Jamie’s Graduation

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Jamie is a classic red haired beauty. Her long curly hair falls to the middle of her back, with sweet legs that seem to go on forever. Her pale green eyes flash with the mischief only a highly intelligent woman can bring to spice up a relationship. Her pendulous breasts and firm rear can’t be hidden below her tweeds and sweaters. I’d been trying to figure out how to celebrate her graduation from college for weeks. We live in Pennsylvania, in a town which shall remain nameless. I work in one of the few steel mills that still runs, like my father before me. I make a good living, but it’s not exactly highbrow living. Jamie and I often fight over exactly that difference: her bookworm coffee klatsch friends, my Neanderthal Irish-American rogues. Oil and water don’t mix well, and neither do silver and steel. I’d asked her to marry me, and she wore my ring, but I was feeling in my gut it was over.

We went to Daniel’s pub as always that Wednesday night, after she’d taken the last of her final exams. Jamie asked me to go to her friends graduation party over the weekend, instead of the regular weekend blowout with my hardhat gang. I laid into her – “Well Jamie! Showing your true colors are ya? Too good for my friends now are ya? Can’t rub up against the dirty steel men? Can’t do the dirty deed with a steel man? Is your perfect little cunt too good for us, now that it holds a paper tube in it’s tight channel? Do you think we should marry if you can’t rub up against us?”

Jamie’s fiery temper raged right back at me – “I’m not asking to never see your friends again! I’m not asking to betray you! I’m no turncoat! I’ve no problem rubbing up against steel men! I am good – so good I’ve given myself to you! What do you want me to do? How dirty do I have to get to please you? How do I have to prove myself and my love to you? Do the dirty deed for all your steel men? Prove my ‘perfect pussy’ will take anything you ask me to? I will! Before God and Man I swear that I will! I will show you!”

“Show me what? Your body naked? I’ve never seen you naked. In your white sweaters and your plaid Cathy-lick tweed skirts you say ‘look but do not touch!’ You could no more wear the dress that Janey did to our last party than you could do what she did! You’re a fraud, Jamie O’Connor!”

Janey McClellan had a wee too much to drink, and did a fine striptease too. She ended up playing with herself before the whole party, taunting the men to please her as well as her hands did. Several of the gents took her up on it! Janey now has a reputation of course, but she will never miss having a date on the weekend again!

“Is this what you require of your wife? To be a stripper, a gang-bang slut? Christ, I only asked you to skip a single party! What does my wanting you to share yourself with my friends get me? Challenges that I don’t like sex? Dares and threats? I love you Ian!”

“You’ve a funny way of showing it. Sharing yourself with your ivory tower friends? What’s going on up there? Are they teaching you to be a lez? Prove you want real men, steel men! Get down off of that white fucking dildo where they’ve been fucking with your mind and get down in the gutter with us! Life isn’t in books! It’s what you do!”

Duncan, Brian, Brad, and Gil surged up to us in a wave, sweeping us to a table, one of the leather booths just left of the stage. A small dance floor was between us and the jukebox, just two paces from the bar which ran the whole length of the rest of the opposite wall. Jamie pried herself out from us to head to the restrooms by the jukebox, trying to hide her tears as she walked away. The guys were busy doing shots and talking. I got caught up in it, and the hours spun by.

Only when things had really thinned out near closing time did I finally notice Jamie at the bar, slamming down shots and talking with the bartender, James, yanking his bald head into her bosom so he had to turn his head to look up at her. She grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts, holding them there like she forbid him to quit fondling her. They kept right on talking, like no one would notice. I was out of that booth in a flash, but James saw me coming. He opened the waitress panel in the bar, pulling Jamie inside. I ranted and raved at him for several minutes, as my friends egged me on. Finally Jamie grabbed my collar and kissed me, which confused the hell out of me.

Jamie said – “Go sit down, Ian. Pull out the table from the booth. It will be alright. I promise I will make it up to you. I promise I will show you all. I promise I’m ready to be your wife, and cum down off my fucking ivory dildo! I promise you’ll never see me the same way again! Now go sit down, Ian, or I’m spending the night behind the bar with James! Do it NOW Ian, I’m serious!” I did as she said.

She kissed James wetly on the lips as he pushed her away. Jamie went to the door and bolted it. She opened the box near the door and turned off the outside lights. We had closed down the place enough times to know the routine. She waved at us, put her finger to her lips, and said “Shhh! Private Party!”.

Then she went to the hall by the restrooms, bolted the door casino oyna to the alley, and put five dollars in the jukebox. Jamie swung her shapely ass from side to side as she picked out the songs. I had no clue about what was going to happen. The last time I’d talked to Jamie was hours ago, and she was mad at me then.

She climbed up on stage and yanked the curtain open as the first notes of the Di-Vinyls “I Touch Myself” came on. Jamie yanked her white sweater over her head, unzipped her gray tweed skirt, and threw them both off the stage! The boys went wild! I tried to climb out to stop her, but Brian and Brad held me back. Jamie rubbed her globes, moving her breasts around in her beige bra. Her hands plunged into her panties, then one slipped behind her to un-snap her bra. She turned around, and I sat back, confident she’d come to her senses. She turned around and threw her bra over towards James, where it landed on one of the bar service rails like a kinky trophy.

Jamie shook her bare tits at us as she played with her pussy, in time to the music. She bent over, put her hands in the waistband of her lacy panties, and pulled them down to reveal the twin globes of her ass. The song trailed off, and she pulled them back up. We all stared at the big aureoles surrounding her nipples, and the wet splash of her excitement which made her panties transparent. Her sparse red bush shown through like a red searchlight through the gauze of her underwear.

But Jamie was far from done. To AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!” she finished pulling down those knickers, leaving just her thigh high hose and beige pumps. She spread her legs as she faced away from us, spreading her snatch with her fingers, teasing her clit as she teased us with the vision of her body. Brad and Brian still held me back, but really didn’t need to, because I was too stunned to accept my ivory tower college degreed Cathy-lick girls school fiancée was getting down and dirty on the stage before us!

We were all cheering her on now, lost in the moment. The smile on Jamie’s face as she had her first orgasm before a room of strange men was wide, wicked, wanton, and welcome! Jamie motioned for Duncan to join her on the stage. To the Belinda Carlisle song “Heaven is a Place on Earth” she stripped him and rubbed her naked body all over him. Rubbing her tits on his back, she stroked his short thick boner to be sure he was fully hard. Kissing him softly, she smacked him on the ass and commanded him to take a seat!

She motioned for Brian, who had already peeled off most of his clothes, to join her on the stage. She rubbed herself on him, stroked his long thin boner to life, and kissed him deeply, only to swat him on the ass to march him off the stage. She motioned me to the stage, and peeled my clothes from me. Her hot mouth was on me, her hands stroking me as she guided my hands to her breasts. “Rub me, steel hard man! I’m so hot! I’m doing it! Trust me! I’ll satisfy you!”

The songs changed, but the theme remained the same. I got jealous of how James big thick cock got extra stroking, how deeply Jamie kissed him. Maybe it was the moaning. Maybe it was the fact that Jamie didn’t stop stroking his thick shaft when she put it in her mouth! She knelt before him, sucking his cock with the same passion that she’d kissed him. Duncan took this as his cue, and he knelt behind her on the stage, put his cock between her legs, then started sliding it back and forth. He kept his cock outside of her cunt hole, rubbing between the lips and over her clit. James played with Jamie’s tits as she blew him. Jamie reached back to grab Duncan’s cock. She thrust him into her hot hole. He grabbed my fiancee’s hips and fucked her while she sucked the cock of the bartender. I sat there stunned, as Duncan and James had their threesome with Jamie. James didn’t last long, his thick jets of cum spraying out onto her ear to slowly drip down onto her bare shoulders.

Brian was quick to replace him in her mouth, the bulbous tip of his cock all out of proportion to his thin shaft as her. pink lips closed around his length. Duncan grunted, his hips wildly thrusting into Jamie. When he pulled out, I was in her in a flash. She was so hot! Whether it was the situation, the long foreplay, the fresh cum inside her, or making it with all my friends, Jamie was the hottest she’d ever been. I stroked in her, one hand on her hip, one hand on her clit. My index finger twitched back and forth on her love button. Jamie thrashed as Brian sprayed his acrid goo in her mouth, yanking him out to spray on her lush tits. I barely made two more strokes before I was grunting inside the love of my life. Brad had seamlessly replaced Brian. Gil took Jamie’s hips in his hands and spread the cheeks of her ass. I thought he was going to try to ram it up her Hershey Highway, but he was just looking. He fucked her good, solid thrusts with his prick, filling her cunt. She was cumming, Gil was cumming. Brad was cumming.

Jamie loved the taste of Brad’s cum. Some squirted out on her face, and she wiped what she could back into her mouth with a finger. She milked his cock and smiled as she licked him. Duncan canlı casino stepped up to have Jamie resurrect his hard on. James plied his huge dick between her legs. Jamie was shaking, shuddering, and moaning as they had their threesome on the stage. I pulled up a chair to beat my meat as I watched. Brian, Brad, and Gil did the same. They lasted for a long time, Jamie’s tits hanging down, shaking like bags of jello as James reamed her pussy with his tool. He bored her cylinder as Duncan came, pulling out and squirting blob after blob of jism on her face. Jamie pulled them back down with her fingers, licking them off to not miss a single sperm. Duncan played with his cock, and Jamie teased right back as he trolled it back and forth across her lips until her tongue whipped out to lick it clean. It made me jealous. I told him to go sit down and play with his own cock.

I slid my pussy slickened cock between her lips. She never saw who it was, didn’t open her eyes. Jamie just moaned around my meat as James fucked her. Lost in her lust, she came without stopping. James came too, thrusting and grunting. It triggered my balls, and I spurted in Jamie’s mouth. She milked me, licked me clean, never spilled a drop. It took several hours before we had all drained the last drop from our balls, and Jamie was too weak to stand, her knees made of rubber from the endless climaxes. I put her sweater and skirt back on, found some pants and a shirt, and drove us home.

Saturday night we drove up to a large house in the hills. Jamie and I had patched up our differences. We didn’t talk about what happened at the bar, but everyone I knew now knew. I was not looking forward to being grilled by her egghead friends about our kinky sex life. Sandra (Sandy), Kathrine (Kathy), Susan (Suzy), Cynthia (Cindy), and Alice (Aly) were Jamie’s Cathy-lick school girlfriends, who had all gone on to the same schools through college. They had different degrees, and fifty other egghead friends. Jamie had dressed me up, but the energy was still different. I was bored through most of the night, as conversations came and went, most of which were over my head. Finally it was late, and I thought we could make our escape. Sandy, Kathy, Suzy, Cindy and Aly had cornered Jamie when we separated so I could take a leak. It was a conversation that I could understand. I could hear them long before I got down the hall to join them.

Kathy was leading the attack – “Men are such wimps! They think they’re all that, then you get them alone and find they’re not hung, don’t know what to do, and can’t last! Liars, virgins, and wimps! God save us all from them. I’d do anything for a real man!”

Jamie jumped right in – “I did anything for my real man, just Wednesday night. I had a gang bang with him and five of his friends!” Suzy quickly countered – “No way! Details, girl! Details!” Jamie said “I sucked them each off four times in my mouth. Two of the guys I had to spit out their spunk. Two of the guys you would beg to lick up the last drop of their spunk. They each came three or four times in my pussy. I was covered in spunk! I came so much I couldn’t walk!”

Aly said “No way! Not one of these guys came seven times in an evening! No man can do that!”

I stepped into their circle. “Are you calling my wife-to-be a liar? Because I was there and if anything, she has not given you the full story. She did a striptease for us. She played with herself right in front of us. She sucked all six of us and fucked us for hours. I know that I personally came nine times. No woman can match her.”

Cindy got right in my face – “You are lying to protect her. She never did any of that. You never did any of that. Each and every one of the women here is a better lover than Jamie!”

Jamie got right back in her face – “Prove it, Cindy! Right here in the real world, right in that bedroom, right now! Ian will strip for us, play with himself for us, then he will fuck and suck us. Ian will take his steel man cock and do us, each one of us, cumming in us at least once apiece. I will gladly suck him off after he has fucked every one of us, until he spurts in my mouth to prove he can cum seven times in a night!”

Suzy said – “Oh, yeah! Great! We get proof you’ve got a hot husband-to-be. What about us? What do we win? What do we lose?” Jamie set the ground rules – “You must all give yourselves completely, every bit of your passion, no limits! If I’m right, I’ll give you the night of your life! Plus I’ll give you names and phone numbers of his hot friends, and you must come back each year to serve my husband as he chooses. If I lose, I’ll pay you each a thousand dollars and serve all your parties topless. What do you say?”

Sandy spoke up – “You will serve all our parties naked for a year, both of you. A thousand dollars more each for each woman he fails to service. Five year limit on your yearly party if you win, OK?”

Jamie pushed me into the bedroom as her pack of girlfriends followed. We put some music on the stereo, and I began to dance for them. I shook my hips, gyrating and thrusting them to tell them what was to come. I peeled off my clothes, one by one, kaçak casino until I was down to my briefs. The girls were really getting into it, rubbing their own bodies as they yelled to egg me on. I was loving all the attention.

I started undressing the women. Three redheads, two blonds, and a brunette, all classic beauties, women any man should be proud to have as a lover. I took Aly into my arms, kissing her soft puffy lips as I played with her long blond hair. She slipped her hand inside my briefs and stroked my cock as I undressed her, unbuttoning her pink blouse and unzipping her soft gray skirt. Aly guided my hands to her small breasts, still inside her white lace bustier. I ran my hands over her petite rear, then discovered the meaty lips of her pussy, framed by the darker blond hair of her cunt’s mustache, inside her sheer white panties. I pulled away from her as her stroking of my cock sped up too much to keep from spraying my spunk all over her lace. I made it just in time to keep from embarrassing myself, and letting Jamie down.

I pulled my briefs off and stroked my cock in the face of each of the ladies as I danced for them. There were oohs and aahs of approval as they gazed at my rod, anticipating how it would feel inside them. I danced for as long as I could get away with, because the longer I stroked myself and held off from cumming, the longer I could last. Cindy had on what looked like a cheerleaders outfit, and she really had the body for it! As I pulled the knit top over her head I was confronted by her 40DD globes, strapped down like footballs in her under wire bra. I swear each breast was the size of my head! Her long dark hair curled underneath her huge breasts, which I took the liberty to explore while I kissed her. Her wide lips and sultry Italian-American looks just gave the smallest hint of how hot her kiss was, as she stroked me softly in her hands, petting my balls, rolling my shaft between her hands, rolling the palm of her hand over the head of my shaft as her other hand held my shaft in a vise grip. I fingered her hairy pussy, so lush that tufts of pussy hair came out every side of her white sheer panties. I had the odd thought that she and Aly must buy them at the same store, but at opposite ends of the rack because Cindy was as tall and elegant as Aly was petite and vivacious. I kissed her again as I fingered her wet snatch until she trembled long enough for me to make my escape.

Jamie had worn a pretty floral print dress, her best black bra, and her sheerest black panties. I slid my fingers into her panties as I kissed her, playing with her long red hair, rubbing it into her lush pendulous breasts. She stroked my cock and swatted me on the ass as she pulled off of me. I swatted her ass right back and she bent over to push back, eager for more. I swatted her one more time lightly and made her sit.

Kathy is one of those bone-white redheads, slightly less full figured than Jamie. Her white tennis top and dark blue wraparound skirt were tossed off in a moment, to reveal her racy red bra and lacy red panties. Her lush red bush and thick pussy lips melted at my touch, while her kiss seemed to merge our bodies. I rubbed her 35C breasts with my chest, which turned her on so much she started moaning. Her sharp strokes, pumping my shaft so hard she was nearly punching my balls, made me pull away, my hands covered in the cream from her pussy.

Sandy was so hot from watching all of this that she jumped on me, gluing her mouth to mine, wrapping her legs around my back. Her petite blond frame was like Aly’s with more curves. Her five inch “fuck me” black platform heels matched her lacy black evening dress. I unzipped her as we kissed, frantic in her need. She locked her hands around my neck and leaned back so I could pull her dress loose, but I couldn’t get it off while she still had a hold of me. I broke the grip of her legs and hands, spun her around, and peeled her dress off. I didn’t stop there, but peeled off her lacy black bra and panties. I rubbed her nearly hairless pussy, spreading it open with my fingers as my other arm crossed her chest to fondle her small breast. I kissed her as she wobbled, weak in the knees with passion, only to drop her in Jamie’s lap, to cheers from the other women.

Only one person remained dressed in the room. Suzy had hit on me when I first started dating Jamie, certain that her classic girl next door good looks would convince me to date her instead. I unzipped her pretty green dress that matched her eyes, pulled it over her head, and tossed it in the clothes pile in the corner. Her auburn hair was only shoulder length, never reaching the sparkling green bra that held her bullet shaped beauties, now pointed with tips that stuck out over an inch. Her green panties went in the pile to join her bra, revealing a furry dark red bush with a long clit and flaps that stuck out like a tongue. I gave her the same treatment as Sandy, kissing her while I played with her body in front of her girlfriends! Her almost flat butt begged my boner to bury itself between her sweet cheeks, but I had to find out if her clit being so prominent made her more orgasmic. I pulled her down on the bed, her dark red bush covering my face, to start licking her tangy bush. Suzy responded quickly, thrashing her hips, beating up my face with her pubic bone. I was right. Exposed clits are hotter.

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