Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 05

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The previous stories about Kelly have been fairly hard and rough. In this adventure, I have taken a softer approach, moving away from the quasi rape type scene that Kelly enjoyed, but had started to worry about. I’d be interested in you the readers views on where Kelly should go next. Follow the more seedy kinkier rough house activity or the gentler, but to me no less erotic example as set in this story. Or would you like this to be the end of Kelly’s published adventures, so that your own imagination can take her to wherever you want, let me know.

Kelly goes to work

After a marathon sex session with an on line contact and his friends, I had decided that things were getting out of hand and that I needed to back off from my escapades, a bit.

At the same time my new friends, Cathy and Jake a young rich Australian brother and sister had acquired a controlling share in a European porn business, and offered me the role of financial director, based in London and Paris with frequent trips around Europe and occasionally to Australia, to meet the other shareholders. This seemed an ideal job for a qualified FD and a sex mad nymph. Three months later, as I joined the company, however, Cathy and Jake explained that there were rules.

“This is a sex empire and we are selling sex.” Pointed out Jake, “However, it is a business, we bought it for two reasons. Firstly, people make businesses work that they have an interest in or their hobby — you may have guessed this is our hobby!”

“The sex we sell is quality, in the brothels, the clubs, the magazines and the films .. all are at the top end of the market. No quick shags on a mouldy mattress. Everything we sell and do is quality, even our sleaze is quality sleaze.” He smiled.

“Secondly, this is a business. We are not throwing money into some ones condom, we believe this business has the ability to naturally grow by 30% in the next two years by organic growth, 20% by competitive acquisition and 35% by new business. We want to have fun, but making money comes before we do.” He smiled at his pun and got up.

“Cathy will take you through how you will conduct yourself as a member of the main board management staff.” With that he left. I was slightly hurt that there was no peck on the cheek as normal.

“So Kelly, as FD on the Main Board, you report to me as Joint MD, Jake covers the marketing side of things. You need to make sure he spends as little as possible on hair brained marketing ideas. I run the financial side of the business and you’ll do that for me.”

In the first few minutes of the meeting my knickers had got damp in anticipation of the time we were spending ahead. If anyone had tested my pussy now, I am sure that I would feel as dry as sand paper down there. They really were serious about their business.

“I am sure that you came here thinking life would be one long shag, and thought this meeting would be a tryst on the settee.”

I protested my innocence that I was far too professional to have thought that. She did not respond, although I saw a wry smile fleetingly pass her lips.

“In this business, in the office, we have fun, but it is no different from the fun we would have in any other business. There is no sex on the premises, you do not open doors and find couples having sex, work is work and play is play and the two are kept separate. So don’t expect Jake or I or any other member of staff here to even kiss you, let alone shag you — during office hours.” Then she smiled “Now outside office hours, is another matter.”

“All members of staff have free entry to the Sex Clubs and to my knowledge all have been to them, more than once, but we don’t keep records.”

“You will primarily be based here in London, but once a month will spend a week in Paris, where we have separate offices and we have our biggest two sex clubs. The sex clubs and brothels will only be needed to be visited once a quarter.”

“Right that’s the rules and regs. Lets take you to your office and get you settled in.” We got up. “Oh”, she said, “You need to see an optician!”

I was a bit taken a back at this rather strange comment. “Why?”

“Well, either escort bahçelievler your eyes were lying to me or they were lying to you, either way they need checking!” She paused, “not expecting a sexual tryst — yeah get real!”

She leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Welcome to the company, dinners at eight, the car driver will collect you from your office at 7.00, you’ll stay the night, we have arranged a change of clothing. And if you tell Jake that I’ve kissed you in the office, I’ll revoke your contract of employment!”

She took me to my office and left me with my new assistant, who was to introduce me to the staff and then start my induction.

He showed me around the building, which was like any other office , until we got to the design area and studios, where you can imagine there were all sorts of sexual pictures being reviewed or hung up and in the studio were photographic shoots. I was introduced to staff and models casually and whilst everybody was very nice, I could feel them all staring to see how I would react to this male and female nudity. I tried my best to look calm and collected and asked questions about costs, time sheets, contract payments versus retainers etc,. Not easy to do when you wanted to point at some ones Dick and shout “wow, what a whopper!” Or just stare at the beauty of a young girls breast, before taking her nipple into your mouth and sucking.

I maintained the cool exterior and after we left the studio area, we went back to my office, I resisted the temptation to visit the ladies to mop up my pussy and waited till after I had had a coffee.

My assistant, John said well done, most guys come out of there with their eyes on stalks. I simply explained I was here to do a job and not be distracted by the product. Us accountants have a great reputation for coolness, or is it no personality, John probably thought the latter.

After the tour, we got down to work and it was not long before my professional hat was on and we were immersed in spread sheets.

At 7.30 the driver knocked on my door, John and I were hard at it, and the only spreading was in Excel. It took us another 20 minutes to close everything down.

It was strange looking at Spreadsheets with titles like “Region One Brothels Income”, Regional Sex Clubs — Europe”, but once we started looking at the numbers it all became normal.

It took a couple of hours to get to Cathy and Jakes place, out in Hertfordshire. They had a flat by the Thames and one in Docklands, but they were flying out to Amsterdam from Stanstead the following morning — at least that’s what I thought.

“Jake won’t be here tonight, he’s had to go to Holland already. How was your first day — I hear you passed the studio test.”

Cathy was dressed in a low cut summer dress, with no obvious bra, it was very flouncy and with her general bouncyness, she looked very mouth watering. Whereas, I was in my business suit, which I felt great wearing at work, but in a social setting felt like a dyke and I am sure that together we looked like a couple of lesbians. Not that that worried me, I just felt uncomfortable.

The days work had been exhausting and sex was the furthest from my mind, relaxation with fine Australian wine (an oxymoron?), good company and food was all I needed today.

The meal was gorgeous, Cathy had a cook, surprise, surprise, a Romanian girl, Tatia, who made us a rich stew with beef. After the meal we sat back in the lounge together on a large settee.

One of the straps on Cathy’s dress had fallen away and her breast kept on playing “peek a boo” with me, so that after a few minutes I could not resist staring. She smiled and cuddled up to me, pushing her strap off, so that her breast was exposed. Snuggled together, we carried on talking, but by now I was stroking her nipple and we kept stealing kisses from each other.

When Tatia had come in to refill our glasses, I had jumped away, to the laughter of both girls. Tatia filled my glass and bent down and kissed me, gently and then with a probing tongue on and through the lips.

“There is no hierarchy here, escort balgat when it comes to playing.” Said Cathy. She had by now dropped both straps and was naked from the waist up. She and Tatia started undoing my top half, removing my jacket and then blouse and bra. My embarrassment of having the days sweat on my body was soon dispelled, when Tatia ran her tongue across my body, licking up all the sweat — between and under my breasts and into my armpits. Quizzically I looked at Cathy. “Wait till you have your boots off she’ll be between your toes with her tongue in no time. We all have fetishes, some people want their partner disinfected before they will touch them, with Tatia she is the other way, not the sweatier the better, but not far off.”

To prove it, Tatia had got onto the floor and was removing my boots. Cathy and I were embraced in a long passionate kiss, naked breasts against naked breasts, tongue jousting with tongue.

Tatia had soon removed my boots and socks, her tongue was between my toes, on my heels and along the sole of my feet, along with the most desirable foot massage. As she worked on me, we were both loudly moaning.

Both naked to the waist, Cathy and I continued to kiss deeply and stroke each others upper torso. Cathy moved back and looked down. “Fantastic!” she said. Of course, I had got so used to my nipple ring that I had forgotten that it was its first exposure to Cathy. She quickly had her fingers playing with it, tweaking and pulling, whilst licking and kissing the nipple and breast itself. The ministrations from them both were building the excitement in me, as I held Cathy’s head to my breast.

Tatia, too, had stripped to the waist and more, now dressed in just her thong. She had stopped eating my feet and was tugging at the belt in my trousers. Womens trousers are not made for sex and she was irritated by the side zip, but this was soon undone and I raised my hips to allow her to remove them. Swiftly she slipped her thumbs into my panty elastic and pulled these down with my trousers. I was rather relieved. Tonight was not a planned sex session, so my underwear was on the opposite end of the spectrum from sexy, but just right for practicalities of office life. The less seen of my Bridget Jones’s the better. Cathy was slightly disappointed as she saw my pussy was no longer naked, but covered in a tightly trimmed layer of pubic hair.

“That will have to go.” she commanded.

“OK,” I replied

Tatia was despatched and soon came back with a razor, foam and warm water, I lay back as the two of them, set to work on my pussy, pubis and butt, working up a thick layer of foam, which then was removed by the expert application of the razor by Tatia — a lady of many talents – until once again I was smooth and Cathy could admire my piercing below. She lay on the floor and I straddled her face leaning forward on all fours. Tatia moved to my head and we began to share tongues, whilst Cathy’s fingers played below. Needless to say her grip on the ring was difficult since it was now covered in my natural lubricant. She fingered my clit ring, licked her fingers, fingered my ring and licked her fingers. Tatia had laid back on the floor, her vulva, below my head, her legs spread apart. I lowered my mouth to drink from her sex, whilst leaning on my elbows, my hands cupping her smooth and tiny buttocks. Her juices were like nectar, whilst I felt Cathy’s fingers leaving my jewellery and playing with both of my entrances.

Compared to my recent experiences, this was so much more erotic and no less enjoyable.

The three of us formed a sandwich, with me in the middle. Tatia got up and raised me off the floor and away from Cathy’s fingers, following her lead we both went to Cathy picked her up, removed the remains of her clothing and placed her on the settee. I was handed a small vibrator, whilst Tatia set to work on Cathy’s breasts, I watched her pecking and teasing them with her mouth and tongue and then flicking the nipples with her thumb and forefinger. OK, Cathy is the boss, but this was so good that I was being selfish and using the vibrator on me. Tatia was playing with herself escort batıkent with one hand and Cathy realising her clit was not getting any help from me had her hand between her legs. The three of us were frigging ourselves as if our lives depended on it and the site we had of each other added to the turn on. Soon we were all coming, with the added battery power I was first, then Cathy, before Tatia was finished off by both our mouths.

We laid back and relaxed in the after glow of orgasm. It was some while before the silence and peace was broken, Tatia rose and kissed each of us, before saying in her sweet accent “I must go now, that was great, I will see you in the morning!”

I asked, “You have her come here in the morning?”.

“No stupid. You really need to be more observant.”

“Why?” I asked.

Cathy rolled her eyes, smiled and said “Tatia is the receptionist at the office! She just likes to help out, especially if she is going to get in on a bit of fun as a reward. She told me she fancied you from the moment you sat in reception this morning, so I suggested that she come over and cook dinner.”

I still could not put a face to the receptionist and took Cathy at her word. It was nice to know that there was no restriction to bedding work colleagues, as long as it was out side work.

“Right do you want me for the rest of the night, or should I order a couple of cocks? I own, remember, one of the best Male Escort Agencies this side of the Atlantic and I make sure I test out all of the new staff!”

I had enjoyed pussy so much tonight that I did not want to change it and just whispered, “lets stay with you.”

Cathy held my hand and raised me off the settee and naked we walked to her bedroom. Living in the country must have its delights and standing in view of Cathy’s large plate glass living room window would have given a view of two beautiful naked women walking past.

Cathy’s bedroom was like the size of a house, in the middle was a king size round double bed with burgundy silk sheets. Typically the ceiling and two walls were mirrored and there was a drop down plasma TV.

We got into bed and started kissing and stroking. Cathy stopped and said, I’ve got something to show you. She grabbed the remote control and dropped the plasma TV down and she turned it on.

As the picture came up she explained “This is our Brussels Brothel, 30 bedrooms, TV Rooms, four bars and sauna and steam rooms, the pictures are live feeds from our CCTV system.” But I was not listening, the pictures covered all of parts of the building as she flicked through, including the rooms being used. Not all rooms were being used, but those that were included just straight sex, there was a blonde screwing a guy with a strap on, two girls and a guy, a dungeon room being used with a girl being flagellated with a cat o nine tails.

“What do you think.” She asked with her hand between my legs feeling me get wet. “Wow”

“Jake and I often lie here masturbating, watching our clients.”

“Are you allowed?”

“No, but it is primarily for security and then Jake and I see it as an added benefit, we would never abuse our customers trust. Anyway, I need to go there next week and want you to come with me, to look at the accounts. It should only take a day.”

“That’s fine.” I thought to myself, a day two days, a week whatever, its work.

Cathy pulled me to her lips, gently kissing mine, her tongue gently probing, mine returning. Just as I was reaching a height of arousal, she said.

“I have a fantasy,”

“Hmm.” I replied, captivated by her kissing, her fingers between my legs and the images on the plasma.

“Have you ever imagined what it would be like, to be paid by strangers for sex!”

It should have shocked me, it should certainly have dried me up, instead it tipped me over the edge. Like a bolt of lighting, I went from high arousal to exploding orgasm, my whole body arching and vibrating, thunderbolts spreading from my thighs. It seemed for ages and when I came out of it, I was exhausted.

“Shall we make two nights then … one for work and one for play?”

Through my post orgasmic sobs, all I could do was lift my face smile and say …………”Yes!” As I fell asleep in Cathy’s arms, my eyes were locked on one part of the screen as a man whipped a whore dangling from chains, as my eyes closed and sleep took over she transformed from a slim black girl into … me!

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