top of the spire. Upon their landing, the obelisks all detonated into a vast mushroom cloud of fire, dwarfing the most powerful atomic explosion with their combined power. Baltoh was in the center of the burning hurricane with his arms crossed and a look of boredom on his face. Back at the Sea of Envy, everyone was watching the scene with looks of awe and fear, waiting for their savior to reveal himself.

“Celestial Art: Absolute Zero!”
The explosion came to a complete and utter halt as every atom within its perimeter sank to -459.67° F, the temperature in which matter loses the ability to move. All the expanding gasses and dust in the explosion were literally frozen in time. Baltoh ended the spell and all the matter in the explosion suddenly dissipated or fell back down to the ground like a sandstorm with the sudden loss of the wind, having been drained of all momentum and energy. Everyone on the coast looked at the screen raised his or her hands and cheered as Baltoh was revealed, completely unharmed.

‘Power absorption, transformation, summoning, poisonous acid, and energy blasts. If my theory is correct, the last two heads each have their own unique power.’

“Demon Art: Phantasm Nightmare!” Lucifer bellowed with his fifth head.

Shimmering like a hologram, Lucifer slowly dematerialized, completely disappearing. Even his siphoning of energy from the Masters of Torture and Titans came to an end. Baltoh scowled as the Hell Prince completely disappeared, not just from view, but from all other senses. He couldn’t hear him, smell him, feel his energy, or otherwise find any trace of his energy throughout Hell, Cinereo, or Heaven. Whatever it was, he was somehow masking himself from even Baltoh’s divine-level senses.

“Tenebrous, this ability is definitely his doing. Only another god could create a power to block my senses…”

“Right you are!” Lucifer howled as he reappeared behind Baltoh and snapped him up like a whale catching a fly. Everyone watching the battle gasped in horror, believing the battle to be over, but the Valkyries and Archangels all had confident smiles, knowing that Baltoh wouldn’t be caught dead losing to a pitiful attack.

“Celestial Art: Universal Plague!” Baltoh called out from inside Lucifer’s mouth.

A minute after the announcement of the spell, Lucifer released Baltoh and howled in pain. Everyone watching the screen of light back at the sea squinted to figure out what was going on and gained smiles of relief and joy as it became obvious. Lucifer was swinging his fifth head wildly as his teeth and flesh slowly melted away, being devoured and ripped apart by a green moss-like material. It was a flesh-eating virus Baltoh had created, one that had a particularly strong appetite for Demon flesh and Demon energy. With all the power in Lucifer’s body, he was the ultimate feast for the cellular creatures.

Sliding out from between the jaws of sixth head, Lucifer drew a long dagger-like blade of red and black steel and used it so sever the infected head before the virus could spread. Baltoh analyzed the sword closely, sensing its ability before it was even used.

“A sword that seals spirits with which it cuts, a very handy power when fighting Demons and Archangels. But I should warn you now, that blade will have no more affect on me than any of your other powers. I have transcended far past the point where I need or have a “spirit”.”

With a roar of frustration, Lucifer cast a spell of healing to repair his heads and then brought all seven together. With the heads forming a ring and each looking in the center, a sphere of red and black energy began to form, rumbling with instability. The Masters of Torture and Titans were struggling to breathe as they pumped every drop of energy they had into Lucifer while he charged the sphere. After only a few seconds, it was in a whole other league from the Apocalypse Eruption, great enough to possibly rip a hole between dimensions or cause the collapse of all of Hell.

“I grow tired of your feeble attempts to harm me. It is time that I moved on and got back to work.”

“I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU!” Lucifer screamed as the sphere reached critical mass.

“Please, the most powerful Hell Prince is no more a danger to me than the most powerful bacteria. Allow me to show you the true power of a god. Celestial Art: Galactic Judgment. Celestial Art: Universal Sculptor,” he said with a deep haunting voice as he raised his hand.

Up in the sky, a sphere of pure black matter materialized, as large as a mountain and more ominous than the scout of an approaching army. Everyone watching the battle, be it Crusader or Master of Torture, gazed at the sphere and gasped in disbelief as they realized what it was. Even Lucifer was filled with unparalleled awe and fear. It was a black hole; a literal orb of matter so dense and heavy that the atoms compacted within was done so in a way that went beyond human understanding. It was a beacon, the end of all reason and arguing. It was as absolute as it was foreboding. The only reason why it wasn’t causing the complete and total destruction of the planet from the inside out was that Baltoh was using the Universal Sculptor spell to shape the laws of physics themselves, allowing him to change or deactivate them however he wanted.

“I would hold on if I were you,” Baltoh said as he allowed the black hole’s gravitational pull to spill out in a small controlled release.

In a roar so loud that it was heard throughout all of Hell, every grain of sand within the black desert and every drop of the liquid flames in the Lake of Fire were pulled up towards the quantum singularity. Every grain of sand from every single human spirit that crumbled away within the dunes from all across time was pulled into the darkness and destroyed. Back at the coast, everyone cursed in disappointment as a cloud of surging black sand blocked his or her view like a TV buzzing with static. Reluctantly, Lucifer reabsorbed the power of his spell and distributed it back to himself and his followers, granting them the strength to cast shields strong enough to protect them from the gravitational pull.

After twenty minutes in which nobody moved, the last grains of sand and drops of liquid fire were absorbed, revealing the landscape below. There were massive temples and altars, adorned with bronze statues of Angels and Archangels. Radiating from the temples like ripples in a pond, towns of sandstone had been built, with coliseums, forums, theaters, and rows of houses from mansions to huts. It was an entire web of cities.

“Damn it, I can’t move,” Lucifer cursed, barely able to speak. He wasn’t the only one cursed; every Master of Torture and Titan was paralyzed by Baltoh’s spell.

“I didn’t want you moving around and interrupting my finale. Now, learn the true difference between our strengths and let regret be the final emotion that you experience as you die.” Baltoh said with a deep authoritative voice as he clapped his hands together.

Up above the desert devoid of sand, the black hole shattered into tens of billions of marbles, all made from the super-dense material. While altering their gravitational effects and nature, Baltoh spread out the marbles across the sky, holding them above the battlefield with each weighing as much as a whole star. With the laws of physics altered, Baltoh released the cloud of marbles down onto Lucifer and his minions. Falling like indestructible meteorites, the super-dense super-heavy marbles rained down without mercy, piercing the Hell Prince and each Demon uncountable times, each experiencing an execution like twenty loads of birdshot being fired simultaneously at pointblank range.

Lucifer, the Masters of Torture, and the Titans didn’t even have time to scream as their bodies were pierced tens of millions of times, each filled with more holes than a dish sponge. From the speed and power of the falling marbles, aerosolized Demon blood filled the air and flesh, muscle, and bone were shredded as if in a blender. Upon contact with the ground, a vast dust cloud was thrown up as the marbles drilled through the soil, bedrock, and endless layers of stone, using only their weight and momentum. The smoke eventually cleared, and not a single trace of Baltoh’s enemies could be found. In place of the battlefield, a massive pit had been carved into Hell, deepening every second as the blanket of black hole marbles basically burned through the land.

Baltoh was greeted with thunderous applause upon the return of his followers, all cheering and clapping from his legendary defeat of the Hell Prince and a small army of Titan-level Demons. The Crusaders were all jumping up and down like kids on a trampoline, the Archangels were clapping as loudly as possible (even Michael was clapping), and Selene, Molly, and Rosemary pounced on him as if desperate to fuck.

“Baltoh, that was amazing!” Molly exclaimed, truly beginning to see just how powerful Baltoh really was.

“Thank you, that means a lot. But the true challenge was staving off boredom,” he joked before pulling her close and giving her a long, passionate kiss.

“Baltoh, what is this place?” Selene asked, looking around at the network of Rome-like cities scattered across the city. Baltoh smile gained a sad tinge.

“These cities are remnants from the age before Tenebrous, when Hell was under the jurisdiction and control of Jehovah and Heaven. The Angels and Archangels lived here while they worked, punishing the sinners that were cast into this realm for their crimes. Originally, there were hundreds of these cities scattered across Hell, like the forts that dotted the Roman border walls that served as small towns for soldiers. These settlements were all inhabited before Tenebrous gained the Throne of Hell and took it over, turning it into a realm of Demons.”

“Well Master, with the Ash Fields and the Lake of Fire destroyed, at least you won’t see too many Demons and Gargoyles,” Rosemary mused, relighting Baltoh’s smile before he turned to his Crusaders.

“Crusaders! Soldiers! Listen to me!” he called, using his powers to increase the power of his voice so that everyone would hear him. The armored followers all became silent, eagerly awaiting the next order from their commander.

“I am proud of all of you, you have all helped me reclaim Hell in the name of light and justice. However, you cannot follow me past this point, as my next destination is the Dunes of Sloth. You are all to return to the Sea of Envy, the City of Wrath, the Burning Pastures and the rest of the Ash Fields, and continue freeing innocent souls. I know the next circle very well, and believe me when I say that it is better if I bring as few people as possible.” He commanded, drawing hushed muttering and frustration from his followers.

“This is not a lot to ask. While we have already moved through three circles of Hell, the area we’ve actually covered and the number of innocent souls is miniscule compared to the entirety of this planet. There is still a lot of work to be done in the areas we’ve crossed. If you truly wish to assist me in my journey, you will do as I say.”

Cursing in disappointment and frustration, the loyal Crusaders obeyed Baltoh’s orders and turned around, going back to do a second sweep of the crossed land. Baltoh then turned to Selene and the others. “How about we go exploring?”

Baltoh walked down the streets of the abandoned city, peering into the homes and buildings as he sampled the lost culture. Selene, Molly, Rosemary, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel were the only ones with him, the rest of the Archangels having left with the Crusaders to help fight any Titans of Masters of Torture that might be encountered. They were closely following him, trying to figure out his true reasoning for sending away the abandoned armies. Stepping into an abandoned home, Baltoh picked up an Angel statue made of Hellsilver, several times older than he was. Everyone was watching him, wondering how he could be so carefree.

“Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, you should all be paying more attention to your surroundings. After all, contrary to what you’ve been told in Heaven, you are in the former habitation of your predecessors. Humanity is far older than you know, and the Archangels that came before you are the ones who were born because of them.”

“Couldn’t we just skip the next desert and keep going through Hell?” Molly asked.

“Unfortunately, no. Remember those laws that I said even I couldn’t break? One of them controls movement through Hell; you can only move from one circle by crossing through the others between you and your destination. Basically, as far as crossing over through the dimensions with Angel powers go, you can only jump back and forth between different areas of the circle that you left from. It’s why we had to actually enter Hell and why I didn’t just go straight to Tenebrous. And even worse, the Dunes of Sloth have even more rules; no teleportation at all, no flying or even jumping long distances, and no super-speed. The only way to cross the desert is on foot. As long as Tenebrous exists, so will those rules; they simply cannot be broken as long as we are on his turf,” Baltoh said as he placed the statue back down.

“So you’re saying that we have to walk across the entire circle?” Gabriel asked, already feeling his feet hurt.

“But that still doesn’t explain why we can’t take the Crusaders with us. If we are traveling on foot, why can’t they follow?” Selene inquired.

“Rosemary, I believe you can explain this,” Baltoh said as he read a sign placed on the side of the building, taking a second to decipher the strange dialect of Enochian.

“The Dunes of Sloth have another name, they are known as the Desert of the Lost. It’s a shifting sea of sand that can hide and reveal anything at any time. It also causes hallucinations. If we took our army in there, we would be lucky to come out with ten percent.”

“The Desert of the Lost is of a very unique classification of levels of Hell, in that the Hell Prince is the land itself. Belphegor, the Hell Prince of Sloth, is no longer a physical being. Instead, his spirit is fused with the Desert of the Lost, meaning that entering the area basically means entering his mind. He is no longer sentient, his mind moves far to slowly to form thoughts, but his energy and oppressive existence are still rich and powerful. The Demon and Gargoyle population in the desert is impossible to measure, as they can be swallowed by the sands and buried for centuries before finally resurfacing. Though there should be little to no chance of being attacked.”

Baltoh stood in a small cavern chamber, gazing with almost a sad look on his face. The walls were decorated with trinkets and artifacts, ranging from bronze goblets, daggers, and flint-lock pistols, to rings, flasks and watches, all ranging across time on Earth and each tens of thousands of Hell years old. They were resting in shelves hand-carved into the stone. Hanging from the ceiling like stalactites were strips of clothing, chainmail, and even armor. A hammock was strung up across the chamber, made from trees from the Isle of the Damned. The cave entrance looked out over the Desert of the Lost from a towering mountain spire in the very outskirts of the wasteland.

Her wings fluttering loudly, Selene landed by the cave entrance and stepped inside, looking around in amazement. “Is this your home?”

“Yes, whenever I grew weary of battle, I would come here to sleep. I picked this cave because the Dunes of Sloth are the last place anyone would dare look for me. Even Masters of Torture and Titans are afraid of forever becoming lost in the sands. But luckily, it’s just close enough to the Desert of Pride so that I can find it and leave it easily. Though that’s not to say to say I didn’t get lost occasionally,” he chuckled as he ran his fingers through the strips of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

Selene picked up an old pocket watch from one of the shelves carved into the wall. It looked so fragile ancient that she held it and touched it as if were made of sand. She gently and carefully opened it, gazing upon a picture of beautiful woman. The glass face of the watch was so cloudy and scratched that the hands and numbers were invisible and the picture was faded to such extent that Selene couldn’t even figure out the woman’s hair color. The woman looked more like a half-completed sketch.

“Are these really—“

“Yes, these my personal belongings. Or to be more accurate, they are the belongings of the people that I am made of. When people come to Hell, they bring everything they had on them at the time of their death. Knights, soldiers, cops, executioners, fathers, sons, brothers… Their combined spirits and wills created me. Ever since I was born, I’ve been searching every corner of Hell for their belongings, trying to understand who I am and who I was. I guess that my quest has prevented my nonstop Demon massacre from driving me insane.” Baltoh sighed as he sat down on the hammock, making it creek.

“Damn, it feels like it’s been years since I’ve been here. But considering the flow of time in Hell, I guess it has. It always surprises me when I come back from the human world and find this place still standing and undisturbed,” he said as he looked at the woven branches of the hammock, remembering the time and skill it took to make and flashing back to each individual part.

Selene had a warm smile on her face, getting a unique satisfaction at seeing Baltoh finally experiencing something as human as nostalgia. Walking over, she leaned down and kissed him.

“Come on baby, everyone’s waiting down below. We still have a job to do.”

With chains linking them together, the group of seven marched through the desert. Baltoh didn’t take any chances, he refused to risk losing anyone to the sands. The going was far slower than anyone had expected. Marching across sandy dunes is difficult, but unlike the dunes back on Earth, the towering hills of sand did not stay still. Rolling slowly but ceaselessly, the dunes rose and fell like waves on the choppy ocean, meaning that walking a straight line and staying balanced was impossible. Everyone gave the mental order for their armor to disappear, greatly lightening their weight and making the arduous trek easier, but it was still a cursed challenge.

It wasn’t long before Raphael became fed up with the impossible march and tried to fly. Ignoring what Baltoh had said earlier, he jumped into the air and began flapping his wings, but after rising five off he ground, he completely flipped over in the air and fell back into the sand. He came up sputtering in shock, wishing he had been wearing his airtight helm as he spat out a mouthful of sand.

“What the Hell happened?” he asked, getting back to his feet with his whole body shaking.

“As I explained earlier, flying is not permitted. Once you take off, you immediately flip over so that the ground becomes the sky. This desert is thick with reality-bending rules that not even I may break. I can’t even cast a spell because it will immediately disappear and reappear in the space around the planet. If I were to try and remove the desert with a black hole like I did before, it would appear in space above the Isle of the Damned and most likely devour the planet.” Baltoh said, demonstrating by creating a sphere of water in his hand, only for it to disappear in a lightless flash.

“So how are we supposed to get through this?” Molly asked.

“We must persevere. Be patient and don’t let your resolve to keep moving waver. If we keep walking, we will pass through this desert without any trouble. Don’t worry, I may not be able to cast any spells, but I am more than capable of guiding us across and out. Don’t worry, in this desert, time bends in ways that can never be predicted,” Baltoh reassured before continuing on, climbing up the back of a sand dune that was moving away from them like a slow-moving wave from a huge cargo ship.

The chain connecting them all suddenly jerked as Selene jumped back in fear and shock. Like a tsunami pulling back and exposing the ocean floor, the receding dune had lowered the sand level and exposed what was underneath it. There was a group of people, plastered with sandstone into unmoving statues with looks of miserable agony on their faces and their arms outstretched, as if desperate for help. Before they could be more closely studied, everyone was lifted up and the statues were buried as a new sand dune rolled in beneath their feet.

“Sorry, that just scared the crap out me.”

“What were they?” Rosemary asked.

“Damned souls, just like all the other people in Hell. The Desert of the Lost serves as the prison for four kinds of sinners; suicide victims that denied themselves life itself and wallowed in their pain, lazy worthless parasites that helped no one, cowards that allowed crimes and tragedies occur because they couldn’t overcome their own desire for self-preservation, and obsessive shut-ins that devoted their lives to one thing and shut out everyone and anything else. Their crime is simple: they denied themselves the world and chose to live in darkness. Now they are trapped in this desert, forever experiencing their pain from life in an endless cycle while their minds are forever bombarded by the mind-poisoning power of Belphegor.

Suicide victims and people who brought forth their own misery and sadness into their minds are played their lives over and over again beneath the sands, sloths and cowards are turned into statues while they suffer because they moved so rarely when they were alive or stood by and allowed tragedies to take place to protect themselves, and those who were obsessed in life and turned away from the world lose all their senses. They all suffer for their half-lived lives, all the while, Belphegor floods their minds and souls with misery, self-loathing, and hopelessness, like the opposite of an antidepressant. It is a terrible fate, one that truly stings my heart when I think about it. But we will not be able to help any of them until we defeat Tenebrous and remove him from power, so we must continue onward.

Everyone be careful, as your minds may very well become your worst enemies out here,” Baltoh explained as the statues revealed themselves once more before again being swallowed by the sandy sea.

For a completely immeasurable amount of time, the group marched onward through the desert, but the going never got easier. More time was spent waiting for a dune to pass beneath their feet than actually spent walking. As they delved deeper and deeper into desert, everyone but Baltoh began feeling the affects of Belphegor’s power seeping into their minds, causing each of them to experience nearly-crippling despair, ranging from mind-numbing fear to nauseating anxiety and traumatic flashbacks.

In the back, Michael was staring at Baltoh with contempt, filled with shame, anger, and jealousy. Baltoh had always been his sworn enemy, even when they fought together against the Demons. He thought he had finally let go of his hatred when he came to Hell, but now it was returning. He always believed he would surpass Baltoh and be the one to kill him, but the bastard was always stronger than him, wiping the floor with the Archangel in every fight, and now he was a god, spitting in the face of everything Michael stood for and believed in. The only thing greater than his hatred was his shame, shame that he allowed himself to fall so far and Baltoh tor rise so high. As his focus on Baltoh grew and grew, his sight began to blur and his hearing became muffled.

Next in line was Raphael, he too experiencing mental turmoil as he mulled over everything he had seen Baltoh do and heard him say. He had been right every time, shaking Raphael’s belief to its core. The fact that he had transcended to the Throne of Cinereo and could control both light and darkness as well as the power of the cosmos proved that there was a level of divine power that could be achieved, one in which the God he worshipped and obeyed had won instead of being born with. Then there were the cities that stood in the former Ash Fields, formerly inhabited by his predecessors when Hell was different. He had always been told that Jehovah created Heaven, Hell, and Earth and brought forth life. But now, here was Baltoh saying that Tenebrous, a deity of equal power to Jehovah, came later and managed to steal Hell from the Angels themselves. And Baltoh, not only could he create spirits like Jehovah and Tenebrous could create Archangels and Demons, but he could create actual life, giving entities two life times in existence. Was this why Angels and Archangels fell and became Gargoyles and Demons? Did they lose their faith in Jehovah because they new the truth that not even he had been told? Could he ever face Jehovah and live after everything he knew had been broken? As he pondered these questions, sand began to cling to his skin and clothes, slowly hardening like plaster.

Everyone fell as the sand dune beneath them gave way, revealing a crowd of people, entombed in stone with looks of misery on their faces as they reached upwards. With the ground lowering, everyone was basically dropped onto the rough jagged statues. Everyone but Baltoh winced as they landed on the sharp protruding statues, almost impaled by something which would normally not even be enough to cause harm. As another dune picked them up, everyone got back onto their feet and continued marching.

Ahead in the chain was Gabriel, shaking his head from side to side while he walked, feeling like his numerous piercings weighed ten pounds. In his mind, he began to ponder the possibility that he would not survive this journey through Hell, or even through this desert. He had seen Baltoh slaughter the Hell Princes like flies, he had seen armies of Crusaders rise up and free the innocent souls of Hell, and he had seen the impossible become common. But now a mere desert was making Baltoh, a real god in the flesh, practically powerless. They had made it so far through Hell, but now the true power of its darkness was being viewed. Here, they were in the belly of the beast, trying to face the god of darkness while literally walking through his greatest advantage.
‘It has to be a trap; Tenebrous must be luring us. There is no way it could be this easy. All he has to do is snap his fingers and create an army of Hell Princes to kill us while he and Baltoh fight in an unavoidable stalemate. Even now, we’re completely helpless against him! There is no way we can win, we never should have come here! We have to get out!’ he thought to himself, beginning the panic and completely unaware of the hard sandstone slowly forming on his clothes.

Next in line was Molly, who felt so sick that she almost expected to throw up. While she walked, her mind had begun to wander, and against her will, it strayed into a zone that she had forbidden herself to look into. Memories of her torture and death at the hands of the Demons back in New York were seeping into her subconscious like ink on white fabric. She had shed her mortal body and had one that held no scars of her torment, she had come to terms with what had happened to her as something that had no affect on her Angel body, and she had even been intimate and found love, yet she could not shake away a sickening feeling like it had just happened.

‘What the Hell is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way? I’m supposed to have moved on, but it all feels so fresh and recent. Maybe something really is wrong with me. I allowed myself to be used as a sex toy by Selene and Baltoh, I was turned into a fuck-slave by those monsters, and right after I die, the first thing I do to deal with getting raped is I go have sex again. Oh god, what the fuck is wrong with me?! I’m nothing but a desperate whore, getting used by everyone and doing nothing about it! I’m pathetic!’ she thought to herself, suddenly filled with self-loathing and depression as her mind began replaying her torment in vivid detail over and over again, all while her body moved like a puppet on strings.

Nearby, the rolling sand dune passed and revealed the skull of a Bleak, fully buried and still alive. Its red eyes glowing, the conglomerate of Sinners roared and managed to free his arm, desperately reaching out to try and grab them, only for it to be pulled back under the sandy tides. No one paid any attention to it, as it was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

Connected to the chain and walking in front of Molly was Rosemary, struggling to move through the dunes while she kept her eyes fixated on Selene and Baltoh before her. Her heart felt like a cold stone in her chest, yet doubt and despair was pumping through her veins. Not too long ago, she had been intimate with the man she had always adored, but it was not how she had always expected it. Instead of a romantic bond of love, she gave into her deep, dark, shameful desires and he took advantage of her, fucking her like a desperate crack-whore or a kidnap victim with her so submissive and degenerative that she would have allowed a group of strangers to gang bang her on his slightest whim. Then, after that bond was made, he reduced her to one of his concubines, using her as just an ingredient in an orgy, where she threw herself and obeyed the women she envied and lusted for. She had given up everything she was for a man who would use her as one of his sexual playthings, and she would forever be too eager and willing to change it. She wasn’t his lover; she was his property.

With each step she took, these twisted lies were repeated in her mind. The desert was making her delusional and filling her with self-loathing and sorrow, and just like Molly, she was buying into it.

Between her and Baltoh, Selene was struggling with her own emotions. No matter how hard she tried to shake it off, she could not rid herself of her fear, fear of the future. She was only a few feet from Baltoh, yet she had never felt farther or more isolated. What would their relationship be like after this was all over? How long could it possibly last? Were their feelings for each other, strong as they were, as fleeting and fragile as her old human life? Had the openness she felt for orgies and letting him fuck other women been her subconscious trying to tell her that the way she felt wasn’t real? That their love was nothing more than sex wrapped in a thin veil of false emotions? Even if their love was strong, was it possible to go back to the way it had been before?

She had used to think that God loved humans and loved his Archangels, but after listening to Baltoh and hearing that God couldn’t care less and didn’t bother to get involved, she couldn’t help but wonder if that was the same fate she and Baltoh would share. Baltoh was now divine; he was an almighty deity. What hope did she have of being able to keep the interest of someone who could shape the universe itself? How could she keep the attention of someone who could create life and change reality? With such a vast difference between them, was there even a chance of maintaining their love, or would this be like a teenage girl trying to maintain a relationship with a boy who had just become the ruler of another country that she could never go to?

As she pondered these questions over and over, her body was flooded with desperation. She was so terrified of the prospect of the end of their relationship that her whole body was trembling and she could not keep tears from running down her cheeks. With her senses beginning to fade, she reached out to touch him, as if to figure out if he was really there or was just a mirage.

‘Baltoh, I don’t want to be without you. I can’t live without you in my life. You’re the only man I’ve ever loved; you’ve shown me more and made me happier than I ever dreamed. My entire world has been completely reshaped all because of you and my love for you. If we drift apart, then nothing will ever make me happy again. If we drift apart, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from taking my own—’ she was interrupted by Baltoh coming to a sudden stop. Everyone halted, wondering what was going on.

Without turning to them, he began to speak. “Michael, while our powers may not have been equal, you were my rival and I always respected you and what you stood for. I only wanted you to know the truth and I’m glad we can finally be friends, because your dedication was so much like mine that we could have been like brothers. I have always regretted that he had to be enemies instead of allies.

Raphael, even if your faith is lost, don’t lose yourself. Don’t give up because what you learn about the world, shape your own world around what you learn. Even if what you once believed is false, your mission, your duty, and your identity are as true as they’ve always been.

Gabriel, I swear to you that we will all get out of here. I will never leave anyone behind and I refuse to ever let anyone die again under my watch. If we are powerless, it is not because of this desert, but because we lost faith in ourselves. That is where true strength comes from; resolve and confidence.

Molly, you are far stronger than you give yourself credit. It is unheard of for an Angel to recover from scars in life as quickly as you did, meaning you truly have a spirit that always burns brightly. Do not be ashamed because you sought comfort in the form of intimacy, as that only means you were too strong to let your death slow you down and ruin your future. You truly are strong and it’s why I love you.

Rosemary, a day won’t go by where I won’t cherish you and be happy for the bond we share. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you exactly what you wanted, but everything I did when we were together, I did because I thought it would satisfy you. You are important to me, and I will always keep you in my heart and love you. I love you, Rosemary. I know you’ve always wanted to hear me say those words, and I’m sorry I didn’t say them sooner.

And Selene…” he said before finally turning around with a warm smile. “Even with my godly powers, there is no way for me to properly express how much I love you and how I always will. I could take every star in the universe and write a poem in the sky, describing my devotion to you, but I would still consider it a failure to show you depth of my love. I could create a planet with life, solely for the purpose of allowing a species to evolve until it is able to make a sound so beautiful that I would use it to make a symphony to try and let you know how happy you make me, but it would never be good enough. Selene, I love you with all my heart, the heart that I have only because of you.”

The power of his words instantly took affect, eliminating all mental poison of the Desert of the Lost. The three Archangels all smiled and shook as they experienced a euphoric sense of a weight being lifted off their shoulders so great that they couldn’t remember the last time ever feeling anything to enlightening. Michael’s senses returned to their original sharpness and the slow-forming membranes of stone appearing on Gabriel and Raphael crumbled into sand. All three Valkyries were weeping with joy with Molly falling to her knees, Rosemary kneeling beside Baltoh and holding his hand against her forehead, and Selene hugging Baltoh as tightly as possible. With the weight of his speech, he had purged them all of the toxic influence of the Dunes of Sloth and rescued them from despair and madness.

“You were reading our minds the whole time?” She whispered in his ear with her face buried in his hood like an animal in its den.

“No, but I know you all well enough to tell when you are hurting. I figured saying the words you all needed to hear would be more helpful than any spell.” He said, wrapping one arm around her and holding her tightly with Rosemary below, nuzzling his hand like an affectionate cat.

With their spirits revitalized and protected by Baltoh’s words, everyone followed him with renewed vigor. They were going to get out of the desert, they were going to defeat Tenebrous, and everything would be fine. With Baltoh leading them, they could not fail. As they walked through the desert, they encountered more and more hidden dangers and secrets beneath the sands. Dunes would roll aside to reveal cocooned spirits with expressions of agony, Demons and Bleaks that would surface for only a second and try to attack before just being swallowed back up by the sands. On their journey, they even encountered wanderers of the desert.

The damned souls were few and far between, but they all had similar rags for clothes that covered their bodies and almost all carried some kind of walking stick. They paid absolutely no attention to Baltoh and the others, even as they were called out to.

“They are known as the Lost Ones. These are the souls who wasted their lives in selfish and fruitless obsession, shutting themselves off from the world. For their sin, they lose all senses, and because of it, they are often the first ones to go insane. I’m not sure if they can even be saved at this point, as they aren’t too far away from just crumbling into dust. Don’t bother trying to communicate with them, as we are naught but ghosts in their world,” Baltoh said as a man wrapped head to toe in rags to protect himself from the sand walked past them, completely unaware of their existence.

“Baltoh, look ahead, I think we have trouble,” Raphael said, pointing to the horizon where a cloud of sand and dust was moving towards them and growing in size and elevation.

“Damn it, that is really going to slow us down.”

Forsaking easy movement for protection, the Archangels and Valkyries returned to their armored forms, using the suits to keep the wind and sand from blasting them. While the going was slow before, everyone now ducking in the wind as they tried to walk through the splashing waves of sand had now brought it to a crawl. Even Baltoh had to shield his eyes and face from the sand, unable to do anything to stop it in the desert. He had to play by Tenebrous’ rules while in Hell, and that meant enduring through the Dunes of Sloth. Visibility was almost nonexistent and keeping steady footing was next to impossible. In just a few minutes, everyone was basically walking in their own sandy world, only with the chain between them letting them know that they were not alone.

“Everyone hang on!” Baltoh shouted from deep in the cloud of sand.

Everyone looked around wildly, trying to figure out where the voice had come from and what he was talking about. Suddenly, the wind died down and everyone looked up, gasping in horror. A sand dune, as large as a hospital, was rolling towards them like a tidal wave and blocking the wind.

“Everyone hang on!” Baltoh shouted again, moments before the dune fell and enveloped them.

Being tossed through the tides like a surfer in a hurricane, everyone held onto the chain for dear life. Baltoh had made it so that only he could break it, but in this storm, there was no telling what could happen. Wrapped in a membrane of air that kept the sand at bay, Baltoh’s blood ran cold as he sensed a very dark presence nearby. Something was there with them, something with a power darker than anything else he had ever sensed. For the first time since becoming a god, Baltoh felt fear in his heart, as the chain around his waist suddenly became slack. The chain had been broken!

“Selene!” he shouted as he reached blinding through the sand, grasping her hand.

She held on desperately with terror radiating from them both, but even against all of Baltoh’s strength, her hand slipped out of his and they were pulled apart. With the laws of Tenebrous siphoning whatever power he built up, Baltoh could do nothing as he sank deeper and deeper into the desert but worry about Selene and his friends.

Without warning, the sand around him disappeared and he fell into open space, as if he had been swimming in the ocean and was suddenly jettisoned into the air. Baltoh looked down and his eyes widened as he gazed across a completely full-sized galaxy, red as blood with everything from stars to planets, all inhabited solely by Demons, Gargoyles, Titans, and Masters of Torture. Compared to this galaxy, the population in Hell was little more than a tiny spit of the population, like comparing a small bacteria culture to all the life on Earth. Even though it was an actual galaxy, the space around Baltoh contained air, allowing for breathing and sound to be carried.

Moving so fast that he made light particles look like half-dead snails, he flew towards the center of the galaxy, knowing who was waiting for him. Sailing across the cosmos in seconds, he came to the absolute heart of the galaxy; a fiery whirlpool as wide in diameter as an entire solar system, and hovering over the center was a black throne, made from human and Demon bones. Sitting in it was a monstrous being, the King of Hell, Tenebrous.

The god of darkness had a somewhat similar build to all Demons, but was mostly unique. Instead of grayish black, his skin was a deep bloody red and he was far more muscular than any Demon or Gargoyle, with black spikes running up his legs and forearms. He had three sets of horns, two like a goat’s that curled around his ears and pointed forward past his lower jaw, two like a bull’s that extended from his temples, and two that curved back over his cranium almost aerodynamically like Baltoh’s old horns, and above them hovered a crown of Hellfire. Instead of wings, he had a cape that grew out of his lower back and reached upwards past his head with five bony ridges keeping it rigid. It almost looked like he was sitting in the palm of a huge webbed hand. His eyes were jet-black with fiery irises, he had slit-like nostrils instead of a humanoid nose, and his abnormally large lower jaw had three spike-like tusks protruding from his chin. He stood at about eight feet in height, practically a rodent or insect when compared to the Titans or Hell Princes, but his power was truly incomprehensible to anyone who wasn’t on the same level.

“I’ve been waiting for this day longer than you could possibly imagine, the day in which I would finally battle someone as powerful as I. Welcome, Baltoh, welcome to your doom.” His words literally carried so much weight that anyone of Archangel level or lower would be killed upon hearing them. Tenebrous stood up, holding his arms out to his sides. “Behold! The armies of Hell, hand crafted by yours truly! Once I defeat you and claim your powers, I will disembark from Hell and use this galaxy of followers to conquer all of Cinereo, and then, Heaven itself!”

“What did you do with my friends?” Baltoh growled.

“Oh, I grew tired of letting you run around my domain and destroy everything I have worked to build. I decided to just bring to me so that we could fight this battle once and for all. Your friends are being taken care of by minions, and if you want them to survive, I suggest you try and beat me as quickly as you can,” Tenebrous taunted as he held out his hand and materialized a six-foot claymore sword of red and black metal, the same kind of metal that Lucifer’s sealing blade was made of. “Now let the ultimate battle begin!” he laughed as the pounced on Baltoh for a diagonal chop to the neck.

Baltoh quickly drew his own sword and raised it to defend.

“Ha! You’re a major disappointment if you think you can fight me with a sword of Hellsteel!” the Demon laughed as he swung his sword.

There was a bright flash as their swords met, shining for a few seconds before fading. As the light receded, Tenebrous and Baltoh were revealed, standing with their backs to each other and thirty feet of space between them. Almost the entire blade of Tenebrous’ sword was gone and the Demon King had a huge cut going through his chest, carving through the left side of his ribcage and tearing through his lung, almost nicking his heart.

Baltoh swung his sword with the air and light bending around the jet-black blade. “And you’re a major disappointment if you think I would fight you with a sword of Hellsteel. This sword is made from the matter of a black hole and has the same density and weight of one. Whenever something touches the blade, its gravitational pull is briefly activated, ripping apart whatever touched at the subatomic level. For the transient moment, it is able to absorb light itself, meaning that it is more than capable of breaking through and devouring any defense weaker than itself. Now, draw your real sword and fight me!” Baltoh roared as he turned to the true Demon King, still sitting in his black throne.

The Tenebrous he had just fought was merely an illusion, disappearing as the real Tenebrous revealed himself, applauding mockingly. “Very good, Baltoh, very good. It seems that you truly are worthy of fighting me. Very well, I shall answer your request and face you; no illusions, no laws, just raw power.” Appearing in his hand, another claymore appeared, this one with a blade of condensed Hellfire, almost like the compacted flames of a star. “Now let the battle of the gods truly commence!” he laughed as he and Baltoh leapt towards each other and locked swords.

Selene’s bright green eyes opened and she groaned in soreness, feeling like a shoe that had been tossed in a dryer. Without moving, she looked around through the visor of her helm, but could not discern any of her surroundings, as the glass was covered with some sort of gooey substance. While her whole body ached, she managed to lift her hand and wipe off most of the slime. Blinking to clear her vision, she looked around at her surroundings and gagged in revulsion. She was inside some sort of carven with the walls, floor, and ceiling made of slimy flesh. She looked down both directions of the corridor, barely able to see in the darkness.

Wincing in pain, she slowly got to her feet, glad she was wearing her airtight armor as she realized that her whole body was covered in the mucus-like slime of the fleshy cave. However, her hair was hanging out of the back of her helm and it had turned to rope from the slime. Trying to stay on her feet, she raised her energy levels, burning away the slime and returning her armor to its original shine.

“Baltoh!” she shouted, hoping that she was not alone. Her voice echoed through the cavern but tauntingly bounced back. “Where the fuck am I?” She asked, if only to get some balance through the sound of her own voice.

“You are in the belly of Baal,” a wispy voice murmured, making her jump. She turned around, looking at the fleshy inflated walls for the source of the voice.

“In here…” the voice whispered as a small tremor shook of the folds of the wall.

Cringing in disgust, Selene slowly walked over and spread two of the folds, revealing a frail emaciated man, covered in insect-like Gargoyles that were busy peeling off his skin with their pincer-like jaws. He stared at her with a gaunt look on his face and blood oozing from his wounds that the Gargoyles were causing through their feast.

“You are in the Circle of Gluttony, where those who lived to eat instead of eating to live suffer until the end of time inside the Hell Prince himself. You have been devoured.”

“Oh my god, you poor man,” Selene worriedly exclaimed as she brushed off the parasites and tried to pull him out. She wrapped her arms around the frail main and tried to pull him free of the fleshy prison, but his limbs almost appeared to have fused with the walls. She gave another pull, but quickly stopped at the sound of his arm breaking like a twig. “Oh shit, I am so sorry,” she stammered, even though the man didn’t seem to notice.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve been here for what has felt like five thousand years, endlessly getting digested and healed over and over again, forced to feel my body get peeled away by those tiny bugs and the strength pulled from my body by Baal. There is nothing that can hurt me after what I’ve experienced.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon. My boyfriend is going to kill Tenebrous and release all the innocent souls. But I need to know, have you seen anyone in here with armor like mine?”

“A man wandered by, but his armor was white. He went that way just a few minutes ago before you landed.”

“One of the Archangels. Ok, thank you,” Selene said before running off.

Sprinting down the fleshy hallway to the sound of her clinking armor, Selene had her power levels raised to illuminate her path, knowing that there could be danger around every corner. She felt like the camera of a colonoscopy. The walls around her were filled with former gluttons, all locked within the wet folds and in different stages of their umpteenth digestion.

“Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, are any of you down here?! Can any of you hear me?!” she shouted, knowing that one of them had to be nearby.

Leaping over a pit in the floor, she heard a scratching-clicking sound and looked down. Swarming up from the darkness like a geyser was a swarm of the parasitic Gargoyles, ravenous and eager.

“Celestial Art: Tongue Of White Flames!” she shouted before pointing her hands down into the pit and launching a deluge of fire almost as hot as the surface of the sun. “Let’s see how Baal likes a little heartburn!” she said to herself with a smile as she listened the screams and pops of the bug-sized Gargoyles.

Certain that they were all dead, she ended the spell and looked down into the pit to see the damage she had caused. While not even ash remained from the parasites, the interior of the fleshy tunnel didn’t even have a single burn mark.

“No, that’s not possible!”

An echoing roar and sudden closing of the walls countered her disbelief. Moving towards her like a collapsing mine shaft, the corridor ahead began to close in on itself, threatening to grab her once it reached her position. All the people trapped in the folds of the wall moaned in pain from the sudden movement. Hoping for different results, Selene aimed her hand at the tightening tunnel. “Celestial Art: Lightning Obliteration!”

Momentarily shielding her eyes from the light, she fired a massive beam of electricity, hoping to blow the tunnel back open. The closing tunnel merely devoured the lightning, swallowing it whole like starving man stuffing his face. No damage had been done; her attack was a failure. Cursing the situation, she jumped down into the pit she had just filled with fire, sliding down it like a child in a slide. After falling a hundred feet, she was tossed out into a new chamber and on a bank along the side of a pool of gastric acid, as large as a pond. With the sound of movement echoing from the shaft behind her, Selene cursed and leapt across the green bubbling pool.

Hissing as they shot forward, pulsating tendrils reached out and grabbed her in midair, melting her armor with the wet membrane of acid that covered them. With whiplashing speed, they pulled Selene down into the pool and the gastric acid consumed her. Beneath the surface, Selene once again mentally thanked Baltoh for making the suit airtight, but she could already feel the disgusting liquid burning through and melting the outer layers and her hair had already been disintegrated.

Drawing forth her blade into materialization, she reached around and severed the tentacles and gave a large flap of her wings, propelling herself out of the pool. Having landed on the other side with her armor now looking like a melting wax sculpture, she quickly clapped her hands together and cast a healing spell. “Celestial Art: Time Replenish!”

Through a small form of time alteration, she began to mend her armor, returning it to its original state, and even regrow her onyx hair. It was very similar to the repairing barrier that the Angels used in times of exorcism.

A loud scuttling sound drew her attention and she raised her head with a curse. Crawling out of the folds of the fleshy walls were billions of the worms and spidery parasites that Selene had seen before, all ravenous and bold.

“Angel Art: Holy Burn!”
Shining brighter than a stage light, a deluge of golden flames surged down from the next corridor, forcing Selene to cover her eyes and shield herself with her wings. The holy flames filled the chamber like a flood, incinerating the parasites but leaving Selene unharmed. As the smoke cleared, Selene opened her wings and looked at the caster. It was Michael, having finally arrived.

“Damn, am I glad to see you,” Selene said as he helped her to her feet.

“I’ve been wandering around looking for any familiar faces, trust me, I’m glad I found you.”

“We need to get out of here and regroup with the others, if not to find Baltoh then to at least avoid digestion.”

“It won’t be easy. Baal’s body is basically one giant network of stomachs and the interiors are almost completely immune to damage. My spells and sword just slide off like oil on water.”
“Well if we can’t blast our way out, then we’ll just have to find a real exit, as unpleasant as that will be.”

A colossal volcano stood in the background, larger than Mt. Everest and continuously spewing forth smoke and pure molten gold instead of magma. Castles and dungeons had been built into the side of the volcano with damned souls streaming in and out, either going in to receive their punishment or coming out with gold bricks tied to their bodies with barbed wire, weighing them down to the point where they could barely move and lacerating their flesh. For over a hundred miles, the land surrounding the volcano was overflowing with mountains of personal possessions, taken from those condemned to the Circle of Greed.

Much like those found in Baltoh’s old home, the artifacts stretched from across time, including objects such as Persian coins, silver jewelry, and bricks of dollar bills. Forming a ring around the junkyard was a chain of pits, leading to the veins of molten gold beneath the land. There, the damned souls would toss their glossy weights back into the fire and march back to the mountain to retrieve it in a solid form so that the process could be repeated. Beyond the ring of fiery pits was a barrier of mountains, literally making it a circle of Hell.

In this world, there were four kinds of punishments: you either carried the gold to the pits where they would be melted back down and flow back to the volcano while barbed wire cut through your muscles like a hot knife through butter, you would labor in the volcano to make the gold bricks where the air was hot enough for flesh to melt off the bones, you were thrown down into the pits where you were boiled in molten gold with your body always regenerating, or you were in the junkyard, buried beneath the piles of trinkets or precious metals, forever feeling your bones shatter and your organs collapse as you were crushed over and over again without reprieve.

Molly and Gabriel were hiding in the junkyards, knowing that getting caught now would mean certain death if it drew the Hell Prince to them. There was little chance for survival against Mammon, Prince of Greed.

“So where do we go?” Molly asked, looking around to make sure that they weren’t being watched. But with how many Demons and Gargoyles there were swarming around and tormenting the damned souls, that was a lot to ask for.

“I figure we just make for the border and hope we can leave unnoticed. From there, it’s all a matter of trying to find our bearings. But I know nothing for sure, as I have never been to Hell. I’ve only studied it. For all we know, this might be the very outskirts of the true circle.”

“Intruders!” a Demon howled pointing down at them from atop of hill of ripped clothes.

With a roar, Molly pointed her hand at the Demon and launched a blast of lightning, but the creature dodged the blast and returned with a Dark Pulse, all the while alerting every demonic entity in the area of their presence. Spinning around, Gabriel kicked the blast, causing it to bend and change direction midstream.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!”

Bursting from the ground, a skeletal hand reached up and grabbed Gabriel, but Molly wasn’t around to be grabbed. The Demon looked around, trying to figure out where she had gone. Before he could even realize he was in her shadow, she decapitated it from behind with a swing of her arm. As his tar-like blood splashed the ground, the roars of his comrades could be heard as they approached. Filling the sky, Demons and Gargoyles swarmed around Molly and Gabriel.

“Come on, we have to make for the border!” Molly said as he flapped her wings.

Flying low to the ground, the two fighters swerved between the mountains of junk with the forces of Hell firing beams of energy down to try and hit them. Each missed beam would cause a dynamic explosion, throwing artifacts and trapped souls into the air like specks of dirt. As they glided at top speed, a skeletal hand burst from the ground and grabbed Molly’s ankle. The Sinner was not nearly strong enough to overcome her strength and his arm popped right off, but the sudden jerk was enough to destabilize Molly and send her rolling across the ground.

“Molly!” Gabriel shouted as he slowed down, having shot past her.

Molly looked up and her eyes widened as a building-sized pile of gold bricks was directly hit with a Dark Pulse, sending them flying like shrapnel and causing the pile to lean over and form an avalanche of crushing metal. Normal gold could never hurt Molly in her normal form, but this being Hellgold, it was heavier, it could break bones, and she could not become intangible and pass through it.

“Celestial Art: Tornado Scythe!” she called, creating her cleaver.

Swinging it like a giant fan, she created a powerful gale force wind, more powerful than any Earth storm. The powerful wind and the blades of energy it carried repelled the bricks of gold, hurling them back at the monsters in the air. The beasts were knocked out of the sky, many due to broken bones and a few from getting melon-sized holes blasted in their chests. With another flap of her wings, she launched herself forward, gliding above the ground and catching up with Gabriel.

A thunderous roar pushed aside Molly’s acquired self-confidence as a literal mountain of old possessions erupted like a landmine, revealing a creature underneath. She was a Titan in the form of a colossal turtle with armored legs, neck, and face and fortress on her back, brimming with cannons. Glaring at them through the junkyard with her red glowing eyes, the turtle swiveled her cannons in their direction and began firing Dark Pulses, tossing the fighters through the air with the explosions alone.

“We have to outrun it. If we can get out of its range, then it can’t hurt us,” Gabriel winced, having been thrown through the air by an explosion and landed roughly on a pile of old watches.

“Fine, but we have to stay low to the ground. If we go up above the piles, that thing will shoot us out of the sky,” Molly said as she picked up a purple rubber strap-on, having obviously been worn by a woman in a tragic sex-related death. ‘I need to get one of these when I get back to Earth. I bet Selene and Rosemary would get a kick out of this thing,’ she thought with a lecherous smile.

Once again flying low to the ground, Molly and Gabriel zoomed through the junkyard like rats through a maze, with the turtle quickly losing sight of them and firing randomly in all directions.

“It worked!” Molly laughed.

“Demon Art: Shade Shimmer!” the turtle bellowed. Instantly leaving a path of destruction through the junkyard, she caught up to Molly and Gabriel with the speed of a bullet.

“Oh shit! Celestial Art: Sonic Sprint!” Molly swore.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!” Gabriel shouted in turn.

Moving so fast that they were invisible, Molly and Gabriel shot past the turtle. Turning around, the turtle reactivated the spell and chased after them, leaving another path of destruction in her wake. Moving through the junkyard at hyper speed, the turtle took aim with her cannons and hit them both with a direct barrage of Dark Pulses, nearly knocking them unconscious as they crashed into the ground with smoking armor like a pair of racecars.

“I have an idea, split up! I need you to distract it while I attack her underside!” Molly panted, struggling to stay awake as she used a spell to repair her broken visor.

“I’m on it!” Michael countered, shooting up into the air and flying around the turtle like a fly, blasting her with Divinity Rays.

The beams of light caused massive amounts of devastation to the fortress on the turtle’s back, each impact equal to the crash and explosion of a propane truck. But regardless of the damage inflicted, the fortress would repair itself like flesh through a healing spell, insuring that the cannons were always operational. While Gabriel distracted the beast, Molly went to work on the less-armored underbelly.

“Celestial Art: Star Birth! Celestial Art: Null Gravity!”

She fired the small sphere of red light as the second spell took affect, making the turtle weightless. In a fiery flash, a miniature fusion reaction erupted underneath the turtle, throwing her into the air, snarling in pain. “You bitch!” She howled as she flipped through the air.

“Gabriel, finish her!”

“Angel Art: Divine Smite!” Gabriel called out, plunging down towards the flipped turtle with his sword in hand.

Stabbing the turtle in the very center of his under-armor, he forced her down into the ground with more power than a plane crash and instantly shattered every bone and plate in her body. Blood and guts sprayed in all directions as the turtle was ripped open like a bloated carcass, sending blades of bone through the air that were as strong and sharp as metal.

“Damn, she was tough,” Molly muttered as she walked over to Gabriel.

“Yes, but not tough enough. Come on, let’s get out of here,” he said, sheathing his sword.

No sooner had the flaming sword been sealed before Molly and Gabriel were both brought to their knees by a dark energy on the air, making their limbs feel like dumbbells. The aura was partnered with a loud monstrous roar, signaling one thing; they were now at the mercy of Mammon, Hell Prince of Greed.

Rosemary’s eyes slowly opened as she was brought back to consciousness. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She was suspended on the wall of a medium-sized dungeon, though it looked more like a Medieval queen’s bedroom. A bed with hanging curtains sat in the corner, with a hot tub bubbling on the other side of the room. The floor had lush carpeting and the walls were decorated with paintings and statues of naked figures, many in the middle of intimacy. There were no doors or windows in the room and no visible source of light other than the hot tub, which was casting swirling hues of illumination across the dim room.

She didn’t know if it was the kiss of the air or the bite of the metal shackles, but Rosemary quickly realized that she was completely naked. She tried to draw on her powers to recover her armor or break her binds, but she could not muster up the strength. She was not tired or sleepy, but her body was just devoid of energy.
“Where am I?”

“You’re in my domain,” a woman purred, suddenly appearing in front of Rosemary when she blinked. Aside from her black hair and grayish skin tone, the woman looked exactly like Rosemary; same body, same height, same face, same everything. She too was completely naked, standing two feet below Rosemary.

“Where am I? What circle am I in?” Rosemary mumbled, wincing from the line that was being worn into her neck by her metal collar.

“The Circle of Lust,” the woman answered as she leaned forward and blew on Rosemary’s tits, tickling her nipples to full points with her breath. Rosemary shivered at the suddenly spark of arousal at the teasing of her exposed body. She tried to sharpen her mind, needing to regain control and figure out a way to free herself.

“Are you the Hell Prince? Are you Asmodeus?”

“Yes, I am the ruler of this land, but “Prince” is just a silly moniker. I have no gender or body other than the one I want, and I decided that I like your body; this sweet innocent body,” she said coyly before running her tongue up Rosemary’s flat belly, working the tip in her naval before come up and planting a kiss on the center of her chest.

Rosemary’s breathing became quick and shallow as she tried to suppress the powerful rush of arousal and horniness that swept through her. The sensual touch of this stranger’s tongue against her vulnerable naked body… it was mind-jarring.

“Tenebrous asked me to take extra special care of you, so I decided that since you are an extra special guest, I would show that Hell isn’t only about pain and torture. You can also bask in endless pleasure,” she said seductively as she kissed the side of Rosemary’s adolescent breast.

Rosemary turned away, trying to fight her own desires. “No, let me go. I have to get back to Master Baltoh. I have to—” she whined before being cut off and giving a soft moan.

Asmodeus had inserted her finger into Rosemary’s pussy, swirling it between the soft lips. Rosemary could feel something different from this touch, like the woman’s finger carried an electric charge. It was as if she were working a novelty shock toy in her pussy, making it next to impossible to suppress her pleasure.

“This is Lust Lightning, the power which I use to electrocute the damned souls here. But this is a special gift for you, you’ll experience pleasure that will mock your wildest fantasies,” Asmodeus whispered as she moved between Rosemary’s perky breasts, sucking playfully on her nipples and scrubbing the peach flesh with her tongue.

Rosemary’s whole body was blushing red and every breath carried the softest moan as she desperately tried to suppress her arousal and keep her dignity, but as she had learned with Baltoh, she cast aside all her dignity once her clothes were gone. With her limbs secured to the cold stone wall and the metal shackles biting her flesh and keeping her from being able to resist Asmodeus, Rosemary’s original defiance was being replaced with her sexually submissive alter-ego. In just a few minutes, her thighs were damp with the wetness from her moistening pussy and she was crying in shame, having given her body and mind to Baltoh and now being used by this ruler of Demons… and loving it. On the other end, Asmodeus had worked three fingers into Rosemary’s cunt and was fucking her furiously while licking off the tears that the Valkyrie dripped onto her breasts.

“Don’t worry, baby, you’re my property now. Once you have your orgasm, your soul will belong to me,” Asmodeus whispered before kneeling down.

“No, please… I can’t take it,” Rosemary whimpered as she tried to keep her smooth legs pressed together, but unable to overpower her restraints.

Ignoring her whimpers, Asmodeus spread her legs and blew on the wet lips of Rosemary’s pussy. Stretching like Baltoh’s, Asmodeus extended her long serpent-like tongue, gently prodding Rosemary’s snatch with the quivering tendrils. Rosemary struggled not to react to the burning pleasure between her legs, but small cracks of violet light were popping around Asmodeus’ tongue as she used low shocks of Lust Lightning to tease and excite her.

Kissing it as if it were the mouth of her lover, Asmodeus locked her lips with the lips of Rosemary’s dripping pussy, hungrily drinking in her juices. Stimulating her clit with her lips and flexing her long wet tongue inside the velvet interior, Asmodeus pleasured her with the skill of a master, making it next to impossible to deny her. What Rosemary didn’t know was that Raphael was outside Asmodeus’ castle, fighting through hordes of Demons.

The Archangel had seen the “Prince” of Lust snatch the unconscious Valkyrie and take her to the highest tower of her castle, but while he knew where she was, she was far from rescued. He was standing at the gates of her mountain-sized black castle, deep in the rocky crags of Hell. The castle was split into three towers that pierced the black roaring clouds and made the skyscrapers on Earth look like two-story huts. It was made from the petrified bodies of naked men and women and along with being formed and placed to provide structure for the castle, they were also arranged in complicated positions like frozen dancers, reenacting scenes of intercourse, ranging from lovemaking to rape.

The two lower towers where phallic shaped, and between the trio of spires, ear-splitting cracks of violet electricity would arch across the stormy sky like the machines of the Frankenstein story. Lust Lightning surged through the towers in repetition, crawling up through the corridors and causing the windows to glow like lights. The constant shock brought forth screams of agony from all the people used like bricks to make the statue, experiencing a lethal electrocution several times each minute.

Unlike the rest of Hell, the gender distribution of the Demons was equal, with both male and female beasts coming out to fight him. The rest were in the castle dungeons, raping the spirits that had not been used to make the structure. Women were raped to the point where humans would die, forced to experience the pain and humiliation of endless Demons all taking turns on them, tearing them to pieces from the inside out with their barbed cocks and feeling the acid sting as jets of cum were sprayed into their bleeding mangle bodies and onto their naked flesh. Often, their breasts or ass cheeks were devoured or the woman would be forced to eat the butchered pieces of her own body.

Men suffered a similarly cruel fate, being secured in Iron Maiden-style cages that had tails piercing their limbs and torsos, as well as a length of barbed wire holding out their tongues. The only parts of their bodies that weren’t covered by the cage bars were their laps, where their penises had been forced to take full erections by the power of a rigidity spell. Unable to move or protect themselves, they were helpless as the female Demons used them as pleasure slaves. However, like their male counterparts, the genitalia of the female Demons were more harmful than any human or animals’. Their pussies were like meat grinders, with the interior walls lined with ridges and blades as hard and sharp as glass. Insertion was agonizing, but pulling out was enough to carve away the flesh of a man’s member like a dowel on a lathe, but with a lot more blood and mutilation, only for their wounds to be healed. As the she-beasts forced them to mate like breeding bulls, the men would howl as their cages shocked them almost endlessly with Lust Lightning.

Firing Spears of Destiny from his hands to slay the Demons as he fought his way to the gate, Raphael kept his eyes fixed on the top of the highest tower, knowing that Rosemary was in extreme danger.

“Hang on Rosemary, I’m coming!” He shouted as he swung his sword and beheaded a she-beast.

Up in Asmodeus’ bedchamber, Rosemary too was coming. Against her will and determination, her body had given in to Asmodeus’ skills and achieved an orgasm. The shape-shifter smiled and opened her mouth, drinking in the juices that sprayed from Rosemary’s pussy like a hose. As Rosemary achieved her orgasm, her eyes began to fade in color as she entered a trance-like state. The ritual was taking affect, her soul was being absorbed by Asmodeus.

“Now, let’s see what pleasure lie deep within the shadows of your mind,” Asmodeus said with a smile as she kissed the comatose Rosemary on the lips.

Rosemary slowly opened her eyes, unsure of the first sensation that greeted her. Was it the soreness in her back and joints from her hunched-over position on all fours, the dripping of her saliva off the rubber gag in her mouth, or the feeling of the cold floor and shackles against her wrists and ankles and the metal collar around her neck? Her mind was a fuzzy blank and her body felt like it was covered in a hot wet carpet. She wasn’t sure what the last thing she remembered was and her senses were fluctuating randomly as her grogginess slowly faded.

As her eyes and muscles began to regain their sharpness, she tried to push herself up but could not move her hands or feet away from the floor. She was shackled in place on all fours. Seeing how far she could stretch, she pushed herself and looked around. She was in a pool of light on a cold tile floor. Sitting in the darkness was a crowd of people, forming a ring around her with their faces hidden, all staring at her. Rosemary tried to draw forth her wings or armor, but neither appeared, regardless of how hard she focused. Becoming frustrated, she pulled fruitlessly on her shackles, knowing that she couldn’t break them but knowing she had to at least try. Her efforts brought chuckles of amusement from the men and women watching her, making Rosemary blush in humiliation at the way they mocked her and stared at her naked body.

The clacking of high heels drew her attention and a woman came into view from behind her. She looked up at Selene, who was dressed up almost like a lawyer or secretary with a black skirt, a gray suit jacket, and a pair of glasses resting on her nose with her hair in a bun. Her face showed a mix of seriousness and boredom on her face as she flexed a riding crop in her hands. Rosemary tried to speak to her, to call out Selene’s name, but her gag muffled every word.

At the sound of her mumbling, Selene solidly tapped her on the cheek with the end of the crop. “Silence,” she said before walking behind Rosemary.

‘What is going on? How did I get here? Why is my memory a complete blank?’ Rosemary pondered, having no idea what had happened.

She then shivered as the leather flap at the end of the riding crop was dragged across her back to the sound of Selene’s high heels clicking on the floor. Rosemary looked around, trying to see her or at least the people watching the spectacle.

“Spread your legs,” Selene ordered.

Rosemary disobeyed, still confused as to what exactly was going on. Her defiance brought her a hard smack on the ass with the whip, sending the glorious sound echoing through the room. Rosemary yelped as a stinging welt appeared on her left ass cheek, but the pain sent a euphoric rush through her body.

“Spread your legs,” Selene repeated.

Rosemary did as she was told, spreading her knees as far as she could and putting her pussy on display. She shivered in arousal as she felt the leather whip slide across her inner thighs and brush against the lips of her pussy. Selene then smacked her again on the ass, drawing another yelp from Rosemary and sending her excitement skyrocketing.

“You’ve been a bad girl, and now everyone gets to watch as you get put in her place,” Selene murmured as she gave another gentle but loud smack, causing the smooth skin on her peachy ass cheeks to gain a slight swell.

Hearing her words and feeling the strangers’ eyes boring on her exposed body filled Rosemary with both embarrassment and arousal as her submissive side began to reveal itself, wanting to be sexually humiliated and degraded. Selene began smacking Rosemary’s ass with soft yet stinging strikes, making her shiver in pleasure as she was disciplined for an offense she had no knowledge of. By the time Selene was done, Rosemary’s ass was red with transient welts and she was shaking like a leaf, desperate for more punishment.

Selene walked back into Rosemary’s view, making her eyes as wide as dinner plates. The light was shining off Selene’s chocolate-shade skin and her full breasts jiggled with each movement, almost begging to be sucked. She was wearing nothing but her high heels and a strap-on harness, with a dildo attached that was two inches in diameter and almost a foot long. In Selene’s hands were the riding crop and the handle of a leash, the other end being attached to the metal collar around Rosemary’s neck. With a crack of the short whip, the metal shackles holding Rosemary to the floor opened up like handcuffs.

“Come on, walk like a little bitch,” Selene ordered, jerking the leash and pulling Rosemary.

Moving on all fours, Rosemary followed Selene like a dog with her pussy already soaking wet from this dominative and degrading treatment. Her eyes were fixed on Selene’s round ass, shifting from side to side with each pendulous swing of her hips. She desperately wished she could be the strap-on harness that Selene was wearing, especially the G-string strap nestled between her ass cheeks. With her strap-on dildo bouncing, Selene led Rosemary around the room, past the shadowy onlookers. The hidden strangers laughed at Rosemary and smacked her on the ass as she passed by, but their taunts and harassments only excited her even further, and when she fell behind and became too slow, Selene would give a rough yank on the leash.

Selene finally brought Rosemary back to the middle of the room and pushed her face down against the floor, unfastening her gag. Rosemary gasped as the toy was finally removed, glistening with saliva. Selene raised her foot, holding it just above Rosemary’s face. “Lick it.”

Rosemary eagerly obliged, running her tongue across the black shoe, wrapping it around the pencil-like heel, and kissing Selene’s foot and ankle. Selene then pulled on the leash, forcing Rosemary up onto her knees. Wrapping her fingers around her strap-on, she hefted the toy in front of Rosemary, who was like a deer caught in the headlights. “Suck it, suck it like a good little slut,” she growled, holding the leash tight.

Rosemary eagerly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the rubber phallus, bobbing her head back and forth and wishing it were real. The size and shaped she loved, but the touch and heat she missed. A hard smack to her right breast told Rosemary that she was meant to go deeper, as well as making her cry out in joyous pain. Obeying her Mistress, she began to deep-throat the toy, slowly taking it in and working it down her throat. Grabbing Rosemary by the hair, Selene forced the whole toy into her mouth. She coughed and gagged as she choked on it, unable to breath and feeling like she was about to vomit. With tears streaming down her face, she held still, trying to find some way to get air to her lungs as the dildo occupied her throat and Selene held her hair. Finally, when she almost thought she would black out, Selene let go of her and Rosemary fell back, desperately gasping for air with her chin and chest wet with dripping saliva.

Pulling her back with the leash, Selene waited until Rosemary’s breath was steady before forcing her to come back and continue sucking it. Holding her parted lips a centimeter from the head, Rosemary took her last deep breath as the layer of spit on the toy dripped onto her breasts. She didn’t take the whole thing in her mouth, but she diligently sucked it, cleaning off the saliva and applying fresh layers. While she sucked it, Selene smacked her breasts with the riding crop, making the sensitive flesh turn red with faint welts.

Selene suddenly pulled the toy out of Rosemary’s mouth and smacked her across the face, knocking her to the ground. Pulling on her leash, she forced Rosemary onto her hands and knees and crouched down behind her. “Bad girls need to be punished, are you ready to be fucked with this big cock?” Selene growled as she pulled Rosemary’s hair and pinched her nipples brutally hard.

“Yes Mistress, please punish me with that big cock!” Rosemary begged, wanting to be fucked so badly that her whole body was shaking.

Spreading the lips of her pussy, Selene forced the toy into Rosemary’s dripping pussy, entering her without any pause or mercy. Working her fingers into Rosemary’s mouth, Selene leaned over as she began fucking her with the dildo, trying to move as much of it in and out of her as possible. She was moving with a speed that showed no inexperience; in fact, to Rosemary it felt more like Baltoh was fucking her. Selene’s speed just continued to grow, with her large firm breasts bouncing and swinging as she violated Rosemary’s pussy with the strap-on.

Her mouth held open by Selene’s fingers, Rosemary looked around the room at the people watching them. While their faces were still hidden, she could see the glint of their teeth as they smiled in amusement and excitement and watched as they shifted their legs from their energetic arousal. The pounding of her pussy with the dildo was absolutely euphoric, it was so big and hard; it was like getting fucked by a cold machine. Just as beautiful as the feeling were the dominative growls of Selene as she violated and used her like a sex slave. With how fast Selene was moving, Rosemary wished she could look back and see her bouncing titties.

Selene suddenly pulled out of Rosemary and tugged on her leash, pulling her up and forcing her to clean off the dildo with her tongue and cheeks. Rosemary purred and hummed as she sucked her delicious pussy juice off the dildo, wishing she were flexible enough to lick her own pussy. Once it was clean and glistening, Selene rolled her over onto her back and then sat down on her heels. Holding onto Rosemary’s thighs, Selene pushed the dildo back into her and began fucking her with miraculous skill, swinging her lower body and pulverizing Rosemary’s snatch with the toy.

Rosemary was whimpering and giving soft cries of happiness as the hard rubber toy was driven into her. Her face was blushing red from the joyous feeling of her body being stuffed and brutalized and she was squeezing and pinching her nipples, trying to get as much stimulation as possible. Rocking back and forth on the cold floor, she looked up at Selene, hypnotized by the sight of her bouncing breasts and wishing she could feel them and lick them.

Feeling the approach of her first orgasm, Rosemary licked her hands and rubbed her breasts, bathing in the kinky feeling and the unrelenting pounding of Selene ramming her with the strap-on. She closed her eyes for only a second when she felt someone grab her hands. It was not Selene, as she had not let go of Rosemary’s thighs. As her hands were pinned to the ground above her head, Rosemary opened her eyes and looked up at Molly’s face and her bowling ball breasts. Rosemary was desperate, longing to reach up and wrap her lips around the blond beauty’s erect nipples.

“Do you want to suck my tits?” Molly coyly asked.

“Yes Mistress, please let me taste them!”

Deciding to be merciful and indulge her little sex slave, Molly lowered herself down, laying her firm breasts across Rosemary’s face. The former Archangel immediately went to town on them, trying to slather every millimeter of soft flesh with her wet tongue and suck on her nipples like a water bottle after running a marathon. Without slowing down her powerful thrusts, Selene retrieved her riding crop and began smacking Rosemary’s breasts especially hard, coming just short of causing bruises. From the masochistic feel of her hands being restrained and her breasts being whipped and the pleasurable combination of the huge dildo pumping in and out of her snatch and Molly’s bountiful tits smothering her face, Rosemary was sent to the breaking point.

She gave a shrill moan as she had her first orgasm, but unlike all of the other ones, there was no jet of climactic juices spraying from between the lips of her pussy. Instead, the juices from the orgasm suddenly flooded her mouth and throat as if they had been poured between her lips. She coughed and gagged on the unexpected drink, as she could not find the source and the addition of Molly’s breasts on her face made her feel like she was being water-boarded. She tried to sit up to breathe, but Molly kept her pinned down and forced her to drink it all. While Rosemary was filled with fear and struggling to get air, the force of the two women and the terror of drowning or suffocating enthralled her, as well as the combination of the orgasm.

As the orgasm itself finally ended, the mysterious flood of pussy juices stopped running down her throat and Rosemary was able to breathe without problems. As her pulse slowed back down, she ran her tongue across her lips and throughout her mouth, gluttonously savoring the taste of her juices as she realized what had happened. Once she calmed down, Selene pulled out of her and Molly shifted position. With her knees on either side of Rosemary’s head, Molly set herself down on the former Archangel, smothering her face with her pussy and forcing her to lick it.

Reaching out, Molly grasped Rosemary’s ankles and pulled them back, completely putting her pussy and anus on display. As she worked her tongue in and around the velvet sleeve of Molly’s snatch, Rosemary shivered as she felt hands tentatively brushing against her smooth rear end and her pussy, and they weren’t the hands of Selene and she was sure they weren’t Baltoh. As the stranger rubbed her pussy, he/she wet their finger with her juices and began rubbing her asshole, teasing her as they pressed down on the ring. Rosemary was so horny that she was desperate to feel the finger penetrate her anus, but she also wanted to know whom it was.

Rosemary gave a sudden and shrill hum of pleasure as she felt a soft mouth going to work on her wet pussy, the stranger working their lips on the entrance and flexing their tongue inside, stimulating her clit with expert skill. As her pussy was orally stimulated, Rosemary felt the stranger insert their finger into her asshole, working it back and forth in the tight wet wring, using her pussy juice as lubricant. As she tried to figure out who it was, she felt another pair of hands squeezing her breasts and pulling up on her nipples, and the length of the nails and softness of the hands told her it was Selene. The sensation was so mind-numbingly euphoric that Rosemary was struggling to breathe with Molly’s delectably soft wet pussy smothering her face.

As the stranger worked their second finger into her asshole, Rosemary noticed something that she had not felt before. There was something unusual about the fingers, a cold hardness on the back of her fingers. It felt… metallic.

“Master,” Rosemary lovingly whispered as she momentarily retracted her tongue from Molly’s pussy.

Due to Baltoh’s claws, he had never really used his hands very often during sex, so she never really got to know them, but after he had become a god, his claws had been replaced with the small metal plates on the backs of his hands and fingers, and even though he had lost his long forked Demon tongue, his powers of pleasure went well beyond simple physical contact.

After several minutes of licking her pussy and fingering her asshole, Baltoh pulled away from her. Rosemary looked up from under Molly’s pussy and graciously sucked his fingers clean with a look of adoration on her face as she gazed at him. Once she did her job, Rosemary laid her head back and Molly changed her position, getting in a crab-walk and burying Rosemary’s face with her firm ass cheeks while she licked her anus. In this position, Molly was unable to hold Rosemary’s legs back, so Selene did it for her. With Rosemary’s legs spread, Baltoh hefted his cock and guided it into her open pussy, desperate to feel a large mass within it.

Rosemary moaned as she felt him enter her, stretching her pussy with his head and shaft. The sensation was much sharper than ever before, his cock feeling so huge and hot in her slender body. The muscular missile was so warm inside her, it was like getting penetrated by a rolled up heating pad. After pulling out for the first time, Baltoh forced his cock back into her like a hammered wedge. Moving his whole body fast that he would kill a mortal woman or even an Angel, he began fucking her with deep powerful shoves. Rosemary couldn’t help but scream in happiness as he fucked her into levels of pleasure that surpassed her wildest fantasies. He was slamming her cunt with his cock with the same speed that a humming bird used with its wings to hover.

It was less than ten seconds before he gave another screaming orgasm, but this time, she was ready for the flood of her pussy juices to fill her mouth and throat. Knowing how to breathe, she gluttonously drank her pussy juices, even while she continued to lick Molly’s anus. Once her orgasm came to an end, Rosemary took a deep breath of relief as Baltoh pulled out of her and Molly moved off her face. She was allowed a minute’s reprieve before she was forced to continue, this time with Selene straddling her face, no longer wearing the strap-on. While working her tongue between the glass-smooth lips of Selene’s pussy, Rosemary groaned as Baltoh entered her asshole. However, it felt much different than it had ever before. It felt like there was much more lubricant other than just bodily fluids. It was as if her anus or his cock had been slathered with KY jelly, removing the dryness and uncomfortable friction.

Baltoh took his original pace, moving like the firing pin of a mini gun as he pulverized the deepest corners of her anus. Without the mysterious lubrication, such brutal pounding would be impossible to achieve without injury. Rosemary was giving an unending shrill scream, brought from not only Baltoh’s thrusts and the kinky eroticism of Selene sitting on her face, but Molly working her fingers in Rosemary’s gaping pussy almost furiously. While it took longer than the first two times, Rosemary was quickly brought to her third orgasm.

Not sure how long she was out, Rosemary briefly lost consciousness from her exhaustion, the toll of her orgasms, and the sore numbness in her lower body. While it only felt like a second, when she woke back up, she found herself on her hands and knees with Selene beneath her. Once again she was wearing a strap-on, with the huge rubber toy lying mostly in her pussy. Rosemary suddenly gave a loud shriek as another huge dildo was forced into her loosened anus, worn as a strap-on by Molly. This was the first time since she had sex with Baltoh in the church that she had been double-penetrated, and while it was a wonderfully kinky feeling, it did bring tears to her eyes and make her wince.

As she raised her head, she felt a hand roughly grab her chin and squeeze her cheeks. She looked up at Baltoh, who had a stony expression on his face as he held his cock up, glistening with her bodily fluids from before. Without even needing to be told, she obediently opened her mouth to suck it clean and appease him. As she began bobbing her head back and forth and blowing him, Selene and Molly both began moving in unison, Selene bucking her hips and forcing her strap-on into Rosemary’s pussy and Molly humping her doggy-style and fucking her asshole.

As they reached the perfect machine-like rhythm, Baltoh fully satisfied Rosemary’s masochistic desired and grabbed her head, forcing his entire cock into her mouth. Rosemary choked and gagged and his pulsating penis, and even threw up a little. Tears were streaming down her face from her agitated gag reflex and she was desperately trying to breathe, but she was on Cloud 9 in terms of sexual ecstasy, being punished and violated while onlookers watched like the viewers of ancient Roman gladiator battles.

As time went on, Rosemary slowly began to drift towards unconsciousness, and she could swear her senses were being distorted. The dildos being used inside her were seemingly becoming warner and softer to the touch and she could no longer feel Molly’s breasts against her back or Selene’s against her own. Opening her eyes, she looked around and realized that was getting fucked all three ways by Baltoh… or copies of Baltoh. One of the doppelgangers was slamming her from behind with his meaty cock, one was beneath her, bucking his hips and pulverizing her bruised snatch, and the original was still skull-fucking her. For some reason, she did not feel alarmed by this strange occurrence, she actually felt comforted, like she could literally feel him all around her.
Grabbing her shoulders, Rosemary felt the clone behind her hold her up, so that two pairs of hands could grab her own. Looking around in the corners of her eyes, she saw two clones, one on either side of her. They were holding her hands and wrapping her fingers around their erect cocks. Taking the message, she began stroking them both, sparing all the attention she could to give them proper hand jobs. With a huge cock in each hand, one in her throat, one in her asshole, and the final in her pussy, her mind was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling. She could not even describe the unfathomable sensations rushing through her whole body.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she was forced to open her eyes as a rush of pleasure rushed through almost every square inch of skin. As well as being gang-banged by Baltoh and his doppelgangers, Selene and Molly had returned with clones and were all grinding against any exposed spot they could find. They were doing everything from rubbing their pussies against her legs, kissing her feet, running their tongues across the sides of her chest and face, and giving her outstretched arms tit-fucks.

With 95% of her body rubbing against the body of someone else, Rosemary had the greatest orgasm of her life. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body began to vibrate. As her body was flooded with euphoric warmth, Baltoh and all of his doppelgangers all shot their loads, seemingly with the pressure of fire hoses. Seed overflowed and sprayed from her asshole and pussy, mixed with the juices of her orgasm, as well as ran down her throat and filled her stomach. She was even blinded by thick white streams coating her face.

Completely exhausted, she collapsed as they all pulled out of her, continuing to ejaculate. She was too tired to move, so she just lay there as layer after layer of semen coated her body. Before long, she felt like she was being submerged in a bath the thick white sperm. It was like she was a gold statue being lowered into a smelting vat.

Rosemary was hovering in the air over Asmodeus’ bed, trapped in her illusion with the ruler of the Circle of Lust lying below her. Both of their naked bodies were glowing with a blue aura as she slowly stole Rosemary’s soul. The illusion created a sexual fantasy that brought forth every desire she wanted and fulfilled them beyond her wildest imagination. The spell was powered by her sexual reaction to the illusion, with her arousal accelerating the process.

As she drank in Rosemary’s soul and watched her in the illusion, she was fingering herself and licking her lips. “Damn, this is one seriously kinky bitch.”

Chapter 13

Baltoh flew through the fiery galaxy of Tenebrous’ personal domain with enough power streaming from his sword to shatter a planet. Spinning like a top, he delivered a flurry of slashes to Tenebrous, but the Demon King blocked them all with his claymore of Hellfire. As Baltoh was about to deliver his hundredth attack in the second, he suddenly disappeared, teleporting and reappearing behind Tenebrous. Before his foe could react, Baltoh kicked him the ribs with catastrophic power, sending him zooming across the cosmos and crashing straight through a line of planets, turning them into crumbling rings of fire and stone.

“Demon Art: Apocalypse Eruption!” Tenebrous howled as Baltoh flew through the shattered planet cores faster than the speed of light. Putting Lucifer’s ultimate attack to shame, he fired a black and red beam of energy powerful enough to obliterate a solar system.

“Celestial Art: Wormhole Barrier!” Baltoh countered, refusing to alter his trajectory or slow down.

At the sound of his voice, a lake-sized vortex appeared in front of him and engulfed the blast, sending it to the void between dimensions where it could do no harm. Maneuvering around the screaming blast, Baltoh tackled Tenebrous, knocking through the final planet in the tiny pocket of space. With rubble and terrified monsters flying around them, the two fighters began attacking and blocking each other so quickly that they made light particles look like snails.

“Demon Art: Debt Retrieval!” Tenebrous cackled, having the time of his life.

Reaching out like a geyser from one of the “nearby” destroyed planets, a powerful arm with pulsing muscles and black scales stretched like rubber and grabbed Baltoh, reinforced with Tenebrous’ own divine power so that Baltoh couldn’t just break free of it without effort. Lunging forward, Tenebrous pierced Baltoh’s chest at the collarbone, driving straight through his chest. Tenebrous smiled at the sight of Baltoh coughing up blood, but lost it when Baltoh gained one of his own. Bending the light around it, Baltoh’s coat began to swirl and expand with the hand gripping Baltoh disappearing as his body seemingly dematerialized.

“Dammit!” Tenebrous swore as the undulating cape took form into a barrel-sized black hole, as strong and heavy as one that was full-sized.

Easily able to consume light itself, the black hole grabbed Tenebrous with its invisible claws and slammed him into it like a bear hug. Gnashing his teeth and swearing in frustration at the power of the quantum singularity, Tenebrous managed to turn his head enough to see Baltoh several millions of miles away with his hand raised.

“Celestial Art: Terrestrial Cataclysm!”

With a snarling roar, a burst of twisting fire and stone appeared above his head, taking form into a molten sphere that was as hot as the surface of the sun and large as a continent. Layers of bedrock appeared around the sphere, securing it tightly in countless layers until the heat could not be sensed on the surface. With a blue aura, the planet was supplied with oxygen and shook as oceans crashed on its surface upon their birth. Rising up from the soil, towering trees took root, looking for sunlight. The whole creation had taken only a handful of seconds to complete and was almost a perfect ecological equivalent to Earth.

His face contorted with focus, Baltoh threw the planet down at Tenebrous, who was still trying to overpower the gravitational pull of the black hole. Sending pulses of light across the cosmos, the planet slammed into Tenebrous dead on, crushing him with its weight and the power of the black hole as it was consumed. Baltoh watched as the planet wrapped around the black hole and was pulled into the darkness, waiting for Tenebrous to make his move.

The reply came with a booming laugh and a black supernova of shadow fire, erupting from between the crumbling planet and the black hole and destroying them both. The dark Hellfire surged across the solar system, obliterating the destroyed planets but being pushed aside before they reached Baltoh, unable to even come near him. In the center of the gyrating torrent of Hellfire, Tenebrous was laughing as loud as possible in joy at the battle. This was definitely going to be difficult.

Selene and Michael were flying through the labyrinth of stomachs and tracts of Baal, dodging the spikes of flesh and bone that were filling the corridors in an attempt to skewer and hold them down for digestion. They had already passed through dozens of stadium-sized chambers, filled with people being melted in lakes of stomach acid. While the sight sickened them and they wished they could help, their efforts would make no difference, and without Baltoh to create suits of armor and turn them into Crusaders, it would only slow them down. They had to get out and regroup before they continued to rescue souls.

“Michael, we’ve been flying in circles. That’s the third time we passed that pile of skeletons.”

“I know; I’m trying to figure out the anatomy of this creature and find the esophagus so that we will have a straight shot to the mouth, but I don’t think it’s that simple. None of these stomachs seem to be linked synergistically like a cow, these corridors seem to provide only space for the damned and allow for the easy movement of those parasites. I think damned souls are deposited here some other way, possibly through passages hidden within the folds of these walls, and I doubt we would be allowed to use them.”

“Basically you’re saying this is all a closed circuit, but what if he tried to move through it outside of the gastric tract?”

“What are you proposing?”

“A Demon like this must have colossal blood vessels, right? Possibly large enough for us to move through? If we can manage to burn through a wall of these intestines and break into an artery, then we can use it to get to the heart. Once there, we destroy the organ and hopefully weaken this monster enough to make our escape.” She said, smiling with confidence.

“That could work, but we have no way to cut through it. Whether it is some sort of mucus membrane or spell, these walls are completely protected from physical and energy attacks.”

“True, but we may be able to remove that barrier if we stress the tissue behind it. I have an idea.” They came to a stop at an intersection with a ventilation shaft-sized artery in the ceiling and Selene drew a blue lens in the air. “Celestial Art: Crystal Ice Ray!”

The released beam of light sprayed the ceiling like a high-pressure hose and immediately began to create a chandelier of ice, while almost doubling its size every second. Selene and Gabriel stepped back as she continued to fill the chamber with a growing iceberg. After reaching the point where it had blocked off all the passageways, a groan echoed through the tunnel and the interior walls began to shiver.

“It’s working! Even if the ice can’t directly touch the flesh, it still reacts to weight and impacts, and now the weight of ice is hurting it. Once the cold starts seeping through, then we’ll really be set.”

True to her words, the flesh around the perimeter of the ice began to swell and bruise as the weight cut off circulation through the capillaries, wearing down the protective membrane and allowing for the frigid cold to get to work. With its frigid sting, the ice killed all the flesh it touched and left it vulnerable to attack. Drawing his sword, Michael shattered the ice with a single swing, then jumped into the air and severed the artery.

A waterfall of blood poured down into the chamber, but knowing that the wound could close and heal itself at any second, they jumped up and climbed inside. Ignoring their squeamishness, they crawled through the river of Demon blood, working their way through Baal’s body. Going against the current, they crawled for what felt like hours through the artery. After an unknown amount of time, the steady flow of the blood became a pulsing surge, slamming into them with all the power of a flash flood and forcing them back. Even with their strength, they could not fight the powerful beats of the nearby heart and were forced to carve their way out. Landing in the chest cavity, Selene and Michael raised their power levels to burn off the blood and then turned around, facing the heart of Baal.

The pulsating organ was the size of a warehouse and had a much different design than a human’s or even most animals’. It had veins reaching out almost randomly across its surface to distribute blood through the body and well over a dozen chambers that were expanding and contracting on their own.

“I doubt it’s protected like the walls of Baal’s stomach. Would you care to do the honors?”

With a smile, Michael drew his flaming sword. “It would be my pleasure.”

Leaping like a grasshopper, he pounced on Baal’s heart with a downward slash of his sword, carving through the thick muscle without too much difficulty and causing a flood of gore to spray out like a tsunami, filling the entire chamber and forcing Selene to take to the air to avoid getting snatched by the waves.

“Alright, now let’s see if we can now find our way out,” Selene said as the blood-flow slowed to a trickle.

“Oh no, you need not even bother,” a deep voice laughed.

Selene and Michael both looked up as a mouth of dripping fangs appeared up above the heart, smiling and laughing.

“Baal, so you aren’t as mindless as I thought,” Michael cursed before giving a sideways slash across the heart out of spite. This only drew another taunting laugh.

“Cut at it all you want; a heart is as useless to a Demon as teeth to a creature that does not eat. And no, I am in no way mindless. I just wanted to see how far you could get. At any time, I could have killed you without any trouble, but you proved to be very interesting. But now the show is over and I look forward to digesting you both. But you girl, I might just eat you up all over again, as you were the most delicious,” he cackled as a tongue reached out and licked the fat lips that bordered the pit of teeth.

“I’ll give you credit, Baal,” Selene laughed. “The only thing that kept Baltoh from killing you Hell Princes was your ability to dodge his rage blast. The fact that you still live means you either you have an army of Masters of Torture and Titans guarding you or you’re just so large that he couldn’t even tell you were below him when he flew. But it’s also pathetic, you lived for over 40,000 years in fear of his shadow.”

“Know your place, girl. You have already met your end. All that’s left is for you to melt in stomach. The only reason why you were able to climb into my artery is because I let you out of interest! There is nothing you can do to harm me! There is no escape for you!”

“Not if I succeed where Baltoh failed,” Selene said with a maniacal grin.

Michael looked at her quizzically and Baal gave a booming laugh. Like a bull lowering its horns, Selene pointed the tips of her liquid metal wings at Baal’s mouth. The mini solar system above her head that had replaced her halo moved between the wings, with the tiny planets now orbiting around the sun more like electrons around an atomic nucleus.

‘It can’t be, is it even possible for her to use that technique?!’ Michael thought in disbelief as the sun’s light grew in intensity.

Shining as brightly as a star, a tongue of molten gold and silver shot up from the depths of the volcano, taking shape and solidifying. A demonic skeleton of pure sterling Hellsilver took form with long claws extending from the fingertips and a pair of bull-like horns reaching up from the grinning human-like face. The skeleton was then wrapped in a cloak of shifting Hellgold, becoming both the muscles and clothes of the Hell Prince, while the face remained without flesh. His eyes glowing brightly, Mammon opened his jaws and gave a booming laugh, terrifying Molly and Gabriel. He then raised his hand and a ring of fire surged up from the mountains around junkyard, like the Hellfire fence that had originally been erected around New York.

“Do you think we have any chance of being able to escape?” Molly asked.

“Not a chance. I doubt even our spells will let us break through that barrier, so our only hope is to fight him and hope for the best,” the Archangel replied.

“All of us combined barely put a dent in Leviathan, what the Hell can the two of us alone do?!” Molly cursed as the power of the Prince of Greed weighed down on her like a heavy backpack.

“Well then all we can do is try and live long enough for help to come! Watch out, he’s going to attack!”

Laughing maniacally, Mammon swung his arm and hurled a tsunami of Hellfire at the two warriors, setting the junkyard ablaze and barely giving them time to dodge. Knowing that there was nothing they could do to change the situation, the fighters resolved to just buy as much time as they could and try to survive.

“Angel Art: Spear of Destiny!” Gabriel shouted, firing a cascade of voulges from his hand.

“Celestial Art: Lightning Obliteration!” Molly called, launching a colossal beam of blue electricity. Being like ants fighting an elephant in terms of size and strength, their spells had little affect on the Hell Prince, causing only a stinging wound on the arm that he used to block.

“Do you really think you can kill me with such pitiful attacks?! You’re out of your league!” he cackled as he launched a blast of crimson fire, barely missing Gabriel but causing his armor to warp and melt from the proximity to the blast. His whole right side badly burned and his wing incinerated, Gabriel was unable to stay in the air.

“Celestial Art: Meteor Obliteration!” Molly shouted in frustration, forcing herself to look away from Gabriel and focus on the battle.

Having drawn a car-sized block of gold from the junkyard below, Molly took aim at Mammon and fired, causing the heavy projectile to shoot forward fast enough to break the sound barrier and cause a sonic boom. The block of gold slammed Mammon in the chest, nearly causing him to fall back out of the volcano like a released jack-in-the-box and making him roar in pain. This was the opportunity of a lifetime!

“Celestial Art: Carving Sandstorm!” she cast, hoping that the attack would lessen Mammon’s power.

With each grain impacting with enough strength to drive through a tank, Molly sprayed Mammon with a jet of dust, trying to lessen his heat and power like a fire being extinguished. Blinded by the sand and feeling it seal his power back into his body, Mammon swung his arm wildly to get her to back off and stood back up in the mouth of the volcano. Snarling in annoyance, Mammon opened his mouth and fired a glob of liquid Hellsteel, hitting Molly dead on and knocking her out of the sky, struggling to free herself from the hot gooey prison.

Having recovered from his burns, Gabriel once again took to the sky to replace Molly, after summoning four Hope Beacons to boost his strength even further. “Let’s see how you like fighting fire with fire: Angel Art: Burning Moon Slice!” he bellowed with a tornado of holy flames surging from his raised sword.

As his elevation increased, the storm of fire grew in size and intensity, washing across the junkyard and shoving against the Hellfire that was still burning. He swung his sword in circles, further spinning the flames as he tried to get the blast to its maximum power. Roaring in determination, he finally slashed the air and launched the firestorm down at Mammon with the flames compressed into a massive crescent blade, the size of a sports stadium.

Mammon raised his arm and caught the blast with his hand, but instantly shuddered as the blast hit him with much more strength than he had expected. Struggling to fight the power of the blade, he released a powerful snarl to counteract the shaking of his body. Knowing that this was his one chance to inflict some heavy damage, Gabriel shot forward and slashed Mammon’s hand with all of his strength, turning it into a two-fold attack that overpowered Mammon. The Hell Prince roared in agony as the blast cut through his hand, sheered off his arm, and left a huge gash across his chest that managed to break through his robes and muscles of gold and break through five silver ribs.

“Molly, now!” Gabriel shouted, counting the seconds of their window of opportunity.

“Celestial Art: Crushing Ocean!” Molly beckoned from high in the sky.

Mammon had just enough time to look up before a waterfall that dwarfed the Niagara and the Victoria poured down onto his molten ore body and his volcano, causing more steam and smoke to spew up than the volcanoes of Hawaii in a year. He howled in pain as his body was suddenly hardened by the cooling affect of the water and began to shatter. The deluge of saltwater coursed down the sides of the volcano, flooding the fortresses before washing across the miles of junk piles like a tsunami, managing even to extinguish the Hellfire.

The spell soon ended and Molly landed on the ground beside Gabriel, both panting heavily as they looked at the smoking shards of gold and silver that poured down the side of the volcano like an avalanche. The volcano itself had several large cracks running through it with molten ore oozing from it like thick syrupy blood.

Molly had a large smile on her face at the accomplishment. “We did it, we defeated a Hell Prince all on our own.”

Gabriel remained skeptical. “Don’t be so sure,” he warned as an ominous laugh echoed from the volcano.

Just like the first time, a gargantuan deluge of Hellgold and Hellsilver erupted from the volcano, taking shape into a skeletal golem with muscles and flesh of ore.

“You fools, did you really think you could beat me with such a pitiful attack?!” he cackled as he summoned a dome-like wall of solid gold around his volcano.

“Damn it, we haven’t gotten anywhere and there is no time to recover our energy or flee.”

Molly stepped forward, squinting at Mammon. “Wait, I think I have an idea.”

“What are you talking about?”
“Have you noticed? He’s smaller than before and splattering gold with each movement. Before, he was larger and held together perfectly. See what I mean? Every attack we had meant nothing to him, but something changed.” She said.

“I see it, but what is different?”

“The volcano, that’s the source of his power! That monster we’ve been fighting is basically a hologram being projected by the mountain! He’s not coming out of the volcano; he is the volcano itself! Look, he even summoned that shield around it to protect it from damage!”

Gabriel grinned. “Alright, so if we destroy the volcano, then we destroy him.” ‘Baltoh, you sure trained these girls right,’ he thought to himself, embarrassed that he had not seen it first.

“Right, there is no point in fighting that thing coming out of it. It’s just a distraction.”

“Yeah, but we still have the problem of power. None of our long distance spells are strong enough to break through that shield, let alone obliterate the volcano, and if we get in close, he’ll realize what we’re doing and kill us.”

Molly just grinned and spread her wings before pointing them both at Mammon. She then lowered her face, looking between them like a set of crosshairs as the miniature solar system revolving above her head moved between the tips.

“No way,” Gabriel whispered, realizing what she was about to do.

Raphael sprinted up the outer staircase running up the central tower. His armor kept him mostly protected from the Lust Lightning that constantly crawled up the spire like fire up a chimney shaft and with his wings retracted, the wind and water of the furious gale storm above the castle was not strong enough to lift him off his feet, though the huge bay windows did not fully protect him from the sabotaging blast that made each step several times more difficult. Like the rest of the castle, the pillars between each window was a petrified human, standing up nude while the freezing wind and water battered their bodies. Raphael ran past and even stepped on more damned souls than he could count, men begging him for help and women offering to pleasure him in any way possible if he freed them. He regretfully ignored their please, knowing that his friend was in the most danger and that getting others involved would only slow him down.

Down below him, the wall and other buildings surrounding the main towers of the castle were piles of burning rubble, with Demon body parts scattered everyone and blood splattered across every surface. While their numbers had been great and their combined power was well past his own, he had quickly learned to just take them on one at a time. While it was a slow process and the uncertainty of his ally’s fate made it difficult, he survived with little damage or energy loss.

Without warning, a long black tail broke through the ceiling and smashed through the staircase, opening it up to the storm. Raphael looked out into the typhoon as a colossal Gargoyle rose up alongside the tower, hovering at his level despite the wind and rain. The Gargoyle released a loud shriek and reached out with one of its clawed hands, nearly slamming Raphael into the wall. As a surge of Lust Lightning crawled up the tower and illuminated it with violet light, Raphael gave a thunderous roar and leapt off the destroyed staircase, pouncing on the Gargoyle and knocking it back into the storm. The beast grabbed its foe, holding Raphael out from its body. Refusing to back down, Raphael hacked off the beast’s hand, freeing himself from its grip and making it howl in agony.

Falling through the air, Raphael grabbed its tail and was flung up behind it, where he delivered a flaming slash to the creature’s neck, decapitating it. As he and the creature began to fall, Raphael pointed his hand back at the tower and launched a rosary chain, using it like a grappling hook to grab onto one of the human pillars holding up the roof of the stairwell and pulling himself back up and out of the storm.

After pausing to catch his breath, he stood up and continued sprinting up the staircase, hoping that he wouldn’t arrive too late to save Rosemary. Along the way, he encountered a group of Demons on the stairwell, raping a few damned souls that had managed to unfreeze themselves and break free from the palace structure. Without slowing down, Raphael beheaded the beasts with four quick slashes and kept running.

“Angel Art: Crusading Canter!” he called, instantly becoming faster than a bullet and zooming all the way up the staircase in only a second.

Raphael smashed through the wall of Asmodeus’ bedchamber, flooding it with the dim light from outside. The ruler of the Circle of Lust was nowhere to be found but his eyes immediately fell upon Rosemary’s naked unmoving body on the floor in the center of the room.

“Rosemary!” he shouted, running over to her.

Before he could even get down on one knee, Asmodeus appeared beside him in a cloud of black smoke and kicked him in the chest, easily sending him flying across the room and crashing into a marble statue. Raphael slowly raised his head to the sound of Asmodeus’ laughing as she stood beside Rosemary, nudging her body with her foot.

“You bitch, what the Hell have you done?! Why do you look like Rosemary?!” Raphael demanded, drawing his flaming sword.

“I took her soul. I am Asmodeus the Shape-Shifter, ruler of the Circle of Lust. I simply fell in love with this girl’s body and decided to experiment with it as I literally sucked her dry,” she laughed, ripping the breath from Raphael’s lungs.

“For killing my friend, you shall suffer a fate worse than the most pitiful souls in this world!”

Asmodeus’ face transformed, her cheeks splitting open to reveal long needle-like teeth, her eyes becoming jet-black and almost reaching the size of fists, and her long black hair writhing like snakes. Clapping her hands together with a hiss, she placed a hex upon Raphael, making his whole body jerk and causing his sword to fall out of his hands. He tumbled to the ground, unable to move as the power of Asmodeus assailed his mind like a nightmarish drug.

“Did you really think you could face someone like me?! Even with that armor of yours, a lowly Archangel could never dream of having a chance against a ruler of Hell!”

“Then how about a Valkyrie? Celestial Art: Elemental Bonds!” Rosemary shouted as she jumped to her feet.

Asmodeus jerked as four spheres of energy, each having consumed her extremities, suddenly pulled on her limbs. Her left foot locked in a sphere of water, her right foot in a sphere of stone, her right hand burning in a flaming orb, and her left hand trapped in a orb of glowing air. A bolt of crackling electricity stretched between the orbs and formed a ring.

“Celestial Art: Sealing Ice!”

Stretching up from the ground, a sheet of ice wrapped around Asmodeus’ naked body, further securing her. Stronger than steel and imbued with the power to drain energy, it sealed her in place so that not even her midsection could move.

“How?! How is it possible?! I stole your soul!” Asmodeus shrieked, struggling to break free of her prison.

“Simple, you stole ONE of my souls. I guess you never bothered to do any research, because if you had, you would have known that while I was originally an Archangel, I was created through the fusion of an army of Angel souls instead of given life by Jehovah. True, you managed to steal a piece of me, but it’s nothing I can’t do without.”

“But the ritual, I felt it drain everything from you! You gave into the illusion!”

“No, I just infused that soul with my energy so that you would think it was my true spirit. I used it as a decoy to keep you from noticing my other spirits. And the illusion? Well, I just gave into that because I can never ignore a chance for some kinky fun,” Rosemary said, wishing that there were more people around to see her accomplishment. Alas, the only one there to watch was the astonished Raphael, staring at her with wide eyes. “And don’t even bother trying to break free of those spells, because while you were failing to study me, I closely examined you. Your strength doesn’t come from sheer destructive power like the other Hell Princes. Instead, you force your enemies into submission with mind-bending illusions. However, after all the time I spent linked to you through that hallucination, I studied your powers and developed a mental immunity. In truth, you are weaker than the Masters of Torture in terms of raw power, but your illusions are strong enough to subdue the other Hell Princes.

However, being that you are still a Hell Prince, I will still take you out with my most powerful spell to make sure that you don’t survive. Raphael, I suggest you move,” she said as her armor appeared.

The illusionary paralysis broken, Raphael shakily retrieved his sword and got to his feet, staggering away from Asmodeus as Rosemary pointed her wings as her with her miniature solar system gyrating between the tips.

‘Is that even possible?’ Raphael thought to himself in disbelief.

“This is the technique first created by Baltoh, the man I love…” Selene began as the marble-sized planets between her wings began to orbit around the sun at tremendous speeds.

“It was an incomplete technique, but one that is more powerful than any Archangel or Demon spell…” Molly said as an atmosphere of energy formed around her own cosmic halo, turning it into an orb of light.

“But he bestowed it upon us, his lovers and loyal followers. It is his gift, the power to shape fate itself,” Rosemary finished as the castle began to shake from the insurmountable power radiating from her body as she charged the blast. Baal, Mammon, and Asmodeus all became terrified as they realized what the women were doing and what the results would be.

“This is the completed Resolute Cataclysm, powered by our desire and dedication to fighting for Baltoh! We love him and he loves us too much for you to interfere! Not even the Hell Princes can stand up to our loyalty and strength!” sll three women shouted before releasing their blasts.

All of Hell shook as the beams were released, each giving off as much power as an atomic explosion upon their initial flash. Firing at an angle with only a fraction of the true power, Selene’s focused neon blast carved through Baal’s interior like a blowtorch through snow, boring a shaft straight up to his mouth. Bursting out through Baal’s closed jaws, the ray of light expanded as it shot up into the sky, casting a vibrant light upon the surrounding mountain ranges.

With a hole blasted open and Baal in too much agony to stop them, she grabbed Michael’s hand and turned around. With her back to the shaft, she fired again, this time into the depths of the Hell Prince’s torso cavity. Unleashing all the power she had held back with the first blast, Selene and Michael were rocketed through the air by the recoil of the blast and shot out of Baal’s mouth. As they careened through the sky, they looked down at the giant scaly mountain that was the Demon.

Baal had the body of a morbidly obese stegosaurus with demonic characteristics. His stumpy atrophied legs were armed with long claws, his head had no nose and was instead (originally) a pit of teeth surrounded by eyes, his humped back was covered in sandstone from the hardened dust that the wind had slammed against him, and his tail looked like a rocky ridge that had existed since the birth of the mountains around him.

They looked back just in time to see the entire Hell Prince erupt into a mushroom cloud large enough to annihilate the entirety of Australia. The flaming bubble hurled blood and guts in all directions like a whale stuffed with dynamite, ensuring that the Hell Prince Ball would never again eat another soul. Still firing the beam and being pushed by the shockwave of the explosion, Selene was thrown several hundred miles with Michael hanging on for dear life and trying not to be blinded by the brilliant light.

With Molly, her blast’s size multiplied every second, gaining the diameter of a lake after just a hundred feet. Raising his hands and clapping them together, Mammon formed the Apocalypse Eruption and desperately launching it to counteract the blast. The two beams collided like jets of flaming oil, sending shockwaves across Hell and causing the entire junkyard to instantly rise into the air and dematerialize from the sheer power. Regardless of Mammon’s strength, the Apocalypse Eruption was quickly overpowered, with the expanding Resolute Cataclysm eating it up and continuing forward. By the time it reached the Hell Prince, the beam’s radius alone was greater than the height of the volcano and the molten golem. It slammed into the fiery mountain, shattering it like glass and obliterating the ore apparition. As the molten stone and metal were vaporized, Mammon gave a final shriek of agony.

Asmodeus shrieked as the blinding light washed over her like a volcanic eruption, peeling away her flesh and destroying the wall behind her. Outside, every damned soul and demonic entity looked up and gasped as the highest point of the tower exploded and the storming sky was illuminated by a neon beam, as powerful as a solar flare. Growing like a gas fire, it shot across the skies of Hell, and in every circle, the black and red clouds and the burning sky were blocked out by a brilliant colorful light show, like the Aurora Borealis but ten times brighter.

Finally, the spells faded and the woman stopped to catch their breath. Molly and Rosemary fell to their knees, gasping for air, and Michael had to catch Selene to keep her from plummeting out of the sky. For all three Archangels, the same flurry of amazement, awe, and embarrassment filled their minds as they realized just how much stronger Baltoh’s Valkyries were than themselves. Even while scattered across Hell, they were all thinking the same thing.

“Holy shit, you just killed a Hell Prince!” they all exclaimed in unison.

All three women smiled. “Yeah, now let’s go find Baltoh,” they all peacefully murmured.

With the fiery galaxy in full view, a portal opened up in the space of Hell and the Archangels and Valkyries leapt out, having interrogated a Master of Torture on how to gain access to Tenebrous’ domain. The first thing they felt was extreme difficulty in breathing. Even while the space of Hell was not a vacuum like the cosmos of Cinereo and their suits provided their own air supplies, there was more energy in the environment than the output of a billion suns across their lifetime. Selene and the others had to raise their power levels just to keep from being crushed to death and to breathe. Looking out over the blood-red galaxy, they all gasped at the scene taking place before them, for even on a galactic scale, the ripples from the fighting between Baltoh and Tenebrous were impossible to miss.

Baltoh was thrown across the cosmos, crashing into a Hellfire star with enough force to knock it off its orbital position and sending about a fifth of the flames spraying off like water from a splash. Zooming after him, Tenebrous held out his hand and grasped the damaged sun with his power, then threw it at Baltoh as if it were a baseball.

“Celestial Art: Galactic Ocean!” the Celestial Avatar roared. Holding more material than a solar system, a deluge of water appeared before him, large enough to drown several dozen planets. The deluge caught the Hellfire star and extinguished it like a burning coal.

“Celestial Art: Razor Meteor Shower!” he then called, clapping his hands together and causing the entire torrent to freeze solid in a second. He then pulled his hands apart, making it all shatter into hundreds of trillions of javelins, all harder than Hellsteel and imbued with divine power. Swinging his arms, Baltoh hurled the javelins at Tenebrous like a swarm of heat-seeking missiles, sending them flying towards him at the speed of light.

“Demon Art: Planetary Demon Nursery!” Tenebrous countered, holding out his hands.

Upon his command, a jet-black planet appeared before him with a snarling face carved into the side, almost making it look like the spherical head of a gargantuan monsters. Forming on its glowing red eyes and clenched jagged teeth, billions of Demons were brought to life, their bodies forming from the dust of the black planet. Just as they were fully formed, the storm of ice javelins rained down onto the planets surface, killing every single one of them in less than a minute. The barrage continued, chipping away at the planet like twenty machine guns carving a boulder.

On the other end, Tenebrous was trying to hold the planet in place, using it as a shield. With the javelins still raining down on the planet, Baltoh appeared behind Tenebrous, teleporting across the vast distance. Before the Demon King could retaliate or defend himself. Baltoh slashed him across the back, cutting through the wing-like cape and leaving a huge gash in his back. But even with his sword of black hole matter drawing in matter and light, Tenebrous’ body was so dense that the affect was minimal. The force of the cut was beyond human comprehension and sent Tenebrous crashing right through his own planet like a bullet through ice, causing continent-sized pieces to fly off in all directions.

Spinning in the air, Tenebrous regained his control and balance and raised his sword. “Demon Art: Blood Rain!”

A starry sky of red lights appeared behind him, and from his lights beams of energy were fired with the power of Lucifer’s Apocalypse Eruption. Baltoh swerved through space, dodging each blast like a biker going down the freeway in the wrong direction. For any that could not be dodged, he cut through it with his sword, activating his swords power and absorbing the blasts into a compact atomic membrane that coated the blade.

From outside of the galaxy, everyone watched the battle with awe and utter disbelief, staring at the chain of planetary eruptions that rippled across the red nebula. This was fighting on a scale that they could not even comprehend; it made everything they had done and achieved look like the acts of toddlers compared to a super-genius. The power that they were carelessly tossing around was enough to stomp out the lives of the Hell Princes like ants under a steamroller. Selene was the most astonished, unable to believe that this was the man she loved.

Baltoh finally reached Tenebrous and the two fighters locked blades with loose flames streaming from the Demon King’s sword and being absorbed into the Celestial Avatar’s. With unparalleled speed, Tenebrous reached around with his tail and stabbed Baltoh in the back, piercing his heart with the stinger at the end. Baltoh immediately coughed a mouthful of blood and Tenebrous took advantage of his weakness, strangling Baltoh with his tail then proceeding to stab him over and over again like a sewing machine moving at the speed of light. The Hellfire sword pierced his body several thousand times, nearly cutting Baltoh in half had he not been blessed with divine healing.

Releasing Baltoh with his tail, Tenebrous spun around and kicked him in his still-healing stomach, sending him rocketing across the cosmos before crashing into one of the barren Demon-infested planets. The impact was powerful enough to send fissures across the surface of the dark world, easily visible from outside its orbit. Charging towards him like a bull, Tenebrous slammed into Baltoh while gouging him with his horns, shattering the planet as he forced Baltoh straight through the fiery core.

Having been separated from Tenebrous in the wreckage of the crumbling planet, Baltoh tried to mend his injuries and regain his strength. He had used up about half of his power so far, but Tenebrous seemed to still be completely fresh. If he were to have any chance of slaying the Demon King, he would need to bring out the big guns and stop trying to wear him down.

In the corner of his eye, Baltoh saw Tenebrous charging towards him, laughing as he approached. Holding his arms out to his sides, Baltoh gave a roar that was heard across the galaxy. “CELESTIAL ART: SUPERNOVA SOUL!”

From his body, the light of a thousand suns shined as an unfathomable tidal wave of fire surged out in tall directions. Tenebrous shielded his eyes, blinded by the light just a split second before he was caught in the spinning wave. Expanding at a rate that put the Resolute Cataclysm to shame, the supernova reached out in all directions and lit up the crimson galaxy with its nuclear flames, burning hundreds of times brighter than any natural star death.

Tenebrous had wrapped himself in shadow energy for protection, using his own power to keep from being burned to a crisp in the nuclear fire. Suddenly, the flames around him were snuffed out and Tenebrous was able to look up, immediately becoming breathless. Baltoh was above him, and in his hand was a full-sized star, compressed into a disk.

“Celestial Art: Solar Slicer!” he shouted before throwing the nuclear disk down at Tenebrous like a mere Frisbee.

Tenebrous quickly raised his sword, using it to block the flattened star that threatened to cut him in half at the waist. Spinning so quickly that a tidal wave of fire stretched across space, the saw blade of compressed nuclear explosions pushed Tenebrous back like he wasn’t even there. As he flew across the galaxy like a bug splattered on the windshield of a truck, Tenebrous didn’t even notice Baltoh appear behind him with another flattened star in his hand.

Baltoh threw the disk, this time vertically. Tenebrous looked back and was about to curse as he saw the paper-thin blade of nuclear fire flying towards him, but was unable to stop it from slamming into his back. The agony of the cosmic flaming saw distracted Tenebrous, allowing the first sun to knock his sword aside and crash into his stomach. The two grinding blades continued to spin with Tenebrous held between them, howling in excruciating pain. Seeing his opportunity, Baltoh pounced on the Demon King, knowing that this was his chance to end the battle. Tenebrous suddenly stopped screaming and turned to Baltoh with an evil smile. “Just kidding. Demon Art: Universal Extinction!”
He swung his sword, shattering the two flattened suns. In an eruption that was darker than a black hole, a cosmic sea of Hellfire surged out in all directions, like the shadow equivalence of the supernova spell that Baltoh had just used, Baltoh was forced back, wrapping himself in his cape for protection.

Teleporting to the other side of the galaxy, Baltoh was shocked but prepared when Tenebrous appeared behind him. Casting aside all skill and technique, both foes began wildly slashing at each other, not even bothering to block or dodge any attacks. Their swords were moving like the blade of a food processor as they basically hacked away at each other, sending blood and gore flying.

Acting on instinct, Baltoh suddenly shoved the air with his palm and Tenebrous was forced back by an invisible shockwave. “Celestial Art: Sound Shatter!”

Roaring like an animal, he gave off a sound wave that was louder than anything else in the history of the universe and went across every frequency. The pulse traveled through the miasma of Tenebrous’ galaxy like a ripple through a pond after the splash of a large stone. Every planet and meteor that was caught in the shockwave was instantly broken down at the atomic level, with the vibrations having shaken the bonds to the point of breaking. Tenebrous covered his ears and howled in pain as his cells threatened to self-destruct.

“Celestial Art; Black Hole Machinegun!” Baltoh then called while Tenebrous was distracted.

Raising his hands above his head, he formed a mountain-sized black hole with altered abilities, negating its gravitational pull. Baltoh closed his hands into fists, causing the whole black hole to break apart like with the battle against Lucifer. Shoving the air, he launched the black marbles at the Demon King as the spell suggested, each bullet weighing more than an entire star and flying at well past the speed of light, The stream of bullets rained down on Tenebrous, each round striking with incomprehensible power, breaking all of Tenebrous’ bones and tearing through his flesh. Not even he could stand up to the marbles’ weight and power as they struck like sniper billets.

But even with his body broken and battered, he still had more than enough power to cast a spell. “Demon Art: Black Thread Hex!”

Crackling like bolts of lightning, a net of millions of black cords with harpoon-like barbed blades at the end stretched from his horns towards Baltoh. The Celestial Avatar retreated, knowing that getting caught by one of them would give Tenebrous a huge advantage. He teleported behind one of the Demon worlds and watched to see what would happen. The storm of bladed cords struck the planet head-on, burrowing through it like worms and tearing it apart. Chunks of stone were thrown off the planet as it destabilized with the cords’ depth, until finally shattering like a fragile wine glass in someone’s powerful grip.

‘Damn it, I’m running out of power, it’s time to finish this!’ Baltoh thought as he swung his sword, severing all the cords with an invisible slash of power. Pressing his palms together, he began gathering his power for one of his ultimate attacks. “Celestial Art: Gamma Ray Burst!”

Behind him, a full-sized supernova flared into existence without so much as a star, lighting up the cosmos. A spinning field of fire and gas stretched out from the center like a whirlpool, and from the center on either side of the gargantuan burning coin, a beam of silver and violet energy was launched. Everyone watching the battle gasped as a line of light arched across the galaxy, one end surging straight towards Tenebrous with enough power to make the Resolute Cataclysm look like a laser pointer.

Having recovered from his injuries Tenebrous held out his hands and began gathering a sphere of black and red energy. “Demon Art: Apocalypse Eruption!” he thundered, hurling it at the oncoming death ray.

The two unstoppable forces collided in a catastrophic burst of light and energy so powerful that the galaxy itself threatened to be ripped in half. Everyone watching had to look away to keep their eyes from melting from the blinding light, which surpassed all other forces in the universe. This was god-level fighting at its peak! The light finally faded, revealing Baltoh and Tenebrous on opposite sides of the galaxy, the former gasping for air while the latter showed no signs of fatigue. Even over such a vast distance, they could both see and hear each other so clearly that it was as if they were standing in the same room.

“Someone looks tired, want me slow down so you can take a break?” Tenebrous taunted.

‘Damn it, it’s just as I feared. By fighting him on his turf, I’ve given him the ultimate advantage. Being the owner of the Throne of Hell, as long as he is in Hell itself, his power is limitless. Trying to wear him down will only get me killed. There is only one way to end this, and that is to actually end it.’ “No, I’m just so bored that I can barely stay awake. Let’s finish this Tenebrous, once and for all!” Baltoh thundered, waving his arm.

With every lost drop of power he had, he summoned a thousand full-sized stars, all at critical mass and on death’s door.

“You can’t win!” Tenebrous laughed as he waved his own arm. Behind him, a thousand Demon heads materialized, all looking like the heads of Lucifer with charging Apocalypse Eruptions between their jaws.

‘A thousand each?! They’ll destroy the entire universe of Hell!’ Selene realized. She turned to everyone. “We have to get out of here, now! We have to jump back to Earth!”

“We can’t, Baltoh locked up the barriers between the universes so that no one could enter them. We can’t leave without him!” Raphael argued.

“Then what do we do?” Molly asked as Baltoh and Tenebrous’ attacks approached their maximum level of power.


Selene turned away from the galaxy and began flying away as fast as she could. Activating their speed boost spells, everyone shot through the empty space as fast as possible, trying to get as far away from the galaxy as reality would allow. Spotting them in the corner of his eye, Baltoh snapped his fingers, placing the teleportation on them. In a fraction of a second, they all disappeared and reappeared in one of the farthest corners of space, so far away that Tenebrous’ galaxy looked like just a red star. Believing that they were far enough, everyone stopped and turned around, waiting to see what would happen. Back in the crimson galaxy, Baltoh and Tenebrous were just seconds away from firing their blasts.

“It’s a shame that you were unable to say goodbye to them, because after this attack, you won’t exist in any shape or form!” Tenebrous cackled.

“There is no need to say goodbye, I will see them all soon.”

“DIE!” Both deities roared as they swung their arms.

Behind Baltoh, all the stars went supernova, instantly turning into colossal disks of fire and gas while launching their gamma ray bursts. Behind Tenebrous, all the Lucifer heads opened their jaws all the way and fired their Apocalypse Eruptions. In the very center of the galaxy, the blasts met. From the corner of space, everyone became breathless as a bright light could be seen shining from the red galaxy in the distance. It was not only bright, but… growing, like an underwater explosion. Moving faster than the laws of physics would allow, the light surged across space in all directions like a universal tidal wave.

“BALTOH!” Selene tearfully shrieked as the light reached their position and consumed them like metaphysical flood.

Baltoh hovered in space, unsure whether he was alive or dead. His clothes were shredded, blood oozed from wounds that covered most of his body, and his senses were bubbling and fluctuating. ‘Did I fail? Did I succeed?’ he pondered as he slowly regained a few sparks of energy.

Baltoh opened his eyes, though that feat alone was like a human picking up a mountain. Drifting in zero-gravity, he looked around at his surroundings. The crimson galaxy was gone, reduced to a misty stew of melted particles. There wasn’t a single intact atom in the entire galaxy, almost all of it had been reduced to raw energy.

Without warning, a blade of condensed Hellfire pierced his chest from behind, driving straight through his heart. Tenebrous was behind him, devoid of even a single injury and at full strength. Baltoh stared at the sword with his whole body trembling. “How… how is it possible?! How could it have no affect?!”

Tenebrous laughed and used his sword to point him at the former center of the galaxy, where his black throne still hovered, undamaged except for a large crack across the back. “Behold, the literal Throne of Hell! As long as I am here, my powers aren’t just divine, they are limitless! Even with all your strength, you cannot face all the power of this universe on your own! No matter how hard you fight, as long as you are in Hell, you are child’s play to me! You never had a chance in defeating the darkness! Evil has no weakness!

The almighty Baltoh, the Celestial Avatar, helpless and weak! How about I let your friends come see what you’ve been reduced to before you watch them die!”

“Tenebrous, no! You wouldn’t dare!” Baltoh shouted, unable to gather any strength with the Demon King’s sword still lodged in his chest.

Raising his arm, Tenebrous fired a house-sized hand of shadow energy from his own palm and sent it across space at speeds that dwarfed light itself. As it reached out to snatch Baltoh’s friends, the crack in Tenebrous’ throne began to extend and widen. In the corner of space, he grabbed the unconscious Valkyries and Archangels and yanked them back, waking them up as he dragged them across Hell. Unbeknownst to everyone, more cracks began to appear in his throne and small tongues of Hellfire began to flick out.

Bringing them to the scene, Tenebrous released Selene and the others so that they could see Baltoh. Tears ran down the women’s faces as they saw the helpless state he was in.

“Look upon your savior, this the man you trusted and believed in! Look upon him and forever remember that is the power of darkness that rules over everything!” Tenebrous thundered as more cracks began to appear in his throne. He then ripped his sword from Baltoh’s chest and pointed it at Selene. “You will be the first to die.”

“Don’t do it, Tenebrous!” Baltoh desperately shouted, trying to regain some energy.

Tenebrous leapt towards her, but Molly, Rosemary, and the Archangels quickly got between them with their weapons drawn. Even after seeing what he had done to Baltoh, they all attacked Tenebrous in the hope that they could at least slow him down, but the Demon King effortlessly carved them down with his Hellfire sword. Reaching Selene, he raised the blade above his head, about to slay her.

“TENEBROUS!” Baltoh shouted at the top of his lungs as the Throne of Hell suddenly shattered. Tenebrous brought down his sword towards Selene, but the fiery blade disappeared before it could touch her, as well as the flaming crown above his head.

“No, it can’t be,” Tenebrous gasped as he looked at the hilt of his sword and back at the Throne of Hell. The black throne of human and Demon bones was gone, the ominous interior having broken away to reveal a throne of pure Hellfire. Everyone stared at it amazement as they tried to understand it.

“DAMN YOU ALL, DIE!” Tenebrous howled as he punched Selene as hard as he could, but was unable to even make her flinch.

“So that’s it,” Baltoh said, gaining a smile on his face. Tenebrous looked back at him with his face filled with terror. “This is the true Throne of Hell, no longer being corrupted by your evil. That black shell that coated it before, you used that to use the Throne of Hell and keep it in your control so that it would give you power instead of killing you.”

“What are you talking about?” Michael panted, healing the wound in his chest.

“The Thrones have wills of their own and their universes were formed with a purpose: Heaven to reward the virtuous, Cinereo to maintain the balance, and Hell to punish the sinners. Tenebrous took the Throne of Hell and then used the power it gave him so that it could never disobey him. Only through our clash was the seal broken and Hell freed from his evil control. After all, how could the place that punishes sinners be ruled by a Demon?”

“So you’re saying that the Throne of Hell has now rejected him?” Molly asked.

“Yes, and with the seal broken, it will no longer offer him power. I on the other hand…” Baltoh said as he leaned over and touched the burning throne. A fiery aura instantly wrapped around him, restoring his energy and healing his wounds. “You could say that Hell and I are under good terms with each other,” he said as a sphere of energy appeared in his hand.

“You can’t do this to me, you can’t do this to me! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” Tenebrous howled, feeling truly helpless.

“You’re a liar and a monster, Tenebrous, and that isn’t my personal opinion; it is the decree of Hell! Hell and I fight side by side, Hell is my ally, and we exist for the same reason: to slay evil! You have corrupted and abused this realm for far too long, and it is time for you to pay the price! In the name of Hell, I will kill you!” Baltoh thundered with the sphere of energy growing in power and gaining a neon-silver hue.

“Everyone, it would be better if I don’t set this off with you around,” Baltoh said before again teleporting his friends out of harm’s way, putting them at a ten-mile distance.

“What… what is that?!” Tenebrous stammered as he looked at the sphere of power in Baltoh’s hand and the light that was bending and warping around it.

“My most powerful and dangerous spell; Celestial Silence. The power in which to remove a space completely from existence! Even I would die if I got hit with it, what chance to you think you have? I can only use within another universe when I am synced up with it, just as I am now.”

“Get away from me!” the Demon roared, turning around and flying away with the Shade Shimmer spell.

“You cannot escape from your sins!” Baltoh shouted as he threw the Celestial Silence. Guiding it with his mind, he had the orb swerve through the air and strike the former Demon King in the chest.

Upon contact with Tenebrous, a spherical perimeter with a radius of five miles radiated from the spell, severing that space from reality. The sphere quickly began to shrink, compressing all the matter within it while leaving only darkness behind. It didn’t just create a vacuum; it left a gaping hole in the universe and the fabric of space and time. Tenebrous gave one final roar of terror as the sphere closed in on him, crushing him with all the matter trapped within it. Defying the laws of physics, it continued to shrink, crushing all the matter beyond the point of black hole material and shrinking until it was smaller than a quark, then completely disappeared. Tenebrous was dead.

Weary in both mind and body, Baltoh turned to the flaming throne and sat down. The tongues of fire brushed against his skin and clothes like the fur of an animal, causing no harm. They barely even felt real. Sitting in the Throne of Hell, he took a deep breath and thought back through his whole adventure. It was done, there was still work to be done in Hell, innocent souls to save, but the Princes and ruler of the fiery realm had been defeated and the race of Demons would soon be extinct. The immediate past barely meant anything, what was important was the long term. Would he take the Throne of Hell and rule both it and Cinereo? Was it possible to even rule them both? Would he return to Earth with Selene? Was it possible to truly find peace after everything he had done, seen, and accomplished? Could someone who had fought for tens of thousands of years and reached the levels of a god truly put away his sword and stop fighting?

“How did you get in?” Baltoh suddenly asked, speaking to a man approaching from behind the Throne.

The man was dressed in a white suit, had a pair of wings with sterling silver feathers, and his halo was in the form of a crown of light. His hair was white and combed back and he had a short beard and his complexion was a light tan, as he was of Middle Eastern descent. He was walking casually on the empty space as if he was taking a stroll through the park and came to a stop beside the Throne of Hell.

“I established a backdoor in here some time ago. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to keep Tenebrous from discovering it.”

“Jehovah, one of the earliest Angels and the ruler of Heaven. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Baltoh asked dryly.

“I just figured we should meet at least once in our lives.”
“And you decided to wait until after I was nearly killed by Tenebrous?”

“I was about to step in when he attempted to kill Selene, but I stopped when I saw the Throne of Hell beginning to release itself. I really came here to ask you what you were going to do now that the Devil has been defeated and the Throne of Hell sits vacant.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I sure don’t need you here bugging me.”

“You have every right to be angry with me. It was because of my rules that your original human souls were sent to Hell in the first place. It is because of me that heroes have been burning because they acted out of justice. Everyone should hate me for how I turned my back on them. I’m sorry Baltoh, this is more my fault than anyone else’s.”

“A lot of good that does. You meddled with the world of humans and then you pulled away when they needed you most. You let wars and religion burn out of control and it was all because of you,” Baltoh scolded as he leaned forward in the Throne with his tented fingers in front of his face.

“That is true. I pulled away from the world because I realized the mess I had made and wanted living beings to be able to shape their own lives. I also pulled away because I believed that if anyone were to rule over Cinereo, it would be one who occupied the Throne. I waited for that person to arrive and bring balance so that the war between light and darkness could come to an end. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was you.”

“Yeah, big surprise,” Baltoh said with the same icy tone.

“Listen, how long are you going to stay angry at me? I sent Selene and Molly to let you know that I had forgiven you for the mistakes you made, now why can’t you forgive me? Don’t you think its time to let the past stay in the past?” He asked.

“You really have spent too much time ignoring everyone; I guess you have forgotten how time moves here. Past, present, and future; they mean nothing and everything down here in the inferno. I am who I am because of my hatred and the pain that I’ve endured. You’ve led a spoiled life compared to mine, so don’t act like you understand me or anyone else,” he said, finally standing up but refusing to face Jehovah.

“I guess it’s too much to ask for someone born from hatred to release their hatred. Very well, keep your grudge; I deserve it. But you still haven’t answered my question about what you’ll do now and how you’ll leave the Throne of Hell.”

Baltoh sighed and bent down, picking up a handful of dust and melted quarks that were hovering in the zero gravity. “This all started because of too much interference in some places and not nearly enough in others. My duty is to maintain order, so to start, I think I’ll implement order. That’s all you need to know old man.”

“Funny, you call me an old man, yet you are 26,000 years old,” Jehovah mockingly replied.

Scowling, Baltoh stood up and stormed over, grabbing him by the collar. “What the Hell do you want from me?! Why can’t you leave me alone?!”

“I said that you were old, but you still need to grow up. It is time for you to come to terms with who and what you are. There is too much hatred in the three realms, too much anger and violence. You were born because of hatred the Earth and its universe were nearly destroyed because of hatred. If you are going to bring order and balance, then you yourself must be balanced. It’s time for you to finally ask yourself if you can live with all this hatred, or if the lull in battle will stir the beast and cause it to consume you and twist you into darkness, just as it has to so many others. You have the power of a god now Baltoh, but are you truly deserving of it? We both know what happens when a Throne is taken by someone with the wrong ambitions.

You’ve gone through a great change, Baltoh. You transformed what you are and where your power comes from. It’s time to change who you are as well.” Jehovah said before walking off and disappearing. Sighing, Baltoh sat back down in the Throne of Hell with his face in his hands.

“Baltoh!” he heard.

Looking up, he smiled as he saw Selene and the others approaching with their armor gone. He got to his feet and stepped forward, not wanting to be sitting when Selene tackled him. The tearful beauty crashed against him like a wave, hugging him with all her strength. Her words were impossible to understand, as she was both praising his victory and saying how worried she had been about him.

“It’s ok, Selene, it’s ok.” he said as he savored the smell of her silky hair. Selene eventually let go (reluctantly), letting Baltoh turn and hug Rosemary.

“Master…” she tearfully whispered with her face buried in the side of his neck, making Baltoh chuckle.

“Oh, my dear sweet Rosemary, you are so pitiful,” he teased, causing her to laugh.

Rosemary finally let ago, letting Molly show her care. Like Selene and Rosemary, she clutched Baltoh as tightly as she could and he returned the embrace. “Thank you, Baltoh, thank you for everything.”

Raphael and Gabriel then came over, shaking his hands and congratulating him on doing the impossible. Michael was the last to congratulate him, and he did it with the warmest smile he had ever worn. “You were once my sworn enemy, but you are now my greatest friend and my welcome superior.”

“I’m not your superior, not for long,” Baltoh replied, drawing everyone’s curiosity. “Michael, of all the Archangels, you have always been the one with the strongest will to slay evil and enforce justice. That is why I am leaving the Throne of Hell to you, so that you may rule this realm and make sure that evil is never allowed to grow again. I trust you to make Hell what it is supposed to be,” he said, shocking everyone and even causing Michael to faint. Baltoh then turned to Selene and lifted her chin before giving her a soft kiss. “Let’s go home.”

After leaving an exit for Gabriel and Raphael to use once they woke up Michael, Baltoh, Selene, Molly, and Rosemary reappeared on the riverbank of New York, right where they had left. Barely a second had passed on Earth since their departure, and Earth was still in a frenzy as people tried to figure out just what the fuck had happened.

‘People of Earth, hear my voice,’ Baltoh said telepathically, addressing everyone on the planet while simultaneously converting his speech to the language of those who heard it.

A new ripple pulsed through the Earth as people looked at each other and simultaneously asked, “did you hear that?”

‘My name is Baltoh, and I am the god and ruler of this universe. I am speaking to you now so that you may know what has transpired here. The war in New York has been won, as well as the war in Hell. With the help of the forces of Heaven, I have slain the Devil and his kingdom now lies in ruins. A great change has arrived and the power of darkness has been brought to its lowest point since its birth. But that is not enough, for if there is to be peace, then the fires of evil must be extinguished once and for all.

I swear that I will purge this world of the evil that poisons its citizens. With Hell below to punish the sinners and Heaven to rewards the virtuous, I will reshape this world so that all good people can live in peace and happiness. I will end the corruption, the wars, the greed, and the suffering, and all I ask in return is your good will towards the people around you. I ask for no worship, no praise, only a pure heart and good deeds. If you can redeem yourselves and purge your souls of evil, then this world can finally become a utopia.

No matter what religion you are, be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other, you are equal in my eyes and have the same opportunities and obstacles to get yourselves on the right path. Your faith means nothing to me, only your deeds and your resolve to make this world a better place for everyone will dictate your place in the next world. This metamorphosis will be difficult and there will be rebellions fueled by greed and evil, but together, we can make this world into what it is supposed to be.

So rarely do we get a chance to completely reshape who we are, but now, in this time, the greatest chance of all has been given to you. We can finally repent for the crimes of the past, we can finally enjoy the present instead of enduring it, and we can know that the future will be even greater. This is our chance to cleanse this world and reacquire the true will to live and desire to do good. The time of pain and hatred is over, the time of justice has arrived.’

Baltoh then turned to his three loyal followers. “Let’s rest and then get moving. We have work to do.”

Baltoh stood on the sidewalk in the suburbs of upstate Maryland, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. Behind him was a blue-painted house with a fresh-mowed lawn and well-tended garden, and inside, an elderly couple with chocolate-shade skin were holding hands and with looks of dread on their faces as their daughter explained everything that had happened. Without even having to look back, Baltoh watched as Selene moved over to the couch with her parents and hugged them. Several minutes later, she stepped out of the house and walked over to him, her body shaking as she breathed deeply. In eastern Vermont, Molly was having a similar conversation with her family, while Rosemary was busy addressing the UN on Baltoh’s behalf.

“So how did they take it?”

Selene gained a beautiful smile. “You mean you weren’t listening in?”

“I wanted to give you your privacy.”

“It was hard convincing them what I had said was true, even after everything that had happened. I had to reveal my armor, wings, and celestial halo for them to fully believe me. They reacted the strongest when I told them about my death, even though I was right in front of them, though they became more at ease when I reassured them that I was still with them just as closely and physically as ever before.” Before continuing, she gave a soft chuckle. “They both said that thought they had gone senile when you spoke to everyone. Boy, I wasn’t even sure how to explain you to them or the fact that you and I are romantically involved.”

“Along with two other women,” Baltoh teased.

“Yes, and two women. I wanted to introduce you to them but when I told them that you were standing out on the sidewalk, they were too terrified to move. Are Molly and Rosemary still not back yet?” she asked, leaning her head on her shoulder.

“Molly is still talking to her family and Rosemary is having trouble announcing my new commandments to the world. I did everything I could to keep from forcing any sort of religious or spiritual belief on people and to only implement requirements for good deeds and good behavior, but much of the world is still rebelling. I might have to put on a true display of power before they finally accept my rules and give up their selfish sins.”

“Well if there is anyone who can purge the world of its evil, it’s you,” Selene purred as she wrapped her arms around his with her eyes closed.

“Say, while they’re gone, how you and me go and…”

Selene smiled. “I know of a few nice hotels nearby.”

“I was thinking something a little more romantic.”

Disappearing off the face of the Earth, the two lovers rematerialized in the very center of the universe, in a bright nebula of all colors cascading together with billions of stars glistening in the background. Clouds of hued gas as large as solar systems wafted past them like tongues of flame, more beautiful than a human mind could comprehend. Baltoh and Selene were naked, Selene without her liquid metal wings and Baltoh without his cape, and the two of them holding each other in the heart of the universe, and while there was no air or warmth in the vacuum of space, they were both completely immune to the inhospitable affects and had no trouble breathing and felt like they were in a hot bath.

‘Where are we?’ Selene asked with her mind, unable to speak without air to carry the sound.

‘The cradle of everything. It is from this point, billions of years ago, that the universe was born. From that initial flash, Cinereo came into existence and Heaven and Hell later budded off from it like cells. We are in the very heart of all existence, what better place to make love?’

Baltoh began to kiss her neck, with each touch his lips against her skin sending waves of pleasure through her body, like miniature orgasms.

‘I love you, Baltoh, I love you so much,’ Selene mentally said while she tried to think through the euphoria.

Baltoh slowly raised his head and gave a warm smile. ‘Not nearly as much as I love you,’ he replied before kissing her.

As their lips swirled together like oil and water, they reached out with their tongues and let them wrap around each other and probe the inside of each other’s mouths. Even though he had lost all of his Demon characteristics, Baltoh was able to change his physical form to make his tongue as long as he wanted. While Selene kissed him and deep-throated his tongue, she raised one of her smooth legs and wrapped it around his thigh. With all of the stars in the universe positioned around them like viewers, Baltoh penetrated her with his manhood.

Looking up, Selene released a silent scream of mental euphoria as Baltoh’s energy flooded her body, letting her glimpse into the power of Cinereo. As if having gained omnipotence, she could see the whole universe so clearly that it was like she had created it as a figment of her imagination. She could see everything from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies, all with equal clarity. Baltoh slowly pulled out of her, causing the indescribable feelings to slow to a trickle, leaving her nearly catatonic and feeling like she couldn’t return to the life she was living before after having experienced what Baltoh had just given her. Gently brushing his fingers against the side of her face, he revived her.

‘Baltoh… I… I don’t think I can…’

‘It’s ok, don’t worry. Calm yourself and trust in me. I will give you everything you desire and more.’

With their lips interlocked, Baltoh again penetrated her, filling her every aspect of her existence with the aura of divinity, allowing her to glance into his level of existence without truly being in it, like peering into another dimension. As he pulled back, he left the head in her, lowering the intensity of the feeling but without completely removing it. He then re-entered her, giving her another full glimpse into his world and making her mind cry out as it struggled to find a way to describe the bliss and happiness she was feeling.

Taking a slow, steady rhythm, he began moving in and out of her while they hovered in space, their lips having yet to fully separate from their kiss. As it went on, Selene could feel her mind getting used to the god-like feeling and became mostly immune to it, regaining her clear senses. As Baltoh’s energy surged through Selene like a blood transfusion, they both began to glow with their bodies intertwined from their energies being released and orbiting around them like dust around a star. As they continued the act of lovemaking and more and more of Baltoh’s power flooded Selene, they felt like they were approaching an equilibrium in terms of power, moving to the same level of existence.

Casting aside their powers and living side by side in the same level, they shed the feelings of the energy entering and exiting their bodies. In the neo space, they felt only each other’s physical forms, just like the first time they made love. His arms wrapped tightly around her, Baltoh continued to penetrate Selene over and over again with his phallus, moving at the perfect speed and touching all the right places. Selene was inadvertently trying to dig her nails into his back as he drove her wild with his deep thrusts, not needing any of his powers to excite or pleasure her. Breathing deeply even without air, Selene stretched and writhed at the feeling of Baltoh’s cock being forced into her hourglass frame. Again she tried to find words to describe how good it felt to have him inside of her, but even after having his power flood her mind and grant her a view of the realm of the divine, the variance between the two sensations offered no advantage in coming up with a description.

In his mind, Baltoh too was struggling to find a description, not only for the incredible feeling of being so close to the woman he loved and the feeling of her soft touch, but also his love itself, the love he felt for her. No matter what he came up with, whether it be an entire book of poetic gold dedicated to the sole purpose of summarizing his feelings for her or using the universe itself to paint a mural in the sky of the two of them together, he could not find a way to properly express his love, no matter how much he wished to.

Their lips and tongues still joined together and Baltoh’s cock being worked in Selene at a deep and steady rhythm, the two lovers lost track of time, for time itself was bending around them as their energies were released in greater and greater intensities, forming an atmosphere of raw power that was like a sun with them in the center.

Finally, Baltoh and Selene ended their kiss as they each experienced a simultaneous orgasm, so powerful that it affected their minds as well as their bodies and surpassed any physical sensation. As they looked up and gave silent moans of happiness, the star around them of their energies closed in on them, being channeled back into their bodies and minds. Defying her view of reality, the sensation she experienced with the surge of power surging back her mind surpassed the original feeling that Selene had gone through when Baltoh first penetrated her. Even while divine, Baltoh too was in awe at the waves of bliss that flooded him like tidal waves of light. To Baltoh and Selene, it felt like they were fusing together or switching existences completely, for the mixture of energy contained both their hearts and souls. Neither of them could even tell if they were still alive or dead, as the bliss they felt went beyond their understanding.

Then, in a flash as brilliant as the Big Bang itself, the power was released back out in a radiant supernova. Twisting and rolling, clouds of their energies flared outwards, carrying with them their emotions and feelings like radio waves. The power and passion of the surge was so powerful, it was as if the universe itself was experiencing a climax.

After an immeasurable amount of time, everything became quiet, revealing Baltoh and Selene still hovering in the center of the universe as still as statues. Slowly, they raised their heads and stared deep into each other’s eyes, unable to believe what had just happened.
‘I love you,’ they were only able to say before sharing a soft kiss.

The End

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