Letter To Jenna

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Dear Jenna.

I received this diary entry in my mail today; I am not to sure from whom. I would have normally never read such a personal letter, until I seen Carl’s and my name in it. But, it was the hottest letter Carl or I had ever read so we decided to show you, what would probably happen if it were (and I wish it were) true.

Carl and I lay there cuddling, whispering how much we loved each other and how fucking hot that was. Pulling me closer, he started caressing my ass, while running his tongue over my lips. The tingling that only he can do started in my loins. He was kissing and nibbling down my neck, I bent my head and sucked one of his hard nips into my mouth. Flicking it with the tip of my tongue, I caressed the other as they hardened. Biting and nibbling it gently, they hardened even more in mouth. Playfully nipping hard, I giggled as he jumped. “You will have to pay for that,” he growled, smiling. “Yeah, What cha gunna do to me?” I teased. He pulled me halfway ataşehir escort a crossed him, while I squirmed to get away, laughing.

He ran his finger down my back and into my crack, dipping his finger inside my still wet cunt, I gasped. Sending tremors of excitement through me! Pumping his finger in and out of my wetness, I told him I wanted to taste you and him together. Getting up on my hands and knees, he kept diddling me with his finger as I swirled circles on the tip of his hard cock with my tongue. God, you two tasted so good together as I deep throated him so I could get it all, he was moaning loudly. I felt him pulling his finger out of me and tried to protest but it’s hard to talk with that much meat in your mouth. As I sucked his rock hard cock, he pulled his hand back and swatted my butt.

Didn’t hurt but it surprised me as I yelped. He held my head down on his massive member and swatted again. “I told ya that you would have to pay,” he said chuckling. kadıköy escort We had read about men and women swatting each other and thought it was pretty hot I could not believe how good, him swatting me felt, I felt tremors run up and down me with every swat. With each swat, it sort of stung but not enough to make him stop, more of an electrical tingle!

I was getting so wet from him swatting my bare butt that I was whimpering around his tasty tool. “Damn!” I thought, “About three more swats and I’m gunna explode.” He must of known that because he pulled my mouth off his cock so fast, it made a popping sound. He pulled me to his mouth as he licked and kissed my pink tingling bottom with tenderness only a man in love could have for his smoldering wife. Much like you would lick an ice cream cone, quick and thoroughly. The feeling of him tickling my ass with his tongue was just too much. I turned around and straddled him and slid him inside my trembling cunny.

Both bostancı escort bayan of us, moaning from the pure intensity, of him pounding my pussy so hard. Bouncing up and down on him so hard that my breasts were shaking. I looked down into my husbands eyes, I could see how much he wanted me, needed me! “You look so fucking sexy baby,” he whispered. Hollering loud, from the power only he had on me, I started to cum all over his swollen shaft, I could feel him shaking as he yelled he was cumming too and we both rode wave after wave into orgasmic heaven.

Lying on top of him trying to get our breath back, he was holding me tight. Then I noticed that you and John were done with your shower and standing there watching us. Carl and I started laughing as we got up off the floor. “Well we had to do Something, while you were in the shower!” I said laughing, pulling Carl towards the shower. “Hey, while we take a shower, order a pizza, Okay?” I said over my shoulder still laughing.

“I hope this is what you were thinking of Jenna? Let me know okay? I have also noticed how hot you are and wondered what you tasted like? Maybe one day I’ll have your hot cum on my tongue, then and only then we’ll our dreams be met.” Love Carrie

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