Kim Kardashian Cheats on Kanye & goes Anal

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Kim Kardashian Cheats on Kanye & goes AnalKim was getting dressed to go to one of her good friend’s, Amanda’s pool cum house party. She had recently moved in, and had decided to throw a party to invite a few of her friends. She had mentioned that the party will head to bar afterwards, so it was up to the guests to bring their swimmers. Kim contemplated taking a nice pair of bikini with her or wear a really revealing dress that would be perfect for the pool. She decided to go with the dress, a tight short pencil skirt dress with a very low neck that showcased her beautiful cleavage. The neck line was down to her belly button. Kim loved looking sexual, she didn’t care about the fact that she was married. She loved it when men stared at her. After the scare she had in Paris, she was back to her confident and sexy best. In fact it turned her on even more by the fact that men wanted to tie her up and fuck her like the whore she liked to dress up as.As she arrived at Amanda’s place, she was also greeted by her sisters, who like her were scantily dressed. It ran in the family to look hot. As Kim met all the guests and her friend, she encountered a gorgeous looking man. He turned out to be Amanda’s fiancé. She was shocked that Amanda could manage to get someone as good looking as him. Now Kim always had a type, black men, but she somehow seemed to have been attracted to Amanda’s fiancé. When she met him and exchanged pleasantries, she found out his name is Jason. Kim didn’t want to seem too eager, after all her Amanda was there. Kim had no idea what she wanted, she had never cheated on Kanye, and she didn’t plan on doing it either. With the pool party coming to a close, and everyone decided to head out to the bar, Jason disappeared to get changed. Kim had to use the toilet to freshen up, so she asked Amanda where her toilet was, she directed her upstairs to her room. Kim made her way upstairs, noticing how the men and women both were staring at her voluptuous ass and tits.As Kim entered her friend’s room, she noticed how large it was and immediately saw the toilet. She went in to quickly freshen up, and as she finished and decided to leave the room, she got a peek inside the room’s walk-in closet. She saw Jason getting undressed, and just as he took off his shorts, she saw the most magnificent cock she had seen. Its length was fantastic, but the girth of Jason really impressed her and actually made her wet. She actually started to play with her boobs, but realised she had to leave soon, before Jason saw her. She left the room looking red faced, and couldn’t believe how turned on she was.The whole time at the bar, Kim kept thinking about Jason and the length he would reach once fully erect. She was actually constantly turned on, and every time she spoke to Jason during the night, she was having to control herself from jumping him. But funnily enough, Kim could tell Jason was eyeing her up. Kim decided to call it a night and left. As she was leaving, so was Jason.“Where are you off to? It’s your party.” Kim enquired.“Well its technically Amanda’s. I don’t know half the people in there, and most of them are not my type of people.” Jason replied.“Well then where are you off to? I can give you a lift if you like?” Kim offered, not knowing where the night will go.“Actually, yeah that would be great. One of my buddies lives around your area.” They got in Kim’s car and headed off. They continued on with their conversation about general things in life. Kim was slowly stroking his thigh and his arm. She was still not sure as to what will happen but she was feeling nervous and excited.Kim suddenly went with her impulse and asked, “Hey, do you want some more wine before you head off to your friend’s place? Plus, I can show you Kanye’s baseball collection.” She could not believe she was using her husband’s collection to lure another man into having sex with her.“Yeah, I don’t mind at all. Plus, he is not home at the moment. He will let me know soon about when he is back.” With that they got out of the car, Jason being the gentleman opened the door for Kim to let her out. Kim knew Jason was checking her out and she was enjoying this whole build up.Once they entered the house, Kim poured some wine for the two of them and she showed him her impressive house. Kim strategically bent down in the right places to show off her booty and her boobs to him. Once she had showed him the whole house, she took him outside to show her pool and her Jacuzzi.“So that’s my house. Hey you want to do something fun?” Kim was now literally just following what her pussy was wanting.“Yeah sure.”She turned on her Jacuzzi, “Let’s get into the Jacuzzi. It will be refreshing.” As Jason was about to reply, Kim unzipped her skirt and wiggled her skirt down to reveal her black thong. She then slipped off her barely there top to reveal her gorgeously perky double D boobs. She then slipped off her thong, and stood there completely naked. She stood there, with her amazingly shaped hour glass body, which was perfectly tanned. Nothing fake about her body. She had nice little landing strip just above pussy. Her boobs still very much perky and beautifully tanned. Jason was in awe and shock. She slowly stepped into the warm Jacuzzi and sat down, letting her boobs become wet and even more desirable if that was possible. “Well what are you waiting for? Get in!” Jason was taken aback, but decided to just go with it. He took off his shirt to reveal a well sculpted body, he dropped his jeans and took off his shoes. He was about to enter in his boxers, when, “Woah woah! If I’m naked, then so are you.” Kim winked at him with her sultry eyes to convince or rather force him. Jason then dropped his boxers to reveal that magnificent b**st of his, starting to reach its full length. Kim slowly licked her lips at the sight of Jason’s cock.“I want to apologise. It’s just that you are so gorgeous!” Jason explained his growing cock.“Oh, don’t be silly. Its only normal. I know it sounds vain, but I know guys find me ridiculously attractive.” Kim replied, her one hand now holding the wine glass the other now clearly playing with her clit. Jason was taken aback by Kim’s forwardness. He didn’t expect Kim to be of the cheating type, though nothing had happened yet. “And anyway, the best way to enjoy a Jacuzzi is by being completely naked.” Kim then moved her hand away from her clit and onto one of her wet tits. Jason was still speechless, and decided to keep sipping his wine. “I bet your fiancé just loves having that cock of yours up her all the time?” Kim enquired, even though she was fully aware about Amanda’s prudeness. As she said this, she slowly got up, and walked over towards Jason, with a look full of lust. As she got close to him, he could smell her beautiful perfume and get a closer look at her beautifully shaped large perky breasts. Jason’s penis had reached its full length and Kim could see that it was primed to penetrate her dripping pussy. Without even saying anything further, she straddled him and inserted his huge piece of meat of her tight vagina.“OH! Yes! Mmmm, this is nice.” Kim exclaimed as she started to ride him superbahis slowly. She was a natural, not that it surprised Jason. Her pussy was super wet and warm, it was a snug fit for him. Jason moved a little to kiss Kim, but Kim stopped him. “No kissing. I just want this to be a good fuck!” Jason didn’t complain as Kim increased her riding on his cock. She had her hands around his neck as she bounced up down his pole. The water began to splash more as the intensity increased. Kim was just letting out soft moans of pleasure. “Mmm, I love a big cock in my tight wet pussy! Oh FUCK! You are so good inside me!” Kim had wrapped her arms tightly around Jason’s neck, his arms were now on her hips and helping her to bounce on his cock. She was looking into his eyes with pure lust and sultriness. “That’s it! I am going to ride you like the whore I am!” Kim was now breathing heavier, as her breasts heaved in pure pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard. Her hands were now running through her own hair. “Oh FUCK JASON! Your cock is so good, it’s going to make me cum!” Jason had still not done much, as it was all Kim. She was riding him hard, bouncing her big fat booty up and down his big rod with the water splashing everywhere. He could feel that she was about to climax soon, she was breathing heavier and moaning louder in pleasure.He then suddenly grabbed her and lifted her up and walked out of the jacuzzi. Kim was surprised and excited to see what he was going to do. Jason really started to fuck her pussy while standing up. He wanted to make her moan loudly in pleasure. “Oh FUCK ME! WOW! That’s it! Keep going! Keep driving that cock in my dripping wet pussy!” Jason smacked that famous Kardashian ass for good measure. “YES! Spank that booty!” He smacked her again and again and she moaned louder with each spank. Once he spanked her ass for the fourth time, while seriously drilling her hard, she was finally about to cum. “Fuck me! OH GAWD!” Kim’s orgasm hit and she became quiet as Jason slowed down. Kim was breathing heavily and had no words to say.Jason carried her to the nearest sunbed and laid her down on her back and started kissing and sucking her perfect tits. “Kim, you have the most amazing boobs! I could play with the forever!” Jason was smothering his face in her tits, as Kim moaned more in pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good his touch was!“Yeah I bet you haven’t seen or felt better boobs than these! Get in there in you dirty bastard!” She pushed her boobs together to make them even bigger and more desirable, if that was even possible. Kim knew she had one of the best set of natural tits going around and she loved the affection. “Oh god! I love the way you play with my tits!” Kim was enjoying this more than she thought. Jason now moved slowly down to her taught stomach, kissing her and caressing every inch of her perfect body, He finally got down to her dripping wet twat. He kissed around her pussy lips and teasing her longer, making her wait for the pleasure to hit. “Fucking hell Jason! Get in there! Eat my pussy!” Kim exclaimed in pure desperation. Jason obliged and started licking and sucking her clit. “OH YES! That’s the spot. Give to me good!” He increased his sucking and then inserted two fingers up her snatch. “Oh GOD yes! Stick those fingers in me! Finger fuck me good!” Jason was now really fingering her vigorously, while Kim screamed in pure pleasure.He could sense she was about to cum, but he stopped and flipped her over and raised her ass in the air. He wanted that famous Kardashian booty. “Oh! Someone is desperate for that famous booty.” Kim snarked at him.“Well can you blame me?” Jason dove into her tight little asshole and started licking it good. He could feel her gasp in pleasure and moan in pure delight,“Oh, you dirty bastard! You like that pretty little…OH FCUK! You are fucking amazing! FUCK!” Kim was pinching her nipples as Jason had stuck two fingers up her dripping wet pussy while another finger up her asshole. She had never been treated this good. Jason knew how to please a woman and Kim was in pure pleasure heaven. “Fuck JASON! You amazing dirty b**st! Keep going! Make me your slutty bitch! Please make me CUM!” Jason loved the fact she was begging for an orgasm. He quickened his fingering and licking of her asshole, which meant louder moans of pleasure from Kim. She was now quivering, he knew she was about to cum. “Fuck baby! I am going to cum big! Oh my fucking gawd!!!!” Her pussy tightened and her juices coated his fingers and went down her leg, she was absolutely dripping wet.She was primed to take his cock. Just as her orgasm subsided, Jason got up and primed his rock-hard cock for penetration once again. He pushed his cock deep inside her wet pussy. “OH FUCK! You feel so good inside of me! Fuck me hard with that big dick!” And he did just that. He grabbed her waist and started drilling her pussy doggy-style. Her boobs bounced around from the strong fucking he was giving her, he slapped her ass again and again. “Oh wow!! You really know how to please a horny slut! Take that pussy!” Kim continued to moan louder and louder, Jason drilled into that wet hole while smacking that famous Kardashian booty at every given moment. Her ass cheeks had become red from the spanking as she screamed out in pleasure from the spanks and the hard drilling she was getting.“Oh GAWD JASON! You sexy mother fucker! Keep going! Fuck me harder! I can take it! FUCK!” Kim was actually enjoying this so much. She had not enjoyed sex in a really long time. “Jason keep pounding my pussy, make me cum again please! Don’t stop! I am close…. OH, OH OH MY GAWD! ARGH! UNNHH” Kim moaned even louder than before as Jason felt her pussy twitch and unleash her beautiful juices all over his cock. Kim was shaking from the intensity of her orgasm, cum was dripping down her legs and she had Goosebumps all over her body. Jason slowly pulled out of her wet cunt and bent down to start licking out her juices. “Ohh…Baby how does my pussy taste?”“Pretty fucking amazing!” Kim was now moaning softly, just getting her breath back. She hadn’t experienced such an intense orgasm in years.“Mmmm, I bet it does! Come around here so that I can taste it as well! Jason moved around to put his cock right in front of Kim. Kim came face-to-face with Jason’s amazing cock. She was hungry to have his huge cock in her mouth. She took the biggest raging cock she has seen into her mouth and started sucking him off. She used her tongue and saliva to lubricate his cock even more and started to deep throat him. She was devouring every last inch of that perfect cock like hungry slut she was. She was now using both hands to jerk Jason off while slobbering him.Jason was moaning in pleasure, but he knew he had better. Kim was good at sucking him off, but probably not as good as he had imagined. He could tell that she was a receiver. I did not surprise him one bit that she enjoyed receiving in sex, given her personality. Kim continued to such Jason’s cock, until she was ready for him again. “Jason, I want to ride this cock!” She got up from the sunbed and grabbed Jason’s cock and took him superbahis güvenilir mi inside her house and towards the throw bed in her living room. Jason got on lied down, as Kim seductively crawled up and straddled him. Her bronzed body was wet now from sweat as well, her boobs had sweat beads over them, down to her washboard abs. It turned Jason on, that he was working Kim up into a sweat. He was primed to penetrate her once again and Kim did just that, guiding his cock into her wet pussy. “Oh GOD! I can feel you stretching my tight pussy out!” She placed her hands on his pecs and used her hips to ride his cock like a cow girl. “Mmm fuck yeah! I love riding your huge cock. Oh GAWD yes!” Kim increased her grinding as she moaned louder and louder. She let go of his chest and started bouncing up and down his cock. It was a sight to behold, the perfect body and tits bouncing up and down with sweat dripping down her body.Kim was now playing with her hair and nipples as she continued to ride his cock. She was close to another orgasm. She could not believe this would be her fourth one already, she moaned louder and louder. Jason decided to take charge and started thrusting into Kim. His balls started slapping up against her booty as her tits bounced around even more from the force of his thrusts.” OH GAWD! Pound me more! Don’t stop! Keep going! ARGH!!!” Kim hit her orgasm again, and this time she squirted! She squirted all over Jason. “OH fuck! I have never done that before!” Kim looked slightly embarrassed yet highly satisfied. She was still breathing heavily, letting her orgasm subside.“Kim, I want to make you squirt again! That was fucking hot!”“Mmm, Jason I am all yours for the night. Do whatever you want to me!” Kim winked at him and urged him to fuck her again. Jason grabbed her and flipped her on her back, he got on top of her and just as he was about to put his cock in her pussy, they heard a car noise.“Fuck, who is that?” Jason turned around looking worried. Kim reared her head to see whose car it was, and as she saw, a look of pure horror spread on her face. It was Kanye…“Fuck it’s Kanye! Shit you need to hide now! He will kill you!”“Are you fucking serious?! My clothes are outside, I can’t go out like this!” Kim hurried into room close by and quickly came out wearing a black satin lingerie robe that just about covered her ass.“Go in that room quickly! I will bring your clothes when it is safe. Just do it now!” There was a genuine sense of fear in Kim’s voice. She had never cheated on Kanye and even though he was back, she was not feeling guilty at all. She just didn’t want to get caught! Jason ran into the room Kim had suggested and found a little closet in which he could hide. There was very little light inside the room, but that was fine. He did not want any attention to attract that asshole Kanye.Kim fixed her hair and face to look presentable and look dishevelled like she had just been given the fucking of her life. Kanye sauntered into the house, slightly drunk and dazed.“Babe! I didn’t expect ya back here. What happened to your party?”“It was a dud babe. Why are you back so early?” Kim enquired“Same excuse babe, fucking useless gig. Plus, that stupid stick, Taylor showed up. I didn’t want to hang around any longer. So, I grabbed a few drinks and came back!” Kanye retorted, in his famously pissed off manner. “Anyway, I am going to take a shower, and may be afterwards, you and I can have some proper sex babe”“Sure…but what do you mean by proper sex?” Kim asked innocently. Jason had gotten out of the closet and peaked outside into the living room to check whether Kanye had gone upstairs. He saw Kim at the bottom of the stairs, in that sexy satin robe with her ass hanging out, looking even more bangable. He couldn’t resist, so he slowly walked up behind her, bent down, grabbed her ass and pulled it towards his face.Kim looked around shocked and scared at the same time. Jason started tonguing her asshole and Kim couldn’t resist the amazing sensation running through her body.“By proper I mean, the sort of sex we were having before our k**s!”“Mmmm! Yeah that’s what I want!” Kim cooed in pleasure and provided the perfect response to Kanye’s question. Jason shoved his finger in her ass as well and continued to lick her asshole at the same time. His tongue was working wonders with Kim’s ass, Kim had now started playing with her tits slowly moaning away.“Babe, you alright down there?” Kanye enquired from upstairs.“Oh you have no idea! I can’t wait to have you inside of me again! I want you to make me cum again and again!” Kim was dirty talking perfectly for Kanye. One would never have guessed that this was the first time she was cheating on her man. She was a natural whore. Kim was extremely turned on, her pussy was dripping wet again, her asshole being treated perfectly. She wanted Jason really bad now.“That’s my girl! I can’t wait to fuck that tight pussy of yours!” Kanye exclaimed with some excitement. Kim suddenly realised, if Jason fucks her right now, and she goes up to Kanye, he will know she was cheating on him. Jason will stretch her out like never before. As she turned around to stop Jason, Jason put his finger on her lips and whispered words Kim knew would come.“I want your ass Kim. I want to fuck that famous Kardashian Booty now!” Kim was a bit taken aback. She had never had proper anal sex before. She had only been fingered in her ass.“I have never had anal…” Kim whispered back, with a look of anxiety.“Trust me, you will love it. I know you can handle me.” Jason reassured her. Kim knew this would be perfect. She trusted Jason, she knew he knew what he was doing. She agreed and turned back around and bent over the railing. Jason was fully ready to penetrate her. He pushed the tip of his cock into her asshole and Kim yelped.“FUCK!!!! Oh MY GAWD! Jason, you are so huge!” Jason immediately covered Kim’s mouth to shush her in case Kanye heard Kim getting the pounding of her life. Jason pushed his cock into Kim’s ass more as Kim moaned more into Jason’s hand. Kim’s ass was just as tight as Kim Lee’s ass that Jason had fucked a few weeks back. Jason loved nothing more than to stretch out tight little assholes.Kim had never experienced pleasure at such intense levels. She had Goosebumps all over her body, she was sweating from how turned on she was. She felt Jason push his whole cock into her booty and she moaned even louder into his hands. Jason slowly started pushing in and out of her tight ass now, Kim had now stopped moaning and was just breathing heavily. Jason felt in power, he knew Kim was at his mercy.“You like that big cock in your big ass booty don’t you?” Kim just moaned in response. Jason spanked that Kardashian booty hard! “I asked you a question!”“OH GAWD YES! I love it! Stretch my ass out! Make me your anal slut! Take that ass like no one has ever done before!”“That’s what I want to hear!” Jason spanked her harder and harder, which made Kim moan louder than ever! Her ass had now stretched enough to take his cock, that was enough for him to start really drilling her dark hole.“OH YESS! Stretch my ass pinbahis out. Make me your anal whore! FUCK!!!” Kim didn’t care how loud she was being. Kanye would be busy taking a long shower anyway. She was bent over, she was holding out the railing as she got her ass pounded from behind. Jason was an a****l, he was giving her the drilling of a lifetime. Her boobs bounced around as Jason ploughed balls deep in her ass. “Mother fucker! Keep going, you amazing b**st, make me cum again! Yes YES YES YES!” Kim could feel her orgasm coming. Jason spanked her more and drilled her harder. “OH FUCK ME! I am going to explode!!!!” Sure, enough she squirted all over the floor! Kim had never managed to do that before. Kim was shaking from the orgasm, as Jason pulled out of her gaping asshole and bent down to taste her dripping twat and ass.“Mmm I am so sensitive and horny Jason. You amazing b**st of a man! I have never squirted before! I want you to make me squirt again. I want another orgasm!” Jason got up and picked up Kim and carried her to the sofa and threw her on it. He grabbed her and made her suck his cock, to taste her own ass. She obliged and sucked him like the hungry whore she was. Kim kept looking up at Jason, with eyes that were just begging him to fuck her in the ass again.“You’ve sucked me enough, I want to see that ass bounce on my dick now!” Jason got on the sofa and Kim straddled him, her gorgeous ass facing him. He took his cock and guided it into her dark hole once again. Kim moaned even louder than before.“OH GAWD! My ass has never been stretched liked this before. Jason let me ride this dick, I want to feel you all the way inside me!” Kim started slowly bouncing her ass on his huge cock. She could not believe she was able to take him whole. She played with her pussy as she bounced up and down his huge pole. Jason could feel how comfortable her ass was now on his cock, she had properly been stretched out. Her ass continued to bounce up and down on his cock which urged Jason to spank that perfect ass once again. “SPANK SPANK SPANK” “Yes baby! Treat me like the naughty girl I am!” Jason took charge, grabbed her waist and started bucking his hips and fucking that perfect ass of hers. “YES YES YES YES! FUCK ME! Stretch me out! Make me gape!” Kim could feel her orgasm coming again. She had never had some many orgasms in one night before. “Fuck Jason! I am going to CUM AGAIN! ARGH OH GAWD!” She squirted once again. It was a bigger gush from Kim than before. She was still going. “FUCK BABY! Oh Gawd, I am so hot and wet right now! I want more!”Jason pulled out of her ass, got up and pushed her down on the sofa again. He spread her legs wide and went into her ass once again. Her robe was now undone, he could see that perfectly sculpted body of hers, now covered in beads of sweat, looking even hotter than before. Jason ploughed her again, as her boobs continued to bounce vigorously. “That’s it right there! Fuck me! Don’t stop fucking my ass, I want to feel you deep inside of me! Keep going! You feel so good in my ass!“You like getting fucked with your husband in the house! Tell me you are my anal whore!” Jason demanded from Kim.“OH GAWD I am! I am your little anal whore. Make this ass yours! Take it, FUCK ME!” Kim had just given herself over. She continued to moan loudly in pleasure. She was continuously playing with her clit. She wanted another orgasm, she had never cum this many times in one night. “Jason, please make me cum again, I want to cum again OH GAWD YES KEEP POUNDING MY ASS! THAT’S IT I’M CUMMING< YESSSS” Kim screamed in ecstasy as she squirted big time all over. Her body was shaking from the orgasm, Jason had slowed his fucking down. Kim was now gyrating her hips even more, her hands running through her and down to her very sensitive pussy. She was breathing heavily, her eyes closed and sweat dripping down her body.Jason finally pulled out of Kim’s ass and moved up her body. He bent over and slowly whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck your tits!”“I thought you would never ask!” Kim gleefully agreed and pushed her gorgeous breasts together. Jason pushed his cock in between her tits and started fucking them. “Yeah! I know Amanda doesn’t have tits has great these, in fact nobody does. Fuck them, that’s it!” Kim was very proud of her boobs, she not only had the best set in her family, but also probably across the board. They were extremely soft and smooth, Jason knew these were the best set of natural tits he had come across. Kim stuck her tongue out as Jason increased his thrusts.Jason was now close to cumming, he was going to blow his load soon. “Fuck, Kim, I am going to cum!”“Yes! I want to feel your warm sticky cum all over me! Cum on me baby, cum for me!” Jason really could not hold it in any longer, he stopped and backed away a little bit and unloaded a big wad of cum straight on to Kim’s tits, another big wad landed on her face and lips, another shot went again on her tits and more cum continued to shoot all over her tits and stomach. “FUCK Jason, that was a huge cumshot! You’ve covered me completely! Its so nice and warm” She licked some of the cum off her face and tasted some of it. Jason pushed his cock towards her mouth, so that Kim would suck him dry. Kim gleefully obliged and starting him off. She was enjoying the taste of his cum. She sucked every last drop out of his and gulped it down. “Oh Wow! That was fucking amazing! You came so much! I love it!”“Well, big boys do cum big!” Jason winked as he collapsed on to the sofa. Kim smirked at that comment as she continued to play with the cum all over her body. Her boobs were shining now that she had spread Jason’s cum all over them like a lotion. Kim looked super satisfied and she was just about to thank Jason when…“Babe! I am out of the shower! I am waiting!” Kanye shouted from their bedroom.“FUCK! You need to get out of here! He might come down!” Kim again looked panicked. Jason quickly got up and ran back into the room where he was hiding. Kim grabbed some tissue and wiped the excess cum off her face. She tied her rob back up properly and started to fix her hair. Jason realised his clothes were still outside, so he started to go outside, when Kim stopped him. She went out herself, grabbed his clothes and hers and went back in.As she entered back into the house, she heard Kanye coming down the stairs. Kim quickly threw the clothes she had in her hand threw them into the room Jason was hiding in.“Babe, I am super horny!” Kanye came down in just his towel. Kanye had put on quite a bit of weight and his belly was quite the sight.“Babe, you have no idea how ready I am for you!” She walked up to Kanye and kissed him quickly before undoing his towel and bending to suck his dick. She turned Kanye so that he was facing the wall and not the living room. Kanye moaned as Kim starting sucking his cock vigorously.Jason in the meantime put his clothes on hastily and peeped out of the room to see what was happening. He saw Kim on her knees giving head to Kanye. He quickly sneaked out, quietly as Kim increased her slurping noises to mask any noise from Jason. Just as Jason was about to leave, Kim winked at him and Jason nodded, with Kanye unaware and enjoying the head being given to him by his wife. Kim continued to suck Kanye off, while imagining what a great fuck she had just had, just to keep herself turned on. And she wondered when she could fuck him again.

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