Kerrie’s Special Treatment

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Ann Thomas was the 42 year old wife of a bank executive. Her life was filled with taking care of her two cute kids, volunteering, tennis, and of course shopping. To look at Ann, one could see a woman who although she dressed quite modest, was very attractive. She had always taken good care of herself physically, so she had a nice body. She was always a bit self-conscious of the fact that she did not have the DD cup breasts her husband always gawked at. Ann, who was barely 5’2″, had a nice trim figure, and in her eyes smaller and sexy breasts (34b).

Her husband always wanted her to get a breast job done like many of the other women they knew; however, Ann could not see the point in spending thousands of dollars on something she thought was quite frivolous. Besides, her husband could always just stare at the breasts of his gorgeous young secretary. He always pretended not to notice, but Ann always caught him staring at her all the time when she was at the office or at company parties. In fact, Ann was beginning to wonder if he was actually screwing around with the little bimbo. Ann could prove nothing, but she always suspicious of the young big breasted girl who always wore short skirts and revealing blouses to work and seemed to get a little flustered whenever Ann was around.

Ann had been complaining to her friend Connie as the two sat in the sauna after their weekly tennis match at the club they belonged too. Ann told Connie of her suspicions of her husband and wondered if she should confront him or not. Connie told Ann to relax and try not to worry about him too much. Connie told Ann that what Ann needed was a full day treatment at the salon that she goes to. Worrying about her husband had caused Ann to be a little uptight lately and Connie knew a great way for her friend to unwind and relax. Connie said she would call her stylist, Kerrie and see if she could give Ann one of her special treatments.

Ann asked what exactly this “special treatment” cost and what it entailed; however, Connie just smiled knowingly and told Ann she would take care of the cost and as far as the treatment, Ann would just need to show up and find out. After the ladies got out of the sauna and they were in the changing room, Connie called Kerrie and asked her if she had an opening soon for a friend who was in need of some special treatment. Kerrie checked her book and told Connie she had an opening for the next Monday at 11:00. Connie hung up her cell and told Ann the time for the appointment. Ann was a little hesitant and tried to back out; however, Connie would not take “no” for an answer and Ann said she would wrote it down in her book. Ann thanked her friend for offering this to her, and Connie just gave her a warm hug and told her she would probably thank her more after she had the appointment.

The next Monday morning, after Ann had dropped her girls off at the school so they could go to cheer camp, she drove her Suburban over to the salon. It was a hot Texas Spring day and Ann wore a khaki skirt that came down mid-thigh, and a sleeveless blouse that nicely showed off her toned arms. She was a bit apprehensive, but she figured she could use a cut of her hair and maybe even a massage. Why not she thought, she never really took the opportunity to pamper herself anymore? If her friend insisted, who was she to argue. As she walked in, she saw that the salon was gorgeous. I was done up with a nice decor, beautiful live plants, and even had some soft jazz playing over the speakers. Ann told the receptionist she had been given a special treatment appointment to see Kerrie.

The young girl at the desk smiled and told her to have a seat and she would let Kerrie know her appointment was here. Ann had a seat in the lobby and leafed through a Cosmo while she waited. She always laughed at the different sex articles that were printed in the magazine that seemed so far from her world. Ann was used to her comfortable once or twice a week missionary and on top sex she had with her husband and could never dream of doing the things these articles recommended. After Ann finished her browsing, she put the magazine down and put her head back in the chair and closed her eyes as she waited. A few moments later Kerrie came up to the front to get her appointment. Before Kerrie approached Ann she just stopped and looked at this cute, little, conservative woman before her. This would definitely be an enjoyable “treatment” she thought to herself. Kerrie approached her new client.

“Mrs. Thomas? I am ready for you now.”

Ann opened her eyes, smiled and apologized for relaxing for a moment.

“No problem,” Kerrie said with a big smile. “Come on back and you can relax in my booth.”

The booths in the salon were all separated by walls and doors and offered the stylists a chance to do their duties without being stared at as people walked by. It was Monday so half the staff was off anyway and it was not very busy. Kerrie led Alicia back to her booth at the back part of the salon.

Kerrie was a stylist at a suburban hair salon in West Texas. Her clientele was made up mostly upper casino oyna middle class women, ranged between the ages of 18-50. Most of her clients were referrals, who had heard of Kerrie’s incredible talents, though her clients were usually tight lipped about what exactly they were. Kerrie was a beautiful 26 years old and she knew how to dress and talk to impress everyone she came into contact with. She was still single, been dating the same guy for two years, but had no intentions of marrying him. He was gorgeous and a flirt, but in Kerrie’s mind he was good for only one thing. Many of Kerrie’s clients had often inquired as to why she had never taken the plunge and gotten married, but she always looked at them with her seductive eyes and told them she was married to her job.

Kerrie was a beautiful woman. Not beautiful in the fake breasts, fake tan, and bleached out hair of many of the Texan woman who were her clients. She was about 5’9″, weighed around 135 lbs, and had a delicious curved figure, that she always had shown off with her wardrobe. She had hazel eyes that could melt even the richest of her clients, especially the snobby, uptight country club wives and daughters who made up most of her clientele. Kerrie knew how to use her charm and her quick wit to always open the closed up personalities of any who came into her booth at the salon. She would make them feel comfortable and welcome, and if they had been given the special referral of one of her best clients she knew exactly how to treat them.

“I like it back here because there are few interruptions, and I can play my own music,” Kerrie said as she showed Ann into her private booth and into the chair.

“It sure is beautiful,” Ann said as she looked at the floraldecorations and prints on the walls.

“Well, I want my clients to have the most relaxing environment possible,” Kerrie smiled “Can I offer you a glass of wine or something else?”

“You can offer clients alcohol here?” Ann said with a bit of surprise.

“Well, it is against the business code, but sometimes I can just tell that a client may be in need of something a little more to help relax them,” Kerrie said with a wink and a smile.

She reached into a little refrigerator on the floor and pulled out a bottle of Merlot and poured Ann a glass and handed it to her.

“Well then, I will have a glass. I know I could use it after the stress I had getting my two daughters off to school. You would never think two children would be so hard to get out of the house.”

“Well Mrs. Thomas,” Kerrie said, “I remember when I was in school I had to take half my closet to school with me to be prepared. That was way back before I became an old maid though.”

“Old?!?” Ann laughed “Why you are just a young thing dear.”

“Well, I guess 26 ain’t too bad.” Kerrie said with a shrug.

Kerrie stood in front of her client in the chair, poured her a glass of the Merlot and asked her if he knew what she was in for.

“Well, not exactly,” Ann said as she received the glass, “But I know I am ready for a change with my hair.”

“It is a nice cut you do have, maybe a bit too motherish though,” Kerrie said as she walked behind Ann and started to run her hands and manicured nails through Ann’s hair. “Mrs. Thomas, do you mind if I call you Ann?”

“You sure can. Heck you offered me booze, so why not,” Ann smiled back.

For a minute Kerrie did not say a thing as she looked at Ann then went over to her style book. As Kerrie, bent over to get her book, Ann could not help but notice the gorgeous ass on this young girl. Not a size 3, like herself, but a sexy rounded size 7 or 8. Ann sometimes had looked at other woman, sometimes out of jealousy of what they had and she didn’t, but sometimes she herself enjoyed the view. Of course she would never admit this to anyone, what would people think of her then. Kerrie had on a short cotton miniskirt that really shoed her sexy long, toned legs. Ann also noticed, by the lines showing through the skirt, her new stylist had on a pair of thong underwear. The next thing Ann noticed was the tattoo that was barely covered on Kerrie’s lower back. Whenever she bent over or turned around Ann looked to try and make out the design. She finally realized it was of a large multi-colored butterfly. The tattoo was very sexy and Ann wondered if Kerrie was one of those wild girls she was reading about in Cosmo as she waited in the lobby.

“Ann?” Kerrie said, as she turned around. “I have an idea for you, but I want to run it by you first.”

“Sure,” Ann said. She was caught off guard from staring at Kerrie’s tattoo and ass and she quickly sipped her wine from the glass.

“Well, please don’t take this wrong ma’am, but you make yourself look like you have thrown in the towel and given in to the dreaded suburban wife syndrome,” Kerrie said. “Are you up for something new? Something that would just make you look as hot as you really are?”

“Me? Hot?” Ann laughed with a howl. “Maybe 20 years ago! But now? No way!”

“You sell yourself short.” Kerrie said as she stared into canlı casino her eyes. “In fact, women your age can be far sexier than they realize. They usually get caught up in their kid’s lives and forget how to be sexy women.”

Ann sat looking up at the gorgeous stylist thought about it for a moment and smiled.

“What the hell! My husband is always complaining anyway about me turning into an old fuddy-duddy!”

“He will definitely be all over you when I am finished with you,” Kerrie said as she rubbed Ann’s shoulders “Come over to the sink and let me wash your hair.”

Ann stood, and walked across the booth to the sink. She sat and Kerrie eased her into the headrest. Ann hoped Kerrie was good at the hair-washing part, she always loved to have it done by someone who took their time and massaged her scalp. It was so relaxing to her and if done right always made her a little turned on. She was not prepared however, for a Kerrie wash job.

Kerrie turned the water on to a nice warm, and started to run her fingers through Ann’s short brunette hair. She then turned the water off and reached across Ann to get the shampoo bottle on the stand on the other side of the seat. As Kerrie reached she slightly grazed Ann’s face with her breast with her sexy breast. Ann felt a rush as the breast pressed into her cheek and Kerrie’s perfume was intoxicating.

“Oops, sorry about that,” Kerrie said with a chuckle.

“Not a problem. In fact, what is that wonderful scent you have on?” Ann said.

“It is Amarige de’ Givenchy. My boyfriend says it turns him into Pavlov’s dog whenever I wear it.”

“I can definitely agree with that,” Ann said “It is a very sexy scent.”

“Why thank you! You are too sweet Ann!” Kerrie said as she poured some shampoo on Ann’s scalp.

Kerrie took her time washing her hair. She was slowly running her nails through Ann’s scalp and looking down at her client. She certainly was beautiful Kerrie thought to herself. By the time Kerrie was done with her, Ann would hopefully look at herself a new. Ann just sighed and smiled as Kerrie massaged her scalp. Kerrie looked down at Ann’s chest and noticed her nipples were definitely getting hard from her handy work. Even though Ann had small breasts, she had long, thick delicious nipples. She was self-conscious of them, but her husband had always enjoyed licking and sucking on them.

“My! You ARE enjoying this huh?” Kerrie said as Ann let out a little moan as her scalp was being taken care of. Kerrie figured Ann had enough for now and she turned on the water to rinse.

Ann’s face turned red and she apologized, “I don’t know what it is, but you have to be the best shampooer I ever had.”

Kerrie bent down next to Ann’s ear and said seductively, “This is just the beginning. It is going to be a very rewarding afternoon for you my dear. I do not let just anyone in for a special appointment, but Connie said you were ready. And after taking a look at you I know she was right!”

“She did huh?” Ann said as she stared up at Kerrie.

“Oh yes! If you have not noticed, Connie has really opened up in the two years she has been coming in. In fact, she was as much of a “fuddy-duddy” as you when she first came in. Something about Connie really clicked with me and it opened up a whole new realm for her and for me,” Kerrie said with a wink.

Ann was definitely getting a bit too excited for her own sake. She could not believe how she was feeling and she wanted to start rubbing her aching pussy, but she would never do that, especially in front of someone, especially another woman.

“Let’s head back to the cutting chair and get started. I have an idea I want to run by you.” Kerrie said as she finished her rinse job and lifted Ann out of the reclined chair.

Kerrie showed Ann some new and exciting styles that were becoming popular. Ann thought she was too old and that these styles were for teens and women Kerrie’s age. Kerrie kept encouraging Ann to try something shorter and sexier. Finally, Ann relented after staring at Kerrie’s sexy eyes through the mirror. She was definitely enchanted by this sexy, young creature behind her.

Kerrie offered Ann another glass of wine and just chatted away as shecut. She would often lean over Ann and once again rub her breast in her face. Ann was not only becoming a bit tipsy, she was very intoxicated with Kerrie. Kerrie asked her all sorts of questions about her life, marriage, and surprisingly even some sexual ones as well.

“Your husband is not much of a lover is he?” Kerrie smirked.

“Whatever makes you say that?” Ann replied. Deep down she agreed.

“Well, I can often tell by the way a client presents themselves as to how satisfied they are. You come across to me as a woman who has not had an earth shattering orgasm in years,” Kerrie said very bluntly.

Ann looked down and blushed. Of course Kerrie was right on in her assumption; however, how could Ann ever tell this to a woman she had just met an hour earlier.

“Don’t worry dear,” Kerrie said, as she caressed Ann’s cheek with kaçak casino her manicured nails. “I never reveal client information. Some of these other gals in here always disrespect their clients the minute they leave. I have learned that you can never develop long term relations with a client unless they trust you completely.”

Ann was now almost completely hypnotized by this beauty. She started telling Kerrie things she had never told her best friend. She went into detail about her sexual life, or lack there of, and of her husband’s fascination with his young secretary. Kerrie mostly listened as she cut away at Ann’s hair. She would occasionally give Ann a gentle pat on the shoulder or smile at her in the mirror. Kerrie was definitely interested in this one and the fire in her grew stronger the longer she listened.

“Ann, once I finish with your hair, would you be interested in a massage?” Kerrie said “The girl who normally does them is out, but she has been giving me lessons and would like to practice on someone. You seem like you are the perfect person for me to get my hands on.”

“That would be wonderful,” Ann said as she stared up at Kerrie. She had developed a crush on her new stylist and may have even offered to massage her instead if she asked.

“Well, let me blow you dry and take you back to the other room then,” Kerrie said. “We will style this when we come back, but I can already tell how sexy it makes you look!”

Kerrie finished blowing Ann’s hair dry and then she picked up a box she had on the floor and led Ann across the hall to the massage room and closed the door behind them. She told Ann to disrobe and then to wrap a towel around herself. Ann was expecting Kerrie to wait outside; however, she just took a seat on the stool and watched Ann as she nervously took her blouse off.

“”What nice perky breasts you have.” Kerrie said as she watched. “You are definitely the type of woman who looks even better with smaller breasts.”

“Tell that to my husband,” Ann laughed sarcastically.

“He has no idea what he has right in front of him. You deserve so much better treatment than you get,” Kerrie said matter of factly. “Okay, now off with the skirt.”

Ann turned away from Kerrie and slid her skirt down her tan legs. As she bent over to pull them off completely, Kerrie just jokingly whistled lightly as she waited and watched.

“Now that is great ass Ann!” Kerrie whispered “I certainly hope when I reach your age I have one like that.”

“Yours is pretty great yourself you know,” Ann said surprising herself with the comment. “Should I leave my bra and panties on?”

“Definitely not! This is a full oil body massage. Besides, you will look better out of those conservative underwear anyway. “

Ann complied and she felt a bit embarrassed because her panties were quite wet and she did not want Kerrie to see them. She took her bra off and slowly lowered her panties. Once removed, she kicked them both over in the corner hoping Kerrie would not notice. Kerrie told Ann to wrap the towel around herself and lie face down on the massage table. She then went over and picked up Ann’s clothes and underwear. Before she sat them on the counter she rubbed her fingers inside the damp, moist panties and brought them up to her nose.

“Nothing like a sexy woman’s scent, huh Ann?” Kerrie chirped. “Much better than any perfume.”

Ann turned red and laughed nervously. She could not believe what was happening to her, but whatever it was she was definitely in it for the whole ride.

Kerrie un-wrapped Ann’s towel and applied some oil to her back.

“I hope it is not too cold.” She laughed.

“It is perfect Kerrie! just perfect!”

Kerrie massaged her back, arms and legs and Ann thought that would be it; however, Kerrie poured more oil onto Ann’s lower back and ass cheeks and let it run down between her legs.

“Oops! Again, remember I am still a massage rookie. Just let me get the extra bit there” Kerrie said as she bent down closer to Ann. “My! You do have a delicious looking ass!”

Kerrie reached between Ann’s legs and slightly brushed across her wet pussy. She massaged the oil into Ann’s skin and then pulled her hand back up. Ann did not want Kerrie to hear her, but she was moaning down onto her towel as Kerrie reached between her legs.

“Okay! Time to flip,” Kerrie announced.

Ann was on fire, more turned on that she had ever been before and just felt like she was going to burst. Kerrie commented on Ann’s long, thick nipples and even rubbed some oil into them to make them even harder. Kerrie just laughed as Ann squirmed under her fingers. Kerrie poured the oil all over the front of Ann’s exposed body and spent about ten minutes rubbing it in. Kerrie could tell that Ann was ripe for the picking and concentrated quite a bit on her sensitive breasts. Ann lightly moaned each time Kerrie touched her nipples and lifted herself up to Kerrie’s fingers every time she pulled them back. Ann opened her closed eyes and stared at this woman who was doing something to her that she had never felt in her entire life. Kerrie smiled down at Ann and moved her hands down to Ann’s on fire pussy. Ann moaned very loud and deep as Kerrie rubbed her fingers through her pubic hair and over her exposed clit.

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