Jill’s Exploits Ch. 2

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Jill lead Tim inside by his cock dropping it long enough to turn around and press her body to his. Their lips met as Jill pressed her tits and cunt against his hard body. Hands were every where, his was on her tits squeezing, pinching, caressing as if he couldn’t get enough. Jill moaned as Tim’s tongue darted into her mouth fucking it as if it were his hard cock that was sliding in it as it had just moments ago. His cock never seemed to go soft, and with her hands all over him there was no way it was going soft any time soon.

Tim pushed her back onto the couch where she sprawled with legs and arms opened wide what better invitation was there. Tim dropped to his knees and slid his hands under her ass and brought his mouth to the top of the heart that surrounded her cunt. As he licked around her hungry cunt she squirmed trying to bring his mouth into contact with her hot aching cunt. But Tim had other ideas at the moment. Tim reached up and placed his hands on her tits tweaking the nipples that stood at least an inch high. Touching the hard little nubs brought moans from Jill while her pussy juices started oozing out of her cunt. Tim looked down and was amazed at how wanton she looked with her legs spread wide and cunt juices running down her legs. Tim traced his fingers down her stomach to the little hard nub that was peeking out at him. His lips found her nipples and his tongue lavished each one in turn. Jill moaned and trusted her cunt up to Tim hoping to entice him to fuck her and fuck her soon. He took his time as his lips kissed and licked their way down her chest to her stomach, and lower still. She could feel his breath blowing on her clit making her hotter if that was possible. “Oh Gawd, please, please FUCK me.”

“I need a hard cock buried deep inside my pussy.”

Looking up at her Tim lowered his mouth and let his tongue graze the tip of her clit making her moan. Then ever so slowly he lowered his mouth over her cunt licking her clit and all the way down her slit. Jill came just from his tongue. Tim had never done anything like this before. He didn’t even know what had possessed him to do what he just did. Instinct was all he could think of since all he had ever done before was just good old fashion fucking. Sure they had sucked him off, but he had never returned the favor, or at least not until now. He never knew that it could be this much fun and that a woman could taste so good. He let his tongue slide back up to her clit licking it, flicking it, making her moans even louder.

Then making his tongue as hard as he could he slide it between her pussy lips, fucking her with it as if it was a little cock. This made Jill go wild, bucking up to meet his tongue as it stabbed in and out of her pussy. He held on to her ass as she squirmed all over his tongue. “Oh, oh, yes, I’m cumming, fuck me with your tongue you big stud you, fuck me with it.” Her body went ridged outdoor sex porno as she came on his tongue again. Her cunt juices filling his mouth. It took him by surprise, he never knew that a women could cum like that before now. As he licked it up he decided he liked the taste of it as well. Now he wondered what else he might have missed.

As Jill’s body came down from her climax Tim stroked her body and raised up to kiss her, giving her a taste of herself. She licked her juices off his face and explored his mouth. As his body moved up, his hard cock slide up her slit along her wet pussy making her arch her back wanting more. “Oh…….yes…..your cock is so hard. I want to feel it buried deep in my pussy.” With that she grabbed a hold of his cock and guided it to her dripping wet pussy. He entered her an inch at a time. Even though all he wanted was to ram his cock to the hilt in one thrust, it seemed to add such tantalizing pleasure to tease both of them with an inch at a time. “Oh please” she begged, but all Tim would do hold still then enter her a little more at a time.

Jill was going out of her mind. How could he do this? He was a kid still and everyone knew kids had no self control when it came to sex. Sure they could fuck for hours but they couldn’t hold back and tease like this kid was doing, could they? She thought she would die before he had all of his cock in her cunt. When he was in to the hilt he lay still for a few breathless minutes, enjoying the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around his cock. He could feel her cunt muscles squeezing him and the sensation was fantastic. Then he started with a slow rocking motion. Sliding his cock in and out a little at a time. “Your cunt is so hot and wet” he told her. “your big cock feels soooooo good” she groaned.

As she tried to get more of him inside of her. Tim felt as if he could go on for ever. His cock was encased in such a warm, wet, velvety place he could leave it there all day, but Jill would have none of that. With a quick twist Jill had turned herself around with her knees on the floor and her body laying over on the couch. Her perk little ass raised in the air with her cunt opened up inviting him to enter her again. And that’s just what he did. Taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the head up and down her slit, teasing her making her wiggle that cute ass of hers at him. He placed his cock at her opening and with one fast thrust he entered her to the hilt. A moan of pure wanton lust came from Jill as she ground her cunt back on his cock. Taking her hips in his hands Time started fucking her cunt with hard quick strokes making her squirm and quiver all over his cock. Her cunt muscles would suck his cock even deeper into her. They could hear the slapping sound of their body meeting as he slammed deep into her. “Yes, fuck me hard baby…….Gawd your big cock is going to make me cum.”

“Mmmm public agent porno yes your cunt is hot, you ready for my spunk to fill that hot little cunt of yours?”

“Oh yes fill me with your hot sweet spunk. Fuck my hot cunt you cunt sucker you.” All the dirty talk just made them fuck harder. His cock slamming deep into her wet cunt. You could hear how wet she was and see her juices running down her legs. “Gawd, your one hot fucking cunt!” And with that Tim slammed into her one last time causing them both to cum.

They laid as they were for several minutes catching their breath. “Wow you have one hot pussy there,” Time told her as he reached up and palmed her breast. “You seem to know what to do with that big cock of yours as well” Jill replied. “Hmmmmm, I wonder where we could put that big cock of your to use now?” and with that Jill lowered her head and took his entire cock in her mouth. It didn’t take much to get his cock rock hard again.

Jill ran her tongue up and down his shaft making his cock twitch, then she captured one ball and sucked it into her mouth. This brought a moan of pleasure from Tim. She let his ball slid from her mouth and proceeded to capture the other one and give it the same attention as she had its mate. She then licked his cock coating it with her saliva. When it was lubed she rose up and placed his cock between her tits. All Tim could do was groan from the pure pleasure she was giving him. It really turned him on to see his cock slid up between her firm tits. The head would peek up between the tops of her tits as she held them tight around him. He thrust his hips up to meet her. Jill would lower her head and lick the tip of his cock as it pushed its way between the tits.

Watching all this was making them both hotter than ever. They both new that this wasn’t going to be enough. Tim couldn’t thick of anything that could top what they had already done. But Jill knew what was needed now. Slowly Jill rose to her feet while running her hands along her body. As Tim watched Jill squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples drawing a moan from both of them. Her hand traveled down her body to her hot wet cunt. She stroked her pussy a time or two before turning around to give Tim a good look at her ass.

Bending at the waist she rubbed her hands on her ass. Bending a little more she grabbed both her ass cheeks and spread them for him to see her puckered little hole. She could feel the cool air hitting her little backdoor causing it to pucker even more. Tim had never seen anything like this before. Not sure as to what she wanted Tim let his instincts take over again. Slowly he reached his hand out and touched her puckered ass hole. Jill moaned and pushed her ass back toward him for more. Since she enjoyed having her ass hole touched he decided to see just how far she would let him go. Boy was he in for a treat. reality kings porno As he played with her ass hole he could feel it sucking at his finger.

Taking her by the hand he lead her to the end of the coffee table and placed her on all fours at one end. This brought her ass up to the perfect level and caused it to spread open invitingly. Getting down on his knees he started licking her slit, spreading her juices to her ass. After slicking up her ass he raised up and took his cock in his hand, rubbing the tip along the same path that his tongue had just traveled. Jill pushed back on his cock trying to draw it in every time it pressed against her ass hole. Tim could see how hot this made her. He moved closer and placed his cock at the opening of her ass. Applying a little pressure he could feel her ass five way and slowly he eased his cock past her spinster muscle.

“Oh Gawd, yes…..yes Gawd fuck my ass.” Jill squealed as his cock eased further into her back door. “Gawd I’ve never felt anything so tight and hot as your ass before,” Time told her. Unable to stand it any longer he shoved his cock all the way in her ass. “Ugh” she said “that feels so fucking good” as she wiggled her ass around with his big cock buried all the way inside her. All Tim wanted to do was grab her hips and fuck her hard and fast, yet he wanted the feeling to go on forever.

Slowly her started sliding his cock in and out of her tight ass. Jill was in heaven all she could do was moan and tell him to fuck her ass. She would thrust her ass back at him as he came forward. He reached around and grabbed her tits in both hands, adding a tugging motion on her tits as he fucked her ass. She was so fucking hot. Hotter than she had been so far. He moved one hand down her stomach and found her dripping wet pussy. Sliding a finger inside her sopping wet pussy he could feel his cock sliding in and out her ass. Oh, what a feeling that was, and she was letting him know just how good it felt to her.

“Oh Gawd, yes, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass…Gawd, I wish I had a cock buried in both my pussy and my ass at the same time.” That was all it took for Tim, grabbing her ass he started pumping her ass hard and fast. Loosing control they meet thrust for thrust slamming together in the age old tradition. Their voices became one and all you could hear was “fuck me, I’m ccccuuuuummmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg.” With one final thrust Tim exploded deep in her ass triggering yet another climax for Jill. With a few short strokes Tim filled her ass with his cum. He never knew he could cum so much. As it began to run out of her ass and down her legs.

They stayed like that till Tim’s cock grew limp and slid from her ass. He watched as his cum ran out of her ass. Her ass was gaped open in such a lewd fashion with his cum running out and down her legs. It was a wonderful sight to behold. Tim backed up and Jill turned around and said “Hi, I’m Jill and your one great fuck.”

“I’m Time and you’ve got one hell of a hot body. I sure would like to fuck you again.”

“Sure Tim, but next time bring a friend.” With that Tim pulled his shorts on then went outside to do the work he had come to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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