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Authors Note:

This is an edited version of this story. It was originally posted in error without even a proof read. I would like to thank my editor for all her help and the extra effort she put in to make me look good. So thank you Adetaildiva.

Also, I had a friend read it to see why the initial votes were so low besides the obvious spelling and grammatical errors. The only thing she had a problem with was the harshness of the ending. I’ve softened it. I would like to thank her again but she is no longer with us.

Happy reading and please comment whether you like the story or not. I can only grow as a writer if my readers let me know what I’m doing wrong.



Laura would be forty in a few days. The fact that her husband of twenty-two years just walked out the door with a suitcase in his hand had nothing to do with her age. The age of his twenty-three-year-old secretary had more to do with it than anything.

Laura sat in the middle of the living room floor and thought about suicide. Then she threw back her head and laughed. Just why should she give the asshole the satisfaction, flashed through her brain, clearing her head.

Slowly, she lay back, flat on the floor, and stared up at the flat, white ceiling. Her mind was pacing like a caged animal but she was strangely calm. That’s when she realized that she hadn’t shed a single tear. This both surprised and shocked her. After twenty-two years, there should be something to cry about, she thought sharply.

Then the realization that she really didn’t feel anything one way or the other flooded her mind and a single tear coursed slowly down her cheek. That says a whole lot about my life, doesn’t it, she thought, angry with herself. What made her angry was the question of what the hell that little twenty-two-year-old had that she didn’t?

Laura lifted her hands and brushed them across the front of her silk blouse, barely grazing the tips of her nipples. As always, her nipples jumped to attention and a tingle coursed through her small breasts.

Her breasts might be small but they were just as firm and sensitive as they had been when she was a teenager. She brushed her fingertips over the hard pebbles again and felt herself shiver as the tingling spread.

She teased her nipples a moment longer and then moved her hands down to caress her stomach. Well, laying down it was flat, she thought. It was softer than it had been all those years ago but it was still fairly firm and, except for the little soft swell below her navel, it wasn’t in bad shape.

“Hell, let the little secretary have three kids and see how her tummy looked afterwards,” Laura said out loud.

She sighed and moved her hands back up to caress her breasts again. Damn, that felt good. How long had it been since he’d done that? Six months, maybe eight. Not since the new secretary had come to work at his office.

Laura unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and slipped her right hand under the satiny cloth to caress her bare left breast directly. A soft whimpering moan escaped her lips as she pinched the hard bud where it was perched on the puffy cone of her areola.

Damn, she hadn’t realized how horny she was until this very second. She had felt this subtle, almost itchy, feeling for nearly a month now and it suddenly dawned on her what it was – she was horny as hell.

That’s easy enough to take care of, she thought as her hands caressed their way down along her body. She avoided coming close to her sex and ended up with her hands flat on top of her upper thighs.

She lightly stroked her thighs through the thin material of her long skirt. She flexed her hips up and back, feeling the strap on her thong rubbing in the cleft of her ass and pulling tighter against her mound and sex.

A shiver ran up and down her spine as she slowly gathered the skirt up with her hands, feeling it slide slowly up her legs. As the hem passed her knees, she flexed her hips again, the back of the thong riding deeper into the cleft of her ass. The hem of the skirt caused a tickling sensation along the tops of her thighs as it slowly moved along.

Why weren’t people made with four hands, she wondered, one set to caress her breasts, one hand for her clit, and one to tease and stroke her opening? It would feel so good. A little quiver ran up and down her body at the thought. With the skirt bunched up around her waist, she could feel the air conditioning on her hips and thighs and the dampness of her thong.

She shifted her thighs, clenching and unclenching, marveling at her own wetness. It never ceased to amaze her how quickly she could get so wet once she got started. Getting started, now that had been the problem, well, it wasn’t a problem at the moment.

As she lay there, suddenly her mind asked, just what the hell she thought she was doing. Laura started to get up but quickly changed her mind. Why should she get up? Why shouldn’t illegal bahis she lay here and…?

Her mind shied away from the rest of the thought. She forced herself to think the word – masturbate. It was her body and she could do with it, as she wanted. After all, who was there to say different. Who was there to care?

Throughout her childhood and marriage, she had held on to the idea that sex was a special and wonderful thing shared by two special and wonderful people. Well, that theory was sure shot to hell and back, wasn’t it, she thought sharply? One special and wonderful person would have to do, wouldn’t it?

Laura hooked her thumbs in the waist straps of the thong and slipped it down, raising her hips as she did. When she had the waistband down around her thighs, she lowered her hips and lifted her legs, pulling her knees up toward her chest. As she pulled the thong off, she felt the strap in the back slipping out from between the cheeks of her ass and pull wetly away from her sex.

This made her tremble and take a deep shuddery breath. Her mind was showing her what she looked like laying there on the floor baring her sex and ass so blatantly. It was sexy and sensuous on the one hand, and somehow very nasty on the other.

She left the thong hanging from one ankle as she stretched her legs back out, held them off the floor, and spread them as wide as they would go. She gasped softly when she felt the cool air on her hot sex and ass. She left her legs spread wide and pulled her knees back toward her chest, reveling in her obscene display.

Her eyes flicked to the windows and then to the front door. What if someone should walk in or see her? She took a sharp, shuddering breath at that thought, but she kept her legs where they were.

Laura’s hands caressed the backs of her thighs, feeling the tightness of the muscles and then wandered down over the rock hard cheeks of her ass. She suddenly slapped first one cheek and then the other, gasping at the sharp stinging pain. She slapped each cheek, hard, another half dozen times.

When she ran her hands over her ass again, it felt hot and the spot she had slapped tingled. She wondered if her ass was red and then laughed at the absurd thought of spanking herself as a punishment.

Punishment for what, she wondered for a second. Anyway, it felt good in a kinky sort of way. She slapped each cheek again even harder than before.

Her hands came back up to tease her hard nipples for a moment and then she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and caressed her breasts slowly and lightly. The tingle in her breasts came back even stronger than before. Her nipples ached to be sucked, which wasn’t going to happen, so she pinched and pulled on them.

It wasn’t the same but it still felt good. She moaned softly as she rolled both nipples between her forefingers and thumbs. When she felt her hips flex of their own accord, she moved one hand slowly down across her stomach to brush lightly at the short, soft V of hair on her mound.

Teasingly she traced the outline of the V with a touch so light that it almost tickled. She moved her hand slightly lower and trailed her long nails down one smoothly shaven outer lip and then back up the other. Her hips trembled at the light teasing touch.

She felt a deep stirring within her sex as the thin inner lips expanded and opened. She tightened her pelvic muscles and squeezed, feeling the tingle in her vagina increase. She lowered her feet to the carpet, close to her ass and spread her knees wide, stretching herself open even farther.

Her nails continued to tickle and tease her outer lips, as she wondered if she should go get her vibrator. She didn’t feel like getting up and breaking the mood. Anyway, she didn’t think it would take her long to climax, even using just her fingers.

Just the thought of her fingers deep in her pussy made her inner muscles clench and her hips quiver in anticipation. With a soft sigh, Laura slipped her middle finger into the top of her slit and circled her hard clit with her nail. She let out a small huff at the sharp jolt that shot through her pussy.

It wouldn’t take long at all, she thought as her hips rose up slightly. Not wanting to come too quickly, she rubbed her finger slowly up and down along her moist slit but now avoided her clit. She spent a moment teasing her wet opening with her nail and fingertip. Oh, it felt so good.

Moving her finger lower, she tickled the tight bud of her anus. She sighed deeply at the pleasure that gave her. She had never been a big fan of anal sex but that was because her husband had always been in such a hurry. He seemed to always make it hurt, worrying only about himself and not her. She had used her vibrator on her own ass several times and had marveled at how good it felt.

Again, she wished for the vibrator but decided to settle for a finger instead. She dipped her finger into her hot, sopping wet vagina illegal bahis siteleri and then returned it to the puckered opening to spread the slippery fluid over it. She made one more trip to the well, so to speak, and then pressed her fingertip to the tight opening of her anus.

She whimpered and then moaned softly as her finger slowly slipped inside. Oh God, that felt so very good. Why couldn’t her husband have had a little more patience and understanding? If he had, then he would probably have still been here with a woman instead of off chasing some dumb, blonde, giggly girl.

Laura moved her finger in and out slowly, going deeper each time. After a moment or two, she moaned softly and brought her other hand down to tease her clit. She rubbed a finger up and down on each side of the hard bud, squeezing it gently between them.

The orgasm was sudden and sharp. Laura’s fingers only hesitated for a second before they returned to the business at hand. Her fingers moved slowly and the orgasm went on and on at a slightly lower level.

Her body shook slightly and her hips flexed up and back, driving the finger even deeper into her ass. She could feel the muscles of her asshole gripping and releasing the finger as she came. It was an awesome and intense feeling.

As the orgasm slowly tapered off to just a light trembling, Laura held her fingers still and lingered in the soft afterglow. Her mind was sharply focused on her body and it took a moment to realize that someone was standing in the front doorway. She jerked her hands away from her sex and then returned them to cover it as she tried to sit up. She groaned softly as she did so.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude,” Carol, her neighbor and best friend, whispered as she backed up and shut the door.

Laura pulled her skirt down and the blouse together. The door popped back open and Carol’s head appeared.

“Uh, is there a problem? I saw John leave with a bag and figured he was going on one of his quickie business trips. Did he leave too quickly to take care of things right or were you just having a little extra fun? I was going to invite you on a little girl’s night out fun but you seemed to be having more fun all by yourself.”

“Come on in, Carol, before you let all the flies out. John didn’t leave on a business trip; he just left, as in a new place to live,” Laura said softly with no emotion at all.

“What?” Carol said as she came in and shut the door. “Then what’s with the self gratification in the middle of the living room floor? You should be ranting and raving, throwing things, and cussing him for all you’re worth.”

Laura shook her head and shrugged. “I just can’t seem to find any emotion left to put into it. I was thinking about suicide but decided to masturbate instead. I figured it would be more productive in the long run. Anyway, it would have given him too much satisfaction, not to mention the money from my life insurance, if I killed myself.”

Carol just stood there looking at her friend, not knowing what to say. Laura chuckled dryly and said, “Don’t worry about it, I feel much better now. I’d have felt a hell of a lot better if I’d had my toy or if you had waited a while longer to show up. I have a lot of orgasms to catch up on after about eight months without one.”

“What?” Carol said again.

Laura laughed and said, “Girlfriend, you need to work on that, you’re starting to repeat yourself. He’s been fucking his little twenty-three-year-old secretary for at least six months of that.”

“What?” Carol said and then added, “Shit!” Then she took a deep breath and asked, “When did you find out about it?”

“When I came home from work to find him packing a bag, he told me all about it,” Laura replied. “Although, I’ve had an idea that something had been going on for a while now. You know: the phone calls, the late meetings, the lipstick on his collar, the usual stuff.”

“You’re way too calm about this,” Carol said softly, “You’re almost scary, the way you’re sitting there half naked, discussing this like it’s nothing. I’d be having a screaming, crying fit if it was me.”

“Why?” Laura asked. “It wouldn’t do any good and anyway, the marriage has been dead for way longer than I want to admit to. I haven’t felt anything real for him in a long time. He killed anything and everything we had a little at a time over the last four or five years.”

“How did he do that? Why did he do that would be a better question,” Carol said as she sat down in the chair closest to Laura.

Laura shrugged and said, “The why I don’t have any idea about but the how is very simple. He grew cold and distant; he was wrapped up in his work and nothing else. I became someone he knew, not someone he loved and….” She let the sentence trail off.

“What are you going to do now?” Carol asked in a sympathetic whisper.

Laura sat there thinking for a moment and then grinned as she replied, “I think I’ll go up canlı bahis siteleri stairs, strip off naked, get my toy out, and fuck my own brains out, since no one else seems to want to. For starters anyway.”

Carol just sat there looking at her, a shocked look on her face. Laura laughed and asked, “Want to join me for a real girl’s night in? I’ve never tried it, but right now I’m game for almost anything.”

Carol blushed deeply under Laura’s stare. “Are you serious?” Carol asked softly.

Without even thinking about it, Laura replied, “Why the hell not? Maybe I’ll have better luck as a lesbian than I’m having now.”

“You’d be bi, like I am, not a lesbian,” Carol whispered as she moved from the chair to the floor, next to Laura.

Now it was Laura’s turn to have a shocked look on her face. Carol chuckled and leaned forward to softly brush her lips over Laura’s. Laura jerked back.

Carol smiled, and whispered, “You’re very beautiful and sexy. I’ve had fantasies about you and me together for years.”

“What?” Laura said sharply.

Carol laughed and said, “Now, don’t you start that, it was bad enough when I was doing it.”

“I never ever even considered… I mean… you’re married. What does your husband think of…?” Laura whispered in confusion.

Carol laughed and replied, “He doesn’t have a problem with it, especially when I tie him to a chair and let him watch.”

Laura opened her mouth to say, “What,” but caught herself. Carol caught it also and chuckled as she leaned over and brushed her lips over Laura’s once again. Laura didn’t jerk back this time, so Carol kissed her gently.

After a moment, Carol raised her hand and brushed the back of her fingers over Laura’s hard nipple. Laura jerked and then moaned softly as Carol brushed the nipple again.

You’re a horny little devil, aren’t you? Carol thought to herself as she slipped her hand inside Laura’s blouse to caress her breast. Laura moaned softly again and pressed her breast more firmly to Carol’s hand.

This is almost too easy, Carol thought as she kissed Laura more forcefully. All I have to do is take it easy and not scare her, was her next thought.

Laura’s mind was in a whirl. One part wanted to push Carol away and to tell her that she wasn’t that way. Another part marveled at the way she was being kissed and caressed, so soft and sweetly, yet so knowingly and persuasively. It was the way Laura had always wanted to be kissed and caressed, as she would do it herself, if she could. She felt a shiver run up her spine as she heard herself moan into Carol’s mouth as she surrendered to the feelings.

Carol eased Laura back until she was once again flat on the floor. The kiss was growing more and more passionate by the second. Carol paused in caressing Laura’s breast long enough to unbutton her own blouse.

When she had it open, she eased Laura’s right hand up and pressed it to her breast. Laura whimpered softly and caressed Carol’s full, firm globe with a light feathery touch. Carol shuddered and kissed Laura even deeper as she went back to teasing Laura’s hard nipple.

Laura felt her head spinning in a dizzying whirl. The kiss was sending shivers up and down her spine, as was the sensations from her breast and nipple. Her hand exploring Carol’s breast seemed strange but then again, it felt exciting at the same time.

She wondered how it felt to Carol. Experimenting, she rolled Carol’s long, hard nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Carol quivered, moaned softly, and returned the favor, which caused Laura to moan loudly.

Carol broke the kiss and sat up suddenly to remove her blouse. Then she moved around until she was above Laura’s head. Moving forward, she leaned over farther and kissed Laura from this position, for a moment, before moving on down to lick and then suck on her right nipple.

Laura groaned and then moaned deeply, pressing the breast tightly to Carol’s mouth. Carol shifted her upper body around until she felt her nipple brush across Laura’s lips. Laura didn’t need a second hint as she sucked the nipple between her lips and flicked at it with the tip of her tongue.

Carol’s nipple was three times the size of her own, but from the sounds Carol was making, it was just as sensitive. Laura swirling her tongue around the fingertip-sized bud, caused Carol to moan even louder. This excited Laura, knowing that she was giving Carol as much pleasure as she was receiving. She raised her hand to the other breast and tweaked the nipple lightly. Carol gave out with a whimper and did the same thing to Laura.

This is even better than any of my fantasies, Carol thought to herself, happy with the way Laura was responding. She released the nipple she was sucking and moved to the other. She licked and teased it until Laura moaned loudly around the nipple she was sucking and licking.

Only then did Carol suck it between her lips. Laura moaned even louder and intensified her attention to Carol’s nipples. Carol could see Laura’s hips flexing subtly under her dress and knew it was time to move on. She wondered just how far Laura would go before she chickened out. There was only one way to find out.

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