Letters to Purvi Ch. 07

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The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

I am sure you must be really surprised at getting a letter from me. Actually, Lali has told me so much about you that I feel almost know you like an old friend. Lali is actually typing out this letter while I dictate, because she is so much better at this than anyone I know. We are both sitting here on this hot afternoon, comfortable in the AC with only thin silk nighties. Actually, we are just passing the time while waiting for Rajesh to get here so that we can have one of our threesomes – we promised him that we would not start without him, but I got to telling Lali about my stay in Delhi and she was talking about Europe and it is getting increasingly difficult for us to keep our hands off each other. Which is why Lali suggested that we write to you all about my Delhi trip (since she has already told you all about her Europe trip). This way we hope to stay out of mischief.

Actually, I went to Delhi with a couple of classmates of mine. We were all planning to study together for the Bank entrance exams, since one of the girls knew a good tutor. However, when we got there, one of the girls had to go back home to Andhra as her parents had found a match for her. As Roopa had her family in Delhi, it made excellent sense that I stay with her in their big house in South Ex.

I had been there a week already and it looked like it was going to be a very boring, quiet stay. Roopa had a very normal family, two brothers who were slightly older than her and her parents, who were nice and very affectionate. All that changed one morning, a little over a week since we had got there.

Roopa and I had left the house one morning, on our way to the tutor’s. Suddenly, I stopped, because I realised I had not carried my primary notebook, which old Mr. Srinivasan would be very upset about. After a moment’s discussion, we realised we must have left it in one of the upstairs bedrooms where we had been studying the previous night. I decided to walk back and retrieve it, while Roopa went on and started the tuition so that we would not be both late.

I hurried back to the house and slipped in by the back entrance, so as not to disturb anyone. I knew that everyone would probably be out, with the exception of Roopa’s mother, who normally took an elaborate bath around this time. So I quietly went up the stairs and into the bedroom.

I stopped dead. Lying back on the bed, his eyes tight shut, was Roop’s older brother, Parvez. His shorts were wide open and his rigid and beautiful prick, looking like a long, fair spike, stood straight up from his crotch. He was breathing deeply as he moved one hand softly up and down his hard flesh.

I could barely breathe. I felt warmth in my groin as my pussy began to leak with excitement. I think I must have moved slightly, because my bangles (I had worn a lot of glass bangles on one arm) tinkled.

His eyes snapped open. Stunned, he made a move to cover himself, which was difficult, since he was lying on top of the sheet without a cover. Finally, he covered his crotch with both hands, while stammering “I……I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone…. I just do it so I can sleep better…” I put a finger to my lips, shushing him and stepped further into the room, my eyes on his crotch. His eyes followed me as I walked up to the bed. When I reached the edge of his bed, I sat down and without asking I touched his dick. He shivered and closed his eyes. “Feels so good,” he moaned.”Please don’t stop.” Stopping was the last thing in the world that I intended to do at that moment. I continued my steady stroking of his cock while I climbed on the bed and straddled his hips. Luckily I had worn a skirt that morning, one of those long midis which go down to knee level. I pulled my skirt up and gathered it around my waist. I then rubbed the tip of his dick against the moist crotch of my panties. “I have a sleeping pill you will like much better than a hand job,” I whispered as I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and placed his velvet cock head between my excited pussy lips.

He groaned and lifted his hips, guiding all rigid eight inches of his sweet, hot dick into my hot cunt. I rocked back on my heels and savored each hot stroke while I used my hands on my clit to carry me to a screaming orgasm.

As soon as it hit me, Parvez bellowed loudly and slapped his balls against me as spurt after spurt of hot cream splattered against my insides. I milked every last drop of his man juice from his full balls before I climbed off his exhausted body and snapped the crotch of my panties back into place.

I dropped my skirt back into place and leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips. He was still panting, staring at me with disbelieving eyes. I think he was still adjusting to the fact that the sweet and demure girl he had been seeing around the house had just sat on his cock and fucked him well escort dikmen and truly.

Now that I had had a taste of that magnificent cock, I knew I wanted more. That quickie had just whetted my appetite. This, however was not the time. I could hear some of the servants downstairs and his mother was also somewhere around the house. Even as I remembered this, she called from below, asking Parvez whether he had called out (she had obviously heard his cry of orgasm and thought he was calling for something). He quickly jumped off the bed and zipped himself up and ran to the staircase to assure her that it was nothing. Meanwhile I found my book and quietly left the house by the outer staircase, my pussy swimming with his sperm and the crotch of my panties quite drenched.

I could barely concentrate on my work that day, as all I could do was keep reliving the exquisite feeling of that proud Punjabi cock spearing into me and the way it had filled me so deeply. All I knew was that I wanted more – and I spent a lot of thought on how I was going to get it. It would not be easy because Roop was with me all the while and the day normally went with the tutor. Parvez too had college on most days and it would immediately look strange if he and I were found going off somewhere alone.

And then I had it! I thought I knew how it could work! That night, when Parvez was passing me in a deserted corridor, I stopped him and quickly explained the plan to him. His eyes shone with delight and I knew that the same problem had been occupying him.

The next morning I announced that I would take a while in the bathroom as I was going to wash my hair. This was quite normal, for I had last washed it some days earlier. I made very obvious preparations, asking Roop to help me oil and massage my hair. I then went for my bath, telling her not to wait and to go ahead without me – I would catch up. Parvez meanwhile made a very noisy exit, yelling goodbye to his parents and slamming the door on his way out.

Once in the bathroom, I carefully locked the door and removed my clothes, winding a towel around me. I then checked my make-up (I had put on make-up earlier, telling Roop that I was trying out a new shade of lipstick) and waited. It did not take long.

I must explain here what I had planned. As the upstairs bathroom also adjoined the large verandah, there was a second door between bathroom and verandah so that clothes could easily be carried out for drying. Normally, when one was using the bathroom the door would be locked from inside. I had left it open. And Parvez, after apparently leaving the house, had actually doubled back and jumped over the back wall and run up to the verandah by the outer staircase, invisible to all in the house.

At this point, the door to the balcony opened and Parvez came in silently, carrying his books. His eyes moved excitedly over my nearly nude body and he almost dropped his books. Then he recovered himself and carefully locked that door. I had put my finger to my lips. We had to be very quiet – the house was quite silent and any loud cries would be easily heard.

Parvez then stepped towards me, reaching out, but I stopped him with a gesture and motioned that he must take off his clothes first – I did not want to risk anything getting wet. He understood and nodded, quickly undressing. I waited, watching, as he unveiled that lovely fair body.

Finally, his books and clothes were safely away and he was moving towards me, his lovely dick again standing out from his body, twitching with excitement. With a simple movement, I dropped the towel I was wearing.

His excited eyes moved over my body again and again, and I took in a deep breath, lifting my breasts and enjoying the feel of my rapidly hardening nipples. Then he reached out and covered my breasts with his hands, roughly massaging and playing with the hard nipples, causing me to bite my lip in pleasure.

Parvez then pulled me to him and kissed my open mouth, running his tongue deep into my throat. He grabbed my full breasts with both hands and squeezed them roughly.

“Ohhh, that’s good. Suck them, lover, suck them hard.” I whispered. He needed no urging to feast on those tempting nipples and he sucked first one, then the other into his mouth, pausing a second at each one to chew them lightly.

I had meanwhile had got hold of Parvez’s balls and was squeezing them roughly. At any other time it would probably have hurt him, but now it seemed to get him hotter. I grabbed his cock with my other hand and started to slide my hand up and down his shaft to keep it hard; I wanted to have his cock ready for action. Also I really delighted in the feel of that stiffness, the first cock I had touched since Rajesh.

Parvez kissed my neck and I moaned throatily, while he moved his hand between our bodies until he reached my slit. He slid the middle finger down through the moist crevice and began flicking it over my clit. I moaned into his neck escort elvankent and then whispered that perhaps we should lie down.

Luckily the bathroom floor was dry, so there was no pools of cold water to worry about – not that we would have cared. We were far too hot to worry about such minor matters!

We sank down to the floor together. The marble was hard, but cool. I gasped involuntarily as the cool stone touched my flushed skin. Then I reached down and grabbed his cock again. I spread my legs over Parvez’s stomach and slid down so that I could position the head of his cock right at my moist hole.

“Bet you’d like it in there right about now, wouldn’t you?” I teased.

Parvez was panting with his desire as he kissed my neck.” Why don’t you put it in?”

“In just a minute,” I whispered. “There is something else I want to do first.” With that I sat up and moved down till his lovely cock was rearing in my face. Without wasting any time, I pulled on his balls and sucked his stiff cock into my mouth.

Parvez gasped. I think I was the first girl who had ever sucked his cock. “Don’t do too much of that or I will cum in your mouth,” he warned me, breathing heavily. I responded by wiggling my tongue inside the head a little way. I then began to lick up and down his throbbing shaft as I slid a finger into my wet pussy.

After a little of this, I let his cock go reluctantly and looked up at him – after all, I really wanted feel him spurt inside me again. Maybe I would drink his sperm later. “Why don’t we get onto the main course?” I said, looking up at him. He pulled me up and on top of him and we kissed. I spread my legs across his stomach and started rubbing my slit against the tip of his prick.

“Let me get on top,” Parvez whispered in my ear. I rolled off him and stretched out on the floor with my legs lifted high in the air. “Hurry, please hurry,” I whispered.

He nodded, his eyes on my throbbing slit “Wow….. you’re wet already.”

Parvez settled down on top of me and I promptly wrapped my legs around his ass. Probing awhile to find my hole, using the head of his cock as his guide, Parvez finally rammed the full length of his staff into my moist cunt. He held it in all the way for a few seconds, then began slowly sliding it in and out the slippery channel.

“You’d better start to pump harder than that!” I said as he panted into my neck. “I’m ready to cum right now.” He obliged and began to pound his cock into me.

“Oooooohhhhhh, that’s good!” I moaned breathlessly. I was beginning to buck wildly under him now, flinging my hips up against his ramrod so that his balls smacked wetly against my ass. The floor was hard beneath us and I’m sure his knees must have been hurting, but we were both too hot to care.

“Any second now,” Parvez whispered harshly into my ear. “Right about …… right…….about……..NOW!” His voice was somewhere between a grunt and a suppressed yell as the first spurt of cum raced through the length of his cock and exploded into my wet cunt. I had managed to hold back until he started squirting his love juice into me and as I felt that first load splash off the walls of my steaming cunt, I started to cum, my pussy contracting again and again. I threw my head back as far as I could and rolled it from side to side as I arched my hips up to meet Parvez’s still jerking cock. He was licking my throat and tits as the walls of my cunt melted around his cock, bathing it in my hot, sticky cum juice. Parvez gasped again and again as he strained to get every last ounce of cum into my eager pussy. His twitching cock continued to shoot load after load into it, and we both bucked wildly as the last spasms shook our bodies in one final wave.

When he had finished emptying his balls into me, he rolled off and lay panting on the floor. I sighed deeply and sat up.

Almost immediately I was on my knees between his legs, sucking his cock. I sucked it hard, loving the taste of our mixed juices. After a few minutes it began to stir and grow until it was fully hard. I wasted not a second, climbing on top of him where he lay. Coming off my knees, I settled into a full squat, reaching between my legs to guide his cock into my cunt. He slipped it in easily, and with one mighty shove, I settled. Parvez was in up to his balls. I started to slowly fuck his cock, working it in and out of my cunt in slow steady strokes.

I began to glide up and down that lovely cock and Parvez helped me by massaging and rubbing my sensitive breasts. The feeling of having him inside me was driving me crazy and I wasn’t going to let him out for a long time. I slid up and down slowly, savoring that special feeling I get when just the very tip is inside. It was like being on the edge of something warm and sexy and then as it slid back in, I felt whole again. I raised myself on my knees and Parvez started thrusting up at me, panting softly. It was a repeat of our previous day’s sex as I desperately escort emek rubbed my clit in time with his thrusts, eager to reach a new climax – and soon. I couldn’t remember how long we had been in there, but I knew I couldn’t pretend to be having a bath forever. Then I came, a warm, lovely orgasm that left me shaking and gasping, my head bowed over Parvez, my hair covering his face. And that was when he groaned softly and I felt his cock spasm inside me again – and soft spurts of his semen flowing into me. Even though he was young and strong, he had just cum earlier and his balls were obviously not up to a major cum yet.

And it was then, with me draped, panting, over his warm body that his mother called from behind the locked door, asking whether I wanted anything, because she was going out to the market. We both stiffened in panic and I rolled off Parvez. I called back through the door, thanking her and telling her I would be out shortly and turned to find Parvez pulling on his jeans in a panic. He dressed quickly and barely stopped to give me a quick embrace and a kiss before he left, checking carefully that the coast was clear.

I somehow finished my bath and managed to go for my classes, though I kept dozing off while listening to the tutor. For this I was scolded and sent home early, wondering all the while what he would say if I told him I was simply tired from the exertion of having two orgasms earlier that morning.

The next few days, Parvez and I lay low. We showed no unusual interest in each other, though twice wen we were passing each other in the passage or the staircase we fondled each other – the first time he surprised me by hastily grasping a breast while he brushed past me, but the second time I was ready for him and as I went past him on the stair I reached for his crotch and squeezed. It was nice to feel the immediate hardness that grew there.

For the next week nothing else happened, which was very frustrating for me. Parvez had obviously got a bad scare when his mother had almost discovered us in the bathroom and did not dare to make another move on me. For my part, I had gotten used to getting well poked at least once a week or more when in Bombay, since Rajesh always took good care of me, especially while Lali was away in Europe. So by the end of the week, I was very horny again, and the thought that there was a nice fuckable prick in the same house which I could not get to was very frustrating indeed.

About ten days later, Parvez’s older brother, Mickey returned. He was working and spent a lot of time on the oil rigs and came back every two months or so for long leave. He was very different – taller and heavier – very fair and handsome, very virile. I knew he must have plenty of girlfriends, but there was obviously no one special.

Things came to a head one evening. The family had been invited to a family wedding and I begged off, wanting to just relax at home. Actually, I planned to have a cozy masturbation session, and [perhaps get rid of some of my pent-up frustration.

So there I was, naked in my bedroom, all alone in the empty house, lying on the bed and stroking my clit. It felt nice but I kept wishing Rajesh would visit Delhi so that I could get fucked soon. This was even more frustrating than not getting any cock at all…

Suddenly, the bell rang downstairs. Thinking it was one of the servants, I grabbed one of Roop’s silk robes and ran downstairs tying the cord around me. Imagine my surprise when I found Mickey there! He explained that he had gotten bored with the whole affair and since it was going to go one well into the small hours of the morning, had pleaded a headache ands come home.

I saw his eyes drop to my chest for a moment and knew that he had seen the outline of my excited nipples against the thin cloth. However I did not think it unusual when he invited me into his room to taste a new wine that he had brought back with him.

We relaxed and talked, sipping the wine – it was French and quite good. I felt it move warmly down my throat and after half a glass I began to relax, forgetting for the moment that I was in alone in a room with a comparative stranger and dressed only in a thin silk robe. Perhaps it was the heightened state of excitement that I had moved into with the preparatory masturbation… perhaps it was general horniness. All I could think of was that I wished I was back in Bombay with my lovers to keep me company.

Mickey was talking about a girl he had almost been engaged to and how the entire thing had broken off. I’m afraid I was too lost in my own dreams to pay much attention to what he was saying — until he reached over and took my hand.

I looked into his eyes. I felt a strong thrill run through my body. He began caressing my hand as he held it tightly between his.

Mickey pulled me to him slowly, staring into my eyes all the time. I offered no resistance as his lips closed over mine. We kissed lightly for several seconds, then he grabbed my head in his hands and crushed his mouth down on mine, spearing his tongue deep within my throat. Through my robe, as our bodies pressed together I could feel his prick stiffen. He was lucky it was pointing straight up from his stomach, or it might have poked right through his pants.

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