Just a Day at the Office Ch. 01

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Mr. Chris Kane stared blankly at the resume of Lauren Addison whom he would be interviewing today. He never had enjoyed hiring someone new as had a recent streak of bad luck with poor performing workers. As he looked over her resume it did look as if the streak would continue, but he desperately needed someone for the job.

Meanwhile, 22 year old Lauren rolled out of bed and looked at the clock and it read 9:32am.

“Just great running late again!” she muttered to herself.

She needed this job, bills were past due and she was in danger of losing her car. She couldn’t lose her car, it was the one nice thing that she had in her life. She quickly grabbed a towel and jumped into the shower. As she washed up she thought about her life and how things needed to turn around for her. Lauren was an adorable 5’6” blond haired girl with a long curvy body topped off by her 36C chest, but she had never had luck finding a good guy and was unable to hold down a long term job.

Lauren stepped out of the shower and dried off quickly. She hastily pulled on the first pair of panties she grabbed out of her dresser. It was a black thong with pink side tie bows and then added a matching black lace bra. Lauren knew this was a little too sexy for an interview but she was running late. She finished dressing in record time, and jumped into her car. Pulling into a parking space in front of the large office building Lauren put on her makeup and walked up to the entrance. She took a deep breath and entered the building.

Lauren stepped up to Mr. Kane’s secretary, Sarah, to let her know she was her for an interview with Mr. Kane. Sarah asked Lauren to have a seat and buzzed Mr. Kane’s office.

“Mr. Kane your 10am interview is here,” Sarah said cheerfully.

Lauren shifted nervously in the chair waiting for her chance to try and impress Mr. Kane into giving her the job.

Mr. Kane’s voice came over the phone speaker “Sarah can you please send Miss Addison in?”

“Yes Mr. Kane,” Sarah replied.

Sarah led Lauren to Mr. Kane’s office and wished her good luck. Lauren entered the office “Hello Mr. Kane,” she said nervously.

“Hello you must be Lauren Addison,” he replied as he shook her hand.

He immediately noticed Lauren was an attractive girl, he quickly glanced at her figure as she sat down in front of his desk. She was wearing a very tight fitting blue blouse that had buttons down the front showing off her perky breasts as well as a short black skirt and some black thigh high stockings. He sat in his chair now beginning to think that today wouldn’t be such a bad day after all.

Lauren became aware that Chris Kane wasn’t a bad looking person himself, standing at 5’9” with a medium build, dark blonde hair and czech couples porno hazel eyes. Chris glanced over Lauren’s resume again and asked her a few basic questions about previous jobs. She smiled and was able to answer every question he threw at her. Chris was impressed at her ability to respond quickly and fully so he asked her for a list of her references. Luckily, she had remembered to bring her references and leaned forward to hand them to Mr. Kane. As she passed him the references though, she accidentally knocked over a container of pens on Mr. Kane’s desk. Lauren was quick to apologize as she leaned over to pick up the mess she had made.

“That’s ok Miss. Addison!” Chris stated as he stole a glance down her blouse.

“Please call me Lauren,” she replied as she looked up at Chris.

He moved down to help her pick up the last of the pens getting a closer look down her blouse. She glanced up again at Chris “Had he been looking down my blouse?”

Chris moved his eyes up to hers hoping he had not been caught. Their eyes met for a brief second before Chris sat back in his chair. As Lauren went to sit back in her chair, her blouse caught on the edge of the desk as she went to sit back down. The force pulled the top 2 buttons of her blouse out exposing the top edge of her lacey black bra to Chris. Lauren’s arms immediately went to cover her chest in shock.

She gasped “Oh no!”

There was a moment of awkward silence as she tried to button her blouse back up. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons as she looked up at Chris, looking intently at her chest. Caught in the act Chris tried to play it off by offering to help. As he stretched his hand out to try and help Lauren shifted suddenly, causing his hand to brush against one of her breasts.

Even through her blouse and bra the light touch sent shivers down Lauren’s spine, she had always had very sensitive breasts. Their eyes met again and Chris leaned in slowly. He kissed her softly on the lips and pulled her body tight against his own. She writhed in the kiss but suddenly pulled away.

“No I… I can’t do this,” she said and turned away buttoning up her blouse in the process.

“What’s wrong?” Chris questioned.

“I’m here for a job Mr. Kane!” she said with a stern voice.

“Please call me Chris,” he replied.

“Lauren I’ve looked over your resume and you’re not the best candidate for the job unfortunately.”

“If you were to be more of a team player I may be willing to ignore that fact,” he suggested with an extra hint in his voice.

Lauren looked back at Chris shocked at what he suggested, but she knew she desperately needed this job.

He slowly approached her and lightly brushed czech estrogenolit porno his hand along her face. Lauren looked up at him shyly feeling herself becoming aroused. They kissed again this time harder and more passionately. Chris’s hand moved slowly down her back and squeezed her firm ass. Shocked at this move, she jumped but ended up closer to him with her breasts pressing firmly against his chest. Lauren looked at him timidly as he began to unbutton her blouse. Slowly button after button was undone. He pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms till it hit the floor behind her.

Lauren felt the dampness between her legs growing while Chris ran his hands along the soft fabric of her black bra. She began to give into her feelings, pulling Chris’s tie off then yank his shirt up and off his body. She lightly traced her tongue along her lips as she looked at his muscular chest. Chris ran his hands down her body and found the zipper on her skirt. Once her skirt was unzipped it fell quickly around her ankles. Chris’s pants became increasingly tighter as he saw what he suspected earlier. Lauren was wearing black thigh high stockings and a tiny pair of thong panties.

Lauren looked down to find his bulge straining inside of his pants.

“Looks like you could use a hand there,” she said playfully.

She stepped out of her skirt and made quick work of his pants, throwing them aside. Chris became even more aggressive, lifting Lauren up and sitting her on his desk. They kissed wildly as Chris pressed his body against hers. She quivered with excitement feeling his hard cock press against her, just her thong and his boxers now separating them.

As Lauren slipped her tongue into Chris’s mouth her reached back and unhooked her bra. He sucked softly on her tongue and slid the bra straps down her arms, releasing her 36C breasts. Chris kissed down Laurens neck to her now bare breasts. Lauren moaned softly as he reached her soft breasts, he kissed them lightly and flicked his tongue over her hardening nipples. Lauren threw her head back and bit her lip when he started to suck on her nipples. His tongue drove Lauren wild and she yanked his boxers down, revealing his hard 8 inch cock to her gaze.

Lauren gasped at the size of his cock as she took it into her hand and stroked him slowly. Chris closed his eyes feeling his cock get even harder if it was possible from her soft touch. He ran his hands up her stocking covered legs until he reached her thong. Reluctantly Lauren released his cock so she could lift up off the desk to allow him to slide her thong down her shapely thighs. He let her thong drop to the floor and kissed her soft lips. Her hand instantly went back to his cock czech experiment porno and slowly she ran her fingers up and down its length.

Chris spread Lauren’s thighs apart slowly and inched forward, bringing his hard cock nearer to her pussy. Lauren leaned back and watched intently as the tip of his cock pressed against her opening.

“Oh, Chris you’re so big!” she almost whispered.

“Don’t worry I’ll go slowly,” he promised with a grin.

Slowly his cock entered her, his thick cock stretching her like never before. She moaned feeling his cock slide deep inside her wet pussy. She looked down between her thigh “I can’t believe you’re all the way inside of me” she sighed in pure ecstasy.

Chris gripped her stocking covered thighs and slowly started to move in and out of her dripping wet pussy. He laid her back down on the desk and began to thrust a little faster. Her breath quickened and she squirmed around in pleasure. Sensing her high state of arousal Chris lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and began to drive his cock harder and deeper into her. Lauren groaned loudly forgetting where she was, the feeling was just too good for her to control herself now.

“Ohhhh yesss Chris fuck me hard and fast!!!” she almost yelled.

Chris was quick to comply as he slammed his cock in and out of her opening. She started to swiftly rock her hips to meet his thrusts while she played with her breasts.

“Mmmm,” she panted over and over.

Chris felt her pussy getting tighter around his cock he knew she was close to cumming. Chris was not far from cumming either.

“I’m going to cum!” he groaned.

“I want to feel you cum inside of me,” she said surprising herself.

Chris slammed inside of her unloading his cum deep inside her pussy. Lauren felt him cum inside of her and it put her over the edge.

“Ohhh Chris!” she moaned feeling her orgasm rock her body.

Chris stayed buried inside of her as they kissed some more.

She smiled at him as he said “Well looks like you got the job.”

She playfully hit his chest and shook her head. He slipped his cock from her slit and she ran a finger down along it. She looked at Chris seductively and licked her cum covered finger clean.

He grabbed her in his powerful arms and kissed her once more before they got dressed. He walked her toward the door.

“See you Monday morning!” he said with a chuckle.

She blushed and walked out the door with a quiet goodbye. He watched her ass sway back and forth and knew that he had to have her again and soon. Chris closed his door and sat back a happy man wishing it was Monday already.

Outside Mr. Kane’s office Sarah smiled at Lauren as she walked past her desk. Sarah had been listening to them the entire time.

“Sounds like you got the job,” Sarah said with a smirk.

Lauren began to blush bright red and hurriedly walked out of the office not knowing what would happen next. She wondered if Sarah had heard them having sex. Would she be able to come back and face Sarah after what had happened with Mr. Kane?

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