Life is Too Short Not to Try Ch. 05

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Jason and Andy starred at Amy for a moment to make sure that she is ok.

Her climax must have been so extremely powerful that she passed out from it. Concerned move in closer so that I can see her face. I can tell that she is now in a deep sleep. “I do believe that all of the fun was way too much for her.” I said to Andy with a soft laugh. I pick her up and carry her to our bed. Andy followed me.

“That was amazing Jason, thank you so much for sharing her with me. Truth be told, I have wanted her for as long as I can remember.” Andy said guilty.

“I know you have my friend. It has never bothered me because I love you. I am glad that I finally have the chance to share her with you.” I told him

“I love you too. But you make it sound like that this is more than a one-time deal.” Andy said in confusion.

“That’s because it is. We can make this a permanent arrangement. We can be a real family, just the three of us.

“What about the kids?” Andy asked.

“What kids? They are both gone. When they come to visit, we will tell them that you love here now. They won’t care. They love you too, Uncle Andy.” I tell him as I lightly slap his shoulder.

Think about it, it will be so perfect.” I said almost pleading with him to say yes. I am so scared that he won’t feel the same way, what if he doesn’t want that kind of ongoing relationship with us.

Worse, what if he is appalled and is actually horrified by the very idea. Understanding finally dawned on his face as he walked up and looked up and continued to stare at me.

“Is it okay if I want you too?” Andy asked with uncertainty as he took my and in his and said. “I am not exactly sure when it happened. But I realize now that I have always çiğli escort wanted you that way too.”

“I know, I guess that I have always known.” I tell him. He moves in to cautiously kiss me on my lips. I wrap my arms around him to draw him in closer and the kiss deepens. Suddenly we begin to touch each other everywhere as we were kissing. I could feel Amy’s mouth close around my cock and I could hear Andy moan. I look down between us to see Amy smiling up at me with both of our dicks in her hands.

“I finally have my two penises at once.” She said with a wink. Then both of us are moaning. She stood up and grabbed us both and started pulling us towards the bed by our cocks until she was sitting down on our bed. She started sucking on Andy’s and then moved to mine.

I quickly sat down next to her and she offered Andy’s cock to me. I took my fist tentative lick and looked up at his face the same time. His eyes were wide as I closed my mouth around him. His eyes closed in extant as I started move my tongue over his length.

Amy went down on her hands and knees and swallowed my whole dick. I started to moan which made Andy moan louder. I sucked for another minute or so until suddenly I heard Andy clearly say stop! “What’s the matter? Are you guys ok?” Amy said in panting breaths.

“I need to be buried inside of you again, Please?” He said as he held out his hand to her. She took it with a blushing smile as he led her to the bed. After he laid down onto the bed, she climbed on top of him and dangled her breasts in front of his face as a tease.

He smooshed his face in between them and both of his hands squeezed them together. He began moaning along with her as he was fondling çiğli escort bayan her large round globes. He started sucking on her nipples with abandon. She was moaning loudly and then screamed as she orgasmed hard. I climbed up onto the bed behind her and buried my face in her wet pussy.

I put his dick in my mouth and moved it in and out a few times. I felt her rub her eager wet pussy on the top of my head and I knew what she wanted. I moved out of the way and she impaled herself on his long hard cock.

She yelled out again as she started moving up and down on his shaft. I could see her cute tiny asshole winking up at me. I wet my finger and swirled my finger tip around it, wet my finger again and plunged it into her tight hole. She cried out again.

I could feel Andy’s cock moving in and out from inside of her with my finger. Which was so hot that it gave me an even better idea. I went over to the toy dresser and got the backdoor lube out of the top drawer. I squeezed a little on her hole and stuck my finger in again.

“More!” she screamed, “I want more!” I poured some lube on my dick and got it nice and slick. I climbed up on the bed behind her and reached around and grabbed her boobs and twirled her nipples. Playing with her breasts always makes me harder. I put my dick’s head at the tiny opening and gently pressed into her. Thankfully Andy and Amy both stilled at that moment waiting for me to plunge in. I did just that and buried myself completely inside of her.

She screamed out and came on Andy’s dick that was still deep inside of her. I started to move and so did he. She started to moan. “Take turns please, until I get use to you both.” She pleaded. I escort çiğli moved then he moved, and we went back and forth opposite each other. It was so hot, so erotic. We both forgot about our rhythm and just started plunging into her frantically.

Amy was the first to cum, it must have been Earth shattering due to our combined efforts. Andy erupted next and pulled out of her, his cum is dripping out of her pussy onto the bed. I pulled my cock out of her ass and buried it deep into her pussy, she softly cried out in pleasure. I could tell that she was getting really tired and couldn’t take much more.

I was also worried that she may be getting sore. She laid her head down on Andy’s chest and told us that she needed a break. I pulled my hard cock out of her and helped climb off of Andy lay down on the bed. I decided to finish myself off and grabbed ahold of my own dick. Andy climbed off of the bed and came over to me.

“Please allow me.” He offered and locked his lips around my cock. He took it deep into his throat and accidentally gaged himself on it a little. He started moving his mouth up and down on it. It was amazing, he was sucking on it more than he was moving his tongue over it like Amy does.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum myself. I warned him that I was close, and he latched on even more. I couldn’t stop myself, I let go. Shooting hot cum deep down into his throat. There was so much of it, he had a hard time gulping it all down.

I curled up next to Amy and he picked up all the blankets and sheets that were on the floor and covered us up with them. He started to move towards the door when I called out to stop him.

“Where are you going?” I asked, and he tiredly shrugged and then yawned. “You are welcome to join us and sleep here.” He turned around and headed back to the bed.

“Thank you both, I have never felt so completely satisfied in life.” Andy said with a hitch in his voice and he made a sniff. He then climbed into bed and curled up on the other side of Amy.

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