Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 03

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I spent the next two days in a bit of a daze. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I was having incredible sex with the hottest woman I knew, but I couldn’t tell anyone. Even stranger, prior to Sunday I was like any other horny teenager, masturbating like a madman every chance I got, and now, I hadn’t touched my cock in days. Not that I didn’t want to, in fact it was killing me not to beat off as the slightest thought of my past two encounters inevitably brought about a raging erection. But Vicki had said not to, and I damn sure wasn’t going to screw up what I had going.

When Thursday afternoon came around I walked to Vicki’s house hoping for a continuation of our previous activities. To be frank, I needed something to happen, because I had the worst case of blue balls since high school. Vicki answered her door wearing a simple running outfit and smiled as she ushered me inside.

“So Jimmy, were you a good boy like I asked?”

“Yes Miss Victoria, but it was hard.” Vicki chuckled and I blushed deeply as I realized my unintended pun.

Vicki walked up to me and lightly rubbed her hand across the front of my sweats, causing my hard cock to jump and twitch. “It looks like it’s still hard Jimmy” she said with a deep chuckle. “I guess it’s time to reward you for being such a good boy. Let’s go upstairs and take care of your situation.”

Once, more, I followed Vicki up to her bedroom and once inside I heard the familiar command – “Strip.” My clothes were off in a flash and at her direction I climbed up onto the bed.

“My, my Jimmy, your cock is just dripping pre-cum. You must really need to relieve the pressure that has built up in those swollen balls.”

“Oh yes Miss Victoria, my balls have been tender all day. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Well Jimmy, why don’t you take care of things then? I sure you’ve been dying to jerk off for a couple of days now. Go ahead, jerk off that lovely cock for me.”

I looked at her feeling a bit more than confused. “I….I don’t understand Miss Victoria. I thought you were going to teach me some more about sex?”

“Masturbation is sex Jimmy, and I want you to masturbate for me. Right now, young man. I want you to lie back, grab your hard cock and masturbate. Be a good boy and show me how you make yourself feel good.”

I was more than a little bit embarrassed, but I did as Miss Victoria asked. I laid back, closed my eyes, wrapped my hand around my cock and proceeded to beat my cock like it owed me money. I need to cum more than anything and if she wanted to watch, then fine, she could watch. My hand was a blur and I moaned out loud with need. My balls began to tighten up and I knew this wouldn’t last much longer.

“Stop Jimmy! Stop right now!”

My eyes flew open and my hand reluctantly dropped away from my cock. Damn! I was so close, she told me to jerk off and now she was telling me to stop? What the… …

“Jimmy, is that how you always masturbate? So fast and so rough?”

“Yes, ma’am, most of the time, just like that.”

“Why Jimmy?”

“Well, I don’t have a lot of privacy at school Miss Victoria and I didn’t have any privacy at home, so if I do beat off, I usually have to do it fast so I don’t get caught.”

Vicki looked at me and smiled. “I guess I’m going to have to teach you how to masturbate young Mr. Jimmy.” She quickly cut me off as I started to respond. “And no, don’t bother trying to tell me you already know how. That wasn’t masturbating, that was self-abuse in the truest sense of the word. Jimmy, masturbation is all about pleasure. Pleasuring yourself. Making casino oyna the pleasure last. It most certainly is not a race to see how quickly you can cum.” Then she looked at me and smiled, “Well, most of the time it isn’t, but today I’m going to teach you how to masturbate properly. Now you just lie back and let Miss Victoria show you a few things.”

She got up off the bed and went into her bathroom. She returned with a bottle of lube and a couple of towels. She climbed up next to me, and lightly grasped my cock. “First off young man, rule number one – just like last time, no cumming until I say so, understood?”

“Yes Miss Victoria. I understand”

“I’m not kidding Jimmy. Tell me if you feel like you are getting close. If you cum before I say so and you leave, right then. No excuses, no second chances. Got it”

“Yes ma’am”, I meekly replied.

“OK then, rule number two – plenty of lubrication. Rubbing on a hard, dry cock isn’t fair to your poor cock. Especially the way you were going about it. You need lubrication to do this right.” With that, she opened the lube and squeezed a generous amount on my cock and balls, and then used both of her hands to thoroughly spread it around.

“Rule number three – SLOW DOWN! Slower is better. Go slow and FEEL it. Make it last. Build up, back off, and build up again. Trust me it will be so much better.” She said all of this while her hands demonstrated just exactly what she meant. One hand rubbed up and down my shaft, while the other slowly rubbed my balls in circles.

All I could do was moan and thrust up into her hands.

“Watch me Jimmy. Watch what I do. Watch how your cock responds.”

Her hand slowly moved up and down my cock with a twisting motion. Occasionally her other hand would circle the head of my cock, right below the ridge of my helmet. Then she would move her focus to my balls, gently pulling them down, stretching my ball sack.

Back and forth she went, alternating between my cock and balls, driving me crazy. Man, I thought beating off was good before, but this was so much better. Once more I was quickly approaching the point of no return. “Stop Miss Victoria. Please stop. I’m about to cum. Oh God, if you do any more I won’t be able to hold off,” I was pleading with her. I wanted to cum so bad, but at the same time I knew I had to please her and do as I was told.

Vicki pulled her hands away from my cock and smiled down at me. “Good boy Jimmy. I’m proud of you. I think you deserve a reward.” She leaned down and kissed me, softly, tenderly and deeply. I hadn’t realized until then that we hadn’t even kissed hello.

“I…I…..I’m sorry Miss Victoria” I stammered out.

“Whatever for dear boy. You didn’t cum.”

“I….I….I didn’t kiss you hello when I came in the door earlier. That wasn’t nice and I know you told me that I was supposed to greet you properly when I came over. I’m so sorry.”

“Jimmy you’re right, you didn’t kiss me properly earlier. However, I didn’t notice, nor did I correct your behavior when it happened. This won’t stop our fun, but I’ll have to think about this transgression later. It was good of you to admit your mistake and I’ll take that into consideration.”

“Yes Miss Victoria.”

“Now, let’s continue where we left off, but first… .”, and with that Vicki stood up and removed her clothes. I didn’t think it was possible, but my cock got even harder. Damn, she was a beautiful woman.

Victoria crawled up over me with a wicked smile on her face. “Ok, Jimmy, I’m going to let you cum soon, but first I want to play a little. Keep your canlı casino hands by your sides, enjoy the feelings….but no cumming until I tell you.”

With that she lowered her breasts over my cock until her nipple just brushed the head. Then she started to slowly, lightly, rub her magnificent breasts over my cock and balls. A deep moan escaped through my clenched teeth. Victoria chuckled and continued her teasing.

“Do you like it when I tease your big hard cock with my soft tits baby? Do you want to cum? Maybe you’d like to blow your load all over my tits?”

“Yes Miss Victoria, yesssss. I want to cum so bad.”

“Too bad baby boy. Momma Vicki is going make you wait some more.” With that she flipped around and roughly jammed her hot, wet cunt onto my face. “I decided I need to cum first. Do a good job, make me cum really, really hard and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you cum.”

I attacked her pussy like a man possessed. I used every trick she had taught me and some I had only read about. This wasn’t a slow drawn out moment of pleasure. This was about getting her off as hard as possible, as quick as possible. I needed to cum and it was clear that the only way for that to happen was to make her cum.

After what seemed forever, but could have easily been 5 short minutes, I changed tactics. I thrust my tongue as far up her pussy as I could. I sucked her lips and flicked her clit. I ate her ass pucker like it was the sweetest thing around. Finally, I focused my sucking on her clit and then tried something I had only read about. I shoved two fingers up her pussy and another one up her ass. I began to finger fuck her holes very hard and I latched onto her clit and began to suck and lightly chew on it.

Victoria threw her head back, and growled out “Oh fuck yes. Just like that. Harder goddamn it, harder.” I obeyed her command and attacked her pussy. “Fuck. Cumming. Cumming hard. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Eat my cunt. Finger me!”

Victoria shuddered, grunted a few more “Fuck me’s” and then it seemed like she pissed all over me. Over my face, down my throat…….hell it even soaked my hair. It didn’t smell like pee. It didn’t taste like pee (not that I had any previous experience drinking pee), but I damn sure thought she pissed on me.

Victoria’s body slowly stopped jerking around and she once more flipped around to face me. “Oh my dear sweet boy, where did you learn to do that? I haven’t cum that hard in a while. Look at the mess I made all over you.” With that she began kissing my mouth and face, licking up her wetness, only to kiss me some more, all the time quietly saying “Thank you baby, thank you.”

“Jimmy, that was incredible. What made you think to do that?”

“Do what Miss Victoria?”

“Finger fuck my ass and pussy while you sucked my clit, silly boy. I never taught you that.”

Feeling slightly embarrassed, I quietly answered “I remembered how much you liked it when I licked your…umm…..there……”

“Not ‘there’ Jimmy. My asshole. My pucker. I liked it when you licked my asshole. Now say it correctly.”

“Yes Miss Victoria. Anyway, I remembered how much you liked it when I licked your…..asshole, and I had read that some girls like fingers up their…..assholes too, so I decided to try it and see if you liked it.”

“Well, I loved it Jimmy. I haven’t squirted like that in a long time.”

“Squirted, Miss Victoria? Are you talking about when you peed on me?”

Victoria laughed loudly….”I didn’t pee on you honey. You made me squirt. It’s sort of like when you cum. You made my girl cum squirt out. It doesn’t kaçak casino happen all the time, but when it does it’s incredible.”

“So that wasn’t pee Miss Victoria?

“No silly boy. You gave me such a good orgasm that I squirted. Now, you did such a good job making me cum that I think it’s time to make you cum. Would you like that Jimmy?”

“Yes Miss Victoria. I want to cum so bad my balls are hurting.”

“Well baby, why don’t you lay back and let me get you off.” With that, Vicki wrapped her hand around my cock and began to slowly jerk me off. She would twist her hand on the strokes, some of them going the full length of my cock, some of them concentrating just on the head. The whole time she was whispering words of encouragement. “That’s it baby. Enjoy it. Make it last. Focus on how it feels. Look how big, hard and red your cock is getting.”

Sure enough, my cock was quickly back to a fully engorged state, the head a purplish red color, with a nearly constant stream of pre-cum dribbling from my cock. The veins on my cock were standing out like a road map and my balls were pulled tight against my body. I was so close and holding back was getting harder and harder.

I cried out sharply “Miss Victoria you have to stop! I can’t hold back if you don’t stop. Please. I don’t want to get in trouble, but I don’t think I can hold it back anymore.”

Vicki let loose with another throaty chuckle and looked at me as her stroking slowed, but didn’t completely stop. “Ok Jimmy, I’m going to let you cum soon, but you have to watch. Don’t close your eyes. Watch me, watch your cock.” I nodded my head yes and with that, Vicki picked up her pace.

“Are you ready baby? I’m going to make you cum so hard. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Please let me cum!” I shouted.

Vicki suddenly plunged two fingers from her other hand into my ass and began rubbing something deep inside. I didn’t know what it was she was touching (at the time), but all of a sudden it felt like the top of my cock exploded. My cum shot high into the air and landed all over me and Miss Vicki. She directed my cock towards me and my next shot hit me on my face! Vicki giggled and started pointing my cock all over as rope after rope of cum flew from my cock. I don’t know how long I came for, but I remember feeling at least 10 hard jets of cum leave my cock. I was beginning to lose focus as my orgasm slowed down and Vicki began a slow milking of my cock, trying to get every drop of cum out of my balls.

I began to jerk as my cock became highly sensitive. Vicki removed her hand and said “Look at the mess you made Jimmy. How will we clean this up?” I looked down and I was covered from my face to my cock in cum. Vicki’s hand and arm were a cum coated mess. She looked at me and began to lick the cum off her body. Then she lowered her face and began to gently lick me clean, starting with my cock and moving up my body until she reached my face. She then began to lick my face clean and when she was done she lowered her lips to mine for a kiss.

I didn’t hesitate. I kissed her hard and deep. Part of me knew that I was tasting my own cum on her lips and in her mouth, but I didn’t care. That was the best orgasm of my life!

Vicki pulled back from our kiss and looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “So Jimmy, was the buildup worth it? Now do you understand how holding back can lead to better things?”

“Oh god yes, Miss Victoria. That was incredible. I’ve never cum so hard before. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good.”

“That’s good Jimmy. Now that you’ve had your fun , we need to talk about something.”

I looked at her, obvious confusion on my face. “What’s that Miss Victoria?”

“Your little transgression earlier….and your confession.”

I blushed again, wondering what was next… ..

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