Jill , Kate Ch. 02

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Jill arrived at work dressed in her gym clothes, excited to get to work. She hoped work would take her mind off everything that happened last night and this morning. When she entered the restaurant she saw her boss, Ed, sitting in the back booth with a beautiful young woman. Ed caught her eye and waved her over to the table.

“Jill, I’d like you to meet Ivy, my niece.”

“Well, step-niece is more accurate,” added the bottle blond. “My mother married his brother, no blood relation.”

“Hi, nice to meet you Ivy.”

Ed waved to the empty chair in invitation for Jill to join them. “Ivy, is interested in becoming a cook and has asked if she could shadowed you for a couple of weeks before starting culinary school. Hope that’s okay with you.”

As Jill sat down she replied, “She is welcome to shadow me, as long as she can take and follow orders.”

“I’ll do anything you ask” answered Ivy, as she leaned across the table – causing her ample breasts to almost pop out of her top. “I’m so excited, thanks for the opportunity Uncle Ed.”

Jill noticed that Ed was staring at Ivy’s cleavage as he replied, “You’re very welcome, darling.”

As Jill stood, so did Ed and Ivy. “I’m going to go get ready for work. See you in the kitchen, Ivy. Bye Ed.” But before she could make her exit, Jill found herself being hugged tightly by Ivy.

“Thanks so much, you will not be sorry. I’ll do anything and everything you want,” whispered Ivy into Jill’s ear.

“Okay, lets get to work.” said Jill, pulling away from Ivy. Once she was free, Jill started walking to the kitchen. This should be interesting…there is something not quite right with Ivy, thought Jill as she pushed open the kitchen door. She expected Ivy to be right behind her but she was alone. As Jill turned around she saw Ivy hugging and kind of rubbing her massive tits against her Uncle Ed. To her shock, Ed’s hands were grabbing his nieces tight little ass, as if he was trying to pull her against his hard cock. What the hell, that’s just so wrong, thought Jill. When they broke apart Ivy skipped around the tables to where Jill waited and as she passed Ivy gave a small arrogant smile that said, ‘He wants me’. What man wouldn’t want Ivy, she is every man’s wet dream. Blond, big tits, young, cute, tight ass, slim, and she likes to show off her body. Jill could not help thinking what a slut Ivy seemed to be, even though she knew it was wrong to judge the young woman only are her physical appearance.

“Follow me, we’ll go to the office first where we’ll talk and change. So Ivy, how long have you wanted to be a chef?”

“Oh, not very long. I like to cook, but until recently I had not thought to make it my career. I was fired from my last job for sleepy with the boss…and his…wife.”

“Ummmm…okay. Well I um…hope you like working here and stick with cooking school.” Replied Jill, once she could form words. What a slut, she slept with the boss and his wife. Did they have a threesome? Not only was Jill thinking about how Ivy was a slut but she was also picturing Ivy in bed with Thomas and herself. Thomas would love her body, we could use her boobs as pillows, I bet her skin feels soft and silky.

As they entered the office, Jill forced her mind back to work. “We have shelves where staff can keep personal items, don’t worry about people stealing, we are a family here. We also keep a couple of pairs of scrubs in here if you don’t want to get your casino siteleri own clothes messing. If you use the scrubs either take them home and wash them or replace them. Do you have any questions?”

The whole time Jill was talking, Ivy was looking over the older woman’s body. “Ah, yeah, have you ever had sex with a woman before?”

Ivy’s question caught Jill by surprise. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Ivy answered the question herself, “I guess not, its a shame because you have a stunning body. I would love to see you laying on one of the tables out there with nothing on but chocolate sauce. I think we would both enjoy me licking your body clean. I’d start with your tits, slowly work my way down you middle, and ending with my tongue deep in your cunt.” After Ivy stopped talking she moved closer to Jill, she could see that Jill’s eyes were wide, her breathing had increased and her nipples were rock hard.

“Ummmm…ahhhh…you can’t…talk to…me that way” Jill finally said as she took a small step back away from Ivy, causing her to bump into the desk.

Ivy smiled and said, “Did I embarrass you? Because from what I see, I think it turned you on.”

“Let’s just get ready for work. Put a pair of scrubs on over your outfit while I change in the restroom.”

“There’s no need for you to leave. We’re both women, we can change in the same room. I will not hit on you again and I promise I will not look while you change. I’ll even change first.” Without waiting for a reply, Ivy quickly pulled off her tank top, exposing her enormous, yet perky, tits to Jill and whomever happened to walk by the office door. Next, she slowly lowered her cutoff shorts to the floor, knowing full well that Jill was watching her every move. Ivy did not believe in wearing panties, so once the shorts were around her ankles she should there in her birthday suit, with the cold air making her nipples hard as rocks. “Okay, now it’s your turn to strip.”

Jill stood there staring at Ivy, she could not pull her gaze away from the younger woman’s body. She was stunning and she had a hairless pussy, like Kate. Jill’s mind was on overload, she could not think rationally. All her mind was good for at this moment was picturing Kate, Ivy, and herself naked in bed together. I need to stop thinking about sex with women, IT’S WRONG. What is wrong me that I keep fantasizing about sex with women. I need to focus on work. Though Jill, as she tried to control her frantic thoughts.

Jill could hear the guys in the kitchen talking, and she realized that the office door was standing wide open and anybody could just walk it. This cleared Jill’s mind, “I think we need to close the office door, unless you want to put on a show for all the guys in the kitchen. I know I don’t want to give them a strip show.”

Ivy walked over to the door, then through it, “Sorry boys, but Jill wants her privacy.” Then she walked back into the office, closed the door, and locked it with an audible click.

Jill could not hear any noises coming from the kitchen, she knew the guys had all stopped to stare at Ivy. She hoped Ivy’s actions would not cause too many incidents in the kitchen, like burning down the diner. The silence was quickly followed by catcalls and whistles. Jill heard the cook say, “Was that sex goddess real, or did I imagine her. Come back I’ve got a cock that you can suck.”

After a while the catcalls and whistles stopped and the canlı casino normal kitchen sounds returned. “Oh, I think I’m going to enjoy working here, everybody seems so friendly.”, commented Ivy as she picked up her purse and started digging into the big black bag. “Ah, here is what I’m looking for” she said as she held up a small blue vibrator and dropped her bag. “I love this pocket rocket, it get me going and makes me cum so hard.”

Jill watched in amazement as Ivy sat in one of the chairs, spread her legs, turned on her toy, and pressed it to her wet clit. Jill could not take her eyes from the younger woman, as she pulled on her lovely nipples, and started to fuck herself with her toy. This is wrong. I should not be watching her and I should not be getting excited. Turn around Jill just turn around, thought Jill. Even though she knew she should turn around or leave the office, Jill did neither she just stood there staring into Ivy’s golden brown eyes.

“You must be hot, why don’t you take off your hoodie.” Ivy suggested. To Ivy’s surprise Jill said nothing just nodded her head, then removed the hoodie. “I’d really like to see you topless, will you do that for me?” asked Ivy. Again, Jill nodded her had and did as Ivy requested. As Ivy watched Jill started to pull on her nipples, which were already hard and extended.

This continued for a few minutes and Ivy noticed that when she pulled on her nipple, Jill did the same. Jill’s hands where copying what Ivy was doing to her body. All of this was making Ivy hotter, but she wanted to touch and taste the sexy chef. Ivy removed her vibrator and set it on the floor, before walking to Jill. Once she was standing in front of Jill, Ivy softly ran her fingertips over the tops of Jill’s breast. “Your skin is so smooth and soft, and appealing.” said Ivy as she fondled her new boss. Very slowly, as so not to scare Jill, Ivy moved her right hand down the luscious skin of Jill’s middle and into her panties.

Ivy could not believe this married woman was allowing a stranger to do this to her. But she was not going to pass up the chance to make this beautiful, sexy woman climax. Ivy felt how wet Jill was and started to rub and pinch her clit. “Oh yes!” whispered Jill as she pulled on her nipples.

What am I doing letting this young woman touch me so intimately? What have I become, am I attracted to women now? God, she is making me feel incredible. Oh my god, my body is on fire. I can’t control my reactions to her touch. OH, GOD!!

Ivy slipped her middle finger into Jill’s soaking wet cunt and pressed hard on her g-spot. “AHHHH, God yes…more…” moaned Jill. Ivy was only too happy to comply so she slipped a second finger deep into Jill’s tight pussy. As she continued to finger fuck Jill, Ivy leaned forward and sucked on her nipples. First, she would flick her tongue across one nipple then gently bite it, before switching to the other nipple. As she slipped a third finger in, she sucked one nipple deep into her mouth. Jill was grinding her hips against Ivy’s hand.

“MMMMMMM, OH GOD YES!! OH FUCK!!” shouted Jill has she came all over Ivy’s hand.

Ivy continued to rub her sensitive clit and finger fuck her, causing Jill’s orgasm to roll into another one. “OHHHH, FUCK YES!!” After Jill could focus her eyes again, she saw Ivy standing in front of her smiling, like the cat who ate the canary. Ivy was sucking on the fingers of her right hand. “I take it you had fun? I know I kaçak casino did and you taste so good. Would you like to taste yourself?” said Ivy, when she saw Jill watching her.

Jill was not sure her voice would work so she only shook her head. Without thinking about her actions, she reached up and started playing with Ivy’s boobs. Jill was just starting to explore Ivy’s ample chest, when there was pounding on the office door. Jill froze but Ivy called out, “Who is it?”

“What’s going on in there, I heard somebody scream. Open the door, now, or I will.” Ed yelled through the door.

Jill’s brain was finally starting to work again and she could not believe what she had done. She quickly grabbed her hoodie off the floor and put it on. She could hear Ed sliding the key into the lock and knew in a matter of seconds everybody in the kitchen will know what took place in here. Jill picked up her bags and ran out the door, as soon as Ed opened it. On her way out she kept repeating, “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.” Jill did not know if she was talking to herself, Ivy or Ed. She left the diner through the back door in the kitchen and ran towards her car as fast as she could.

She did not know where she was going, she just knew that she had to get out of there fast. Once Jill was in her car, she pulled out of the parking lot, and just drove. What have I done? What have I become? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stop thinking about sex? And naked women? As she drove, Jill thought about everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours. She did not know how or why it happened, but she knew that she had enjoyed the orgasms caused by Ivy’s fingers and mouth. Jill also knew now that she like seeing women naked, she found them beautiful. It’s not wrong to find beauty in the world or to orgasm. But it was wrong to have any kind of sex with somebody other than her husband. Jill pulled into the parking lot of a gas station and called her husband. Thomas picked up on the first ring.

“Hello darling.”

“Thomas, thank god you answered. I need to confess something to you. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“In the last twenty-four hours, I have watched Kate masturbate, kissed Kate, touched another woman’s naked boobs, and climaxed as the same woman fingered my pussy. I’m so sorry I cheated, I love you so much, I have never thought of being with anybody but you, please don’t leave me. I love you.” Jill had tears running down her face as she confessed her sin to her husband.

“Jill, I’m shocked. I am not sure how I’m supposed to react. Do you want to be with me or do you want to be with a woman?”

“You, I love you. But I find Kate and this other woman sexy as hell, I can’t seem to control myself around them. I don’t want to lose you. Please don’t leave me.” Jill begged.

Thomas knew what Kate had planned for his wife, Marcus and Kate had come to him months ago with this idea. He knew Jill was too uptight when it came to sex and although he enjoyed having sex with his wife he wanted more. Like most men, he wanted his wife to be his personal slut. “I don’t want to lose you either. Let me think about all of this and I’ll e-mail you later today with my thoughts. I love you, Jill.” Thomas knew he could not come right out and tell Jill to have fun exploring sapphic sex.

“I love you too, be safe. Talk to you soon.” And they both hung up. Feeling better after her confession, Jill pulled into traffic and started driving home. “I will be faithful to Thomas. I can control my mind and actions around Kate and Ivy.” Jill hoped if she repeated that enough, she could make it true.

To be continued…

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