Jessica and Jason: The Last Time

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It was March 7, and Jason and his wife Jessica had been separated for the past 7 months. She had moved on and now had a live in boyfriend, Jason had nobody now. It was a mistake to ever leave in the first place, but that was in the past and there was nothing to he could do about that now, Jessica was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, and despite the fact that he was on his way there up because she asked him up there, she seemed happy with the way her life was going.

Jason knew what would happen when he got up there, their phone conversation may that clear. He was on his way up there for one reason only, to have sex with her. He knew it, but he still couldn’t believe it. Her boyfriend was away at work, and Jason never even thought about him, after all, Jessica was still legally married to him. Jason felt that still took precedence over her live in boyfriend, so he thought of it like she was about to do something that was okay to do. Jason had a warped way of thinking about those kinds of things. A part of him, a big part of him would always love Jessica no matter what was going on between them, and mommys girl porno on this day, that big part of him was what wanted to get up there as fast as he could. When he arrived, she was wearing only a towel and she pushed him back into the bedroom. In his mind, his only thought was, “Wow, this is really happening.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed, removing her towel and allowing him to see her breasts, the breasts he had not seen since July when they last took a shower together. She was about six months pregnant her red hair was longer and straighter than it was when they were together. He liked the way it looked. She looked up at him and unzipped his pants, removing his semi hard cock. She moaned slightly and took it in her mouth, bobbing up and down on it for a couple of minutes before telling him to get down on his knees as she did the same.

She turned doggy style to him, bracing her upper half against the bed. It was her favorite position, after a few years of marriage, he did happen to learn that much. As he slid his cock inside her, it instantly felt like old momsbangteens porno times for him. Somehow he still could not get over the fact that this was actually happening, in the last months he had resigned to the fact that he would never be with her again, and here he was, not like he had pictured it because he had hoped she would always come back to him completely, but she was here now, in front of him, moaning as he fucked her doggy style. She looked great and he started to hope that he could get her to orgasm like he had promised he could.

It was the driving force behind why he was there. Through her life she had been with 7 guys, but the first one and the last one to bring Jessica to orgasm was Jason. Even her boyfriend, whose baby she was having, had not exactly rocked her world in bed. She was quite good at faking it, actually, and with all the extra hormones and due to perhaps a small lapse in judgment, she had let Jason come back up to see if he could do what he had done so many times before, get her to cum.

“Fuck my pussy, it’s yours.” She moaned to him.

She monsters of cock porno was talking dirty, she always did that. Nostalgia was beginning to sit in on Jason and he completely forgot what time frame he was in as he begins to pound her harder and faster. She moaned, and Jason smacked her ass, she moaned again and again, continuing to talk dirty.

“That’s it, fuck me baby. Harder. Faster.”

He felt her get wetter as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could go, doing his best to get the job he was brought up here to do done. Ultimately, though, he finished before she could, filling up his estranged wife’s pussy before she had her chance to get off.

She immediately felt awful for what she had just done. He tried comforting her with his warped outlook on the situation, but she was buying it like the way he did. Over the phone they had discussed the possibilities of doing it more than once if she didn’t get what she needed the first time and they had agreed on it, but now it didn’t seem like something that was going to happen. Jason knew that if he could just stay focused on what he was doing instead of taking trips down memory lane in his head, he would soon give her what she wanted, but that day was six months ago and they have yet to hook back up and probably never will again.

Two more chances, that’s all that he’s asking for. Just two more chances…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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