Julie Wants to be a Good Girl Pt. 02

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I woke up the morning after my first ‘lesson’ with Julie and I swear I was still smiling. I hit the shower, grabbed my clubs and headed for the country club. Made up a foursome with three other regulars and played a leisurely eighteen. Had lunch at the 19th hole, I know, real original on the name, signed my tab and headed out.

The called the office on the off chance my presence was for some odd reason needed. My office manager played her “Who is this?, who’s calling?” routine then finally admitted I actually did have an appointment with my tax attorney tomorrow.

I stopped in a the C store to see if Julie was working. She was helping a customer when I walked in. I was next in line and tried to hide behind the guy in front of me. When he left I jumped forward and put my arms on the counter. She squeeked and leaned over the counter hitting my arm with her bony little fist.

“You almost gave a me heart attack Gary, what’s wrong with you?” she grumbled.

“Eww, did someone not get enough sleep last night?” I teased.

She blushed and said, “No I slept very well last night thank you.” She was trying to be stern but her smile kept breaking through.

I looked around carefully and said softly, “So everything OK, no regrets, no problems?”

“Nope nothing like that. Just a ton of questions,” she said, “the biggest one being when is my next ‘lesson’ going to be.”

“Well, if you have the key to the back room, we can start immediately.” I said as I leered at her.

She shushed me and motioned me to the side. She had a steady stream of customers for ten minutes. I grabbed a fountain soda and said hi to the other cashier Mary, my ex sister in law. Finally Julie was free and I stepped up to the counter.

“We can’t talk here,” she said, “first of all someone is going to hear something, two people will start to wonder why you are spending so much time here, and three this is actually my job and I have to be able to do it.”

“Do you have a break coming up,” I asked.

“Jeez no, I opened today so I had lunch about the time you got up,” she said, “I’m actually done at two.”

“Tell you what, you go home and take a little nap. I’ll pick you up at seven and we’ll go somewhere fancy and have a nice meal.”

She got a little shy then and said, “You sure you want to go out in public with me? I mean most of the other women you go out with are way hotter than me.”

“Are you nuts?” I asked her. “You are the most beautiful, most desirable woman ever.”

“No,” she smiled, “I think you are the one that’s nuts. Besides Danny always said it was a waste of money taking me out. I’m so small I don’t ever finish my meal.”

“Well, number one, it’s my money. Number two, I don’t give a rat’s ass what Danny thought. Number three, we’ll go to that nice French place, they never give you enough to eat . Now, any more objections?”

“None that I can come up with right now. I suppose this calls for the ‘little black dress’ you men assume we all have hanging in our closet in the desperate hope we will get to wear it someplace a little more fancy than Joe’ pool hall?”

“Of course,” I laughed, “so long as it includes that string of cultured pearls we assume all you women have stashed away.”

“Ha,” she snorted, “the last string of pearls I got were from my parents at my confirmation so you’ll have to put up with a simple gold chain.”

“I had my hopes set on pearls but I suppose…” I left it hanging there until she reached across the counter and punched my arm.

Them she pointed toward the door, “Out”.

I made a couple of stops and went home for a nap myself. I took a shower and got into my tux. I wanted this to be special so I got the Porsche fired up. I didn’t drive it that much, it is impractical as hell, and wondered for the umpteenth time why I had bought it in the first place.

I arrived right on time and just like last night the door was opened before I got to it. I stopped and just stared at Julie. She was absolutely lovely. She reminded me of someone and suddenly it hit me. You know that scene at the cocktail party in Sabrina. Julie looked just like a long haired version of Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress.

“Is this OK,” she asked. Then she gave me a twirl to show me everything.

“Stunning,” was the only word I could get out.

“Come in, unless we have reservations, are we late, early or on time?”

“We have reservations and we should leave now but I have to do something first.” I pulled a long jewelry box from my inside jacket pocket and handed it to her. “I was going to give this to you at the restaurant but I can’t wait, I have to see it on you.”

She hesitantly took the box from my hand and slowly opened it. She gasped and pulled out a 30 inch long rope of pearls. She just stared at them for a bit then “How…when…why…why would you do this?”

“What do you mean why?” I asked, “because you are beautiful, because you deserve them.”

“I deserve them?” she asked, “why do I deserve them? I suppose you are rich enough you brazzers porno give all your dates jewelry,” she sighed sadly.

This is not how I envisioned this at all I thought to myself. “Yes you do deserve them. You are beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, and smart. Did I mention beautiful? The only jewelry I have ever bought a woman was my ex-wife’s wedding ring. Ironically, she left it behind when she divorced me.”


“Never,” I confirmed. “Please just put them on, please?”

She looked at me for a moment then handed me the empty box. “They are so long,” she said, “they must be meant to be worn double.”

The saleslady said they could be worn single, double or tied in a knot. When I told her how tall you were she recommended the 30 inch instead of the standard 36 inch stand.”

“Well,” she laughed, “I would trip over a single 36 inch strand.”

We both laughed and then she came into my arms for a hug. I was relieved, she seemed to have accepted my gift in the spirit in which it was given. She grabbed her wrap and a clutch purse and we walked out.

We got to the street and she stopped to look over the car. “Whose car did you steal,” she teased, “I’ve never seen you driving this, it must be a special occasion.”

“If I’m with you it is a special occasion,” I teased her right back.

“This is a 911 Carrera 4 GTS isn’t it? A 2018?”

I just stared at her. “How in the world would you know that?”

She laughed and said, “A girl has to have a few secrets doesn’t she?”

“If you know so much about it, you want to drive it?”

“God no,” she said in horror, “I never learned how to drive a manual.”

I just shook my head and opened her door. As she got in I got a glimpse of tiny black panties.

We parked at the restaurant (I didn’t trust the valet to park it) and headed in. As soon as we were inside she put her arm in mine. The maitre d’ greeted me by name and led us to our table. Julie looked nervously around the restaurant and then down at her hands.

“What’s going on,” I asked quietly.

“There are at least three women in here that I know you have dated,” she replied just as quietly.

I took a casual look around and actually counted four. “Take a look at them,” I said, “all of them are with dates and they are not staring daggers at you. In fact if you looked up you would see they are all smiling.”

She frowned and then gave a quick look around. “They are smiling, why?” she asked curiously, “why would they not be angry?”

“Because they are happy for you. In case you didn’t know it, everyone that knows you from the store likes you. They’re not angry because they knew that dating me was just a casual thing.”

“So you just took them out so you could have meaningless sex with them,” she scoffed.

“No,” I said, “not meaningless, just casual. We both knew what was going on and we enjoyed having sex and spending time together. When it was time to move on, we moved on.”

Very quietly she asked, “Is that how it is between us? Soon you will get bored and move on to a new one?”

I reached over and held my hand open. She finally brought one of her hands up and put it in mine. “That is not what we’re about. I think this is a long term thing, don’t you?”

“Umm well, I don’t know,” she sounded confused, “I want it to last but… I don’t know.”

“Well,” I said, trying to lighten things up,”we still have to give you the good girl lessons.”

She squeezed my hand and laughed, “That’s true, and don’t think you’re going to get out of it buster.” She looked around and saw no one near and asked, “So what is the lesson for tonight going to be.”

I said, “Cock worship”. Her hand tightened on my mine and her eyes closed. She looked like she was trying not to moan out loud.

She finally loosened her grip and said “How can one word make me wet? What is this power you have over me?”

“I don’t know but I love it,” I replied. “Are your panties really wet now?” I asked. She just nodded her head.

“Take them off for me so I can smell them,” I ordered her.

I expected her to say no or go to the restroom but she casually looked around the room then scooted forward, reached under her dress and pulled them off. She sat up and with a little smile handed them to me. The waiter approached the table as I picked them up and put them in my lap. I know he saw them because he gave me a nod and a wink. When he had left I picked the panties off my lap and held them up. They were a black silk thong that I never thought she would wear.

She must have been reading my mind and said, “You’re not the only one that can go shopping you know.”

I crumpled the damp panties in my fist and brought them to my nose and inhaled. The same lovely scent of soap, perfume and aroused woman from last night greeted my nostrils.

“My god,” I breathed, “that is a delightful experience.” Julie smiled and blushed then picked up her fork to start in on her meal. I put the panties in the coat pocket of my tux and clip4sale porno followed her lead.

“Am I going to get those back?” she teased.

I appeared to think about for a moment and seriously said, “No, no I don’t think so.”

Very seriously she replied, “I hardly think some old pearls are a fair exchange for some brand new silk panties but if you insist, I’ll go along.”

We bantered back and forth as we ate and enjoyed an after dessert cognac. When we became aware of our surroundings was when the waiter apologized for interrupting and asked if we could settle the check as he was closing out for the night. I checked the time and found it was 10:30. We had been talking for three hours. I tried to remember when I had sat and just talked for that long. The answer I came up with was never.

I paid the bill and we walked out to the car holding hands. When I handed her into the car she spread her legs wide and gave me a very nice view indeed. Surprising her I yelled out, “Pussy shot!” and closed her door.

When I got in she was still laughing, “My god, how old are you anyway, 16?”

“Not that it matters but I am 28, I do however have a very juvenile brain.”

“I am beginning to realize that.”

I wanted to take her hand and hold it but that’s hard to do with a stick shift on a winding country road. I settled for the occasional look at the amount of leg she was showing. After a few miles it dawned on me that every time I looked I could see more leg. All to soon we pulled up to her doorstep.

“Damn,” I said, “another five miles and I’d have seen that furry kitty.”

She blushed and said, “Oh I think she would be willing to come out and play if you asked nicely.”

We got inside and I pulled the knot out my bow tie and pulled free of the stiff collar. I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt and sighed. I got out of the coat and laid it over the back of the couch.

Julie reappeared from the bathroom and said, “Jeez make yourself comfortable.”

I groaned and said, “It’s not only women that have to suffer for fashion you know. You actually look pretty comfortable.”

“I should,” she giggled, “the only thing under this dress is me.”

“I figured that, I didn’t see a bra strap.”

“My boobs are so small I don’t really need a bra. I usually wear padded ones so people won’t mistake me for a 12 year old boy,” she said wryly.

“Tonight is the first time I have ever gone out in public without a bra. It felt deliciously wicked to feel my nipples rubbing the inside of my dress.”

“That probably contributed to the dampness of your panties,” I commented.

“Oh without a doubt. I was getting kind of revved up and then you said ‘cock worship’ and that was all it took.”

She suddenly stood up and said, “I am going to go get this dress off before I ruin it. I said cock and I started to leak. What is the matter with me?” shaking her head as she left the room.

After 15 minutes I was starting to get concerned when I heard her coming down the hall. She turned the corner and there she was in her birthday suit.

“We were talking about my boobs and I realized you never took my shirt off last night. So how do you like my mosquito bites?” She was trying to be brave but was having a hard time of it.

I wordlessly got off the couch and knee walked over to her. She was so small I had to bend over to get a nipple in my mouth. I gently kissed one tit and then moved to the other one. I kissed it and then sucked the whole thing into my mouth and flicked her nipple with my tongue.

“Jeez Louise,” she yelled, “keep doing that!” I moved to her other tit and gave it the same treatment while reaching up and covering her other tit with my hand. I could feel her hard nipple poking into my palm. She started shaking and her legs were getting weak.

I gently grabbed her around the waist with my other arm and went over backwards pulling her with me. She was now stretched out on top of me and grinding her breast into my face. This put her pussy almost up to my chest and I felt her liquid goodness coating me. I reached around her and got my middle finger onto her clit. She jumped like she was being electrocuted and started spraying me down. I just kept rubbing her and letting her keep jumping around and squirt. Finally she pulled away from me and reached back and grabbed my wrist.

“Stop, oh god, stop, I -I-I can’t take any mmmore,” she stammered as she collapsed back onto my chest.

She looked around her and asked, “Why are we laying on the floor? How did that happen?”

We both started laughing and I sat up and hugged with one arm. The other I used to help lever us off the floor. Still hugging her I moved over and sank down onto the couch. I let her slide down onto my lap and pulled her head to my chest. I gently stroked her hair as she calmed down and gathered herself.

After a few minutes she realized she was sitting on my erection. She wiggled her cute little butt around and giggling said, “I thought this evening colette porno was about me exploring you?”

“It’s about doing whatever you want,” I said.

“Oh no, that’s not the deal. You said cock worship so now I get to see a real cock for the first time. Oh,” she said, “let me go.”

I did and she jumped up quickly. “I’m starting to leak so you better get those pants off before I ruin them”

I stood up and took my pants off and put them on the couch back with my coat. I was about to peel my boxers off when I noticed Julie staring intently at the tent. I unbuttoned the studs on my shirt and silently cursed the cuff links until I got them out and the shirt off. Now I was stripped down to my underwear and I asked Julie if she would like to do the honors.

She nodded her head and moved in front of me. She barely grazed my hard on with the back of her hand and then her other hand came up and touched the tip through my boxers. She moaned a little then grabbed the waistband in both hands and pulled them down to my knees.

My cock was pointing straight out and waving around just a little. She stared in awe and then looked up at me and said, “Can I touch it?

I nodded and said, “Of course, all good girls want to play with their man’s cock.” Her tiny hand did not quite go all the way around the head but managed to grip the shaft just right. She slowly started to explore the entire length and I let out a little moan myself.

“Am I doing it right? Does it feel good? My god it’s so big and hard.”

“You are doing great, the reason I moaned was I was thinking if you pulled my cock straight up you could get the tip in your mouth without bending over,” I moaned again.

“I don’t think much of that monster is going to fit in my mouth, but if you want me to try I certainly will,” she said dubiously.

“No, this is about worshiping a cock, think about the many ways can you give me pleasure. You have to enjoy it also. The point of being a good girl is doing what you love and loving what you do.” I explained, “If someone tries to force you to do something you hate to do grab their nuts in both hands and squeeze. And don’t stop squeezing until they apologize.”

She reached down with both hands and cupped my sack and said, “I can’t even get one of your balls in both my hands. God they are huge and heavy. It feels good to hold them and play with them.”

“It certainly does feel good,” I said. “Now, what else can you do to make me feel good?”

“Well,” she said leaning in and giving the head a series of kisses, “he seems to enjoy this.” Then she ran her kisses all the way to my pubes and switching sides all the way back to the tip. “Feels like he likes that too.” She played around kissing, licking and jacking it with her hand trying to find what made me twitch the most. She seemed to really enjoy licking off the drops of pre cum as they seeped out.

She pulled off and looked my dick right in the eye and said, “Right, here we go.” She opened her mouth wide and got the first two inches in. She bobbed up and down a few times without gaining much ground.

“Stick your tongue out,” I coached her. She did and looked very surprised and happy when she got two more inches in her. Now she had four inches stuffed in her face and she started bobbing her head up and down. She might not have ever had a cock in her mouth but she was a natural.

“OK,” I said gently pulling her off me, “you better try something else or you’ll have a mouthful of cum to deal with.”

She looked at me seriously and said, “What, you mean you would shoot your stuff in my mouth if I kept going? What should I do with it?’

I gave a little chuckle and assured her that yes, I would shoot in her mouth. “Some women like the taste of it and swallow, others spit it out or let it run out of their mouth and down over their boobs. The option is yours.”

“OK then,” she said bravely, “I am going to take you as far in as I can and I want you to shoot in my mouth.”

I said, “Excellent, I will warn you when I am close. It will be easier for you to pull back so only the head is in your mouth when I come. You ready?”

Her response was oral but non verbal. She bobbed up and down and used both hands on the part not not her mouth. In no time at all I was at the breaking point.

“OK, get ready,” I warned her. She followed my instructions and pulled out to the head and looked up at me. Then both hands went into overdrive.

With a soft cry of, “Here it comes,” I let loose and shot my load into her mouth. She took it all without losing a drop and as I quit shooting gradually slowed her hands until they stopped.

She pulled off keeping her lips sealed until the head popped out.

She tilted her head back and I could see her tongue playing with my cum. After about ten seconds she got a satisfied look on her face and swallowed the load down. She giggled and held her mouth open to show me it was all gone.

She leaned forward and kissed the head then used both hands to milk one last drop onto her tongue. “That was great,” she exclaimed, “I was surprised how much there was and how warm it was. And it tasted good, a little salty and well, not slimy really, maybe slippery is a better term. Oh I loved the look on your face when I swallowed.” she was bubbling with excitement and I had to laugh.

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