Life after Sylvia Ch. 04

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The next weekend after the ladies’ night show I moved Crystal into my house. With her no longer stripping, the biggest problem I had in our relationship suddenly evaporated. I was surprised at how long it took to get only a small U-Haul truck of stuff packed and moved, but then it might have taken less time if we hadn’t been screwing half a dozen times, in the truck, in her bedroom, in my bedroom, on her sofa in the truck… You get the idea. We had decided to be as normal a couple as we could, and that included being exclusive.

While I got my wish for her to no longer strip, her being the manager of the club had its own set of issues. She worked late nights both during the week and on weekends, not getting to bed until only a few hours before I had to get up for work. On weekends, I’d get up and do chores around the house and then around lunchtime come back to the bedroom where we’d spend the afternoon playing and screwing until we were both completely worn out. Despite the weekend time, I often felt more like we were roommates passing each other, coming and going with occasional benefits than I did a practically married couple. But it didn’t take long to tell that as much as she wanted to be with me, something in our relationship just wasn’t working. I could see that she wasn’t as happy as we both had expected her to be.

Donna of course was quite upset when it happened, but she smiled her best around me and waited for her prediction of our relationship failure to manifest itself. She was content, for the moment, to wait it out, continuing to visit me at work as much as she could, even though she knew sex was, at least temporarily, off the table. That of course didn’t stop her from making sure that I knew just exactly what it was I could be having for a snack though, frequently flashing various sexy body parts “on accident”.

Tanya was, well, Tanya was Tanya. She pushed the limits every opportunity she had, making sure to flash me any body part she could get away with anytime she got close, grabbing me and even rubbing herself against me. On more than one occasion she managed to get her hands down my pants, or my pants pulled down in her attempts to get me to fuck her again. Even Marge couldn’t quite seem to slow her down.

Marge, happy for Crystal and me stayed constantly involved. She was the one exception to our rule of exclusivity, and then she was only included when both Crystal and I were together. We had mutually agreed that “separate” encounters would be destructive to what we were trying to accomplish. To that end, Marge would invite us over for dinner, or to a party, or come by our place, with the intent of having the encounter end in a nice three way. I did my best to make sure both were satisfied, and they took equal pleasure in trying to ensure that I was satisfied. I loved Crystal and wanted her to be happy, but somehow it just wasn’t working out like I had expected.

Try as we might to make her happy, I often wondered if Crystal and I were going to make it. The closeness frequently turned to testiness when one or the other of us were on the wrong end of our sleep schedules. To try and help things, I started showing up at the club to “help out”, which seemed to do anything but. Not only did she feel like I didn’t trust her, but several of the girls made it quite clear that they wanted to do more than just dance in front of me. Some had heard of the little show I put on for ladies’ night and they wanted to be my costar, either for ladies’ night, a regular night, or just because. Turning down these extremely sexy, usually naked women became more and more difficult for me as the time between Crystal and my interludes increased. On more than one occasion Crystal had to stop one of the young ladies from trying to seduce and undress me. Things sort of came to a head the night of the Halloween party.

The quarterly “event” for the company turned out to be a Halloween party. With Marge owning the strip club, it was decided that the workers at the club should also be part of the get together, but also knowing that a strip club and a family event didn’t necessarily fit together. They made arrangements for kids type events early in the evening with babysitting and a place for the little ones to sleep during the later, more adult part of the party.

I suppose it was a good thing they had, given some of the costumes that showed up, worn not only by the ladies and gentlemen of the strip club, but also some of the workers at the plant. The event seemed to be the excuse some of them needed to “let their hair down” or at least hang out.

Crystal chose my costume from things she had available at the club. With the institution of a weekly ladies’ night there was a wide variety of men’s costumes to choose from. Unlike the ladies, men’s stripper costumes were much more expensive than a scanty dress. So, the club had purchased a number of costumes for the guys to wear, if they fit. If not, they had to supply their own costumes. Crystal chose a Roman istanbul escort soldier outfit because, as she put it, how often was she going to get me into a leather skirt?

With me dressed as a Roman soldier, complete with leather skirt that left me feeling a bit drafty, no shirt, just crossed leather straps over my bare chest, and Crystal dressed in a long silvery white formfitting gown and angel wings, we arrived at the hotel for the party. Marge of course recognized both of us quickly, despite my helmet and Crystal’s feathery mask.

“Don’t you two look wonderful!” Marge said as she glided towards us in a Victorian queen’s costume, complete with powdered wig and crown.

“Thanks Marge!” Crystal said, giving her a hug. “Looks like a good turn out.”

“Huge,” Marge said with a smile. “Just huge. Who would have thought adding a few young women to the mix would have brought so many of the younger men to the event, even without dates.”

“I rather expect they’re hoping to get lucky,” I said with a chuckle.

“Well, given some of the outfits, or lack thereof, I’d say that is a good probability,” Marge chuckled. “Speaking of outfits, Crystal said she was going to get you to wear a skirt. I have to say, it isn’t what I expected, but I’m also not complaining,” she said as she stepped closer, sliding a hand up under my skirt to check to see if I were exposed or not.

“Yes,” I answered as her fingers found my bare cock. “She convinced me that I should come commando, just in case.”

“Just in case what?”

“In case he finds someone to play with. I know a few of the girls here would love to get their hands on his ample attributes.”

“The other women? You two have stopped being exclusive?” Marge asked, a look of concern on her face.

“Just for tonight. I thought both of us could use a break from it,” Crystal said.

“Well, if he looks lonely, I’ll make sure to entertain him,” Marge joked.

“In that dress?”

“Oh, trust me, I won’t wear this all night. I have another outfit selected for later in the evening,” Marge answered her with a grin.

“Oh? Wanna clue me in?” Crystal asked with a grin. “Just so I know who my competition is.”

“Trust me, you’ll know,” she said over her shoulder as she turned and glided away, the dress covering all the way to the floor.

“Well, I wonder what she has in mind?” I asked Crystal.

“I have no idea, but knowing her, I’m sure you’ll find out. So, do you suppose that there are any gentlemen, or soldiers here, that would like to ask me to dance?

“It would be my pleasure to invite such a stunning angel to dance!” I said as gallantly as I could. She smiled back at me, took my arm and allowed me to lead her across the room full of round tables towards the area set aside to be the dance floor, already crowded with couples.

I’m not a great dancer, but Crystal, well, she has moves that put my meager few to shame. The two of us danced together for quite a few numbers, enjoying each other, and also noting the wide array of costumes. There were costumes that included everything from the normal superhero, Disney princesses, and movie characters to more unique ones, like a pair of dice. There were also many more risqué costumes that ranged from young women in togas with little or nothing under them, some French maids, a few sexy superheroes and even a few sexy variations on movie characters. I saw one young lady eyeing me that was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or at least that was my assumption.

She carried a basket with a white stuffed dog sticking out, and wore an outfit made of tiny blue and white checkered material. Other than a pair of checkered bikini panties and what amounted to a short apron of the same material extending up over her breasts and held in place by a band around her waist and a strap up around her neck, leaving the front looking like the top of a pair of overalls, her back and sides completely exposed, including the creamy sides of her moderately large breasts. Of course, the red sequined shoes were a dead giveaway, and I don’t remember Dorothy wearing a pair of knee high white stockings.

After dancing with Crystal for about half an hour or so, the two of us made our way to the buffet, got some dinner and found a vacant table to sit and eat.

“Well, now this is one very sexy angel!” A young man said from behind her as she and I finished eating our food. Crystal turned to see a tall muscular guy wearing an outfit that was reminiscent of a fireman, although his muscled chest was bare, and his pants were quite tight. “Would you care to dance?”

Crystal looked at me and I gave her a shrug. “It’s your coice.”

“Well, if you don’t mind,” she whispered, leaning toward me. “Maybe you should dance with a few of these young ladies too. I’ve noticed several eyeing you,” she said with a grin. “I’m sure thus gallant fireman will keep me occupied if you’d like to dance with a few others!”

“Is avcılar escort that what you want?” I asked back.

She was silent for a few short seconds before nodding. “I think it’d be good for both of us.”

“Sure, go for it then,” I said as she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before disappearing back to the dance floor with the young man. I sat there watching him bump and grind against her for only a few moments before I realized I wasn’t alone either.

“So, what are you doing alone?” A young woman’s voice said from behind me as I sat and watched Crystal disappearing into the crowd as they danced.

“Huh?” I asked, turning to see a young woman wearing what I would call a sexy construction worker’s outfit. She had on a hardhat, an eye mask to cover the upper part of her face, a pair of suspender shorts that had been modified to be a skirt and an extremely light t-shirt that was almost light enough to see her nipples and areola through. She also had on calf length socks and a pair of work boots. Her tool belt wrapped around her waist and was held up in part by a pair of big yellow suspenders. It seemed to be loaded with a variety of tools that were real, but not overly heavy. “I asked what you were doing alone. If I were your girlfriend, I wouldn’t leave you alone for a second in that outfit. Someone might come by and try to take advantage of you.”

“Ah, well she just went dancing with a fireman.”

“So I saw,” she said with a smile.

I looked at her hand and saw that it sported a small wedding band. “Where’s your husband?”

“Had to work. Couldn’t make it tonight.”

“I see. It is Amanda, from the canoe trip, right?”

“Uh huh. How’d you know?”

“I never forget a pair of sexy breasts,” I said as I looked up at her, her chest nearly eye level. “And yours are practically showing through that shirt.”

“I know,” she whispered back. “That was the idea. I didn’t think I could get away with no shirt at all though.”

“Probably not until all the kids are gone,” I agreed before standing back up straight and chuckling. “But if you decide to do that, come see me. I won’t mind at all taking another look.”

“Well, maybe for now you’ll settle for a dance?” she asked with a smile.

“Sure, why not,” I said getting up and following her to the dance floor, her wiggling hips making the tool belt shake and wiggle with each step. We got to the edge of the floor and she turned to face me, her body quickly swaying and moving to the music much more fluidly than I felt like I was doing. The two of us danced two songs together before she reached out and pulled my hands to her chest, squeezing them against her t-shirt covered tits as she stepped closer to me, the tool belt almost rubbing against my leather skirt.

“Finding you here alone, I was kinda thinking we might have time for a bit more than flashing my tits at you,” she said quietly, releasing one of her hands from mine, and reaching down to my thigh. She stroked her fingers up under my leather skirt and felt my cock, teasing it with the tips of her fingers until it started to grow for her. “Ohhhh yeah. I was hoping to do something with this!”

“You sure you wanna do that?”

“What? Make you all hard and horny?”

“Yeah. You do that and I might try to drag you off someplace quiet and see if I can find a way to get the shorts off under that tool belt.”

“Well, actually,” she said, pulling the hand she still held down to her own thigh and pushing it up under the modified shorts and tool belt until I could feel a pair of very tiny panties, the crotch sopping wet. “You know that day on the river? I so wanted you to just stop the car and bend me over the hood. Your hard cock in your suit looked so sexy and inviting. I was sopping wet thinking about it.”

“Well, you feel pretty hot and excited now too.”

“I am. And I know just the place too. See that curtain?” she asked, pointing to a large hanging cloth divider separating the room from some other part of the hotel.


“Why don’t we just take a little walk over there? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you have me behind there,” she said, pulling gently on my half hard cock.

“You really wanna just go off and have sex?” I asked quietly.

“Honey, I’ve been wanting to get you into me since the canoe trip. I know you saw me in the car fingering myself. I was thinking about if it had been me on that car hood. Yeah, I saw. I was on my way to the bathroom and saw you pounding that girl. God, I wanted to be her right then.”

“What about your husband?” I asked a little surprised at her directness.

“Well, you can fuck him if you want, but personally I don’t think he’s into that,” she said with a little grin as she turned and pulled me towards the corner of the room where the curtain divider met the room wall.

She grinned from ear to ear as she led me to the edge of the curtained area, a large maroon curtain about şirinevler escort eight feet tall supported by what looked like a pipe framework. She squeezed between the end pipe support and the wall. I followed through, turning sideways and moving into a large space, maybe as wide as the room but only about a dozen or so feet deep. It was filled with carts of tables and chairs, presumably for the room the party was being held in. “Like I said. Perfect!” she said as she stepped next to a flat rolling cart piled with eight foot long tables, making what was essentially a rolling table about three feet high. She undid the tool belt and set it on the table before unclipping the suspenders from the shorts. She let them slide to her ankles, leaving her standing in her hard hat, t-shirt and a tiny pink thong panty. “So, what do you wanna see first? My pussy or my tits?”

“Both. I’d like to see you butt naked!”

“Ohhhhh. Okay sweetie. You want it, you got it!” she said as she pulled her hard hat and mask off. She pulled her shirt up and off, tossing it onto the table with the rest of her clothes. As she was reaching for her thong panty, I stepped to her and stopped her hands on her hips, holding them there with mine.

“Changed my mind. I’ll do that part,” I said quietly, pushing her slowly back against the tables until she had to sit back on them. I reached down for her legs, lifting her booted feet up into the air in front of me. She held them together as I slipped the thong down off her ass and pulled it up her legs to her boots. I worked the small string like straps over her boots and then dropped it onto the table. Kneeling down in front of her, I let her legs spread, looking at her full round lips and soft wavy inner lips protruding. With a grin, I leaned my face to her pussy and slowly licked up her wet lips, pressing my tongue between them.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss,” she hissed softly, her hands moving to my head, trying to tangle her fingers in my short hair and pull me closer. “Ohhhhh God yesssssss!” she breathed as I used my fingers to spread her lips and push my tongue between them. I pressed deep, almost fucking her little pussy with my tongue and then sliding it up along her soft wet lips until I found her clit. I circled it several times, bringing a moan from her lips and then sucked it into my mouth, squeezing it gently. “Ohhhhh God,” she said, sucking in her breath. “Ohhh fucking God damn that feels good.”

“You like?”

“Oh, hell yeah. I heard you were a good fuck, but shit, no one told me how good you were doing this!”

“Am I?”

“At least as good as any girl I’ve had between my legs.”

“You do that a lot? Have girls between your legs that is?”

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yes. More than you might think.”

“Huh,” I said as I went back down for another long slow lick.

“I’m not supposed to play with men, according to my husband, but he never said I couldn’t get satisfaction with a woman,” she moaned.

“I’m not a woman.”

“Oh fuck no. And I’m waiting to feel that big cock go into ME!” she gasped as I teased her clit again, making her hips lift involuntarily to try and push her pussy against my face harder.

“You want it?”

“Ohhhh God yessss! I’ve wanted it for three months!” she moaned as I licked her slit again, pausing at the end to flick my tongue across her clit several times.

I pulled my face from her pussy and stood up between her legs. She spread them farther and looked eagerly at my cock as I held my leather skirt up to expose my raging hard-on. “You want this?” I asked teasingly, squatting down enough to bring my cock to her wet lips and running my head up and down her soft hot pussy.

“Ohhhhh yesssss! Please!”

“You sure?”

“Ohhh God yes. Stop teasing me and fuck me already!”

I chuckled at her frustration and pressed forward, moving my body over her and holding myself up over her with one hand while I guided my cock into her wet lips, finding that perfect spot. I moved my hand to help hold myself up over her body and then slowly pushed my head into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!” she moaned softly, her hands reaching for my sides and her feet hooking against my ass to try and pull me further. “All the way baby. Push it all the way in!”

“Uh huh,” I grunted softly as I started to push my cock in and out of her, driving my shaft deeper and deeper into her as more of it became lubricated with her slick juices. “You like that?”

“Ohhhh yeah. God you feel so fat in me. God damn it feels good!”

“Glad you like it,” I grunted as I started stroking in and out of her, my slick cock jabbing her cervix at the end of her tunnel with each stroke, making her whole body shake.

“Ohhh fuck me…fuck me baby…” she moaned over and over, her feet trying to pull me deeper, even though there was no deeper I could go. “Fuck my pussy! Make me come with your big fat hard cock,” she mumbled, her eyes closed and her back arched off the table. “That’s it baby. Fuck me right here. Make me come all over the hood. Ohhhh fuck yes! I wanna feel you come in me!” she moaned softly. “Make me come like her. Make me come hard all over your big fat cock! Take me Michael! Take me hard! Make me come all over you!” She continued to moan, her legs quivering slightly as I continued to slide in and out of her.

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