Just a Haircut Required! Pt. 06

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Big Dicks

I spent Sunday recovering from the party.

I got several texts within the first hour of waking.

One from Beth which said, ‘Thank you Rob, it was a memorable night.’

One from Emma saying, ‘I wonder why mum is smiling, but so knackered? ;-)’

One from Mandy which simply said, ‘You owe me, and Beth owes me too.’

The last one made my heart sink a bit. I remembered Beth saying she had ‘traded’ me, and that I had to visit Mandy this week. I knew this meant something more than coffee. I decided to take the bull by the horns, and reply straight away.

‘Good morning Mandy, enjoyed last night, it was a great party. I’ll buy you coffee this week?’

Straight back came, ‘You owe me more than coffee!! I’ll make you coffee! Here 11.00am Tuesday!’

Resigned to the situation, I replied, ‘Ok see you then.’

It was obvious I was digging myself into a hole yet again.

I had lunch with Evie on the Monday, we needed to catch up, and I wanted to know about her accountant friend. If she was building a relationship I wanted her to know that I supported her. And that’s the way it turned out. We would remain friends, we may even go to parties together, but the age gap would always be the stumbling block.

More relaxed about Evie, I was happier about having coffee with Mandy on the Tuesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I hoped it would be pleasant enough.

The walk to Mandy’s was literally about 150 yards around the corner, and the house, although rented, was homely. Mandy was dressed in black leather trousers, and a black woollen jumper. We sat down in the lounge, and the chat came easily.

The party wasn’t mentioned at all, at first. Mandy gave me a resumé of her life since her divorce in Manchester, and how she came to move back here. Here and there she touched upon boyfriends, but soon she asked about me, and my life. I explained how this ‘swinging’ thing came about, and how my libido had taken off. That made her laugh.

“Mine goes up and down like a yo-yo, the trouble is, I’m easily led,” Mandy raised her eyebrows.

“Now if I were a flirt, I’d react to that.” And we both burst into laughter.

“Ok Mrs, easily led, Jenkins, a question.”

“Oooooh I love the truth, dare, kiss or promise game,” Mandy shifted on her seat.

“Tell me something not many people would know about you, from past or present?”

“Wow, crikey, I need to think.” and was quiet.

It was a long couple of minutes of humming and hahing, before Mandy replied.

“This won’t go any further?” Mandy was serious, and I knew it.

“Of course not, Mandy, I promise.”

“Ok, you’ve promised! So while I was in Manchester, I had a boyfriend, Charlie, for about a year, and it turned out that me, and him, got into bdsm.

There, I’ve told you. Do not, please, tell Lizzie!”

Mandy avoided my eyes.

“Well it’s funny you should say that, Mandy, a few years ago, I did have a brief affair with a very dominant woman, who was into that, but after one meeting I had so many marks on my backside I ended it.”

“Oooooh Mr Finch, you constantly surprise me, I’m not feeling so bad now.”

“Rob, you casino oyna must call me Rob,” I said, and we both laughed again.

“I guess after our little interlude at the party we both got an idea that we enjoyed unusual stuff.”

Mandy had a mischievous look returning to her face.

“Yes, I do enjoy role play, I must admit, but we did get buzzed out of time!”

I chuckled, but I was guessing Mandy wouldn’t leave it there, and I was right.

“Well, I think we ought to find somewhere private, without a buzzer, to pick up where we left off. The ball is in your court! Otherwise there might be more marks on your backside!”

“Ouch,” I said, “I’d better be good then.”

“Beth tells me you’re very good, she certainly wanted you badly enough on Saturday.”

I blushed deep red.

“You should blush Mr Finch, you naughty boy, it’s just a pity Lizzie will be home soon, otherwise we could have made ourselves comfortable.”

All the heavy innuendo, and flirting was interrupted by Lizzie, indeed, arriving home.

“Oh hello Rob, Mr Finch, fancy seing you here, I hope mum is looking after you, and not telling you too many tales about me. I don’t get drunk these days, and am very good,” Lizzie stuck her elbow out, and gave me a nudge, as she walked past me.

I made a move, “I must be going, both of you, I’m hoping that this week I’ll catch up on a few chores. Mandy I’ll text you, and we can have a return coffee morning soon.”

“Please do Rob, and stay away from that Beth, she’s not good for you!” she said jokingly.

As I walked down the garden path, Lizzie followed me to get some shopping out of her little Fiat.

“Don’t forget us girls have a claim on you too Mr Finch,” and out came the giggles once more.

I stayed in for the next couple of days, and only replied in brief, to the several texts that I kept receiving from the apparent ‘harem’ I seemed to have gathered.

Summer was drawing to a close, evenings were getting shorter, and my birthday approached. I never enjoyed celebrating my own birthday. Apart from all the work involved in preparation, I never knew who to invite. I had a complex group of friends, and a lot of them would have nothing in common.

The conclusion I came to, was to have a meal/tapas in a hired room at a restaurant, for my conventional friends, and a party at mine, for the slightly more unconventional. In fact, a fancy dress party.

I thought I’d get a few ideas from Mandy, and at the same time pay her back for the coffee at hers. My text soon got a reply, and she came round on the Friday morning. I had to be totally realistic that the coffee meeting might end up in sex, which after all the innuendos at her place on Tuesday, seemed certain.

Sure enough I opened the door to someone who had not just come for coffee!

Underneath a lightweight coat, Mandy had on a slim, tight fitting, below the knee, black pencil skirt, with a see through white silk blouse, and underneath a see through bra, revealing clearly, her pink nipples. Her legs had sheer dark stockings, and black high heels. Her hair was combed straight, and her lips were deep red.

All I said was, “You’re canlı casino not just here for coffee then?” and smiled.

She stepped inside, taking off the coat, and pressing herself against me said, “Coffee first.”

As I percolated the coffee I studied her, as she sat on the kitchen stool. She was a hellishly sexy woman.

“Lizzie thought I looked ‘tarty,’ and said she’d better come with me to make sure ‘Mr Finch didn’t get any ideas.’ Poor naive girl, if only she knew what you’d done to me on Saturday.”

“I expect she has a healthy sex life,” I said biting my lips as I said it.

“Omg Mr Finch, you’re such a hypocrite..”

“You thought I didn’t know about you, Lizzie, Emma, and Tracey?”

“You’ve had them all, haven’t you? and me, and Beth.”

“You’ve been exposed, you naughty, bad man.”

My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I would have a heart attack. I felt so guilty.

And then relief!

Mandy slipped down from the stool, and laughed so loudly, and said, “If only you could see your face! You shouldn’t be so good at fucking! We all know exactly what’s been going on, and they all know that I’m going to fuck you today!”

I sat down on a stool, and didn’t say anything, I was shaking slightly, but so thankful.

“Forget the coffee, get up those stairs” and Mandy shoved me towards the staircase.

I unbuckled my belt as I climbed the stairs, and by the time I was in my bedroom my trousers were coming off. I was out of my shirt and boxers, and only then could I see the lust in Mandy’s eyes.

“Lay down,” she said, and slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, and let it fall to the ground. Her nipples were clearly visible pressing up through the see through fabric.

She unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall. She now stood in bra, small panties, and dark hold ups.

“”Mr Finch, I can see your cock rising, do you want me to sit on it?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, Mrs Jenkins, I want to fuck you every way.”

Her response was to escape from her bra, and dip down slipping out of her panties.

The vision of her standing there in just hold ups made my cock rampant.

She raised one foot onto the bottom of the bed, and looking down at me, ran her fingers between her pussy lips, and then licked her fingers. She repeated the movement, but this time letting me lick her fingers. Her juices were delicious.

We both wanted to fuck so Mandy joined me on the bed, we kissed, and she mounted me, and took me deep. Rising and falling, her breasts swinging just above me, we both seemed to build a rhythm. And when the moment seemed right we rolled over, and I was able to enjoy her body in a more dominant way.

Mandy was being quite noisy, and as before at the party, began to curse and talk dirty. As she became more aroused her body was more animated, and that in turn was making the bed thump against the wall.

I told her to get on all fours so I could fuck her doggy style, but as soon as we changed position she was yelling, “Fuck my ass Rob, fuck my ass.” She wanted to pick up where we left off.

“You are a naughty lady Mrs Jenkins, and if I fuck your ass, can we revisit kaçak casino our bdsm days?”

“Yes we can, but just do it now.”

I followed the same pattern as before, I spat a dollop of saliva into my hand, and spread it liberally along my cock. As well as that I also spat onto Mandy’s ass, and smeared it down her crack, and around her anus, just stopping long enough to slide a finger right inside.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” was the reaction.

I moved between her legs behind her, and before I began, I smacked her ass hard four times. Mandy screeched at the top of her voice as I said, “just to warm you up, bitch.”

I pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, her anus was glistening with my spit.

I’d been strangely aroused by spanking her, and my cock was ramrod straight.

The head of my cock began to stretch her opening, just a little push, then a withdrawal, followed by another push, and pulling back again. Each time Mandy breathed out loudly, but I could tell she wanted me to go all the way.

Pushing again the head just slipped inside, and there was a little groan of pain. I stopped, motionless.

“Go on,” she insisted, “all the way Rob.”

I pushed again, slowly. Inch by inch I slid inside, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssss,” she gave this cry of pleasure.

There was no buzzer to stop us today. I started to fuck her.

Her ass was incredibly tight around my cock, I spat once more so that the saliva dribbled between our two bodies.

“Oh god Rob, it feels so good, don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping, and holding her hips, I was pulling her onto me, we were both grunting like animals.

I’m afraid my focus wasn’t that good that day, and I felt my control disappearing.

“Mandy, do you want my spunk inside you, cos I’m going to cum?”

“Yes Rob all of it.”

She said it just in time, and it was closely followed by, “Oooohhhhh yes, oh yes,” as I poured my semen into her ass, spurt after spurt.

My grunting stopped, and I pulled out with dribbles of cum dropping onto the bed.

I flopped down beside her, and from her kneeling position she lay on top of me, kissing me, and saying thank you.

As we cuddled, and kissed Mandy said, ” Did you mean that about trying some bdsm?”

“Maybe,” I said, “but when I did do it, I was always the ‘sub’ which might not suit you?”

“Mmmmmm, I’d love to be your domme, if you could take it.” Mandy laughed with an evil look in her eyes.

I must admit the thought excited me, and Mandy sounded like the ideal partner, however she did say that we must keep it from Lizzie, and probably Beth as well. I agreed, bdsm is an acquired taste.

We went back downstairs once we had dressed, and I still needed some ideas about my fancy dress birthday party. She asked me how risqué I wanted it to be, and I said that all the guests would be from a swinging background. Her eyes lit up.

“How about a X dressing party, all women dress as men, and all men dress as women?”

“That’s a great idea, great fun, I love it.”

So the party idea was forming, but our own bdsm meeting needed planning too.

At home that evening I texted her with an idea.

Neither of us had any bdsm implements or equipment, but I knew of a dungeon locally, that could be hired out for two hour sessions.

We both would consider, and discuss.

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