Kindling a Fire

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Mary brought it up on a Wednesday night. We were having dinner when she said, “Hon, I have to talk to you.”

Oh no, I thought, my mind racing from she spent more money than usual this month to she found my browsing history to she doesn’t love me any more. “What about, hon?”

“You know how you keep talking about trying something new?”

Now we were on safer ground, interesting, too. When she was this vague, I knew it was about sex. Mary was raised pretty strait-laced and was embarrassed to even talk about sex. Lately, I’d been pushing her a little. We’d been married 20 years. Like most folks we’d had a pretty passionate relationship early on. We didn’t do anything freaky, but we did the usual pretty frequently, and we enjoyed it. Then, the baby (now a freshman in college), blah, blah, you know the story.

Mary seemed satisfied to slide toward menopause and get ready to be a grandmother, but I still felt a fire and had tried to rekindle it in her. She was beautiful and still young-looking and sexy. Sure her hips were wider and her breasts saggier, but she stayed slim, worked out. Men still looked at her. I know I do.

We’d gotten back to at least making love a few times a month. Missionary, or her on top. Doggy too animalistic for her. Some oral, me licking her a little, her licking me a little. I’d tried to plant some ideas for different things. There’s a fire in me and it smolders in her too, I’m sure. So I’d bring things up, a little dirty talk, “Your ass looks delicious,” “I bet you could swallow my whole cock,” “I want to fuck your boobs.”

It was all just embarrassing to her. But now…

“Yes.” I couldn’t hide my excitement. “Is there something…”

“You know the yucky thing…” She blushed. She couldn’t even finish the sentence, even when she wasn’t really saying it. Now I knew. Everything else I talked about got her saying, “People don’t really do that,” or “I could never, ” or “Wow, you have a real imagination!” (That one gave me hope). The yucky thing was her pissing in my mouth.

“I want to give you something, hon,” she said. “But I just can’t do it. I was talking to a friend, and, well, they’re coming over on Friday night.”

“A friend? Not you? Are you sure you want to bring someone else into our sex life? That’s a whole ‘other thing, hon.”

“I etlik escort know, I know, but I can’t do this stuff and you want to and I want you to be happy. Anyway, I’m going to try something too, something I haven’t thought about since college.”

This was quite a leap. “You’re sure you’re okay about this?”

“I’m not sure at all!” She bit her lip and looked at me with big, pleading eyes. “I’m sure I love you and you love me.”

I hugged her. “You’re a creative thinker. I do love you. Who is this friend? Anyone I know?” I was mentally flipping through a file of her/our women friends : Beth with the dark hair and the bubble butt; Angela the blonde with the big boobs; Carla, the little firecracker; quiet Diane with the dancer’s body.

“You’ll see. I can’t talk about it. I can hardly stand to think about it. I’m so anxious. It’s going to be a surprise.”

We went upstairs and had a more enthusiastic than usual lovemaking session, including an extended 69 session, and her mounting me reverse cowgirl style. Afterward I lay staring at the ceiling anticipating Friday. She did too. I took her hand. Told her, “I love you.” Eventually we went to sleep.

Thursday she came home with a new lacy bra and panty set, a sexy style she hadn’t shown interest in for twenty years. She tried them on, and looked hot as fire in them. I tried to romance her again. Nothing doing. “We both need to save it for tomorrow.”

Friday came and she sprang some more details on me. “I’d be too embarrassed if we’re in the same room. I can’t watch you do that yucky thing anyway. My friend and I are going to have some drinks… haha, you’ll get yours later.” She blushed. You need to wait in the bathroom. You can do your yucky thing in the shower, and clean it up after.” She set out some old towels. “Just stay in the bathroom until my friend leaves.”

I sat on the floor in the stall shower in my underwear, running through the friend file: Fiona, the pale-skinned bossy redhead from work; Susan, the chunky neighbor. I heard the door, voices. Time passed. I sat in the dark bathroom, imagining what was to come, fondling my dick and balls.

I heard the bedroom door open and the light clicked on, then the bathroom door swung open.

The silhouetted figure was tall, broad-shouldered, not one of the ankara eve gelen escort friends I’d guessed. It was a man.

He clicked on the light. It was John, from down the street. The son of neighbors, several years older than our child, he’d mowed our lawn when he was in high school. Now he was probably twenty-five, and he stood shirtless, with his jeans unzipped. Clearly he worked out, he had a broad chest and washboard abs that shone in the bathroom light.

“Hey,” he said. “You ready? I really gotta piss.”

Behind him, I could see Mary in the dim bedroom light. I glimpsed the sexy lingerie, but she wasn’t looking at us.

He was so young, so healthy, so virile, really sexy, Right here, you’d think I’d be trying to get out of the whole thing. Maybe Mary knew something about me I hadn’t admitted to myself, because I didn’t hesitate. I nodded my head, opened my mouth. He stepped forward. “You do it,” he said.

I knew what he meant. I reached with trembling hands toward the waistband of his briefs. “You’re going to want to be naked when you go back to Mary,” I said. I pulled his briefs and jeans down together. His cock sprang out toward me. It was only semi-erect, arcing toward the floor, but it was thick, muscular, out of proportion even for his muscular frame and size. I always thought my cock was at least slightly larger than average. This monster was easily three times bigger in total mass. Longer, heavier, darker.

When Mary told me she was trying something she hadn’t thought about since college, I thought she meant lesbian sex. Now I remember that she said one time, only once, she’d fucked a jock because he was rumored to have a huge penis (yes, she said penis).

I opened my mouth wide, let my tongue hang forward. Using my right hand I hefted John’s monstrous member. My left hand reached to his ass and pulled him a step forward, I set his glans on my tongue and looked up into his face. He looked impassively into my eyes and his piss began to flow.

I savored it on my tongue: salty, bitter, hot. I swallowed eagerly, I pulled my head back and watched his stream cascade onto my chest. It was nearly clear. He’d been hydrating and saving it up. The flavor was like drinking hot, cheap beer. I closed my lips on the tip of his glans and sucked at ankara escort the stream.

He put his hand on my head, and as the stream dribbled down, pumped his hips, pressing his cock into my mouth until the rim of the head passed my lips. “Clean me up!” He said. “Clean me good and make me hard. I’m going to fuck your wife now. You probably want to slobber all over my cock, so I don’t tear her cunt. I did that to the first girl I fucked. We didn’t know any better. That’s it, make it sloppy and wet for her. I’m going to push your spit farther up inside her than it has ever been.”

I planted a wet kiss on the head of his cock. “This is for Mary,” I said. The monster now pulsed and pointed upward. He swung his hips and slapped it across my cheeks. “Wait here. I’ll want to piss again when I’m done destroying your wife’s cunt.”

He turned off the bathroom light on the way out, but he left the door open. I sat shivering in the shower watching vague shadows in the bedroom and listening to my wife moan and exclaim and pant and almost scream for the next hour. Our lovemaking sessions usually lasted about twenty minutes, which always seemed to be enough. I guess I was never enough.

Finally the motion and noise ceased.

And then the bathroom light clicked on again. John stepped over to the shower. He was naked and glistening with sweat. He waved his cock at me. It was smeared with white streaks. “Goddam man, your wife is one hot fuck. She drained my balls.” He pulled his cock up to the side. His big balls were actually covered in a white lather. “I gotta piss again. You want to drink some more?”

I nodded.

He rested his cock on my lips again. I drank thirstily. Then I sucked his cock deep into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged. I ran my tongue all over it. cleaning it. I pulled it to the side myself, and washed his sloppy balls with my tongue.

He stepped back. Looked down at me. He said, “Thanks, man. I’ll see you next Friday.” Then he walked out of the room, continuing through the bedroom and out of the house.

Next Friday?

Mary came in. Her skin also shone with sweat, and more. Her pubic hair was damp, matted, and clotted with cum.

“Oh hon,” she said. “That was better than I could have imagined. Did you enjoy it?’

I admitted that I did.

“I’m rethinking some of the other things you hinted at,” she said.

I reached toward her, pulled her to me, “Like creampie eating?” I asked, plunging my nose into the sticky mess at her crotch.

“Yes,” she sighed. “And John wants to do some butt stuff.”

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