Katherine Takes Control Ch. 05

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Chapter 5

In which John and Katherine take the cane and more….

Over the last few months John had been giving a lot of thought to the predicament in which he now found himself. He was devoted to his wife, Katherine, and was more than content when she determined that he would be a ‘house husband’ responsible for the house and home, while she worked hard earning considerably more than he could possibly make with his job in the library. Then she had decided that he should be punished for sloppy work around the house. This had created a highly sexual tension between the two of them, firstly when she had used the hair brush, then later as she escalated to a riding crop to punish him when he his efforts were not up to scratch. But then she had upped the game when her colleague from work, Robert, had been commissioned by her to advise on how well he was performing his tasks and what the consequences should be for the areas where he had fallen short. This lead to his first visit to Robert’s flat for further punishment. The anticipation had been a tremendous sexual experience for him as both Katherine and Robert had bound him to the whipping post and Katherine, under Robert’s tutelage, had given him 24 strokes of a cane, specially purchased by Robert, causing him to inadvertently ejaculated on the final stroke. But he had felt enormous sexual relief, especially having been denied sexual contact with this wife for several weeks previously. Sexual denial was another of his punishments. Many times he had secretly masturbated in memory of that beating!

He liked Robert…… He really quite admired him. Although Robert was arrogant and domineering John secretly admired the way he had manipulated both Katherine and himself. But he suspected that Robert was after one thing; and that was getting into Katherine’s knickers. Katherine had told him that it hadn’t happened and he believed her. But she had admitted that she had touched his naked cock in the office, remarking coyly that he was desirable.

Here they were, both Katherine and he, in the car heading to Robert’s flat again where he was to receive his second caning of 24 strokes, this time to be delivered by Robert himself.

The thoughts caused a fluttering in his stomach as he breathed hard to overcome the sheer fear of the repetition of his previous beating. His legs quivered as he drove and his cock was hard, albeit helped by the stimulation that Katherine was now giving it with her hand as he drove.

“You are looking forward to receiving the cane, aren’t you?” She asked him as she fondled his cock through the light silky shorts he had slipped on prior to leaving the house. He shuddered at the thought. His legs felt weak and his insides turned to jelly but, he was hard and he was excited. His heart raced.

“Ah.” He cleared his throat which suddenly felt restricted. “Yes, I am,” he croaked.

Katherine was also thinking about what she had got them both into for it was she who had introduced Robert into their lives. She loved her husband; but he was a bit of a wimp! She smiled as she recalled Robert encouraging her as she gave John a full 24 strokes of that special cane. That certainly proved who was in charge in their relationship. She had been amazed at how the whole episode had been such a sexual stimulus for them both. Now he was going for further punishment and she looked forward to seeing his bare bottom well striped by the cane. But how would Robert want to deal with her afterwards? She trembled at the thought and felt her vagina exuding dampness. Her tummy had butterflies and her pussy tingled. The agreement was that she would stay the night once John had been dealt with. She felt her vagina exude moisture.

Although she had previously enjoyed wonderful sex with her husband, Katherine had a nagging feeling that she was missing out. She craved more. More excitement, more variety, more control over her husband, more… well just more. She wanted to dominate John and yet longed to be controlled herself. She wanted a man to demand that she pleasure him. John would never do that. She knew that Robert would. She tingled at the thought. She wanted to feel Robert’s cock again. His was a strong, hard, powerful cock, like the dominant and powerful owner. She wanted to hold that powerful and solid cock with its impressive big bulbous head in her hands. She thought of it inside her as a welcome change from the somewhat feeble penis of her less well endowed, but loving husband.

John stole a glance at his wife admiring her naked prominent breasts. Her blouse was tightly done up at the bottom beneath her rib cage where only two buttons were visible. But the upper two thirds of the blouse was semi open allowing her tightly strapped breasts with their hard nipples to be exposed. “Are you going to do up your blouse?” He asked her.

“There are no more buttons, darling. Why do you think Robert picked it out for me?” She smiled at him. “What do you think of the harness darling?”

“God, it is fantastic.”

Before leaving home she had, casino oyna with John’s help, put on the leather strap harness that Robert had bought for her. She had explained how Robert had made her try it on in her office that morning before lunch. Robert had removed her bra and then put on the harness adjusting the various straps tightly so that they encircled her breasts. In the process, she explained, Robert could not avoid touching her breasts. He had caressed them avidly and had even kissed her full hard nipples.

John moaned at the thought.

She tapped his hard cock through his silky shorts. “Looking forward to your caning, darling?” She asked him again. John’s stomach seemed to have butterflies running riot within, his knees felt week and he gave a shiver. He had to admit that he was enormously excited at the thought of what was to take place.

“Are you really going to stay the night?”

“Well that is what was agreed.” She squeezed his penis. The silk was so smooth. He was silent. “Are you happy with that, darling?” She squeezed again harder. She had to be careful. He had been denied any sexual outlet for several days and she knew that he would be close to coming.

“No, Katherine. I am not happy that you will be with him for the night.”

“You do know that he is going to fuck me, don’t you?”

He paused as he took a deep breath. “Oh God. Please don’t remind me. I really look forward to the morning when you return to me.”

“Yes darling. I will be returning to you.” she said. “In the morning you can clean my vagina with that magnificent tongue of yours.” She gave his cock a final squeeze, which nearly caused him to ejaculate, but at that moment they pulled into the car park.

He parked immediately in front of Robert’s flat and got out of his side trying to hide his erect cock which was straining against the materiel of his shorts. Katherine waited until he had come round to her door. He opened it. The gaping top half of her blouse was fully open exposing her tightly bound breasts which were pushed out by the leather harness. Her breast would be fully exposed when she stood and walked to the flat. “Is anyone about?” she asked him.

John took a quick look around. “No.” He replied. God this was so exciting. She stepped out of the car. Here was his wife with her naked breasts protruding, helped by the tight harness exposing herself. Suddenly he notice a man walking towards them from the flats. “Wait,” he told her.

But she was half way out of the car. The man looked at them both. John thought that Katherine would try and cover herself, but she didn’t. She stood up to full height with her shoulders back and her strapped breasts on full display. The cool breeze felt good and her nipples were hard. The man walked towards them both. “Good evening. Are you here to see Robert?”

“Er..yes,” replied John.

His eyes were concentrating on Katherine’s chest. “Very nice indeed! Well I hope to see you later.”

John and Katherine looked at each other in confusion.

The man continued walking and Katherine and John went to the block of flats where Robert met them at the door. He showed them into the sitting room where he took off Katherine’s blouse having undone the two bottom buttons. He put the blouse on a hook and directed Katherine to the sofa, pointing John to a single armchair. Katherine was now naked from the waist up other than the tight leather harness. Robert offered them each a glass of wine. The air was tense as they made small talk and sipped their wine, perhaps rather too quickly.

In a moment Robert was filling up their glasses again. He sat beside Katherine on the sofa, put an arm around her shoulder and played with the straps around each of her breasts. “Sit up Katherine,” he told her.

“Do you like the harness, John?” He asked as he adjusted one of the straps allowing his hands to brush against her bosom.

“Yes, Robert.” John replied.

“I must say I am impressed that you allowed your wife of ten years to expose her breasts in public for all to see. I am impressed.”

John remained silent.

“The reason why I asked you to put the harness on Katherine was as a sign of submission. By strapping her breasts tightly and having them exposed for others to see, and fondle, you have proved to me that you are willing to allow your lovely wife, with all her attributes, to be pleasured.” He turned towards Katherine and put his hand on one of her breasts. “Your wife has lovely breasts. What size are they John?”

John knew that Robert was deliberately goading him. But his cock was hard and he was excited at seeing his wife’s breast fondled.

“Thirty four C, sir.”

Robert’s hand moved gently over the mounds, constrained but emphasised by the various leather straps.. Two of his fingers gripped a nipple.

“That is a perfect size. They are beautiful. Are they not?”

John swallowed. “Yes. They are, sir”

He continued. “You know that I have touched Katherine’s nipples before?” Katherine shuddered.

John’s cock was twitching canlı casino in his trousers as he watched the spectacle of his wife’s breasts being stroked. “Yes, Katherine told me, sir.”

“And did she tell you…. ” Robert looked from John to Katherine. “Did she tell you that I kissed her nipples?”

“Yes, she did, sir” he whispered. John felt a surge of excitement.

“And you don’t mind; do you?”

“No, Sir. I want you to touch them and kiss them.”

Katherine moaned at the attention the two men were paying to her. She was breathing hard intent on the conversation.

He now had one hand fondling each breast. “You are a lucky man and I am grateful that you want to share.”

Robert got up and refilled their glasses. He then took his seat next to Katherine again.

After a sip of his wine he continued: “Enough of the preliminaries. Let’s get on. I think that you both know what is going to happen but I want to just clarify so there is no doubt in your mind as to what I intend to do. Firstly, John, when we have finished our wine here we will go next door where you will strip and Katherine will bind you to the whipping frame. Then I will give you the twenty four strokes of the cane which is the punishment outstanding from my inspection of the house. Understand?”

John gasped loudly. Robert was being so formal and masterful. “Yes, sir,” John quivered meekly.

‘He is controlling my husband so well, and I love his authoritative manner.’ Katherine thought to herself as her hand gripped Robert’s thigh in full view of John who seemed to be in a daze. Katherine’s thoughts continued: ‘And after he has whipped my poor husband he will want to whip me!’ Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breathing quickened as her breasts rapidly filled then deflated with her heavy breathing. She felt a burning desire through her loins.

As if he was reading her thoughts Robert continued. “John, you will then be released and I deal with Katherine.” He turned to Katherine holding her breast more tightly which caused her to moan aloud. “Katherine, you know that you are going to be whipped as well?”

She shuddered. “Yes,” she replied quietly.

“Well, dear Katherine, you will be bound to a bench that I have acquired and I intend to give you the whipping you want and deserve. Understood?”

Katherine shuddered as she looked into Robert’s eyes. “Yes, Robert. I understand.”

Robert stood. “Then John, I am going to fuck your wife.” Katherine cried out and John took a deep breath. “Do you want to be present?”

Quickly Katherine replied on his behalf. “No,” she said firmly. “He doesn’t.”

“John?” asked Robert.

John’s cock jumped. “Yes please sir.”

“Very well. After I have satisfied her I will ask you to leave. Katherine will stay with me for the rest of the night as I have a pleasant surprise for her. Your presence will not be required. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” gulped John. Katherine moaned.

“Right. Let’s get going then.” Both Katherine and John followed Robert through the door. John immediately noticed the same whipping post made of stainless steel tubes with the leather halter between them at waist height over which he would soon be lying. There were various other pieces of furniture but John’s eyes were on the steel whipping frame.

John was shaking as he removed his clothes. He neatly folded his shirt then self consciously pushed down his shorts over his extended cock and placed them on a stool. His cock was horizontal. It was solid. He took off his shoes and put them by the stool. He approached the whipping post. Katherine moved his legs apart so that his ankles were opposite the straps provided to secure them to the posts. John noticed Robert go to the far wall where he selected the cane which he had previously purchased to be used on him. He proceeded to swish it through the air as if to try it out. John’s cock was fully hard as he watched mesmerised. Shortly, Katherine gently pushed him forward so that his stomach was lying on the leather halter. She ensured that his solid penis was protruding through the hole made for the purpose, pulling it down firmly. As she was fastening his wrists, pulling them sharply forward so that he was fully extended bent over the contraption, her bare pointed breasts rubbed his arm. Finally she secured the penis strap which tightly encased his fully erect cock. “Be brave, darling,” Katherine told him as she got up and giving him a slap on his buttocks. She gave him a kiss on the lips. “And don’t come,” she whispered.

“Ready?” Asked Robert as he swished the cane through the air again.

John was shivering. But he was intensely excited. He could barely speak and his breathing was heavy in anticipation. He knew that the forthcoming caning was going to hurt but he had been greatly aroused by Katherine as she had secured him. His cock was hard and his heart was hammering in his chest. “OK, darling?” added Katherine.

“Er… yes.”

“Tell Robert properly, darling,” Katherine told him.

“Er, oh…. Please kaçak casino sir will you cane me now.”

“Certainly,” replied Robert. “Twelve strokes now followed by a short pause. OK?”

“Yes, sir.”

Robert placed the cane gently on John’s buttocks. He paused. John was breathing hard. Katherine’s hand went to her throat. Her heart was also beating fiercely in anticipation.

Suddenly — Swish. “Owee.” The cane was gently returned to rest on the quivering buttocks. Swish. “Oh!” Swish. Three very distinctive white ridges were materialising on John’s white buttocks. Swish. John was writhing. Swish. Then another. John cried out. “Owee.” Swish. Soon all twelve strokes had been delivered. Robert put down the cane and Katherine inspected her husband’s buttocks. She ran her hands gently over the ridges which were now turning a blue and red colour. She gently caressed her husband’s bottom. “Well done, darling, you have been very brave.”

Robert had left the room and returned with two glasses of wine, one of which he gave to Katherine. They inspected his handy work. Together they counted ten distinct welts. Two were missing, probably obscured by others. But as they looked more closely the final two welts materialised over other bruising.

“Are you OK, John?” Robert asked as he took a sip of wine.

“Yes, sir. But you certainly gave it hard.”

“But you want it hard, don’t you?”

There was a pause. “Yes, I do, sir.”

Katherine was still gently massaging John’s bottom. “Robert, you should know that I could not take anything like that.”

Robert put his arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on her cheek. With his other hand he tweaked one of her nipples which caused her to cry out. “We’ll see, my dear. We’ll see.”

Katherine’s heart was thumping in her chest as she realised that Robert would not hold back on the beating he was going to give her.

“Let’s get on then.” Robert told them.

Katherine retreated and Robert took up the cane again.

John was quivering as the cane was again gently laid on his buttocks. “Ready.”

The cane tapped gently on his bottom. “Yes, sir.”

Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks; swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks; swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks. There was now a steady rhythm to Robert’s actions. Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks. Katherine noticed that John was now raising his bottom up to receive the next stroke almost in supplication. Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks. The rhythm continued. ‘God,’ she thought. ‘He is raising his bottom for the next stroke.’ He was well into the rhythm. Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks. She felt a tingle in her loins. She was getting very wet and she hoped that it would not show through her tight shorts. Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks. ‘God his bottom was a mess with a mass of blue, red and white ridges. Would he be able to take it all?’

‘Yes, he will,’ she thought to herself. Swish, pause for 5 seconds, cane rested on buttocks.

Shortly it was over. Robert sat down in a comfortable chair and took up his glass of wine.

Katherine gently touched John’s buttocks which were literally red, white and blue with the odd drop of blood oozing from a welt. She was in awe of what her husband had taken and was aware that she would be next for the hot seat! Her vagina tingled and she felt the wetness extruding. “Well done darling,” she told him. “I am so proud of you.” She kissed him on the mouth. “You were rising for each stroke. You were really enjoying it weren’t you?” You are a naughty boy!

“God, it was so erotic. It felt so painful….. but it also felt good. I could have gone on you know. I wanted more. I was ready to come.”

“You did so well.” She turned to Robert. “Shall I release him?”

“Yes, he has taken his punishment well. I think that he enjoyed it,” replied Robert as she released the various straps constraining him. As he stood she took him tight into her arms. He exhaled deeply as her naked breasts were squashed against his chest.

John’s cock had subsided to a shrivelled up small extrusion. But there was no mess on the floor or in the cock sleeve which Katherine removed. So he had not ejaculated as he had done on the previous occasion. Katherine got him his glass from the sitting room and he took a deep swig of wine.

“John, help me here.” Robert was moving a solid black leather bound whipping bench into the centre of the room. Katherine gasped as she saw the beautifully crafted piece of furniture being put into a prominent position. Its use was obvious. Together Robert and John moved three heavy full length mirrors, one was placed in front of the head of the bench and one on each side. The back of the bench faced the door through which they had previously entered.

“Katherine, come here.” Katherine felt weak at the knees and shivered. She stood in front of Robert. He grabbed the straps on either side of her breasts and pulling her towards him. Their mouths were almost touching. Her hands went to his waist to support herself as she bent forward. Her breasts were squashed tight up against his chest. He kissed her full on the lips. John watched.

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