Late Night

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You’ve arrived late. I’m already in bed, pretending to sleep. You take your clothes off and slip into bed with me. You wrap your arms around me, attempting to get comfortable. I take one of your hands into mine before wrapping the rope that I held in my other hand around yours. I take your other hand into mine and do the same with it. Once I know you’re securely tied up, I push you onto your back. You look startled and intrigued. . . you weren’t expecting this.

I decide to play with you, and so I slowly start to tease you. I kiss your forehead and move down your face, gracing your lips and moving down your neck. I take one of your nipples into my mouth as I pass it on my way down your body. My teeth graze your flesh and your skin feels as if its crawling. I bite harder and you gasp. I let go of your nipple and continue to move my way down your body. I kiss down the outside of one of your legs, and move back up the insides. I lick the moist tip of your cock, and then move back down the inside of your other leg, kissing every inch of skin.

I move back up the outside of your legs, and kiss my way to your cock on your hip bones. I lick at the tip again before indulging in your tasty balls. I slowly lick each one clean, and then lick my way up the underside of your cock, then back down manisa escort the top.

You’re begging me to take all of you into my mouth, the words falling breathlessly out of you. I’m not done teasing you, and I reach under my pillow and pull out a candle and a lighter. Your eyes get big as you realize what I am going to do to you. I light the wick and watch as the colored wax starts to melt. You plead with me not to do it to you, but I can’t hold back. Once there is sufficient wax melted, I pour it slowly onto your chest. I make a line down your stomach, just stopping short of your cock.

Your cock is harder now from the pleasurable pain I am causing you. I circle the head of your cock as I slowly drip the wax onto your tender balls. You cry out, not knowing which sensation is stronger, my mouth on your cock or the hot wax on your balls.

I stop sucking your cock and tell you to get up. Your eyes tell me that you are furious, but you still stand before me. I kneel to the ground, and take your cock into my hands. I open my mouth, and before I can move forward, you thrust your hips until the base of your cock is at my lips and your balls are smacking my chin. You grin as you watch your cock disappear into my mouth and reappear once more. You place your bound escort manisa hands on the back of my head and thrust yourself harshly into my mouth. I gag slightly, something I’ve never done before. You enjoy the sound, and you thrust even harder.

My throat is starting to get sore from the relentless abuse, and you see the pain in my eyes. You pull out of my mouth and tell me to get on the bed. I laugh at you, and your attempts to gain control. You slap me, and tell me once again to get on the bed. I refuse again. You push me onto the bed, and force me onto my hands and knees. I turn around to see what you’re doing and you instruct me to face forward. You go and get something out of the dresser behind me. I want to look backwards, but I know you will only slap me again.

I feel you get onto the bed behind me, and I get excited, anticipating the feeling of your cock inside my pussy. I feel your sock rubbing along my ass crack, and I start to worry. You’ve lubed it up, and I know exactly what you’re going to do. You press your cock against the tight opening of my ass. I can’t help but clinch, and you slap my ass as punishment. You rub my lower back as you slowly press yourself against me again. The massaging motion relaxes me enough to get the head of your cock manisa escort bayan in. The pain is incredible, and I feel so dirty. This action feels so forbidden, and while I am lost in my thoughts of how dirty I have become, you’ve slowly pushed more of yourself into me.

I feel so full as you push the rest of your cock into me. You stay still for a moment, allowing my ass to adjust to your huge invader. Once you feel my ass fully relax, you start to move. You’re going slowly, but increasing speed and strength with each stroke. Soon enough you’re pounding my ass with more fury and passion than I have ever seen or felt from you before. The pain has long subsided, and im pushing back at you with each one of your strokes. Your balls are slapping against my cunt as your dick is sliding in and out of my ass.

The feeling growing in me is more intense than any orgasm I have ever felt, and it hasn’t even broken free yet. I push back against your dick harder and harder trying to feel the climax of my mounting orgasm. I can tell you’re coming closer to your own as your breathing quickens and your pace becomes even faster.

The bed is slamming against the wall, making marks on the new paint. You hold my hips in your hands tightly as you pound me even harder than I thought possible. I feel your warm come pump into my insides, and it pushes me over the brink of my own orgasm. I cry out as the sensations ripple through my body. You pull out of me, and I can feel your come slowly run out of my ass. Im shaking from the orgasm, and you pull my face to yours and kiss me deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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