Just Out of High School Ch. 04

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We come back to Vicki Lander again. She’s a cosmetics salewoman at the local mall still. It’s been a few years since her and her young friend, Jim have hooked up. Vicki is currently seeing a lawyer, Leeman. He’s in his 50’s, short, slightly overweight, with some noticeable hair loss also. He really wants Vicki. And why not, she’s still smoking hot, blonde, with a remarkable figure. Vicki isn’t in this for the long haul. Let’s face it. Leeman buys her fine clothes, takes her to expensive restaurants, and she lets him fuck her a few times. Although she had sex with him, it wasn’t that good.

One saturday, it’s a very hot day again, they are going to a wedding. Vicki is in a very tight blue dress, almost painted on her. Very short, very revealing, very sexy. Leeman is driving them to the reception, talking away about clients, this and that. Vicki just stares out the window in his Lexus, oblivious to his chattering. They pull up to the front of the building and get out and Leeman gives his keys to the valet. Vicki steps out and sees the valet, it’s Jim! She perks up at once. Her insides are aglow once again. Not seeing Jim in years, he gives her a wink and speeds away in the Lexus. Vicki and Leeman walk into the reception. Leeman talks to this person and that person. Vicki becomes ignored once again, except for a few glances from some young males in attendance.

After roughly an hour, Vicki tells Leeman she’s out of cigarettes and is going down to get his car and get a pack. Leeman, still engrossed with his lawyer talks, nods an ok.

Vicki, the sexual rush taking hold once again, gingerly walks down all the steps, carefull not to make a misstep in her black high heels. She gets outside in the stiffling heat and searches for Jim amongst the other valets. He sees her and runs over, shoving an over-eager valet in the process. He yells at him saying, “I’ll take this one”.

He mentions to Vicki that the car isn’t far away, and suggest they walk to it. Jim can’t believe how good she looks. The blue dress is so hot on her tanned body. And short! He opens the door for her, runs over to the driver side and watches this sexy woman crawl inside.

“Where to” he asks. casino oyna

“Just drive me out of here…and fast, please” she tells him.

“I can do that.”

He isn’t quite a half mile from the reception when she crosses her shapely long legs. Jim notices. He tells her she looks really hot in that dress. She turns to him and they kiss. She smells so fucking hot! That perfumed scent is all over her hair, her face, her dress, everywhere. Jim inhales the scent aggressively.

“How about I take you to a motel down the road? I have to see you out of that dress Vicki.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. We don’t have much time. Of course I doubt he’ll notice I’m gone for awhile.”

“Yeah, I see you’re with Leeman. The lawyer. He’s kinda old for you, isn’t he?”

“Pays my bills and such, you get my drift, baby?”

They pull into a Super 8, he goes inside, pays for a room, and they drive down to the end area. Parks the Lexus, helps her out of the car, and walk into the room. He cranks up the AC on full right away.

“Vicki, Vicki, Vicki…it’s been so long. I can’t believe I’m here with you and that dress is driving my cock crazy!

“Jim, you are still so fucking handsome. You are turning me on once again baby.”

Jim goes over to her, they kiss, searching kisses, everywhere. Raw kissing of tongues. His hands are on her ass now. Lifting up the dress, which barely covered it anyway. He peeled it up, his hands on her thong now. Now he feels her wetness.

“Damn woman, you sure are excited! You are so fucking sexy. I could peel that dress off, slowly, and taste your entire fucking body right now!”

Jim, you can do whatever you want baby. First time I put this dress on, and you get to be the first to take it off. How’s that darling?”

Vicki, I’m honored. I just want to take that dripping thong off first, take it to my nose and inhale your sex. Then put it in my pocket.”

“Jim, oh Jim, take it off.”

He peels it down, over her black heels, and snaps it off her in a second. He brings it to his nose and does what he said he would. Looking at his prized blonde all the while. Her scent intoxicates his mind, he hasn’t had canlı casino this moment in years. He continues inhaling when she stops him by grabbing his hard on. Squeezing it, he takes his prized thong and stuffs it into his pocket. Vicki steals a kiss as he does this. Her lips are glossed and look so wanting. They embrace again. Jim wants this woman, real bad. She tells him to lay on the floor. He does. She begins a slow seductive dance for him. Straddling him, she teases him by getting lower, her ass dropping closer to his face. He knows what she wants. He waits a couple seconds and then grabs that ass he’s wanted ever since he first saw her on the porch, sunning herself. His hands, strong, continue to pull her beautiful ass closer to his face. Vicki knows how her ass turns him on. She will always remember him giving her a tongue fuck in her apartment. She is primed for him to do it again. He stares at the gorgeous ass before him, gives it a quick lick, here, and then another quick lick there and then showers her precious ass with several hot wet kisses. Her dress is way up over her waist now, her hands holding it up for him to have free total access to her sexy asshole and pussy. Jim begins the journey with his tongue, around and around, rimming, tasting, teasing. In his face might be the hottest ass around, and he knows it!

“Baby, you have the ass that drives men crazy. I have to taste it.”

“My ass is yours Jimmy. It’s always yours. Mmmmm that feels so good. Yessss. Stick that tongue up my sexy ass. Fuck baby. That is so hot. Owwww, that’s it. Ooooohhhh yeah, right there.”

Jim was inside her pinky asshole now, swirling his tongue to her grinding of her ass. Her asshole was his now. On her knees, she took his growing hard cock into her wanting mouth and began doing him. Jim was on fire! His tongue doing it’s job indide her tight asshole. Her scent, again, was musky with perfume mixed together. He was getting to her now. She was grinding her ass all over his poor face now. Then it happened. She was comming! Her head would shake back and forth, her blonde hair twirling everywhere. Her sculptured tan body rose off his cock to give him full access to her asshole. She was kaçak casino spent. He was enjoying the remnants of her sexual explosion, Slurping her fluids down his throat. Enjoying every last bit of liquid off her ass and anything that rolled down to her pussy…was his for the taking.

Vicki rolled over on her back now. Muffled sounds from her mouth. Jim got to her, began kissing her lips. She was startled by her scent on his lips, she loved it. Mixing the fluids from her ass from his lips to her lips and tongue. She was sexually alive doing this. This man has just fullfilled her sexual wish, and she was going to reward him right now.

Her dress still hiked up to her waist, she went on the bed, knelt in front of him and knew what she wanted now. Jim did too. His cock was rock hard. He spit on her ass, gave it several licks for lubricant, and stood behind her and began softly to plunge his cock inside her just-licked ass. Gingerly at first, Vicki moaned slightly with her approval. She made a slight face, with the anticipation of his mighty cock about to invade her treasured ass. His strong hands gripped her hips, and he began moving in and out, slowly at first. Then when he was all in, he fucked her at a feverish pace. Vicki’s eyes were almost bugged out of their sockets. She never felt a fuck like this before….never. And he was the only man to invade her there before. Ahhh yes, she thought, this is what she wanted today, this is how it had to be when she first saw Jim take the Lexus at the wedding. Her first time in the drop-dead sexy blue dress, this was meant to be today. Jim was grunting now, he was ready to come. Vicki could tell, she squeezed her buttock muscles the best she could, then let up, for she knew it was time. Her man was ready to deliver fluids of his on now. Inside her glorious asshole!

Vicki was still on a high when Jim mentioned they better leave. They were at the motel for over two hours now.

As they got dressed, they could not keep their hands off each other.

In the car, she remember the cigarettes, Jim stopped and got her a pack.

Getting back to the wedding, he left her off at a side door, not to cause any suspicion.

Vicki was back, saw Leeman, and he never said anything. She figured. She remembered her thong, and it was in Jim’s pocket. She smiled knowing her personal piece of clothing was where it belonged.

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