Junior College Days Ch. 04

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“I want to try something.”

Jack showed me a tube of KY Jelly. “What’s this?” I asked.

He motioned to his arse. Then pointed at my arse. Then made a grinding motion with his hips. “Oh no. No fucking way. No way at all, darling.”

We were in the classroom at the trailer block. The whole classroom was basically a trailer with air-conditioning. It was pretty private – it was way after school and it should have been locked up. Although with my darling Jack, locks were no kick. Well, just a swift kick to him. He had opened the door with brute strength. No problem. And now we were studying happily in air-conditioned comfort and making out from time to time. Now he was showing me a tube of KY Jelly. “No way.”

I was leaning over the teacher’s table, my tits squashed against the table, my pert, athletic ass in the air. My short, pleated green skirt was pushed over my back, and blouse was unbuttoned and pulled back. He pulled my white blouse back down my arms, then before he took it off me, he tied my wrists behind my back together with my blouse. “Please, Jack….No…No fucking way…please.” He ripped my bra off and chucked it in the bin. He suddenly changed his mind and undid my skirt hook, then slid it down my legs instead. He pulled down my thong at the same güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri time, and made me step out of them. He hung them over a chair. I was now naked and bent over the teacher’s table at my waist, my butt stuck up in the air, exposed, and my wrists tied together behind my back with my blouse. In my classroom. After school. I was wet immediately. He took some pictures of me like that with our camera phones. I gave him my sweetest smile. “No fucking way, Jack! Let me go now. Please?” His evil smile gave me my answer.

He stroked my pussy a bit, and when I was wet enough, he scooped out some pussy juice and smeared it on my asshole. He wiggled a finger into my ass. It felt like something was lost inside it. Then he squeezed some KY Jelly lubricant onto his finger and wiggled it in again, and smeared it around inside me. More and more, he wiggled his finger deeper and deeper into me. More and more, he applied more lubricant. He could soon thrust his middle finger in and out pretty easily. I began to relax. It didn’t feel so bad. It felt weird, just plain weird, but not too bad. Then I heard him unzip his pants, undo his belt and pull down his boxers. He was still fully clothed. That was SO unfair!

I felt his thick cockhead güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri press against my asshole. It felt really, really big. He was gentle, at least. He pressed and pressed and pressured…and then he was in. Then he pushed some more and pushed and shoved gently, my whole body shaking, and he eased himself further into me. I groaned and grunted. It was so strange! A really queer feeling of fullness came over me. “Oh baby…you’re so fucking tight!” He told me. Like he needed to tell me. I knew I was tight. It was hurting slightly, my virgin ass stretched like never before. He withdrew a bit – it felt like I was shitting – and suddenly pushed deeper. He’d withdraw, then thrust deeper, and deeper and suddenly, his balls were slapping against my pussy. He was all the way in. He sighed and jiggled about. I jiggled back and groaned.

Then the friction began. He began to thrust slowly. Real slow, to get me used to it. Then slowly he built up the tempo, and began to thrust faster, and faster, and faster…and then he was pistoning in and out happily, balls slapping against my pussy, pushing me into the teacher’s table, and I was pushing back on him. He was holding my wrists with one hand and waist with the other. “Ride her, cowboy!” He crowed.

“Ride güvenilir bahis şirketleri me, cowboy! Ride me, Jack!” I squealed back. It was actually quite nice. It felt really good now. Not orgasm kind of high, but friction kind of high. He began to stroke my pussy as he pumped into me, his thick fingers strumming my clit, playing with it. I began to get the orgasm kind of high now. Somehow, he always lasted longer than me. Or maybe I just orgasmed easily. Anyhow, I came, and I tensed, and I yelled his name. “JACK! Fuck me! Fuck me! Jack!” He was more than obliging to. As I came, he had perfect timing and came too, together with me. Our bodies tensed and shuddered together and we were locked together for that moment in eternity. I was full of him, and his fullness in me just overwhelmed my senses as we came together. He pumped his load deep into my ass as I gushed all over him. He shrank and pulled out from me with a ‘pop’ sound. I could feel my asshole gaping open, and felt it shrink back to its usual size. He was panting.

“Sue, that was fucking amazing.” He gasped.

“Erm, excuse me. Did you see my textbook lying around here?” A nerdy voice asked. It was Dick. He was standing in the corner with two other nerd friends of his. “Erm…if you haven’t it’s ok…” He quickly put down his camera phone.

“Hello? I’m having sex here. Can you please get lost? FUCK OFF!” I yelled. I realized the futility of my situation. My butt was red with embarrassment. I think my face was redder. Jack had already zipped up and belted up. He was laughing. “Fuck you too, Jack!”

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