Jessica Part 1 My Best Friend’s Wife

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Jess & I, First Time for us

Background: My name is Rich. My wife, Judi & I have been married for 25 years and all our children are grown. Tim & Jessica are close friends of ours. I work for a company whose home office is about 120 miles away. Tim & Jess own a house in a town about half-way between our house and my company’s home office. I have to go to the office for meetings almost every week. A couple of years ago Tim & Jess had some serious problems in their marriage, and they almost split up. We helped them work things out, and the four of us have become very close, in part due to the amount of time and attention Judi & I have devoted to their darling young son.

Jess is 30 years-old, a tiny little brunette, about 5’3” tall, and just over 100 pounds. She has long slim legs, nice firm breasts and a tiny tight butt. She has deep grey-green eyes, fine features, and a beautiful sprinkling of freckles across her shoulders. She recently lost her job and started back to school to finish the education she interrupted when she & Tim married and started their family. Tim is 38, about 6’2”, about 225. He was muscular when he was younger, but a lot of years at a desk have taken their toll. While he’s still in good shape, it’s not as good as it was. He has dark hair and eyes, and is absolutely devoted to his son, and since Jess caught him a couple of years ago, to her. Due to training requirements for his job, Tim often has to be away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time. This past winter was particularly bad, both because Tim was gone quite a bit, and because the weather was awful.

Judi is 58, 5’8”, about 165, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had some health problems when we married, and they have continued to get worse. On the plus side, Judi is very bi, and she’s always been willing to share her girlfriends with me. I’m 5’9”, about 220, with brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I’ve worn a mustache since I was 18. While I’m not in the condition I was 10 years ago, when I worked outside and did a lot of lifting and running, but I’m not in bad shape at all for my age.

Several months before the events detailed in this story Tim and I were talking over a couple of beers while Judi and Jess were shopping. I’d commented a couple of times about how great Jess looked so Tim asked me, “Would you try to fuck my wife while I’m away?”

“Let’s put it this way, Tim,” I said, after thinking about it for a minute, “I think Jess looks terrific, but you’re also one of my best friends, and I’d be hard put to risk that even for a chance at a woman as fantastic as Jess. So I guess, IF Jess were to offer to fuck me, AND promise me that it wouldn’t be a “revenge fuck” to get back at you, but would be because she actually found me attractive, and if she agreed to do whatever I wanted, the way I wanted, and you know my kinks, then, IF she agreed to all that, I’d honestly have a damned hard time telling her “NO.” I’d try, but I can’t promise I’d succeed.”

Tim thought about that for a moment, took a long pull on his beer, then looked at me and said, “That’s an honest answer, and I respect that. I know Jess well enough to know that even any one of those is extremely unlikely, and the chance of more than one is almost nil. So here’s what I’ll tell you; If she ever makes that offer, and agrees to those conditions, then do whatever you want. You’ve got my blessing and permission.” He thought about it for a minute more then added, “Hell, it might even loosen her up a bit with me. God knows she could use it. She’d get one hell of a surprise before you were done, that’s for damned sure.” Then he just grinned at me.

“Deal? Friend?” And he stuck out his hand. I took it.

“Deal. My friend.” I said. “ I can’t imagine she’d ever agree to that, but I wouldn’t lay a hand on her without all three, so I doubt it will ever come to that.”

Boy, was I ever in for a surprise. Several months later the following begins.

Since the bad weather this winter happened to coincide with the days I had to travel to the home office, and since Tim had to be gone so much, Jess invited me to stop and stay with her if the weather was too bad to risk trying to finish the trip home late in the day. The first time I stayed Tim had just left the day before, so I slept on the couch, helped her shovel herself out, and went on home early the following day. The second time was much different, and that’s where this story picks up.

I had been driving since early in the morning, then in meetings all day, and was only half-way home driving in snow and ice when the highway patrol closed the interstate for a major crash down the road. I diverted onto the old back road, which happens to go within a block of Tim & Jess’ house, so I called Judi and stopped for the night. Jess was very glad to see me, as the lights had been flickering from ice on the overhead wires, and she wasn’t comfortable plugging in and starting the back-up generator. We got the little guy fed and played for a couple of hours, until it was finally time for him to go to bed. After he was tucked in for the night, Jess and I watched the news and weather, and the later it got the closer she sat, until she was leaning on my shoulder and holding my hand. Finally she stood up and said she was going to get ready for bed, and when she went upstairs I started to do the same. When I came out of the bathroom she was sitting on the couch waiting for me, but it was what she was wearing that about dropped me in my tracks. Instead of the demur flannel gown she’d worn the last time she was dressed in a tiny and sheer pink baby-doll nighty, with a tiny pink g-string beneath. I stopped dead, but she patted the couch beside her, indicating that I should sit next to her. I’d always known she was beautiful, but when she was nearly naked she was stunning. I sat.

“I know you and Tim are good friends, but I need something from you, if you’re willing.” She started. “I’m okay when he’s home, but these weeks away really get to me.”

It was obvious what she wanted, even without the clothes she wasn’t wearing, her little pink nipples were pulled up into two .30 caliber bullets atop her firm, pert breasts. “Jess,” I started, “I’m not going to be used as a ‘revenge fuck’, especially since Tim and I are friends. If that’s what this is about then I’m going to have to say ‘No’, no matter how much I want not to.”

“No, it’s not that. Well, mostly not that anyway. I’ve been attracted to you from the first time I saw you, but with Judi and I friends, and you and Tim, and all that, I couldn’t do anything. But he’s been gone, and you’re here, and I need a man to hold me, and I really like you, so I’m offering. If you’re interested.”

“Interested?! I’d have to be an idiot and blind to not be interested, but I won’t risk the friendships or the relationships with you and your son for sex.” I said. “Besides, if anything went wrong, Judi would kill me if I drove you guys out of her life.”

“I won’t let that happen. I promise. I just want you to come upstairs and make love to me and make me feel good. I won’t let anything happen to jeopardize our friendships, but I need you. And I want YOU.”

“Jess, I will do this, but there’s going to be one thing you must agree to, since Tim and I have talked a lot, and I know you have some hang-ups about sex, so I’m going to put a condition on this before we start. OK?”

“What condition?” she asked.

“We’ll do what I want and enjoy, the way I want to do it, and the way I enjoy it, and you won’t tell me ‘No.’, because the first time you tell me ‘No, I won’t do that.’ I’m going to get out of your bed and come back down here and sleep alone. I got Judi past those hang-ups years ago, and I’m not going to deal with what Tim does. I don’t have to. We’ll have the sex I enjoy, and I’ll make it memorable for you, too. But I won’t take ‘No.’ for an answer, or I’ll come downstairs. Is that clear and agreed?”

I saw the flash of fear in her eyes, and then she looked down at her hands. When she looked back at me she’d made a decision. “Agreed.”

“Agreed to what?” I asked. I wanted to be sure she understood.

“I agree that I won’t stop you or tell you ‘No.’ even if it’s something I don’t normally do, as long as you don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. Or at least if it hurts for a moment, it’ll be a lot better soon.” I reached across and pulled her close and kissed her mouth. She was so sweet. The second kiss was much longer and more passionate, and our tongues were dancing before we parted. She was nearly out of breath. I slipped my arm beneath her legs and held her close, picked her off the couch, and stood up. She curled her face into my chest. I could feel her heart racing as I held her.

“Let’s go upstairs and continue this.”

When we were in the bedroom I stood her next to the bed. I held her tight and kissed her deeply again. When I pulled back she looked up at me and smiled, “I haven’t even kissed another man since Tim and I have been together. I’d forgotten how exciting it is, the first time with someone new.”

I reached up and untied the baby-doll and slid it off her shoulders. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her deeply, tasting her and drinking in her breath and her sweet scent. I kissed around her face, her nose, eyes, cheeks, and ears. I nibbled down one side of her throat, went across and back up the other side. By the time I got back to her mouth she was panting. I held her arms to her sides until there was a puddle of pink cloth at her feet. I could feel my erection jabbing at her belly, and I knew she could too. She reached down and held my cock and stroked it.

“I’m glad to see you want me.”

“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. I’ve just never had a chance to show you how much.” I said. She slid my pants past my erection and they dropped around my ankles. I kicked them out of the way with hers.

I dropped to my knees so that my mouth was level with her breasts and sucked one then the other. Then I slowly slid down, nibbling and licking until my mouth reached her slit. She was intoxicating. I parted her legs and slipped between them far enough to lick the juices that dripped from her pussy lips. My god that woman was sweet! I pushed her back so she fell onto the bed and dove forward to devour her pussy. I alternated between her clit and licking the juices that dripped from her lips. She clearly wanted me to make love to her, but I couldn’t get enough of her juice. I slipped a finger inside to stroke her g-spot, then added another. I trailed a third along her little rosebud pucker behind, but didn’t try to push yet. She bornova escort bayan was quickly loosing control and I worked to get her over the top.

Suddenly her hands were pulling my face into her pussy and her hips were bucking into my face. She was panting and moaning, but not actually saying anything. I just kept licking and sucking, with two fingers deep inside. Then I felt the stream of girl cum down my chest. That was when I was certain I’d been successful. After a little while longer her hands went from pulling my face in to pushing me away. Reluctantly I stopped and removed my fingers. It took an incredible effort of will to stop licking up her juices. She was just so sweet to eat. But finally I managed. I stood up and positioned the head of my cock at her entrance. I slipped just enough in to keep me in place and leaned forward over the top of her until my lips met hers.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked, giving her one last chance to back away. “Technically you still haven’t cheated on Tim, yet. But if I put this inside you that’s over, and you’re committed, both to cheating on your husband with me, and to doing whatever I want to do. Are you still wanting to continue?”

Jess didn’t answer. She just smiled up at me, wrapped her legs around my hips and drove me forward until I was buried inside her right to my balls. We both gasped, and I dropped down and hugged her tightly while we caught our breath. My God she was tight! I was pretty sure Tim was bigger than me, and if she hadn’t been so wet and wanted me inside her I wasn’t sure I could have gotten my cock inside her. She must almost squeeze Tim’s dick off

“Are you just going to lay there inside me or are you gonna fuck me?” Jess asked. Grinning. After what Tim had said her words shocked me, just a little.

“First lock your legs around me while I climb up onto the bed, then we’ll see. I don’t want to take a chance on missing a second inside you now.” I said. When she had me held tightly I crawled up so I was fully on the bed, then I settled my weight onto her little body. She relaxed her hold on me and I started stroking in and out of her, slowly. “Is that more what you had in mind?”

“Well, you could speed it up a bit.” She said.

“I could, but as far as I know there’s no real hurry. And I intend to take my time and make this as long and as good as possible.” I raised my body to look between us, the sight of my cock in Jess’ pussy was so exciting. She looked at all the fluids on our bodies when I did.

“How did you get so wet?” She asked.

“You squirted when you came earlier, and it got pretty much all over me.” I answered, looking at how her girl cum had matted my body hair.

“I don’t squirt. I don’t think girls even cum like that. Do they?” She asked, a bit surprised.

“Well the fact is, yes, when girls cum really hard, especially from oral sex with a manual assist, they often squirt. Sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot.” I explained, while we continued to look at our bodies.

“I assume that was a lot?” Jess asked. I looked at her as she ducked her head and blushed. I gently took her chin in my hand and brought her face back to look in her eyes.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Jess.” I assured her. “In fact, I have to take it as a compliment if you don’t normally do it. That means that I made you come better than you have before. That makes me feel very good, and even makes me feel better about making love to you tonight. I’m doing something that you’re really enjoying. And besides, you’re delicious! I could hardly bring myself to stop licking up your juices even before you came, and your girl cum is even better than your regular juice.”

“You’re not just saying that. Are you?”

“Taste for yourself.” I moved my face next to hers so she could taste her pussy juice on my cheek. She licked, tentatively at first, then she gave me several good licks. “Delicious, isn’t it?”

“Well, yeah. I do kinda like it.”

I moved up a little and offered her my chest where it was coated in her girl cum. “Now try this.”

She licked that with much more enthusiasm. “Hmmmm! That’s tasty!”

“Maybe you should try going to the source for some of that, someday soon.” I offered.

She looked at me expectantly. Then the sudden realization of what I was suggesting hit her and she looked a little shocked. “I couldn’t do that!”

“Why not?” I asked. “You like the taste, and any man would be delighted to see you eating pussy. I’ll promise you’d know exactly how to do it. And you’d love the way it tastes and feels.”

“I just don’t know.”

“Well for now, let’s just enjoy this.” And I plunged my cock deeply inside her again and started fucking her steadily.

“Oh! That’s nice.”

“I think I’d rather watch for a while.” I said. I spun her over so she was straddling me, still firmly impaled by my erection. “That’s better. This is much easier to watch.”

Those incredible breasts were bouncing with her every movement. She started slowly rocking on my cock, then started speeding up. I grabbed her hips and slowed her down. “It’s not a race Jess.” She looked a little disappointed. “Let’s enjoy the view and the feelings.”

I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. She rocked her head back and slowly rocked her hips so that my cock made little strokes in and out of her pussy. She quickly built to another orgasm, panting, then moaning, then a series of little happy squeaks. Not as powerful as the first, but when she came back down and opened her eyes and looked at me it was clear she was happy. “That was nice.” She said.

“I agree.” I’d already decided what I wanted next. “Spin around so you’re facing away from me.”

Jess started to raise off my cock. “No, not that way. Don’t take my cock out of you. Stick your legs up here on my chest.” She pulled each leg out from under and laid them on my chest, my cock driven as far as it could possibly go inside her. The feeling was terrific. I kissed her feet and sucked on her toes. She giggled and squirmed a bit, firmly anchored on my rod which impaled her.

“Now, pick a direction and swing your legs that way in steps. Don’t forget to raise a bit each time so you don’t twist my balls off.” Jess giggled but did as I directed. Taking about one eighth of a turn at a time she ended up straddling my legs again but facing away, my cock still firmly planted inside her.

“OK, now draw your legs back under you so you can fuck me from there.” She tucked one leg then the other under her and raised up until my cock nearly dropped out. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, and dropped back down driving me fully inside her. The feelings were incredible and I knew she wouldn’t take long to draw my first load of cum, but I also spotted her little pink pucker behind and I knew I’d have to put my cock into it before the night was over. Knowing that Tim said she didn’t allow him up her ass meant I’d have to figure out a way to get her permission. I let Jess set the pace, rocking her hips to move me in and out of her occasionally raising up almost all the way out then slamming back down to drive me deep inside again. This wasn’t always my favorite position, but I wanted to set her up for something else that Tim said she didn’t do.

“Use your hands if you need to.” I directed.

Jess looked back quizzically. “Not on me, silly. Use your hands on yourself. Rub your clit to help get yourself off.”

When I didn’t feel a change I made it more clear. “That wasn’t a request. Rub your clit so you cum with me. I don’t want to be the only one cumming.”

I felt her hands rubbing her slit and occasionally touching my cock and balls so I knew she was following instructions. Her next orgasm seemed to catch her by surprise as she went from a steady rhythm with her hand and body to sudden jerks and moans very quickly. I felt her pussy gripping and squeezing my cock and she nearly made me cum right then, but I managed to concentrate and stop myself while she came back down. I massaged her sweet ass cheeks and back. When she was calmer she settled down onto my cock, driving it fully inside her again.

“That was even better.” She said, looking back over her shoulder. “Now I want your cum. Please.”

“I think I can do that for you.” I grabbed her hips and started rocking her on my cock. Slowly sliding my thumbs until they were pressing against her asshole.

“Hey. Not there.”

“That sounded like a “No”.” I pushed a little more firmly.

“Gently. Please?”

I gently pushed one thumb firmly against Jess’ sphincter and continued rocking her hips on my cock. Our orgasms built together quickly. I felt her hands back on her clit and my balls. She had me boiling quickly.

“Here’s that cum you wanted. Ready?” I asked

“God Yes!” Jess shouted. “Fill me up!”

And that’s exactly what I did. In the midst of the spasms of her muscles, and with the assistance of the lubrication I’d transferred onto my thumb, it slipped inside her anal ring. Jess let out a little yelp but it only seemed to intensify her orgasm as my balls emptied themselves deep inside her pussy. My orgasm was so intense I raised my hips off the bed trying to drive myself deeper inside. I felt a rush of fluid across my balls and down across my ass onto the bed. She squirted again. This was getting pretty good. I finally sagged back down onto the bed, and Jess dropped her head forward onto my legs. She laid that way for several minutes, then pushed herself back up to sit on me again. She looked over her shoulder at me and grinned.

Since she didn’t seem ready to say anything I just asked, “Was that ok?”

“That was way more than ok. Which you already knew.” She told me. “That thumb was a bit of a shock, but I think I like it. Although you’re going to have to take it out so I can get cleaned up. I think you made me squirt again. At least that’s how it tastes.” As she stuck her fingers in her mouth.

“That’s the next thing we’re going to do differently.” I told her. “Let me know when you’re ready to let my cock out of you, unless he decides for himself first, and I’ll tell you how we’re going to handle the clean-up.” My cock was shrinking, but only just a little, and I wasn’t sure whether it would go down on its own or get hard again. Especially if she kept wiggling on it like that.

“But I always wash up after. Well, you know….” Jess explained. “I suppose Tim already told you that too?”

“Well, yes, he did, but that’s not what we’re doing tonight.” I told escort bornova her.

“Then what?” She asked.

“Are you ready to find out?”

“I hate to let you take it out of me.” Jess admitted. “But I’d like to know what you think we’re going to do.”

“I know exactly what we’re going to do.” I slipped my thumb out and grabbed Jess’s hips firmly in my hands. I pulled her hips towards my face, shifted my arms, and got her pussy positioned over my mouth. As expected her face fell forward so that my cock almost hit her in the face. “Now. I’m going to clean up after myself, and you’re going to clean me.”

“But.” Jess started to protest. I licked hard on her clit and then continued up the length of her slit, not stopping until my tongue was pressed firmly against her anal ring, where I tickled just a little before shifting and drawing her clit into my mouth. She tentatively licked my cock, then took the head slowly into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head. I started lapping up the juices running out of her while she licked around my balls.

“On second thought.” She started, “this isn’t bad at all.”

She went to work licking our juices off me, while I concentrated and licking them out of her cunt. She was delicious, and she was clearly enjoying herself, as every so often she’d twitch and more cum would dribble from her pussy, which I immediately licked up. After a while she started seeming distracted as I was concentrating my attentions on her clit, so I stuck one, then two fingers into her pussy. She started moaning onto my cock, which got me hard again. Then I decided to go for broke. I added a third finger, to get it lubed up. When I was certain my finger was coated in her juice I slipped it out and placed the tip against her asshole. Jess moaned something around my cock, but since I didn’t understand I pushed hard and my finger slipped in. It must have worked because in seconds she was bucking her cunt against my face. Then she pulled her mouth off my cock so she could breathe more deeply and moan. She was cumming again. I kept sucking until I felt her squirt starting. I clamped my mouth on her cunt and sucked all the juice down that she would give me. When she started trying to her pussy away from my face I allowed her a couple of inches, and she caught her breath.

“Oh, my god!” She said. “That was something I’d never considered. I wasn’t going to let you do anything with my ass, but I decided to let you do a finger, and I’m sure glad I did.”

“Now that we’re cleaned up, why don’t you come back up here and snuggle for a few minutes?”

“That’s a good idea, I could use a snuggle.” She curled up with her head on my shoulder, and started teasing my chest hair. She was kissing my chest and neck, and I was relaxing and enjoying the attention. After a few minutes she looked at my face and asked, “Are we going to do more?”

I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her deeply. “We’re going to do much more, but I wanted to give you a few moments to rest and adjust.” I could feel her tense against me. She knew I meant her new status as a cheating spouse.

Jess blushed and tucked her head back into my chest. “Do you want to use the toilet or freshen up a bit before we do more?” I asked.

“Yeah, good idea.” She said as she slid out of bed. I got up to follow her. “Wait. Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the bathroom with you to use the toilet and wash my hands.”

“I, umm, well…” she stammered.

“I can always go back downstairs. If that’s what you want.” As I went through the bathroom door behind her.

“No. It’s okay. Just not something I’ve ever done before.”

“I thought not.” I said and swatted her ass, lightly. “You first for the toilet, I’ll wash my hands.”

She sat, but it looked like her whole body blushed before I heard the first drops of pee. I dried my hands and watched her finish, then went over to help her up.

“It just seemed odd to have someone watching me while I peed”, she said.

“Get used to it. Wash up while I finish.” And I turned to pee myself. When I was done she was still washing a bit so I just said, “I’ll meet you in bed.”

I’d spotted the bottle of baby oil on the night stand, so I stacked the pillows in the middle of the bed, and grabbed the baby oil so I could massage the tension from her back, and do the next thing on my mental “list”. When she came back in she stopped at the edge of the bed and gave me a quizzical look. “Just climb back up here, facing away from me.”

She did and snuggled her hips back against my crotch. “Now lay down on the pillows with your head on your hands. I’m going to give you a back rub to help get some more of that tension out.”

Since she couldn’t sense my ulterior motives she complied readily. I oiled my hands a squirted a trail of oil down her back, leaned forward and started my best backrub technique. I worked her shoulders, her middle back, then worked lower, adding oil as I went. I worked my way down to those wonderful round ass cheeks and started massaging them too, pooling oil between them, where the head of my nearly fully erect cock now lay. I started rocking my hips to get her crack and my cock fully oiled, even pressing lightly against her asshole with my thumbs. I slipped my cock into her pussy, took a couple of strokes, then pulled out and rubbed it against her clit, lifted slightly and stroked between her butt cheeks. Rub, oil, press and relax her back. Pussy, clit and crack with my cock. Repeat. And again. When she was fully relaxed I leaned back, admired her beautiful body and that sweet ass, leaned forward, placed the head of my cock against her anal ring and pushed gently. Jess’ response was immediate.


I slipped my cock between her butt cheeks, leaned forward and pressed my back to hers, my lips to her ear, pulled her hair away from her face and ear, and asked, “Is that, No, go downstairs, or No, be gentle, I’ve not done that?”

She looked at me from the corner of her eye, I slipped my cock into her pussy, and she gasped. “I don’t..”

“That isn’t the question, nor the choice.” I twitched my cock inside her. “Do I go downstairs, or do I fuck your ass?”

Jess buried her face in the pillow.

“Which is it?” I twitched again for her.


“Stay, and what?”

“Do it.”

“Do what?”

“Do it.”

“Say it.”

“I can’t.”

“I should go downstairs?”

“No. Please.”

“Please what?”

She turned her face into the pillow and said something. I lifted her head and turned her towards me. “What should I do?”

“Stay and do it.”

“Do what?”

Jess bit her lip and blushed. “Do what?” I asked.

“Fuck my ass.”

“Ask me.”


“Please what?”

“Please stay and fuck my ass.”

“Okay. I will. Thank you for asking.” I said. “Give me your hands.”

I pulled her hands behind her back and pressed her forearms together across the small of her back. I dribbled a little more oil down the crack of her ass, and laid my cock in it. “Relax and I will be as gentle as I possibly can.” I rubbed her ass gently. “Just relax.” I placed the head of my cock back against her anal ring and pushed gently, pulling back on her arms to hold her tightly so she couldn’t pull away and hurt herself worse. Stroke. Reassure. Push. Suddenly the head of my cock popped inside her, followed by about an inch of shaft.

“Aww! That hurts!”

“Relax. You’re doing fine. Unclench. Relax. I’m going to wait right here until you adjust. Just relax, the pain will go away.” Stroke. Reassure. Wait. I felt the tension start to ease in her body.

“I’m going to push inside you slowly. A little at a time. Try to stay relaxed. If I feel you tense I’ll pause and wait for you to relax. I don’t want this to hurt you, I want you to learn to enjoy something entirely new.” Push. Pause. Wait, relax, push. My belly met her ass. I was all the way in.

“That’s all of it, babe. You’ve got me now. How are you doing?”

“It doesn’t really hurt, it just feels kind of strange. Not bad strange, just different.”

“Okay. I’m going to start fucking you slowly. Just stay relaxed.” I gave her several strokes, lengthening as I went. Fucking her ass with slow, gentle strokes. I pushed all the way back in and stopped.

“Do you want your arms back?”

“No. Hold them. I like that.”

I laid against her back, trapping her arms between us. One hand went to her pussy and massaged her clit, rubbing and teasing it, one hand stroked her breasts, her face, and her throat. I slowly and gently fucked her ass, building speed and strength in my strokes as I went. Jess responded fiercely after a few minutes and started humping back into my thrusts. “Ohh, oohhh, gawd! Yes! Yes! Uhh! Ohhh! Fuck me! Yes!”

Suddenly Jess tensed back against me and moaned loudly and incoherently, shaking violently. The spasms in her body set me off. “Oh, Gawd! I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your ass, Jess. Feel it!?”

Her ass milked the cum from my cock, drawing it inside her and holding me firmly deep inside. When we were both spent we collapsed in a pile on the pillows. I reached up and tenderly brushed the hair from her cheek and kissed her. “Thank you. That was awesome.”

“Yes. It was. I never thought I could enjoy that. But that was awesome.” She smiled. “We may have to do more of that.”

“I’d like that. A lot.” I said. “Let me know if I should move.”

Jess clenched around my cock and smiled at me. “I think you should stay right there for a while.”

So we did. After a while I felt myself wilting, and Jess started to stir. “I think it’s about time.” She said.

“I think you’re right. I’m going to pull back and out, and you may want to be ready to move quickly when I do.”

Jess gave me a quizzical look. “Why?”

“You’ll understand soon enough.” I said. “Ready?”

Jess nodded and I sat back, plopping my cock from her butt. She lay quietly for a moment, then said, “Oh!” and jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She didn’t close the door, but I gave her a minute of privacy before I went in to wash up.

“I never thought about that.” She said, blushing.

“Yeah. That’s why Judi always calls it a “cum enema” when we do that.”

“I see that.” She said. “It was worth it, but it was a surprise.”

“Still want to do it again?”

“Yes. But maybe not tonight. I think I’m a little tender.”

“Then tender is how I’ll hold you when you come back to bed.”

“I’ll bornova escort be there in a minute.” She said as I went back to the bedroom and rearranged the bed for sleeping. We snuggled under the covers with her head on my chest and talked. Jess looked into my eyes and a thought crossed my mind that caused me to laugh out loud. She whacked me and asked, “What’s funny?”

“I looked at your eyes and thought of something.” I admitted.

“What’s that?”

“I thought that I never asked you about birth control, and I realized when I looked into your eyes that we’d have a damned hard time explaining a blue-eyed baby to Tim.”

“Yes, we would. But it isn’t an issue.”

“I thought not.” I said. “Are you ready to sleep?”

A gust of wind rattled a window. “Yes. Even naked I feel safe and warm with you.”

I held her close and we slept. I wasn’t sure if it was the silence of the storm abating that woke me, or the warm, small hand stroking my cock. I opened an eye and looked at Jess, she was watching my face. “Oh good. You’re awake.”

“Very happily, I might add.”

“And very hard, too.” She said, as she squeezed my cock. She rolled onto her back. “Please, just fuck me this morning?”

I rolled between her legs and placed myself at her entrance. She was wet and ready. She rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. “I just want to feel you inside me and on top of me.”

She released my cock as I pushed forward. “Then that’s what you will have.” And I sheathed myself inside my best friend’s wife. I started slowly and gently since we both seemed only partly awake, but it didn’t take long until Jess was humping her hips against me, wrapping her legs around my ass and pounding herself onto me. The orgasm seemed to take both of us by surprise with its speed and ferocity. Suddenly we were both shaking violently against each other, screaming and trying together to jam my cock even deeper inside her while I spurted agonizingly hard. As quickly as we came we were both spent, collapsing in a heap on the bed, still wrapped around each other panting into each other’s faces.

“Wow!” We said together.

Jess looked at me. “I could get used to waking up like that.”

“What would Tim say?”

“He won’t be back for two weeks. We should get one more chance, then I’ll think about what to say.”

“I’m not going to say anything.”

“I am. I want to suck your cock clean.”

I rose up on my elbows and looked between our bodies at Jess’ perfect pink tits and her smooth hard belly, and that little line of dark hair pointing to that sweet, sweet pussy that was still holding my cock in it’s warm embrace. “I love the way you look.” She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles. “Especially with my cock inside you.” I admitted. She rocked her hips and expelled me.

“Get that cock in my mouth.” She ordered. So I straddled her chest and placed my cockhead against her lips. A gob of cum wet her lower lip, and she stuck her tongue out and caught it. “Umm.” And suddenly my entire cock was in her mouth. I gasped and fell forward against the headboard while Jess gobbled every last drop of our juices from my cock. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I pulled myself from her mouth, lowered myself back until our faces met, and kissed her deeply.

“Now I can skip breakfast.” She said.

“Are you sure?”

“Your cum is the best food there is.”

“I thought it was your cum.”

“Maybe it’s the combination?”

“I’ll accept that.”

“I should get showered and get on the road.”


“That might take a while longer.”

“I hope so.”

Jess pushed me off her and ran to the bathroom. “Get the shower warm, I’ll be right there.” as she sat on the toilet. I opened the shower door and turned on the water and started to adjust the temperature.

“How hot do you like it?”

“Fairly hot.”

I stepped into the shower as Jess came across the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and tested the water. “Just right.”

I grabbed her and held her to me. “Yes, you are.” I pushed her back to wet her hair. “Turn around and I’ll shampoo your hair.”

Jess handed me the shampoo and I put some in my hands and rubbed it to start a lather while she set the bottle on the shelf. I rubbed the shampoo into her hair and massaged it deeply into her scalp. She moaned and leaned back against me while I worked on her head. When I was satisfied and she was relaxed I whispered in her ear, “Time to rinse.”

I leaned back under the water and rinsed her hair, allowing her to remain relaxed against me. When her hair was rinsed I stepped forward and picked up the soap and started washing her body, paying particular attention, of course, to her breasts and pussy. I washed her arms then rinsed her upper body, then gripped her shoulders and turned her to face me. “Time for your back.” I soaped her back and massaged her thoroughly, while her hands found my cock and started rubbing it. “Need the soap?” I asked as I stiffened in her hands, massaging the soap into the cheeks of her ass and down her crack.

“Don’t seem to need any soap.”

“Then I’m going to wash your legs.” I knelt in front of her and started soaping again at her pussy, and down each leg, even between her toes. I leaned back and moved her around to rinse her legs, then put my face into her pussy and gave her a long lick across her lips and sucked her clit into my mouth.

“Just making sure I had you all clean.” I said as she pulled away. She took the soap from my hand and helped me up.

“My turn to wash you.”

I bent down so she could wash my hair, then stood while she soaped my upper body. She moved me around gently to rinse, then held me to her to wash my back. When she got to my ass she soaped it up then played in my crack, slipping a finger slightly into me. My cock was throbbing where it was trapped between us and the finger in my ass only made it pulse harder.

“You like that?”


“I’ll have to remember that.” And Jess smiled up at me. She knelt and washed my legs, and when she rinsed them she pulled my cock into her mouth and sucked hard on it. She smiled up at me with my cock in her mouth and I about came again. She grinned and pulled back. “Just making sure I had you all clean.”

“I’m going to shave while I’m in here.”

“Okay. I’m going to watch.”

I lathered my face, then my balls, so I could smooth there also. I started shaving below, then rinsed and started on my face.

“I never realized you shaved down there.”

“Yes. First because I find it’s more comfortable, second because Judi doesn’t like hair in her mouth any more than I do.” I finished my face and rinsed. Then I picked up the can of shave cream and looked at Jess. “Should I shave yours while I’m here?”

She looked down at the line of pubic hair and thought for a moment. “It needs touched up anyway, why don’t you shave it all.”

I squirted and small amount of shave cream onto my hand and massaged it over her pussy. Then I knelt in front of her and started shaving her. I very gently removed the stubble from the area she normally shaved then went to work removing the line above. When I was finished I checked to be sure I had her pussy completely bald, and when I was satisfied I rinsed her off.

“What do you think?” I asked.

Jess leaned back against the wall and contemplated her naked pussy. “I think I like it.”

“I really like it.” I said, laying the razor aside.

“I thought you would. Should we test it?”

“How would you like to test it?

Jess held her hands above her head against the wall and pushed her hips towards me, sliding her legs slightly apart. At that moment I spotted Tim’s “soap-on-a-rope”. While Jess closed her eyes waiting for me I slipped the rope loop over her hands, then wrapped the soap through to bind her hand together. I pulled them over her head and slightly to the side below the shower head. I lifted slightly with one hand and her hands touched the shower head pipe, pulling her feet off the floor. I put the other between her legs, forcing them apart and manipulating her pussy and clit. I held her there between my hands with two fingers inside and two rubbing outside working her quickly into a frenzy. Her eyes flew open with a look of overpowering lust.

“Fuck me!” Her legs flew out and went around my waist, pulling me into her. I moved my hand, turned slightly, and she twisted and pulled my cock directly into her. She helped me grip the pipe and started humping hard against me, fucking me while suspended off the floor. I grabbed her tits and rubbed them roughly, banging back against her and slamming her into the shower wall. “Oh YES! Fuck me hard. Harder!”

We slammed into each other like we hadn’t just fucked several times until another screaming orgasm overtook us both. I tried to hold us up, but my legs started to buckle, so I slowly slid to the floor and knelt there with Jess still wrapped around me and impaled on my cock, her hands still bound and against the wall.

“I think I really like the shaved better.” Jess smiled.

“You know I do. But I think we’re going to have to start the shower over again.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Neither do I. Stand up and let me lick that for you.”

“Can I have my hands back?”

“Oh. Yeah.” I unwrapped her wrists and helped her stand. I licked across her smooth mound and down along her pussy lips tasty the mix of our juices dripping from her pussy lips. Jess gripped my head.

“If you do any more of that we’ll never get out of the shower. Stand up here and let me wash you, then we’re getting out and getting dressed.”

While she washed me I thought about tying her hands. “You really like that restrained thing, don’t you?”

“Yes. I do. It seems to really get me going.”

“Would you like to experiment with some bondage things sometime?”

“I think I’d like that a lot.” Jess answered. “Maybe when we get a chance you can bring some stuff and we’ll see what happens.”

“I’ll put some things in the car. With the way this winter is going I may end up here again someday.”

“Hopefully on a night when Tim isn’t.” She said.

“Isn’t there enough of you to share?” I asked.

“I guess I never thought about it like that.” Jess admitted. “But I would like at least once more with just you before I decide about trying two of you.”

I finished getting dressed, and Jess slipped into jeans and a t-shirt for a day off. We headed downstairs, and halfway we got a call, “Mommy?”

Over breakfast I thought about what I’d want to pack, and how I wanted to bind Jessica for our first experiment with real restraints. I had a plan in mind by the time I got home, and the weekend to get everything ready. As it turned out, that was just enough time.

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