Lesbian Bitch Ch. 02

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Have Shygirlwhore edit your stories.

As usual Dani is the narrator and everyone is over eighteen. I have tried hard to take all of the comments on board. I have tried to tell more of a story line and especially for those of you that would prefer that there were no men, this is for you. Leave Candace alone she can only do so much with what I give her to edit!


Tanya woke up particularly horny this morning after just finding out that Jane was pregnant. My sexy lesbian bitch is about to find out just how good the love making can become, as my man and I continue to get her pregnant, Tanya thought. Tanya was fingering herself silly, as she watched Jane sleeping naked. I can’t wait to see Jane’s body develop through all the stages of pregnancy, especially if I become pregnant soon, as well Tanya thought. Tanya tickled Jane to wake her up, Tanya just couldn’t go any longer without fucking her hot lesbian bitch, Jane felt Tanya’s dripping wet pussy, as Tanya started cumming on her. “Wake up beautiful,” Tanya whispered in Jane’s ear.

Dani was working her magic on Jill’s clit, while she watched Tanya devour Jane’s body. Dani felt Jill’s sweet, juicy cunt become swollen as she gently kissed her. Dani’s tongue tickled Jill’s cunt as she began to cum; her pussy muscles contracted around my tongue as I played tonsil hockey with her clitoris. Jill was shaking with excitement as she bucked against my lips. Her clit became loose and then contracted tightly around my tits and my nipples became very hard inside Jill’s cunt. Jill pissed and cummed uncontrollably as I kissed my way up her body and I contracted my cunt muscles around each of Jill’s breasts and bought myself to casino siteleri several orgasms. Meg than woke up and cleaned both our pussies, ate all the cum off our bodies and went to work on my pussy.

Meanwhile Tanya put the vibrators to work on Jane’s body. One in her clit, one in her ass and the other vibrator working its way up Jane’s legs, arms and then up her body until it was vibrating over her hard nipples and between her breasts. Tanya gave Jane a full body massage using only her pussy, using Jane’s cunt juice as lubricant until she was sitting on Jane’s mouth and felt her tongue kissing and licking her own cum from Tanya’s clit which made Tanya cum, several times. They then pressed both their hot cum socked bodies’ together and played tonsil hockey.

Jill than walked into Tanya’s bedroom fisting herself, Jill than proceed to kiss her way up Tanya’s legs and kissed and licked Tanya’s ass as Jill’s hands guided their way up to fondle both Tanya and Jane’s cum socked breasts. Jill than bought herself to orgasm as she licked and sucked their cum off her fingers. Jill held on for dear life as Tanya licked and bucked her way down Jane’s body again. Both Tanya and Jane started bucking as their pussies met for scissor sex. “Lick our pussies Jilly darling, Tanya requested, “Eat our cum and drink our piss as we orgasm together.” Jill was absolutely covered in what they had to offer, she went hammer and tong trying to keep up with them.

Like Tanya wasn’t horny enough, Meg and I decided to join them for a golden shower orgy. To see the delight on Tanya’s face as we all orgasmed at once and received the splash back from Jane’s pussy. Tanya was frantically lapping canlı casino our wee off Jane’s body. Tanya tried so hard to clean our pussies, but the touch of her golden tongue just kept bringing all of us to a continuous orgasm. So the best way to get clean was for the five of us to jump into the spa together and turn on the bubbles. Not that being in the spa together would mean the sex would stop. We all know how bubbles bring on Tanya’s orgasms.

All of us hot sexy naughty blondes naked in the spa with her, made Tanya’s fingers move towards her sweet cunt like a magnet, Tanya didn’t hold back, her eyes were fixed on her sexy lesbian bitch wet and naked. Jane had a real glow about her.

“Jilly make love to my lesbian bitch?” Tanya asked

Jill ran her hands all over Jane’s orgasmic body, finding her G-Spot on several occasions. Jill made Tanya wait a bit, until Tanya really felt the affect the bubbles we’re having between her legs. Than Jill pressed her pussy up against Jane’s butt and fisted Jane with one hand touching Jane’s hard nipples with the other.

“Make her cum.” Tanya ordered

Jill gradually picked up speed as she fisted Jane, kissing Jane’s shoulders and tweaking her nipples.

“I can’t wait till Jane is lactating! I can’t wait to watch Jane breastfeeding!” Tanya blurted out.

Jill changed position, while still fisting Jane, so that she had a better view of her tits. Jill gave Jane’s breasts the massage they deserved, while passionately kissing Jane on the lips and shoving her tongue down her throat.

Jane’s moans got louder and louder, we had a lot of attention directed our way from a few busty brunettes down on the nude beach. kaçak casino They looked straight up at us with a grin from ear to ear, gently stroking their clits.

As Jill removed her hand from Jane’s cunt, Tanya sucked Jane’s juices off Jill’s hand. Tanya joined Jane and Jill, having a three way pussy rub and bouncing their tits.

Watching all of this activity worked up Dani and Meg’s appetite, time for breakfast, they thought.

Dani requested that Meg give her oral while she prepared breakfast. “I’d like your breasts down there too please me Meg.”

Dani prepared a platter of fruit and some cinnamon toast, while Meg lapped up her juices, than it was out to the BBQ because Jane was craving meat and eggs.

Scary stuff a pregnant women with cravings!

Dani pressed Megs tits against her wet cunt while she barbecued, feeling Megs erect nipples brushing her clitoris. Dani came like never before, watching Tanya making out with both Jill and Jane.

Once Tanya had finished orgasming, the BBQ was ready. Watching Jane satisfy her cravings made Tanya’s nipples particularly erect. “Thanks Dani this is just what I needed,” Jane replied.

Meg than bought out the cinnamon toast that was staying warm in the oven, still covered in Dani’s juices. Jill bought out the fruit platter. “Wow, Dani you have out done yourself,” Tanya replied. “This is delicious thank you.”

After breakfast the double ended dildos came out, just another of Jane’s cravings. Jane watched while fingering herself, while Tanya and Jill shared a dildo and Meg and Dani shared the other. We all had cum dripping out of our pussies. Jane cleaned up the dildos and cleaned up our cum soaked cunts.

The five of us spent the rest of the day down on the nude beach soaking up the sun, surf and the sexy brunettes that we’re checking us out earlier. Life doesn’t get any better than this. The surf was awesome and not a man in sight.

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