Jane’s Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 02

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The entire decorative procedure took slightly over two hours. Every five or ten minutes, Samantha would pause to stretch her hands and to adjust her eyes to the demanding task before her. Joel’s lovely wife, Amy, sat comfortably off to one side of the room, watching everything on the overhead screen, admiring as the intricate design took form upon the taut canvass that Jane had turned Joel’s foreskin into. Amy was especially thrilled that the entire event was being video taped and transmitted live over the Internet.

Jane had rolled her stool over next to Joel’s face. Tenderly, she would caress his face, whisper soft words of encouragement, and through a straw give him iced tea to sip to quench his thirst, to calm him down, and to assure a constant stream of urine through the catheter she had inserted deep into his penis.

When at last the final touches had been made, Samantha moved away. Jane took over. She sprayed a special protective and antiseptic coating over his glans and over the outside and inside of the newly decorated foreskin. Very slowly, she unwound the precision gear mechanism, the six sets tweezers retracting just as precisely, and once totally retracted, she released the tiny rubber grips. Needless to say, Amy was a bit concerned that now her husband’s foreskin seemed to hand loosely all about.

Jane reassured her, “Amy, he has been stretched tight for two hours! In just a matter of a few days, it will recover and return to being just as tight as it was this morning!”

Amy seemed a bit more relaxed. She walked over to take a closer look and then walked over to her husband, “Joel, sweetie, you did very well. I am so proud of you!”

Her soft kiss upon his lips did little to calm him down. Amy touched his hand and turned to Jane, “Any special precautions we should take?”

Jane pointed out that he would need to keep his penis dry for the next two weeks, to keep a sterile gauze wrapped around to prevent chaffing, and, “Of course, no intercourse nor masturbation for the next two months, until your next appointment.”

Amy was relieved it would all be so easy!

After all, two months of abstention was a tiny price to pay for such a masterpiece casino oyna laid upon her husband!

Jane continued, “Just to make sure, I will make another safeguard. She took a tiny surgical suture needle and made one, then another, tiny stitch at cross angles right at the tip of his foreskin. “This will prevent it from accidentally sliding back.”

“Accidentally or otherwise!” exclaimed Samantha as she washed her hands. The three women laughed, knowing full well to what Jane was referring.

“Mr. Walker, you did very nicely. Let me help you up. You may need to get up really slowly and stretch your limbs a bit. Take your time.”

Jane unstrapped Joel’s arms and legs, lowered the stirrups, and helped him get up, steadying him as he walked dizzily to the dressing room to change back into his street clothes.

Two months, even two months of total abstention, go by in the blink of an eye. At least, that is the way it seemed to Amy. She and Joel drove to their appointment with Jane, and after the briefest wait, they were led in to the examination room. Joel asked shyly if he needed to take off his clothes and put on the examination gown.

Jane laughed, “No, Mr. Walker, we are just going to look! We are not going to do anything today! Please just drop your trousers and shorts.”

Joel did as he was told, feeling a bit silly, standing in front of beautiful Jane, her soft brown hair scarcely moving, her huge blue eyes looking at his penis, and Joel staring down trying to look into her blouse to see her huge, striated breasts.

Jane went to the intercom, “OK, M. Walker is ready.


Jane took Joel’s highly decorated penis in her firm hands. The bright lights ensured that the image on the large, high resolution overhead screen was perfectly visible and that the web cast transmission would be just as sharp. His penis was extremely hard from two months of total abstention. Jane let the camera take in the delicate tattoo decoration on his foreskin. It was a highly detailed, black and white rendition of one of Escher’s works.

Jane gripped the base of his penis extremely tightly with one hand. With the other, she very slowly started to roll back his foreskin.

The canlı casino gasp of amazement from Samantha and Joel’s lovely wife, Amy, showed their absolute surprise. And the website immediately started to become very active as viewers from around the world started posting their comments on the running discussion board.

Jane had simply pulled a feat of magic!

As she very slowly rolled back Joel’s foreskin, it revealed that just as the outside had been tattooed with an intricate black and white rendition, the inside had been tattooed with exactly the same image only that inside it was in full color!

Jane pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go and then just a bit more. Joel seemed to squirm but Jane held him in place with her tight grip around the base of his penis.

She let the audience see the bright colors of the tattoo: red, orange, yellow, green, blue all permanently etched onto the tight canvass that had been Joel’s foreskin just two months ago!

Just as slowly, Jane rolled the foreskin back to completely cover the head of the penis. Once more, it was just a black and white work of art. Jane had chosen Samantha for this project because she was simply the best. Only that this time, even Jane, demanding as she was, had to admit that Samantha had totally outdone herself!

Very slowly, Jane moved her free hand, rolling back the foreskin as far as it would go, rolling it back over. The effect was like watching an animation, from color to black and white and back again, over and over again.

Joel was giving signs that he would not or could not take it much longer. Samantha turned to his lovely wife, “Amy, I think Joel and Jane might be needing some privacy now.”

Amy blushed. Her very own husband needing privacy with another woman?

Her very own Joel needing privacy while another woman was masturbating him?

This was all so terribly exciting! Just to see him, standing, so proud, and tall, and masculine, and virile, so erect and so totally at Jane’s mercy!

And to know that so many others were admiring the same scene, at the same time!

Samantha led Amy to the adjoining room where they could follow the happy moment live on the high resolution screen. kaçak casino They saw and heard clearly over the speakers when Jane stopped for an instant, looked up at Joel, and told him, “Mr. Walker, your moment is approaching. Are you ready?”

Joel nodded.

Jane made herself very comfortable, sitting with her pretty face level with his extremely decorated and just as rigid penis. Her huge blue eyes stared without blinking as she worked her way through his self-control. She stroked him very slowly, very deliberately, expertly rolling his foreskin back and forth.

Joel exploded!

All over Jane’s pretty face, his ejaculate covered her with milky white cream.

Jane continued to stroke him even as he was pulsating wildly. Joel continued to explode on her, the milky cream slowly dribbling down her pretty face, past her cleavage, surely beyond even the bra that held her large breasts.

Alas, soon it came to an end. The web session ended, but the discussion board would continue for the longest time, the video cast available to all those seriously interested in body art.

Jane finally stood up, “Mr. Walker, that was a very nice performance you put on this evening!”

Joel blushed, “And when will you stop calling me ‘Mr. Walker’?”

Jane laughed, “When your wife, Amy, gives me permission to seduce you and have you fuck my brains out with that Escher cock of yours!”

They laughed and soon were joined in the room by Samantha, Amy, and the rest of the staff. A bottle of champagne was opened to toast the event, to congratulate Samantha on a superb job, and to wish Jane all the best at the annual body art competition where she would be showcasing Joel.

All fell silent when Amy clicked her flute and asked to say a few words. “I just want to say,” Tears of happiness and pride and smiles covered her face, “I just want to say, Jane, Joel is all yours tonight!”

And what a night that was!

A fitting prelude for the Annual Body Art Competition after which Jane, in her acceptance of the Gold Medal for Originality, would publicly thank Samantha for her art, Joel for being a perfect model, and above all, Joel’s lovely wife, Amy, for sharing him so openly!


PS. And that night, in the intimacy of their hotel bedroom, Jane casually mentioned to Joel a “very special” and “absolutely, erotically unique” tattoo she had in mind for Amy, his lovely wife…

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