Librarian Helps Out

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Elena worked out three days a week to stay in shape. She ate well to keep her skin clear and youthful. She looked like a slightly older version of her daughter who was a freshman in an out of state college. Her husband was a workaholic who never seemed to be interested in her except for twice a month when he fucked her. To combat her boredom she also worked at a nearby library about 10 miles from her home. She dressed conservatively like librarians are supposed to and never considered herself as anything but a good mom.

That was about to change for here in a most surprising way.

Last week she had helped a young man find a book on “Shyness in Social Settings”. Today he was returning the book at her counter in the nearly empty library.

“James, so did you find the book of use?”

“No Mam” He said forlornly. “It didn’t help.”

“Perhaps a different book then?” She said sympathetically. “Tell me exactly what you are looking for and I’ll help you find the right book.”

James blushed deeply and said “No thank you Mam it’s useless!”

Elena came out from behind the counter and stood near James. He looked so sad and she wanted to help him. “Please James tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can find a way to help you.”

He looked up at her and his eyes were tearing up. “I can’t talk to girls, I get all tied up and do stupid things when I am near them. I was hoping that book would help me get over this but it just got worse.”

“How many books have you read on this?”

“About a dozen but it basically boils down to I get overstimulated when I talk a pretty girl and my anxiety kicks in and before long …” He stops and sobs.

“Oh James, you poor boy. You’ll learn how to talk with them just keep trying.” She’s takes his hand in hers and squeezes it reassuringly.

“No Mam, I have tried a bunch of times and I can’t do it. Now the girls all laugh at me whenever I get near them.”

“Look James you can do this. After all you’re able to talk to me and I’m a girl. Aren’t I?”

“Yeh, I guess so.”

“You guess so?” she replies. “Sit up James and look at me.” She sits up straight and pull her shoulders slightly back causing her chest to thrust out more than usual. She actually had a very sexy body but her posture and clothing hid it most of the time. She reached up and unpinned the hair from the top of her head and shook it out letting it fall down over her shoulders. Then gave James her favorite smile and said. “You’re talking to me and I am definitely a girl in case you haven’t noticed.”

James laughed and looked at her more closely. “Yes you certainly are. And a very pretty one.” Then as if realizing that he was talking to a girl he began to stammer before he could go on.

Elena took his hand again and said “”Let me do a little research and come back tomorrow. We’ll see if I can help you get over this. OK?”

James smiled at her and nodded. He was obviously still to tongue tied to speak as he left.

She spent several hours searching reference books and came upon a treatise on “Immersion Therapy for Speech Disorders as a result of Hyper Sexual Stimulation.” Well, she now knew the name of the problem and a cure. The article claimed that the disorder could cure itself or get permanently established in the patient’s psyche. The solution was for the practitioner to create the environment were the patient could interact safely and without stress with fear. But how could she get some young girl to spend the time necessary to have a break through? If her daughter was still home she was certain that she could get her to do it.

As she was driving home wishing her daughter was there to help it suddenly dawned on her. Her daughter wasn’t but they looked so much alike that she might be able to pass for her if she was wearing the right outfit. When she got home she ran upstairs into her daughter’s bedroom and started rummaging around in her closet. She found a short skirt and a tank top that might work. She quickly stripped of her librarian dress and pulled on the skirt and tank top. Both were tight on her and clung to her body, just like the young girls clothes did. She looked in the mirror and let her hair down again.. Looking back from the mirror was the spitting image of her daughter. She smiled prettily and thought this just might work. I am the girl for the job!

That night she read further on the Disorder. She discovered that not only was acute shyness ataşehir escort and stammering symptoms but in more advance cases instantaneous sexual arousal and premature ejaculation were noted. She blushed at the thought of James getting a erection just because he was near a girl. Then blushed even more when she realized she had probably given him an erection when she had let her hair down.

That night as she was going to sleep her mind drifted back to her wondering if he had gotten hard looking at her. She felt an inner tingling for a few moments before she drifted off to sleep.

The next day she had written out a therapy plan to discuss with James when he came in. She had also put the skirt and tank top in a carry bag along with some sandals. If he was willing they could try something after the library closed.

She had reviewed the information and plan with James that afternoon. He had agreed to come back to the library after 5:00 when they were closed and she would let him back in. At 4:30 after she locked up she went over to her desk and got her costume out. She had decided that if she was going to be playing the part of her daughter she would think of this as if she was an actress. At the last minute this morning she had grabbed one of her daughter’s bra and panty sets to be completely in character. She went into the restroom and took off her clothes including her bra and panties. She gave herself a quick sponge bath to remove the day’s body odor and any traces of her perfume. She dabbed her daughter’s favorite perfume on her body around her neck and between her breasts, the she slipped on the thong panties and push-up bra. They fit her perfectly. She put on some mascara, eye liner as well as pink lip gloss. She brushed her hair out and let it hang down to the middle of her back. As she looked at herself in the mirror she could see and feel the transformation taking place. Her face looked so much like her daughter and the rise and fall of her breasts in the bra was such a different look than she was used to seeing in the mirror. She felt her long hair swaying across her back as she turned her head back and forth, feeling very sexy at the moment. She pulled on the thin tank top and the skirt. She had seen her daughter go out on dates in this very outfit. It was perfect for their first date as well she thought.

She stopped with a start. What had she said “…their first date… ” whoa girl – What are you thinking?

Just then there was a light tapping on the back door. She threw her librarian outfit into her hag and ran to the door. Her heart was pounding as she asked “Who is it?”

“James silly who else comes to the library after its closed!”

She opened the door wide enough for him to slide in and then she closed and locked it.

Taking a deep breath she turned around to face him. His mouth was open and his eye bulged as he looked her over. She smiled and held her hand out. to him. Hi I’m Taylor, Elena’s daughter. I’m here to help you get used to being with pretty girls.”

James’ just stood there staring at her.

“You do think I’m pretty don’t you?”

Shook his hand and led him over to the large couch and sat down next to him. For the next hour she talked to him steadily while he could hard stammer. She got up and got them each a coke. As she came back she noticed his eyes never left her body. She also noticed he did have an erection going on. Well at least she had confirmed that she had gotten him hard. She sat down and let the skirt ride up her leg it was her intention to maximize his stimulation while she just keep talking. She had to desensitize him.

After an hour of her chattering away she declared “Times up for today. James.”

We will continue Tomorrow at the same time, please discuss with Elena what you felt today, she got up from the couch and took his hand as she waked him to the door. At the last moment she turned back to him and pulled his face to hers and gave him a kiss on the mouth and a hug. “That was being such a good sport today.”

As she closed the door and locked it she leaned back against and smiled to herself. Recalling the feel of his hard as her body was pressed against him! “Yes. That was one big hard on there. And I made it!”

James’ Therapy sessions had been going on for a few weeks and Elena was pleased with the results. His stammering had diminished significantly. It was only present at times when she uncrossed kadıköy escort her legs and repositioned herself on the couch and her skirt had slid up her thigh or initially in a session if her blouse was unbuttoned enough to show some cleavage. At the last two sessions she had intentionally done both and his stammering had been minimal. On the other hand after each session she had continued to kiss him gently on the lips and press her body against him in a hug. He. Was definitely still getting hard every time. “One thing at a time!” She told herself.

A little more concerning thing to her was that she noted that her role playing had slipped into her real life. On Therapy days, as she thought of them now, she was wearing the thong and push-up bra all day rather than changing into them after work. Then one evening after James had gone home she drove home in her costume and had stopped off at a market for groceries. She stayed in her Taylor role while she shopped and noticed the guys were really checking her out. That night she has masturbated for the first time in years. Fantasizing about being a young sexy woman who could have sex with her young boyfriend. In the fantasy she was wearing the same short skirt and tank top.

Then last weekend she had worn near costume when she went to the mall shopping. She had stayed in her Taylor persona for 4 hours. While shopping for some new outfits. She had even pretended to be Taylor when a young guy tried to pick her up at the food court. That had really been flattering and given her ego a huge boost. This was supposed to be about James but it seemed to be impacting her as well.

For their next therapy session she decided to wear one of her new outfits and she told him earlier in the day when she had seen him in the library to meet her at the mall that evening. “We are going to pretend to meet each other for the first time and you are going to try to get a date with me.”

That night she had put on black yoga pants and sports top that hugged her boobs. She wore a shear bra and tiny thong under it all. When she had let her hair down and applied her Taylor makeup she looked herself over in the mirror. There Taylor was is her sexual prime looking back at her. Her body on full display. She smiled as she drove to the mall that she had told him to meet her at.

As she was walking through the mall she noticed that the other girl’s wearing yoga pants had them rolled down at the waist exposing more of their midriffs. When no one was looking she did the same. Rolling them down 6 inches below her belly button. The time at the gym had left her with a flat tummy and tight abs.

She found him and told him that she wanted him to follow her around and to pretend to be trying to meet her for the first time. They did this half a dozen times over the next 30 minutes until he got more relaxed in his approach.

“OK James, taut went very well. Now let’s pretend now that we are meeting for our first date to go to the movies. You go. Buy 2 tickets to the next movie and I will come over and meet you in front of the theater. She waited 5 minutes and started walked nag back to the theater. When she saw him she waved and walked more quickly to him as if she was late. She noticed as she came near to him his eyes were locked onto her tits. The sheer bra was allowing a lot of movement of her breasts under the clingy top. He just couldn’t look away from her titties and she was secretly proud of that fact even though she knew she shouldn’t be. She glanced down at his crotch knowing that he would be hard again. When she reached him she spontaneously threw her arms around his neck and gave him an open mouth kiss on the lips lingering for a moment. As she pressed against him she felt his hardness against her stomach and her own hard nipples pressing into his chest..

“Let’s go in in and get our seats. What movie did you get?” She said as she pulled the tickets from his hand. It was a popular chick flick with an R rating. As they went in she pulled his arm around her waste and laid his hand on the exposed skin of her hip. She felt an electric shock go straight to her pussy when his hand was on her skin. She hadn’t expected that at all.

They had reserved seats in the couples seating area. When the attendant showed them to their seats he stowed away the center arm rest. They sat down and her thigh was pressed against his. The attendant, a young girl, asked them if they would bostancı escort bayan like. Anything to eat? And Taylor, how completely she was in character she thought, noticed that the girl was looking at James crotch with a flirty look on her face. Instinctively Taylor put her hand on James’ thigh as if to establish her claim to him.

“No thanks, we have everything we need!” She purred.

The lights dimmed and the movie started right. She didn’t remove her had from his thigh and as she was already pressed against his side she leaned toward him pressing the side of her breast against his arm. She rested her head on his shoulder after a couple of minutes.

“James it’s OK you can breathe now!” She whispered and she gently squeezed his thigh.

“Sorry, I have never been on date before or in a theater with a girl. I got kind of anxious.”

“That’s what we are here for. So relax. In fact why don’t you put your arm around my shoulder and we can watch the movie more comfortably.”

He did just that and she snuggled in a little closer to him. Turning her body slightly so her breast was a pressing against his chest and her arm was laying now partially resting on his erection. His hand began to rub gently on her arm. The movie had been going on for 20 minutes when it got into the first explicit sex scene that earned it its R rating. He began slowly moving around in his seat rubbing his hard against her arm as if she wouldn’t notice and his began rubbing the inside of her arm with the backside of his hand brushing against the outside of her breast. She moaned slightly at the overt stimulation. He froze where he was.

“It’s OK don’t stop.” She whispered.

There was a moan from the booth in front of them. A girl’s voice huskily said. “Oh yes that the place!” And moaned again. Obviously the back on the theater was in heavy petting mode now.

Taylor looked up at him and said “Kiss me, please!”

She reached up and placed her hand behind his head and pulled him to her waiting mouth. This time she kissed him more aggressively, her tongue slid between his lips and found his just as eager. His hand stopped bubbling her arm and was now exploring her breast. Once it found her nipple he squeezed it gently and she almost came on the spot. She responded by rubbing her forearm against his cock.

Then the heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down” a male voice said now moaned “Oh my god!” followed by the undeniable sound of the girl sucking his cock.

The smell of sex was heavy as Taylor took her free hand and began stoking his engorged cook through his pants. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his 10 inch Cock and began stroking it.

James rotated his body more toward her and his free hand quickly slid up her thigh and began pushing against her pussy. Pressing against her hot cunt and sliding back and forth as she wriggled in her chair as she spread her legs to allow him fuller access. Then he surprised her by sliding his hand up to the top of their yoga pants and the plunging it back down under her thong. Within a matter of seconds he was fingering her molten pussy lips and then two of his fingers were inside of her. Taylor now moaned more loudly as his fingers plunged in and out of her. She was rapidly moving toward an orgasm. She had to stop, she knew she had let it go too far but … She made a deep growling sound as her orgasm began. She tried to contain it but his hands had her worked up into a fever pitch.

And at that pivotal moment both the guy and girl in front of them reached their own climaxes. At some point the girl had stopped blowing him and had climb up onto him and as fucking him in his chair. Taylor was now beyond being able to stop she wanted James’ cock inside her.

Taylor’s yoga pants were down to her knees. She stood up, stepped sideways and as she sat back down took his cock and guided it into her pussy. It only took a couple of minutes for him to cum inside her. When he did and she felt the endless ropes of hot cum against her cervix she came she the hardest she ever had. Waves after wave of exquisite pleasure and passion.

As she recovered with his cock still in her she looked at the girl sitting backwards in the seat in front of her. They smiled at each other as she realized that it was the real Taylor. Her daughter had just fucked that guy’s brains out and she had just fucked James.

Then both guys who were still hard and inside the two women began thrusting into them with renewed vigor. Both Taylor’s rolled their heads back and began driving their own pussies onto their men’s cocks without a further thought. Both Taylors had insatiable needs that must be immediately satisfied.

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