Having a Lie-In

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Jenna can’t sleep anymore. It’s way too hot. Her mind goes in circles, thinking of all the things she has to do, should do, could do… but there’s no point getting up yet. She’s nowhere to be.

Luckily her little bag is right next to the bed. Not a big collection but exactly what Jenna needs. This is the perfect opportunity to try the new egg. It really doesn’t look like an egg, but it vibrates and can go in completely. Why question their name choice?

Jenna doesn’t need to work herself up. She slept naked so she’s already slick. Her Venus balls are first. They go in no matter what she does. She loves the feeling of them right at the end of her hot, tight channel. She loves being able to put other things in, too. The more, the better.

Her slender fingers rub the balls over her entrance, coating them in her juices. She runs her thumb around her folds, collecting the moisture and spreading it over her clit. A small moan escapes her throat. Slowly, she pushes the balls in, savouring the feeling of them sliding past her entrance.

Tilting her hips, Jenna licks her index and middle finger and works them in. The balls have to go as deep as possible. Wiggling her digits, she pushes them further down. Satisfied with their location, she moves her fingers around, teasing herself a little. But this is just the build-up. The preparation for the orgasm she knows she can have, the orgasm she needs today.

The egg is next. Switching it on, Jenna chooses a vibration that increases and decreases in short bursts. She draws the egg around her clit, sending little shivers down her legs. She pushes it into her pussy, just the tip, and moves it in slow circles. She loves how the vibrations carry through her core. Her other hand has started kneading her cute breasts, pulling on the nipples that are rubbing against the blanket.

Deliberately, she pushes the egg deeper. It’s widest at the top, stretching her a little on the way in. She draws it out again, savouring the feeling of being pried open. But there’s more to do. With a delicious sigh, she sinks the egg, nestling it against her g-spot. Just as she imagined, the irregular vibrations are nowhere near enough to build up to an orgasm. But they are making her nerves tingle and toes twitch.

Perfect. Enjoying the growing sensations, Jenna dips her fingers into her juices and trails them around her pussy. She pinches her lips and rubs her inner thighs, slowly moving her hips to get the weights in the Venus balls moving. The egg is making them vibrate, too. Using her other hand to spread herself open, she collects more juices and rubs them downward.

Drawing little circles towards her rosebud, she keeps going back to get more slick liquid. The egg’s vibrations are building her tension slowly. Gently, she works a fingertip into her back entrance. Hmm, that feels good. Jenna carries on teasing her tuzla escort ass while she gets a little pencil vibrator. She licks it up and down before turning it on and pushing it on her tight pucker. It plunges right in, adding a continuous level of vibration to that of the egg.

Slowly moving it in and out, she is careful to collect more moisture and push it deeper inside. Her practice is paying off, she hardly even feels the little thing anymore. Maybe today is the day she can take the next step. Turning her hips to the side to get a better angle, she carries on feeding her asshole more juices, until there is no more resistance whatsoever. Jenna starts to push the little vibrator around in circles, stretching her hole.

Her free hand runs around her lips and clit, pinching and twisting. She stops every time she feels the beginnings of an orgasm building. This one’s got to be savoured thoroughly. She squeezes her muscles gently, holding onto the pencil vibrator while she rummages in her little bag for her dick. Oh wow… Jenna gulps. She forgot how big it was.

But she made up her mind. This is going to happen today. She’ll just have to stretch her hole a little further. Three fingers should do it. That’s just two more than she ever had. The egg carries on vibrating. Her g-spot is growing increasingly sensitive, making Jenna’s hips gyrate in an attempt to ease the building tension. But that just moves the balls. Jenna shakes her head. Focus. Use the excitement to your advantage.

She plops the pencil vibrator out and makes sure it’s switched off. Plunging three fingers into her pussy, she collects as much juice as she can. The first finger goes in easy. She’s used to that. Her determination grows in sync with the tremours in her belly. That egg is working wonders on her insides. She wiggles her finger, enjoying the sensation. With the moisture seeping down from her pussy, pushing that single digit in and out is no problem at all.

On her next move out, she plunges her middle finger in instead. No mercy this time. She bends and circles. It easily goes in to the knuckles. Her index finger sinks into her pussy, bumping against the egg. It moves, making her twitch. The balls jingle in sync. Her mind is starting to cloud over. She moves her hips forward, repeating the effect. But it also reminds her of her middle finger exploring her ass. Today’s the day. She pulls it out slowly, circling her rosebud with her index and middle finger.

Overlapping them slightly, she starts to push. Her pucker stretches, accommodating the tips with more ease than she imagined. She carries on moving her hips back and forth, making the balls jingle and the egg move against her g-spot. Every time she moves, she pushes her two fingers deeper into her ass.

It doesn’t take long. Soon, they’re in to the hilt. She can feel the egg through the thin membrane, pendik escort and circles her fingers around her tight channel. Her pussy is leaking slick juices, the smell filling the room. She draws her fingers out, collects more moisture, and plunges them back in. The rubbing sensation on her stretched ass sets her insides on fire. Her pussy is twitching as the egg continues to vibrate.

Almost pushed over the edge, she starts to moan, a low, sensual hum that sounds horny and driven even to her. She could give in, let herself fall into the abyss… It would be glorious. Her thighs are tingling, small bursts of electricity racing up her spine, her pussy twitching in sync with egg, her ass blissfully stretched around her fingers. Her chest heaving with slight gasps, her fingers start pinching her nipple, her nails digging into the sensitive flesh around it; Jenna twists her body to get her fingers deeper, bending and turning them. They bump against the egg in her juicing cave, sending crashing waves of passion through her whole body.

Slightly desperate now, she turns her body some more, pulling her fingers out of her ass to plunge them back in. At that moment, her arms touch the vibrator, lying forgotten on the bed. She eyes it, not quite registering it through her haze. Then her vision clears, and she remembers what she set out to do.

With new determination, she lubes up her ring finger. She rams all three fingers into her pussy, pushing the egg deeper and the balls right up against her cervix. Twisting and turning them, she collects as much slick as she can. Can’t wait too long, her ass feels weirdly empty without her fingers. One, two… To make sure, feeling a little hesitant, she pushes her two fingers in and out a few times, increasing the speed.

But her tight rosebud is comfortably relaxed, her digits sliding in and out easily. There’s no reason to delay any longer. One last swish through the juices seeping from her love cave, she pulls her fingers out of her ass a little, pushes all three together and, before she can think better of it, sinks them in. Biting her lip, Jenna twists her hand, only taking a second to adjust.

Her body is getting coated in a thin layer of sweat. Panting, she pistons her fingers in and out of her tight ass. She rolls over, arches her back and pulls her shining cheeks apart, wantonly humping her own fingers. Every couple of moves, Jenna runs her fingers through the juices coating her inner thighs and seeping down her legs before ramming her slim digits back into her raw ass.

Whimpering surrounds her. Jenna doesn’t register it’s she that’s making the sound, as the frantic movements bob the Venus balls, their weights bumping into the egg that continues to hum irregularly against her g-spot. The tension in her belly is a tight hot curl of fire, and all her thoughts are occupied with one thing and one aydınlı escort thing only: to race over the edge and explode.

Barely pulling herself together she forces her fingers, shaking slightly from the exertion, as deep as they can go. Jenna circles her hips. She stretches her fingers out to make space while she desperately grabs the vibrator with her free hand. Sinking it into her mouth, she even forgets to gag while she coats it in thick deep-throat spit.

Jenna pushes her fingers even further. They’re buried past the knuckles, the discomfort of the distortion drowned in her lust. Switching the model dick to highest vibrations, she twirls them around once more before pulling them out, stretched wide.

For a second she savors the emptiness, the cool air on her gaping rosebud. Then she shoves the vibrating dick in to its thick base – and keeps pushing. The egg is barreled against the opposite wall of her pussy as her ass widens painfully, the torture making her eyes roll back. Biting her lip until she tastes blood, Jenna twists her nipples and pushes her ass back further.

There is no choice anymore. Her animal instincts have taken over, and they want, they need, to cum like never before. With an audible plop, a blissfully tortured screech from Jenna and a swill of sticky pussy juices, the dick’s massive base forces itself into the sweaty girl’s battered ass.

Holding tight onto the string attached to the ring at the base’s end, Jenna collapses onto her stomach. Her eyes roll back in her head. Her one hand tugs roughly on the string, putting her sphincter through gorgeous torture. Her other hand rips nails across her boobs while she twists and turns, panting.

She’s so close. Hanging on with one toe to her sanity while dangling headfirst over a cliff, her scratching and pinching fingers find her clit. Neglected and swollen, her pearl is ready for action. As her fingers close around it, she pulls hard on the dick in her ass, almost ripping it out. The egg and the balls in her aching pussy jingle and dance and in one swift moment, the whole build-up is released.

Moaning, grunting, panting, Jenna’s body convulses as electric bolts shoot across her limbs and her world turns dark. Stars explode, and her belly contracts her toes and hands in wild ecstasy. Her hips piston up and down, humping the air as every move sends firy sparks into every cell in her body.

She can’t stop. Her insides are liquid, her head foggy and her limbs feel like cotton wool but all that matters is the tension in her pussy that doesn’t seem to ease as her orgasm continues, but grow stronger and force her to push herself over the edge, again, and again, and again.

By the time the orgasm finally subsides, the sun is high in the sky. Jenna is shaking, little aftershocks making her body spasm in delight. Her ass is on fire and she doubt her pussy will ever feel normal again, but her hands find their way to her clit. As she twists the little bud, her body is jerked to life again.

She has nowhere to go. Seeing as her ass is already stretched, what else can she abuse today?

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How It All Began

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Suhani woke up to find her herself cuddled comfortably in her sleeping husbands arms. She looked at his face and admired his handsome features. His face had the stubble of a days worth of a beard that gave his face that rugged looked her liked. She resisted the urge to run her finger over his face as to not wake him up. Taking a deep breath of his aroma, she snuggled up closer to him, and thought of last night. A night filled with passion, and love. A night when their love for each other unleashed an unbridled lust that just refused to be quenched. She thought of the many orgasms that had ripped through her and felt a shiver run up and down her spine. She thought of the sweet nothings and sexy encouragements Ankit kept whispering to her throughout the night and felt herself blush. Yes, she loved her sex as much as her husband and he loved her more and more for it.

At 25, Suhani was in the prime of her sexual life with no intention of slowing down. She and Ankit enjoyed an extremely fulfilling sex life, making love at least 5 times a week. Her husband always encouraged her sex drive and both enjoyed a very fulfilling and at times adventurous sex life. Ankit loved Suhani’s willing to try new things, and explore the boundaries of pleasure as much as possible. Ankit had been afraid that Suhani might end up like a typical conservative Indian wife because of the way their courtship had been, but was happy to learn that he had hit the jack pot! Suhani was dynamite in bed.

Suhani smiled as thoughts of last night continued in her mind and started to reminisce of how it all started. How she took her first steps into her world of sexual explorations. She was 20 and fresh out of college. She had landed a respected position and for once she had time to think about life outside her books and schooling. She started making more friends and meeting new people, going to parties, and social gathering. She saw people around her getting into relationships, but chose not to get into one herself though it was not for lack of opportunities. Suhani was a looker, at little over 5′ 6″, she was slim and fair which long flowing dark hair. Regular exercise kept her waist trim and her hourglass figure was often envied by women around her. Suhani was a head strong girl with strong convictions who didn’t want to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons. If nothing else, she was an Indian woman with her set of values. However, Suhani was also a young woman and time was going by, they needs were making themselves more and more aware of themselves.

One night after coming back from a club with her friends, Suhani was in a rather high mood. Some of her friends had come with their boyfriends and girlfriends and as the night went on, they had retreated into corners for some rather intimate encounters. Seeing them had stirred certain desires in Suhani and had left her feeling unusually horny the rest of the night at the club. She got home and dressed for the night in the pajama bottoms and t shirt. She tried to sleep but couldn’t do so as the images of her friends locked in a passionate embrace kept flashing in front of her.

Waking up Suhani turned on her laptop computer and on an unknown whim, started reading some erotic stories. As she read she felt her face and her body slowly get hot. The story was about a couple’s first sexual union, and as the two couples were making love, Suhani hand slowly crept inside and pants and started to rub her crotch over her panties. As the story couple’s lovemaking became more and more passionate, Suhani slipped her hand under her panties and was shocked to find her pussy very wet.

This was the first time Suhani had felt her pussy in a sexual way and felt her lips very slippery to touch. She was a novice and had no idea that she was doing. She slowly started rubbing her finger up and down her wet slit and felt tingling of pleasure that she had never felt before. However, this was soon too much for her, and she stopped abruptly and felt into an uncomfortable sleep.

The next morning Suhani had met with her best friend Medhavi for lunch. As Suhani walked into the café, Medhavi got up and hugged her.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, “It’s been too long ya!”

“Yea,” Suhani exclaimed with equal enthusiasm, “too long. How’ve you been?”

“Oh you know me,” Medhavi replied, “When I’m not seeing patients, I’m always doing something or another. These days I’m learning how to swim.”

“But you were always afraid of the water!”

“Yea I know,” Medhavi said, “But its great exercise and you know, we’ve got to give the body what it needs.”

“Yea I know that.” Suhani said, with just a bit off-color tone.

“What?” Medhavi asked. “What’s on your mind?”

“Well,” Suhani stammered, “I don’t know. It’s a bit embarrassing.” She added with a whisper.

“I’m listening,” Medhavi said.

Medhavi had always been the more confident and in-touch with the world person. She was well aware of who she was, and believed in her independence. While she was not a bursa escort feminist and respected the woman’s position in the family and in the “man’s” world, she was also not one of those who let her gender hold her back from life’s experiences. She was a doctor by profession and a gynecologist by passion.

“Ok, well,” Suhani leaned closer and whispered, “I had an interesting experience last night.”

Medhavi cleaned closer as well, clearly intrigued. “Do tell..”

“To make a long story short, I think I masturbated last night.” Suhani blurted out in embarrassment.

Medhavi looked at her for a full minute before breaking into a very wide smile. “Lovely dear, congrats! How was it?”

“Confusing,” Suhani replied honestly.

“Not the answer I was expecting, but at least it’s honest.” Medhavi said straightening back up. “So what’s the confusing part?”

“I mean I don’t know, is this normal. Do women do this? Is it ok, what do you do, how far do you do, oh I don’t know anything.” Suhani said exasperatedly.

“Ok, ok, I completely understand.” Medhavi said soothingly. “Here have some water before you get out of breath. Now listen to me”

“Ok” Suhani said as she sipped her water.

“Listen careful because this is important,” Began Medhavi. “I want you to know that you are a young and healthy woman with healthy being the more important of the two words. From their late teens to well into their forties women have a very healthy libido or sexual desire which actually equals that of men.”

“Really?” Suhani was surprised. “But men are so much hornier than women.”

“Yes and no,” explained Medhavi. “Women as just as horny as men, but as you very well know we live in a society where a woman who displays any sexual interests is branded to have a loose character, most of the women simply resign to their fate and just subdue their natural feelings. They feel that when they get married their husband will fulfill their sexual needs.”

“That seems like a good idea,” Said Suhani. “What’s wrong with that?”

“On the surface, absolutely nothing,” Replied Medhavi. “But if you think about it, there are two things that are VERY wrong with it. The first is that until a woman gets married, she must suffer through her sexual frustrations which can result in her having trouble concentrating, focusing, make her moody, and actually potentially cause hormonal imbalances. It’s also an excellent stress reliever. This is why if you think about it, in old days girls were married at an early age. There was wisdom to their actions.”

“Nowadays, girls are married later in life, “continued Medhavi, “and the result is the delays of their sexual needs.”

“Ok, I can accept that,” Said Suhani thoughtfully. “So what’s the second wrong thing is waiting for marriage?”

“The second thing,” Said Medhavi carefully “is that the woman is giving complete power of her sexual gratification to her husband. While that’s all Sati Savitri and all, but it’s also a big gamble. While every man will claim to be a stud in bed, let’s face it, the truth is something else. Men come is all different lengths and sizes, and not all of them are enough for a woman. Not everyman can go long enough before a woman is satisfied and this ends up in more frustrations for her. Some men have never heard of the word foreplay, and the list goes on.”

“So a woman, who relies completely on her husband for her sexual needs, is in reality taking a very big gamble in life.”

“So what’s the solution?”

“Exactly what you did last night!” said Medhavi with authority.

“Hmmm,” Suhani thought about it for a second and then asked “What about virginity?”

“What about it?” asked Medhavi in return

“You know…the hymen?” Suhani said in an embarrassed whisper. “What if something happens to it, what it gets damaged or breaks. How will I prove I’m a virgin on my wedding night?”

“On my God!” sighed Medhavi. “What century are you living in dear? Wake up!”

Suhani just looked at her with a sheepish _expression, looking like a little girl instead of a grown independent she actually was.

“Ok, first virginity only means that you have never had sexual intercourse with a man,” said Medhavi. “No more no less. Second, as far as proof is concerned, the hymen was proof was virginity once again in the olden days when girls just sat at home and did nothing. Today girls and women lead very active lives, and take parts in various physical activities including sports. The hymen can be stretched and broken by any physical activity often without a woman’s knowledge. So the absence of a hymen DOES NOT mean a woman has a loose character.”

Suhani did not seem convinced, “but what if he asks about it?”

“Be truthful,” said Medhavi. “Better yet, ask him if he can prove his virginity! Marriage is about trust, not about a small piece of skin. If he doesn’t trust you, then why does he expect you to trust him? If he can’t prove his virginity then he shouldn’t be asking you to do bursa escort bayan it either”

“Also anything you should keep in mind,” added Medhavi. “Almost every man masturbates, and some doing quiet frequently and many admit it. So if it’s ok for men to masturbate, why should there be a double standard for women? Something to think about, huh?”

Again Suhani was silent. She saw Medhavi looking at her like a teacher looks at a student after the end of a lesson.

“Does it hurt? You know when it breaks?” Suhani asked tentatively.

“Unfortunately, it does.” Medhavi nodded her head. “It’s one of the things we women have to put up with. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by droplets of blood but that’s only during the first few moments”

“So why do it?” Suhani raised her eyebrows. “I mean I can just concentrate on the outside now, and when I’m married let him break it.”

“Well that’s your personal choice, if you want to give him that responsibility.” Replied Medhavi the doctor again. “But since he’s isn’t connected to you, he wont know how you are feeling and may not be able to understand your pain at that moment. I know a lot of my patients were scarred emotionally and some physically because their men didn’t wait for them to be ready. And, you really can’t blame the men either; they are probably horny out of their minds at that moment.”

“So then it’s better to do it yourself?” Suhani pressed on.

“I can’t tell you that, as I said it’s a personal choice.” Medhavi said. “What I can tell you is that once the hymen is broken, it literally opens the door to a whole new world of sexual exploration and pleasure. Your masturbation experiences increase tremendously and are a lot more fulfilling.”

Suhani was silent for a long while, and Medhavi did not break this silence to allow her friend to absorb the information she had given her best friend.

“Do you do it?” Suhani finally asked.

“Of course,” said Medhavi, her tone much more like a friend not than a lecturer. “Not only that, so do a lot of the women I know. Even my patients, some of the married ones too, have admitted to me that they masturbate, and it’s something I have always encouraged from a woman as well as a doctor’s point of view. Like everything else, just don’t over do it.”

“So how do you do it?” Suhani asked tentatively. “I mean not just you specifically, but in general, you know women.”

“Well what did you do yesterday?” Medhavi asked in her doctor’s voice again.

“I just touched on the outside, and felt very wet and slippery. I felt good, then I just stopped.” Suhani said turning a bit red.

“Ok you are on the right track.” Medhavi replied. “The best advice is to do what your feel is natural. Your body will make its needs very aware to you, just listen to it and let the sensations take you the rest of the way.”

“Sounds very simple.” Said Suhani.

“It is,” agreed Medhavi, “simple and natural.”

“And your hymen? Did you…you know?”

“Yup,” Medhavi replied and after a moments’ silence added, “I did it myself.”

“What did you use?” Suhani asked with intrigue.

Medhavi just smiled and just raised her hand and gently moved her middle finger.

“Thanks” said Suhani and got up to hug her best friend.

“You are very welcome madam,” smiled Medhavi and then added with a twinkle in her eye “By the way, you will love your first orgasm!”

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the two friends catching up on old times. They gossiped, they laughed, and they just chatted the hours away like two women. All the while though Suhani kept thinking about everything Medhavi had said, and the more she should about it the more it made sense. Why should she limit her explorations? She couldn’t think of a single logical reason. She was young, and she had needs. Last night her body had made her very aware how strong those needs were. Now she was going to take care of herself.

That night Suhani took a hot bath before bed and got into her comfortable t shirt and pajama bottoms and got into bed. Unsure of how to start, she decided to take the popular approach and logged into the internet. She did an internet search and found some adult pornographic websites. She downloaded some porn videos and started watching them. However, she did not find them arousing at all. Being of a very romantic nature, she found the lack of romance in the videos more of a turn off and turn on.

Being an avid reader, Suhani decided to look for adult stories like the one she had read the previous night and found several websites which had what she was looking for. She read through a few stories and felt the familiar sensations of arousal awakening in her body. After a while she came across a particularly well written story that was not only erotic but had all the romantic interludes that simply melted Suhani and ignited her own passions.

The lovers in the story were had harbored a secret desire for each other though kept it hidden. Through a series escort bursa of unfortunately (or fortunate) events their love for each other became apparent and finally when the two lovers embraced in passion, Suhani’s mind got lost in them. The lovers kissed each other passionately and Suhani looked at them as if it was happening right in front f her eyes. The lovers caressed each other giving into their desires. They undressed each other with the impatience that only true lovers have experienced, moaning each others names, louder and louder, aching to feel each other, to consummate their love in the purest sense.

Suhani started picturing in her mind their naked bodies naked bodies engaged in a variety of sexual acts. She squirmed in her bed, her crotch getting wet, her mouth was partly open, and her breathing was causing her mouth to dry. Her nipples felt like they were trying to rip through her bra and the crotch of her pajama bottoms was actually dripping wet. Suhani’s breasts were a perfect 34 which filled her bra’s C-cups quiet nicely. Her nipples her brown in color but were a start contrast to her fair skin. Her nipples were also an object of pride for her as they were uncommonly large and made her breasts look even more appealing. Her areolas were almost two inches in diameter and when hard, her nipples stood out almost most two centimeters. Often Suhani wore padded bras to ensure that the sudden hardening of her nipples in public did not cause her too much embarrassment by becoming prominent.

As the action in the story heated up, she slowly began to play with her breasts. She lifted her t-shirt, opened her bra, and gently started massaging her breasts, squeezing and kneading them, stopping every once in a while to rub her nipples. Every time the woman in the story had her nipple sucked, Suhani unconsciously pinched her nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

Suhani’s panties were soaked through. She was so much wetter then she’d ever been as a result of one of her dreams or thoughts. It felt like the panties crotch was trying to crawl up her pussy, pressing tighter as her pussy lips swelled around it from arousal. She reached down to try to pull it out and shivered as she made contact with her stiffening clit, sending a jolt from her pussy to the pit of her stomach and the tips of her nipples. The slightest movement made her pussy twitch. Suhani kept her pubic hair semi-trimmed and at this particular moment they were longer than usual. The hairs were adding to her arousal as they tickled her clit through her panties.

As the couple in the story began their love making in earnest, Suhani completely stripped down, dropping her clothes in a pile in front of her. Her nipples got even harder as the cool air hit them, and she moaned softly as she teased her nipples with the tip her finger again. She trembled as strong sensations overpowered her, traveling from her tits to all the way down to her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened and closed her legs rapidly. Slowly she moved her hand down her stomach, lower it further till she could feel the heat on her fingertips and then finally pressing her middle firmly against her clit.

“Oh God!” She groaned, unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure it caused

Carefully, she teased it again, softer this time but gradually increasing the pressure, until she was moaning in short gasps. Suhani’s pussy was a hot, glistening, swollen split between her legs. She continued to rub her finger up and down her clit and every time she brought her finger back her, her clit got wet with her own juices. She pressed her wet fingertip on her swollen clit and gently moved her fingertip in slow circles around it. This sensation was mind boggling and she could feel the pressure starting to increase in her loins down to the pit of her stomach.

Suhani closed her eyes and spread her pussy lips open gently with her index and ring finger while rubbing her middle finger around her pussy hole. She started to move her hips slowly to meet her finger and gently slid the tip of the finger into her pussy. She was lost in her desire as she moved her finger in and out slowly, parting her pussy for the first time. She was not surprised when her finger met resistance just past the entrance. She pushed a little harder, but still couldn’t move it any further. Her pussy started to hurt, but her lust was urging her in further.

Not wanting her pleasure to end, Suhani spread her legs further, moved her knees up and slid her finger in and out frantically as much as it went. Then taking a deep breath, she gave a hard thrust and her finger finally pushed deeper. The immense pleasure was accompanied immediately with a sharp pain unlike she’d ever felt before. She squeezed her eyes tight as the room began to spin, the pain a dull ache deep in her groin, afraid to continue her movements.

When it subsided, Suhani gingerly eased the finger out and examined it. She was initially alarmed when she noticed that it was coated with a thin reddish sheen. But remembering what Medhavi had told her, Suhani calmed down and wiped her finger with a napkin. She was still very horny and the pressure in her pussy was far from easing, she returned her finger back to her pussy and rubbed her clit again.

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Landlady punishes David

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Landlady punishes DavidIt was with considerable trepidation that David walked up the garden of this neat suburban semidetached house and knocked on the door. In all his 22 years he had never lived away from his home or away from his mother and elder sister. Now, having moved on promotion with his company he was about to meet his new landlady at his lodgings arranged by his company. She opened the door and David was met by an imposing lady in her mid forties, she stood very straight, wearing a blouse which strained at the buttons, a dark tight skirt, an attractive lady of a dress size 12 or 14 perhaps David thought. She smiled a big smile and held her hand out, “You must be David, I am Mrs Robinson, do come in and I’ll make us a cup of tea”.As they chatted over the tea she gently probed David about his background, about his mother and sister and his life style. She quickly deduced a shy, immature, nervous unworldly young man who was somewhat reluctant to discuss his mother and sister in detail. That will wait she thought, all will be revealed in due course. She noted a tall, well built young man with a nice if nervous smile.”Come on I’ll show you the house” she said as she rose and led the way around the house. She went first upstairs sensing his eyes on her tightly skirted bottom. “This is my room and I have my own bathroom, this is your room and the bathroom is opposite. I expect you to keep both neat and tidy. You will notice I have placed a box of tissues on your bedside, when you masturbate be certain to ejaculate into a tissue and dispose of it cleanly, I will be very cross if I find any spermatozoa on your sheets or pyjamas. You do masturbate I suppose David?” She had used this approach before to embarrass and confuse young men and to confirm her superior status. She watched as he blushed and looked at the floor. “Well do you?” she demanded. David continued to look at the floor and muttered “Yes sometimes Mrs. Robinson””Well I don’t mind how often you do it as long as you are tidy with your habits. You can unpack your things and dinner will be ready in about an hour”And so David settled in, he left the house before his landlady rose in the morning, making his own breakfast, they ate together in the evening, watched tv, he joined a gym and a 5 a side football group and she played bridge some evenings and sometimes had friends around. On 2 evenings when she was out and he stayed in the house she layed the simplest trap for bursa escort him and he walked straight into it. They were having breakfast together on Saturday morning, both in their dressing gowns when she smiled a big smile at him and said “Why did you go into my bedroom when I was out on Wednesday and Thursday evening David?” he looked up and blushed bright red, he spluttered put his head down and muttered “I just wanted to look inside Mrs Robinson, I’m so sorry”. She said nothing but looked at him. She smiled again enjoying his embarrassment, enjoying his confusion. he was wonderfully naive. “So explain why you opened all the drawers on my dressing table and my wardrobe doors”. She knew this as she had placed a hair from her head across the join on this furniture and he had walked into the trap as she knew he would. David was mortified, he could not deny what he had done nor could he look Mrs. Robinson in the eye. She waited as he squirmed and twisted in his seat. He looked up at her with tears forming in his eyes. “I’m so sorry Mrs Robinson, I’ll never do it again.””Presumably you are interested in my underwear, my knickers, did you try them on, did you put them around your penis and masturbate, did you find one pair particularly attractive, do you prefer my briefs, my thongs, my French knickers, come along David tell me about your interest in my knickers, tell me about your perversion”. David looked up into her face, he was very attracted to her, she had a lovely smile, but her smile now was with her mouth only not with her eyes, these were hard and intense, he felt totally and utterly helpless. He looked down and started to sob quietly. She was delighted with his sobbing, with his utter submission, she was eagerly looking forward to thrashing his bottom which she knew was not far away, but no need to rush, it would be all the sweeter when it came. She allowed him to sob, talking quietly to him about how disappointed she was, how she had trusted him, how her knickers were very personal. “David, I am sure that you have done this before, you must have looked at your mother’s knickers, and your sister’s”.”Yes” he muttered.”And did they find out?” Again a strangled”Yes Mrs Robinson”.”So tell me what happened then”.”I was spanked very hard””By your mother or your sister”” ” By both separately on different occasions” David had decided to tell Mrs Robinson anything she asked, he had to put himself at her mercy, to beg her forgiveness, bursa escort bayan he was helpless before her, he was frightened, nervous, and very vulnerable.Mrs Robinson took a moment digest this new information.This was getting better by the minute she thought, so this is what is behind his relationship with his mother and sister, they both spanked him. She needed more. “David, I want you to tell me all about being spanked by your mother and sister, go back to when you were young and tell me everything in detail.”.”Yes Mrs Robinson, I don’t remember my father, all my life has been with Mummy and Mary my sister. Mummy used to spank my bare bottom with her hand when I was young, as I got older she would spank me with a leather strap as well if I was naughty, later she would cane me sometimes. When Mary was 16 I was 12 and Mummy said that I had to treat her as if she was my mother and that she could spank me when she felt it necessary. She often felt it necessary and she used the strap and cane more than Mummy and spanked harder”. Here he lowered his eyes and looked downwards, he spoke more softly,”They both still punish me when they feel it necessary” She looked at David and said nothing for some time, he was red faced and red eyed, occasionally looking into her eyes trying to work out what she was thinking. “When you looked into my wardrobe, apart from my clothes, what did you see?””I saw 2 canes and 3 straps hanging up at the back”.”I am going upstairs to get them and when I come down I am going to thrash your bottom long and hard, you will be naked and I want you to take your punishment without yelling or screaming or making a fuss. At some later date I want a lot more detail about how your mother and Mary used to punish you. Wait here”. She went upstairs and returned with a 2 tailed leather spanking strap and a medium weight rattan cane. “Take your dressing gown and pyjama top off and come and stand in front of me”. David did so trembling with anxiety and trepidation but mixed with strong emotions towards Mrs Robinson who would purge him of his misbehaviour in a way so familiar to him. She undid his pyjama trousers and allowed them to fall to the floor. She gazed at his naked body, he was well built, wide shoulders, well developed pecs, erect straining penis, reasonable size, uncircumcised, she got up and walked behind him, well developed buttocks, strong and muscular. “Is your penis always erect prior to a thrashing”.”Usually escort bursa Mrs Robinson”.”And what do your mother and sister say about that””Mummy ignores it or says that it will go down as she punishes me, Mary is always cross and sometimes slaps it with her hand or a 30 cm. plastic ruler, sometimes with a strap”.”Does she now, very interesting, now listen to me carefully, draw your foreskin down, I like my men completely naked when I thrash them, stand at the end of the settee, lean forwards with your 2 hands on the arm, open your legs wide as I want to strap and cane the inside of your thighs as well as the back of them and your bottom you may put 1 hand over your testicles when I do that as I have no wish to hit them at this stage”. David obeyed meekly and she took up her position with the strap in hand. she was slow and methodical as she strapped his buttocks and thighs down to his knees. She stopped briefly to remove her dressing gown, now only in a thin short nightdress naked underneath, David, as expected did not move and she stayed out of view, briefly rubbing an increasingly swollen and damp pussy. She resumed strapping up from his knees, harder now, David grunted as the strap reddened and bruised his flesh. She shifted position and started on the inside of his thighs, David protected his testicles as the strap burned the tender skin, forehand on one leg, backhand on the other, from the knees to the top and back again, both sides, hard. David’s breath was loud, interspersed with cries as the heat built up. She stopped and fetched the cane giving David a brief glimpse of herself in a revealing nightdress, Christ, his penis started to harden again, she was beautiful. She ran her hand over her pussy again, 2 or 3 times before taking up her position with the cane. She thrashed his buttocks, she thrashed his thighs, she thrashed the exquisitely tender sensitive inside of his thighs. David broke down and sobbed but stoically did not move from his position. And then it was over. She put her dressing gown on and David stood up, she put her arms around him and comforted him as you would a young c***d, his penis was flaccid. “I have a feeling that I might have to punish you again some time David, hopefully not so severely, but please leave my knickers alone, I will ask you on another occasion what you actually did with them but in the meantime you probably want to go to your room to recover and probably masturbate, all is forgiven I will see you down here for lunch”.”Thank you Mrs Robinson very sorry”. David walked uncomfortably, naked, up to his room, she went to hers and soon the buzzing of a vibrator was all that broke the silence.

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Defiled Young Housewife- Part 4

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Defiled Young Housewife- Part 4Returning to her knees, Reggie yanked her close to the edge of the bed and shoved her legs wide open. “This is better, Christy. It’s best if we don’t fight. We’ve already done plenty of nasty things that I’m sure you don’t want your husband or anyone else to ever know about, like how you like sucking my big black cock and swallowing my jism, and how much I make you cum when we fuck. You becoming my girlfriend, even if you don’t want to.”His face wore a disgusting smile as he said these awful things to her. She would never be his girlfriend.With her legs vulnerably apart, Reggie pulled her bikini briefs to the side — their delicate fabric strained in his fist like a stretched rubber band — and delved his tongue right into her soft pink flesh. Unable to control her body’s embarrassing reaction, her sweet juices began copiously flowing from her pussy into his mouth — exactly the response he sought from her.He parted her labia, keeping her completely open, and his tongue wandered over her clit. He carefully stroked her prepuce with his thumb, exposing her super-sensitive glans. He explored her other folds that were extensions of her clitoris, his tongue licking them, his fingers gently fondling them. Reggie had learned how susceptible Christy became when he touched her the right ways long enough.She sobbed. “Why won’t you just leave us alone? You made me have sex with you all last week. I don’t want to keep doing this with you. Please, it’s wrong. I’m married to Dave and I don’t want this.” But he kept her fully open, and wrong or not, her clit truthfully revealed something different to Reggie, growing noticeably fuller and harder from the unwanted stimulation he gave it. He would make her like it soon enough, he thought. She felt him doing unmentionable things to her down there — things she didn’t want to see. No one — not even Dave — ever touched her this way, did such perverse things to her, scrutinized her private anatomy in such humiliating detail. She would never permit anyone to do this to her. But Reggie wasn’t just anyone. He was a dangerous and powerful criminal, and he did what he wanted to her, touched her private parts in such intimate and embarrassing ways.”Oh, don’t do this to me again, Reggie —p-p-please.””You beautiful, baby,” he kept reassuring her as he held her pussy stretched completely open and manipulated her most private and sensitive places. “You my girlfriend and I love you.”His words gave no solace. She didn’t want his love, and her beauty wasn’t his to enjoy, yet he helped himself to it anyway. He had taken away her normal life and her self-confidence, turning Christy into a victim of sexual abuse, a damaged person. He had mortally wounded her once healthy marriage by destroying its monogamy, and he kept re-inflicting these wounds, keeping them raw and infected, making them fester. Filled with shame, her thoughts screamed: Oh, god, no. I’m so sorry, Dave. He’s stretching my pussy open, looking at me, touching me again! But there was nothing she could do to stop Reggie.He continued going down on her, licking and sucking on her clitoris. He performed oral sex on her like a starving man devouring a tasty morsel, her pussy the only delicious treat in weeks he binged upon. She squirmed beneath him, unable to move herself away from his unwanted attentions.His mouth stayed on her vagina and she couldn’t avoid receiving oral sex from him.”Please, stop it.” “Why you crying when it feel good, baby?””No, I don’t like it — please.””Your wet pussy be telling me something else— the truth, so stop lying.” His tongue resumed exploring her vagina after his humiliating comment.Christy stared at the ceiling, moans slowly infiltrating her pleas for him to stop. “No, I hate this and I hate you. Ooh… you bastard… ah, ooh…ooh, no — leave me alone. I need to look for work today. Ooh, ooh stop. No, please, not there again. Ah, aah, oh.” He kept licking and touching her clitoris, just the right way, sucking on it, and it began feeling good — really good — adding to her humiliation and frustration.He wasn’t her lover, but he came to know her like one. Every woman was unique, and during their times together Reggie had found Christy’s weaknesses — the techniques that evoked physical responses he sought from her. He had learned what gave her body pleasure. He kept focusing on those susceptibilities and specific places where bundles of nerves resided, sending delicious tidal waves to her brain. He held her completely open and Christy didn’t realize how candidly her body revealed what aroused it. But Reggie observed her responses when he did something she liked — the subtle undulations her pelvis made, the way her pussy moistened like the mouth salivates for something appetizing, the change of pitch in her voice, the faint moans that infiltrated her cries, the way her hands grasped him while attempting to push him away with less determination, and how her nipples hardened. He made her clitoris engorge and become ever more receptive to touch, and he continued indulging it. He gave Christy intense sensations he knew she didn’t want from him.She arched her back. “Ooh, no, not there anymore. Ooh, you bastard — stop doing that. Ah, oh, ooh, stop touching me there like that. No, don’t suck on it again. Oh, my god, don’t. Ooh, I’m going to tell the police, and have you sent to jail. Ah, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh my god — no.”Her body displayed its arousal like the easily read instrument panel in a fine sports car, and Reggie almost laughed at her empty threat. Besides his promise to kill her family and friends, she was too ashamed to ever concede to anyone that she had been fucked numerous times by a gang banger, a nigger from the hood who had forced her to cum. Her orgasms filled her with guilt and made telling anyone even more difficult. No, Christy would have reported him that very first time he had taken her if she was ever going to do it. Although Reggie felt confident that Christy would never make good on her threat and go to the police, he still needed to remind her of her place, and most importantly, keep her submissive. He briefly rose from between her legs, his hands grasping her thighs tightly and holding them spread apart, her silky juices glistening, practically dripping from his chin and lips like he had been eating luscious fruit. Christy thought she saw sparks of anger in his deep, dark eyes as she looked up at him from the bed.”You threaten me bitch?”She defiantly stared at him. He slapped her face, her head whipping sideways and an imprint of his hand remaining on her cheek. The blow was unexpected and blinding, like a strike of lightning. “Answer me, bitch.””Ow!” She rubbed her cheek where his strike had landed, bright sparks from his smack slowly clearing from her vision like afterimages from the flash of a camera. She made a mistake and had forgotten how violent he could be when she didn’t cooperate. “No Reggie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I promise I’ll never tell anyone about you.””Convince me then. Tell me you my girlfriend and that you love me.””I’m your girlfriend and I love you,” Christy sobbed. She hated saying that to him almost as much as having sex with him.”That’s right. Now keep repeating it. Remember that I own the police. I’ll know if you tell anyone about me, and so will my homeboys. Real bad things will happen to your family if anything happens to me. You my girl and you belong to me. Don’t forget it.” Her beautiful blue eyes remained locked to his.”Now keep your legs open wide for me, or it gonna be rough again. You understand me?” She brought her thumb to her lips and slowly nodded her reply, her eyes teary.”You not gonna give any more sass. You mine. You my girlfriend and you gonna learn to like this and love me. Say it to me again.” “I love you and I’m your girlfriend,” Christy cried.”And you like what I’m doing to you because it feels good, doesn’t it?Christy silently nodded.Now keep saying it, baby. Don’t make me remind you.” She obediently lay there while he grabbed her knees with his strong hands, spread her legs wide open, and resumed orally assaulting her. He went right for her clit again, keeping her at that threshold between torture and ungodly pleasure. She renewed her whimpers and her moans, fought her hips from rising. She hated him and the way her body yearned to respond to him. “Ooh, I’m your girlfriend… No, Reggie, please not there again. Oh, oh, no, that feels good. I love you. No, ooh, ooh, ah, ooh, I’m your girlfriend, please stop it. Ooh, ooh, I love you. Oh god don’t…”The oral sex lasted until Reggie fully ripened her for intercourse, her clit swollen hard from his unwanted attention. She rose on her elbows and looked down as he finally yanked her panties off.”What are you doing?” she stupidly asked between her sniffles, as if she didn’t already know from prior experience. Reggie again guided her legs apart until they could open no further. He positioned his cock at her luscious entrance. Christy’s hands grasped at his hips in desperation and tried holding him off. “No, I can’t have sex again, Reggie. I’m not taking birth control. I’m married to Dave and I don’t want this. I don’t want you to make me pregnant.”Christy didn’t take birth control pills because of the side-effects and relied on Dave using condoms to avoid an untimely pregnancy. She wasn’t sure exactly when her fertile period would begin.The head of Reggie’s penis slowly entered Christy’s unprotected vagina anyway, despite her protests, her hands uselessly attempting to hold his hips at a distance, pushing against them, but unable to thwart his progress. Christy’s eyes met his. “Please, at least use one of Dave’s condoms for me this time. They’re in the dresser drawer.”Reggie steadily penetrated further. “Oh, no, baby. We haven’t used rubbers before and we not starting to now. You already kocaeli escort got me spoiled on doing this with you bareback. It more intimate. I wanna feel you and I want you to feel me, not some latex barrier separating us. You very special to me and it’s better this way; it’s natural and we’ll enjoy it more. Don’t worry. I’ll pull out this time, so you won’t get pregnant.”Christy remembered how she was unable to control her own body the last time they had sex, the powerful orgasms he had made her have, how his withdrawal was delayed and how his big cock overfilled her pussy with semen. His penis had continued spurting even after he pulled out, leaving messy trails of slippery spunk all over her stomach like sugary glaze drizzled on a pastry. She didn’t want to experience him this way again, so intimately, his huge penis inside her. She wanted as little contact with him as possible, yet the opposite kept occurring and she was forced to share the most personal sensations with him. Against her will she was becoming more familiar with Reggie as her sexual partner than with her own husband, and it filled her with guilt and disgrace. “Reggie, please. I’ll do anything else you want. I’ll jerk you off; I’ll suck on your cock — just not intercourse again. Take it out now before we go too far and can’t stop. I don’t want a baby.”Christy thought the threat of pregnancy would stop Reggie, but in reality, it made him more excited and desirous for her. What better way was there for her and her family to pay for their privileged, white lives than for him to put a black baby in her belly? He pushed more of his thick, lengthy cock into her and watched her grimace from the invasion. “It too late for that, baby. I’m already inside you and I can’t stop now. Your pussy feel too good.” Reggie’s voice sounded distant to Christy. She heard his words but was no longer listening to them as her attention was focused elsewhere. She responded in unison to Reggie’s thrusts. He went deeper and deeper instead of pulling out. “Ow, ah, okay, ah, ah, oh.” With Dave home during the weekend, it had been two days since having Reggie inside her. Her anatomy needed to adjust once more to Reggie’s exceptional size, to his thick long penis advancing and separating the walls deep inside her birth canal.He incrementally pushed more of himself into her and caused Christy to start crying out. “Ow, please. No, not too much. Ow, wait, go slower, Reggie. Oh, no more. I’m not ready yet. Oh…it’s too far… hurting. Easy. Oh, oh, you’re going so deep inside me. Oh, oh, ah, okay…” With the entirety of Reggie’s long, thick negro phallus inside Christy’s snug vagina, her whimpers continued for a few minutes synchronized with his thrusts. The depth he reached far exceeded what Dave could achieve.Typical of most females, Christy’s vagina was amazingly adaptable. Her discomfort diminished, and her pussy soon stretched and conformed to Reggie’s absurd size again. Christy welcomed the relief as her pain subsided, not fully grasping how her anatomy was changing for him.”Wrap your legs around my ass now and start hugging me, baby. And keep telling me that you love me, how good my cock feels inside you, and that you my girlfriend. Start acting more as if you like this.”How could he ask her to do that? He sickened her, and she tried ignoring him.For some reason Christy needed a little more encouragement today. Over the weekend she must have forgotten what he had taught her. Reggie lifted himself off her, his weight supported by only one arm and his incredible strength displayed in its bulging muscles.For a fleeting second Christy thought he was finished and that this awful act was ending. But instead of pulling out, his huge penis stayed stubbornly embedded in her pussy, like an irritating splinter stuck under the skin. He unexpectedly slapped her face, on her other cheek this time, to get her attention and let her know he meant business. The impact sent her head in the opposite direction from his earlier strike. “Did you hear me? Hug me and wrap your legs around my ass. Keep saying what I told you to say. I’m not gonna tell you again. Start fucking me back and act like you enjoying this!””Oh, god, no — I can’t,” Christy balled as his solid torso returned to rest on top of her. But she complied, hesitantly reaching her arms around his back and wrapping her legs around his ass.”I’m your girlfriend and I love you, Reggie,” she sobbed. “You feel so good inside me.” “That’s right, keep saying it, but like you mean it, and hug me tighter, baby, like you can’t get enough big black dick.” Was it possible to hate him more than she already did? In anger, her arms and legs tightened their grip to him. She was keenly aware of his gigantic penis completely filling her with his presence. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, like that. That’s good. Now say them magic words.”His huge penis moved in and out of her pussy with renewed fervor and it was becoming overwhelming, like a blast of music that drowns out all other sounds.Christy’s eyes were like open dams, a flood of tears rushing from them. Instead of her husband, Reggie was inside her. Her legs remained locked around his muscular buttocks as she hugged him tightly. “I’m your girlfriend and I love you. Uh, your cock feels good. You’re so deep inside me. Oh, oh, I like it. “Please stop making me say these awful things and stop making me do this, Reggie. No… ooh…ah… oh…no…”Reggie felt her pussy begin contracting around his cock and he grinned. Although she was reluctant to repeat what he had told her to say, more importantly her body was doing exactly what he wanted it to do. Her hands u*********sly latched onto the big, hard muscles in his back and she gritted her teeth in angry frustration. Why did her body react this way to such a heinous act?But her vaginal spasms defied her anger, becoming stronger and more frequent.”You starting to enjoy my big black dick for real again, like every time we fuck, baby. I feel it in your pussy; it clenches my cock when you cum.” What Reggie said couldn’t be true. But he was inside her and he could feel her having orgasms. There was no way of concealing them from him. Why couldn’t she stop her body from doing this? The humiliation was unbearable. “Oh, son-of-a bitch. No, I don’t want this. You’re a sick, disgusting, basta…………”But before Christy could finish saying ‘bastard’, she drifted off in mid-sentence, her eyes becoming dreamy. “Oh, ooh… don’t Reggie.”Reggie had accelerated his thrusts and altered his motions while Christy was speaking. He knew what he was doing and how to deliver himself to her. The change caught her completely off guard, his long, thick cock making firmer contact with her g-spot and creating more friction. She was keenly aware of the lengthy travels his penis was making, sliding in and out through her tightly stretched vaginal lips, titillating the millions of nerves lining the walls of her entire birth canal. Neurons bombarded Christy’s brain with signals of pleasure and a series of very powerful orgasms had snuck up on her, silencing her objections and concentrating all her attention on her pussy. The deep penetration that had caused pressure and discomfort earlier now felt exceedingly good and her entire universe took on that single focus. “Oh, oh, ooh, uh-huh,” she moaned unable to complete her thoughts.She never orgasmed this strongly before and unintentionally hugged him even more tightly. She simply couldn’t stop herself from embracing him when he made her cum like this.”Oh Reggie, you’re making me cum. You’re so deep inside me. Oh, oh, don’t…ah.”Moans of female arousal replaced Christy’s cries of grief and her earlier sobbing had completely stopped. Their bodies remained upon each other, Reggie in her continued embrace. He felt her soft firm tits against his burly chest, her erect nipples hardening further, her pussy contracting around his cock in strong orgasmic spasms she couldn’t control. “I gonna take good care of you. Keep holding me tight and keep saying what I told you to say,” he whispered while kissing her neck and ear.Christy didn’t want to reply to Reggie’s encouragement, but her pussy was in control and she found herself doing so anyway. “Oh, oh, okay, I love you, ah. Dave wants me to be nicer to you. I’ll be your girlfriend. Your cock feels so good.” The powerful orgasms passed, and Christy returned from her sexual musings remembering that she loathed him, hated allowing him to fuck her. How could he think she really loved him or liked any of this? Why would he make her say such terrible lies to him? How could he say that he loved her — that he would take care of her? She wanted to shove him away and kick him in his gigantic testicles, even if her body was conveying a much different message.Was Christy becoming distracted? Her hips were losing enthusiasm and subtle shoves that sought separation began interrupting her embraces. But he wasn’t ready to end their union yet. “Open your pretty lips and let me give you some tongue, baby. I got a lot more love to give you and we ain’t near being done yet.”They weren’t making love. They were fucking, Christy thought. She closed her eyes, wishing she could ignore him and that this would all stop. “Did you hear me? You gonna learn to like it and love me. Now hug me tighter and open your goddamn mouth for me before I beat the fucking shit out of you! Or would you prefer something bad happen to your family — your parents or Dave? Perhaps it’s time for me to send my homeys a text.”She heard him and didn’t want him to hit her again — or worse, hurt her family. Her lips separated, and their tongues met in her mouth. “Mmm, oh, mmm, please, no, Reggie, mmm, I don’t want to do this… I don’t really like it; stop making me say I do…mmm…oh, mmm…mmm. Okay…for a little while… I’ll be nicer to you… just don’t hurt kocaeli escort bayan my family or Dave…I love you. Mmm, I’m your girlfriend…your big cock feels good. Ah.”She would never enjoy this with him, even if he made her act like it, she thought. But contrary to her intentions, the spells where she forgot he was r****g her were becoming more frequent and lasting longer. She was unaware of her own reflexes and how her pelvis, with a mind of its own, resumed making coital motions. Instinct was an overwhelming force and it made her participate in the sex act. The longer they fucked and the longer he made her hug and kiss him, the more natural all of it began to feel, like a role an actor plays many times over. I love you and I’m your girlfriend echoed in her mind like a mantra, their hips moving together once more with the rhythm of passionate dancing partners. Their lips remained locked and their tongues, like their sex organs, eagerly greeted each other. Reggie had regained Christy’s attention and her universe once more collapsed around the magic they were making. Christy had been virtuous and never dreamed of having a relationship outside of her marriage. But sex with Reggie, whom she had despised, began feeling normal and acceptable to her, as if she belonged with him as much as Dave.Perhaps she didn’t hate Reggie. Maybe she even liked him. She was becoming comfortable having intercourse with him and Dave wanted her to be nice to him. Although she remained in denial about it, she had become accustomed to Reggie’s big cock. He felt really good inside her — better than Dave. There was so much more of Reggie. Reggie’s thicker and deeper penetration forced her to have a physical unity with him that she never experienced with Dave. Part of her wanted to be Reggie’s girl and part of her was learning to enjoy sex with him like he had said she would.She tried to banish her horrific thoughts, remembering it wasn’t love they were making. She was married to Dave and Reggie was committing one of his heinous crimes on her. He was forcing her to do this and it was sick, wicked and wrong. How could it possibly feel good? “I love you and I’m your girlfriend. Your cock is so deep inside me. Oh, it feels good.” She couldn’t stop hearing herself repeat those awful phrases he made her keep saying to him. He was a despicable d**g dealer, murderer, gangster, and r****t who threatened her husband, family and those she loved. She would always hate him.But intercourse with Reggie continued, his deep penetration along with all the kissing, the embracing. While they fucked and their bodies remained joined, emotions from a deeper, more primitive part of Christy’s brain, urged her to espouse their illicit act and bond with him — to accept and trust him. They kept resurfacing, like bubbles from the bottom of a pot of water once it reaches a rolling boil. Her sentiments began reflecting what their bodies kept doing with each other. Although Reggie had coerced her into having sex, they had engaged in it enough to begin influencing her feelings for him in irrational ways, especially when participating in carnal behavior with him. “Oh, you feel so good deep inside me, Reggie. I love you and I’m your girlfriend…”They finished another round of French-kissing and she saw the clock on her nightstand. Dave had worked overtime, yet where did the hours go? She was hugging Reggie tightly; they were fucking zealously. Christy had become more complaisant the longer this immoral act continued. Her prolonged victimization caused Christy to question if Reggie had actually seduced her. What he did to her felt good and made her orgasm, and this filled her with guilt and made her believe she was partially responsible for what was happening to her. “Ooh, oh, uh-huh, ooh, Reggie, we’ve got to stop now. Ah, oh… ooh, please. Look at the time. Dave will be home soon. Please, ooh… he’ll find out about this. I can’t let him see what we’ve been doing.” “Show me some more love, baby. Say what I want to hear and start squeezing my cock with your pussy again. I’m close, but you gotta cum with me this one last time. Don’t try faking it either, because I’ll know.”How did things come to this — to where she was trying to cum for him? She didn’t want to do it but couldn’t risk delay and Dave coming home and seeing them together. Christy let go of the little resistance she had mustered. A telling squeal escaped from the back of her throat, her fingers digging into Reggie’s muscular back, her vagina clenching his penis. “Oh, ooh, I’m your girlfriend. Uh-huh, ah, oh, I love you. Oh, I’m cumming, Reggie. Oh, god, you’re so deep inside me and feel so good. Please cum for me now, Reggie.”He felt her pussy tightly squeezing his cock in another series of orgasmic fits. There was no way she was faking this one. “Oh, yeah, baby. That what I’m talking about. Good girl. I love you and I love when you do that for me. You showing me how much you like this and expressing love for me. That the way.” He drove into her harder, deeper, and she felt the familiar, powerful tension in his huge muscles, his heart thumping in his chest.Was this the third one for him? Reggie had promised to pull out. She couldn’t remember how many times he came today, but they were orgasming together now. “Ooh, don’t, oh, you’re cumming in me again, Reggie. No… you promised to take it out before you came this time,” she uselessly murmured. Once more he experienced incredible pleasure and relief as his huge, hard penis fed what his enormous balls produced in excess to her soft, wet vagina. “Ah, yeah, baby, you feel so good. I can’t pull out. I’m cumming in your pussy. Oh, I love you so much.”She knew what he wanted her to say to him, and while it hurt to keep betraying Dave, she said the words Reggie wanted to hear anyway. “Oh, I’m cumming too Reggie. I love you and I’m your girlfriend.”He kept pumping more of his cum deep in her pussy.Her arms loosened their embrace around his strong shoulders and her legs released his firm ass. She labored her words while catching her breath. “Ooh, oh, that’s enough. Pull out now.” She was still having her own orgasm when Reggie lifted off her, withdrawing his long, thick cock from her sperm-filled cunt, their bodies at last untwining. He wasn’t completely done either; she felt warm spurts from his penis landing on her stomach after he withdrew. She knew what he wanted her to do. Her fingers wrapped around his cock and gently stroked it to help him finish. He ejaculated more than Dave — more than any normal man. His huge testicles made too much sperm and Christy thought this was probably the reason why he was so aggressive and demanded sex so frequently. He likely couldn’t help himself. “Oh.. you’re cumming so much this time,” she absently remarked.”I know baby. Because I love you and missed being with you over the weekend.””Ooh, Reggie… it’s so much,” she repeated staring down at his cock, mesmerized by the way it fired it’s warm ammunition all over her belly, like a gun in her hand.His penis was becoming softer and had finally stopped spewing semen. “Are you done?” she softly asked. She let go of his cock and his hands began massaging the slippery spunk he had ejaculated on her stomach into her skin as he spoke. “Yeah, we done. Did that feel good for you, baby?” It wasn’t supposed to feel good, she guiltily thought. He kept forcing her to do this and it was wrong. Christy momentarily turned her face away from him, her cheek sinking into her pillow, without answering as he rubbed his semen across her flat abdomen with his strong hands. He rose from the bed and stood nude looking at the family pictures on her dresser, among them her wedding photo with Dave. Reggie was proud of himself for spoiling a white man’s beautiful wife. Poaching married white pussy was like hunting quarry and he enjoyed the sport of it. His nicest trophy was lying in bed, her womb filled with his semen and her body covered with it. Christy was a keeper.Reggie’s smirk at her wedding photo went unnoticed by Christy. She remained in the bed. Her eyes briefly wandered to his huge, flaccid penis coated with the slick, wet sheen she had put on it. The intense orgasms had left her feeling relaxed and exhausted even though Reggie performed most of the work. But the sex had ended, the euphoria was fading, and rationality began returning to Christy along with her disdain for him. His seed was oozing from her pussy; the excess he had rubbed all over her stomach was drying on her skin, turning into crusty residue. She detested what he did to her. She had lost count of how many times she came and resented what he made her say and do to him, the way he had forced her body to respond in ways she didn’t want. Did her orgasms really mean she enjoyed sex with this vicious criminal and loved him like he kept making her say to him? She hated Reggie and she couldn’t allow her mind to play tricks on her. There wasn’t time to entertain these disturbing thoughts. Dave would be home shortly. She got out of the bed and hurriedly changed the sheets, noticing a disgusting wet spot left on one of them. After making the bed, Christy took a shower to eliminate the last remaining evidence of what had occurred. The after-sex shower where she used a washcloth to remove Reggie’s cum from her vagina was becoming a ritual. She didn’t want him staying in her body, but she knew his penis had gone far inside her and that some of him would remain anyway. She kept remembering how much semen he produced. It seemed to blast from his penis like water from a firehouse when he orgasmed.Her pussy felt a little sore this time. Over the weekend she hadn’t had sex with him, and her vagina must have tightened some. He was so much thicker, longer and harder than Dave. It seemed like ages since she made love to Dave, and it was because of Reggie. She exited izmit escort the shower and wiped away some of the steam on the mirror. Thankfully, the marks Reggie had left on her cheeks weren’t too noticeable. She quickly put on makeup and blush to further conceal them.Christy began making supper moments before Dave’s arrival. Dave returned home fatigued after working hours in a hot warehouse. He barely responded to Christy’s hugs and kisses as she greeted him in the kitchen. Reggie stood beside Christy apparently helping her prepare dinner. Dave was glad to see them getting along better. Christy must have listened to him last night and was apparently being nicer to Reggie.”Hi, Honey — I’m dead tired. What’s for dinner?” Dave asked, noticing the extra rosiness in her cheeks and her eyes that looked a little red and puffy, yet failing to recognize the full extent of Christy’s anguish. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve been crying or something,” he remarked.Christy and Reggie glanced at each other for a moment. Her mouth opened but words failed her. “Um…” Panic set in. She didn’t know what to say. If the wrong words left her lips, things could quickly turn ugly. She looked down at the dish she had been preparing and tried to gather her thoughts. The ingredients in the pot provided an excuse. She forced a grin and gave a girlish giggle. “No, I was just cutting some onions and Reggie had to finish them for me. And my allergies have been awful. I just took an antihistamine.” Her bright smile allayed Dave’s concern.Reggie recalled why Christy had been crying. She was an incredible fuck, and he didn’t want anything jeopardizing that, especially her dumbass husband. He quickly reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of Michelob to distract Dave. “Hey, bro, you look like you can use a few cold beers tonight.” Reggie’s face beamed as he handed Dave the beer. Dave really had no inkling that his gorgeous wife was getting fucked by a big black cock when he went to work. How could Dave possibly be that ignorant? But it was working out well for Reggie. Dave was young and he was naïve like Christy had been before Reggie began m*****ing her. The smile on Reggie’s face grew bigger as he took another beer for himself and went into the living room with Dave pretending to be his friend. Christy remained in the kitchen preparing supper while Dave and Reggie sat in the living room watching another football game on TV. Christy heard them howl over a play. She disliked them bonding. Reggie was like cancer in her marriage, separating her from Dave physically and isolating her from him emotionally. Why couldn’t Dave see it? Reggie’s charade sickened her — pretending to be Dave’s buddy while taking her behind his back. Christy needed carrots. When she opened the refrigerator, she stared contemptuously at a full case of beer Reggie had left in it for Dave. Dave rarely drank before Reggie moved in with them. But with Reggie’s encouragement, Dave now became intoxicated almost every evening.She finished cooking and went to the living room to fetch Reggie and Dave for dinner. She had never been cognizant of penis size before, but her eyes lingered on the outline of Reggie’s huge dick that hung down the left leg of his grey sweatpants as he sat next to Dave on the sofa. Reggie had made her suck on it, swallow his ambrosia, and she knew how he tasted. He had made her play with it and hold it, and she knew how warm, thick, massive, and hard he felt in her hands. He had fucked her with it, and she knew how he felt deep inside her, stretching her open, rubbing against her sensitive folds, completely filling her. Compared to Reggie, Dave’s penis barely hinted at a presence in his trousers. Unlike Dave, Reggie was big, strong, and muscular and his cock was huge. Reggie wanted her every opportunity they were alone together; it seemed like he could never get enough of her. I love you and I’m your girlfriend, echoed in Christy’s mind along with what he did to her and what they did together — the way he touched her, the deep penetration, the combination of pressure, discomfort and pleasure, the powerful multiple orgasms Reggie’s large penis combined with his tender caresses always caused her to experience. Dave had never made her cum.She was getting wet! What was wrong with her and how had she become seduced by this evil gangster? She became angry with herself for staring at Reggie’s bulge and having perverse thoughts. He had ****d her. He was a monster and she hated him. The clang of utensils against plates filled the dining room as the three sat for dinner around a beautiful oak table purchased by Dave and Christy during better times. “So, did you have any luck looking for work today?” Dave asked her.Dave’s question made Christy remember how she had spent the day and filled her with more guilt. “A couple of prospects maybe,” she nervously replied without further explanation. What would she tell him if he questioned her further? “Well, I’ve got some great news, baby,” Dave announced. “I’m getting a $300 bonus, plus earning more overtime. I’m going to the Amarillo warehouse for two weeks. They’re short on help there.” Reggie called her ‘baby’ when they were alone together. She felt uncomfortable hearing Dave say it to her now. Her world was collapsing around her and she was helpless to stop it. She looked worriedly at Dave. “Amarillo is almost 500 miles from here. You mean you won’t be home for two weeks? When do you have to go?” I need to pack some things tonight because I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s kind of short notice, but I jumped at the opportunity to earn some extra money.”Dave earned the little bit money they had by working hard and now he was leaving her alone with Reggie for two weeks for a measly $300 bonus. Reggie, on the other hand, had more cash than he could spend by selling d**gs and ruining lives. It seemed so unfair to Christy. Christy noticed Reggie — who sat across from her — grin as she tried to maintain composure. She knew why he was smiling. It was like a sick, inside joke she shared with Reggie that excluded her husband.But the joke wasn’t funny. Dave couldn’t leave her alone with Reggie for two entire weeks. Dave had no idea what that would mean — who Reggie was and what he would make her do with him. “Oh, Dave, I don’t want you to go and leave me. Can I come with you?” “I’m afraid not. The company is making us share hotel rooms and the insurance doesn’t allow non-employees to travel in the vehicles.”**********************************Reggie asked if he could ride along with Dave and Christy as they were leaving to drop Dave off for his trip. Reggie claimed he wanted to pick up some things at the grocery store on the way back, but Christy knew better. Reggie accompanied them and Christy missed her last opportunity to be alone with her husband for the next two weeks. After dropping Dave off at work, the drive home began in silence, a blur of vehicles and buildings passing outside the car’s windows, like a rear projection scene in an old movie. Then Christy felt Reggie’s hand glide up her inner thigh and begin to rub her crotch. “Please stop touching me, Reggie.” “Don’t try and pretend you don’t like it. You get real wet and cum an awful lot every time we make love. Your pussy don’t lie to me, baby.”What she had done with Reggie more times than she wanted to remember wasn’t making love. Silent tears began flowing from Christy’s eyes and trickled down her cheeks as she drove home. Reggie’s hand was messaging her pussy through her yoga pants. She thought about how distant she was becoming from Dave, how they hadn’t made love in weeks because of what Reggie was doing to her. Reggie had fucked her almost every day when Dave went to work. Now Dave was leaving her alone with Reggie for two weeks. Dave wouldn’t be home in the evenings, nor on the weekends to give her any reprieve from this horrible sex monster that lived with them. It seemed like Reggie never tired of sex. She dreaded how much he would force it on her with Dave away. She wished there was some way out of this mess without jeopardizing her marriage and everyone she loved.Unlike Christy, Reggie looked forward to getting home and spending the next two weeks alone with her. Christy had begun showing signs of accepting him during intercourse, but he wanted their relationship to expand past the bedroom. Reggie preferred the challenge of white women, especially ones married to white men. After learning that Christy wasn’t taking birth control, Reggie had begun fantasizing about her flat stomach swelling with a bastard black baby inside it; watching her nurse a black baby with her beautiful white tits heavy with nourishing milk and made that way by a black man— preferably himself.Christy stopped her car in the driveway to drop Reggie off. She wanted to leave him at the house and find someplace else to stay for a little while. She didn’t know exactly where to go. She didn’t have enough money for a hotel, couldn’t risk the questions friends or family would ask if she went to them, and if she stayed away too long, Reggie might make good on his threats. But none of that mattered. She needed to get away from him.Reggie had anticipated her intentions. “Pull into the garage, Christy.”She became defiant. She needed time to figure things out. “No, Reggie, I’m not staying alone with you. I’ll go somewhere else for a while.”Surprised by Christy’s sudden courage, Reggie needed to take the fight out of her and make her obedient. “I warned you before about ever crossing me. We finally getting some decent time alone without your husband coming home to interrupt us, and you wanna go someplace else to stay? You staying right here with me and you gonna love me. You my girlfriend and you better act like it.” She would never be his girlfriend and didn’t want to pretend she was anymore.He began unbuttoning Christy’s pants there in the driveway.How could he attempt this outside where someone might see them? She tried to pull his hands away from her. “What the hell are you doing? Not out here where people can see us.” Continue…

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The best season :-P

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The best season :-PIt’s during the best season that you peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P. It was a nice day of summer, august end august i remember, when i and my sis were at home with an our cousin (young like us :-P), my sis and our cousin are sitting on the bed and started to joking with the cellulars so i take a chair and i am satted front to them 😛 for to joke with they 😛 but also for peek a bit 😛 because our cousin had a skirt until more or less the knees while my sis was with an habitual tunic for home, color white, while our cousin keep her legs, namely her knees united, because maybe she had a bit noticed that i did a bit the voyeur, (also this our cousin is nice and hottie 😛 like my sister, but my sis is more nice and hottie :-P) my sis instead at a certain point inavertly opens a bit her legs and i see her panties or big Pant 😛 because it occupied the entire part between her thighs, namely that what i seen between her thighs, and i notice her inner thighs that are nice white and also nice heavenly :-P, and that very nice Pant white-dense 😛 almost right frontally from my visual :-P, that nice moment was dured a little :-P, then they are gone away, i, anyway, i was obviously very glad of to have been able to saw my sis, for a little, with that nice big (maybe :-P) Pant between her beautiful thighs white-heavenly :-P, i must say that i was left myself very positively impressed for her inner of thighs heavenly in addition to the other beautiful thoughts that I had about her already from a bit of time to that part :-P. Little time after it was always a beautiful sunny day of end-summer, when i got home, there are my parents and a relative (not our cousin that i have recount before :-P) and there is also my sister who wears a beautiful adherent heavenly tunic for the house, the same one that, some time before, istanbul escort it had provoked at me the best erection of my life, (situation, in brief, of that time there that i have already recounted in a my previously story to this = i was entered in the room from lunch and my sister was sitted on a chair, with the view of she frontal, with that adherent heavenly tunic, i begin to look at her a bit on her legs that were nude and also white without feeling myself too embarrassed, given my level, a little hidden inside, of voyeur quite high, then after a bit for to talk with her i turn around and i see her from up to the down, that she was always sitted on that chair and always with the view of she frontal, that she has her fleshy and white knees, and also a bit more above of her knees :-P, out from the bottom of the skirt of that adherent tunic and her legs nude and white were open wide or well spread apart, as you prefer, and bended, and with the feet bent on the tips above her low hooves with nice small socks sport white that ended at her skinny ankles and the calves at balls and nice white and nice tough, and my cock, in way automatic! :-P, it becames like the diamond of the rock that it would the hardest mineral in nature! :-P), so also in this occasion she, with that adherent heavenly tunic, she was always in this way, with legs bare and low hooves but with feet nude, so i was very glad of to see her in this way, and i start at peek her, at a certain point she sit on an armchair in front of the TV, she has crossed the legs that come out almost entirely from that fitting tunic, and the beautiful hard calf to the leg of under :-P, I naturally sit down, laterally to her, on one chair beside at the table, with the excuse of to watch tv, toghether at she, for to admire her beautiful legs nude and also the feet bare on the low hooves, avcılar escort with her overlapping towards of me 😛 (but even if she had put in the opposite direction I would have been the same there to peek her :-P), but in the fateful crossroads of the overlap I not succeed lot at peek the panties, so i have had a good idea :-P, I get up and i started to look her through the mirror that is situated above the forniture beside at the TV and at hight man (at the head of the man namely :-P), with obviously the excuse of to look at what was on that forniture 😛 so i, frontally with the mirror, below at her intersection I succeed at to peek a bit her panties, that seemed white, not limpid but a little opaque :-P, then at certain point, she remove the overlap and she fixs the feet (namely the soles of hooves) on the ground and keeps her legs a bit open :-P, and so I can to see, always through the mirror 😛 , there in the middle, and I see the part bottom of those panties, but then damn! 😛 comes our mother that puts herself beside to me and covers at me the beautiful view, after a while my sister gets up and goes away, I continue to search her for the house and I go to the kitchen where I find her with our relative, she’s smiling a bit but because she talk with our relative and not because she had noticed me before ? 😛 i don’t know :-P, then after a bit i go away in the bathroom and i succeed at shot myself right away a nice handjob (i didn’t want wait a moment more quiet 😛 because i had a lot of load :-P, and then in my room there was a bit of going and cum with my mother, still! :-P) with the sperm nice dense and white :-P. I always remember this beautiful gimmick of the mirror also if at the end i have had a small mockery :-P, but I could not certainly curse our mother :-P, also because if in that moment that my mother had covered me that beautiful vision the luck şirinevler escort had turned my back so to speak :-P, little time before of this episode always thanks at the nice tunics for the house of my sister, over to the episode of the best erection of my life namely that she was sitted on a chair with legs nude and white open wide and bended and the feet bended on tiptoes and with the calves :-P, i also had a very beautiful view of her with the downblouse 😛 and then at the home near sea, always a bit time before, a nice view of an her nice Pant white (also these last two episodes i recounted both in my previously stories :-P) and then as i said before at the beginning of this story 😛 with our cousin :-P, and especially then, little time after, toward end summer-beginning of autumn, the luck would have me fully rewarded of that small mockery (namely of our mother ahead the mirror :-P) in the peeking my sister, always at home and always thanks to her tunics for the house, in the middle of her naked legs :-P. http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10172985/201290906 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10172985/20129090 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10256651/204450501?from=related http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10256651/204450501?from=related https://it.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/11375807/253148129 https://it.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/11375807/253148129 https://it.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10714482/222766891 https://it.xhamster.com/photos/gallery/10714482/222766891 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6385330/110780664 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6385330/110780664 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6436780/111724499 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6436780/111724499 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6468324/112286455 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6468324/112286455 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6984044/121698537 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6984044/121698537 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7530573/132519246 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7530573/132519246 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9169463/169922481 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/9169463/169922481 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6334799/109891740 http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/6334799/109891740

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I loved being in isolation with my friend’s m

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I loved being in isolation with my friend’s mI just turned 18 a month ago but, I do have a heath problem that I get treatments for across the border at a treatment center. When I get these treatments I’m not allowed to drive for 24 hours so someone has to drive me. My mom works as a nurse and with this virus is having to work unreal hours, and my dad is a trucker who was on his trip to load produce so it left me without a driver. Two doors down from us my friend lives and his mom is a teacher so she was off on spring break. and offered to drive me. I wanted my buddy to come with us but, with this virus thing his mom said no.We got asked a hundred questions at the border going south which almost made me later for my appointment. After my treatment, Lora that’s my friend’s mom’s name went through the drive through at dairy queen getting both of us a cone before heading to the border. She turned the news on just before the border and we heard it say that anyone crossing the border had to self isolate for 14 days once you get home. Lora called my mom at work asking her what it had to do with her and me once we got home. She has blue tooth in her car so I heard mom say “Sorry Lora but you and my son are going to have to isolate and not be around anyone for 14 days. I guess we weren’t thinking about that when you offered to take him for his treatment. Let me think about it and I’m sure I can come up with something that will work. I’ll call you back after I talk to a few doctors here.” Lora hung up looking like a deer in the head lights saying “I think it may be just you and me for a couple weeks. My son will be pissed but at least I don’t have so husband to worry about do I?” The only thing I had going on in my head was, I’m going to be with this sexy woman for two weeks, YES there is a god after all.We got to the border and the guy in the booth told us we had to self isolate and if we didn’t, we could get a huge fine and or jail time. Lora’s hands were shaking when we left the border and that’s when my mom called us back with her plan. Mom said ” Lora first thing is I’m so sorry but this is all I can come up with. Tommy will move in with me and my sister said she would stay with him when I’m at work, and you and my son will have to stay at your place for 14 days. That’s the best I can come up with. I’m so sorry again Lora, you don’t have any under lying heath problems do you?”Lora said that she was heathy and that she couldn’t think of anything else we could do hanging up the call turning to me saying “Well I guess its you and me for 14 days, can you think of anything we can do to keep us from going nuts my new young man?” I didn’t think I should tell her what I had going on in my mind, so I just shrug my shoulders. Lora then said “Well I went shopping with all those idiots this morning and I think we have enough food to keep us.”Her cell rang and it was my aunt saying that she could be at her place in ten minutes to pick up Tommy so if Lora could she make sure he had some bakırköy escort clothes packed when she gets there so they could be gone when we get there. Lora said she would call him right now and make sure. Lora called Tommy’s cell and told him what was happening and what to do. Tommy was being a real ass to his mom whole time until Lora said that he was on the car speaker, and that I could hear everything that he was saying. All of a sudden he couldn’t do enough and was nice as can be to her and me. Lora said “I’m sorry but he trying to take control of the household, and its a bit of a power struggle in our house right now.”I told her it was no big deal and if he tried that with my mom or my aunt he would be in for an awaking cause they wont put up with any crap from anyone. Lora give me that smile that goes straight to my third leg and patted my leg. I wish she patted it a whole lot high but it still had me rising at her touch. Lora is a couple years younger then my mom who had me at 17 which if I do the math right makes her about 33 but she looks like she could past for in her early 20s. Ok so you think I screwed up cause of her son well he’s her step son and his dad died a few years after he married his step mom, leaving her with a step son. He always said that at least he had a mom even if she wasn’t blood.We drove around for a couple hours waiting until my aunt to called saying the house was empty for us. We walked in and Lora said that she would put clean sheets on Tommy’s bed for me, and that we would have to get my mom to drop off some clothes for me to wear. See I’m a bit big for my age standing I’m 6′ 3″ and come in at 184. Tommy on the other hand is maybe 5′ 5” and maybe 110. It was his size that kind of got us to be friends. About 5 years ago I was walking across the playing field at school when I heard what sounded like a fight going on under the stands. When I got there it wasn’t a fight, but it was two guys kicking the shit out of Tommy only because he was small for his age. . Well I wont go into detail other then to say Tommy and me walked away, and the other two were seeing stars and holding the family jewels when I was done with them. It become known that if you fucked with Tommy, you fucked with me.Lora and me had our first dinner together and sat to watch a movie call “The good the bad and the ugly.” I had never seen it before and I love it. Lora said after the movie that she never thanked me for looking out for Tommy at school. I had no idea she even knew about that, but Tommy is a cool guy so it was no skin off my ass to due so, but she almost had a tear in her eye when she give me a kiss on my cheek. After that we talked about this and that before we got around to me having girl friends. Well to tell the truth I have a hard time getting and then keeping girl friends due to my size. See I’m bigger then most everywhere on my body, and the word has got around so if I do get a date they want to see for themselves beşiktaş escort and the date comes to a end. And if I’m being truthful I’m still a virgin unless a hand job counts. One of the guys at school once said that he saw a movie that I could’ve been in, saying it was called Porky’s and there was a guy in the movie that the hooker even thought was deformed when see saw he cock. I told him that he was a fucking jerk off and to get away from me. Some of the guys took to calling me meat after that day.That night I had a shower but still had no clothes so had a towel around me walking back to my room which is at the head of the stairs, when Lora came up the stairs, I guess I had the towel a little high around me cause when she looked up she stopped in her tracks with this shocked look on her face as I said “I guess I have to sleep naked tonight, I hope mom drops off some clothes for me tomorrow.” that’s when I noticed her eyes weren’t looking me in my face, but more above my knees. Well my third leg started to rise and I turned saying my good nights. I still had my light on when Lora tipped on my door saying that I shouldn’t be embarrassed, and that what she saw just caught her by surprise. I said nothing not knowing what I should say, should I say come on in, and have a good look? I think not.I remembered that Tommy said that he found some pictures of his step mom that his dad had taken. I wondered where they were and quietly checked his drawers finding nothing, thinking his was full of shit when I looked in his closet. I seen a box with what looked like a zip lock bag sticking out from under it. I pulled the bag out seeing it had to have 30, maybe more pics in it. I took it back to the bed opening it and began leafing through semi nude and nude pics of Lora, and the last 3 she was sucking a cock in 2 of them and 1of her pulling her pussy open with a cock against her opening. I couldn’t help it I had to jack off twice that night. She looked like a woman straight out of playboy, well maybe not cause her tits aren’t huge like those girls, but are the size of a large orange anyway.The next morning Lora knocked on my door saying that mom had dropped off some clothes for me. I heard her walk away and opened the door naked and as I bend down, I saw Lora standing at her bedroom door looking at me. I froze then though fuck it and stood up letting her see what she was looking at. She slowly lifted her eyes to mine saying “So that’s why they call you meat in school, I though it was a bunch of bull shit, but I can see its true.” Well by now my third leg was about haft half way to getting hard, and Lora lifted her hands to her mouth with her eyes glued to my now nearly hard cock. She slowly looked up my body saying we can’t have you going around like that now can we, you would never get your zipper up. As she saying those words she slowly walking towards me in her silk robe that only a few inches below her honey hole.When she got up to beylikdüzü escort me she put her hand on my chest pushing lightly and I began stepping backwards. She steered to my bed forcing me to sit when I backed into it. She got on her knees saying “Not a word of this to anyone.” as she lowered her head licking my precum off the tip of it. Her touch made me shiver from head to toe. She opened her mouth taking me inside sending me into heaven. Like I said before I have only had a few hand jobs and this was my first blow job, and I was loving it. It was a good thing I had jacked off twice last night, or I would’ve blew my load in her face before she had a chance to blow me.I felt my balls getting ready and said “Please let me do you before its to late.”Lora lifted her head looking at me then said “I’m not on birth control so you can’t right now, but we can do this.” She had me move all the way on the bed, before she removed robe and got on top of me in a 69. She looked down at saying no biting now. As she lowered her wonderful honey hole to my mouth. Hell I had one seen one pussy in my life, and that was hers in those pictures, and now I’m not only seeing it but about to taste her as well. I had no idea what I was doing and I think she knew it, cause she kept moving around until I found a little nub and she lifted her head saying ” Yes right there, just like that, oh god its been so long please make me cum please eat me.” I grabbed her hips holding her in place, as I went to town on her tiny fun nub. Before long she was screaming “Eat me eat me you bastard make me cum.” and then there was a gush of hot pussy juice filling my mouth making me swallow it.She dropped he head to my thigh as she shivered and jerked, as I still kept licking and sucking on her nub. Finally she started moaning like I was hurting her, when she sat up saying “Oh god here I go again, eat me you bastard, your making me cum again with that tongue of yours.” In maybe a minute she filled my mouth once again. She dropped to my thigh again and in maybe one more minute she said “Fuck it, I need you inside of me.” She turned around holding my still hard cock and started to work it inside of her honey hole.She had about half maybe more when she started jerking and then screamed again. This time she didn’t say a word, but soon sat straight up pushing herself down hard taking most of me inside. She stayed there for a few moments before she began fucking herself on my cock. She put her hands on my shoulders digging in her finger nails as she started fucking me faster and harder, throwing her head back in a a****l like howl she came again. I started to match her movements, and soon felt my balls getting ready to pump her full when I remembered “I’m not on birth control.” a fuck, I knew I had to pull out but I sure didn’t want too. I yelled “I’m about to cum, Lora I’m about to cum.” All I heard was “In me.” so I did. When I came so hard it hurt. I have never before felt anything like it, and Lora came right along with me.After as we held each other she said “I hope the d**g store will deliver the morning after pill, cause if they don’t I’m sure you just put a baby inside of me. I thought, well would that be such a bad thing. 13 more days of this, I can’t wait for tonight or this afternoon as far as that goes.

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Caz’s First Interracial Gangbang

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Caz’s First Interracial GangbangCaz is a sexy 34 year old from London, UK. This is a story about what happened to her on a night out. Enjoy and please leave a comment!I was out with Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck Caz. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off. She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had heard stories of how often she got laid, so much to say as I thought she could be borderline slut. One thing was for certain, tonight she was dressed like a slut, wearing a tight bright pink dress, black tights and white high-heels. I couldn’t help but wonder what panties she had on, but came to the conclusion that its likely she wasn’t wearing any. My mind continued to wonder if tonight I would get my chance when I noticed her eyeing up a bunch of black guys who’d sat down at the other end of the bar and as I turned to look at them it was obvious they were looking her over too. When I went to get her another drink they made some crude remarks like “how much to fuck your bitch man?” which I ignored. Caz drank her brandy and coke, becoming more wasted all the time. To my surprise she then began flirting with her eyes and wriggling her bright pink dress tantalizingly up her thighs, and she had let her dress buttons down so they got a good view her small, firm rounded breasts. By the time she’d finished her drink and announced she was going to the ladies room I guessed our evening might take on a different course. She walked deliberately right past them, swinging her hips and turning back to smile at them as they made ribald comments about her body. Caz had told me once before how she’d had sex with a black colleague and how marvellously well endowed black guys are. She also told me she fantasized about her being gang banged and I found my heart thumping wondering if she’d go through with it if the chance arose. Given that Caz was now clearly a slut, I should have known she would! She came out of the ladies and made a bee-line for them, her skirt hitched up so it almost showed her white lace panties and her dress now unbuttoned almost to her waist so her gorgeous breasts were almost on display. The obvious leader of the group was slouched in a chair with his legs stuck out across the gangway and she stopped right in front of him, one white high heeled foot either side of his legs. Neither of them spoke as she just smiled looking him straight in the eyes. He sat up slowly staring her down then slowly reached out and put his right hand on the inside of her right thigh just above the knee. Caz didn’t flinch or stop smiling as he slowly slid his hand up, lifting her skirt as it went, until it was clearly touching her crotch. I heard him whistle and say to his friends, “hey this bitch has lace panties on and she’s wet as fuck!”. There was a lot of laughter and a flurry of very suggestive remarks while he lifted her skirt, slid her panties to one side and studied her glorious trimmed pussy while he slowly rubbed his fingers along her moist slit. He stood up and there was a conversation I couldn’t hear but they all looked in my direction and then motioned me over. I nervously walked over wondering what istanbul escort the hell she had got into and with my cock already stirring in my jeans from watching the leader groping her. Caz turned to me and said “we’ve been invited to a party.” The leader laughed, “hell, we’re all gonna fuck your bitch crazy an she say she want you to watch!” They all laughed and made some more even more suggestive remarks. The guys led the way out to the car park with Caz in the middle and me tagging along behind. There was a lot of groping her tits and squeezing her ass which she enjoyed and made no attempt to stop. The leader ushered her into the back seat of a new BMW and sat beside her immediately sliding her skirt up and pulling her panties down to reveal the sexy little strip of her neatly trimmed pussy. He told one of his friends to go with me to make sure I found the right place and didn’t phone the cops. We turned into a parking space behind one of a row of terraced houses in a run down, largely black area of town. Caz was already getting out, she had been stripped of her dress and I could see she was just shivering in her lace bra, pulled down so her small breasts were exposed, and her white heels. As I followed them inside one of the guys tossed me her dress saying, “here she don’t need this now but she might like ’em when you take her home, but Im gonna keep those sweet little panties to myself.” Once my eyes acclimatized to the dim light I realized we were in an unlicensed drinking house that almost certainly doubled as a brothel as there were a couple of scantily clad black girls propping up a bar and three or four other black guys lounging in chairs. The leader took Caz by the hand and led her without much protest to a set of stairs at the back. He called out, partly to me and partly to the guy who seemed to be tending the bar, “hey bring a couple of bottles up, better hurry or you’ll miss the first couple of guys fucking her!” The bartender put a couple of bottles of rum in my hand and I followed the sound of the feet going ahead of me up the dark staircase. There was a guy barring the way into the room where they’d obviously gone but when he saw I was carrying booze he yelled into the room to see if I was allowed in. The leaders voice boomed back, “shit yeah let him see his slut enjoying some real black cock!” When I entered the room Caz was already naked being groped by two guys one either side. The leader was just getting out of his clothes and laying back on a huge king size bed. His cock was semi hard but it seemed like it already hung down almost to his knee. His eyes roamed over Caz’s body as he snarled “now bitch let’s see what kind of cock sucker you are!” Caz didn’t need any second bidding, she climbed on the bed, naked ass in the air and set to sucking his cock with a vengeance. The other guys hands were all over her, squeezing her breasts, finger-fucking her pussy, laughing about how wet she was yet she had only just got started. Caz started to pump her head on the guys cock obviously trying to make him cum but he just laughed telling her to keep going as he’d only cum when he was good and ready. One of the other guys climbed on the bed and lined up ready to put his cock up Caz’s willing pussy but the leader growled at him that his cock was going to be the first to go in each of her holes! The guy backed off sheepishly but a few minutes avcılar escort later the leader told Caz to stop sucking and show him what her cunt could do. Again she needed no second bidding and hurried to comply. As she took his cock out of her mouth I could see that it was huge, it must have been at least 10 inches and probably more. She sat down astride him pushing the head of his massive tool gently between what I knew by now would be her widely spread cunt lips and lowered herself gently so that it entered her gushing hole. I heard her gasp and moan as it obviously stretched her a lot more than she was used to. She checked with it about half in then pressed down firmly giving a little squeal as it slid right inside her. The leader growled “now pump bitch, show me what that cunt of yours can do.” Caz’s body rose and fell as she tried to work him to a climax. I heard her voice cry out “oh god…oh god…oh god…it’s huge.. shit it’s right up in my belly!” The leader selected one of his friends to stand on the bed so he could stick his cock in her mouth to stop her moaning. She bucked and heaved, pumped and thrusted but could not make him cum. He taunted her saying, “that cunt’s too loose bitch, I’m gonna have to see if your ass is tighter!” At this suggestion Caz gave a little squeal and collapsed on his chest in a flurry of her own climax. The leader laughed and humped her off the top of him to lie still convulsing with her orgasm on the bed. He helped himself to a large swig from one of the bottles and nodded to one of the other guys, “give the slut a drink!” The guy stepped forward grabbed Caz’s hair and held her head while he face fucked her savagely. The other guys cheered him on until he gasped and obviously shot his load making Caz gag and choke. The leader slapped her on the face, she looked up at him with cum dripping from her chin “lick up every drop bitch”. When she’d used her fingers to scoop up what had dropped on her breasts the leader told one of the guys to lay on the bed then made her bend over to suck him. The leader then got behind her and told her she had one last chance to make him cum before he ass fucked her. He played his cock up and down her swollen labia and over her engorged clit making her moan and writhe in ecstasy. He teased her several times by pushing it a little way in her wet cunt then pulling it out. He teased her saying “you want it bitch, beg for it!” He made her scream out “PLEASE……FUCK ME …..FUCK ME… PLEASE!” He laughed making her yell louder and louder then, with a grunt and a thrust of his hips he rammed hard into her so his belly slapped hard against her buttocks. Caz shrieked in anguish as his cock tore into her. He pulled it out and turned to me…”strip whitey…I wanna see your cock get hard watching me give your slut the fucking she deserves.” As I did what he said, letting them see I was already rock hard I heard slap after slap each followed by shrieks from Caz as he hammered into her telling her each time he was going to keep ramming her till she could take it without a murmur. I don’t know how long he carried on ramming her but I know she climaxed twice more without him seeming to even get close. He broke off to take another swig of drink telling one of his men to “take over fucking the slut” as she “wasn’t worth his time”. The guy on the bed also swapped as he’d already cum twice in her mouth. The leader caught şirinevler escort me surreptitiously wanking and threatened to cut my balls off if he caught me again. He made his guys swap round from time to time, a couple of them came inside her pussy and another one in her mouth. Caz herself .came more times than I could keep count of, each time she did her body would convulse and shudder uncontrollably as she moaned with exhausted pleasure. Eventually the leader called in a couple more guys as his were worn out (I think these guys had expected to be paying customers in the brothel but it was their lucky night). He made Caz mount one as he lay on the bed while the other knelt up for her to suck his cock, they were not as big as the leader but big enough! One of the other girls came in, a bit sulky at losing her customer probably, and the leader told her to put her hand under Caz’s belly to frig her clit and make her cum. Caz started to moan “No, No more please, my tummy aches where Ive cum so much!” The leader just laughed and told Caz he’d keep on till she made him cum. He kept teasing her about how he was going to fuck her ass and she kept begging him not to because she was too tight there and he’d damage her with his big cock. He changed the guys fucking her and brought in the other girl to keep frigging Caz’s clit. Caz kept moaning…”Oh No…Oh god…Oh god!” And he kept teasing her saying he’d keep it up till she begged for it up the ass. Eventually, exhausted, Caz mumbled….yes..yes..please fuck my ass… He whooped with triumph saying “louder slut louder” until she yelled out ” YES..YES…I WANT YOU TO SHOVE YOUR HUGE COCK UP MY ASS!” He made me lie on the bed right beneath her open legs so that Caz could drain the contents of her cunt into my mouth. He changed the guy lying on the bed again, who was all fucked out anyway, and made Caz mount a new guy standing over him on the edge of the bed. He made me kneel down and lick her ass, getting it moist for him with all the juices I’d licked from her tortured hole. He lined his cock up while the rest of his men held Caz still then slowly slid into her asshole as she screamed in agony. He groaned that this was more like it as he slid slowly in and out making Caz shriek each time she felt his huge cock probing her belly. He made me kneel between her legs so i got a close up view of his cock sliding in and out of her ass while she was riding the other guy who’s cock was in her cunny. He taunted me,”you see how she loves a real cock in her, not that puny thing of yours, the bitch loves it she just loves having all three holes filled with real black meat!” I could tell from the moaning and the slurping that she was indeed enjoying sucking and being fucked and that against all the odds she was approaching her god knows how many climax! The leaders thrusts were becoming more rapid and his breath was getting shorter. “Im going to cum in your sluts hungry white ass”. I watched her holes being stretched to their limit, trying to wank myself at the same time. With a yell and several more thrusts he finally came I think the other two guys had cum already. Caz lay sobbing, her holes sore and used. He pulled his cock slowly out and held it to her face. “Okay suck my cock bitch, clean off all your shit”. Caz did as he asked, I was about to cum but just before I did he made me kneel over Caz’s face so that it shot all up over her mouth, hair and eyes. Then he made Caz lick that up as I observed her exhausted and used body. Caz had just about had enough energy to pull her dress back on, find her heels and drag herself to the car so we could drive home in the light of dawn. Caz called in sick for work the next day, except I know it wasnt a headache she had got, it was the fucking of her life the night before.

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The Farmer – part 4

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


The Farmer – part 4S’s storyOur second dinner with Quin and Reenie was just as good as the previous evening. Roast lamb from the farm, home grown veg and every trimming you could think of. As we finished our coffee Reenie said the next holiday let had come forward, so this would be our only night with them. Both the girls looked quite bereft, but I couldn’t understand why. G volunteered to help clear up and Reenie told us men to go into the lounge. We wandered next door and Quin poured two large cognacs and we sat in two armchairs, started to chat, putting the world to rights. The conversation flowed and I didn’t realise how much time the girls had been missing. Later there were noises from upstairs, quite a lot of giggling and muffled conversation. We grinned at one another “looks as if they are getting on fine”. I nodded in agreement as we sat totally relaxed by the drinks.Some time later I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs, more giggling moments before the girls appeared in the doorway. Oh wow! Two gorgeous sexy mature women both wearing tiny black lacy panties and black balcony bras with nipples proudly on display. We stopped talking and just stared! I knew G’s outfit was borrowed, we were on holiday and hadn’t packed any sexy stuff, that seemed to make the situation even steamier.“Undress, both of you. Everything, then put these on” Reenie threw scraps of clothing towards us. They fell on the floor, two shiny pvc shorts, one white, one black. I picked the black one up, softer than it appeared, with a zip down the front. Our clothes were almost ripped off, I stood naked for a moment facing the girls with my cock standing stiff in front before sliding the shorts up my legs to cover most of my erection before sliding it to one side and pulling the zip up. I looked sideways at Quin, saw the white contrasting with his perfectly black skin, saw the bulge that seemed so much bigger than mine.G’s storyAfter dinner Reenie sent the men to the lounge while we cleared away. As they disappeared next door she turned, put her arms around my waist and pulled me to her, we kissed deeply, feeling our mutual desire mounting, grinding our hips together, breathing becoming faster.She pulled back “We are going to give the boys some fun tonight! Now let’s get this job done!”The job being done she took my hand and led me to the stairs and onwards to their bedroom where she opened a drawer and pulled out piece after piece of lingerie. “You can borrow some of mine, we’ll dress like twins and give them a surprise”.We had great fun deciding on our outfits, giggling at some of the mistakes, snogging when the fancy took us. Eventually we decided on a simple black theme and stood admiring ourselves in a full length mirror. Reenie leant down and sucked each of kadıköy escort my nipples in turn, it felt good and they stiffened in response. I returned the favour, we kissed while Reenie talked about how our session would work, we both knew our roles. Finally she picked up two male pvc shorts, one black, one white “Guess which one is for Quin!” we giggled, kissed again then went down the stairs.Their reactions on seeing us were beyond parody – gaping mouths – obvious lust! Reenie threw the mens’ shorts at them, told them to undress and we watched the fastest disrobing in the west! With two stiffies not very well hidden under their shorts Rennie crooked her finger and said “follow us”.Back in the bedroom we climbed onto the bed facing one-another, Reenie leant to me, our lips touched and we snogged deeply, hands wandering all over our bodies. We broke the kiss, Reenie told S to come around the other side so he faced me. I’m sure his bulge had grown even more now.S’s storyWe followed the girls upstairs and into the bedroom, they climbed onto the bed, faced one-another then started kissing and groping. I was floored, hugely aroused, but completely floored. Never had I imagined my wife sexually involved with another woman. I thought back to the time I had been kipping while they were in the pool. I thought of the feeling I had there was something a little different about G when she woke me up. The penny dropped, they had been at it while I was in the land of nod. Oh my!Reenie told me to move around until I was facing G with Reenie’s back to me. They continued snogging, G looked at me, eyes wide open as her hands stroked Reenie’s body and her tongue flicked around Reenie’s mouth. My cock was straining the material of my shorts, involuntarily my hand went across, rubbing myself through the thin material. Across the bed I could see Quin doing the same.They broke their kiss, took off their bras and panties, then Reenie leant across to a bag sitting at the bed foot and pulled out a very long dildo. She put one end in her mouth and offered the other to G, they sat each sucking one end, their mouths connected by a rubbery tube.Then she took the dildo by the middle, pulled it out, lowered it to her thighs, opened her legs and pushed one end into her cunt before sliding it in and out a few times. She then passed it to G who did the same, I watched her face as she took it in and slid it in and out. G lay half back with the rubbery snake on the bed between her legs, then Reenie lay back, moved towards G with legs intertwined before taking the other end inside. They started to rock back and forth, Reenie holding the sagging centre of the dildo. Gradually their bodies moved closer üsküdar escort until their vulva were almost touching as they rocked together, moaning quietly.Now they lay back fully, thighs joined, rocking faster and faster. As their need increased two hands moved down to rub two clitties, the flicking movement of fingers driving the sensitivity higher towards the edge. I’m not sure who started to orgasm first, I think it was G but there were just a few seconds between both bodies rolling and thrusting, two sets of grunting as their pleasure reached a maximum. Still connected to G Reenie leant across to the bag and pulled out two small vibrators, giving one to G. They switched them on and each pushed it against her clit. The moaning restarted, drowning out any buzzing the vibes made. In no time they both climaxed again, thrusting against each other, rolling around and yelling with the intensity.My hand on the bulge in my shorts was working overtime, this was becoming so hot, almost beyond containment. I needed a hole to plunge deep inside.G’s storyOh, those orgasms were so intense. The combination of the dildo and our thrusting and pleasuring my clitty were incredible. But I looked up at S across the bed, he had a bulge in his shorts bigger than I’d ever seen before and his hand was rubbing a bit too much. I sat up, as did Reenie, and we held one another close, kissing deeply. Reenie whispered in my ear “Quin is getting too close, we need to use them now before it’s too late”. We lay back, shifted around so our heads were tilted back over the bedside. I lifted my arms towards Quin, he moved in as I grasped his thighs, then moved one hand to pull down the zip on his shorts. Oh God, it was huge. I opened my mouth and his beautiful black cock entered, my lips closed around him and my tongue flicked around his head. He groaned and started to thrust in and out.My mouth was being fucked and I was loving it. He started to drive deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I still had the dildo inside my vagina and my body was rocking gently to and fro quite automatically. I reached down with one hand and started to rub my clit, I was lost in bliss.S’s storyReenie lay in front of me, her head over the bedside, her arms raised inviting me into her embrace. I unzipped my shorts, let them fall to the floor, moved forward and felt her hand on my hardness, then the soft wetness enveloping me, pleasure mounting as her tongue flicked and probed. I looked across the bed, there was my wife with Quin’s great black cock pumping in and out of her mouth while one of her hands rubbed her clit. Reenie was doing the same, watching these two hands working their owners towards another orgasm was deeply arousing, the constant slurping of tuzla escort Reenie’s mouth was another push towards my completion.My body seemed to have a mind of its own, my thighs were pumping into her mouth involuntarily, my pleasure mounted until the dam burst, my cum flooded into her throat, my hips bucked, my legs buckled and in the distance I heard Reenie groaning as her own orgasm hit.G’s storyMy fingers flicked across my clit, Quin’s cock pummeled my mouth. As I said, absolute bliss and suddenly I lost control of my body. I wanted to scream with pleasure, but only muted grunts got past Quin’s great erection. I was still in spasm when I felt myself being turned around and raised off the bed before being dropped onto my tummy. Strong hands lifted my thighs, then he entered me, thrusting deep into my cunt. Every thrust was accompanied by two grunts, one from him and one from me as he hit maximum penetration.His hands came on my back, pushing my face into the duvet, I was trapped between his body and the bed almost unable to move. All I could feel was the intense pleasure of being taken so roughly. It didn’t take long, twenty or thirty times before his body shuddered in orgasm as his seed spurted deep inside me and I came again, desperately trying to escape his grip as my body wanted to buck and flex through my own orgasm.Quin collapsed on my back, his fast breaths the only sound I could hear. I had never been fucked so forcefully, so deeply, so wonderfully.S’s storyI stayed in Reenie’s mouth, softening despite her constantly licking and sucking my cock head. My attention shifted to G, her fingers a blur over her clit, her mouth stretched open to accommodate Quin’s thick staff as he fucked her mouth. I watched her cum, her body threshing around in ecstasy, her moans muted by the great mass in her mouth. Then Quin withdrew, his strong arms almost flicked her body around before rolling her over in one smooth move, lifting her hips before driving deep into her sodden hole. I looked into her eyes, but she was spaced out, in some other reality. Her body shuddered with every thrust until he came, his face frozen in rictus as he pumped his fluid inside her body. The pressure on her clit set off another orgasm, pinned in place she could hardly move, just a small flexing of her hips and her groans gave away the pleasure flooding her brain.The silence was intense, only broken by heavy breathing. Quin rolled off G and we all climbed onto the bed, cuddling in a perspiring heap, almost instantly falling into slumber. Around midnight we stirred, gathered our clothes and made the short trip across the yard to our holiday home. As we left the bedroom we pulled the duvet over Quin and Reenie snuggled close together, already back in dreamland.The next morning we sat quietly at breakfast, Quin had gone to the high meadows before we were up. Mid morning our luggage stowed in the car we both kissed Reenie goodbye, the girls were quite tearful, G had something special about Reenie and the feeling was reciprocated. We drove away, both wondering if we would ever return to the farm and its black farmer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Intense cuckold training

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Intense cuckold trainingI have been married to my wife now for almost five years. We’ve had very kinky sex right from the time we started dating, things like role playing, being tied up, gentle smacking and fun stuff like that. At first, we took turns being dominant and submissive, but over time, and of course once we got hitched, I became more interested with being continually submissive. My wife was more than happy to oblige, and loved to rule over me. I have made it my daily routine to fawn over her and to see to her every need. For the last year or so, we have pretended to be involved in cuckolding and more hardcore slave activities. She pretends to cheat on me, and has started to call me more derogatory names, as well as almost never fucking me. I have to earn that after hours of oral and pleasuring her. A few weeks ago, we were watching femdom porn together, as she said she wanted to get a few new ideas. We watched a scene where a man was beaten and ridiculed by a dominant woman focusing on modifying his behavior. “That’s what you need I think.” “What’s that Mistress?” “Behavior modification of course silly”, she said with a giggle. “We play all these games where you’re a cuckold and I tease you about cheating, but we only play because I don’t think you can handle it.” She looked at me and said with a gentle nurturing voice, “I need you to handle it, I want you to be wimpy little slave forever.” I nervously responded, “Whatever your heart desires my love.” She became giddy with excitement. “Wonderful!” my wife squealed. “However, I think you need some outside training to get you where you need to be…don’t you?” “I guess so Mistress.” “Oh, I’m so excited…I’ll find the perfect Dominatrix to train you you and get it all set up.” Two weeks later my wife called me at work and told me that she had just had the best conversation with a professional dominatrix who offered her services to train me. Her name was Madam Elizabeth, and she was free tonight, so after work, I was to come home, shower, and then go to her studio which was a few towns over. “She told me that she is very strict, so watch yourself with her and do precisely what you are told, otherwise punishment is severe.” “Of course Mistress, I promise”. I hurried home and showered, and got ready to leave. My wife met me at the door, wearing almost nothing and looking very sexy, it was then I realized she would not be coming with me. She put her arms around my neck and told me how proud she was of me for doing this for her. “Just so you know, I told Madam Elizabeth that I wanted you to stop being a cuckold in fantasy only, but in real life too.” I nodded with fearful approval. “Oh, and I asked her to work on your behavior too. No more play games…just full time service and worship of me.” She gave me a hug and said while giggling, “Hurry or you’ll be late for class”. She then closed the door on me, and I was on my way.I arrived at the address, parked and walked up to the door. I buzzed the bell as instructed ahead of time, and walked into the building and found my way to Madam Elizabeth’s door which was slightly ajar for me to enter. I walked in and closed the door behind me. Madam Elizabeth was standing in front of me. She was striking looking. Tall with brown hair and eyes. Full figured, but more in shape than out of. She was wearing a pink blouse that showed her impressive cleavage, and a tight black leather skirt that went down below her knees. She looked to be in her mid 40’s, and was beautiful…and scary.“Hello loser,” she said calmly. “Hello Mistress” I said. “You are to refer to me as Madam. You’re wife is your Mistress, and she tells me you need a shitload of work.” “Yes Madam.” I barely had time to adjust to my new situation before she jumpedright into the session. “Let’s get started she said calmly but coldly. Remove all your clothes and put them neatly on that rack there.” I began to undress taking care not to be sloppy, however my pace seemed to annoy her. “Don’t take too long, this isn’t a striptease for my benefit”. Her gaze became a bit icier. I quickly removed all clothes, and stood before her naked, still with a lowered head.“First lesson you need to learn is that you must appreciate the discipline given to you. You need to not only accept it as your reality, but feel thankful for receiving it, no matter the amount of pain you endure. Understand?” “Yes Madam” I said with a subservient tone. She put her hand under my chin and raised it up so our eyes met. “No, you do not. You can’t, because you are stupid, worthless and not properly trained. How could you possibly assume that you know what I’m talking about?” She was direct and stern, and I realized that I made my first mistake of the session. “I’m sorry Madam “Being sorry is irrelevant. Your emotions, your feelings, your identity is irrelevant. Your behavior needs to be trained to react differently than it currently does. That takes time and dedication so do not assume that you have any idea what I’m talking about.” She was serious and not smiling. I stood there looking blank, but I was trembling on the inside. “Let me give you an example. Close your eyes.” I closed them as ordered. Two seconds later I felt a smack on my left cheek. While it wasn’t so hard as to really hurt, the surprise shocked me. My eyes popped open as did my mouth. I’m sure I looked wounded. “You see?” She folded her arms in judgment. “Your reaction to receiving discipline is entirely wrong. From now on, every time I slap your face, or punish you in anyway, you are to smile as if you are enjoying yourself. You need to show your appreciation to me, and smiling is the best way to do that. Do you understand?” She meant business with that last comment, so I responded quickly that I understood. “Hmm…let’s see.” With that, she hit me again on the same cheek. I know that I mustered a smile afterwards, but I also stupidly flinched as she was hitting me. That really angered her. “YOU DO NOT DARE MOVE AWAY FROM ME”. She grabbed both my shoulders and brought her knee up into my groin with a thud. I let a groan and went to the floor. “I’m sorry Madam”. She knelt down over me and with a much quieter voice, talked into my ear, “You are a piece of garbage. You suck at everything and you are a shitty submissive. However, you are here to learn to be better. To be the submissive your wife requires you to be. Do your part, soak up what I have to teach you, and do not flinch again.” She moved away, and gestured for me to stand up. I did so, ignoring my discomfort. Now, let’s try again. She stared hard at me, raising her hand slowly to see if I would react, and when I didn’t, she then laid another firm smack on my left cheek again. This time, I did not flinch. I smiled as quickly as the sting wore off. “Smile quicker!” anadolu yakası escort she snarled, and hit again…same cheek. I almost flinched, but held my ground. My face started to hurt, but I smiled none the less. “That’s better. Now, let me see those pearly whites”. I grinned wide for her. “Hmm”, she seemed amused. You are stupid aren’t you?” I smiled and nodded. She smacked me again, this time on my other cheek, I kept my happy face up. “You are not worthy of your wife’s attention and love are you? The question caught me by surprise, but I nodded and smiled. She grabbed the top of my head and forcibly nodded for me. “That’s right you pathetic loser. You don’t deserve her and you must be broken down to nothing so you can beg her again for a lifetime of service.” The face slaps were becoming regular now, spaced out in between degrading questions and statements. With each slap, I was quick to show my appreciation. With each inquiry I nodded while doing my best to grin. “Your wife deserves better than you. She deserves someone who can fuck her properly doesn’t she?” SMACK .. I nodded and said “yes Madam.” Your dick is as useless as the rest of your body. It’s too small, and too….white, isn’t it?” She really purred with that last comment. And of course I responded affirmatively. “Yes, your wife told me how you desire her to fuck only black men. What a lowly…SMACK….worthless…SMACK…wimp you are.” I agreed by nodding and smiling just as she instructed. “Well, this is an area we are going to have to explore aren’t we?” “Yes Madam I said right before another stinging slap to my face. This went on for several more minutes. Insult after insult, hitting me on both cheeks until they both were stinging, and both very red.She sat down in her chair. “Sit.” I took the seat in front of her. Her chair was one of those large comfortable brown leather chairs that looked more like a throne than a chair. What I was sitting on was hard wood, cold and not very big. Almost like a schoolroom chair for someone younger and small than I. I was forced to sit erect, struggling for proper room and comfort. “All right, I need to dig into your brain a bit to see where and what we can manipulate. I want to hear your masturbation secrets. All losers like you jerk off constantly, but never experience what you fantasize about. The time has come for you to admit them. First, do you try to jerk off every day? “Yes Madam”. “You masturbate to the thought of your wife getting fucked by black men yes?” “Yes Madam.” “Do you imagine her laughing at you while you’re watching her?” Her question made me think for a moment and I started to consider it for what she thought was too long. She grabbed the riding crop that was next to her chair, leaned up towards me and snapped me across my bare chest. “Ugh…” I moaned backwards. I couldn’t hide the pain it caused. “Oh…I’m sorry” she said sarcastically. “But you see, when I ask you a question, I expect an immediate answer. If I want you to think about it, I’ll tell you to think about it. Do you fucking understand?” “Yes Madam” “Do you get it why I had to hurt you just now?” “Yes Madam”. “THEN WHY DID YOU NOT SMILE SHITHEAD? She slapped me hard against my face. WHAP! The pain was electric, but I managed to put a grin on my face and did my very best to show my appreciation. She looked at me hard for a bit, and seemed satisfied that I finally got it, so she sat back in her chair and looked calmer though visibly disgusted with me. “Now…Do you imagine your wife laughing at you while you watch her fucking black men?” “No Madam… I simply never imagined that possibility.” I hoped that was the right way to answer, and that I wouldn’t get beaten. “Well” she said with a sly knowledgably smile. “Rest assured she does laugh at you. When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she laughed hard at the thought of you cleaning up her lover’s cum from her pussy. We both giggled at the thought of you preferring sex this way, and what it says about the type of man you are, or more importantly, the one you are not.” My head lowered and my heart sunk a tiny bit…but boy was I getting aroused. “She wonders if you’re gay you know?” I looked up with inquisitive eyes while hoping to hide my arousal in that thought. “Oh yes…I told her it’s a possibility that you always wanted to be gay, and probably fantasize about it all the time.” I didn’t react, but I did smile for her. She smiled back and raised her eyebrow knowingly and uttered with confidence. “Tell me…when you masturbate to the thought of being a faggot…what is your exact favorite fantasy?” This time I didn’t hesitate. The pain from my first cropping was still lingering, so I answered her question calmly and right away. “I like to imagine that I’m being forced by a woman to suck and play with another male slave she has in her possession.” “I see. Tell me more about that exact scene”, she demanded. Who is the man? How many are there? What do they look like?” I got ready to let out a personal admission for the very first time. “They’re never anyone I know, usually just one person, but sometimes more of a stable of men.” I felt my dick getting stimulated and that made me nervous. I wondered how she would react if I got hard in front of her. “The slave I’m forced to suck is white and mature, older than 60. Fully shaven, smelling clean. He’s tied up and blindfolded.” “Hmm..interesting.” She got up and started slowly walking around the room, and circling my chair. She had the crop in hand gently smacking the inside of her palm. “Does he cum in your mouth?” “Yes Madam.” Do you lick his balls?” “Yes Madam.” “Do you..” She didn’t go any further when she noticed my little dick starting to grow, not to mention producing a tiny dollop of glistening precum. “Well well well” she said in the most judgmental way. Look what happens when you talk about sucking cock.” I was tensing up, assuming that any moment she would beat me for getting an erection. “Do you think you’re allowed to get hard without my say so?” “No Madam…I am so sorry”. I bowed my head in full shame, which I could tell she sort of liked by her gentle laughing. “Remember, being sorry doesn’t matter. Right shithead?” “Yes Madam” “Look up.” I raised my head and was welcomed by slap after slap across both cheeks of my face. She must have hit me 20 times. My smiles hid the sharp pain I felt, and I did everything not to wince. When she finished, she said, “This is day one of your training. On day one all anyone can expect out of you is to be the dumb piece of shit you are. However our goal here is to get you to the point where you will never get hard without say so, never hesitate when questioned, and look forward and truly love the humiliation bestowed on you. It does not pendik escort happen over time, I get that…but get started realizing that this is who you will become if you expect to hold onto your wife,” she snarled. “I promise I will work hard at it Madam.” Really?” she said with little confidence in me. “Let’s see then if you can get to that next level then. Excuse me for a moment while I get my slave from the other room. He’s white, a little older than you and he has a huge cock that you will suck dry. Hope you’re ready.”I was horrified, and my face showed it. I had never done anything remotely gay, and even though it was part of my fantasies, I was terrified to do any real act. Madam Elizabeth saw the real fear in my eyes and was walking out the door when she abruptly turned around and started laughing at my reaction. “Oh you should see your face you little maggot. If you were wearing pants right now, you’d be peeing in them.” She squatted down where I was sitting and brought her eyes to mine and said, “I was just k**ding. I don’t have any slave in the next room.” My heart came back out of my stomach, and I let out a sigh of relief. SMACK! “Today is your first session, no real cock to suck. Next session however…” Her voice trailed and my thoughts went over the probability that I would soon be performing oral sex on a man for her pleasure. She arose and walked to a large closet in the corner of the room. I could see that it contained a vast collection of whips, restraints, dildos and everything else you could think of. It took her only a second to find what she was looking for. She brought it out, closed the door and walked by me to the wall a few feet away. Then, with a firm thrust, she stuck a large suction cupped dildo to a vertical metal beam on the wall. “Get over her loser.” I got off the chair, and crawled over to the wall, knowing that I was not worthy enough to stand. I positioned myself right in front of the erect toy. It was large, about 8 inches, and thick, thicker than most real penises I assumed. It also had balls at the base that actually dangled a bit. I could see that there was fake hair sticking out of the balls, kind of like doll’s hair. “It’s time to practice shithead. Get on this thing and show me how you suck cock.” I inched closer on my knees and calmly put my lips around the top of the dildo, then almost immediately, started sucking. It was so different then my wife’s dildos that were made of hard plastic. It was hard, but the outer layer had a more malleable rubber surface that was softer, and slid with the shaft. Pretty realistic actually. “Suck that cock loser. Do it well”. She started walking slowly around me while I performed. Her heeled shoes echoed on the hard wood floor. After about 30 seconds, she let me know what she thought of my technique. WHAP! “Ummph” the crop swat on my ass stung right away. “Suck it better! You need to get into it make me believe you like the taste.” I began to get lost in it, using my tongue, gyrating my hips while I more passionately sucked on the fake dick. “And don’t ignore the balls!” WHAP! Another stinging swat. “Uggh..” I got lower and went to work on the fake balls that felt strange in my mouth. The fake hair really tickled, and gagged me a bit, but I didn’t dare stop though. I wanted to show Madam Elizabeth I was capable of learning, and of course, I didn’t want to get hit too much. “That’s it, there you go…I can see how you like it.” She yanked my hair and pulled me off for a second, “You need to love it though right?” I nodded and remembered to smile. She shoved my face back on the dick. “Cmon…suck it like you need the cum from it to survive. Suck it to get it out of there”. I went crazy on it like she commanded. Sucking and licking up and down the shaft, working the balls, deep throating as best I could. For what seemed like an eternity, she watched me work the toy, walking around me and occasionally laughing. When she saw enough, she kicked me in the ass while saying, “Okay, back up and turn around on your hands and knees.” I did as she instructed. She walked over to a nearby table and picked up what looked like a tube of lubricant. I knew what was coming. In a few minutes, I’d have that huge dildo up my ass. I just hoped I could do it. Madam Elizabeth started humming to herself as she removed the dildo from where it was, to a lower position on the wall. She then slid two rubber gloves on that she had picked up with the lubricant. Squeezed out a generous portion of gel from the tube, and without any hesitation or mention, proceeded to lubricate my asshole region, both inside and out. She was aggressive and didn’t seem bothered about intruding me. She just hummed. And I just took it, trying my hardest not to react. After about a minute, she took off the gloves, threw then a can near the wall, and said “Now. Get your ass on that cock. Move it.” I turned my body so that my back and ass were away from the wall and proceeded to back towards the dildo. I got to the tip and slowly but steadily let it enter by ass. It was large, and pretty painful, I started breathing heavily and groaned as it slowly stretched my ass. “Aww…does it hurt?” she said sarcastically. “Yes Madam.” “Well that’s too fucking bad. Now get it all the way in you.” I inhaled deeply, and relaxed all my muscles so it could slide in. Slowly but surely, my ass took it all, and my body was touching the wall flat with the base of the dildo. “Rock back and forth like you’re getting fucked.” I did as she commanded. At first slowly because it hurt too much, but after a minute I sped it up to a slow steady pace. Madam Elizabeth walked in front of me, lifted my and spit in my face. “You are a total gay fuck pig aren’t you?” “Yes Madam” I groaned. SLAP! “I’m sorry, what did you say?” She hit me because I wasn’t smiling I realized. “YES MADAM”, I said confidently with a good sized grin. “That’s better”. Now fuck that dick hard and fast. Show me how you like to get fucked.” I did just as she ordered, picking up the pace and acting like the whore she instructed me to be. I was starting to really get into it, and the large toy was going in and out, in and out, and my ass was slapping the wall with each thrust. My dick was painfully hard dripping with pre-cum. She saw that and let out a snicker. “Look how hard you are?” There was no denying it anymore. I was incredibly excited and loving the joyful pain my ass was enduring. “I knew it, you’re nothing more than a faggot slave bitch…ARENT YOU?” She yanked my head up to hers. “Yes Madam”, I said while shuddering and smiling. She walked over to the closet again, reached in, got something and walked back over. She leaned down to me and put a metal dog dish on the floor under my cock. “Jerk your cock into tuzla escort there now. You have 60 seconds to cum. MOVE IT!” I started jerking furiously. With my left hand, I pounded my dick, while I was keeping balance with my right hand on the floor. The dildo was deep inside me and felt bigger as I tensed up trying to cum quick. Madam Elizabeth towered over me throwing rapid insults. “Let’s go shit head, you cum when ordered. This is how you get to cum, with a dick in your ass you loser.” It didn’t take long to get close, I started to gasp and pant, and she know I would soon blow. “Your wife doesn’t need your pathetic dick anymore. She’ll have plenty of big black ones to choose from” You’re nothing.” Thewwth! Her saliva hit the top of my forehead and dribbled down to the top of my nose. “Thank you Madam” I said appreciating her spitting on me. I was getting ready to explode and I then uttered “Madam may I come?” I was really puffing and moaning through the question. “DO IT AND DON’T MISS THE FUCKING BOWL!” she growled. I let out a “AHHAAAGGH” and blew a huge load into the dog bowl. Tons more than I usually can jizz out. I couldn’t stop…for about 15 seconds I shot out small amounts with each orgasmic thrust. When I finished I looked with amazement at how much was there. Easily 3 tablespoons. “Done?” She sounded impatient. Come off that dildo and put your head in that bowl. I slid off the huge dick, and my asshole puckered close with a tinge of hurt. I crawled around 180 degrees, and put my head just above the bowl. “Now, you have 30 seconds to slurp that up. Get it all in your mouth and down your throat. I don’t want to see a drop unfinished, and don’t you dare spill any. You do and I’ll whip you 50 times.” I got my head in there and started lapping up my cum. It was still warm and very gooey. I ignored how gross it was though and slurped and sucked it all in my mouth. I was quick and careful not to let any get out. I wanted to show here I could do what she ordered without issue. In less than 30 seconds I had eaten all my semen up. I even licked all around the edges to be sure. “What a pathetic loser you are.” She laughed and seemed really amused now. “Standup!” I got up quickly. She got right in front of me, and starred with her cold brown eyes into mine. I cowered and lowered my head. “You are just what I expected you to be. A total subservient pussy.” I nodded but kept my head bowed. “You are a wimp, a piece of shit, and not a real man are you?” “No Madam, I’m not.” She snickered and seemed pleased by my embarrassment. “Your wife sent me sent me her servant husband, after a few more sessions, she will get back a cuckold faggot husband who sucks cock and cum and will do anything she commands for the rest of her life. Isn’t that so?” “Yes Madam” I said remembering to smile. “All right, get that dildo off the wall and take it in the bathroom there. Clean it completely with soap. Clean yourself up too, get dressed and be out here in a few minutes.” “Yes Madam” I released the dildo from the wall and hurried into the bathroom. While in there cleaning the toy and myself, and took a quick moment to myself. Looking in the mirror I whispered “wow”. I couldn’t believe the session I just endured. It was incredible and was nothing like anything I ever experienced. I crossed a threshold, and was both scared and excited to tell my wife and take it to the next level, though all the gay activities were not going to be easy to admit to.After 5 minutes or so, I came out of the bathroom to see Madam Elizabeth on the phone and smiling in her conversation. She motioned to me and to my clothes which I took to go get dressed. I was halfway through when I realized that she was talking to my wife on the phone. My heart raced wondering what she had already heard about. “Oh my god yeah”, Madam Elizabeth responded. “He took it in the ass like a seasoned fag. Told me how much he loved it even. Hmm? If you tell him to of course. No No…you don’t need to ever ask him again, anything you desire or want to embarrass him with, will forever be entirely up to you.” I could only imagine what my wife was thinking of me and I soon found out. Madam Elizabeth walked to me with the phone extended out to me. “Your wife wants to speak to you”, she said. “Thank you Madam”, I took the phone. “Hello Mistress”, I said to my wife. “Hello my little slave” she said in the familiar sweet voice my wife had while sexually teasing me. “I heard all about your session, and what a nasty cuckold cum eater you are becoming. I’m so happy you are taking your training seriously.” “Thank you Mistress”. “Do you really fantasize about being gay? With OLD MEN”, she asked while slightly laughing. My stomach turned a bit, but there was no looking back anymore. “I do Mistress”. “Wow” she said. “For how long now?” I looked up and saw Madame Elizabeth glaring at me, so like a trained pet, I stood up straighter and gave her a more complete answer. “For several years Mistress. It’s been a continuing fantasy of mine…. to be humiliated that way, and.” My wife cut me off, “You never wanted to act on it in all that time?” “No Mistress, it was just a fantasy.” I smiled slightly towards the Madam with my head pointed down…”I always use to fantasize that you were in control of my bisexuality and had me partake it when it pleased you.” Madam Elizabeth let out a laugh, my wife heard it and laughed loudly and said..”Yep! Well my love…that fantasy is going to become a reality. I hear your next session will inolve you sucking off another slave. Madam says she has the perfect slave to for your first gay experience.” I gulped…so nervous..so excited. I looked up slowly towards Madam Elizabeth and mustered a wimpy “Yes Mistress.” “Hmmmmm” she purred. “Maybe I’ll come with you and watch. Or…maybe I’ll do that on your 3rd or 4th session…make sure you’re REALLY trained before I visit, you know?” “Yes Mistress, of course.” “I figure after the 4th session you’ll be perfectly ready to clean out my pussy after I get fucked by a black guy right?” “Yes Mistress” I said eagerly suprising myself. “Wonderful honey! I have an idea…How about you come home, make me a nice dinner, bathe me, give me one of those special back rubs of yours…while I can surf the sites looking for my new black boyfriend.” “Sound like a good idea?” “A perfect idea Mistress.” “Ooo goody! Hurry home then”, she then hung up. I hung up the phone, bowed my head low and said quietly..”She told me to hurry home Madam.” Madam Elizabeth walked slowly over to me, picked up my head with her index finer until I was gazing directly into her disapproving stare and whispered, “Then get the fuck out of here.” “Yes Madam.” As I headed towards the door, she said..” Be on time next week, I know my other slave will be.” “Yes Madam.” I left. My mind was spinning, is this really happening? Is this what I really want? I’m going to be bi, gay or worse now. This is my life…I got in my car and drove home, scared, proud, terrified, excited, but mostly nervous. But one thing for sure…I wanted more.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

One of my girlfriends blows my husband

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


One of my girlfriends blows my husbandMy sweet girlfriend Sarah called me that early evening, saying she had had a bad quarrel with her husband and she needed my shoulder to cry on.I tried my best to calm her down and finally I asked her to come by my house; so she could spend the night with us, until next day.Victor was not so happy about having Sarah at home just that night. During dinner he had commented that he was very aroused and willing of having a good session of hard sex with me…But I told him we could do it. Once Sarah could be resting in our guest room, I promised Victor I would give up my asshole to him…On the other hand, although Victor was now protesting, I knew that my beloved hubby had always been horny about my girlfriend. But I was pretty sure that my sensual babe Sarah had never allowed him to fuck her…After sharing a warm shower with my sweet Sarah and relaxing a bit in each arms, we sat own for having some late drinks. Victor went to his studio, saying we could call him if we were in the mood for watching a movie…Once alone, I kissed Sarah deeply and we played for a long while; until she came on my naughty fingers. My sensual girlfriend was a bit tired after her long day; but she thanked me for this; she really needed it.After she made me cum in her wet mouth using her very skilled tongue, we cleaned ourselves and I called istanbul escort Victor, telling we were ready for sharing a movie with him.Sarah suggested to watch a romantic movie; but after a while, it turned to be very slow and really boring.I was getting aroused, having my beloved close by my side, knowing he was horny too and willing to fuck me.But Sarah was there at the other side; her nice eyes glued to the screen, although the movie was pure trash… My girlfriend had left the bathroom after our shower, wearing just a transparent night gown. I could see her hard nipples pushing the thin material and her nicely trimmed bush still glistening after coming in my fingers.Victor was staring at her, over my shoulder. My sweet was not interested in watching such a lousy romantic movie. I guessed he wanted to fuck…After a long while, I stood up and went to the bathroom. I felt suddenly very horny and sat down on the toilet, to masturbate myself. I muffled my pleasure cries with my hand over my mouth; until I finally came in my fingers. I did not even clean myself: I just threw back the long t-shirt over my head and left the bathroom.In the shadows, coming from behind, I could see the screen dim light, but just Victor’s head as he was sitting there.But I then found my sexy avcılar escort girlfriend. Sarah was on her knees, between Victor’s spread thighs and her head was bobbing up and own onto my beloved husband dick. Victor’s cock was very hard…The bitch was naked; I could see her sexy gown in a bunch there.Sarah was wearing a couple of sexy stilettos and she had her eyes closed as she sucked my husband’s hard cock as a crazy woman…Victor looked at me, saying my girlfriend had offered him a good blow and of course, he could not even reject the chance, since he was feeling stressed after a long week at his office…He added that he needed some sexual relief…I could not believe my slutty girlfriend was blowing my husband… just in front of me. Sarah looked at me and she smiled…Victor began moaning with pleasure; I knew Sarah’s mouth and tongue were pretty skilled in oral sex…I forgot all about the stupid movie and locked my eyes on her blowjob. She looked so sexy, with her red lips wrapped around my hubby’s cockhead. I got wet as I watched at both of them…Without missing a beat of her head onto Victor’s hard cock, my girlfriend reached out and she shoved two fingers up my soaking wet cunt. Sarah fingered me until she made me cum in her hand.She licked my juices from her fingers and kept sucking on Victor.He lasted şirinevler escort just a couple minutes after me coming so hard.My beloved hubby came in my sexy girlfriend’s mouth as he moaned loud and arched his back. Little bitch Sarah swallowed all this semen, without wasting a single drop.Victor got up and went to the kitchen. Sarah stayed there on the carpet, looking at me and purring like a little kitten. My husband came back and grabbed my girlfriend’s wrist, making her stand on her feet. He then dragged Sarah upstairs. Victor did not bother saying anything or even looking at me.But slutty Sarah blew me a kiss when they passed close to me.The movie was really now boring, almost unbearable to watch.But soon I began enjoying another show: some loud moans of pleasure came from the main bedroom.The marital bed was rocking hard as usual and I even could notice the sound of their bodies slapping one against the other.They fucked for more than twenty minutes. All noises suddenly stopped. Moments later, Sarah came down to the living room.The bitch leant on me and kissed me deeply. I could sense the salty taste in her wet tongue. I noticed some stains of semen on her mid thighs; her pussy lips were swollen and glistening in the shadows. Yes, my loving husband had fucked her so good…I asked Sarah if she was enough satisfied now and if she would go back home to her quarreling hubby. But she just whispered that Victor was not done yet; he needed more sexual relief; so, she would go back upstairs, but not back to her own home…My hubby had suggested I should spend the night in the guest room. Sarah kissed me again and left me there alone.As I was there, our marital bed started to rock again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32