Jenn and Lauren Ch. 03

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After my little Halloween party, I had not seen the girls for quite a while. We don’t normally see them as much during the non-boating season. They would stop by every so often for dinner or to say hi, but not regularly at all. They might stop in and out depending on their work schedules. I saw them a few times when they went snowboarding with the boys. They both looked pretty hot in their snow-bunny outfits.

I was more than glad when the next summer rolled around. They were fixtures on the boat again and my summer was shaping up quite nicely. Of course, new bikinis were a must and their tans took no time all to build up. The girls were both 23 now and looking better than ever. I was dying to see some milky white skin, but there were no real opportunities happening. I was not THAT desperate to push the issue, because I did not want to get caught. So I just continued to pull my pud with visions of their hot bods in their bikinis.

Katie sensed some changes in me as I was asking her to play dress up more than before. I liked to have her wear her cheerleader outfit with no panties or the spandex suit that made her look like Cat Woman from Batman. Finally, one day she proclaimed…

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you are fantasizing about young girls.”

“No dear” I said “Just having good memories of fucking you senseless back in high school.” Katie and I are high school sweethearts and we were each others first fuck. After that, she thought nothing of it, the topic never cam up again.

Katie made plans to go to Florida to see her parents for the week. The boys decided they were going to see a friend at college a couple hours away. Again, I had a full weekend to myself with no plans to do anything. On Saturday, I just milled around the house doing odds and ends, but nothing big. Around 4, I got a very surprising call from Jess. She told me we were going out for the night, and they would pick me up at 8. My mind raced with thoughts as I hadn’t seen them for any period of time for quite a while.

She told me we would be going to ‘The Beach Club’ which is in the big city over an hour away. I have been there before, and this place is huge. Katie and I went several times when we were back in our partying days. Our nights usually ended up in a sweaty fuck. Something about the Techno music, dancing and booze, really made us fuck like crazy. But that was several years ago.

Again, my mind raced like crazy, wondering what I might be in for. Are we just going to hang out, or are they looking for another round of ‘fuck fest’? I guess, either way, I was going to make out like a champ. Worst case scenario was that I would get to dance with 2 sweet young things.

Sure enough, around 8, the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a few beats as I saw the clubbing outfits these two hotties were wearing. They must have shopped at Sluts-R-Us. They stepped inside and my eyes just bugged out of my head. They looked like the young chicks you see on all the stupid MTV shows where they are out bar hopping.

Little Lauren had on the shortest, tightest white denim skirt I have ever seen. Typical, she wore a top that exposed her sexy little belly. It was one of those cropped zip-up black hoodies. It was sleeveless but she had a cropped top long sleeve shirt underneath, with the really tight sleeves. She topped it off with the suede leather boots that all the teenie boppers wear now. She must have loaded herself with the girlie body glitter as she sparkled like a disco ball.

Jenn was stunning in a black one piece spandex slut dress. Super short, long sleeves, shoulders cut out with a chocker type collar. She garnished it with huge hoop earrings, chain link belly chain and tons finger rings. She had her hair up in a huge permed pony tail and bangs that fell into her face. My cock sure liked the look as she was smoking hot. As she did a 360 for me, I saw that dress was backless. It revealed skin from her should blades to just below her tramp stamp.

I asked them what the special occasion was and they said it was payback.

“You’ve been so nice to us Mr. P, that we would just like to return the favor.”

Something tells me I am going to get more in return than I bargained for. A few minutes later, I hear a car horn honk out front. I opened the front door and am greeted to the sight of a black stretch limo. The driver is decked out in a tux as usual and waiting for our arrival.

“Alright Mr. P, time for the fun to start.” Jenn quipped.

The girls shimmied down the sidewalk and approached the driver. The each gave him a kiss on the cheek simultaneously.

“It’s good to see you girls, are you ready to party?” He asked.

“You better believe it.” Jenn replied.

After assisting the girls into the back seat, the driver turned to me and we greeted each other.

“Good evening Mr. P, I’m Bob. I’ll be your driver and your host for the night. Let me know if there is anything you need.”

“Nice to meet you too Bob.” I pointed towards the girls, “I think casino oyna I am set for now.” I replied with a smirky smile.

“Yes sir, I think you are.” Bob continued.

The limo had all the typical stuff; stereo, TV, phone, mood lighting and champagne. The girls wasted no time at all in getting that bottle open.

“Here’s to Mr. P. Hopefully he will have a night he will never forget.” Lauren proclaimed.

We had a round of cheers with each other and emptied the bottle pretty quickly.

The rider to the club was rather uneventful. I pretty much got caught up with all the stuff that keeps them busy. But I found myself being lost in conversation often. I could hardly keep my eyes to myself. I kept looking at them and thinking how lucky I was to be in this position. I tried hard to pay attention, but I just could not quit admiring their hot young bodies and the oh so slutty outfits. My mind rand wild thinking about things, just hoping I could do something…..anything to either one of them.

We arrived at the club to find a very long line. Bob drove right up to the front door and let us out. He gave us each a VIP card that was on a neck strap.

“This will get you guys EVERYWHERE in the club. You even drink for free all night.” Bob explained. And with that, he walked up to the door man and they shook hands and spoke for a moment. One minute later, we were in the club, no waiting in line. The music was fast and loud and the neon and strobe lights were blazing. The girls made a trip to the closest bar for a quick drink, and then off to the dance floor we went.

The 2 of them had all the moves I would expect from girls their age. Their hot bodies gyrated and grooved to the beat of the dance tunes. We took turns being in the middle and our hands usually stayed in contact with each others bodies. A couple times, other guys asked them to dance, but the said that they were already taken. These girls could have any guy in that bar, but they chose me. Damn, what a good life I have.

As we danced, I noticed some things that I never saw before. Maybe, I just never really paid attention before. There were plenty of couples who had age differences like ours. The older Cougar women with the 20 something guys, and the old dudes like my self, with the young chicks. Of course, there were also the groups of same aged people too. I guess this was the place for us older folks to live out our ‘mid-life crisis.”

After some time on the dance floor, we had worked up quite a sweat. The girls decided to go explore the rest of the place. I followed like a little puppy. We went to the 2nd floor, which had a couple more bars and another dance floor, just smaller. The music was different and not as loud. There was a lot more seating on this floor. They had large circular and rectangular booths and some big lounge chairs and love seats. The atmosphere here was a little more relaxed than the hyper dance area downstairs.

We ended up checking out the 3rd floor next. We had to show the VIP badges in order to gain entry. This place was even more different than the first two. It was much darker with a lot less people and noise. There was a stage at one end with an exotic pole dancer and only one small bar. The waitresses handle all the drink orders and there were plenty of plush couches and chairs.

Jenn saw a sign that said ‘party rooms, first come, first serve’ and she walked to check them out. She found one with an open door and we all entered. The room was about 20×20 and had a couch, couple chairs and couple coffee tables. There was a stereo system and an intercom that went directly to the bar. The room had an array of mood lighting, dark enough for atmosphere but light enough to see everything. Plain and simple, this room was built for a fucking.

Much to my surprise, Little Lauren closed and locked the door behind us. Jenn and I mad eye contact and she just stared at me in a very sultry way. I figured this was the beginning of ‘a night I’ll never forget’.

The girls pulled one of the chairs so it faced the couch but about 5 feet away. They told to me sit in the chair and get comfortable. The both plopped on the couch and fiddled with their purses digging to find something. They acted a little giddy and nervous and whispered stuff that I could not hear. Finally the settled in and gave me a weird look.

“OK Mr. P, here’s the plan. You can watch, but you can’t touch. If you get out of the chair, we stop. Got it?”

“Ah, Ok, what is it that I am watching?”

The girls began to kiss very aggressively. This was not the kind of kiss that girls do just for the camera, this was pretty intense. Their hands roamed all over each others bodies and they tongued each other. I could see Jenn’s hand go down to Little Lauren’s crotch. As I expected, she was not wearing any panties. Her cunt already had drips of fuck juice. Jenn got down on the floor and started to put on a real show.

She licked and sucked Lauren in oblivion. She was good at eating pussy and she really seemed canlı casino to enjoy it. She made sure to make eye contact with Lauren every so often and even added some sucking noises and some ‘mmmmm’s. Out of nowhere, she pulled out a big black dildo. I looked on in astonishment as she prepared to stuff that thing in Little Lauren’s tight cunt. My hand moved to my cock, but she stopped me in my tracks.

“Now, now Mr. P, don’t even think about it.” Jenn commanded.

Disappointed, I removed my hand and would just have to watch, I wasn’t even allowed to touch MYSELF. Jenn used the dildo and ran it all over Lauren’s pussy and inner thighs. Then, I heard it buzz and realized it was a vibrating dildo. The vibration caught Lauren by surprise and her body stiffened in response. Once the dildo was slick enough, Jenn jammed it deep into Lauren’s inviting pussy. Lauren let out some low moans and groans and her hips thrust to meet the rhythm of the dildo.

Jenn had a fierce grip on the toy and was fucking the shit out of Lauren with it. The whole time, she kept glancing back at me making sure I didn’t miss anything. I actually had to reposition my chair so I could get a better view. Little did they know, I scooted it a little closer too. Jenn made no bones about the fact that she was in control. She even made Lauren pull her knees up to her chest to provide a better view. Lauren squirmed uncontrollably and announced that she was ready to cum.

Jenn continued to thrust the dildo in and out as Lauren’s body convulsed in spasms. She screamed and howled and Jenn just kept pounding. When Lauren finally began to calm down, Jenn pulled the dildo out and looked at me with a naughty smile.

“Check this out Mr.P, looks like Lauren’s little butthole is blowing kisses at you.” Jenn said with a giggle.

Sure enough, Lauren’s sphincter ring had puckered like a pair of lips blowing a kiss. She had a gorgeous little bunghole that looked great below her bald pussy. Her pussy juice was dripping down onto her anus which made it look even more inviting. My cock stiffened even more so as the sight of her puckered little asshole presented a whole new line of dirty thoughts. I gave Jenn a real sleazy smile and jumped down between Little Lauren’s widespread legs.

My tongue went right to her bunghole and began flicking like crazy. Her body squirmed and twisted with each flick. I now had plans of fucking her in the ass, so I made sure to use a lot of slobber to lube up her hole. I didn’t spend much time with my mouth before I repositioned myself to stuff her with cock. I made sure to pull her ass far to the end of the seat so I had plenty of access. I grabbed my hard member and aimed it at the little bull’s eye. I pushed just enough for my knob to make it past her sphincter ring as her eyes rolled back in her head.

I eased a little more into her as she looked me with a very slutty expression. Bit by bit, I gave her the full length deep within the confines of her tight anal canal. Her ass was ready for the taking as I picked up the pace making sure to use my full length. I got worked up into a frenzy and really began to pump her butt hole with great effort. He body was rocking back and forth in unison with my full depth slamming. Jenn was just staring in amazement as Little Lauren was taking it to the hilt.

“Fuck her ass Mr. P, fuck her ass real hard.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck my ass Mr.P, give it to me deep and hard.”

I grabbed Lauren’s hips and continue to pound for a few minutes, until she motioned for me to stop. Her and Jenn made eye contact and Jenn had me pull out until just the knob was in her hole. Jenn grabbed the dildo and stuffed it into Little Lauren’s juicy cunt. She then even bent over to suck Lauren’s clit to top it all off. We got back into a rhythm fucking Lauren with reckless abandon.

With all the stuff adding up, I didn’t last long.

“I’m gonna cum ladies, get ready.”

“Bring it home Mr.P, cum deep in my ass.”

Jenn wrapped her hand around my cock and help stroke the beginning of my jizz shot. I did as I was told and blasted shot after shot deep into Lauren’s tight ass.

“That’s is Mr.P, cum in her ass.”

After the last blow of jizz, I pulled out and collapsed on the floor. Lauren’s asshole was gaping wide open and gobs of jizz were oozing out. Jenn made sure to lick and suck it all up and then even sucked the jizz off my limp cock. She didn’t seem to mind that my cock had just been deep in Laruen’s butt.

“Damn, that was awesome ladies.”

“Thanks for fucking by ass Mr.P, it sure felt good.”

“It looked good too.” Jenn added.

“Jenn, I’m going to need some time to recuperate before your turn.”

“No problem Mr.P, we have all night long.”

With that, we all got dressed and freshened up. Now I know first hand what goes on in these private rooms. Never in a million years would I have guessed that anything like this would happen to me.

We went back out to the bar and did a little more drinking and dancing. Time kaçak casino seemed to fly by as the girls said it was time for the ride home. We made our way back down through the club and out to the limo. Bob was right there waiting for our arrival. The girls strolled out and Bob opened the door.

“How was your night ladies?”

“Better than ever Bob, and we’re not even done yet.” Jenn said with a giggle.

“Well Mr. P, shall I take the scenic route home then?” Bob asked with a mile wide grin.

“Yes sir good buddy……, no hurry, if you know what I mean.”

We got settled in for the ride home. And both girls were on the opposite side of the limo. Jenn had her legs spread apart just enough for me to see her pussy. She even slid her ass to the edge of the seat, to give me better view. I must have been staring a little to intently as she saw me.

“What are you thinking about Mr. P? You wouldn’t be thinking about wanting to ‘hump my rump’ now would you?” Both girls giggled.

Well, she caught me there, as that is exactly what I was thinking. So now, I guess now were are going to begin the 2nd round of the night. Lauren poured the last of the champagne and we toasted.

“Here is to a night we will never forget and to Mr. P for his ‘110%’.”

We all toasted our glasses and finished the drinks.

Jenn beckoned for me to come to her side of the limo and I complied. I sat next to her and we began to kiss passionately. Lauren had begun to rub Jenn’s boobs through the tight spandex and Jenn made sure to give her plenty of access by lifting her arms above her head. My hand went to Jenn’s wet cunt and began to rub her smooth vulva. Her pelvis liked the touch and thrust out for more.

I motioned for Lauren to follow my lead and in one swift move; we grabbed the bottom of Jenn’s dress and lifted it over her head. There she sat, in just her black suede boots and her belly chain. Damn was she hot and she knew it too. She just gyrated her body very seductively to the music and our touches. It was her turn for a fucking and she wanted to get everything out of it that she could.

Over the next few minutes, the girls had removed my shirt and began to undo my pants. They took their time as they giggled and licked and kissed my stomach and chest. Jenn really did a good job licking my nipples as she knew that is one of my favorite things. My hand had gone down to her ass crack and was fondling her crevice lightly. Her hips swayed from side to side as she was prepping for the moment.

They finally got me undressed and sat me down on the bench seat. Jenn sat on my lap with her back to my chest and ground her ass cheeks onto my rigid cock. She planted her hands on the ceiling and pushed down hard, really trying to work it in. Lauren was on her knees on the floor and was kissing Jenn with plenty of tongue. Her hand must have been down to Jenn’s pussy as I could feel it brush against my cock every so often.

“Ok Mr., time for the show.” Jenn sounded.

She put her feet on the edge of the seat and spread her arms wide and grabbed the handles behind her. She lifted her body up so her crotch was about 6″ above mine.

“Get to work little girl.” She told Lauren.

With that, Lauren lunged for Jenn’s pussy with her mouth. I could feel her juice drip onto my hard cock and was dying to stick it in her. Lauren lowered her mouth onto my dick and took it to the root. She moaned as she did so and the feeling was awesome.

Lauren grabbed my cock and instructed Jenn to lower herself down onto it. Lauren was giving directions and Jenn was in control of the activity. I just sat there and let it all play out. Lauren guided my cock right up to Jenn’s sphincter ring and rubbed it around. Jenn’s body arched back in approval and I could feel her muscle contract.

“That’s it Lauren, put his cock in my ass, you little slut.” Jenn quipped.

Jenn did not listen and just kept rubbing my knob against her pulsing asshole. After a moment or two, Jenn just dropped her body down and impaled her ass onto my rock hard cock. She let out a yelp as she may have gone to fast, but her body quickly adjusted and she worked it in deeper. Her pussy juice was lubing things up quite nicely it felt good dripping down my cock and my balls.

She took some really long slow strokes to make sure I was embedded as deep as possible. It was then I heard the vibrator turn on and Jenn’s body jerked violently as Lauren touched it to her sopping wet pussy. I leaned over so I could look around and got a great view from the mirrored walls. Here we were with my cock deep in the confines of Jenn’s ass, while Lauren had the dildo stuffed up Jenn’s wet cunt. Damn what a sight.

Jenn got a good pace going and Lauren kept up with the rhythm.

“Oh god Mr., you cock feels great in my ass.”

“And his cock LOOKS good in your ass too Jenn.” Lauren replied.

I let out a moan of my own as the feelings were all coming together now. Lauren moved her spare hand and grabbed around my cock very tightly. She pumped up and down in sync with Jenn’s body and that pushed me to the limit. I grabbed Jenn’s hips and began to take control of the thrusts. I pushed my cock in hard and pulled out fast and furious.

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