Jeannie the Parson’s Wife

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I enjoy being around women and most women are comfortable with me. I find it easier to meet and converse with a lady than I do with another man. It is not all about sex either. In fact, it is seldom that erotic thoughts are an issue as I get know a lady, although I do enjoy those feelings when they do occur. It was not always like that. I had pursued women relentlessly as an 18 year old with one thought only in mind. I now find that a woman must send some visceral vibe or signal in my direction in order for me to think about intimacy. And even then it is likely to be just a spark that more often than not does not become a flame.

I have known ladies with whom the spark once ignited lingered over some period of time, but the heat of it was constrained to a low burn resulting only in an occasional kiss or touch. That’s nice too. Sort of keeps your hand in the game and braces the feeling of being a desirable male. But through all of that, along with the suggestive manner in which my wife and I discussed taking other partners during our pillow talks, I had not bedded another woman since we married. And then there was Jeannie the parson’s wife.

I have worked in construction most of my life, generally on major projects that often lasted four to five years. On one occasion the project was located on the outskirts of an old established town with a population of about 4,000.

Most of the construction employees lived in bunkhouses on the project site during the workweek and travelled home for weekends. Some of us in technical and supervisory positions purchased or rented homes in the community for the longer term.

In this particular case, the social leaders in the town were composed of families who had lived there for generations. While not unfriendly towards us, they did little to encourage us to join in the social fabric of the community. As a result we filled our leisure time by forming our own groups for social events and gatherings.

Our particular group was mostly middle age and middle income. The younger construction workers found it easier to meld into the community or travel weekends to bigger cities.

Our group accommodated other “newbies” who were also left out of the town social life. A new parson had moved in about the same time as we had arrived. While we were not a particularly religious group, he and his wife Jeannie came to be included in any social function that we organized. This was mostly because of Jeannie who was a warm outgoing woman, pert and cute and friendly as all get out. She was the polar opposite of her husband who was pretty much a doorknob socially. But we tolerated his distant forbidding presence at our events because of Jeannie and the vague hope that maybe he would loosen up eventually.

Now as cute and friendly and vivacious as Jeannie was, I initially did not have the least interest in her from an erotic standpoint. I admit to occasionally checking out her very feminine figure, but that is sort of an automatic reflex in most males. And I never sensed any signs of erotic interest emanating from Jeannie towards me for the longest time. She was just pleasant and funny and certainly more outgoing and adventurous than one would normally expect from the spouse of a parson.

Eventually, a smaller group formed within the larger group of we aliens to the community. It was comprised of those of us who enjoyed partying more than others, drank a little more, stayed up later and participated in mild flirtations, porn video’s and adult games. This smaller group was not formed by exclusion of anyone, but more by some of the larger group withdrawing from us. We gathered for parties at someone’s home or cottage on a weekly basis.

Strangely, Jeannie and the Reverend continued to attend these parties and events. Once again, this was most likely because of Jeannie. She seldom missed a meeting of the ladies during the week, whether for tea or bridge or just a gabfest. As a result she was invited and usually accepted to attend the more daring events held on weekends.

The reverend did not really participate at the parties, usually standing to one side, clutching a soft drink or cup of coffee and looking morose and uncomfortable. It was obvious that Jeannie enjoyed some measure of control over her hubby, although she treated him with respect and apparent affection. The two of them managed to remain clear of our more adventurous games, watching but not participating. Jeannie did have the occasional cocktail or glass of wine.

At some point, things between Jeannie and me warmed up. I looked forward to seeing her. She was always charming and warm and dressed ensest porno in clothes that complemented her attractive body. I began to sense some interest towards me from Jeannie, which is undoubtedly the catalyst that I require in order to become even a little aggressive towards a woman. We were dancing one late evening and she had moved her body close enough that her breast brushed my chest as we danced. She said, “You don’t like me much, do you?”

Damn, that jolted me, I had never even considered not liking her, my view being that she had displayed little interest in me. I replied, “I’m sorry Jeannie, not sure what you mean? I do like you. There isn’t anything about you not to like.”

She relaxed a bit, came a little closer to me, her breast now firmly rubbing my chest, her face a little closer to my neck. “Oh good,” she murmured, “it’s just that you don’t look at me like you do at the other ladies. I want to be thought of as a woman first by men that I like, and I haven’t sensed that from you.”

The music had stopped, most of the others left the floor, but I held onto her, my arm around her waist. She nodded when I mouthed the words, “another dance?” I am sure that my hand was burning as I clutched her against me. She eased in more closely. My hand slipped down to her hip. Oh God, the parson’s wife, and here was I suddenly thinking about getting in her panties. I looked around for the reverend but did not see him. He sometimes just disappeared from the parties. The other couples were deeply involved with whatever partner they were with at the time. My wife was in a corner with another guy, sipping wine and peering provocatively up at him over the rim of the wine glass. I was cleared for takeoff.

Jeannie came right in tight on me when the music started, both breasts pressed against me. I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she interlaced her fingers between mine; our palms pressed together, a sign that I always take as an expression of desire. Her body felt relaxed and open to me. My cock stiffened. It was one of those special evenings where the atmosphere in the room was rife with romance and eroticism, and Jeannie and I allowed ourselves to be consumed by it. Whatever, it was very pleasant.

I turned her away from the rest and lowered one hand down her back to her ass. She pressed her hips to mine, seeking to feel my hard cock. I allowed my fingers to roam her butt, fingertips finding and caressing that crease where the back of her legs joined the cheek. Love that area on a woman, and apparently Jeannie liked it as well. I found her panty band and realized that she was not wearing a slip or other undergarment. She moaned, kissed my neck and began to grind against me.

We came up for air, she pulled back a little and our eyes met. I whispered, “Damn Jeannie.”

She was quite serious, her tongue tip flicked out and then she bit down on her lower lip, as if considering her next move. She pushed her hips forward, moving them so that her mound was rubbing my cock now trapped up under the waistband of my shorts. Her eyes were slits as a little smile found her lips and she said, “Maybe you do like me.”

She moved back against me and I murmured, “This is sudden Jeannie, I don’t quite know what to think. Or do.” I pushed my fingertips in between her cheeks while clasping her ass with my hot hand. She did not waver. We ground away some more, “But I quite like it.”

“Hm, so do I,” she breathed.

The music was ending and I did not think that we should continue our standing dry fuck on the floor, so I said, “More later maybe?”

“Oh yes, more later,” she said. I held her hand and guided her off the floor, not wanting to lose touch or contact, thinking only of getting naked with her. My cock bumped her ass; she paused momentarily, pushing back as if savoring the feel of it before continuing.

As intense as it had been for me, the others did not appear to have noticed. My wife was still chatting with the same guy; her hips arched forward but not quite rubbing his. She was obviously having fantasies of her own. I rushed upstairs and behind the bar to get a drink and to hide my erection.

I had not been ready for this sort of contact with Jeannie, never thinking for the moment that she was interested in me. Her intent seemed obvious; she wanted to get it on with me. There really was no other possibility.

It struck me that I had become the dog that caught the car. She excited me and I very much wanted to screw her but how and when? It was a small town and despite being the newcomers here, the townspeople knew who we all were, and they especially knew fake agent porno the Parson’s wife. My wife and my own group of buddies pretty well knew all of my daily regime and schedule. Where the hell could we meet?

Just about the time that I had shrugged my shoulders and decided to let things just happen, Jeannie was back beside me. She had a cocktail in her hand. She was very relaxed and smiling as she set her drink down and grabbed my hand. “Is it later yet? Let’s dance again.”

I said, “Let’s go dance on the back verandah, we can still hear the music.” This appeared to set her back a bit, probably thinking that if we had practically screwed on the dance floor, what would happen alone on the back verandah? I said, “Let me slide out first, you wait a few minutes and join me. That’s if you want to.” I had given her an out, she appeared to recover herself and said, “Be there in five.”

I had a plan. The verandah circled three sides of the house and there was a sliding door to a bedroom just around the corner from the living room exit. If things went well and it developed that a joining was to be consummated, a bed would come in handy. I ensured that the sliding glass door was open from the bedroom to the deck. First of course, Jeannie had to decide to allow things to progress a little further.

She did. It was a dark moonless night. I was standing with my back to the verandah railing as she found me in the pale light and flowed against my body. Her lips were parted wide and as hungry as mine as we kissed. She circled my lips with her tongue tip and pressed her entire body against mine. I pushed my knee between her legs and she responded by grinding her crotch up and down my thigh. This parson’s wife was ready for anything and obviously had been down this road before.

I was concerned however. I am a cautious guy. Much as I had fantasized about fucking her just minutes previously, the possibility of being discovered would have wild ramifications for many people including of course my wife. I loved this delicious foreplay with Jeannie and would mount her in a minute in a secure situation, but I decided to limit my actions this night short of putting my cock in her.

Limiting my actions was going to be difficult however, as she had unzipped me and was rubbing my cock through my shorts with the back of her hand. She sensed my unease, but continued her work slipping her hands inside my shorts, “Not to worry Jim, everyone is drunk downstairs, an earthquake wouldn’t get their attention.” Her tiny fingers curled around my shaft and she plunged her tongue into my mouth as she began to slowly pump me. She paused, reading my eyes as she circled my knob with a soft finger.

I was in another world by now, and that tipping point where sex is inevitable was very close at hand. I slipped both hands up under her skirt, caressing my way up the back of her legs to her ass. I found the band of her panties and began to work them down her legs. Jeannie was practically licking my mouth, nuzzling and kissing and jerking me off as we wrestled away in the dark. She stepped out of her panties and I shoved them in my pocket. I immediately found her pussy as I straightened. I love that first finger touch of a willing woman’s pussy, teasing the wet slit, squeezing her pussy lips together before sliding a finger into her.

But a sense of caution slowed my desire and I glanced around a little frantically just as Jeannie dropped to her knees and quickly took the knob of my cock in her mouth. She was sealing the deal and eliminating my reluctance. Oh damn it felt good. She seemed to know every delicious action required to arouse a cock with her lips, tongue and fingers. My knees weakened as she took my cock deep in her mouth.

Just at that moment somebody switched on a light in the bedroom that I had intended to use. Luckily the drapes were pulled and they would not notice us outside. The shadows on the drapes outlined a couple in a full body embrace and not likely thinking about anything else. The guy was bent over the lady, her face turned up and arms around his neck. He was fondling her ass as they kissed. Apparently love was in the air this night.

We were now illuminated by the filtered light from the bedroom, and anyone coming out on the verandah would have spotted Jeannie kneeling in front of me, her head bobbing back and forth as she hungrily devoured my cock.

I pulled her to her feet; her eyes were wild and questioning as I moved us out of the stream of light from the bedroom. There was a stairway down to the yard and I guided her to it. She giggled as we fumbled our way fake cop porno down. Fireplace wood was piled alongside of a small storage shed under the verandah deck. Not particularly romantic but it did provide some cover and Jeannie and I had a mission to complete.

The storage locker and wood were on a concrete slab. A kitchen chair lay on its side. I set it on its legs and stood beside it. Jeannie read my mind and pulled my pants and shorts down and and pushed me to the chair. She lifted her skirt to expose her naked legs and the black patch of her pussy as she waddled towards me with her legs each side of mine.

I moved my hands up under her sweater and unhooked her bra as she settled down on me, turning and twisting her hips to locate the end of my cock. I nuzzled my way under the loose bra and in between her tits, kissing and licking my way to her elongated nipples. She captured my knob between her pussy lips and began to work her way down my cock. The only sound was the sound of our heavy breathing and groans.

Once my entire cock was buried in her, she relaxed and guided my head between her nipples, reveling in the actions of my lips and tongue. She moaned, “Bite them Jim, bite them.” I don’t bite but did scrape the nipples with my teeth and tease as if I would. With each little nip her pussy convulsed around my cock, tightening and relaxing and all very exciting. She began to move up and down, “You’re big, you’re so big, beautiful cock,” she moaned. Her words almost got me off.

I used my hands to grasp and pull her cheeks apart as she came down on me, her hot wet pussy lips burning the base of my cock with each downward thrust. She corkscrewed up and down slowly, twisting the hot velvet folds of her pussy around my throbbing cock. I whispered, “Lift up Jeannie, give me some room, want to fuck your pussy.”

She cried a bit, as if reluctant to give up her own movements, but lifted her pussy up several inches, giving me the space to drive my cock upwards as fast and hard as I could. My belly and thighs slapped her ass and belly as we fucked.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and took over once more. I had to concentrate on keeping us both on the chair as Jeannie charged to the finish. Her body was wracked with shakes and shivers as her pussy convulsed around my cock, twisting and squeezing as if hand wringing out wet clothes. I let her settle back down on me.

“Did you come Jim,” she breathed.

In response I stood as I lifted her to her feet, moved her back up against the shed, she raising her leg up around my hip and taking my cock in her pussy, all in one smooth move.

I wasted no time; my cock was aching to get off as I bent my knees to gain a better position to fuck. I hooked my arm under her raised leg and began with a few easy ones to allow us both to adjust and then a steady ‘whack, whack, whack’ Jeannie grunting each time. She got back into synch real quick, thrusting at me as I held her pressed against the shed.

“Come for me Jim, fill me, now, now, now,” she cried with her mouth jammed to my ear as I belted out several loads of cum. We were all messed up with her skirt, sweater and bra tangled around our bodies, and me trying not to tear my pants caught in my feet and legs. We clenched together as my convulsions slowly ended. She squeezed my buried cock, milking it and licking it with her pussy.

We stood like that a while. The sounds of the night returned to our hearing, soft ballads coming from the party room inside the house. She looked up at me, smiled wanly. “That was a perfect fuck,” she said in words one did not expect to hear from the lips of a Parson’s wife.

She tucked her boobs back in her bra, pulled down her sweater. I untwisted my pants and shorts and pulled them back on. I found a handkerchief and wiped my cock and her pussy, both of us chuckling as she lifted her skirt to help. I pulled her panties from my pocket and she pulled them on in a very business like manner.

I was now trying to figure a way for us to steal back inside unseen. Jeannie solved that problem by kissing me and saying, “I’ll just go right home. I left my purse inside, but will pick it up in the morning.” This was followed by a much longer and lingering kiss and full body grind.

“Will we meet again?” I asked, “would love to do all of this in a nice soft bed sometimes.”

She shrugged and smiled, “Who knows, it could happen.”

I had the distinct impression that I had just been in the right place and at the right time for Jeannie that night. I also believed that I had not been the first one to strike it lucky with her. Over the next few weeks she gave no indication that it had ever happened. She was the outgoing Jeannie again, the Parson’s wife. She had surrendered totally to erotic pleasure for those few hours, and I was prepared to take advantage if that mood overtook her once more.

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