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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story was my first real attempt at erotic fiction, and was written in 1999. It is rough on form, but the story has been well received on other sites. I enjoy feedback on all of my work, so feel free to give me your opinion on this piece.


Notice: This story is a work of fiction, told in the first person. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story has been copyrighted in the year 1999 by the author known as “The Collector.” The author has agreed to place this story onto specific sites on the Internet for the purposes of enjoyment by adult readers who wish to view this kind of material online. Any questions about this story, including questions about the possibility of publishing this story on other websites and/or by using other media, should be directed to the email address given above for “The Collector”.


It was summer. The day was somewhat cool, which was surprising due to the recent hot weather. I had been going to the swimming pool in the town park every day for the past week, but on that day I decided to go shoot some hoops on the court behind the high school.

The car was in the shop, so I grabbed the keys to my dad’s truck and headed off in the direction of the high school. I was dismayed at the sight when I got there, as the court was full with two teams going at it in five on five action, with more people sitting in the grass waiting to get in on the next game. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less on a cooler day like that one.

I decided that I really did want to play basketball, so I stuck around. I got in on the second game and scored two of our team’s points on the road to winning the game eleven to eight. I’m not really a great basketball player, but I did what I needed to do in that game.

Surprisingly, about half of the guys who were there left after the game, leaving just enough for three on three. After picking up teams, we began to play. As we did, four girls stopped by to watch us.

The game ended rather quickly, and all five of the other guys left, taking three of the girls with them. The only people left were me and Jill, who just happened to be my dream girl.

Jill has blonde hair that surrounds her beautiful face and cascades down onto her shoulders. On that particular day she was wearing a white T-shirt and jean shorts overtop of a bikini, because she had just finished swimming before walking over to the high school. While her breasts aren’t large, they were big enough and very well rounded. Her suntanned legs looked better than ever in the glow of the sun that was decending in the western sky.

“Hey, you want to play some one on casino siteleri one?”

At first I was startled by the question, and my dirty mind instantly thought of other ways I could go one on one with Jill. I simply nodded as she grabbed the ball and began the game.

I told you before that I’m not great at basketball, but I am decent. Jill could have played for the girls team, because she was pretty good.

She was defeating me by the score of six to two when I tried to steal the ball from her. I slapped it away, and it went bouncing towards the grass surrounding the court. We both ran after it, but she grabbed me around the waist and held me back, then ran ahead of me. Before she could reach the ball, I tried to pull the same trick by grabbing her around the waist, except that our combined momentum caused me to tackle her more than hold her back by the waist. We both landed in an awkward pile on the grass a few feet from where the ball was.

Jill was face down and closer to the ball than I was. My face was in the grass, and when I looked up, I was staring straight at her jean short covered ass. Jill started crawling after the ball, and I continued the game, grabbing her ankle and pulling her in my direction.

After a few seconds, I managed to drag her back so that she was even with me, staring me in the eyes as we both lay on the grass.

We both laughed at the same time, and then she gave me one of the best surprises of my life when she suddenly pushed her lips to mine. We kissed for at least ten seconds, and I began to feel something stirring in my shorts.

Deciding that she was going to get up off of the ground, Jill moved her legs and then put her hand down on my leg for support. She stumbled as she got to her feet, and her hand brushed over the tent pitch in my shorts that was becoming obvious. I wasn’t sure she had noticed at first.

“Looks like somebody’s getting a little bit excited!” Jill cooed.

I looked up at her, then followed her gaze to where my tent pitch was now blatently obvious to anyone who was standing anywhere near me. Fortunatly, Jill was the only person there other than myself. I blushed slightly and said “To be honest, I can’t help it. You’re just too damn sexy, Jill.” I always did think it was best to just come out and say what you mean.

Jill pulled off her white T-shirt, showing me her bikini covered breasts. Then she walked over and said “We’re going to have to do something about this” as she grabbed my hardon through my shorts.

It was all I could do to keep from coming right then and there. Here was the hottest chick in school and my dream girl grabbing my prick and telling me she was about to do something with it.

I did the only thing I could. I leaned forward when she lowered her canlı casino head and kissed her full on the lips for the second time. She began to help me pull off my shirt, and then we kissed again. She started to tug on my shorts, but I stopped her. “You get to see my chest. It’s my turn to see yours.”

She hesitated only to look around for other people, but with the sun rapidly setting in the western sky, there was no one else around. She quickly untied the back of her bikini top and then let it fall to her side. I took in the view of her perfectly shaped tits, which had no tan lines whatsoever. “No tan lines?” I said in the form of a question.

“Yeah.” she said. “I just came back from vacation with my family in France. When my mom wasn’t around, I took my top off.”

“Nice” I mumbled and moved forward to feel just how nice they were. As I was massaging her tits, Jill again tugged on my shorts, pulling both shorts and underwear down to my ankles in one fell swoop. My erection sprang up to meet her, almost hitting her in the face. She grabbed it, but I stopped her.

“Not yet.” I said. “I want to see your sexy body first.”

Jill stood up and pulled off the jean shorts quickly, then untied her bikini bottoms and let them fall to the ground. It was better than I had ever imagined in any of my dreams. Her flat stomach moved down to where a trimmed triangle of bushy blonde pubic hair began. So she was a true blonde!

Jill got back down beside me where I lay and once again took hold of my prick. Her hands felt so soft as she began to gently caress it and jack me off. While that felt good, I wanted to touch her body badly.

I moved so that I could see her pussy, and the combination of seeing such a beautiful pussy along with Jill’s soft hands gently milking my penis sent a shiver up my spine that told me I was going to come in about ten seconds if I didn’t do something quick. I stopped Jill from jacking me off and spun her around.

“I want you so bad, Jill.” I said. “Then take me.” she replied.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her. “Well, yeah. But I want you to fuck me. I really do.”

She wasn’t going to get any arguement from me. I pushed her legs up and then used one hand to aim my penis, which was harder than it had ever been, at her opening. “Are you ready?” I asked, and she nodded in response.

The feeling of sinking my cock into my dream girl was something I will never forget. That first entry into her hot, wet pussy was undescribable. She was tight, and pretty soon I encountered her cherry. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I hesitated. I moved my penis back out of her a bit, and she moaned loudly as her pussy clamped down on my penis very hard.

That did it. I was going to fuck Jill, and if she had some pain, it would only kaçak casino be momentary. I thrusted in as hard as I could, and felt a breakage and then my penis moved into her completely. I remained there for a second and held her as I asked “Are you okay?” “Yeah, just keep going.” she said.

She didn’t need to tell me twice. I pulled her up so that her calves were on my shoulders, then grabbed her hips with my hands and began to thrust, gently at first. When I heard her begin to moan, I began to thrust harder in response.

Eventually, as I got more and more excited, I actually put my hands underneath of her back and lifted her completely off of the ground. I pumped into her pussy as hard as I possibly could, and was soon rewarded. Jill began to scream my name as her orgasm hit, causing her pussy to clench around my penis like a vise.

That did it for me. I began squirting my cum up inside of her pussy, thrusting like mad and screaming “OH JILL” for all I was worth. I pumped what seemed like five gallongs of cum into her. Her juices mixed with my cum and began to flow out of her pussy around my still hard cock.

I stopped thrusting, but by this time Jill had begun rythmic motions of her own. She turned us over and got on top of me, then reinserted my dick into her pussy. Again the feeling of penetration was undescribable.

Jill began to at first rock back and forth on my dick, then as she got more excited, she began to thrust herself up and down upon it. After a minute or so, I got back in on the action and began to meet each of her downthrusts with an upthrust of my own.

Within a minute or two, Jill began to orgasm again, yelling out “Ooooo my god that feels so good…yes…yes…yes…YES…YES…YEEEEEESSSSS” as she ground herself into me.

Once again, her orgasm triggered my own as I exploded into her pussy for the second time. There wasn’t as much come this time, but by now her pussy was soaked in a mixture of her own juices and my cum.

We lay there together for a few minutes with my cock still in her, the sweat clinging to our bodies as our breathing slowly became less labored. Suddenly a thought dawned on me. I had just fucked Jill, and I was still inside of her.

The thought caused me to instantly get hard again. Jill, feeling my arousal, said “That was awesome, but it feels like you’re ready to go again.” I replied “I’m game if you are.”

Without responding verbally, Jill simply repositioned herself astride my body and we began to fuck again.

After that next fuck, we put our clothes back on, and I gave Jill a ride home. We kissed before I dropped her off, and I said that I would see her in school.

“You’re going to see me more than that.” she replied. I started to say something as her mother came out of the house, then stopped myself short. Jill simply winked at me, smiled that sexy smile, and waved. I drove off, knowing that I might again get a piece of the finest ass I had ever seen. I later did just that many times over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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