Kat Got the Cream

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I hope you read my story, “Not All in Life is Black and White.” My experiences there were enough to keep my imagination on full throttle for some time.

But ‘some time’ is not forever and I was beginning to get antsy wondering if I dare call V and make another visit. Life had dealt me some really lucky hands, and with the vision of Amber and Kat making love, and then the threesome with Amber and V, I assumed I had claimed all the luck I deserved.

After picking up the phone and putting it down again several times, not able to decide if I should call V or not, it rang of its own accord. Dropping it on the floor in my surprise, I eventually picked it up and pressed the green button.

“Hi,” an American accent declared, “it’s me.”

Some say I have clairvoyant skills, but I was baffled.

“It’s me too here,” I replied, wondering where this was going.

“Remember me?” the voice said, “you must remember my ass …”

The penny dropped and my cock twitched. Katrina … Kat. A vision of her glorious arse swam into my mind.

“Ah, gotcha, how are you,” I rather inanely said, hoping this conversation would become a bit clearer.

“I’m travelling and will be in your area for a week – can we meet? Unfinished business, you might say.”

Forcing myself to put my thoughts to one side for the time being and focus on being polite, I quickly asked where she was staying. “You can always sleep here if you like,” I added, just in time.

“Great, thank you, I’m on my way round now.”

OK. I picked up my thoughts again from one side and pressed in my head. Kat. Pretty, stunning body, and seeing her with Amber, it was obvious she was lesbian, so I thought that fantasy would have to win out over reality this time, but I could live with that.

I rushed around making the place look halfway respectable, made the bed in the spare room and changed the sheets on my bed – ok, ok I know, she’s a lesbian, but the sheets did need changing …

Finishing just in time before the doorbell rang, I threw it open and there she was, much more adult than when I’d last seen her, and probably the first time I had actually studied her face, having seen much more of the other end. She was beautiful but in an unconventional and captivating way.

Stuttering a welcome, I asked her inside, and we started chatting like old buddies. How was V, how was Amber, where was she travelling; all that stuff.

After a simple meal knocked up by me and downing a couple of glasses of wine, she said she was rather jetlagged and needed sleep. She looked puzzled when I took her to my spare room, which I put down to her lack of knowledge of the layout.

“See you in the morning!” we both said at the same time and went our separate ways to bed.

History slightly repeating itself, I went to the bathroom in the night and saw her door was ajar, taboo heat porno and the glow of a low-wattage light spilling out. Wanting to check she was ok, I peeked through the gap in the doorway.

Kat was lying on the bed, her arse towards me with one knee lifted slightly. It was obvious she had a hand between her legs and was moving it ever so gently to the accompaniment of the occasional little moan.

I watched, captivated, and started gently to stroke my cock, which had made its appearance, not unnaturally given the spectacle in front of me.

Kat was clearly tired as she was being so gentle with her hand movements, or perhaps she was just edging herself to increase the pleasure of her release. She answered my unspoken question by saying aloud, “Damn this jetlag, I can’t sleep, and I can’t cum.”

I stepped back in case she was talking to me. Phew! She wasn’t. I looked again and saw that Kat had plumped a pillow so that there was a distinct edge pointing upwards. She had positioned herself in a doggy position, and with her beautiful arse pointing at me and her head face-down on the bed, she started to rub her pussy along the edge of the pillow.

Live porn. This was delectable, and my hand responded with increased fervour. Her body, young and lithe, had this manoeuvre down to a fine art. Somehow, by flexing her hips and without either her legs or head moving, she worked her pussy, and by the noises she was making, her clit, majestically along the pillow.

Slow at first, and with blissful noises, she ever so gradually increased the pace until at last I knew she was close.

“Fuck yes; god I’m nearly there; I need this,” and with a guttural groan, she drove her bottom down hard, crushing the pillow under her weight and letting out an expulsion of air.

She lay still. Have you ever masturbated while your partner slept beside you? Minimal movement, no sound. The result can be so intense, even if the process is almost impossible. I felt just like that, finishing my own final strokes and, remembering the poor door when I last watched Kat in action, I came hard into my hand.

With my heart pounding and my breath held, I crept off to the bathroom to clean up and recover. Peeping in on Kat on my way back to my own bed, I saw she hadn’t moved, her orgasm having won the battle with jetlag. I pulled a sheet over her nakedness and went back to a perfect night’s sleep of my own.


The next morning, I was making breakfast when Kat appeared, clearly still half-asleep, in a tiny teeshirt and a pair of almost irrelevant knickers. Her red hair was tousled, and she looked more edible than my scrambled eggs.

“Hi,” she said, and I knew that would be it for a while until she had eaten and had enjoyed a cup of strong coffee.

“Sleep well?” I asked, a tentative foot into teach that bitch porno the conversation.

“I couldn’t get to sleep at first,” she said, and then with a wry grin on her face, “but somehow managed to in the end.”

The day went well. We went for a walk, chatted about her future, my job and a happy time was had. That evening went somewhat like the previous one, albeit we drank a little more wine, and went off to our respective beds.

You will remember from my previous story that I sleep in the nude, so it was no surprise to wake in the night, aware of the incredible heat of another body pressed into my back.

Making no movement at first, I assessed the situation and gave myself the green light – remember that moral compass? Still in the States, I fear.

“Mmm,” I murmured to acknowledge her presence and to indicate I was ok with it.

“Mmm,” she replied; we were on the same page, and with her body feeling about 451 degrees Fahrenheit, that page was about to burst into flames.

“Why so coy?” she whispered in my ear, her breath as tantalising as being able to feel her body but not see it.

“I saw you and Amber, remember? I assumed you were lesbian, and that’s fine.”

“Was Amber lesbian?” she retorted, “that’s not my understanding from what I’ve witnessed, so why me?”

“Sorry, I said, perhaps I should have asked. How can I make it up to you?” You may think that was a stupid question, but actually, it was a really incisive question, designed to solicit the response I wanted.

“Well, you can start by putting that tongue of yours to work, and then … oh my god, yes, like that,” her instructions were cut off as my tongue slipped inside her pussy and started to work its magic.

I put my two hands, fingers spread, underneath each cheek of her arse, and lifted her slightly as if I was eating a watermelon. Well, she was wet enough to qualify, and I wallowed in the sweet juices that oozed between perfect, swollen lips.

Ramping up my ministrations with the occasional nip of her clit between my teeth, I could feel her begin to build up, confirmed by the spluttering of expletives, which she must have learnt from Amber. (Is that where the expression comes from? “To get the clit between your teeth”? I digress …)

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as she grabbed my head and force-fed my mouth into her vulva.

The twitching and writhing eventually slowed as she came down from the peak, and I lowered her bottom to the bed.

“Sorry, you were saying …?” I provoked with a broad grin on my soaking face.

“Kiss me,” she said, “I want to taste myself on you.” I raised myself up and rolling onto my back and pulling her with me, so she was prone down the length of my body, and we kissed. And we kissed, and we kissed.

It was like being team skeet porno a teenager again and, omg, she still was, just. Licked clean, I decided to move things up a gear. Rolling her onto her tummy, I sat up and admired her body, slim, perfect skin and developed in all the right places.

I couldn’t resist. Smack. “That’s for not telling me you were straight,” I said, expecting a big complaint.

“Ow, she said, that was wonderful. I’ll never tell you anything again if that’s what it takes.”

Catching on quickly, I threatened her with no more unless she told me everything.

“Later, I’ll tell you everything later, just do that again.”

Being light, I picked her up bodily and having swung my legs over the side of the bed, I bent her over my knee. Too beautiful to smack, too beautiful not to smack. I started gently to give little taps on each cheek until she said, “wake me up when you’ve finished.”

Thwack, Thwack. One per cheek. Two beautiful handprints. Two delicious groans. One puddle of pussy juice running onto my leg. She was in heaven and I was right behind her … literally.

I built up a steady rhythm on those peach-perfect cheeks, and when I stopped, the groan of complaint was short-lived as I popped two fingers of one hand into her pussy, and the index finger of the other hand, lubricated with her juices, into that magic place between her arse-cheeks.

I’ve seen and heard a few female orgasms in my time, but this was an earth-shaker. She let rip again with the expletives and her whole body shook and tremored, at least an eight on the Richter scale, or should that be the sphincter scale.

Kat collapsed and seemed instantly to fall asleep on my knee. I eased her onto the bed as she dozed, my erection still raging and definitely in need of release.

Knowing I would get to fuck her later, I positioned myself with a knee either side of her legs and an arm either side of hers. My cock hovered over her pink round bottom.

Lowering myself slightly, I used the cheeks of her arse to rub myself, my foreskin rolling back and forth as it was gripped between her glutes. I was in no state to last long, and I felt a jolt of sheer euphoria as jet after jet of hot cum squirted up Kat’s back with the last spasms providing an ointment for her tingling backside.

I flopped on the bed beside her, and just before I fell asleep, I heard a little voice say, “That was good, thank you.”

Sometime later that little voice woke me, “We’ve just got time,” as her head disappeared from sight and I felt her mouth conjuring life out of what at first appeared to be a dead cock. Not for long.

I shut my eyes and waited, imagining what might happen next. Kat never disappoints, it seems.

Feeling my hardness slip in her tight wetness, I opened my eyes to see she was in reverse cowgirl so I could enjoy the site of that bum bobbing up and down on my eagerness.

I can’t possibly say who swore the most, who groaned the loudest, but I can say that each of us triggered something in the other that brought us to a shattering climax at the same time.

I did say the sheets needed washing, didn’t I? And it was only day two …

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