Jill’s Spanking Ch. 04

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Authors Note

This is the final chapter in the Jill’s Fantasy series, Please read the first ones before this as it will give this chapters background. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

It had been eight months since Jill and I had fulfilled out mutual fantasy’s and though we saw each other often and had many opportunities neither of us had broached the subject or said we wanted to do it again. Occasionally I would catch that mischievous look in her eyes but in a second it was gone. John had over the previous months been spending more and more time away with work to the point people were more likely to see Jill and I out together than her and John. It had become a bit of an in joke at our local pub, we were known as the couple that weren’t.

Our world changed a month later, as I said John was spending more and more time away from Jill, work being the excuse, now the truth came out. He had another life 200 miles away and had had for two and a half years. Jill came home to a letter from him, he’d gone and then I got the call.

Jill and I carried on for a month or so after John leaving as just friends, going out for tea, the pub etc, things we had done many times before. One night we were out with a group of friends, two couples when Jill slipped her hand in mine and gave it a squeeze. Thought we had kissed, spanked and fucked each other this was different, this was the most intimate thing to happen between us. I returned the squeeze and expected her to remove her hand, she didn’t, she left it there. We sat there chatting for a while till one of the other girls suggested they went out for a smoke, her boyfriend looked at me quizzically “Something you want to tell the rest of us?” “Your guess is as good as mine, that’s the first time she’s done that.”

“Looks like you’ve become more than friends.”

Jill and her friend came back at that moment and sat down, again Jill took my hand and it felt right, I turned and smiled at her squeezing her hand and returned to our conversation. It seemed that with John gone Jill and I had become the couple that was. A little while later Jill and I went outside for a smoke leaving our friends inside. “Jill am I reading you right?”

“Why what you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that you and I have become a couple.”

“I think your right, I think we have.”

I kissed casino siteleri her, not a kiss of hunger and lust as our other kisses had been but of passion and love. We walked back to our seats hand in hand, at first nobody noticed then one by one they saw the change in us. When we arrived back at our seats Jill’s friend said, “we wondered when this would happen.”

“I suppose it just crept up on us.” I replied

Jill and I spent the next few months like most new couples do, dinners, movies, drinks etc, but then again Jill and I had been doing that for years. We’d made love (without spanking) every opportunity we had. Jill had by this time moved in with me, her clothes along side mine in the wardrobe, her own stuff in the other bedside cabinet.

We’d spent Friday Night just like any other, a few drinks with friends however when we got up the following morning Jill shouted down, ” Can we go out to lunch today?”

“Sure where you want to go?”

“Somewhere out in the country, maybe we can stay over where ever we end up.”

“Ok go pack some overnight gear and we’ll see where we end up.”

We drove about an hour and a half and found a pub for some lunch, while ordering I asked the landlord if there was anywhere local we could stay, he said that he had a holiday cottage in the grounds which was free so having agreed the price Jill and I decided to take it.

We took the keys and retrieved our overnight bag from the car and headed over to the cottage, while I was in the bathroom Jill shouted through “Fancy going for a walk?”

“Yeah why not, it will work up an appetite for tonight.”

“Gonna change, be right with you.”

She came out a few minutes later in a summer dress, flat shoe’s and a mischievous glint in her eyes which brought a smile to my face.

We took a path out into the countryside which the landlord of the pub had pointed out to us earlier when we were paying for the room. We had walked for about 20 minutes when we found a wooded area and made our way in hoping to find a secluded spot for what I hoped would be a repeat of our last bit of out door fun. Ten more minutes of walking and we found it. I pulled her close and kissed her, breaking the kiss I whispered in her ear, “You want to cry this time?” She bit her lip and nodded that that’s what she wanted, kissed me and ran. I caught her quite quickly and had her over my legs, she tried to stop canlı casino me lifting up her dress but two quick slaps to her hands stopped that and I got her dress up to her waist revealing a pair of white cotton knickers over which I started to spank her. I had laid about twenty spanks on her when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a younger couple watching us from the edge of the clearing. I had stopped spanking Jull and lowered her dress to cover her bum. Jill looked up wondering why I had stopped. I whispered to her that we were being watched, “Where are they?” she asked. “Lets put it this way they had a good view of your bum.”



“Carry on spanking me.”


“Carry on spanking me”

“You sure? Even to the point of baring you bum?”

“Yeah and then I want you to fill me with your seed.”

“You sure about this Jill?”

“Yeah now make me cry with pain and pleasure.”

I drew her dress back up to reveal her knickers again and continued to spank her. I could see the young couple hadn’t moved, the guy was standing behind her with his arms around her. I manovered Jill so I could pull down her knickers and did so to her knees, exposing her reddening bum to the couple. Having her knickers round her knees stopped her revealing anymore of herself to them but as I continued to spank her they moved further down to the point were they were only round one ankle. The couple now had a great view of her in all her glory, her red bum and glistening pussy were on show to both of them. It was certainly turning them on, the guy was playing with his girls tits through her top and it looked as if she was rubbing his cock through his pants. Jill was getting close to crying, two more spanks to each cheek and that was it she started to cry. I stopped spanking her and started to rub her bum as she wept, rubbing her bum led as normal to rubbing her pussy, she was wetter than normal and I easily slipped two fingers into her waiting hole and started to get her off with them. I took a look at the couple watching us and saw that he had his hands in the girls pants, he was obviously getting her off too. Jill whispered to me that she wanted me inside her now, I slipped off my pants and shorts revealing my cock to the couple before slipping it into Jill’s waiting pussy, as I did I saw the guy pull down his girls pants and knickers revealing her pussy to me which kaçak casino only made me slam harder into Jill. The next time I looked I could see that they too were fucking. I told Jill and she had the first of her orgasms, squeezing my cock hard with her pussy. A few minutes later I heard the girl scream as her own orgasm took hold which set Jill off on her second, her pussy again squeezing on my cock which made me cum deep inside her, I drew out and let the last few spurts land on her bum. Jill reached round and rubbed it into her skin before licking her fingers clean.

I again looked over to the couple to see the girl pulling up her knickers, I caught her eye and she smiled. I pulled up Jill’s knickers and let her dress fall back into place as I always do after a spanking and we walked hand in hand back to the cottage.

When we got back to the cottage she slipped off the dress leaving her just in her knickers, I knelt in front of her and pulled them down to her feet and she stepped out of them. I ran my tong down her lips and then back up to her clit before trailing it across her stomach to her tits, taking each nipple in turn into my mouth and gently biting down on them. I kissed her hard on the mouth then turned her round, kissing the back of her neck and down her spine to her bum. It was still quite red and I planted kiss after kiss all over it. I parted her cheeks and gently blew down her crack concentrating a sustained burst on her brown star before moving on to her pussy. She pulled me up and kissed me hard as her fingers undid my pants and pulling them and my shorts down, I stepped out of them and taking my cock in her hands she proceeded to take it into her mouth. I laid her down on the carpeted floor and kissed her hard as I entered her for the second time that day. Only this wasn’t a fuck this was making love, all passion, want and love. We came together and exhausted fell asleep.

Jill and I had some more fun that night but that a story for another time. We were married three months later ad six months after that we had our first child, you can do the maths for yourself, but Jill and I couldn’t be more happy. We still have our fun when the baby’s at one of the grandparents, mainly me spanking her, but occasionally she likes to spank me. When she’s in that mood she puts a pair of white cotton knickers on the hanger of the shirt I will be wearing that day which I have to wear till I get home for my spanking. We’ve been back to both our out door spanking spots and found a few more besides, the last one where she spanked me out doors for the first time. To my knowledge we haven’t been watched again but who knows.

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