Jahaliya Ch. 03

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Fantasies Fulfilled

John mumbled sleepily and rolled over beneath the fine, soft linen sheets, drawing them over his muzzle. It was so warm and comfortable, the sheets wrapped neatly around the contours of his body as if he had not moved a single muscle during the course of the night, so deep had his sleep been. But there was something warm and furry in the bed beside him; a sleek tail unfurled like a serpent across his stomach, disturbing the sheets as its owner prepared to rise.

“Wake up,” Lydra said, nudging his shoulder and moving so that the sunlight, which streamed like water through the open curtains, illuminated his muzzle, brightening his sleepy features.

“What?” He said groggily, shielding his eyes from the unwelcome rays. “How did I get back here? The last I remember…”

“…was being with Jessica, I wager,” Lydra chuckled wickedly. “Yes, it seems that you had quite the night with that lady. Luckily the cleaners were able to get the hall sorted through the early hours, otherwise nobody would be able to use it today and that would be an inconvenience. The groomers tidied you up while you were out for the count – men always sleep like the dead after a good romp.”

“What gives you that idea?” He mumbled, burrowing his nose deeper into the pillows; Lydra laughed, brutally whipping the sheets away.

“Get up: the day’s begun without us.”

Suppressing grumbles at having to forsake the comfortable sheets so soon, John sprung nimbly from bed to land lightly upon the thick pile carpeting, which tickled his bare feet. With typical feline speed, Lydra followed suit and took to grooming, sweeping a brush over her silken, ebony fur and purring softly at the daily caress it offered. As she assisted John with the harness, which could be tricky to tighten in the correct places to a suitable level of comfort, John had the fleeting thought that he was glad they had so little clothing: it made preparing for the day so much easier.

At breakfast, John piled his plate with the various fruits on offer, while Lydra, her appetite sparked by a night of sexual passion, opted for the meatier dishes, devouring a serving of bacon with relish. Helping herself to a tall glass of milk, she absently read her way through a parchment scroll containing the list of duties required for them that day; it was a reasonably busy schedule but nothing the panther felt would be left unaccomplished by the days end. So engrossed was she in her meal and thoughts, Lydra was caught off-guard when John posed a question that she had not expected to face so soon.

“So, where is Ryoga,” John queried bluntly, fork halfway to his mouth. Lydra shifted and cleared her throat, gesturing to him that he should continue eating.

“He’s on a…diplomatic mission,” she replied, deliberately averting her eyes to watch a friend cross the hall, the badger chattering on the arm of an attentive canine.

“And that’s a diplomatic answer,” John said dryly. The panther cracked a self-conscious smile, inclining her muzzle gracefully and accepting his ability to not miss when a fur was concealing something from him. It was a trait that would make him an excellent aide for Ryoga once he returned.

“That may be true, but all will be revealed very soon, I assure you. No, don’t question me further,” she added, holding up her paws, claws slightly extended, to dissuade the justly curious mouse from brimming over with questions. “He is Prince of the Realm, after all, and therefore has certain…duties that he must uphold. Some of these cannot be public knowledge right now, not until details are finalised. In the meantime, Ryoga was very clear that you were to ‘get into the swing’ of work here, as he put it, fulfilling your daily duties as his aide to the expected high standard. We have much to accomplish today.”

Knowing that he had no hope of gleaning more information than that, John rose to his feet, the remains of his breakfast forgotten on the table as a determined edge crossed his gaze. He rolled his shoulders to loosen the muscles, which were still stiff after a night of exertion and solid, unmoving sleep.

“Then we’d best begin, right?”


Lydra took John on a whirlwind circuit of the private training arena, giving the mouse a rapid-fire, physical workout that he would be hard pressed to forget. The layout of the private arenas were simple to remember and were viewed with few distractions; most furs with the privilege of using the facilities chose the communal grounds as a welcome social alternative. The only warriors and trainees who were practicing that morning appeared deep in individual contemplation and concentration, perhaps finding the solitary exercise a worthy form of meditation instead of a social event.

Going over the accounts casino oyna was something entirely new to John, although he had always been good with his numbers, so found the details surprisingly easy to grasp under Lydra’s careful tutorage. She eased his concern with many assurances that he would become quite adept upon reviewing the accounts daily, learning on the job as it were. And after that trial without swords, John confidently ordered a varied assortment of necessary food and princely supplies, displaying a fair amount of natural skill. All were ordered under Ryoga’s name and were specific items that John determined stocks of which were running low, even if not all were for his personal use, if one was to judge by the kind of sexual items that were being purchased, John thought to himself with a cheerful smirk.

“Right then,” John murmured, dusting off his paws with a loud clap. “What’s next on the list? We’re not doing too badly so far.” Lydra raised her eyebrows comically and placed her paw on her hip.

“Next is the fun part – the best of the day, for me at least. We have some…testing to do.”

“Testing? What sort?” He asked inquisitively, following Lydra to a display room that held a table strewn with a select array of brightly coloured boxes. The vendor, a tawny ferret with a relaxed smile, opened his arms to Lydra who stepped into them with a girlish giggle and nuzzled into his faintly scented fur.

“Lydra, my dear, how are you?” He said, his tone hinting at a light, musical lilt. “I’ve brought the requested items and a few besides for ‘testing’ today; I’m sure that some particular items will certainly be to your liking,” he added with a knowing but friendly wink.

“Wonderful,” she purred, though whether in answer to his question neither male could ascertain.

Lifting the lid from a hot pink box, Lydra’s tail lashed keenly, the panther uncharacteristically hopping from foot to foot in glee at the contents. She swung round to John, proffering a bright, cherry coloured dildo shaped like a feline member, perfect in every detail down to the pliable, stimulating barbs. John scratched his side sheepishly, battling to conceal the flush of arousal that caused the very tip of his flaccid shaft to slip from its sheath as his imagination spiralled out of control. Purring contentedly as if faced with a bowl of the richest, finest cream, Lydra leaned provocatively over, sliding her paws down the backs of her sleek, glossy thighs, and raised her tail to show off her delicate sex, damp with arousal.

“So, I guess the first one is for you to test, hm?” John teased, cock swelling with the thought of Lydra toying with herself before him.

Her only response was to thrust the large dildo into her hot cunny with a load, lustful moan, the ferret looking on with great amusement and appreciation for her intentional show, one paw falling to stroke his own cock slowly.

“We don’t have all day, Lydra,” John reminded her gently, feeling odd to be in the position of one reminding her that they had a job to do. Meanwhile, he pawed casually through the other boxes and smirked widely as he discovered a nifty dildo and clit vibrator combination, which was cleverly designed to deliver a female the utmost pleasure. From an inanimate object, at least.

I know just the people these would be perfect for…

“Ah, we can’t leave without testing them properly,” Lydra murred, returning the dripping dildo to its box. “I’ll definitely take a couple of those for myself, thank you.”

“Lydra, I know we’re looking for toys intended for Ryoga’s use, whether he’s using them on himself or others,” John began, his muzzle brightening as he held up the duo vibrator he had found. “But…”

Leaning in, John whispered his idea to Lydra, her smile growing wider as he relayed his thoughts of what this particular toy might be used for. When he was done, she nodded decisively and returned the lid to the box containing John’s choice, pushing it across the table to the ferret vendor, one finger absently tapping the lid.

“Perfect! They will have to be custom made though, which will take a while longer – but it’ll be worth it! Right, well, we’ll take a set of these, full set, the feline dildo, the assortment of vibrators in that set, a selection of ribbon harnesses in different colours, two of the fleshlights for Ryoga just for a bit of choice…he never seems to actually use those a great deal, I cannot fathom why…and, finally, one set of cock rings, the ones with special effects, please. Just a mixed selection, surprise us.”

“Of course, Lydra,” the vendor replied respectively. “Good choices and I’m pleased you find the feline dildo so appealing: I had it brought in especially for you.”

“Aww, such a sweetheart,” she winked to him, tapping John’s shoulder. “I think we’re done here for now. Come again soon, darling,” she added to the ferret. “You and I need some serious ‘catch-up’ time!”

Lydra led John from the private room and down the corridor a little way, not needing to take him far to reach the next desired destination. Upon entering a fresh, canlı casino cosily enclosed room, John perked up considerably, whiskers twitching the line of nude female furs that greeted him. They had been chattering quietly amongst themselves when the door swung open, but fell into an expectant silence, eyes riveted upon John – only upon John.

“Here we have the applicants for service as Ryoga’s domestic maids,” Lydra said, licking her lips saucily. “A lovely bunch sent our way, even if I do say so myself.”

“Mhm,” John muttered distractedly, the shameless and stimulating nudity of the ladies proving difficult to ignore when flaunted so blatantly. The panther smirked, snapping her fingers under his pink nose to regain the undivided attention she required for the moment, even if he refused to stop grinning like a cheeky school boy.

Ah, let him have his fun.

“We’re to choose the most suitable applicants to be the prince’s maids today. First up here,” Lydra indicated a sultry vixen with luscious crimson fur. “We have Charlene. She has worked as a maid within the palace before and has decided to look for a promotion. She comes highly recommended.”

Charlene murred alluringly, seeming to agree whole-heartedly with the praise, confidently taking hold of John’s harness and raising one long, russet leg up and up to rest her bare foot on John’s shoulder. She took her paw and spread her moist sex for the mouse, planting an affectionate, if forceful, kiss upon John’s nose while Lydra struggled not to give voice to her amusement.

“Hello, John,” the vixen intoned softly, smoothing her palms down his sides to elicit a delightful shiver from her victim; John’s arousal swelled noticeably until it pressed against her creamy white belly. “What may I do for you, sir?”

“Erm, Lydra?” John turned, holding up a paw to stave off the eager – perhaps too eager – vixen. “I don’t exactly have much experience with interviews…at all.”

“Interviews are more relaxed in this sector,” Lydra chuckled lightly, beckoning John to move on to the next girl, which he did with a note of reluctance in his tread. “You have to approve them both mentally and physically, so engage them in conversation and see what their lovely bodies have to offer our prince. Only the best may become his maids and these are undoubtedly the cream of the crop.”

Silently smiling to no one in particular, John cast an appreciative glance over the next girl’s figure, a small and demure mouse with petite, inquisitive features. Her lips parted marginally as John ran his paw down her front, gentle fingertips deliberately passing her perky breasts; she gasped and bit her lip, a small, desirable shiver running through her from the tip of her muzzle to her tiny toes.

“What is your name, my dear? Have you worked as a maid before?” He said softly, meeting her bright aquamarine eyes.

“No, sir,” she replied politely, squirming as his wandering paws found her breasts. “My name is Kestrel, or Kess. It would be an honour to be Prince Ryoga’s maid – I have gained experience while caring for my younger brothers for the majority of my live and worked as a part-time maid at varying levels in the city for the last four years.”

Continuing on, John chatted casually with the other girls, especially enjoying the company of a charming yet professional wolfess, whose wordplay and innuendos left a wide grin upon his muzzle. Only when Lydra cleared her throat and beckoned him away did he leave the last of the girls to discuss which ones were believed most suitable for the positions offered.

“Definitely not that vixen,” John whispered to Lydra. “Ryoga might love her for a few days, but she’ll never get any work done!”

“So it’s settled? The six professional but pleasantly slutty ladies would be best, do you think?” Lydra answered, leaving the final decision up to John, who had proposed the majority of final choices. He inclined his head briefly in the affirmative and they pivoted as one to the anxious, fidgeting girls, eager to give their decision.

“Kestrel, Leah, Rhian, Freya, Yvonne and Ingrid, congratulations,” Lydra said warmly, nodding to the chosen girls; Kestrel inhaling sharply when her name was called, lips parting in delight. “You have been chosen to become Ryoga’s personal maids. The remainder, we wish you all the best. There are many other positions open in the palace, if you would like to apply, maid positions among others. You are dismissed and the best of luck to you.”

Muttering amongst themselves, the disappointed furs left the room with only one turning to give the successful applicants a congratulatory thumbs-up. Without needing to be told what to do, they dropped to their knees before John, bowing their heads respectfully and reciting what they had dearly hoped to say upon entering the interview room.

“We swear our fidelity to the Prince and the Crown,” they said in perfect unison, expressions solemn yet joyous; John smiled amiably, signalling that they could return to their feet.

“Now you are part of the domestic staff, subject to orders given by the Prince, kaçak casino myself, Lydra, the harem and the senior household staff – in that order,” John went on seriously, his erection swaying prominently even as he spoke.

“Of course,” Leah the wolfess murmured in assent while the others nodded quickly, trying to drag her eyes away from John’s still hard cock, bobbing too close to be ignored. “But we were wondering…well…about the harem…if it’s not prudent to ask. We heard that they were a little shy sexually, although the most beautiful and fiercest warriors of the land. May I ask how do we go about our duties while taking orders from them, sir? Are there likely to be any conflicts?”

John’s expression darkened at their daring, but he couldn’t blame them for being curious. He wondered idly if they recalled that he had once been like the harem girls and had changed…but the harem was not as much in the spotlight yet, so perhaps their sexual energy needed to be advertised, if not enjoyed, more publicly to quiet idiotic rumours such as this.

“Perhaps that was true when they first arrived, but their sociability has never been in any doubt and certainly not their authority or their tastefully slutty nature. If I hear any more of this, this, nonsense – and the same likely goes for Prince Ryoga – then I will be forced to question your suitability to be fucked and pleasured by us as part of your duties,” he answered coolly.

“Yes, we’re sorry, of course,” they murmured politely, rumours laid to rest. Besides, they wanted the opportunity to enjoy the cocks of the males in their vicinity – it was their duty to please them, was it not?

Tapping gently on the door, a canine tailor entered the room carrying a parcel that Lydra stepped forward to accept. He blushed and mumbled an apology for being late, before fleeing the room, the heat from his muzzle almost enough to warm the air in his wake; the girls giggled and Lydra held her paw to her muzzle comically while John nosed through the parcel curiously.

“Ah, I see your uniforms have arrived,” John said, holding up a revealing, frilly black and white slip of fabric that resembled the style of French maids, although with a few choice sections of fabric missing. “I am sure you will find them most comfortable and, ah…convenient.”


“Well done, John,” Lydra praised companionably as they left the interview room, having fitted the girls with all the attire they would need. “You were admirable today, not too forceful but not allowing them to think that making such derogatory comments about the harem will be permitted, as they are not permitted. They will see that they are wrong soon enough!”

“Thanks,” John said lowly, the tips of his ears growing pink from a humble pride.

“Seeing as you are hard and ready,” Lydra chuckled at her own wit, winking coyly. “This might be a good time for magic training.”

“Now?” John groaned. “I’m still aching!”

“Yes, now, but not at the training fields. We need a well protected room in case something goes ‘wrong’ again,” she teased, placing her paw in the small of his back to steer him past the palace guards and into a guarded, indoor arena. Not very large but secure, the walls radiated a humming, magical aura that implied the extensive protections laid upon the room; John wondered with a shiver what powerful magic had been cast in that room in all the years gone by before he had laid a foot in Jahaliya. Could his compare?

I’ll never learn where every room is in this place, John thought despairingly. And I didn’t burn the tapestry that badly last time, though I’ll never hear the end of it if Lydra has anything to say about it…

“Begin with a standard flame, John, and keep it steady” Lydra instructed, running her paw down his side, her look darkening seductively.

Swallowing hard, John focused on the bubbling well of magic, drawing on a scant droplet to form a flourish of flame, the process of which had become so familiar to him. Assisting, Lydra lowered her sinuous form to her knees, nuzzling at John’s hardening cock with raw sensuality. With her expert stimulation, the flame strengthened, reaching further across the room as if hungry and desperate to consume prey it would not find in the bare, magically reinforced room.

“Lydra? I had a thought,” John said, eyes narrowing as he fought to keep his concentration and the flicker of flame steady.


“How about we work together…with you using your control of the air to manipulate the direction of the fire? It might be a useful battle tactic, if ever needed. I hope that it would never be needed anyway,” he suggested.

“Worth a try,” Lydra murmured, biting her lip as she sought her own power, slowly raising a gentle breeze around the fire. Insolently, the fire did little more than waver, dancing merrily as if cheerful that it had evaded her power though it took no more than a subtle pursing of her lips and a second trickle of magic before it writhed within the confines of a small scale wind tunnel. Carefully, Lydra directed the wind about the flame so that it curved into a graceful arc, scorching a dark score into the wall. Exhausted, they released their powers, the air suddenly becoming still as the flame petered out in a gasp of dissipating breath.

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