Letters to Nicole 22

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Dear Nicole,

Yes, I know; it’s been an eternity since my last update; life just got me side-tracked in a million different ways. Thanks for keeping me up to speed on your sister’s wedding. So you’re an auntie now, huh? Three times over? Wow…how time flies! Sometimes I wish it could be different for Jason and me, but other times I’m glad we can’t have children. There are so many positives to the freedom we enjoy; good thing we are both “the cup is half-full kind of people.”

Anyway…The last three weeks of high school were a blur. What with our prom, senior skip day, Jessi and Megan’s birthdays, and studying for finals; there wasn’t much time for anything else. Then when vacation began, my parents and I were so busy trying to tie down which school I should attend that I hardly had any fun during that whole summer break. Felecia and I were pretty set on going to the same school; it all came down to getting out of town, or commuting to our local university.

Oh…you naughty thing! Of course, yes! “Hardly had any fun” does not mean I didn’t have any at all! In fact, once we decided to leave town and live in the dorms together for at least a couple years, two things happened which I’m sure you’d like to hear about. Remember now, Felecia was totally in love with Teddy. So much so that she insisted, “If we’re getting out of here, it has to be close enough that I can see Teddy at least twice a month.” That settled it; we chose Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

Our whole group did have three parties in June and July. The first one celebrated the end of school and summer vacation. There was a great deal of sexy fun at this one! The best thing I heard was that Megan “gave” herself as a graduation present to Jon and Ricky and they fucked her right in front of everyone. Nikki told me it was so hot to watch! I really can’t give you too many details myself because C.J. and I went outside between two houses and talked for a while about the future…especially OUR future. I cried a lot during this conversation, but it was good because we came to the realization that our destinies were diverging; and there was nothing that could be done about it. We kissed a lot, and that was it.

The second party was the weekend of the 4th of July. This was kind of an open house at Jessi’s because her back yard was adjacent to the park where they set up fireworks. It was a fun time; there was a lot of making out, cock-sucking, and pussy licking going on! For me, the fireworks started before the fireworks started; if you know what I mean! God, did I ever cum hard when Tim was kissing me and pulling on my nipples; Jessi was between my legs licking my clit while Jon was underneath eating her wet little snatch! Mmm..that was quite “explosive!”

The third party didn’t have any sexual stuff at all. Most of us were leaving each other and the tears were flowing freely. One of the things that helped me bear up under all the emotional shit was that Nikki had decided to join Felecia and me at WKU. That happenstance certainly did a lot for our social lives at college. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Okay, Nicole, now I can get to the good part of this letter! I mentioned before that two things happened, right? Well, the first one occurred just after we decided to go to Western Kentucky. Felecia and I were sitting with our parents mapping out the strategy for our attendance and it became clear that we would need a car. It was our parents’ desire that we control our own transportation issues rather than two freshman college girls trying to “bum” rides to various places. This also meant that we could get home for weekends more frequently (and secretly, Felecia could see Teddy much easier!) All six of us were fine with the idea of sharing the car; but since money was a delicate issue, we decided to split the cost three ways: our parents would each pay a third of the total cost and also maintain and repair it, and Felecia and I were responsible for a third of the payment, the insurance, and the gas. With that settled, she and I looked at each other…we were broke, hahaha! Now what?

First of all, we went looking for work. For two days we went to retail stores and restaurants and pretty much all the summer jobs were already taken. At the end of the second unsuccessful day, we trudged into a McDonald’s and sat down in a booth with two small cokes (we had definitely shifted into a “saving pennies” gear. I wanted a burger…BAD!)

I sighed and looked at her, “So what are we going to do now? We haven’t even had a sniff at a job in two days!”

Felecia, ever the positive one, said with a glimmer in her eye, “I don’t know, maybe we could sell ourselves on the street corner?”

“Good idea, “I replied sarcastically, “and what corner is this?”

“Somewhere near a Taco Bell probably…I don’t think I can stand too close to Mickey-D’s every day. Big Macs aren’t good for the waistline!”

“Seriously, what next?”

“Maybe we could get a job as strippers? There’s really good money in that!”

I was laughing and slapping her on the dikmen escort bayan arm at the same time. “Stop being silly, will you? We can’t strip. Do you really think we could do that here in town and no one would know? And if we saw people we knew there, don’t you think our parents would find out? No thanks, I love my dad, I don’t want him arrested for murder…especially mine!”

“Maybe we could drive to a Nashville strip club?”

Felecia was starting to get on my nerves now, “Felecia, we don’t have a car!”

Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned into the not-too-unpleasant face of a middle-aged man in the next booth. “Sounds like you two young ladies could use some help; need jobs for the summer?” He had a disarming smile and beautiful teeth for an older guy; and his brown eyes sparkled at me. The radar that I had installed with Felecia’s help told me the man was flirting with us.

“Yes, sir, we do…you know, college expenses and all. Do you have some jobs available?”

“I just might,” he replied turning his attention to Felecia next. “Have you ever waited tables before?”

“No, never,” Felecia said without hesitation, “but we’re quick learners and hard workers. Where is this we’re talking about?”

“Right across the street; see that Applebee’s over there? I’m the owner/manager.” The man got up and stood right next to us. “May I sit for a minute or two?” Since she and I were sitting on the same side of the table, the man slid into the open bench across from us. “My name is Mark Bradley, and you girls are….?”

“I’m Nancy Macdonald and this is Felecia Bowden. We’re heading to Western Kentucky in the fall.”

“Hilltoppers, right? Okay, what are your expenses?”

“Our parents are splitting with us, we think we need about $5,000 each to get us started properly.”

Mark’s smile squinched a bit, “That’s a lot of money to make over the summer. How much time do you have?”

“Eight weeks,” Felecia offered.

“Hmm…” Mark was calculating in his head. “So you need to get started right away. A good server can make $500 in a week, but you aren’t experienced. It will take you two or three weeks to get just get the hang of things.”

“Mr. Bradley,” I put on my sexiest smile for him, “if you let us, we’ll be your best workers; could we work overtime?”

Nicole, this is where it got unbelievable; the memory of that afternoon is still so fresh in my mind over twenty years later. Perhaps I should digress for a moment and tell you now that some of these stories you have read in my letters I have also told to Jason; he knows that I was not a virgin when I married him. But some of the other parts of my history I could never share with him in a million years! Let me give you an example of why I say that. I met him through a mutual girlfriend just after graduating from WKU. She had been dating Jason for about three months and as they were getting to know each other, she confided in him that she had enjoyed threesomes with boyfriends and other women. She was astounded when he dumped her citing the fact that “gay” sex turned him off.

So when she introduced me to him and we started dating, I never told Jason anything about my bisexuality. He has met Felecia and Teddy several times; he really likes them. My relationship with Felecia has evolved into a “one of my ‘forever’ friends” thing even though we live four hours apart and only see each other maybe three times a year (you recall that when Jason and I got married, we moved to Shelbyville, Tennessee a year later.) I bet you’re wondering if I have been with another woman since I got married and the answer is yes…but that story is for another letter.

Anyway, Mr. Bradley paused a moment, raised an eyebrow, and said; “Ladies, I just might have another option for you if you’d like to listen.” Nicole, the way he smiled at us, my first thought was, “Oh-oh…what the hell does HE want?”

Felecia however just smiled back and said, “Options are good, it never hurts to hear them.”

“I agree,” Mr. Bradley continued, “so let me ask you girls, how old are you?”

“Hahahaaahaaa,” I laughed in a very smart ass sort of way, “I knew THAT was coming, right Felecia?”

“Yeah,” she said, “I knew…but I still want to hear the options.”

“Felecia,” I said, laying my hand on her arm, “he’s a dirty old man! Listen, Mr. Bradley…”

“You can call me Mark,” he interrupted, “and if I may say so, I consider myself a pretty normal guy!” His face broke out in a very huge grin.

“Okay, Mr. Mark, Look, Felecia and I want to go to…”

This time Felecia interrupted me, “Nance, he hasn’t even told us a single option yet.”

“But, I don’t think…”

“Let the man finish, okay?” She faced him again and said, “Okay, what options are we talking about, Mark?”

“Okay,” he drawled, “I still need to know how old you are, if I may?”

“We’re both nineteen.” This was weird; I was intrigued and annoyed all at the same time.

“Okay,” he continued, “I overheard you before, you were joking elvankent escort bayan with Nancy here about becoming strippers and hookers, right?”

When we both nodded he added, “Well, that tells me you two are a couple of pretty naughty nineteen year-olds, am I right about that as well?”

Felecia and I just looked at each other; I hissed at her, “Loudmouth!” yet I laughed when I said it.

“Umm,” Felecia was grinning too, “I guess we’re not totally inexperienced, okay.” That remark cracked both of us up!

Mark just smiled and nodded, “Yep, I thought so.” He waited for us to stop laughing and added, “I’m pretty sure about something else too; my guess is that you two have made it with each other…a lot! Am I right about that too?”

“Huh,” I said, looking at him narrowly, “What makes you think that?”

“Oh, just subtle clues like: how close you sit, the way you touch each other, how you look at each other. I’m a guy and girls are not always easy to read, but I think I’m right.”

Felecia looked impressed, “How old are you Mr. Mark?”


“Are you married?”

“Yep, seventeen years.”

“What’s your wife’s name?”

“Danielle, but I call her Dani; she’s forty-four.”

“And what does Dani think of your skills with other women?”

Mark paused, “You’re pretty smart for nineteen years old, Felecia; want to hear my proposal?”

Felecia and I both said it together, “I can’t wait to hear this!”

Mark never hesitated, “Okay, then here’s what I’m saying. You girls come and work for me as servers this summer. Forty hour weeks and I will pay you $5,000 each for the eight weeks…on two conditions!”

“Here we go,” I said, “you want to fuck us?”

Mark froze for a moment; I think he was a little unnerved by my bluntness. “Well…yes, I do; but that’s only condition number one! And just so we’re clear; I want you both at the same time!”

I looked at Felecia and smiled, “Okay, I hear ya; and what’s condition number two?”

“Condition two is a little trickier. I want you both to try and seduce my wife Dani!”

There was a long pause right here; it was a least two minutes long. The first minute was out of surprise. The second was because we were inwardly considering his words. I don’t know how Felecia felt at that moment. Later on she told me she was somewhat surprised but totally turned on by the whole idea of seducing a woman many years older than us. I was stunned by his proposal; it was a mixture of fear and excitement. It actually sounded like a scene out of a porn movie…and we were hookers or something, yet not hookers exactly. It was just totally hard to explain.

Felecia tried to find her voice, she hoarsely whispered to him, “Seduce your wife? Why do you want us to do that?”

“Because we’ve been talking about her attraction to women; the subject comes up pretty often. Yet every time we get to a certain point in the conversation, I can hear it in her voice. She wants to, but doesn’t have the courage.

“Why don’t you just get her drunk?” I offered with a giggle.

“She won’t drink…long story.”

“Then get her a real hooker, why not?”

“We don’t want a hooker; shit girls, my wife’s a classy lady! Very sexy too…you’ll like her! Perhaps you want to see her picture?” Mark took out his wallet and flipped through the pics. The one he handed to us was a professionally taken photo of a couple sitting in a swing on someone’s front porch. “That’s Dani sitting with me at the wedding reception of my niece.”

I was impressed. Mark was not the handsomest man, but he looked pretty fit for a forty-seven year old. I liked his smile and the way his eyes flashed when he looked at us. Dani on the other hand was very attractive in this picture. She looked petite next to Mark as she snuggled under his arm. She had chestnut colored hair and nice features, and her smile was just as engaging as Mark’s.

“She’s pretty, Mr. Mark. Do you think she’ll like us?”

“Dani likes everyone, she’ll like you too; she’s a very friendly person in general. The question is, can you girls put the right sexual moves on her to break down her inhibitions?”

Felecia was sitting there quietly thinking. She finally said, “What if we can’t seduce her? What if she says no?”

“You make the effort, that’s all I ask.”

“Hmm…” Felecia’s responded, “I need to know one more thing; will Dani be there when you have sex with us; and will you be there when we try to seduce her?”

Mark was grinning again; I think he thought he had us…which he probably did! “Uhh, no…I want you for myself, you two bitches are cute as hell! We’re gonna have us a time! But I will be there for Dani! I wouldn’t miss that for anything, damn it!”

Felecia and I just looked at each other, and then we looked back at Mark. “We need to talk. Why don’t you…uhh… go take a pee, Mark. Give us a couple minutes.”

Mark left and I slumped back in the booth. “Goddd…Felecia…I don’t know…I…”

Felecia was giggling at emek escort bayan me big-time! “You’re kidding, right? You don’t have much stake in this like I do; whatever will I tell Teddy?

“Would you actually tell him?”

“Welllll…eventually I would, like in about twenty years!” We both laughed.

“This is just too weird though!”

“Does that mean you don’t want to? I just want you to know, I find the challenge of his cute wife just irresistible!”

“Yeah, that does sound like fun,” I conceded, “it sounds like fun even if we’re not successful.”

We saw Mark Bradley emerge from the restroom and Felecia quickly said, “Just follow my lead, okay?”

Mark sat down and looked at us hard, “Okay ladies, are you in?”

Nicole, you should have seen the look on his face when Felecia responded, “I don’t know Mark; we both have boyfriends and we don’t even know you that well, and…”

Mark looked so crestfallen, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud! “You’re kidding, aren’t you? This is a great offer and all you have to do is give it up a couple times.”

“Yeah, but I was going to say that this is a lot like you’re paying us for sex!”

“Okay, I’ll admit it looks like that; but my restaurant needs a couple good servers. I would expect a lot out of you in that regard. You promised you’d work hard so you could just consider my offer part of a ‘bonus-system’, right?

“I tell you what,” my sneaky friend said, “you up the bonus a bit, and if we like it, we’ll agree to terms.”

“Ahhhh, okay! I get it…” Mark was obviously not a fool, he realized right then we might have been nineteen, but we weren’t fools either! Well, at least Felecia wasn’t; LOL…I would have said yes to the original deal! So he sat there for a minute thinking. Felecia folded her hands and just looked at him. Finally he said, “Okay, girls… here’s what I’ll do; I’ll give you $1,000 each up front and in faith for our little threesome. You show up on Monday at a 9:00 am training session and I’ll hand you the cash. At the end of the eight weeks, you show me all your check stubs and if you’re short of $5,000, I’ll make up that difference. Here’s my bonus offer; if you can get Dani in bed with you sometime before you leave for school, I’ll give you each $500 more. Deal?”

“Deal!” I think Mr. Mark was reading Felecia’s mind and that this was the exact deal she was hoping for! She slid out of the booth and I followed. Pausing before we left, Felecia reached for his hand, and Mark shook it. “Do you have an idea of when you want to meet Nancy and me?”

“Ohh, couple of weeks,” he returned. “I’ll let you know on Monday.”

I could see that look in Felecia’s eyes, she was totally turned on right this second. I half expected her to fuck him in the bathroom if he asked. “Alright then, and Mark?”


Oh my God, Nicole, I trembled when Felecia said, “I hope your dick can handle us because Nance and I are pretty fuckin’ insatiable! See you Monday!”

As we walked out, I think I saw Mark trembling too!

On Monday I rolled out of bed about 8:00, showered, and put on the best business casual I had. When I got to the kitchen, Felecia was already there eating cereal and chatting with my mother. I grabbed an apple and some water and my mom drove us to the Applebee’s chatting the whole way about fate, and finding the right job at such a late date, and other such mom-talk. At the door we were greeted by three other servers, filled out applications, and studied the menu with Sophie our designated trainer.

And so it began. Training went by without any problems; we learned quickly and Sophie was awfully nice. We got right into it with one table each for lunch and two tables for dinner. By the end of the first week, I had taken home $275 and Felecia had $315, so much for training.

We weren’t quite so lucky in the drama department though. A bartender named Todd took to Felecia right away. On the second day he was already very noticeably doing little flirty “somethings” for her, and on the third day he asked her flat-out if she was interested in “steppin’ out” with him. Of course, she told him she was taken; but even so it didn’t sit well with a server named Alexis who had gone out with Todd a few times. On Friday of that first week, Alexis caught us on our break and read us the riot act of what “we better NOT be up to!” I was snickering behind my hand, but Felecia, as cool as anything, simply looked her right in the eye and said, “No problem, Alexis, you can have the dickhead…if you still want him!” Alexis glared at us but she stalked off. The next time Todd spoke to Felecia, she told him, “Look, I have a guy…I love him…he plays football! Do you own a gun? If not, get one before I tell him and he kicks your ass into the Ohio river!” That ended that!

Mark Bradley was nothing but the consummate boss: very professional, very personable, and very demanding. In short, I liked him in the restaurant. Watching him, you would have never known that he was capable of the kind of proposition he made to us in the McDonald’s. He kept tabs on us, but he kept tabs on all the servers the same. Yet on the Tuesday of the second week, he called the two of us into his office. “So Nancy, Felecia… Sophie says you’re doing well; and I agree, good job! If you decide you don’t want to go to college, I’ll keep you as long as I can.”

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