Katie’s Cop

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Many years ago, I met who would best be described as the love of my life. I would do most anything for him. Unfortunately, whereas he was attracted to me and he liked me, he did not feel the same as I. I was 14 when I “fell” for the older 15-year-old. We dated off and on and eventually started making love. I thought I could keep him happy so I held his organ between my legs and slid down onto it one summer day while his parents were gone. I liked the connection, the closeness. I liked sex with Rick.

Rick was my first, totally. His was the first cock I had ever held, the first I had ever tasted. I remembered so well the first time I stroked it like he told me. We were at the drive-in theater. He had manually brought me to orgasm for the first time (well, the first time with someone else). I started holding him and rubbing him. He told me to hold it “like this” and go up and down. Before long he was moving his hips with my strokes. I knew he was liking it. When he said, “Faster,” I did just what he said. Then he came. His stuff shot up to his shoulder and almost hit me in the face. It was his first also.

But what I want to share today happened much later. Rick had experienced several other girls and broken my heart. I didn’t get over him but I did move on in life. I married a nice guy and settled down in my hometown. Rick went onto college. He returned a few years later with his wife. They lived two blocks away.

Rick was now a policeman. I would see him around town sometimes. He looked so handsome in the uniform. My son’s would wave to the nice policeman. He was real good with them. I missed our closeness, not so much the sexual closeness as much as we had been real friends too. Though, I also missed the sex. I wanted some of the closeness back again.

I called him! I knew his wife worked days while he worked nights. I knew she was gone so I called. I told him I missed our friendship. He said he did too. We talked for awhile. I think we both enjoyed it. We talked on the phone often. I would call him during the day while she was gone or he would call me late after my husband left for the graveyard shift. We would wave when we saw each other in town.

One night my husband and I had an argument. I was upset and depressed. Rick called before izmir escort bayan leaving work. He finished his shift the same time my husband started his. Rick knew I was bummed out. I would hardly talk. I told him I couldn’t explain it on a phone. I told him to stop by for a couple minutes on his way home. We talked a lot longer than a couple minutes. It was so good. Nothing happened but talk.

Except in my mind. When he was leaving, I gave him a hug and told him how much I liked our talks. I thanked him for stopping by. He helped cheer me up a lot. I went to bed thinking how really nice it was to hold Rick again. And I touched myself. Actually, I did a vibrator Keith, my husband, had bought. Keith bought it and tried to get me to use it, to loosen me up sexually. My mind was filled with memories of Rick that night. The next time Rick stopped by on his way home, I wore a robe that would open a little. I wore a sexier nightgown than usual. We still just talked but I caught him looking.

I was really mixed up. I loved Keith and never thought I would cheat on my husband. But I wanted to. I wanted to be with Rick again. I wanted him to hold me and touch me. Plus, I’d had two kids and Keith had a vasectomy. What if…? I couldn’t stand the thought of losing my boys.

I used the vibrator a lot. I hid it from Keith so he wouldn’t know and ask difficult questions. He asked about it and I told him I threw it out, it was embarrassing to have around the house. “What if the boys find it? Or my mother?”

Finally one night things happened. I had just finished my period and felt reasonably safe. I didn’t even put the robe on. I just answered the door in a baby doll nightie with the smallest panties I owned showing every time I moved. My breasts were practically showing and my nipples were like rocks. I lubricate extremely well when excited and I was excited with anticipation. I could smell my sex in the air!

We talked for a short time about how work was going and all that. Then I excused myself for a minute. I carried a blanket and a bottle of lotion when I returned. I spread the blanket on the floor in front of Rick. I got on my knees and reached for his zipper. He was hard. He was ready, too. I put lotion on him and stroked him like he had escort izmir taught me years earlier. I had left my panties in the other room and when Rick lay down, I climbed on his cock just like the first time! I impaled myself in adultery and loved it!!

I slid up and down repeatedly until I came after just minutes. But my pussy wasn’t ready to stop. I slowed into a steady grind, riding him, pushing my pubic bone to meet his, sliding my clit against him before rising again. His cockhead would almost escape before I thrust myself down again. I was nearing a second orgasm when Rick tensed. I knew he was going to come. No matter how much I wanted him in me, I couldn’t have his cum in me. So, I raised up until his cock slid out but I kept it tight between my thighs. I continued to grind against him. I masturbated by rubbing my clit against his throbbing cock. I rubbed him with my thighs. As I was coming again, I felt his hot ooze shoot across my buttocks, his pulsing cock pumping it onto my backside!

It was the most glorious, wonderful sex I could remember! The next day I bought condoms. I knew we had breached the moment and would be together more often in the future.

One day while shopping, I saw Rick at work. He was going out to the county to talk to some kids. I followed him to an industrial area. I sat in his car and sucked him till he came. I fantasized being forced to satisfy the bad cop, his gun inches from my face. I even came with Keith that night, still fantasizing.

I finally did what Keith wanted; I loosened up sexually. I even masturbated with the vibrator with Rick watching. He did himself and let me watch when I was unavailable with the monthly visitor. I loved the sight of his white juice shooting onto his stomach! I even licked him clean which made him hard again!

He even took my last virgin hole when very hot summer night!

Rick had arrested some guy early in the shift after a chase and wrestling match. He was hot and sticky with sweat. His uniform was a mess. His adrenaline was still high hours later. I took him by the hand and led him to the shower. He’d been in for a short time when I joined him.

I lathered his cock and he did my pussy. His fingers slid in and around driving me crazy. I turned away and izmir escort he pushed me against the wall. One hand was on my breasts, rubbing, kneading. His other hand went between my legs, reaching through my thighs to my aching hole. He talked dirty – my forced, rape fantasy. He put fingers in me and opened me wide. Then his thumb entered my butt! I had never explored anal sex. Keith’s organ was very thick and though he mentioned it, I always said NO, emphatically.

But now, Rick rubbed his thumb to his fingertips inside me. His thumb felt good. His fingers felt good. Holding me against the shower wall, violating my tight virgin ass and pussy, Rick whispered in my ear he was going to do whatever he wanted and he wanted to “butt-fuck” me.

Rick pulled me away from the wall. He stood behind me, grasping my hair. He ordered me to bend forward and open my legs to his “ass-fucking prick.” I did as he said. Then I felt it, his “ass-fucking prick” against my hole! He felt huge, every bit as thick as Keith. But I stood my ground. Rick’s cockhead pushed against my sphincter. I relaxed as best as could. I wanted his cock in my ass! My pussy was tingling with anticipation, not of getting fucked but of feeling a cock so near, in my ass! I pushed back to encourage Rick. He was being so gentle, too gentle. My fantasy was of rougher sex. I pushed to meet him until his cockhead slid past the tight entrance. It wasn’t enough. Not yet. I wanted him deep, I wanted him all.

I pushed and ground back. I felt each inch enter my bowels. I pushed until I felt his belly against my round buttocks. Then I took his butt-fucking just like he was in my pussy. He held my hips and pumped me full of cock. He went deep before almost withdrawing.

Much to my surprise, I came! I let Rick give me a cum enema. I loved the feel of his pulsing cock, shooting his ooze deep in me. I had wanted to let him come in me but my fear of pregnancy wouldn’t allow it. Even with a condom, I made him withdraw. But in my ass? Oh, yes!!

In the months to come, we explored each other fully. I even took him in my ass while doing my pussy with the vibrator. He had me lick his organ clean after it had been in me; he told me about a girlfriend who would “eat my pussy” and I hers. I wanted me to suck his cum from her and I wanted to! (We never got to that unfortunately.) God, I enjoyed our love-making! Rick and I continued to meet for several years. But eventually he moved away. Now I’m left to memories, fantasies, and vibrators!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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