Jenny 1

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Jenny 1
Jenny was quite excited; her friend Susan was back from her short holiday and they were meeting for lunch and a catch up at Jenny’s well-appointed house. These two had been very close friends for many years and the two of them enjoyed time together with their husbands Derek and Simon. They also enjoyed time together on their own in a very special way. These two very attractive ladies, pillars of the community and both on various committees for both the church and other local institutions. How can I best describe them, both were confident well assured women not slim but perfectly proportioned and were always getting glances from men at social functions. Which I have to say they both enjoyed and very subtly flirted with their admirers. Two very nice women with a secret passion that they both protected from prying eyes and incidentally from their husbands.
Jenny had put the bubbly in the cooler and prepared the snacks for their lunch, Jenny smiled and noticed the champagne was Mumm, but more of that later. Derek was away overnight, so Jenny had the house to herself for the plans she had for her and her friend today. She had spoiled Derek last night and let him wear a silky nightie and a pair of her panties to sleep in. He got very stiff and wanted to fuck her, but she politely refused him but promised a special treat in the morning. She was up first and came back into the bedroom in just her panties her, her tits looked fabulous and her nipples were erect. Derek was standing by the bed still in his nightie, but she could see his little cock pushing against her panties and a drippy patch showing on the silky material. She went to her dressing table and sat down ignoring Derek. They had played this game before, Derek was very whiney and pleading to be played with, but Jenny made him stand beside her holding his nightie up, so she could see his cock dripping with lust. Eventually she let him touch himself while she stroked her tits for him to watch, with a warning not to spunk until she gave permission. Derek was shaking with need and she eventually let him pull his panties down, so she could touch him. She smiled as she took his little cock between her thumb and two fingers slowly wanking his drippy türkçe bahis little cock. She was telling how much she loved him and how much pleasure his little cock gave her and how she didn’t mind when it popped out and spunked all over her cunt. She turned to face him and lifted her tit, so the end of his cock was on the nipple her stroking was speeding up and she looked at him and nodded. Derek exploded this was no dribble a nice squirt of hot spunk anointed her tits and Derek almost collapsed with the intensity of his cum. Derek was almost in tears and was telling Jenny how much he loved her and how grateful he was she let him indulge his rather unusual passions. Jenny loved him and indulged him whenever he wanted, she was the dominant partner in private. Derek packed to leave, and Jenny began preparing for the visit of her special friend.
Jenny felt quite squishy after pleasing Derek but resisted the chance to have a little ‘dessert’ as she wanted to be aroused and sexy for Susan when she arrived. She picked her outfit carefully a nice see-through bra, a little small for her lovely tits but she knew Susan liked that, pink cotton panties full cut and very tight her delicious round bum looked perfect. The crotch pulled in tight and she had a lovely ‘camel toe’ she really couldn’t resist stroking her damp cunt and the slimy juice wetted the crotch perfectly. A full suspender belt, sheer stockings completed the ensemble. She looked really good and was pleased with her choices. A nice flowy summer dress and 3” court shoes this lady looked delicious and she was so hoping Susan would be pleased.
Jenny heard the car come into the drive and was waiting expectantly for her friend, Jenny had some special plans for their day. Susan had a coat on as she rang the bell and Jenny was delighted and surprised in equal measure to see her friend with a coat on, on a sunny day. Susan stepped into the hallway and they hugged one another “Oh darling it is so lovely to see you I really missed you” Jenny said
“Me too sweetheart and having a little play on skype is just not the real thing” Susan giggled and took of her coat. Jenny could instantly see why the coat, a very short skirt barely covering her stocking tops and canlı casino her blouse was bulging Susan had magnificent tits and beautiful big bum she looked incredibly sexy. Jenny knew they were going to have a very special afternoon together. It was quite obvious these two were very passionate lovers and were very aroused by the period of time they had been apart. Susan paraded in front of Jenny holding her skirt up and showing her very tight panties to Jenny.
“God you look incredible darling those panties are so tight I can see your cunt is opening and soaking the crotch”
Susan was panting a little “show me yours darling I want to know what you have been upto” Jenny raised her skirt the obvious damp patch was more pronounced, and Susan could see how ready Jenny was. Jenny was panting, and her tits ached to be touched and squeezed
“please darling kiss, me and touch me I want you so much” Jenny breathed, Susan reached out and squeezed her gorgeous tits, rubbing and pinching the hard nipples Jenny leaned back against the wall and Susan’s other hand pressed between her legs. Jenny pressed onto her hand her hips pushing forward in a fucking motion “Oh god yesss please make me cumm Mummy,” their lips met, and tongues entwined and the lovely Jenny squirted outrageously on her lovely friends hand soaking her panties and her friends fingers.
Susan stepped back and took in the sight of her sexy friend the inside of her thighs moist and slimey and her tits almost bursting out of her bra. “My word you are such a bad girl what is mummy going to do with you, I think we need a drink and some lunch don’t you” Jenny agreed, and they went through to the kitchen where a nice cold lunch was prepared.
“Why don’t we out in the garden darling it is such a lovely day and as it is so private perhaps we can enjoy one another in the sunshine” Susan laughed and smiled she knew what games Jenny had planned for them and it made her rather flushy and she could feel her cunt getting juicy.
The lunch was superb the ladies giggled and touched and just enjoyed one another after being apart. The champagne quickly disappeared and the freshly made lemonade slightly braced with a little gin set them up for a lovely relaxed kaçak casino afternoon
The ladies lay on sun loungers in a quiet shady part of the garden just chatting and holding hands and an occasional touch to keep them both aroused. Susan started to wriggle in her seat and Jenny noticed her slight discomfort, this was what she had been leading up to. Susan looked over and said “I need the loo darling I am absolutely bursting” she giggled. Jenny held her hand and looked into her eyes with a pleading look “please mummy can we play my wetting game I know it is so naughty but I so enjoy it” Susan loved it too but she made Jenny plead and beg she teased her unmercifully.
“Ok but Mummy will need a little help will you rub me through my panties to get me started and make mummy have a lovely cumm” Jenny kissed Susan and pulled her in close she opened Susan’s bra and her voluptuous tits spilled out for Jenny to suck and lick, Jenny’s fingers stroked and pressed on the crotch of Susan’s panties which were already damp. Susan moaned she was squeezing and stroking Jenny’s tits the randy pair were lost in a lustful clinch.
“Ohh darling I can’t help myself Mummy is going to have to let go” Jenny pushed her tongue in to Susan’s mouth and pressed harder on her cunt
“Please Mummy piss for me I want to feel it and see it you are so nasty” Susan groaned and parted her legs the first hot squirts splashed over Jenny’s fingers soaking her wrist and dripping onto Susan’s legs. Jenny was panting rubbing herself through her panties she stepped forward thrusting her stockinged leg between her friends’ thighs pulling her close and rubbing the suspender strap on her cunt. Susan was past caring as she rubbed herself frantically on Jenny’s leg her pissing was out of control the hot wetness ran down their legs soaking stocking and shoes. Susan shuddered and came panting and shaking kissing Jenny and squeezing her tits. Jenny was holding onto Susan pressing herself against her sexy friend.
Jenny was so aroused and close to cumming she stepped back and held her skirt up for Susan to see and she started pissing through her panties the stream of hot piss soaked her stockings and ran iinto her shoes, Susan watched this nasty show and then pulled Jenny’s panties to one side and pushed two fingers up her juicy cunt. Jenny nearly collapsed with the force of her orgasm they clung together two very horny nasty ladies who were completely in lust with one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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