Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 04

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“Buddhist, my ass,” Nick murmured as he slid his cock deep in Sam’s asshole, then pulled back, the pleasure on his cock head sending a chill up his spine. She barely whimpered as he fucked her ass today. He pounded her with more intensity, eliciting a polite moan. In return, he swung his hips back and forward even harder, spreading her tanned ass cheeks wide and slapping the right one sharply.

What a freaking dream girl, he thought. Too bad I have to wear a condom. I’d love to cum in her ass and take a picture of her squeezing it out, looking back at me.

Nick remembered the first time he pressed the issue of anal sex with Samantha. She laughingly, but not dismissively, declined, saying “I’m a Buddhist.” Almost as if she were looking for a reason to say “yes.” She was a fox and the first Chinese woman he’d ever screwed. He’d already been with her several times at the oriental massage parlor, which he’d spotted driving home from Mamacita’s house one afternoon. Samantha was the first girl he was with there, and although he sampled several others and had a couple favorites among them, he always came back to her. Sam did things for him that no woman did, not even his soulmate Maria.

After driving past the place that first time and becoming curious, he read website reviews of it and the girls who worked there. Every review that mentioned Sam was glowing. When he called to inquire, he didn’t know what to expect. But he went ahead and made a reservation and when he got there, saw that the place was legit; it had good security and was run in a discreet and organized manner.

Nick booked 90 minutes his first visit, and Sam kept him waiting. Turns out, she said, she was having a busy day and had another client before him. She came scurrying into the private room, apologizing profusely. It seemed she and Nick hit it off comfortably from the moment they met, though. And everything he’d read about her was true. She was an absolute knockout. Not your typical Chinese girl. Her skin was tanned and, even though she was on the petite side, had a sexy, shapely figure with a round ass. She’d also had a boob job, but it was tasteful and not overdone. And her face: light eyes, full lips and shoulder-length medium-brown hair with blondish highlights. She might’ve been wearing contacts and her hair was done very professionally, but everything else was natural. She was beautiful.

“So you’re the famous Samantha,” he lightheartedly, but truthfully, blurted. She took it as a compliment. He later found out she was originally from Hong Kong and, even though she wasn’t likely much over 30 years old — if even that, she owned a condo here and had investments in a couple of beauty salons there. She divided her time between her work at the massage house and Hong Kong.

Either Sam was very good at her job, felt an instant connection with him, or both, as the “massage” formalities were quickly dispensed with and the heavy petting illegal bahis began. It wasn’t long before she’d jacked and sucked Nick’s cock hard and they started fucking. She seemed very much at ease. Even if someone has great skill, Nick admitted, there are just some things that can’t be faked. One of those is chemistry between two people. He and Sam just jelled.

As the temperature rose and Nick’s pace quickened, he got a passing whiff of her cunt. Smelled as though she hadn’t cleaned herself fully after the previous fuck. Perhaps. At any rate, it caused him to lose his urge to cum, but since his cock was, to his pleasant surprise, still rock hard, he kept slamming it into her tanned body. Soon, her expression was strained and she kindly complained that his cock was pretty big and starting to hurt her pussy.

The 90 minutes passed all too soon and the buzzer in the room went off. Nick ignored it at first but when it rang again, Sam said she had to get up as she had another appointment. But she was personable and cordial about it, and left such a good impression that Nick gave her a tip and told her he looked forward to seeing her again.

Nick later learned that what she’d told him might not have been entirely accurate, because the more he frequented the place, the more familiar he became with the girls’ routines. After a session they’d clean themselves up and generally congregate in the back room, which was off limits to clients. It had a TV, refrigerator, refreshments and furniture–tables, chairs, couch. The girls would usually spend time there after appointments; gossiping, comparing notes or trying to recover from the slamming they’d taken from clients like Nick. He’d seen that first hand with one of the Korean foxes who had the distinction of giving him the best blowjob of his life. She was known as “Sora,” and she turned Nick on so much the first time they got together that he fucked her till her face turned pale. It was customary for the talent to accompany you to the back door and send you on your way, but Sora could barely manage a hobble after Nick laid the wood to her that day. “Look what you did to her!” said the house Mamasan as Nick was ready to leave, implying that it would be only fitting for him to tip her nicely, which he most certainly did. That was the day he peeked into the back room on his way out the exit to the parking lot, and saw Sora drop herself down, exhausted.

Anyway, even if Sam was telling him the truth, he never encountered a similar whiff from her pussy again. To the contrary, hers was the cat’s meow. To this day, Nick reminded himself, she’s the only woman ever to cause his cock to get almost-instantly hard on its own just from being in the same room with her; watching her get undressed, revealing her gorgeous body to him and him anticipating intimate contact with her.

“You’re always hard,” she would say to him. She knew how to make a man feel on top of the world.

His illegal bahis siteleri times with Sam were fitting examples of the truth of the expression “Girlfriend Experience.” At times she was his confidante. They’d lay close to each other after lovemaking and talk. He loved to listen to her, loved to smell her breath, loved her gentle demeanor and intelligence. Other times he’d be a horn dog with her and she’d be more than willing to let him treat her like a pornstar and jack off on her face. And other times, he’d get turned on as she’d tell him about some of the big cocks she’d had, such as a black guy’s whose dick was, as she illustrated, about the size of her forearm. When he asked if he could stick it in her tight pussy, she recounted to Sam, she shrugged her shoulders and said to him, “go ahead, try.”

It was during their third or fourth time together, as Nick was fucking her doggie style, when from out of nowhere Samantha nonchalantly called out to him, “you can put it in my ass.”

Nick was not expecting this and, as a result of his sudden case of over-excitement, encountered his first instance of performance anxiety with Samantha. Once he got his cock in her ass, he wasn’t able to pump her for as long as he’d always dreamed; the realization that he was finally fucking her ass caused his brain and balls to surge with a rush of natural opiate, and he had to shoot off. As Nick reached the point of no return and prayed to Sam that he was about to squirt, she told him to pull his dick out, pull off his condom and shoot his cum all over her asshole.

Talk about a woman who knew how to get a man’s rocks off. Samantha was tops. She was the red carpet, the brass band, the ticker-tape parade.

About 15 minutes in to their session today, it dawned on Nick that he was fucking Sam’s ass harder than ever. His energy felt tending more toward aggression rather than horniness. But he also realized he wasn’t feeling hostility toward Sam. He was feeling confusion. Consistent with how she always was, she didn’t react and shoot from the hip regarding his atypical behavior. She didn’t intrude, like most every woman he’d known. No questioning, no “what’s wrong?” no “Are you OK?” She just allowed Nick to use her as he desired. In this case, it meant taking all 8+ inches of his raging cock in her ass, back and forth, rapidly and forcefully, with some sharp ass-slapping mixed in. And that made it even tougher for Nick to scrutinize what was going on inside his head.

Nick eventually realized he was not going to be able to ejaculate. After a while, he slowed his rhythm and pulled his softening dick out, forcing his chest out and faking a few pants to make it seem like he was exhausted.

“I’m sorry, babe. It’s not gonna happen today. I’m wasted. Sorry.”

Sam lied down and motioned for Nick to lie beside her. They were face to face and he didn’t need to tell her a thing for her to know canlı bahis siteleri that his girlfriend was on his mind; whatever was going on in his head was about her and had gotten in the way of him crossing over that point of intimacy with Sam that would enable him to have an orgasm with her.

But Sam didn’t even address that issue directly. She was just an ultra-cool chick; talked about things that girls like, things that girlfriends like. Things that their man can do, things that he can say. Ways to smooth things out and keep the peace and good times rolling.

Nick took in everything Sam said. But she was making his heart drop at the same time.

He didn’t think about his words beforehand; they came out on their own as he stumbled over them with an aching lump in his throat.

“I bet so many guys have proposed to you. How many guys have asked you to marry them?”

Sam was silent for quick pause. Her expression didn’t change as she replied, “no, no one.”

Nick didn’t respond. He didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know why he said that. He had no thought of judgment about what she said in reply. Really, his mind was a blank.

The last few minutes of their encounter passed in a blur. All Nick remembered is that he was feeling out of sorts, mentally and emotionally. Even though he hated to say goodbye, at the same time he couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of there.

He tipped Sam as usual after he showered and dressed, and gave her a grateful hug as he strode out to the parking lot.

Driving home on the freeway, Nick was still confounded. He wondered if he was displacing his affection and desire for Maria onto Sam. Or onto Mamacita, for that matter. He’d have never met Sam if it hadn’t been for an unplanned daytime visit to Mamacita’s. Being in sales, he could ditch work anytime he wanted. More than once he found himself at Mamacita’s in the early afternoon. She’d be watching her grandkids and he’d stop in to visit. She’d make him cafe cubano and feed him. He loved how he felt in her presence. It was on one of those afternoons coming home from her place that he spotted the massage parlor.

As he continued rolling down the highway, Nick’s brain got stuck on three words, repeating over and over, rotating:

“Death by sex. Sex by death. Death by sex. Sex by death.”

Soon, as the freeway swung to the south, he was coming up on a familiar exit; the one he’d take when he went to the adult video store to rent some porn DVDs. As soon as he hit the curve, Nick’s mind made some quick resolutions without him thinking about it and he flashed his turn signal and changed lanes. He was going to the video store. Maria wouldn’t be home till later, as she was getting together with her sisters or girlfriends after work.

Nick would be renting some gangbang porn tonight. Rent three, get the fourth for free. So he’d rent six and take home eight. Make it an all-nighter. He’d be jacking off for the rest of the evening. Probably be thinking about Sam. Or Mamacita. For some reason, he was avoiding the thought of fucking Maria.

Hopefully he’d had gotten his rocks off at least once by the time Maria got home.

# # # # #

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