Lesbian Fantasy Ranch Ch. 01

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I had heard about fantasy ranches and as I got a bit older, I realized I had better live out my fantasy before it was too late. I still looked good for my age. There was something I had never done and I needed to do it.

The ranch was outside of Vegas. It was bold of me to go alone. A woman can get herself in all sorts of trouble being alone in a place like that. The urge was strong. I disregarded my usual common sense.

The amount of money I was paying was ridiculous. Still, it was going to be worth it. When I arrived, I immediately knew I would be well taken care of for the next 6 hours.

The process was well-defined. They knew what they were doing. An extensive interview with a bottle of wine was how we started. The questions she asked me were immediately intimate. Lesbian or straight? Once I said lesbian, the questions got more specific. One or two? Blonde or brunette? Shaven or hairy? Big tits or small? Do I have any boundaries?

Hmm..Boundaries? By now, the wine was making me horny, and the chick asking me these questions was sooo hot. I asked her to suggest some boundaries. She said: Anal? casino siteleri Fisting? Bondage? Enemas? Suction? Double penetration? Triple?

Nope. Anything goes. Except fake tits. And fat. Sorry. Don’t want that. She laughed and leaned forward. She felt my tits and acknowledged how real they were. She said next stop was the fantasy changing room.

It was a plush changing room with a locker. I put my valuables safely away and stipped down. I picked a black spandex tank dress and heels. The chick sat there and watched the whole time. She must have been under strict instructions to only watch. Guess it was part of the fantasy.

After I was dressed, she explained that the next stop is in the Selection Room, then on to my private bedroom. She explained that all private rooms are equipped with a whirlpool tub, massage table, bondage equipment, brand new sex toys, and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. I was getting excited and my pussy was swelling.

The selection room was a bar scene. She said that I can mingle as long as I want. Every single girl in here is mine for the choosing. She sat with me canlı casino at the bar and we ordered a drink together. I had to have a shot of tequila, and I ordered a vodka tonic. She asked me what I really liked about women? I am not a lesbian, but I love tits with big puffy nipples. She asked Misty to come over. She introduced us and immediately cut to the chase “Misty, show this woman your puffy nipples”. The next thing I knew I was 2 feet away from the most amazing puffy nipples on huge breasts. The hostess took Misty’s tit in her mouth and bit that nipple right in front of me. Right away I knew that Misty was going into the bedroom with me.

By now, I noticed at least 10 other gals in the room. The one that caught my eye was blonde and tan, with, of course, big real tits. I took another drink and summoned her. She walked over and asked me what I wanted to see? I needed to see her pussy. She jumped up on the bar and grabbed the bottle of tequila first. She poured me another shot and one for herself. We drank it together. She leaned back and spread her legs, revealing the cleanest, smoothest, pinkest pussy kaçak casino I could ever imagine. The hostess asked if I was ready? I nodded.

They led me to the room. It was cleaner and nicer than I thought it would be. They sat me down on the chair and began to touch each other, making me watch. I have never witnessed 3 women doing this before.

Soon they were naked. Their fingers were inside each other. They focused on the hostess. Leaning her back with legs slung over her head, they exposed her pinkness to me. I was so close I could smell the sweetness. They each fingered her at the same time. Before I blinked, they had their palms together and were pushing their hands into her pussy. It was stretching. I could hear her moan in agony. They fisted her so intensely. It was a great show. After the orgasm, they withdrew their hands and licked them.

The hostess got up and told me that I am in good hands, and walked out the door. The two lesbians walked over to me and started pawing at me. Soon my tits were in their mouths, my nipples were being bit and pulled. I loved it.

They guided me onto the bed. One of them walked over to the sex toy display table. The dildo of choice was huge. How did she know that small dildos are not my style. Her partner got behind me on the bed and pulled my legs back, exposing every inch of my soft, juicy pink twat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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