Jenna in the City

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It was eleven o’clock at night when Jenna arrived in town after her ten hour bus ride. She wasn’t sure this was the best time to be traveling to the city, but she needed to leave home as soon as possible. Jenna had just turned 18, and decided that it was time to leave home and get out on her own. An aspiring actress, she decided the city would be the best place to go. She was a medium tall, thin girl with wavy long, dark brown hair. As she stepped off the bus with nothing but a small suitcase and backpack, the reality of the situation had hit her. “Where am I going to go? I don’t even have a hotel booked for the night,” she wondered.

Her nervousness was immediately heightened when she saw a group of five or six men, looking quite scary, standing under a lit bus stop. They eyed at her like she was in the window of a candy shop. She tried to avoid eye-contact with them, but the crowd was pushing her towards them. One man began to say something to her with an outstretched arm when all of the sudden she felt a firm grip on her right arm coming from behind. She gasped and turned to find a young woman was holding her.

“Don’t worry, I’m safe. Those men will eat you alive,” she said in Jenna’s ear. “Come on with me, let’s get out of here.”

Jenna didn’t know what was worse, facing those men or having a perfect stranger who seemed a little nicer drag her off to a cab.

“Those guys stand there every night looking for fresh young girls, just like you, coming to the city for the first time. They get them right from the bus and lure them into a life of prostitution. You’re lucky I was around, I would hate to see something like that happen to a pretty girl like you,” she said with a smile.

Jenna didn’t know why, but she smiled back. She was very comforted by this woman, but she was still weary. “Um, thanks, I really appreciate it,” she said, “but um, where are you taking me, anyway?”

“Oh, well, you look exhausted. How about some dinner and a good night’s rest before you find somewhere more permanent to stay?”

“Wow, that would be great. I am really tired,” Jenna replied.

“Great,” the woman said, “my name is Veronica, by the way. It’s nice to meet you. And, you are…”


“Cool. Oh, looks like we’re here. Let me help you get your things into my place.”

As the car pulled in, Jenna whispered a small, “Wow,” to herself. This woman lived in a gorgeous small home. It was completely surrounded by woods, with a small path that went up to it. It looked quaint from the outside, but it was actually quite large inside. Jenna sat at the bar in the kitchen while Veronica took her things into what looked like a spare bedroom on the first floor.

“How does a burger sound?” Veronica asked.

“Delicious,” Jenna said.

Veronica giggled to herself as she heated up her stove grill. “Delicious,” she laughed to herself. “Good answer. Hey, how about a glass of wine? I had a rough day, how about you? I know you aren’t 21 yet but, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t, and right now I’m the only person you know casino oyna here. So what do you think?”

The last time Jenna had drank was at a post-prom party about three weeks ago. Under-age drinking was a serious matter, but Jenna saw no harm in it if she was just staying the night here, besides, it might make the night go less-awkward since she didn’t even know this woman. “Yeah, I’ll have some. It won’t be the first time I’ve drank under-age,” she laughed.

After several glasses of wine, a burger, and some good conversation, Jenna and Veronica were getting along great. After what seemed like hours in her living room, Jenna let out a big stretch.

“Really, thank you so much for keeping me away from those scary men. Who knows where I’d be? Definitely not here, safe with you.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure, believe me,” Veronica said with a slight grin, her eyes passing over Jenna slightly. “So, um, how about a nice bath for you? It’ll make you rest a little easier, don’t you think? Busses are so nasty and gross these days.”

“You are so right, I feel all yucky after a full day in those things,” Jenna replied.

“Here, let me refill your wine-glass and then get the water going. I’ll let you know when it’s ready,” Veronica said sweetly.

She poured a large amount of wine in her glass, and went into the bathroom. Jenna drained her glass as Veronica shouted, “Okay, it’s just about ready!”

Jenna came into the large bathroom. The giant tub looked absolutely wonderful, almost full and filled with fragrant bubbles.

“Here, let me help you get out of your things,” Veronica said, as she stood up and went behind her. Jenna got out of her socks and pants, and Veronica helped her undo the buttons of her shirt. Then, Jenna stood there a little awkardly, thinking, “Okay, yeah I think I can do the rest myself,” but didn’t say a word.

Veronica placed her hands on her shoulders, and said, “Oh my, your shoulders look so sore from your bra. Here, lets get you out of this contraption. Mine does that too after a whole day of wearing. Isn’t it the worst?” She carefully unsnapped her bra, and slided the straps off her shoulders.

Even though Jenna felt a tiny bit uncomfortable, her hands were soft and warm on her sore shoulders. Then, Veronica did something that really surprised Jenna. She ran her hands around to her front, and cupped her breasts.

“Wow, your breasts are so beautiful,” she whispered in Jenna’s ear, “It is okay if I touch them, isn’t it?” she said as she slowly caressed them.

Somehow, Veronica’s touches felt really good, but she still wasn’t sure she liked what was going on. In the confusion of the warm, scented bathroom, and her thoughts, all Jenna said was, “Umm…”

“I said, it is okay if I touch them, right?” Veronica said this much more forcefully, and all the sweetness had left her voice. As she finished the question, she forcefully pinched Jenna’s nipples.

Jenna gasped in pain, and said, “Yes, yes, please just stop…”

“That’s better,” replied Veronica, and went back to caressing her as canlı casino if nothing had happened. She placed a soft kiss on her neck and right shoulder, and watched as Jenna took off her undies and stepped into the luxurious bathtub.

“And of course, you won’t mind if I join you,” Veronica said, “there is plenty of room for two.” Without waiting for a reply, Veronica began to take off her clothes. It was now that Jenna really took in Veronica for what she really looked like. She was tall, with blonde hair almost as long as her brown hair. She looked to be over 25, but was aging quite nicely. Somehow, she found herself looking at her C-cup breasts in wonder, with her tiny nipples sticking out. For fear of letting Veronica see her looking, she turned her head to face straight ahead when Veronica peeled off her thong and stepped into the water.

The two of them sat in the tub for about ten minutes, just relaxing. They talked a little bit more, laughing just as they were still sitting on the couch out in the living room.

“Look,” Veronica said, “I’m sorry I was a little…short, with you, before you got in here. It’s just that…well, I’m sort of embarassed to say it, but I’m really attracted to you. I just haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you since you got off the bus. You probably think I am nuts, I’m sorry, and I understand if you want to leave first thing in the morning but, I have to ask, have you ever been with a woman?”

Somehow, Jenna did not think Veronica was nuts at all. She explained that she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and perhaps that was part of the reason she was leaving her old life behind. “Actually, you are very pretty yourself,” Jenna said to end her explaination.

“I could see how turned on you were when I was touching you,” Veronica said, as she moved closer to Jenna, until they were sitting side by side. She slid her hand along her thigh, and saw that Jenna got goosebumps immediately.

“To tell you the truth,” she laughed, “and maybe this is the wine talking…I got really wet standing there, watching you in the mirror, caressing my breasts…”

Her talking faded as their faces got closer together. Veronica’s hand was moving along her inner thigh, and Jenna found her hand moving up Veronica’s stomach towards her breasts.

“It’s okay, let go,” Veronica sighed, as their lips met in a passionate kiss. Veronica’s tongue danced in Jenna’s mouth, and she met it with hers. They kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes. Jenna could feel herself getting wet, even though she was in the water. Veronica’s legs were spreading apart, and she couldn’t keep herself still as they kissed. Finally, they broke apart. Veronica’s eyes were heavy with desire.

“I know you have never been with a woman before, but I need you so bad right now,” she said. She slid up against the wall and sat on the wide ledge there. Jenna moved to right in front of her, knowing exactly what she wanted.

As Jenna took Veronica’s thighs with her hands and slowly pushed them apart, she smiled involuntarily as her eyes met kaçak casino with Veronica’s wet pussy. “I’ve never done this before…” she began to explain, but Veronica cut her off. “Just do what you think would feel good, do what you boyfriend has done for you,” she said.

Jenna moved closely to Veronica’s clean shaven pussy. It was already swollen and looked wet from more than just the bath water. She slowly took a deep breathe, and smiled as she took in Veronica’s amazing scent. “Oh, you’re off to a really good start, baby,” Veronica said as Jenna exhaled.

With renewed confidence, Jenna took her tongue and ran it up Veronica’s slit very slowly, not quite getting to her bulging clit. She teased her this way, going up and down, slowly parting her lips for a while, taking in her taste. “Oh, yes baby, just like that,” Veronica moaned. Finally, Jenna moved to her clit. She made slow little circles around it, and tickled it side to side. “Oh god, yes do my clit, baby, make momma come, oh that feels sooo good,” Veronica said. After teasing her clit for five minutes, going down to get some of Veronica’s wetness and bringing it up to rub on her clit with her tongue, Jenna took her clit in her mouth, playing with it in her mouth with her tongue. “Oh, oh I’m gonna cum soon, yes suck momma’s clit, suck it, oh, ooooh,” Jenna sucked on her clit just as she commanded, and soon Veronica was convulsing in orgasm. She moaned and shivered in her orgasm. Jenna stayed and gently licked up all the cum that was oozing out of her pussy. “Yes, lick it all up baby, get it all, oooh it’s so nice…” Veronica moaned as Jenna eagerly licked up all her cum.

“How does it taste, baby?” Veronica asked.

“Mmmm,” Jenna giggled, “It’s so delicious.”

Veronica laughed as well, and looked down at her smiling, “Good answer.”

Veronica slid back into the bath, and Jenna met her with a wet kiss.

“Mmm I do taste good,” Veronica said in between kisses. “I bet you are so wet right now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I need to cum so bad right now,” said Jenna as she played with Veronica’s nipples.

Veronica sat up on the ledge again, and told Veronica to do the same, across from her.

“Spread your legs, baby, let me see your pretty pussy.” Jenna spread them wide just like Veronica’s. “Oh god, it’s so nice. I need to cum again too, let’s do it together baby.”

And together they began touching themselves. Jenna began to move just like Veronica did, first sliding two fingers up and down her slit, and then settling on her clit, rubbing it in circles. When Veronica plunged one finger, and then two into her pussy, Jenna soon followed. They sat, staring at each other fucking themselves for what seemed like an age, before drawing out their soaking wet fingers to finish themselves off at the clits. They came together, both moaning, watching each other’s quivering pussies in orgrasm. As they slid slowly back into the bathtub, Jenna went over to Veronica and sat in her lap, resting on her breasts.

“I think we can move your things up into my bedroom; I don’t think you are going to be leaving for awhile, don’t you think?” Veronica asked.

Jenna took Veronica’s breast in her mouth, sucking and licking her nipples. As Veronica moaned, she said, “I think I’ll take that as a yes.”

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